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Hell's Kitchen by Agnes

Aims 8 9 9 9
Akcy 7 8 9 8
Bene 8 9 9 9
CC 8 9 9 9
Deekman 9 7 9 9
Dick 8 9 9 8
DJ Full 9 8 9 9
Duncan 9 9 9 9
Engelchen Lara 9 9 10 9
eRIC 8 8 10 8
eTux 7 7 9 8
G.Croft 9 8 9 10
Gerty 8 8 9 9
Gill 9 9 9 10
High Priestess 9 8 10 8
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jenni 7 8 8 8
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 7 10 9 9
Kristina 8 8 9 9
Leeth 7 6 7 7
MichaelP 7 8 9 10
mugs 8 8 9 9
Necro 8 8 8 9
Obig 8 9 9 9
Orbit Dream 7 9 9 10
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ravenwen 8 8 9 9
Ryan 8 9 9 9
Selene 10 9 10 10
Sutekh 8 7 9 8
The Aussie Adventurer 8 9 9 9
Treeble 8 8 8 8
Zhyttya 7 7 8 7
release date: 07-Feb-2005
# of downloads: 105

average rating: 8.53
review count: 34
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file size: 53.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

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Reviewer's comments
"Each of the two levels in this set is very distinct from one another. The first, my personal favorite, takes place in alleys of a very modern city filled with skyscrapers and offices. I often say how the engine isn't cut out for this sort of level, but Agnes made it work somehow and despite the maze-like feel, it was enjoyable. Then, the second one sways between a metro station and sewers, which is a bit more in line with what we're used to. The atmosphere of the first level alone makes this worthy of your time. The only real hiccup I recall is the shotgun object. 50 minutes, 3 secrets. 10/21" - Treeble (10-Oct-2021)
"on the level page info it is written : People, who dont like ego-shooters, shouldn not play this level. Know that this isn't a shooter level and there is not more violence than in other levels, some dogs and gunmen and the boss at the end. You spend most of your time searching the way to proceed, a few stunts jumps and traps, the level is easy yet it is always entertaining even immersive for what really stands out in this game is the atmosphere with the musics. The background audio loop in the first level is great and we have the TR1 Caves audio in the undergrounds. The setting had been designed in the effort to make it realistic. Well done and enjoyable." - eRIC (29-Oct-2019)
"Urban levels are always interesting, and this is no exception. The beginning might be a bit dull but once you get the hang of it the rest of the level builds up very well. The level really knew how to transmit the feeling of being within a city, good decoration overall (some overuse of a couple of textures though) good level design and most important, good dynamic puzzles that fit the scene. There's a few things that might have been different, for example in the "waterworks" area where the water fills up, there's still a waterfall beneath the water; the shotgun skin didn't work properly and a couple of empty areas. Apart from this the game was really enjoyable, challenging and a bit scary! Had a bit of everything included: platforming, action and puzzles, all built up nicely. IN SHORT: good urban type TRLE, short and fun to play." - Zhyttya (19-Jul-2017)
"A surprising good level this one! A good balance between platforming, action and puzzles. It's fast paced and even with a big area to explore you never feel lost in any way. There is a single switch that is way to hidden but that's all. The shooting of a tube to rise water and the lovely train really deserve some merit on this level. One little thing that bothered me was the fact that you pick up an AK-47 but you still have the Shotgun in-game model but besides that nothing to complain to much. Not as bad as expected, so i can actually recommend this one" - Leeth (19-Jul-2017)
"I particularly like urban/city levels and the layout here was perfect for me. This was a very enjoyable romp around the streets before heading finally for the underground (stations are another favourite). My only gripe with this level was the frustrating, tightly timed run which, although involved a very short distance, was tricky to execute due to obstacles and having to save after every successful bit of progress. It led me to slam my hand on the keyboard in frustration :D I was however sad to see the level end and thoroughly enjoyed playing this!" - High Priestess (26-Jan-2017)
"You can always count on Agnes for an entertaining level and this is another example of her distinctive style. The opening Eminem track somewhat sets the tone for the adventure: broody and atmospheric. However it is not that scary, per se, as you may think. Level One has Lara exploring a rundown city to try and enter the train station. You have to find a couple of keys, do some swimming and conquer a small timed run. In Level Two, you explore the train station, which is inhabited by a few bats, guards and dogs. A boulder trap provides an element of challenge and the end boss can be easily beaten if you know the trick. An entertaining hour long adventure." - Ryan (12-Nov-2016)
