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Temple of Anubis by Anubis

Bene 7 8 7 6
Duncan 6 6 6 6
Engelchen Lara 8 10 10 8
Gerty 5 6 6 6
Gill 7 8 7 8
Jay 6 7 7 6
Jose 2 5 7 6
Kristina 5 5 5 6
MichaelP 6 7 6 6
mugs 8 8 8 7
Navi 10 9 9 9
Phil 6 7 7 5
Relic Hunter 7 8 9 8
Ryan 4 6 7 6
Sash 3 6 5 4
Sutekh 3 4 3 2
Treeble 5 5 5 5
release date: 28-Jan-2005
# of downloads: 83

average rating: 6.34
review count: 17
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file size: 52.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Well, from the start you can tell this is an early DXTRE3D levelset, the desert landscape is far from organic and suffers from automated texturing and bleak lighting (not to mention all the illegal slopes you don't normally get to but might end up at by missing a jump from the goodie filled flat tops). While the first level seems to have absolutely no lighting at all, the second level plunges into pitch black as you explore a series of massive underground tunnels with hardly anything of interest in your path. Throughout all three levels all you really ever do is run back and forth searching for levers or puzzle pieces (the sun goddess is particularly well hidden) to proceed, the backtracking got a bit too much at some point and then there was a big maze made of several identical rooms... Hard to recommend this one, but at least the trance song at the credits room was nice. 55 minutes, 8 secrets. 10/21" - Treeble (17-Oct-2021)
"What a shame. I really wanted to like this three-level adventure, but it doesn't really fulfill its potential in its current state and has its fair share of annoyances. The first level actually wasn't all that bad. Despite mainly involving the collection of various pickups and opening a couple of trapdoors I found it quite enjoyable and thought that the architecture and textures were particularly well done (illegal slopes aside). But... it unfortunately went markedly downhill after that. Far, far too much darkness, repetitive backtracking through long, bland corridors looking for the next switch or door. There's also a maze section involving copied rooms that was just an unnecessary addition in my opinion. I did have some fun blowing the skeletons and mummies up with the plentiful explosive ammo scattered around, but I was glad to finally locate the end room (no finish trigger) and be able to exit after around 75 minutes. It could definitely have done with a bit of tightening up in these latter sections, but it's a shame that this remains this builder's only work, as I would have liked to have seen what he could have made next with this criticism taken heed of." - Ryan (16-Mar-2019)
"This builder must have gotten discouraged because of all the negative reviews, because he never followed up with another level after this debut offering. I must admit that the criticism in the reviews is justified, but there are enough good things in this three-part release that further ventures into level building with attention to that criticism would have served him well. The builder has provided his own walkthrough, but the first part was so vague (has he never heard of the compass and the helpfulness of saying "go NW" instead of "go right"?) that I eventually put it aside and spent about an hour wandering about until I had finally found and done everything necessary to progress. Moreover, the desert dunes here are crawling with illegal slopes, so I found myself saving my game before putting my foot down in any new area where I might risk getting caught in that perpetual slide-scramble animation. At least there was plenty of light here. When you get to the second segment, you engage in a boring exercise going back and forth through pitch-black passages seeking switches and open doorways. At least it was mercifully short compared with the first segment. The third segment gives you more dark tunnels, but the gameplay here is more inspired and the walkthrough is less confusing. Part of the fun consists of blowing away numerous skeletons and mummies with the grenade gun, using the profuse ammo found along the way. I was glad when it was all over (there's no finish trigger, so you have to exit manually when you reach the room with the credits emblazoned on the wall), but I didn't feel that the two hours I spent here was a total waste of time." - Phil (30-Oct-2016)
"One of the worst levels I've played lately. Even reading the walkthrough, it's not funny for me running hundreds of kilometers only to pull a switch, get back a lot of kilometers to the previous place to pull another switch and run again a very long distance through the same places to pull another switch (and be sure to not forget a switch, or the boredom could be enormous!). Architecture is good, and the textures too, but the corridors are too long; even the ladder near the end is excessively long. The second level was excessively dark, and the "small" labyrinth was very nasty too. Sorry but I can't recommend this levels." - Jose (26-Nov-2013)
