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Caitlyn's Castle by LarryB

CC 6 6 8 8
Drakan 7 8 7 7
eRIC 4 5 6 5
Gerty 7 7 8 8
Jay 7 6 8 8
Jez 5 8 9 7
Jose 3 6 4 5
Kristina 6 6 7 8
MichaelP 6 6 9 8
Orbit Dream 2 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 7
Ryan 7 7 8 7
Sash 6 6 8 7
Treeble 7 8 8 7
Whistle 5 7 7 7
release date: 29-Nov-2004
# of downloads: 56

average rating: 6.78
review count: 15
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file size: 18.21 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This was actually a rather engrossing raid despite a few issues such as the lack of flares and some faulty set-ups. The Guardian Key door can get you permanently stuck, not because it's set on a timer but rather because the exit door is surrounded by antitriggers (the author locks you in when you first reach that room), so you need to beat the door closing animation to open it again from the other side, but if you decide to go back — like I did, because I had missed the Golden Vraeus hidden in the dark —, then you are hopeless. I never found an use for the Golden Star and left the adventure with not one, but having retrieved two Amulets of Horus. I laughed with the "top secret" texture to denote a secret room, but before that a secret triggered randomly during an ordinary hallway you have to go through anyway... Oh, and before I forget, nice custom enemies, both with the templar knight and the foxes. 30 minutes, 2 secrets. 02/21" - Treeble (07-Feb-2021)
"Larry did only one level but I liked it a lot. Many imperfections as a timerun putting the guardian key, little or no flares, some pieces lacking lighting etc .. but I enjoyed." - Drakan (20-Oct-2019)
"The first and only effort by this builder and if you allow yourself to get into the groove, so to speak, it's actually a really neat (albeit brief) level that contains a few well executed touches in the gameplay section. There were initially a few fatal stuck situations, but I assume they have been fixed as this actually flowed quite smoothly for me (even the Guardian Key sequence works properly as if you fail the first time, you can go back and step on the tile with the receptacle and try again until you get it right instead of getting completely trapped). I thought that the use of the guide at the start in conjunction with the fire traps was nifty and the entire adventure manages to keep a fast pace (aside from a couple of too long climbs and a bit too much darkness with no additional flares to find). I thought that the Indiana Jones trap was funny as well. Give it a go." - Ryan (15-Mar-2019)
"Here's another gem of a one-shot that has somehow slipped under our radar screen. It's short at 35 minutes but provides a host of neat routines. In his walkthrough Dutchy commented on the darkness and the lack of flares, so I manufactured an unlimited supply for myself. They're only needed in a few places, however. I also found a couple of shortcuts that players might want to use in lieu of Dutchy's instructions for the timed runs. In the room with the revolver, I simply picked up the revolver, took a rolling back flip and ran toward the trap door. It opened on my way there, and I got inside in plenty of time. In the spike room, I placed the Guardian Key, turned slightly to my right, took a side flip to the right and simply rolled into the timed doorway without having to take the circuitous route described in the walkthrough. Too bad the builder didn't stick with the level editor, because this is an impressive debut." - Phil (04-Oct-2016)
"If ever there was a classic example of the dangers of beta-testing your own level,it is this. As far as architecture,texturisation and lighting is concerned this is really quite superb. Enemies,objects and secrets are also well utilised. But I defy anyone to get through this without the help of a Walkthrough! There are so many bugs in the Gameplay that I lost count,and keeping multiple saves is an absolute must. Talk about a builder shooting himself in the foot! If you navigate yourself carefully through this veritable minefield of gameplay errors,you'll discover that this is actually a short and crisp adventure;but I can envisage many a hapless player being stuck in this level for weeks on end.Unfortunately,recommended only for the scenery." - Orbit Dream (10-Nov-2007)
"The start is quite fascinating, watching our guide show the way through a fiery lava room and using hidden switches to open the unusual entrance in the wall. This leads to quite an impressive lofty interior, inhabited by... foxes! These guys are worthy of a second look. Most of the rooms are very well designed, lighted and textured... if a little dark. Loved the smiley secret. We need to find a crowbar, lasersight and revolver to open doors and shoot a blue ball; also star, keys, vraeus and ankhs. Progression is fairly linear, and some tasks are quite interesting, like the timed switches/spikes on blocks room. There is a downside though, which may have to do with the level's age and the inexperience of the author at the time. That is, becoming irretrievably stuck at certain points. So saving in different slots is recommended as you cannot go back to try again. Despite this, the level keeps our interest going right to the end." - CC (20-Mar-2007)