"Don't get misleaded by the word "shooter" included in the readme. This game has real puzzles, so good that I didn't expect to find such in a game supposed to be all about killing - even if they include usual pushables, keys, shatters and switches, they are of high density, and most of them involve more or less thinking, with different situations requiring looking in different directions to find the necessary elements. Apart from that, one of the riddles is really innovative - I mean making the underwater switch work. We solve all these puzzles with a subtle help of camera hints (discreet only - to turn our brains on, what I like very much), exploring a very nicely built, multi-storey city. Sometimes it appears boxy, but only the main street. The rest is in full 3D - roofs, shelves, ladders, crates, backyards, sewers and the whole underground chapter with underwater corridors (a little bit too long) and a railway bridge - all filled with something I call lighting. Lanterns, spotlights, lamps and flames - each one has its bright spot, and each covered place has its proper shade. Too bad there is a serious lack of sunbulbs, so Lara appears really flat in this un-flat environment. Texturing is rich and various, realistic, resembling city landscape above the ground surface in the first level, and presenting everything one can find in subway or sewers in the second part, where Bass Sniffer(tm) can be also spotted on the wall by Postal 2 fans. Unfortunately, we can often see where one tile begins and the other one ends. However, it doesn't affect the general atmosphere, powered by sounds of maniacal laughter, train on the move, dogs (wolves?) howling and even with a drunken man's dialogue with Lara (that one made me smile). The pipe explosion, together with a flipmap, was really brilliant, creating one of the best moments of the game. SUMMARY: When I discovered the first, not so obvious ladder, I told myself "Hey! It's a good game!" and that impression remained in my mind till the very end." - DJ Full (12-Feb-2011)
"I suppose I skipped this one the first time around because of the title, which to me signified a dark and foreboding raid. It's actually a two-part romp, the first in a London setting and the second in an underground railway station. Altogether I was treated to about ninety minutes of gameplay, not bad for a fairly light download. The tasks are absorbing but not too difficult, and the enemies are the standard fare of baddies, dogs and bats. The lighting's not bad, either, as I was able to see my way around quite adequately. There's a short but tricky timed run up some stairs in the first level that took me a number of tries to beat. A solid adventure that I can recommend without reservation." - Phil (01-Feb-2011)
"Possibly the most enjoyable of the Agnes levels that I have played recently. This is a double level-set that offers impressively realistic city and train-underground environments. Gameplay, as always, involves finding those devilishly well-hidden switches, but there is more to this than just that - you are also required to use some skill in simply navigating about these environments which are quite complex and non-linear. The gameplay went well for me but I was aware that if I'd explored things in a different order I'd have come unstuck. My only real complaint is the section very near the end involving some kind of pump room: - as some textures are climbable and other identical ones are not, this has to be a strike against the builder and a dropped mark. Anyway, another very good level by Agnes, but quite an old one, so it begs the question: - how come the new ones aren't better? In my opinion Agnes is sitting just underneath the best of the builders - her gameplay is almost addictive, but to improve I'd like to see more variety beyond the ubiquitous exploration, i.e. more cerebral puzzles or jump sequences. Also, the lighting and texturing, whilst consistently good is just falling slightly short of what other builders achieve these days. I'll move onto playing levels by other builders now, but I'll certainly look forward to Agnes' next release - I hope it raises the bar still further." - Dick (28-Apr-2008)
"You can't go wrong with Agnes!This is another superbly built adventure with an absorbing atmosphere and a decent flow to the gameplay.The first of the two levels is a 'search the streets' adventure (somewhat lacking in pace to begin with until you've worked out a way to get up onto the walkways)with immaculately textured buildings and a slightly sinister atmosphere. As the level progresses it becomes a little more violent and complex but never too difficult to follow,leading into a more visceral and fast moving 2nd level taking place in an amusing underground railway complex (how do those little trains manage to get up such sharp inclines?) This adventure has a little bit of everything (shooting,exploring,rolling boulders,a room-flooding puzzle,a hanging-chain gauntlet) building to a decent Boss showdown.There's perhaps a little too many "I can see a vital pickup in that room but how the heck do I get in there?!" moments,but they work well in tempting you to keep going;the construction is faultless;there's a good storyline;and the adventure (which took me the best part of two hours) isn't anything like as violent and gloomy as the author believes.It is,in fact,suitable for everyone and comes highly recommended from me." - Orbit Dream (07-Apr-2008)