"There have only been a certain few times when I have out of sheer frustration given up on a level because of one reason or another, and this set of 3 levels is one of those times. This started out with so much promise as you in the first level get to venture through a wonderful sandy Egyptian ruin looking for well hidden entrances, secrets, and loads of pick ups, and even finding myself trapped in an illegal slope or 6 didn't really bother me at all. Then came along level 2 and I should have guessed by the 3 packs of flare pick ups just before the end of level 1 and 3 more packs at the beginning of level 2 that this was going to be a dark one. Well it was not only dark it was ink black and I did not make a move without a flare in my hand, which made this backtracking level slightly annoying, but I couldn't have expected that this was a walk in the park compared to level 3. I actually audibly sighed with dismay as level 3 started because the darkness had followed me from the previous level and I had hoped against all hope it wouldn't, okay so let's just keep lighting those flares, and by the way, if you think by reading other reviews that this level is in any way helped by being almost imperceptibly brighter than don't be fooled, you will not play an inch of this without a flare that is unless you're blowing up a mummy or skeleton of which there are a few. Now I could play this to the end if it were only for the darkness but oh hell no here comes one confusing mother of a maze and combined with the dark that was all she wrote for me, I was out of there. There is a time and a place for moody lighting to add atmosphere to a level but you have to give the player a fighting chance to enjoy themselves and the last 2 levels in this game never allowed that, add to that there wasn't really much in the way of puzzles but a few levers here and there and this has made it's way into my never to be played again files. On a lighter note, I did enjoy all the secrets, yay for something good!" - Sash (16-Jan-2006)
"This one starts off outside in a very rugged area where there are tons of pick-ups. The way to the tomb is tricky to find. Then you are in underground darkness forever, and you have to climb forever to get Lara into a maze. This one does end well. It has some beginner flaws - too many pickups, too dark, too much back and forth, etc. But it shows promise, and I hope the author keeps at it." - Duncan (20-Mar-2005)
"What a shame that this three part level is too dark in the last two parts. Despite the many flare pick up, I had to cheat and add more. This mini game has what I would call also some unnecessary prolonged gameplay as the going back and fro do keep you running from back to front and visa versa and from up the stairs and down again. It how ever has some record breaking items in it. The darkness is one, and the long, long climb right at the end of the level. Can't remember such a long climb in ages. There is even a small area where the flare bug sets in, tsk, how sloppy. A bit more puzzles and more light would be welcome, so hoping that the next one will have all of that, I would say go for it Mihaljo. 08-03-2005" - Gerty (13-Mar-2005)
"The Valley of the Kings: This place is full of nooks and crannies to explore. It's also well endowed with illegal slopes so watch where you put your feet. Oh, and scorpions, they're plentiful too. It really does pay to have a thorough look around though as there are plenty of goodies to pick up. The contrast between the bright, sunny, sandy outside areas and the dark underground passages and chambers is effective and the atmosphere works well. You need to find the sun talisman to finish this section. The Underground: You really are going to need all those flares you found, it's profoundly dark in here. I can't say I much enjoyed the pitch black, interminably long corridors, but luckily there were some better lit areas to relieve all that gloom. There's a cartouche to find in this part and it makes a very odd sound indeed when you place it. The Temple of Anubis: Damn, it's not much brighter in here. Never mind, you do at least get to use some of the vast stores of grenades you've been picking up on the mummies and skeletons. I absolutely hated stumbling round the dark maze and was frankly rather glad to finish this section. The end sequence with the credits was really well done and there were undoubtedly some good moments in this level but the last two sections would have benefited greatly from being lighter and I'm not sure what all the medipacks and weaponry were for since the only thing you actually use is the grenade gun. Nevertheless, it's a better than average first time build and I shall certainly hope for future levels from this builder. " - Jay (11-Mar-2005)
