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The Experiment - Intro by Bojrkraider

Aims 8 8 8 8
Akcy 9 8 9 8
Alien Autopsy 9 7 8 6
Be Nolee 4 4 2 4
Bene 8 9 9 8
Blue43 8 8 9 8
CC 9 10 10 10
Ceamonks890 7 8 8 8
dantheraider 9 10 10 10
DJ Full 10 9 9 8
dya1403 8 8 9 9
eTux 7 9 9 8
Gerty 7 7 8 8
Gill 9 8 9 9
Jay 9 10 9 9
John 8 8 7 6
Jorge22 9 10 9 9
Jose 5 8 8 8
Kamil 9 10 10 9
Kristina 8 9 8 8
Loupar 8 9 9 8
manarch2 9 9 9 8
MichaelP 8 8 10 8
MigMarado 6 10 8 8
Mman 8 8 7 7
Necro 8 9 9 9
Obig 8 9 10 9
Orbit Dream 6 8 7 7
Phil 9 9 9 9
QRS 9 8 8 8
Relic Hunter 7 9 8 8
Ryan 7 8 9 8
Samu 9 9 9 8
Sash 8 6 8 7
Torry 9 8 9 9
totizedger 6 8 7 7
Treeble 7 9 8 8
release date: 05-Nov-2004
# of downloads: 168

average rating: 8.20
review count: 37
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file size: 262.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

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Reviewer's comments
"I've been dodging this series for a while now but as I'm drawing close to finally wrapping up all 2004 levels, I decided to tackle this. The 'Full Version' package apparently combines a lot of previously releases into one, so I'll try to keep up with what's what to make sure my reviews end up on the proper place. To start off, we have a brand new take on Lara's original manor, with an all new coat of paint (and funnily enough the new colors make it look slightly better?) and a lot more buttons to push. I spent nearly an hour here, and that was following the walkthrough, and while there are a some new areas it's pretty much the same layout we've known for decades now, so make of that what you will. I felt there was a lot of padding, especially for some of the pushblock puzzles requiring you to go the long way around from one attic to the other, and I think by the end I had taken about 5 or 6 runs through those specific areas. Winston works as he used to, and there is a nice use of legacy sound effects from TR3. There was also an elaborate way of storytelling that made me think of TR5, with dialogue lines and short cutscenes. There's also a nice and proper model swap halfway through when Lara decides to take on the journey and changes into her raiding gear. I wouldn't have expected this from the full version, but either by picking the mirror or by watching the neat tiny plane flying into the distance the game crashes to desktop. For what it's worth, it's one of the better mansion levels out there, just wish it was slightly more streamlined. 55 minutes, 1 secret. 03/22" - Treeble (27-Mar-2022)
"A very good mansion level in terms of gameplay and enjoyment here, i mean yes theres things that could be better in terms of lighting, textures and lack of enough music and yes the outfit and voice over work makes me cringe but theres good fun to be had here, with interesting new rooms, good platforming, great puzzles and lots of places to explore and objects to find and use, i really liked the tight timed runs and the torch and pushable block puzzles here, plus the timed assault course and motorbike track were fun challenges to experience, there was a couple of times i got stuck and had to look at a walkthrough but a lot of the time a fixed camera will point the way to your next destination. theres a few rats to avoid and winston makes an appearance again, unfortunately i had to lock him in the freezer again because he kept getting in the way with a pushable object puzzle lol. theres a few little cut-scene's to enjoy and lara even changes her outfit later on in the level, there's such a variety in this mansion level and it ticks off nearly everything i hope to find in this type of setting with some surprises as well so it was a joy for me" - John (19-Jun-2021)
"Well it's appropriately titled i'll say that. We begin in the pool with Lara who is having a wee bit of an identity crisis her attire is... experimental shall we say she also is not acting much like herself having quite a nasty attitude towards Winston nagging him to pickup the phone complaining about the rats in the basement which yes they are horrible creatures but wouldn't Lara just set em straight? if you know what i mean. I didn't really like the voice over for Lara kind of an odd choice if you ask me. Now the lighting at times it looks like it's lit like TR1 and the color choices for the textures was just not the tones i like i found them asphyxiating. I couldn't really enjoy the level the aesthetic is actually very important and can make or break the experience like crawling in the freezer in a bikini to get a key just didn't sit well with me. I understand this is a much older level but i've played other levels that are older and i found that they aged better. I hear by declare this level an Experiment To Remember!" - Be Nolee (16-Nov-2019)
