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Legacy of the Gods - Bonus Pack 2 by Jedi Master

Akcy 10 10 10 10
Bene 9 10 10 10
CalrOsario 10 10 10 10
CC 9 9 9 10
dantheraider 9 10 10 10
Dick 8 9 9 8
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
Dutchy 9 10 9 10
eRIC 10 10 10 10
Gerty 9 10 9 10
Ivan 10 9 10 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 10 10 10 10
Kristina 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 9 9 9 10
Mman 10 10 10 10
Moonliteshadow 10 10 10 10
mugs 9 9 9 9
Navi 10 10 10 10
Obig 10 10 10 10
Phil 10 10 10 10
QRS 10 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Samu 10 10 9 10
Sutekh 9 10 9 10
Treeble 9 9 9 9
release date: 24-Feb-2005
# of downloads: 1261

average rating: 9.70
review count: 27
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file size: 80.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This adventure features high quality graphics, textures, objects and environments!! Extraordinary way to conclude the LOG saga!! I loved some of the tasks and puzzles. Huge and very rich spaces! Some very well done ideas. I found 12 secrets in almost 7 hours of gameplay. 10 in all categories!! Thank you Jedi Master for this fantastic series!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" - CalrOsario (28-Dec-2022)
"Props for the author for including savegames, I've been very late to the party with these massive levels and the one thing that truly stands out now that I've finished all of the works from this author: not only the levels are enormous, each release comprised of several levels, but all of them sustain a high level of quality I could only dream to reach myself in my building days. The levels in this package cover two distinct settings, at first some amazing underground caves with civilization and a lot of greenery built into it, and later on turns into some sort of castle deep into icy caves. Levels of the former are particularly beautiful and quite enthralling. Throughout all five levels in this release the level design is particularly impressive and complex, most of the caves feel like hub areas with lots of sprawling tunnels leading to and from. A keen eye (and good memory) is essentially to proceed, so again I'll express my gratitude towards our wakthrough writers (the tireless G&D duo in this case, as you'd suspect) for enabling me to finish these adventures. At some point in Bonus 9, there were a number of simultaneous fetch quests going on at the same tiome: several keys, golden stars, icy beetles, plus separate parts of ornate handle and mechanical beetle; at this point I couldn't help but wonder, when does it all become too much? Would anything be really lost if this were slightly more streamlined? Anyway, I digress. 4h35min, 15 secrets. 11/22" - Treeble (27-Nov-2022)
"Trying to understand what these games were about, I thought they say "go through hell to find your paradise", and this would be my final assumption if I didn't see the last snowy chapter which almost cries "all beauty must die, all becomes casual, nothing lasts forever". But as much as the previous part was a step back, this is a huge step forth and my personal favourite of the batch - at last the author did everything right and left on high note, although in this case I hope she will build something more one day." - DJ Full (09-Jun-2016)
"The beauty in this set of levels is nothing short of stunning and the gameplay is very good too. No misplaced or squashed textures, no fatal spots or sadistic tasks, just very enjoyable gameplay. Recommended highly. The whole set took me over 20 hours and all secrets found." - Ryan (02-Jun-2016)
"Bonus 6: With the first bonus levels it felt like Luis held back a little to start with, not so much here. This level starts with a brutal trapdoor/jumping sequence. Things get a bit easier after the starting area, but it's still on the tougher side of things, and there are other tricky sequences spread throughout. After the starting caves the theme reveals itself to have changed again here, with some sort of Witches house and a surrounding valley. Later on you enter a dungeon that calls back to the last bonus levels, including the Hammergod (Satan?) back for more; which creates a nice link between them. These themes together create the most visually varied LOTG level so far. Gameplay is mostly a great start here, although one item needed at the end requires a lot of backtracking if you miss it earlier, and a block puzzle at one point seemed to be made deceptive due to the lighting not highlighting one coloured tile.
Bonus 7: This chapter centres around a forest with Gypsy caravans in the middle, although most of the action takes place in the caves and structures around it. Gameplay is mostly exploration based but with some trap gauntlets and quite a bit of platforming too. One flaw is that a keyhole is past a shimmy spot that results in some backtracking if you don't have the key (and two keys look pretty similar). This is another great looking and varied level.
Bonus 8: This chapter is set in a beautiful Scottish garden and structure, along with some interesting looking side areas (like a purple cave). This is perhaps the best looking LOTG level so far. Gameplay is pretty smooth as long as you don't miss any openings around the outside of the main area, and the usual variety is present (although this level is mostly exploration and puzzle focused). There is one shootable that might be a bit vague.
Bonus 9: The theme changes drastically again here as you enter an Icy Tinnos Temple/Castle. There's a lot of interesting architecture and some twists to the theme (like a small garden area). The layout of the last few levels was quite sprawling and the main gameplay tended to be in side- areas, that changes here as this level is quite tight and interlinked, with a few main areas you explore on every level. Despite that backtracking is kept quite minimal as long as you're on the look out for places you can reach and the occasional semi-hidden pushblock (at least they are generally highlighted a bit here), a few monkey swings were perhaps a little long though.