"The Valley of the Kings (8/7/7/7, 35 min., 3 secrets): Despite myself I enjoyed the hunt for pickups in this desert setting. There are few neat jumps to accomplish and the sun goddess and sun disk are sneakily hidden, as are the three secrets. Enemies are plenty of suitable but harmless black scorpions. The big downside of this parts are several illegal slopes and the fact that you reach the 'end of the world' on various occasions. The Underground (5/6/6/5, 20 min., 2 secrets): And down underground it goes - as does indeed the game as well. In a pitch black setting - and I mean pitch black as in you go nowhere without a flare lit - you search for 10 or so levers and a cartouche to allow your progression. Add to that some unnecessarily long backtracking and you know it's no fun at all. I actually counted and managed to get through with using 31 flares here in this part. The Temple of Anubis (5/7/6/6, 30 min., 3 secrets): Sadly, it gets just a tiny bit brighter, but not all that much and instead all the backtracks get longer and longer and to add insult to irony a maze is thrown in for good measure. I mean, how more tedious can it possibly get? Thanks to the grenade gun secret picked up in Part 1, at least the blasting away of the countless skeletons and mummies offers some relief. Gameplay is more of the same, looking for levers in the dark and two hands to progress to the higher level. Many, many copied rooms here, so that part probably did not take all that long to build. All in all, it is a solid piece of work this level series, if only the player could actually see it and if it were not for too much running around with anything to do. But, I sure hope the author will continue building and use some of the feedback given in the reviews for his next offering." - Michael (21-Feb-2005)
"Valley of the Kings: In this first level, you will find many pick-ups, which were scattered all round this valley, so a lot of climbing and jumping is involved here in helping you to retrieve them, but I never did find out, how to retrieve that first pick-up, the medipack. You will also be looking for some levers to pull, which are very well hidden so do search well and you will be rewarded with a very important pick-up that you will assist you in the later levels. Your main objective in this first level, is you're in search of the two parts to the Talisman, and along your journey and if you're lucky, you will find some secrets along your way too. Enemies are scorpions, which are not too difficult to get rid off, so after dealing with them and having all these important items in hand this will lead you to the second level. The Underground: I am sorry to have to say this (and no offence to the author), but this next level was far too dark for my liking, as you were constantly lighting up flares to see where you needed to go to next, even though you do get a nice supply of them, but these long corridors that you are going through were in complete darkness, so you will be lighting up flares all the time here. But saying this, once I got myself fairly familiar with the places that you visited in this underground area, I decided to fire my pistols, to give me some extra light, while I was running through the darkness at the same time, but I also fell down that big hole a couple of times too. Once you're familiar with this area and found some levers that need pulling, the next areas became a little bit lighter and you were able to see that little bit further, so you could continue with your mission down in this dark underground area, in search of the two pieces which will lead you into the third level. Temple of Anubis: Well when I finally reached the third level, I felt quite relieved to be out of that Underground area, but what a shock I got, as I now had entered a huge maze, with many rooms leading off everywhere. Well I did quite a bit of running around here, as I got completely lost and confused several times. But saying this, I hope you managed to find that very important item earlier on, the grenade gun, as you will certainly be needing it here during this level, need I say more, skeletons and mummies are present, which you really need to take care of them, otherwise this next part of this adventure will become extremely difficult to accomplish if you don't have that grenade gun. Your mission here is opening up some doors, which are scattered all round this maze and once you have accomplished this, you will be rewarded with these very important items The Hand of Orion and Sirus, which will help you to escape and leave this maze. In general I quite enjoyed playing these levels, certain areas were very well thought-out and the author did have some very good ideas here to give you some nice game-play, but the author should remember not make levels too dark, as this does spoil your enjoyment to a certain extent. But saying this, this was the author's first attempt in creating a level for us raiders, so a lot can be learnt from this first level and I do hope Mihajlo Kovac (Anubis), will continue to make more levels for us, as I would like to see what adventure we will be tackling next from Anubis. 10/02/2005" - Gill (11-Feb-2005)