"The storyline is pretty silly and the level drags on a little bit, with all the running around. You have to do some random things to obtain important results, so the gameplay could improve. But don't get me wrong: this is definitely worthwhile and will get you pumped up for the next chapter. I wasn't able to load the following level from this one, due to a persistent crash, but am still going to play on. This house level is not for the faint of heart and does have many pay-offs. Some creative objects are beautifully employed. You never feel like you're being patronized by this introductory level, and that's the best part of it." - MigMarado (25-Sep-2019)
"This is a Lara's Home level, albeit a story-based puzzle- heavy one. The visuals are quite basic but work well enough; most of the newer content is corridor heavy, but there are some more interesting ideas in a few areas. There's also some nice use of a torch to deal with darkness, without getting too overbearing with it. There's also some new house objects (along with a few other things) that work well. I'm not especially convinced by Lara's (non) outfit though. The gameplay is semi-non-linear with multiple places to start exploring, although you'll have to work most of it out in the end. After some initial dexterity challenges between a vehicle and the assault course the main tasks while exploring the house involve push-blocks, which can get a little tedious and require some backtracking, but they're not too long overall. It's a little obscure at times, but the readme hints help avoid the worst issues. A relatively simple start given what The Experiment becomes, but a decent manor level." - Mman (06-Jun-2019)
"I had a hell of a time with this level as it would simply crash trying to load ANY save after I had entered Lara's bedroom so I started afresh from the beginning and was careful NOT to enter her bedroom until the last possible moment when indeed I simply had to. Saves then worked but I could not pick up the small mirror after jumping through the large mirror as the game would crash again. Hopefully I do not need this (or it is already in inventory) when I load up level 2. Thankfully, the author has provided start points at each of the levels in the Menu. Now let us get on to this mansion with all the improvements Lara has done over the years. Many new areas to explore. Timed runs were tight but not unreasonably so. I got the double timed door in the main hall on the third try and the assault course run on the second try. Much of this I got through without the walk through but once I had the crashes after Lara's bedroom I reverted to it to avert those instances. Pity. Lara running around in a bikini was new but the modest change of clothes near the end was well done. Winston kept getting in my way when trying to move those statues so had to run about for him to follow and then quickly dash back and move the things before he shuffled on back. Still, one of the better Home levels I have played over the years and I look forward to continuing this adventure." - Torry (09-Aug-2018)
"Well, I wanted to like this one, despite my usual dislike for Mansion levels, and most of the previous reviews were extremely positive. But I have to say that I didn't find it as enjoyable as other players did. The backtracking to various corners of the level got wearying after a while as it usually does in this sort of scenario, and I may have ended up doing things in a wrong order as I could not access the lone secret and alternative ending, no matter what I tried. Despite doing what the walkthrough stated (driving up and down the ramps on the motorbike, both directions, the gate that led to the button allowing access to the final attic lever never opened for me (unless it was a timed run, in which case it was not hinted at and unfairly tight), so I ended up finishing it with a flyby and then crash to desktop after around 50 minutes, which was rather deflating. The cutscenes and dialogue are undoubtedly humorous and worthy of applause (and the accents were hilarious to listen to), but I found the texturing rather crude and unattractive. Overall, this is a brave attempt at doing something different with the usual Mansion formula, but I couldn't quite get into the groove this time and hence my enjoyment was diminished." - Ryan (24-Jul-2018)
"A solid introduction to an all-round well-crafted series of levels, starting out with Lara relaxing in a pool area built within her maze(even though the main pool area is right next door?), before encountering Winston who informs her that her phone is ringing upstairs, having to go through plenty of hurdles to deactivate a flawed security system(in a bikini no less!), before she can answer it proper & have a foreshadowed adventure awaiting her. And despite being based off an all-too-familiar map, Bojrkraider adds enough new areas to keep things interesting(complimented by a few charming voiced conversations provided by himself, Aims & the tragically deceased Dhama, with a few one-off scenarios that are guaranteed to leave a smile on your face.) Gameplay is backed up with some decent albeit taxing puzzles and timed runs that will truly test many players' patience however, in spite of the strong focus in other design areas. But overall, you would be foolish to pass this one up. Recommended." - Ceamonks890 (19-Mar-2018)