"Great start in the abandoned city with fitting Eminem song, I liked the level building as we can look through windows and fences at areas we reach later, made a bit of a maze feeling to it though. Some nice toches, like the train passing by, the conversation with that bum, shooting the pipe. The boss's laughter raises the expectation as we approach the end. But overall something was missing from gameplay, just running through the place, finding switches and keys to move forward, but doing all that somehow didn't really provide the feeling of accomplishment. On the other hand the atmosphere and sound were great, also textures. All in all, nice levels, worth to take a look." - Akcy (27-Mar-2007)
"This is the second level of Agnes that I play within a few days, and I am still impressed by the way she organizes her levels and sets them up. Hell's Kitchen is humorous and challenging, with a smooth, player-friendly gameplay. The puzzles are not tough, but some of them do require some thinking and make you feel very happy with yourself after you've found the way to solve them. On the first part, Lara has to explore some deserted city streets and a few offices where gangsters lurk. Although I'm not a fan of rap/hiphop music, I did enjoy Eminem's track following Lara's first runs around the streets, as it matched the story and the settings so much ;) In the second part, you take a tour in an abandoned subway - this section is very atmospherical and creates a feeling of eery mystery, which is also accentuated by the weird laughter that you hear every now and then. Here there's more to do, as the area is quite vast and there are several sections to discover and explore. Agnes surely knows how to create imaginative and original levels that are a sheer pleasure to play; Hell's Kitchen is definitely one of those, and one that you will enjoy tremendously." - Ravenwen (23-Jan-2007)
"These levels have probably been the most difficult of Agnes' so far. The first level starts off in a city and I was quite frustrated for a while, just running around until I found a hidden switch behind a shatterable object. The scenery again is beautifully designed and implemented and the music fit well with the atmosphere. A lot of time and effort went into creating the city and the high rises. The tall buildings are used as part of the gameplay too and not just for scenery. One thing I am starting to get used too is Agnes' overuse of underwater mazes. They are just not my cup of tea. However, in the second level, you are in an underground system so the underwater tunnels would probbaly be nessesary. Again, the level has been well designed and you certainly feel you are in an underground station. The end of level boss is a welcome addition to the series, although it does feel at times that he is invincible. Overall, I enjoyed these levels and again, as most of Agne's levels, I would highly recommend it." - Necro (13-Jul-2006)
"In this adventure Lara must explore Hells Kitchen and find out who is responsible for its decay. The level is split in two parts. In the first she must search the dark streets and alleys of a city and an office building to find the key that will open the entrance to the underground station. This underground is explored thoroughly in the second part. The textures and scenery of the more or less abandoned city are so perfectly dark and ominous that it couldnt possibly have been better. Who needs TR3s Aldwych when they have the Hells Kitchen Underground???? The details are amazing and the atmosphere likewise. The music, which starts off with the incredibly suitable tones of Eminem, makes the whole impression even better. Buttons and switches are so well hidden that at times it might seem hopeless to advance in the level......but then all of a sudden you find a switch hidden in the last place you ever thought of looking for it There are doors to open above and under water, pipes to shoot, garbage bins and crates to move, blocks to raise and keys to be found. And something I definetely loved was the idea of having a final boss. It was a tough enough fight, but a fantastic way to finish off the level. The other enemies were heavily armed soldiers causing a lot of health loss, a few stray dogs and some bats. Enough said, so what are you waiting for??? Go on and try this truly amazing level. Recommendable for everyone.....simply because it's such a fantastic level and it just can't be missed:)" - Selene (17-Jan-2006)
"Few flares for a level with so dark areas. You can pass through the man with the bottle who talks with Lara. The chain jumps were too much difficult for me. Was a strange level you'll have to explore very well and do difficult tasks. Gameplay is the worse of this well built level with several novelty and interesting puzzles." - Jose (01-Apr-2005)
"I'm not a big fan of Eminem, but the placement of one of his songs at the beginning of Hell's Kitchen was quite apropos. It was a bit loud, so I waited for it to finish playing before going on my way. I had a lot of fun playing this. Agnes did a pretty good job of representing a part of a city she'd never been to. It seemed a little deserted, but the real Hell's Kitchen can also seem that way at certain times of the night. (I work only a few blocks from there, and once stayed at a friend's studio there for a week, a couple years before I moved to New York.) The underground areas were well done, but the vertical train rail textures looked weird. The only thing really missing from these levels were the rats. I'd have given higher marks on enemies if there had been some rats. This is, after all, New York City. Never the less...a fun pair of levels." - Deekman (27-Mar-2005)
