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Eastern Sanctuary by eRIC

Bene 8 9 8 9
Bigfoot 9 9 10 10
Blacksheep 10 9 9 9
Drakan 9 9 8 8
eTux 9 9 8 7
Gerty 8 8 8 7
Jay 9 8 8 8
Jose 6 8 8 8
Kristina 8 8 8 8
MichaelP 8 9 9 9
Moonpooka 10 10 10 10
Passalaqua 9 8 8 7
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 9 8 9 9
Samu 8 8 8 8
Sash 10 10 10 9
Treeble 8 8 8 8
release date: 06-Oct-2004
# of downloads: 146

average rating: 8.57
review count: 17
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file size: 28.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Decided to try my hand at some older levels - this one is pretty good. It looks decent enough but I wouldn't describe it as anything special in this sense. Instead, where this really shines is in the gameplay department- the level is very intricately designed, and is pretty engaging right the way through. A note on difficulty- it's pretty hard. I haven't played the thousands of levels that some other reviewers have, but I found this to be one of the harder levels I have finished, with some really tricky timed runs, jumps and traps. However, I want to stress that the level of difficulty does feel fair- due to the smaller nature of the level you do always have a pretty good idea of where to go. I did have to check a walkthrough once or twice, but 90 percent of the time I got through on my own here. Very solid, will play many more levels by this author." - Passalaqua (10-Sep-2023)
"While heavily using assets from the Karnak WAD (one of my favorites and one I often say is underused), I am somewhat sorry to say I haven't found this as enjoyable as I would have liked. I mean, sure, the visuals are great for the most part, but the level design itself is so laborious and confusing, with a lot of going back and forth through several narrow side passages, that it was very easy to lose track of wherever you were or wanted to be. Even by following the walkthrough down to the last comma I often found myself disorientated. There were a couple of rooms where the end of the world was within reach (and apprently left in intentionally, as there were either pickups or shattereables to get from those positions), and I feel some of the trap setups were more down to luck than to any skill, such as the boulder you needed to jump over or the swinging axes over the lava pit surrounded by slopes. Still, for what it's worth, I thought the timed runs were clever. 80 minutes, 5 secrets. 07/21" - Treeble (18-Jul-2021)
"A very good debut level by eRIC with a lot of taks to revolve. The level is a bit hard sometimes and I need to consult the walkthrough two or three time to find my way. But there are also very good moment. I liked the idea Lara resolve a puzzle to get an item and it was the baddy who get the object when the door is open. There are a very good asia atmosphere with the tr4 and tr5 textures and I loved how the author mix and use some of them to create a kind of persia sanctuary. It's a bit a pity some textures are stretched in some aeras but for a first level it's a good use of textures. I'm just maybe not really fan of some enemies but it's my personnal taste. So I can just felicitate eRIC for this first adventure in Asia with lara. Not maybe for the beginners but recommended anyway!!" - Bigfoot (14-May-2020)
"1st level and already we recognize Eric's style. The author has made good progress since this first level. The gameplay is not always easy with some timeruns and millimeter jumps. The texture and lighting are not top but correct. I had some camera bugs." - Drakan (10-Nov-2018)
"This is quite an engaging and challenging classic style level that took me 73 minutes in total to complete. I found it to be just to my taste, in terms of gameplay and surroundings. You explore a vast geographical area performing challenging jump sequences, avoiding traps and solving some devious puzzles. The enemies (ninjas and crocodiles) don't pose that much of a threat and are mainly just an annoyance, so enjoy yourself here. It's also nice to see a d├ębut level from one of our most accomplished builders." - Ryan (21-Jun-2017)
"Really a very good debut, a player could suppose that this builder (as it was) should build great levels. Architecture is fantastic, realistic with all kind of details. The environment is nice, but there are some texture defects in small surfaces. Correct cameras and flybies, sometimes I missed more hints in that sense, but the triggers were not very far. The gameplay is quite complex; a real labyrinth of small rooms where you'll need to run here and there after pressing a lot of buttons and find some keys solving few puzzles along the way. There are some tricky tasks but doable. The worst for me was the very hard timed run in the area with the star receptacles; I think only for expert players it lowered the gameplay rate. Better play it reading the walkthrough." - Jose (24-Sep-2014)
