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Fire - London City by Fred Reinsperger

Blacksheep 5 4 5 7
CC 2 2 2 4
DJ Full 2 2 3 5
Gerty 4 5 6 6
Gill 4 4 3 4
High Priestess 4 5 6 6
Jay 2 2 3 3
Jose 3 4 3 3
Kristina 5 5 5 5
MichaelP 2 2 3 3
Obig 4 5 4 5
Orbit Dream 3 3 6 6
Ryan 3 3 4 4
Sakusha 4 4 2 4
Sash 2 3 3 3
Staticon 4 5 4 5
Sutekh 2 4 2 2
Treeble 3 4 5 5
release date: 27-Dec-2004
# of downloads: 54

average rating: 3.79
review count: 18
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file size: 18.12 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"What an odd little level. The town bit is nicely done, but as many other similar levels, all it does is make it more and more evident that the TR engine is not made for this type of levels, so you get very small block buildings while you run back and forth gathering a few key pieces and throwing some levers. Nothing ever taxing and plenty of ammo pickups although I don't think I've ever found any extra weapon — and none was necessary as the handful of ninjas and scorpions barely posed a threat. 10 minutes, 2 secrets. 02/21" - Treeble (07-Feb-2021)
"London and Egypt have mysteriously collided and resulted in this little taster of a level. Although the texturing is nice, the city isn't wholeheartedly convincing and there's not much to do short of shooting some ninjas and scorpions plus collecting a couple of items. Just one question: where's the fire?" - Ryan (24-Aug-2017)
"Not a great deal to do here but as a fan of City levels I did find this to be a nice set. It was a very short Raid but a nice debut (as I understand it to be from other reviewers). The lighting was ample but sadly there wasn't enough to explore. Not bad however for a short raid and the Ninjas and scorpions were easily tackled. I had hoped one of the jeeps would be interactive but sadly it wasn't to be! Nice looking level for a coffee break Raid :)" - High Priestess (15-Sep-2015)
"Just 6 houses standing in the city square, 4 of which are completely empty. Three portals leading out of the main square and 4 puzzle pieces to collect. Climbing 4 ladders and killing 12 ninjas takes most of total 8 minutes of play. 2 secrets are not to miss, and what we pick up is rather useless. Why to find the uzis at all if most of players don't wanna waste ammo for killing scorpions? Pretty texturing and some nice shadows are worth mentioning, as well as TR5 sound - the strongest piece of the game. But city scenery as fine as this one could have been filled with much better gameplay. SUMMARY: Quite pretty level, but very underdone. Too short for being recommended, but I won't try to convince you not to play it." - DJ Full (24-Nov-2010)
"Wow, global warming must have progressed quite a bit to find scorpians living in London. Though the Ninjas appeared to be wrapped up against cold. Hmmm! Jokes aside, this wasn't the worst first attempt at level building I have ever seen - heck, I quite enjoyed my 25 minutes of playing time. Yes, I took 25 minutes - mainly due to me failing to spot the ladder to the rooftop of that grand porch. This was a surprisingly entertaining little level which came as a welcome break to some of the heavier-going levels I have played. I even managed to finish it without the aid of a walkthrough. :)" - Staticon (25-Dec-2005)
"London! I think not. But it's a town at least, in the desert, with streets and buildings, and jeeps parked everywhere, no doubt belonging to the ninjas. One of them leaves half a cartouche, and the other one was left on the roof. Apart from that, there are two hands to find, open the double doors, run into a couple of buildings and Bob's your uncle. Very short level that has well applied textures." - CC (01-Aug-2005)
Even though I don't see why there are Egyptian objects in London, and I haven't seen any fire, this is an admirable first try (no bugs). Gameplay mainly consists of pulling levers, finding items (the Ba cartouche, the hand of Orion and the hand of Sirius), killing ninjas and scorpions. I wonder why there are scorpions in London, but I guess that the ninjas probably took over the city (I don't see anyone else walking around the city). I have found secrets that were pretty easy to find. - Sakusha (17-Jul-2005)
"If this is London, there's obviously a ninja convention being held somewhere and the Egyptian textures and objects look severely out of place. The scorpions also seem somewhat surprised to find themselves in London. The gameplay is rudimentary - find a cartouche and two hands and the level ends after only ten minutes. So, very much a first time build, but any attempt at level building must be considered laudable and obviously the basics have been mastered so lets just think of this as a demo." - Jay (24-Feb-2005)
"Well, someone has been messing with quantum physic apparently and somehow sent London and Cairo in a parallel dimension where the two blended together, because I swear that last time I went to the UK capital I didn't see any scorpion and it wasn't located in the desert. So no London (and no fire either) but scorpions squads and a whole detachment of Arabian warriors protecting two stars and the two parts of a Ba Cartouche. The latter are very easy to find, indeed, as well as the secrets. As a result, this is a very, very short shooter level, lacking both atmosphere and interest but rather well-done technically for a first attempt." - Sutekh (21-Feb-2005)