"Good effort for this mansion level, well applied textures, well worked lights, some interesting puzzles, well builded new objects, the cameras showing what you're triggering, the dialogues and some special effects for that age. On the other hand, I had to lower the gameplay score 'cause the timed runs are too tight, specially the timed run outside in the training course; evenmore, there are too many switches to pull, too many keys to find and a lot of backtracking. Not a level for beginners." - Jose (27-Aug-2016)
"The initial cutscene and texturing don't indicate anything special but then it appears much more than a manor level with proper dining room table collision - you also get additional chandelier collision, proper sink collision and totally unexpected bed collision, and you can climb the kitchen shelf... aaaah, so that's a rare case when ordinary things work as well you think. But not to wait long, they start to work to unusual extent - you carry a night lamp, turn lights on, play music, take a bath, change clothes and interact with people. I remembered Lara's remark about the rats but I was still surprised it's voiced that good, marking a clear difference between true acting and line reading. Special troubleshooting occurs like real ability to evade steamers, I don't remember that in any other level. All the time little details occur, both static like breakfast remnants or shiny TV screen, and moving like beach balls timers, raising curtains, dropping ladder etc. Possibly the most striking example of the author thinking it all differently is the aquarium - despite of classic simplicity, I cannot remember other manor levels having it this way. SUMMARY: Simen has an unusual, almost politically incorrect habit of producing gameplay way surpassing the graphics but this is what we all secretly desire. The world might end but before that I wanna know the finale so, rats, where the heck is it?" - DJ Full (29-Jun-2016)
"Relaxing and satisfying level. Some sights are pretty, I see many parts of the home were from Tomb Raider III. But here author used his imagination and added many interesting parts. Lara's home was pretty and included many things that suit her. Some interesting voice acting is worth mentioning and shows that author put quite some time to make level more enjoyable. Puzzles were decent, I liked the exploration and timed events. I also liked that I had to move my brain a bit to find everything. Pretty decent home level. What I did not like was Lara's ponytails and suit (which was bugged and wouldn't change after the scene where she puts on some decent clothes) and some textures. But that's just my taste, doesn't make the level worse. If you like exploration and opening lots of doors in relaxed home atmosphere, you should find this level pleasant. I did." - Alien Autopsy (21-May-2015)
"This is not the typical Lara's home level as it has many unique touches to it. I must say that i agree with Orbit Dream on this one. Gameplay was decent to be honest, pulling a lot of switches which get frustrating after a while even though there are many creative ideas i just wasn't able to enjoy it as much as i first thought i would. Lighting was pretty non-existent with the exception of the dark corridors. Sound and cameras were used well and they were helpful knowing where to go next and the phone call was a great idea. I actually missed the Secret in this level due to me doing things in the wrong order which was a pity. The button refused to give me access to the third lever due to my mistake. There were many buggy sequences like the one where Lara is changing her clothes and coming out still wearing the bikini. The Assault course was used once again and was pretty fun to run through but i would have preferred to see a Clock showing how much time i have to complete it. The ending cutscene was Amazing with the airplane taking off. To sum things up it is definetly not a bad effort by the creator but there were simply too many frustrating moments for me. There were some good moments like Winston walking around cleaning the place but it still is all set in a location we all have seen many times before. Don't get me wrong it has some unique ideas going for it and i really think you should at least take a look because you might like it more than i did." - totizedger (27-Oct-2014)