"This level surely was to my taste containing interesting gameplay and nice looking setting. Gameplay is rather non-linear and really tests your memory and offers various jumping tasks and inventive puzzles to clear. Some of the tasks are maybe a bit too hard like the tasks which includes three slopes and three boulders to avoid. Even if areas are well planed and created they sometimes lack a proper lighting and texturing isn't either as inspired as it is in later levels of author. However, I liked this level and its atmosphere and it was a real pleasure to play." - Samu (13-Aug-2008)
"What happens when a seasoned raider attempts to build a level? Well, play this to find out! This karnak style temple had me stuck more times than I dare to remember without being embarrassed, yet the errands are always quite ingeniously set up and I enjoyed the variety, I especially liked some of the jumps. If anything more could've been done in that department then it most definitely had been more clues - at times (for example the shootable lion head) I found things to be quite confusing and a subtle clue would've helped not even talking about some extra cameras (though there were plenty of helpful cameras and flybys, sometimes there were places when I wondered what a button did), but luckily there's a walkthrough to which I could turn to if completely confused. Overall the gameplay is non-linear, traditional with lots of devious twists, with the evil spikeball for one of the stars, and the evil 3 spikeball slopes still being fresh in my memory. For my own surprise I found all 5 secrets (well ok, 1 with the help of the walkthrough) and found them to be well layed out, though at times enigmatic (the one for which I resorted to the walkthrough). The looks and architecture, though generally ok, I found to be a bit boring and uninspired. It is well done, yet I found none of the areas to be strikingly beautiful and memorable for me, but that doesn't really mean the level is ugly. Not at all, just ...uninspired as I said earlier. Overall a commendable effort from the author, especially for a debut - highly recommended if you like your levels challenging and devious." - eTux (08-Feb-2005)
"It is always such a treat when long time community members suddenly surprise us with their debut level. And what a debut indeed! From an initial kind of Karnak look and feel this evolves into a very cleverly constructed two hour exploration session of every nook and cranny of this Sanctuary. There are many sneaky moments be it with some of the jumps well concealed movable blocks burner and spikeball traps and five great rose secrets of varying difficulty. It's all about a few keys stars and jewels along the way you get an easy torch puzzle a great lava room with swinging blades (and a fire wraith added for good measure) timed sequences and I really enjoyed the somewhat different use of flyby cameras which must have taken quite some time to get them right. It was really enjoyable to return to places and it really feels like you get to explore every corner of this place. Enemies are fairly run of the mill with bats crocs ninjas ahmets and fire wraiths and maybe there are a few too many buttons/levers. Also I had the split-second camera issue likely because one of the spike balls ended up lying on a trigger somewhere and actually would not have minded one or the other extra camera hint but all that does not interfere much with the pure enjoyment this level will provide." - Michael (02-Dec-2004)
"For a first-time level this is a marvelous effort. It covers a vast amount of geography and offers puzzles and tricky jumps that are challenging but (with one exception) quite doable. The only serious flaw was where I finally gave up and enabled the flycheat so that I could reach the shotgun and continue with the essential tasks that depend on you getting to that ledge. Maybe I was just not doing something right but that jump proved impossible for me. Val's splendid walkthrough was also a lifesaver that helped me out of some confusion and pointed out the essential pickups hidden beneath moveable blocks. This is classic raiding and I recommend it highly." - Phil (14-Nov-2004)
"This is the first part of a series and although there are no other levels of the author's work yet put online it's evident that he has been building for awhile and knows what he's doing. The secrets are Yellow Roses hidden (in one area particularly) in places that are difficult and far from obvious. Very inventive throughout and well thought out if confusing in spots. The walkthrough is a definite help. Timed runs with extra road blocks thrown in to add to the misery and fun. I really didn't need a sprite to attack over the lava pit with swinging pendulums - it was exciting enough without that added challenge. Good work Eric and I'm looking forward to the next in the series." - Bene (11-Nov-2004)
"This is a very exciting 'single' level. It is full of adventures. All objects and puzzles are better-known. But you never feel disappointed at all. You should be surprised that a lot of traps and hard actions are waiting for you in this level even it's be used ordinary wads and only single tr4.file. A recent level has many novel objects and amazing puzzles makes me excited but I think that simple level like this has the pleasure of original TR adventure. But I have to say don't you think this level is easier. It's hard. Why you can't reach to a treasure even if it's in front of you? How to go to those steps you can see from beneath? I never could have finished this amazing level without the forum." - Blacksheep (24-Oct-2004)