"Interesting beginning with pickups scattered all over the place. Trying to find all the entries leading to levers and some of the secrets wasn't an easy task but it was memorable and being outside, brightly lit. Some watching me play thought the sand had a definite green tinge. May just have been my PC. Unfortunately, the player is soon into some of the darkest areas I've ever seen. The darkness and long corridors made some areas tedious. A torch could have been used for easier gameplay. The constant use of flares (even though an ample amount is provided) doesn't make for an enjoyable experience. Lots of vases but I don't remember any pickups from them. What I do remember is one of the longest climbs I have ever seen in a TR level. On a brighter note - I loved finding the last secret before entering the third level and Lara looking good with those pink tinted glasses. Also, the ending credit room was clever and well done. The darkness spoiled this for me and that's not something I usually even notice. This new builder has a lot of potential and I look forward to more of his work." - Bene (07-Feb-2005)
"This was a very nice three level adventure, though it isn't that long. In this adventure, Lara is in Egypt looking for the temple of Anubis, where she probably is seeking an artifact. Despite the shortness of this adventure, I have found it quite entertaining. The Valley of Kings - We start out in The Valley of the Kings, where amongst the sand pillars and ruins we search for the two pieces of the Sun Talisman, to find a way to enter the underground tombs. The architecture looked good and the sand textures worked well in Egypt, since Egypt has sand of course. Searching for openings and new areas among the sand was a sort of unique touch, as you wouldn't be able to clearly see where to head out with all that sand, but you discover a new area if you investigate closer. There are also some cleverly hidden holes that contain some nice goodies that you'll need later on. The only enemy you'll see here are the small, but poisonous black scorpions that don't pose much of a threat. After finding the sun disk and the sun goddess, which are combined to form the sun talisman, we place it near a tomb entrance and we move on to the next level. The Underground - I hope you have found lots of flares in the previous level, because you're going to need them here. Most of this level is pitch-black to give the level the feeling of a real tomb in Egypt, but luckily you won't find any enemies lurking in the dark. Most of this level is about looking for switches in the dark, which reveal paths to help you look for the two pieces of a needed emblem, and some secrets. There are also some light spots in this level, so you won't need to light a flare every minute. There aren't any traps in this level really, but if you wander down a corridor without a flare, you might slip and fall to death. After placing the emblem in its rightful place, we jump down a hole into the temple of Anubis. The Temple of Anubis - If you have found the grenade launcher in the first level, you'll survive. After the slide down into the temple, you shall find yourself in a room occupied by mummies, and you shall also face skeletons in this level. If you haven't found the grenade launcher, you might as well reload to the first level and look for it. This level is somewhat lighter than the previous level, but still it's dark and the flares will come in handy, but the darkness adds into this level's creepy atmosphere. Here you are on the search for the hands of Orion and Sirius which you will need to escape. The only hard part of this level that I found was the dark labyrinth, as it's easy to get disoriented there. The rooms here look well, and they blend in with the lightning if you do understand what I mean. The enemies I mentioned were also nicely placed, and the gameplay isn't all that confusing. This was my favorite level of the series, and I enjoyed playing through it. Bottomline - I was a bit puzzled at the ending. Lara hasn't found whatever she was looking for in this adventure, and I managed to complete it under an hour and a half. However, I can see that much effort was put into building this adventure, so cheers to ANUBIS for giving us a nice, entertaining adventure. I'm sure that this author will become more experienced with the editor and shall give us many new exciting levels. " - Relic Hunter (04-Feb-2005)