"Never having been one for Home levels I thought I'd try something within this category that has been warmly praised by other reviewers,in order to see what exactly can be achieved by a builder with the requisite technical and creative ability to put together smart and accomplished gameplay.Apparently,frustration is what is achieved.If all other Home levels tend to stress backtracking as a major component of the gameplay,this one takes the 'retracing ones steps' concept to an altogether higher plain of futility! One hour and forty minutes of approximate duration;and of those,ten minutes consisted of actual progression - the rest was all about pushing something,then running through the Mansion to a room where a change occurred;pulling a switch,then running all the way back to the room you just came from in order to pull another switch which triggered something in another room (containing another switch)far far get the idea. Texturing was creative in places,although very stretched or compressed in others;while lighting (with the exception of a few dark corridors) was basically non-existent.Sound and cameras were helpful and often amusing (Hungarian professors apparently sound like Inspector Clouseau,when speaking on a telephone);and objects were the strongest part,especially in the charming Secret Finale.This latter sequence was actually quite hard to avoid,and missing it would render the level generally pointless.Too many buggy sequences also prevented proper enjoyment:a somewhat unfairly tight(if not obscure) Assault Course challenge;a sequence showing Lara changing into her working clothes failed to occur,and she came out of the changing room wearing the same bikini she went in with;and the level never actually ended for me - a cut scene after the secret Finale simply led back to an earlier part of the level;while taking the easier ending simply led to the whole thing beginning all over again.Overall,this level throws up too many frustrations (even when the Walkthrough is followed slavishly)to be anything like as enjoyable as was clearly intended." - Orbit Dream (13-Aug-2012)
"There's not a lot more I can say about this level that hasn't already been said. Firstly, I'm not a big fan of mansion levels. They remind me too much of TR2 and I must be one of the few TR fans that doesn't like that game - just not enough tombs!!!! Anyway, I'm not going to give this level a low score based on whether I like mansion levels or not. In fact I have given it a high score based on the actual level itself, in terms of how it looks and feels and of course more importantly, how it plays. I was a little lost at first as plenty of the mansion is explorable and I do like to know where to go and what to do from the get-go, however once you solve thye first bit, it does get a little easier. I didn't like the timed runs and I lost my rag at the assault course especially not know how fast you need to do it in but once I got passed that, I did like the secret. It's an enjoyable level but not one I'd play again (partly because I have a 1000 other levels to play) but if you like mansion levels, you wont be disappointed. Lots of effort and time was put into this and it shows by the amount of detail. If I didn't know better, I would have thought I was playing the opening level of TR2." - Necro (29-Jun-2012)
"When I fired this one up, my initial reaction was a mental groan: "Oh, no, not another house level." Having played this builder's later (and highly acclaimed) levels, I was also a little taken aback by the relative crudeness of the textures. But Lara was dressed in a bikini, giving me some nice visuals, so I decided to play on. Lo and behold, nearly two hours later I finally completed the level, and along the way I had a grand time. You have no weapons, but you don't need them because you encounter no enemies other than a stray rat here and there. And Winston. The torch is used fairly early in the game, but you'd better hang on to it and park it in the almost totally dark attic (to which you will return from time to time), as you have no flares either. But other than the attic and the stairwell leading to it, everything is brightly lit, so the lack of flares is not an issue. The house itself is not the gargantuan variety we've seen in some recent levels, but it's amazing how many nooks and crannies are opened up as you progress through the level. You even have a special animation of Lara taking a shower, although unfortunately she leaves her bikini on as she washes and scrubs. One noteworthy item is a timed run through the obstacle course, which I finally conquered with a split second to spare. There's an extended puzzle at the end involving the motorbike that leads to the level's only secret. (Be sure to go back and approach that lady playing the piano before jumping through the mirror, or you'll miss hearing the secret chimes.) You could bypass the secret by simply driving the motorbike out the front gate and over the ramp (the alternate ending mentioned in the level info screen), but you'd miss out on a lot of fun. All of this is elaborately detailed in Yoav's comprehensive walkthrough, so don't wait any longer if you haven't already played this one." - Phil (06-May-2011)
"This level was a special experience, for sure it was, as you get the normal Home level, enhanced with few areas, but suddenly you realise this turns out to be a great level, with so many nice ideas and textures, great puzzles and timed runs that keep you trying quite long to finally getting through the door. The new attics were really nicely builded, with linking corridors between them, and some nice lightning effects. The only secret in this level was a special experience, as you had to solve the racetrack once more and pull few levers to release a ghost and see some dancers in the ballroom... The final cutscene was also interesting, with the plane arriving in Italy. Lightning was sometimes too dark, in the attic before pushing the light switch and also in the cellar, but luckily you get a torch instead of some "odd" flares that help you out. All in all one of the best Home levels I have played so far, maybe this would have been a Hall of Fame level if there weren't so many Home type levels at all..." - manarch2 (05-Feb-2011)