"After I removed the Eminem soundtrack that was drowning out all sound effects as I couldn't hear the dogs coming etc. I thoroughly enjoyed running around the streets, and the drunk was superb! But for some reason, the pace tempered off: you came across a thug hear and there, yet more crates to push around and more crawlspaces to crawl through, more buttons and levers to flick, it became a bit tedious after a while. I really wanted to interact with more of the environment, partcularly the fridges in the office which were just screaming to have pick-ups inside. The second level was more of the same: shootable crates with nothing inside, burning bins, fences, a vending machine here and there; though the trains were a nice touch. The scenery was fab, but it was the same everywhere and became dull to look at after a while, and gameplay was more of the same so lacked atmosphere. Some good camera work and great textures though, so well done." - Jenni (22-Mar-2005)
"Agnes shows us her darker side with a gloomy city and underground adventure. Take the time to watch the nice title flyby to get into the mood. Hells Kitchen (7/8/9/10, 30 min., 1 secret): The dark city streets are beautifully put together and the Eminem track works really well with the scenery. The readme warns this may be an ego shooter level, but there are only a few thugs and dogs around. Plenty of grates to shoot and a few ducts to crawl through and storerooms to explore. Nice little scene of Lara talking to a drunk guy and using the coin on a cash machine (though it was meant to give out cash rather than take in though - LOL). The shooting of all the boxes offers little reward and there are maybe a few too many empty office rooms to walk through and the timed run near the end is short and easy. But there is solid camera guidance and the overall look and feel makes this an enjoyable raid. Underground (7/8/9/9, 30 min., 2 secrets): Very cool with the moving train and a very convincing underground track system that you get to explore. I especially liked the effect of shooting the pipe and flooding the room - very nicely done. Again, thugs and dogs as your adversaries, plus a few annoying bats. Quite a bit of swimming to do and several levers to flip. Only towards the end there is a hint of a puzzle area before you finally reach the boss, which is not all that hard to kill with a bit of patience, but was still a nice end to the adventure. All in all, great solid raid, as we've come to get used to from Agnes. Don't miss it!" - Michael (27-Feb-2005)
"This is another great adventure from Agnes, and as you wonder around the city in search of some keys, you will taking out enemies like, dogs and the gang members who will be blocking your path, but the shot-gun and the revolver is at hand, which takes care of them rather quickly so you can proceed further and complete your mission here. You will be finding some money to use in the ATM machine, shooting some objects, talking to a drunk who will give you some very important information what lays ahead of you in the underground area, finding ways in climbing up these tall buildings, pulling jump-switches, swimming around the sewers, and doing a very short and quite easy timed run. Once this has all been completed and you have found your key to the underground, you're able to enter the next level. I enjoyed the underground level the most, but I did do quite a bit of running around in the process, but this was all part of the fun of this wonderful adventure. Your mission down here is finding some more keys, avoiding some boulder traps, pushing some blocks, tackling some steam vents the best way you can and also avoiding that fast train that can knock you over, if you're not too careful. Your enemies are bats, thugs and dogs, which are quite easy in taking care off, but the dogs do sneak up on you at the most unexpected moment, and gave me quite a few frights at times. Some more swimming is involved here too, locating some trapdoors and pulling some switches and underwater levers, to finally meet and take out that guy who has been laughing at you all the way through your mission in this underground area. He was quite difficult to take out, I must admit, but after re-loading and positioning Lara in the correct spot he was finally laid to rest, and I was able to reach my last and final key, to leave this wonderful adventure. All in all I had a great time playing this level, the layouts and textures were superbly done, the city was just amazing and the objects were very well placed, which gave you an excellent feel and great atmosphere as you made your way around the city and rising high above some buildings in helping you to proceed. In the underground area, everything looked so real, as you were wondering through these tunnels and little caves, the whole concept was just amazing, the lighting was done just perfect, textures were brilliantly done, the game-play was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed myself playing this adventure, so d/load it now and see for yourself, it's thrilling, exciting and a must to play. Thanks Agnes for giving us such another great adventure for us raiders to play. :)" - Gill (27-Feb-2005)