"A very dark level and without flares difficult to find some vital switches that you cannot get back to once passed. With very tight timed runs, which you don't really have a clue are t9imed until it is too late and lots of action has taken place. Enemies are a couple on ninja. Pickups often are a waste of time (cartridges) and serve no purpose, especially as one of then spoils an irreversible switch. Lighting I have said is too dark and on long climbs etc you can get the cameras out of sink. Textures are often repeated in different sections. The ambient music at times got on my nerves and did not add to the atmosphere" - Whistle (30-Dec-2005)
"I had to replay this one from the start as I got irretrievably stuck because of one very badly designed puzzle, the infamous timed trapdoor which can not be triggered again. Although at one point, one can also gets stuck after placing the pyramidal key if not exiting the room quickly, I guess the author has not set the one-shot button for the closing of the door. Only a few enemies, useless items, the capital sword/crowbar simply placed on the ground of a dark and rather big room, custom objects but no flares which is inconceivable given the several dark corners, rooms too big with not much to do, are my other complaints. The room themselves have different textures and feel, that could have been a good thing but unfortunately that does not work well here to create a convincing atmosphere. To end this review on a positive note, the use of the guide is brilliantly done, the first task with fire burners was challenging, the earthquake and the flipmap in the room where Lara picks up the Ankh is well made, and the timed door in the lava room (this one can be triggered again if you don't master it in time) was simple but fun. If Larry can learn to separate the bad and the useless from the good, he will be an author to follow." - eRIC (01-Mar-2005)
"When you kill the crusader there are no sounds. Where is the shotgun? I didn't find it, but there were shotgun ammo. The puzzle in the room with the revolver is the worst of all level. It's very easy that you don't realize that the tile under the revolver opens the trapdoor (there is no camera) and when the trapdoor be triggered and won't reset, you'll find yourself totally stuck and lost your time looking for something when you can't do anything (I had to read Dutchy's walkthrough). Very very very bad. Players don't want to spend his valuable time looking for nothing. When the ninja shoots you in the ledge near the secret, there aren't sounds. In the timed spiked puzzle, if you don't get solve it the first time you have to reload a savegame. There are many dark areas. Where are the flare pickups? All people can see that it's the first attempt to make a level." - Jose (04-Feb-2005)
"For quite a short game just over 30 minutes this was a really nicely put together level set inside what looks more like a temple than a castle the only thing the author probably did wrong in my opinion was making some situations irreversible this included timed doors that weren't resettable and boulders that drop blocking off hallways so that if you forgot a vital trigger before you could not then pass back to it but the last of these was really the only game stopping annoyance as you could play on and not then have a save when you come to the thing that should have been triggered. The level itself has some nice atmosphere a not too difficult gameplay only a sprinkling of enemies three secrets (the first I still don't understand as it was seemingly a hallway to a switch you needed to progress) and a cool Indiana Jones red herring death trap. This is definitely one to play in the lull between the blockbusters as it keeps the interest right to the end." - Sash (26-Jan-2005)
"There's an imaginative beginning to this level following your guide along fire emitter strewn walkways and being attacked by two dogs that looked suspiciously like corgis. I'm not sure Her Majesty would have approved but then it's just possible that she doesn't play Tomb Raider. There are one or two short timed runs a nice timed run over tiles in a lava room and an inventive timed spikes/button pushing exercise but nothing too difficult. I believe there were one or two bug issues initially but they must have been resolved because I didn't encounter any problems but be warned if you miss things it may not always be possible to go back. That aside this is a pretty good first time level and I look forward to more from this builder." - Jay (01-Jan-2005)
