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Once in a Blue Moon by mizuno_suisei

Aims 2 3 5 9
CC 3 5 6 8
Cory 3 3 5 5
Duncan 3 3 3 9
EssGee 6 8 7 10
Gerty 0 0 0 0
Jay 2 3 5 9
John 2 7 6 8
Jose 3 5 5 8
Kristina 2 4 4 9
Lady Lara 1 1 1 6
MichaelP 4 6 5 7
Orbit Dream 2 6 8 9
Ryan 3 4 5 8
Sash 3 4 6 8
Treeble 3 7 7 7
release date: 06-Oct-2004
# of downloads: 63

average rating: 4.83
review count: 16
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file size: 17.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Absolutely lovely and gorgeous looking but completely dull and boring im sorry to say! what a waste! youve got an original beautiful large mansion here with great layout, textures, lighting, objects both inside and outside but such potential is just wasted on such a lack of fun gameplay, there is no puzzles, there is no traps, there is no enjoyable tasks, all you do is push buttons, find objects such as keys or gems and open doors over and over and over again. there is so many doors and so many keys and so many rooms that i got frustrated and got lost so i had to use a walkthrough to finish. the only fun to be had was in the first 5 mins when you take in all the lovely visuals and start to explore the home before it quickly goes downhill." - John (10-Aug-2021)
"For the longest time, I was under the impression this was a re-release of a level from Oxy with a few added bits, but this didn't feel familiar at all, so I looked through Oxy's levels to see whether I might have not just played it yet and I believe it's indeed a separate release (which, for whatever reason, she's not attached as an author). Anyway, it's a massive mansion setting and, as usual, all we do is find keys and flip a handful of books. Oh, and pushable doors. So many of them, in fact, I was beginning to feel sad for Lara's poor back. What an extraordinary woman. Still, despite how beautiful the place looks, it wasn't a whole lot of fun to run around in all honesty. 25 minutes. 02/21" - Treeble (28-Feb-2021)
"As others have mentioned, Oxy constructed the majority of this level and Kookee just added in the most basic elements of gameplay. I'll be honest, this is incredibly tedious stuff. It's a well constructed house no doubt and even the emptier rooms and corridors still manage to look attractive (I would have expected an attractive level from Oxy, if nothing else). The gameplay really didn't appeal to me, though, and throughout the entire duration you'll either be hunting keys, lighting fires and pushing buttons. Even a couple of torch puzzles would have alleviated the monotony somewhat, as this did nothing more than induce boredom. Music was entirely absent and I do think more could have been used to accentuate the flybys and more impressive spaces. Nice construction (thanks to Oxy), but generally mundane gameplay (thanks to Kookee)." - Ryan (14-Feb-2018)
"Well builded this cottage, with many rooms to explore and well textured. Not enemies to shoot or traps to avoid, the gameplay is totally dull, with a lot of buttons/books to pull, many keys to open doors and a couple of gems to use near the end. And this is all you can do in this house, go from room to room pressing buttons, pulling books or using keys to open doors. No musics used, even the flybys have not musics. The key in the roof was very hard to see, so perhaps you want to use the walkthrough to faster go through the level. Boring." - Jose (29-Jan-2018)
"In my opinion, Oxy did the crucial bits and Kookee_1223 did the unimportant stuff. A very dull level with virtually no gameplay what so ever. Explore a mansion. Thats all." - Cory (24-Jan-2008)
"Before I start this review,let's get one thing perfectly clear:THIS LEVEL IS BY OXY...Kookee_1223 simply invested it with some meagre scraps of gameplay. The scores I have given (excepting Gameplay) are for Oxy. In this regard,the little excursion we are presented with here is beautifully assembled and elegantly displayed.Although a few of the doors are placed incorrectly it's always satisfying to fully explore a house which has been so meticulously put together.The textures are charming and objects are very well used (although I'm not a great fan of pushable objects which look exactly the same as static ones)and the atmosphere of a genteel Estate is very well captured.Gameplay (courtesy of Kookee) is stretched very thin and involves lighting fires,collecting keys and tediously opening doors.It all gets rather confusing at times,as you get increasingly disoriented with the more rooms you access,but it's certainly not unpleasent and the lack of enemies(although depriving the level of any excitement)at least ensures that you will have a quiet and generally relaxed experience. The final credits give the impression that you've just played an Epic but,in truth,this is only a very minor addition to the LE Canon. In conclusion,high praise for Oxy....Kookee will have to do much better." - Orbit Dream (23-Jan-2008)
"An absolutely beautiful house level. Architecture, textures and objects are spot on. You absolutely feel like you are exploring a real huge mansion. But keep your eyes peeled for those darn little keys - they can be very hard to see. You'll spend most of your time finding keys and opening doors in search of the blue and red gems. If you miss things you may find yourself running around madly trying to locate a switch or key hole that you have missed. Towards the end I was tearing my hair out, as I ran myself ragged trying to find the way back to the front entrance and in the end just jumped off the roof to get back there. Anyhow go have a wander around this huge spread and do a bit of dream building of the home you might one day wish to live in. @ admin: I fail to see why this level is listed only under Kookee_1223, given that most of the beautiful architecture was built by Oxy and was released in both names." - EssGee (10-Mar-2007)