"The first part of this adventure is a well done cityscape, complete with a drunk telling Lara that she needs to go underground to find the enemy responsible for the evil in the city and a working ATM machine. Although there are garbage bins to move and grates to shoot without any discernible reason I could find, this does not detract greatly from gameplay - perhaps the author's 'joke'. In an apparent homage to Scorsese and his film, 'Mean Streets', you'll find Agnes has put his name on many of the boxes is this level. I'm not sure if the difficulty level in finding the revolver is deliberate but I do know it's placed where I just could not see it at first. Frustrating but a good hiding place. If you're stuck at any time, look for a climbable wall denoted by a black stripe - took a bit of time to find that when I was 'lost' in a back alley. Eminem's music is a perfect touch as is the overview of the city. I'm not sure the masked men sometimes shooting at shadows is deliberate but it surely is funny. Finding the key to the underground takes you to the Metro Station and yes, it's a good idea to watch out for speeding trains. All too soon, you'll find yourself at the ending shoot-out with the baddie. I was surprised it ended so soon - a good sign that I was totally immersed in the level's atmosphere and did not want it to end. Very nicely done, Agnes. Thank you." - Bene (24-Feb-2005)
"The dogs in this city are fast but fragile and the city itself looks to have sustained some damage. It's beautifully built and extremely atmospheric, but expect to take a certain amount of damage from some of the still smoking areas of ruination, not to mention the various thugs hiding out in warehouses and offices. The underground section is effective, with burning braziers and trains flashing past. This part of the city has not fared well either - great blocks of masonry are dropping off; it must play havoc with the train timetables. There's a flooded room with a novel way to raise the water level further and a water maze to negotiate. No, don't wince, it's not a bad one at all. I very much liked exploring this second part of the level - a super setting and good audio made it a most enjoyable experience. You get a boss baddie at the end as well. Nice one, Agnes." - Jay (22-Feb-2005)
"This was a great 2 level game where you have to find keys and other objects to progress. The city isn't that big so getting lost wasn't a problem, at least for me. The drunk and his burp was hilarious. The first download I had I couldn't find the revolver, the second however had that precious thing. You can make it with only the shotgun though but at least save about 7 shots for the Boss in this level. The atmosphere was just great and the task not too difficult. I had a great time roaming around in and under the city. I loved the metro area. The end boss isn't that difficult to slay, just shoot it with a shotgun 5 to 7 times and walk away, he will die. This is not such a hard level, but will have your scratching your head to figure out what to do next, so have a go at it, you'll have fun. Found 3 secrets. 14-02-2005" - Gerty (21-Feb-2005)
"From the readme, I understood it was a shooter level and since I'm not very fond of them I was a bit doubtful about my enjoying it. Fact is, there is much more to it and I'd rather consider it a research level anyway. And a darn good one at that. First, there's a lot of atmosphere, here. The first part recreating a concrete jungle feeling while the second one, taking place in the subway, is more of those urban derelict places we often see in gangsta movies and the like. A bit reminiscent of Aldwych too, but mostly due to the location itself. The gameplay is above average, with, as mentioned, a good load of research - with some deviously hidden switches, some rather simple puzzles and two underwater mazes (one would have been enough, in my opinion, though). There are a couple of tricky jumps, some traps, including a nasty swinging chain and, of course, enemies. Dogs and bats aren't much of a threat but maffiosi are another story, and it's a good thing we're given a handy revolver pretty early in the game. So, difficulty wise, I would rank it right on average. I was a bit surprised by the ending, expecting a shooting feast with Lara fighting the whole gang instead of what we get, and I didn't quite understood how the final enemy was related to the whole plot, but it doesn't matter that much. I had a lot of fun playing this and in the end, that's what counts." - Sutekh (18-Feb-2005)
"At first Lara will wander around the streets and visit buildings with offices to find the desired key. There are jumps involved, swimming at the second level but both of them have a nice atmosphere and are well designed. I liked very much the train and railings at the second level, the gameplay really picked up then because in the first level although it was fast paced we didn't get to do many interesting things. I missed the revolver so I had to go through the entire game using the shotgun, it's not a big problem but I think it would be useful to make sure players do find the necessary items before proceeding to the next level. The enemies are bats, guards and the items to find are keys and some switches to help you proceed. There's a great looking city and an even greater train station with a short maze-like area. I found two secrets and missed one in the second level. To sum it up, it's a very good effort from Agnes in a different style which turned out to be a fun game." - Kristina (15-Feb-2005)