"This is a Mansion level and while I normally don't care much for those, I did find this one quite interesting and entertaining because it is different in many ways. The game play is mainly puzzle based. There is a good double timed run inside and then there is an interesting and long timed run over the assault course, which took me a few times to complete. Other than that it is pretty much about finding keys, switches, levers and exploring the place. The attic areas were a bit confusing in my opinion. Lara has also a couple unusual tasks like showering and changing clothes - which btw did not work for me and she never dressed into the adventurer outfit, instead stayed in the bikini. There were a lot of good camera hints, flybys and speech scenes. The whole level had a good story line and a few surprises like the secret in the end, where there was also an alternative ending possible. The puzzles were nicely done although it was strange that Lara did not make contact when hitting the boxes or other pushable objects. Instead one could run inside or even through and object and start pushing or pulling from there. There are no enemies or weapons, except there are little rats constantly following Lara in some areas and keep nibbling on her toes. Textures were the usual mansion textures and the lighting was a little flat at times. This is definitely a well-done level and if you haven't played a home level in a while you might want to give this one a try." - Blue43 (20-Oct-2010)
"It's close to the max, what one can expect from a mansion level, we can explore the whole place, there were no doors left unopened, all the space is filled. Great gameplay, with a few difficult moments. There was one illogical thing, that made me stuck for a while, so I had to refer to the walkthru, on the assault course I thought we have to open the underwater tunnel first with the nearby button, but no, we take an illegal way over it, but complete the rest normally. Many nice touches here, Lara takes a shower, changes clothes, Winston vacuum cleaning, but how did he get out of the freezer? Very rewarding secret, and now we know that the mansion even has a ghost, at least I think she is a ghost, and she makes a little party too. The archeologist's name isn't even remotely Hungarian, the terrible accent fits though, lol." - Akcy (15-Feb-2007)
"Bojrkraider created a fantastically beautiful Home-level; I don't know how I missed it so long. This is the intro for the Experiment levels. Lara's home is similar for what we are used to, but there were some modifications of course. In this adventure complications are caused by the malfunction of the security system. This is what Lara has to deactivate to finally pick up her phone in her room. There is a hungarian relation in the story here, because the caller is a hungarian achaeologist. You have to find lots of switches to reach your goal, but fortunately at many places the camera will show for what good our actions were, so you don't have to run helter-skelter to find the way on. You also have to complete some timed runs too; I especially liked the modified training course. You can also see some clever scenes, for example when Lara is receiving her call, when she's taking a shower or she's changing clothes behind the draught-screen. There are no enemies and no weapons either. Only some rats displease Lara. Though they hurt her, you can run away from them. Of course Winston is always in your way, and - as Lara remarks - instead of killing off the rats he keeps offering tea. The exploring of the one and only secret is also a separate adventure that worths finding, because it is gorgeous too, as well as the whole level. I suggest it to everyone. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (20-Dec-2006)
"The level begins with the dialog between Lara and Winston. He notifies Lara about the malfunction of the security system. This can be realy dangerous for a person like Lara,who has a lot of enemies.So, off she goes to solve the problem. So I had a lot of thinking to do, eventhough all makes sense in the Bojrkraider's levels. A big plus for the original idea of preparing Lara for a Quest. You have to help her to take a shower, get dressed and arm her. It is a very difficult level." - dya1403 (16-Nov-2006)