"A very nice level. Reminds me of the old times with Lara. Quite a lot to do and the search for the secrets in part one is worth it. In Part 2 there are two stars to find, which is not easy because of the darkness, but there a plenty of flares and that gives the game a mysterious touch. In Part 3 there is unfortunately the flare bug, near the end. But the game is immersive and I liked it for that, even though it was nothing new. Good old-fashioned raiding. Thanks to the Levelbuilder." - Navi (04-Feb-2005)
"I loved the way this game begins. Combing over the dig grounds, collecting lots of goodies kept my attention. You begin to wonder what kind of fight/darkness lies in store for our Lara. The small caverns had perfect atmosphere and I thought they were so believable! Very nicely done. Once you have found the sun-goddess and her counterpart, it's a long way down into the blackest depths I've yet to encounter. This is a pity! The author has gone to great lengths (literally) to establish a well-rendered, subterranean dig-site, but you're so busy keeping your torch lit that you miss most of it. The opportunity to cash in on the scary side of this game is also lost. The maze down below is the true nightmare. A couple of rooms with some different objects would have helped. I ended up with a parcel-load of ammo and weapons, but the enemies - though many - are easily dispatched with the grenade gun. If you can forgive the lighting issue in this game you will have a very good time, like I did!" - Mugs (04-Feb-2005)
"Lara travels to Egypt again and this turns out to be an unpleasant and mysterious trip at the same time. In Level 1 you need to climb rocks to find a few secrets and importantly flip three switches to get the all important grenade gun secret. And you need to find the talisman to enter the temple. Keep your eyes open to find the hidden goodies. In terms of graphics and looks I liked part 1 the best. In part 2 it is very dark. Luckily you find many flares upfront. Also not much to do here other than finding two puzzle pieces, flip a few levers and keep lighting flares. Part 3 is a little brighter, but gameplay is much of the same with a maze added where you find two stars. Atmosphere is absolutely great and spooky with the sounds of the enemies. Enemies are skeletons and mummies, so that grenade gun really helps. Near the end you can also get the crossbow. I found 8 out of 9 secrets. If it had not been so dark I would have rated this even higher and there was a bit of a lack of puzzles - a pity. But still that 3-parter really kept my interest." - Engelchen Lara (04-Feb-2005)
"It's a very dark game with mostly pitch black areas and I don't like levels that hurt my eyes. Even with the flares, which were plenty, I couldn't see much and definitely did not enjoy this. At first it looked promising with the first level having cleverly hidden underground areas and many pickups scattered around. Unfortunately there's the 'end of the world' bug all over the place and it's very easy to jump and reach the highest blocks. Then the second and third level although they weren't' too bad, consisted of much darkness which was unnecessary and very long corridors to walk/run through and ladders to climb. The player is searching for switches and after reaching a confusing maze, did I mention it's dark, finds two Hands and is able to proceed. The last level is again about long stairs you have to run up, then run down and then up again. I am sorry but that's not what I call good gameplay. I found seven secrets and I wonder how I managed to find that many in, yes you guessed what I will say now, all that darkness. There's also a last small room with the credits so that's the end of the game, don't search for the usual finishing trigger." - Kristina (04-Feb-2005)
"First the positive points: Secrets are generally well thought (regarding their conception, content is another story), scorpions in Level 1 are well and quite realistically placed, and the end credits is a nifty good idea. Going through those three levels, you feel that some work and time have been put in their achievement, which is why I will tone down the remaining of this review. Now, the negative points: Level 1 is a chaotic, confusing almost hectic sandy exterior riddled with illegal slopes. I actually had to reload five times because of them. Level 2 and 3 could have been fine, if you weren't forced to the constant use of flares. Most of level 2 is simply pitch black, and, even though there is some light in level 3, it's still too dim to see anything. In level 3, you'll spend most of your time running back and fro through looooong corridor or stairways, and there is a maze (in darkness) that I think I had to redo thrice (or maybe four times). The first word that comes to my mind when trying to summarize the whole mini-game is 'tedium'. With all due respect to the builder's work, I wouldn't advise playing this. All this said, it still shows potential, and I'll probably be more appreciative of the author's future levels." - Sutekh (04-Feb-2005)