"I'll give a 10 to Oxy for generosity. She has helped builders before, and in this case she has given an entire level to Kookee to supply the gameplay, enemies, pickups, etc. It's possible Oxy has already put the door openings in place, and maybe placing the keys. So apart from a flyby at the end giving credit to Kookee, I fail to see what else has been done. Lara (or whoever this lady is) does a strange arm action if she lights flares, the animation is wrong at switches, and if you do not use one ornate key before picking up another one it disappears from inventory. There isn't even a decent selection of music to cheer us up as we run around this building, something Oxy is an expert at (remember 'I Wanna Hippopotamus for Christmas'). So how do I score it? As an Oxy level, it's wonderful. A beautiful house with beautiful objects. As a Kookee level we'll assume it's placing the keys and the final flyby. Certainly nothing that justifies the claims in the credits. Despite all that, it is a pleasant and short level for an evening's quick TR fix." - CC (30-Aug-2005)
"It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it. In this case poor Lara has to make her way through a huge mansion with many many doors to open keys to find (usually close to the keyhole) and all that in order to light up a dozen or more fireplaces. Sounds tedious? Well it is. One book switch after the next and another door opens and another and another. Thankfully though it actually flows quite well and I got through in about 40 minutes and thankfully it is truly pleasing to the eye thanks to Oxy's wonderful textures and placement of objects. This really could have been turned into a thrilling level alas it was not to be - it's only a showcase of Oxy's skills (which you should anyway be aware of by now) and feels like a much wasted opportunity. Kookee added some nice credits at the end which is probably about all he should get credit for. Have a look at this one and be amazed by the graphics sadly by nothing else." - Michael (19-Jan-2005)
"Okay who do I blame for this one!?! Alright I'm just joking this is a level with a beautiful house (Oxy) gameplay that revolves around opening many many doors in a slightly confusing maze like feel of rooms and igniting at least a dozen fireplaces (Oxy I assume) and not much else (I'm guessing this is Kookee's input lol). Well if you know Oxy's earlier works then you know what to expect no enemies not much in the way of gaming but a lovely place to play in!" - Sash (23-Oct-2004)
"Presumably the title refers to how often any actual gameplay turns up in this level. Frankly the only reason to download it is to admire another one of Sophia's beautiful houses because Kookee has failed to add more than the most rudimentary elements of raiding. Recommended as a sightseeing tour only." - Jay (21-Oct-2004)
"I am sad to see that oxy gave away such a wonderful mansion level to someone that didn't even bother adding much and the gameplay is basically non existing. There are a few keys to find blocks to push and fireplaces to turn on. It is known to most players by now that she is very talented when it comes to textures and architecture so I'd prefer to see this level not wasted like this. I understand her way of thinking on this after all she is a very kind person but I feel that such a gift shouldn't have been given to someone that is too lazy sorry to say to create something but asks for ready levels to put his name to. Oxy's mansion is awesome the way this guy treated it though sucks big time." - Kristina (15-Oct-2004)
"First of all I have to say that I am a big Oxy fan. Second I have to say I am puzzled by this level. The setting is a gorgeous house as Oxy does better than any other. In this setting is monotonous gameplay of running to and fro opening doors. There are no significant enemies or puzzles. Lara makes an odd gesture when trying to and failing to light a flare - a gesture not appropriate for one to the manor born ;-) The ending has real credits with Kookee taking credit for the credits and scripting. Alas but with a setting this great one has an obligation to do better." - Duncan (15-Oct-2004)
"Well this is really tough to rate. The house is gorgeous - I kept thinking that Oxy should be an interior designer! But the rest is run run run push and pull every vase/box/statue in sight and push buttons to turn on fireplaces. Look hard for keys since some are very hard to see against the floors. Other doors open themselves at odd moments - you have to keep running around to see what opened. The six is of course for Oxy's textures. With some lighting some music some enemies some cameras and some story this could have been a fun level. Kookee what were you thinking? I spent more than an hour running around in here - more like 1.5 hrs - arrgh!" - Lady Lara (12-Oct-2004)
"What can I say apart that we all know that Oxy gave her prj to Kookee and I am wondering why she did that. I can't give Kookee any points for it as there is nothing that this builder built here and as far as gameplay goes I hate running around a house with no inkling what to do or where what opened. This level how lovely it looks and Oxy (as we all know) can do that but it lacks major camera work. To be honest I needed still a key but after almost 2 hours of searching I gave up so I might have missed what Kookee added (or not). 08-10-2004" - Gerty (10-Oct-2004)
"Well here is a very dull and quite boring level. The author has taken a beautiful and brilliantly built level from oxy and done absolutely nothing interesting with it. It is such a shame to see such a great looking level being wasted like this has. Kookee obviously hasn't put much effort into it and has done it in a rush. All the entire level consists of is picking up a key or pushing a switch and opening a door/lighting a fireplace then going to another door and getting another key/pushing a switch. The level was extremely tedious and I was far from impressed. Oxy is one of my favourite level builders and when I saw a level out with her textures I jumped at the chance to play it. If their was more to do enemies to kill more fly-bys custom music added (or any music for that matter other than just the bg music) and more interesting items it would have been so much better. But all there is is a switch/key use door opening one odd fly-by and a not even worth it different camera view every do often. I am very disappointed and really hope that in the future if people are lucky enough to have an oxy built level to use they make an effort. So much hard work and building for nothing. The only thing worth playing for is to admire oxy's texturing other than that a waste of time." - Aims (10-Oct-2004)