"This is Lara's home level and home levels aren't to my taste usually. Thats why I was going to give about 7 for this level but I changed my opinion after I discovered some amazing things. Bojrkraider always manages to make levels that include something surprising you can't experience in any other level. You can turn television on and this level contains also few nice cutscenes. You can also find a woman who is playing piano and when you go next to her couple of dancing men and women appear in the room. It was also very impressive to discover that there are some new animations in this level. For example Lara can change her clothes but of course she wears behind the curtains so that player can't see what's happening. The final cutscene shows how Lara travels by airplane and I think that it is created very smartly. I really must admit that this level surprised me very well because usually I dislike Lara's home levels." - Samu (26-Aug-2006)
"I love house levels and this one is also a nice level. This is the first one in the Experiment series but unfortunately was released after The Experiment and the Experiment 2. Now I've played all of them and I think it's a great series because it has a very good history and gameplay. In this level Lara has to find all the objects needed for a new adventure. Lara begins wearing a bikini and finally she puts her well known clothes on. The gameplay is nice and very complete: finding objects, keys, timed runs.... I only hated the timed assault course. After all I had to give up almost at the end because a lever wasn't accessible, no way. All in all I think that is a great level that's worth playing." - Loupar (20-Mar-2006)
"I enjoyed this one. The only thing is that I found it to hard. But I finished it. Anyway, there were some new ideas as well a timed run that was too hard. The textures, Lighting, objects, etc are very beatiful. I loved the cutscenes they were cool." - dantheraider (19-Mar-2006)
"I found this home level to be fun but very hard. It took me more than 2 hours to finish it! It had some really great graphics, like the pool!! Don't forget to turn on the TV hehe. Great stuff. 2005-06-01" - QRS (03-Jun-2005)
"If you choose to play only one Lara's mansion (well in a way it is so - played one, played them all) from all the possibilities out there, I urge you to choose this one. This one quite technically is a must see - the animations, the nifty objects and effects, the funny, interesting to follow cut scenes - I don't know if Lara's homes can get any better than this! As an intro to the excellent Experiment series it is quite a good start, yet maybe still confusing at times - nothing you can't master if you try though. The looks are nothing special - what you usually would expect from a Lara's home level. There is a nice idea of two alternative endings - and the second one with all the couples dancing in the ballroom should not be missed especially! Well worth trying for numerous of clever ideas - don't know if I can add something others haven't already." - eTux (15-Feb-2005)
"I thoroughly enjoyed playing this home level. I enjoyed it so much I played it twice as I missed the secret the first time around so I just had to re-play the whole level again just to see the end sequence when retrieving the secret and I was not disappointed it was just great seeing all those people dancing in the ballroom and the lady playing the piano a very nice touch indeed. In this level there is a lot of running around to do well I did as I'm not the most observant person. Your mission in this level is finding switches keys the water valve a book and pushing some block puzzles to help you to proceed further in getting to the bike. There are a few difficult timed runs to do especially on the assault training track which had me stumped and I had to d/load a save. The next timed run when pulling the book took me a few tries too but finally got there in the end though. You even have some time to take a shower and change your clothes after all those hard timed And seeing Winston hovering up after pulling a certain switch had me in stitches this is a must to see. I had to laugh even more as in my game he was making these rude noises like he was farting all the time which I don't think was supposed to happen as in my 2nd game he did not do On the whole this a fun level and it's very well laid out textures are brilliant but a bit dark in places but I just carried my torch around with me and I had no problems in locating things. That torch came with me down into the basement up to and into the attic until I found a switch up there to turn on the lights. This is a very nice level and well worth d/loading and playing many thanks Bojrkraider for another great Lara adventure." - Gill (18-Dec-2004)
"I am still no fan of Lara's Home levels but this one is 'technically' too intriguing to be overlooked. It has great music great flybys a fabulous sky some nice new and fresh textures and the dialogues the shower scene and the change of outfit in mid level is just brilliant. For once the assault course presented a challenge again as it was quite tightly timed and you even had a bit of thinking to do with some of the push block puzzles. And make sure you don't miss out on the one secret as the gameplay to get to it is fun and the ballroom scene is really nicely designed. So all in all this level puts a lot of the familiar features of a Lara's Home Level into a new structure and thus you do get an hour of really nice entertainment and a great start into the whole 'Experiment' series." - Michael (12-Dec-2004)