"Really great set of levels here. Start off in a city, break into an office building to be able to find the key to the underground. I loved the atmosphere and the surroundings in the underground - the train tracks including the broken ones and the water rooms. Well placed enemies and a real baddy - Mr Death - to beat at the end." - G.Croft (15-Feb-2005)
"The prolific Agnes turns out another first-rate level. This is a carefully detailed urban setting with a mythic twist. The attention to detail makes the level quite appealing. As always with Agnes, Lara has to keep her eyes open for those tricky hidden switches and goodies. Be sure to read the signs on the walls, some of them are hilarious. Well done!" - Duncan (14-Feb-2005)
"Lara enters a city and in there needs to find the hideout of the bandit's boss. The task is not all that hard, if you keep your eyes open for those well hidden levers. Some keys to find, some diving to do and some blocks to push. Atmosphere is very accomplished especially in the second level. Textures are well applied and sound nicely added. The final enemy was not very hard to beat. Solid gameplay." - Engelchen Lara (14-Feb-2005)
"Also this level of Agnes was fantastic. A two-part level; in the first part we are adventuring in a district of a city. The revolver and the laser-sight are necessary, because we have to shoot two gratings aimed for getting on. We also have to find a coin and some keys, pushing crates, swimming and pulling levers. There's a timed run on the level too, until we can finally go down into the deep, to the underground roads. The tasks are similar there, additionally we have to shoot some drains that raise the water-level, and we also have to run away from rolling stones sometimes. The enemies are neither gods nor demons also on this level, rather dogs, Mafioso (gunmen), and bats. At the end we face the boss, but if we shoot when he's spreading his arms, only some shots with the revolver and its over. I found three secrets, one on the first, and two on the second level. The textures are beautiful and various, and the added sounds wonderfully raised the feeling. I can only advice this adventure for everybody. :) " - Obig (14-Feb-2005)
"Once again I have the pleasure of playing a level from Agnes. Here we have two shortish levels that are a joy to play and live up to the expectation that Agnes brings with her levels. I very much like the city level including all the additions of cars, cans and bins which make this level more realistic and are good eye candy too. Sound was great, and the camera use was sufficient. The amount of enemies was good although I would have liked to see a couple more as I still had plenty of ammo at the end of the game. I would like to mention that I loved the end of level boss. Although a bit easy it still was great fight and looked good as well. The only complaint I can make is that the revolver was a just a bit too hard to find since it was hard to see, and the switch near the end of the underground level was way too hard to find since there is no clue on how to get to it. Apart from that, I loved this level from start to finish. One last thing, the train underground was a very nice effect. If I had to give this level a grade I would give a A-, a low end High Distinction." - The Aussie Adventurer (12-Feb-2005)
"A simplistic, yet very well made and atmospheric city type level taking place in the Hell's Kitchen district of New York. Though I could still finish the level legally with using the shotgun where the sight+revolver were required, I highly recommend searching for the revolver at the start, as I missed it out and my battles were quite harder, though I assume the last boss is as easy with the revolver as it was with the shotgun too. Generally what happens here is that Lara in the first level - Hell's Kitchen - checks out the district high and low in order to gain access to the underground, where the drunken guy from the well made cut-scene told Lara that the gang-leader is. Atmospherically this is quite stunning and well made, also the custom music enhances the whole experience majorly. My only real complaint in here would be the collision on the small fences as you had to use dirty tricks to get over them. Also maybe the lighting could've been better at places. The second level - Underground - follows in the quality footprints of its predecessor and with the diabolical laughs, moving metros and some pretty damn clever puzzles involving shooting some pipes, makes this a thrilling and enhancing adventure of its own. Overall - nothing too complicated if you keep your eyes open, but fun all the way through, so recommended - try it!" - eTux (12-Feb-2005)