"This one gets my ABC of ratings. Absolutely Bloody Classic! Eric has done one fantastic job with this level and he should be so proud of himself. This has it all exploration smart puzzles 5 ripper secret petrified roses tricky traps nice use of enemies and it's all wrapped up in a good old fashioned ruinous temple that apart from looking really great allowed the player to use up every available inch of its space. There isn't really any more to add other than to say you'd be a bit of a twit if you didn't give yourself the opportunity to play and enjoy this 2 hour level." - Sash (23-Oct-2004)
"If you thought there was nothing much more to be done with Egypt levels take a look at this one and change your mind. I thought there was some really good original and inventive stuff going on here. My first impression was how bright and vibrant it looked and my second impression was that I didn't have a clue what to do or where to go. That's always a good start - you know your brain is going to be engaged. There are some nice challenges to test your agility (lovely sequence with four slopes boulders and fire emitters oh and spikes let's not forget the spikes). The timed runs are pretty tight but I managed them eventually. This is an excellent first time level and I see we can expect a sequel. I can't wait." - Jay (21-Oct-2004)
"I am so happy to see an old friend and reviewer create such a wonderful level. It is based at the karnak wad which I like and its gameplay is rather uncommon but to my liking. The player has to explore many areas and perform some challenging jumps to access buttons to open the way for some more exploration. It's very well built with nicely placed textures and enemies like ninjas and crocodiles. I am very fond of this style and I particularly liked the secrets which were cleverly hidden and not hard except the last one which is very tricky and I needed help to find it. There is a nice feeling of accomplishment in the end that I believe should be every builder's goal along with fun. I was pleased to read that the author in his notes is planning to continue this wonderful level game so we definitely have something to look forward to. The cameras were helpful but I think one or two more would have made things a little easier at some point around the middle. I found five secrets and I am looking forward to playing the sequel. Good work." - Kristina (15-Oct-2004)
"Never knew that Eric liked difficult jumping traps and bloody timed runs although from the latter there is only one and I found it not an easy one. He is well known as a reviewer and now decided to make a level and I would say well done Eric. The game reminded me of the Karnak level. Just a warning the level is quite bright so no need for flares but do light them up every so now and then as there is some block pulling to do and they are very easy to miss otherwise. You are in search for artifacts Keys Guardian Key Stars Jewels and a Canopic Jar. In the meantime you can stumble across some hard wear and ammo. The secrets are roses and I only found 4. There aren't many enemies apart from some bats ninjas crocs and ahmets. The game revolves around jumping and if you think it can't be done do it anyway. Look for a slope as that might steer you in the right direction. I had to put on my thinking cap to figure out what to do and where to go. Levers are very nicely hidden so much in fact that I passed one a couple of times. It is not a straight forward level but no backtracking as such as we've sometimes see in other levels that only prolong the gameplay and don't add anything. There are some nice traps as well specially the spiked ball when you are in search of a star I died many times before I figured out what to do and the camera angles Eric used made if very difficult to do just that. 08-10-2004" - Gerty (10-Oct-2004)
"Enter this level and be amazed it's absolutely brilliant and will always be a favourite of mine. You'll enter the temple area and get stuck almost immediately and this will happen through most of this level but don't let that put you off playing because it really is a lot of fun. Starting in the outer temple areas you'll need to find the pyramid key to progress and Ninjas will be lurking. Once you're through to the main areas there's a water room to tackle with a few crocodiles and then you can really get stuck in. Timed runs spike traps spike boulders and some nasty old ahmets and fire wraiths will hinder your way to collect keys and artefacts. Sneaky at times too when you just don't know where to go or how to do something the answer is right there under your nose. Some of the timed runs and jumps are pretty mean but great fun and it's one of those levels you won't want to put down once you've started well I didn't anyway. Beautiful rooms with lots to do and everything you need you will have to work hard for but with five secrets all very well placed this level is one big reward. I loved it top marks." - Moonpooka (10-Oct-2004)