"Once more into the Mansion and this time around there are new animations a timed run that I wouldn't want to repeat and a shower scene. It starts with Lara in an outside swimming pool and she's in a bikini that she wears for most of the level. No weapons (until the end) but they really aren't needed except for those pesky rats nibbling at her heels. I could have used a camera after disabling the security system but only because I didn't pay enough attention to Lara's conversation with Winston at the beginning that clearly explains where to go at that point. Do take the time to look around when in the Trophy Room. There's a bit of misdirection going on and if you fail to find the hidden switch the secret will be lost. Nice to see the author using Oxy's textures here - they fit in so well and are always beautiful. Never boring sometimes confusing and very innovative (yes lots of new things in the Mansion) - definitely worth the download. I'm glad I didn't miss this prequel. Well done Bojrkraider and thanks for an opportunity to return to our Tomb Raiding roots." - Bene (25-Nov-2004)
"This is a house level with a twist. I loved what has been done to make this a very interesting experience. Little details as rats nibbling at Lara (just a couple of them mind you). Also the pushing of the statue from the kitchen to the dining room and if you look closely you see that isn't all you need to do with it. I had a really frustrating time to get that timed run in the back garden. The timed runs in the house weren't that easy either and at one time I threw the level away as I couldn't get to the second door as the first door slammed shut after Lara entered. Then I read in the stuck thread that one should wait till the door went open again step out save and then push the switch. So trying that it worked like a dream. I never got a fly by or a phone ringing but got the bike and could access the mirror which threw me back to the beginning. So Lara is still wearing her bikini I am sad to say as I for sure would enjoy the bathroom bit. 16-11-2004" - Gerty (21-Nov-2004)
"This is the mother of every house levels - no need for Eidos to add any more to their future games for I doubt they can be any better. There isn't one single trap never a dangerous moment but it can get quite complicated to find your way around. It was for me in ways. I've already greeted several games for their originality but maybe this one beats them all - in a different way not a whole load of fireworks but many great new ideas that would have been better expressed I'm certain had it not been for the limitations of the editor and other tools currently available. There is only one secret which takes some work to find but which is very rewarding once you get it. There's also an obvious 'Easter egg' what else could it be? The scenes in Lara's bathroom are very entertaining but I would expect Lara not to leave without her faithful pistols. By the way whose is the photograph in Lara's room so insistently showed? I left the game through the main gate the 'regular' way out and got carried back to Lara's room after she supposedly arrived in Italy by plane. Another place always carried me back to the beginning of the game and that was when I picked up the small mirror behind the big one - is that the 'special' way out leading to a bonus level once the series will be finished? This game makes me want to restart The Experiment - Alpian Caves which I've been saving for a rainy day because my version was crowded with bugs which kept me from proceeding and I only got as far as the dwarves village or so. Thanks to the author though I have a different version... One can easily recognize the author's style as well as the textures he likes to apply. Maybe not my favorite in beauty terms but certainly a trademark. My sincere congratulations for making a house level without guns not even more than a bikini for clothing be very very interesting. (November 15 2004)" - Jorge22 (16-Nov-2004)
"If you don't normally enjoy house levels you could be extremely surprised by this one - it's captivating. There is so much to cherish from the moment it begins with Lara floating in her lovely outdoor swimming pool. There is a fascinating twist on everything we thought we knew about the Croft mansion and some of the humorous touches really made me smile - the rat problem Winston doing the vacuuming Lara taking a shower - just brilliant. The cut scenes are excellently well done and the one and only secret is an absolute delight. If you promised yourself never to play another house level please do yourself a favour and try just this one more. You won't be sorry. " - Jay (16-Nov-2004)