"The first time around we had butt heaven but after the new download it went smoothly. You should be aware to have several saved games in different slots as there is no way in hell to retrieve something if you missed it the first time around. I missed that timed trapdoor/revolver first time around and completely overlooked the second Vraeus. At that time I was playing and chatting with Vimmers who was stuck as well and together we could finish it. The game on itself I think was great. Starting with the run through the fire to follow Ahmet (there is a shortcut LOL) till you could pick up the Ankh. There aren't that many enemies and the secret way up there is hilarious. The dive into the pool after flipping that switch see how many somersault you can make.... For a first from this author I only can say keep on building as there is great potential there. 15-12-2004" - Gerty (28-Dec-2004)
"The settomb wad was never my favourite mostly because authors use it to build dark levels. This one is quite dark at first with no flares or at least I found none but luckily it gets brighter as you move on. There are some good things in this level like the kind of gameplay but there are things I didn't like as well. To name a few I don't like it when authors make a timed run not reset able there was an area at the area with the pool and tall building that if Lara dives in the water she can't climb out. There was something with the trapdoor at the timed run as it seemed to open when it was actually closing. Also a jump switch is only available before the spike ball drops at some point and if you miss it you can't finish the level. On the other hand I liked the flow and it seemed to improve as far as the atmosphere and gameplay were concerned the room with the spikes and fires was very good but watch it there too because if the door closes after you place the guardian key you can't continue. I believe it wasn't tested properly to avoid players getting in irreversible situations. My advice to the players is to save often and in different slots to the author is to keep building as he has some good ideas but at the same time be more careful and make sure players can finish his levels even if they miss something the first time around." - Kristina (22-Dec-2004)
"If this really is the author's first attempt at level building and not just his first posted here then congratulations on a stunning start to what I hope will be a long building career. I had to mark the gameplay down because it was very frustrating to get stuck with now way out. This happened several times with one shot timed runs and so on. It is also important to do everything in sequence as backtracking will not work. TRs golden rule of 'save often' definitely applies in this level. Apart from that the level looks great and is very atmospheric with quite a bit of variation from the long swim the underground lava room the collapsing earthquake room the dark tunnels to the much lighter tower at the end. Enemies are very few and surprise the player occasionally. Puzzles are not too hard the main puzzle being trying to find a well hidden jump switch. Great level. Recommended just be prepared to reload those game saves." - Jez (18-Dec-2004)
"Larry is an ambitious new builder and all I can say is we should be happy about that. This 30 minutes level is actually better than my scores indicate. The textures and lighting are really rather good (if a little dark in places) except maybe for the huge 'tower area' near the end there are truly breathtaking areas throughout a few custom things thrown in (like the crowbar) and a funny but deadly Easter Egg which I had a good laugh about. There are a few smaller issues with incorrect OCB settings for switch animations but all in all it is solidly designed offers (at least) three secrets and in general fairly linear gameplay to collect and use two vraeus a star a guardian key and your prizes - two amulets. Enemies are few and far between (foxes a knight and a few ninjas). It was good to see the guide (well) used at the start as this is rarely done. Now - why the lower gameplay score then? Because the level has a number of situations where Lara gets stuck with no chance of proceeding. Meaning she is still happily alive but cannot escape the situation anymore so will likely starve to death or something. This is especially true for the mesh door after the first amulet and the earthquake. If you missed the very hard to spot jump switch after picking up the star earlier you cannot go back to it due to the boulder blocking the way and don't even know you missed it and wonder what else you should be doing now. So - make sure as you play that you always have a series of savegames ready so that you can go back to them if needed. So all in all - if you are aware of those potential frustrating moments you should be having good fun with this level and I sure hope Larry has already started to work on his next one!" - Michael (16-Dec-2004)