"Another fun set of levels from Agnes. The story is that Hell's Kitchen has been turned dangerous because of a criminal gang, so Lara arrives to deal with the gang leader. When I started playing, the song that starts it off was very familiar to me, I couldn't put my finger on it, then I realised it was a song from Eminem's 3rd album! I never thought Id play a level with Eminem on it! But the song is perfect for this style level, although I didn't hear the whole thing, as it cut off when I bumped into a drunk in the alley who tells Lara where to find the leader, followed by a burp lol. There are two levels. The first in the town, and the second in the underground station. The first level looks just right, the town is a mess and deserted with noone but goons hanging around. You need to get into the underground station to find the leader, so you make your way through air vents, buildings and the sewers to claim the key that let's you into the station. When you start level 2, it is a bit tougher than the first. This area is a mess too, you'd think it was abandoned also, until a train shoots past almost squishing Lara at the start! You encounter another train later, also there are more enemies, including bats and dogs. There are some clever ideas in this level, including shooting pipes to fill a room with more water, and triggering boulders to open up a new path. When you get closer to the leader, more goons appear and are pretty tough, but with plenty of ammo, it's no problem; although you should save it for the end when you fight the leader. Although there is unlimited ammo in a corner, he is tough so you don't want to run back and forth too much. I only got stuck about twice, once in level 1 and once in level 2. It took ages to figure it out in level 2, it was right near the end in a flooded room with loads of pipes. I tried to shimmy around a ledge but Lara wouldn't go so I tried other things but nothing, then when I tried the shimmying again it worked! A small bug perhaps? Well it didn't affect the gameplay at all, and the two levels were a lot of fun. I recommend this to everyone, play it now!" - Aims (12-Feb-2005)
"This is an excellent city level. Great opening flyby showing the NY city streets of Hell's Kitchen with appropriate music. Very early in the level we get the revolver and laser sight, which is great, as there are things to shoot after some climbing and jumping, and could be tedious if, after all that, we had to go back and find them. I only used the revolver and laser sight to shoot objects and kept the rest of it's ammo for the final boss, who is a reconstituted Shiva posing as the devil (in Hell's Kitchen - gettit!). And it is this guy we are looking for, because, according to a drunk on the street, he's underground causing havok and has to be stopped. I loved the route around the city, finding a coin to use in a sort of vending machine, shooting out grates and windows, opening doors, climbing onto fire escapes, crawling, moving blocks around, flooding rooms, and finally going underground to a very well made rail track and station. What a surprise I got when the train flew past in two areas. After that I was a little nervous running on the track. One interesting action that I remember was shooting pipes, and seeing the doors open automatically in the office part. One room I really liked was a huge water room where we have to raise the level of the water, then do a nice jumping and climbing sequence around pillars. After each major action underground we hear his lordship giving a filthy laugh as we get nearer and nearer his lair - brilliant. He has stationed his goons around the city and we have to deal with them as we go along, plus some dogs, but I was able to get rid of almost all these with pistols only. If there was anything weird at all, it was pushing a switch that let a rock fall in front of a switch, and another pile of rocks fall in front of a crawlspace. It took a lot of jumping to get past them, leaving me wondering if this was supposed to happen or had I pushed that button too early! Excellent level, highly recommended." - CC (11-Feb-2005)
"Agnes delivers another fun and beautifully constructed game. This one begins in the backstreets of the looming overhead. You are soon on a quest for the keys to the ultimate underground and the lair of the beast, himself. You will encounter crouching guards - who do make me laugh for some reason - helpful drunks - water mazes - and subway tunnels with other beasties. Before you go down, make sure you've got your revolver. It took me a month of Sundays to find the blasted thing, but we all know about my lack of observation skills, so....just be warned. I thoroughly enjoyed this game and I know you will too. I always look forward to games from this builder!" - Mugs (10-Feb-2005)
"Excellent game in two parts, one in the streets and buildings, the second in the underground. The textures and ambiance are great and so are the music and sounds, all very atmospheric. Lara's mission is unveiled by a tramp with a bottle she meets on the streets... 'How can I find the man who is responsible for all of this?', she asks. 'You'll find him in the underground'. So, there she goes, finding her way around town and finally managing to enter the underground and its never ending tunnels, rooms and pools. Some great solutions with the use of big rocks and the shooting of a pipe, for example. In the end, the 'man responsible for all' is a black monster based on the roman soldier statues that come to life in Chronicles - so that was what all the revolver ammo was for! And then the game ends rather abruptly... But it had to end sometime, hadn't it? (February, 10 2005)" - Jorge22 (10-Feb-2005)