"Finally a mansion level that actually had me interested. There are so many intriguing things involved in this 80 minute level that it would be a disservice to name them all as you will probably want to see them for yourself but I will tell you a couple of things you'll find. You get a new item to light instead of the ordinary torch there are two separate endings and each should be played as they are both really cool the television you come across isn't just an inanimate object and the scenes in the bathroom of Lara's bedroom just have to be seen to be believed. Okay I really want to elaborate on some of those things but that would spoil the fun just go check them out for yourself I don't think you'll be disappointed. Did I happen to mention the bathroom scenes they're bloody brilliant!" - Sash (11-Nov-2004)
"This is probably 'the' best mansion level. I mean the mansion as we know it from the original games. I know there have been other mansion levels like Oxy's brilliant ones but they are new buildings this is the original one. And what a great job Bojrk has done with it. Trees on the front lawn flower borders new furniture in the house it's just gorgeous. The opening flyby has good music and scans the house and gardens then focuses in on Lara swimming in a new pool beside the old bike track. I loved the searching in the house this time and finding out new things to do like pushing certain objects certain actions that were never in a house level before and finding very well hidden places. Lara gets an Aladin's lamp to light her way in the dark areas and she doesn't get her weapons until she gets out of her bikini and puts her raiding clothes on. I have to say I was a little confused at times as to what I had to do but when I went away and looked around there was always something else to keep me interested and everything fell into place eventually. There is dialogue between Winston and Lara and a phonecall for her. Before you leave the front gates I'd seriously recommend you going to look for the secret as it's brilliant you'll kick yourself if you don't. Then you can leave and watch the excellent final flyby. This is really something special a thoroughly enjoyable level to play. And if anyone goes to roll their eyes to Heaven at the thought of yet another mansion level think again don't miss this." - CC (08-Nov-2004)
"This is probably the best custom home level I have played. Set before the 1st experiment it is basically showing how Lara got started on her journey. You have to reach the phone in her room which is ringing by turning off the security system which is active. There are some clever ideas and original items in it. The added cut-scenes are really cool Lara on a phone and taking a shower. I also found it amusing half way through the level when you saw Winston wearing an apron hoovering the floor that can't be missed! The secret is great too something very different and well worth it. The end sequence is really interesting too although there are two endings you won't find out the other to the next part comes out. Play the level now!" - Aims (08-Nov-2004)
"A very nice renovation of Lara's home. If you remember from the home levels of the first three Tomb Raider games you would know that there were many windows outside the house but you couldn't see what was inside of them. Well now you can. Lara begins the level in her outdoor swimming pool near the racetrack and the goal of the level is to deactivate the security system since it locked Lara's room where the telephone is ringing. The voiceovers were very nice and there was a lot of new decor in the mansion. The gameplay here is a little repetitive since the puzzles aren't all that tricky and most of them consist of finding switches keys and there is some backtracking involved. The racetrack was quite fun but I found the most fun part of the level to be the assault course. There is also a very nice secret ending in the level but I'll keep that info to myself. Anyways this is a very nice level with great textures and some of them were Oxy's and her textures are always pretty. There were also nice new objects and there were some clever animations in this level too. Give this level a try if you need to play a more relaxing level." - Relic Hunter (08-Nov-2004)
"The level is a 'light' one because the action takes place in Lara's home. You won't find any enemies (ok let's say many) but be assured you won't regret playing it. New animations dialogues special effects :) make it a memorable one as well as nice atmosphere." - Kamil (08-Nov-2004)
"The title doesn't give away what this level is about but it's a mansion one. Don't be so quick to judge though and don't get discouraged by the type of the level. I admit that generally there are a few familiar areas but the new animations with Lara having a bath and getting dressed also talking on her mobile phone will make this worth playing. Lara is wearing a bikini at first but later on she will change and get ready for her next adventure. There is one secret to find which isn't very hard and I loved the ball room at the end. The big mirror was a nice effect and I am curious to see where we'll use the small mirror Lara picked up probably in one of the next levels the authors has planned for us. It's an interesting level." - Kristina (06-Nov-2004)