"I think it only was a training level. Many few rooms, all squares and rectangles; no puzzles, only pick up items to open doors; no cameras; poor textures; two kind of enemies; you don't have to look for that kind of ... secrets? I'm sure that the author didn't waste too much time building the level. Although I didn't find bugs I must give a low score." - Jose (11-Feb-2005)
"I'm quite disappointed by this level. The whole entire game lasted 11 minutes and all you had to do in the square city layout is to find 4 easy to locate items and 2 even easier to find secrets. You get some ninjas and scorpions to kill but their placement seemed all a bit contrite however I liked where you meet the first two ninjas. Sadly I can't rate this mini level very high and I can't say that it is something I would recommend." - Sash (26-Jan-2005)
"Seeing this was the author's first level he created I thought this short little level wasn't too bad for the author's first attempt. It's fairly straight-forward in game-play and you can't really get lost here but the only downfall for me I felt I was just getting into the swing of things and then it was all over just after 10 minutes. I managed to find 3 secrets had no problem in locating the 2 parts of the cartouche puzzle and the 2 hands. Enemies ware scorpions and ninjas and these just seemed to appear right out of nowhere and far too quickly for my liking and I lost a lot of heath in the process in taking them out but this did add some fun to it. I am sure this author can learn a lot by this first level as I feel by adding some traps and creating some nice puzzles for us to solve would have made this level more interesting and keeping us all thinking throughout the game-play. But saying all this I enjoyed this level all the same I was just sad to see it all over far too quickly though. On the other hand it's nice to see some new builders out there creating new levels for us raiders to play and enjoy so I am looking forward to seeing another level created by this author hopefully in the future." - Gill (24-Jan-2005)
"I'm sorry but I didn't like this level. According to its title it takes place in London though scorpions and armed tuaregs are the enemies and the tower blocks are mixed with Egyptian style. We have to find the two pieces of the Ba Cartouche and two Stars so that we can go down to the basement of the museum. There are three secrets on the level but not even they are hidden. This is the first level of the creator I'm sure he will have also much better ones later. :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (18-Jan-2005)
"A square city setting in bright daylight. 10 ninjas 8 scorpions two secrets two levers a cartouche and two hands. 10 minutes spent in a technically solid but rather uninspired debut level but now we know the author has the basic capabilities and his next work will certainly be more entertaining." - Michael (16-Jan-2005)
"London it ain't and I haven't seen any fires but this is a pretty small first try of this author. Lara end up in a pretty small city and apart from the Cartouche you have to find the two Hands as well. Ninjas and scorpions are roaming around. Finding some levers and that is it. Of course I died with the first slide but isn't that the fun of it all? Keep on building Fred you can do more than I probably ever will. 29-12-2004" - Gerty (04-Jan-2005)
"You know a level is not going to last too long when the first secret is just sitting there in plain sight! Indeed such was the case here; but it's not badly constructed for a first effort and is impossible to get stuck in for long. The location doesn't look much like London and is constructed over too big an area (thereby causing draw-distance problems) but for those needing a fast and simple gallop there have been many levels on a similar theme far worse than this!" - Orbit Dream (03-Jan-2005)
"I would say that it is a classic level in a city with ninjas and a few items to find. It has a simple gameplay a few hands to find and a cartouche with two secrets that I found in the ten minutes it lasted. I don't like the kind of buildings that have textured windows and are just raised blocks. Cities like that look so fake to me that it is hard to get into the level's atmosphere and that's what happened in this one. My advice would be to add some puzzles and improve the surroundings." - Kristina (02-Jan-2005)
"A player must get two stars to going into the big building. A lot of enemies (ninja) will prevent for your going ahead. But in this level there are no difficult puzzles no maze and no trap. In that room where you opened the door you will find the key soon. Many players will feel dissatisfaction after ending the level. But I don't want the author giving up for more challenge. I will tell this author as one of TR editor. You have to be tougher player of course I should be so too. Let's have a pleasure for creating adventure." - Blacksheep (01-Jan-2005)