Bonus 10: This level starts with an impressive looking Tinnos fortress, but it's a bit of a red herring, as, after the start most of the action takes place in a sort of Wizard's lair. Outside of the starting area most of the gameplay takes place in more confined corridors and similar, which gives it somewhat the same issue as the last bonus pack's last level had of feeling a little less epic than some of the earlier chapters. This is actually probably the easiest level in this bonus pack, and the gameplay is pretty smooth and relatively easy (by LOTG standards); as you step in the exit teleport it's almost hard to believe this all started in a Greco-Roman pack with an infamous challenge level. In that regard the main flaw this level has is an unintended one, as this wasn't supposed to be the end, and, therefore, after all you've been through it ends up feeling quite anti-climatic.
This second bonus pack is the most major departure from the design of the original LOTG, and the focus is on unique themes even more than in the last bonus pack. The gameplay is extremely refined by this point, and almost verges on formulatic in the first three chapters (with a main area of beauty and gameplay areas around that), but when that formula includes almost everything it works out fine, and the last couple of levels mix it up a lot. Also, combat is handled the best way so far, with quite small numbers of enemies rather than the arguable overkill before. There are still some gameplay flaws but they feel a lot more subtle this time, which compels me to give it the top marks. As I said probably the biggest flaw is an unintended one, as, after all you've been through walking through a teleport to "to be continued..." is a major anticlimax. Then again, I recall some news that Luis was working on some sort of LOTG's 2 recently, so maybe there's still hope... And with the bonus packs included LOTG is still probably the biggest achievement in TRLE history." - Mman (16-Apr-2011)
"Like in the previous set of levels, I was amazed to see how many custom objects and also custom textures have been put in them. It is all classic raiding , sometimes very inspired. Aside from the very beginning in lava caves with enjoyable moves to perform, the settings here are quite original , evocating fairy countrysides and prairies, castles (not of the darker side) and caves which are very natural looking. There is also a Tinnos kind of level with snow. All this is often very lovely. As for the gameplay , it is a bit less complicated than in the author previous game, no levels are interlinked. There are many artefacts and keys to find and what you have to find is often clear, but there is a few passages which are rather hidden. Despite being stuck once or twice in each level , I had a great time playing. It is a pity that part 3 never came out." - eRIC (28-Jun-2009)
"After completing the first three levels of this five level set, I was convinced I was experiencing a master class - at least in terms of gameplay. The intricacy of the set-up, the complexity of the level design, the way it all held together was, in my opinion, just about faultless - and an absolute joy to play. However, even in these earlier levels there was evidence of over indulgence in the lengths taken to make the player work for his rewards: - the pointless traps that force a reload, the deliberate misdirection, and the seemingly endless supply of keys to be found. By the time I got to level four it was getting even more complicated and despite my determined efforts eventually I had to resort to the walkthrough once to see how to proceed. And that's no fun at all. All I was missing was an entrance from one area leading to another - but it was almost impossible to spot due to its disguise and the fact the attention is directed elsewhere at the critical time you enter the first area so you forget to look at all the other walls etc. By level five I had lost my taste for this style of hide-and-seek and was resorting to the walkthrough too often, and could not wait to end the game - the complexity and endless pickups was putting me off now. Another problem with the gameplay was the tendency to be picking up pickups without knowing where they went or how many you need. There is nothing more dispiriting, in a game, than getting near to what you think is the end only to discover you have three out of four picklups and everywhere has been explored to death. Personally I enjoy levels more when I know at the start what it is I need to find. And I don't like doing long sequences only to find a locked door at the end of it. Moving onto other aspects of the game: Throughout, the lighting and texturing was workmanlike and neatly applied but not the best I'd seen; it doesn't look like a sun bulb or bump mapping were ever used, they would have added some much needed sheen. Overall, the best of LOTGbp2 is superb(the first three levels), and it's clear the author is a rare talent, but in the end I just was simply deflated by this mean-spirited game." - Dick (28-Mar-2008)
"The second bonus pack of this series, and probably the best of all. But that is not surprising, as the levels have gotten better and better all the way through. So it will be no surprise to find far superior design and layout, lighting, textures, colouring and gameplay. What is probably unique in this series is the total non-linear gameplay, that can result in many hours exploring, searching, and wondering, but never boring. It's been a great raiding experience from start to finish. Bonus 6: starts with a lot of action in the form of jumping, breakable tiles, climbing, shimmying, monkeyswing, sliding, and generally trying to make our way around lava caves. To eventually come to a clearing with bright blue sky, millhouse, pond and waterwheel. Really cute! Once we have cleared the neighbourhood of resident lions, pull a few skellie levers, we can search this fairytale mountain environment looking for important items. Throughout these levels we will meet many colourful clown guardians, red devil hammergods, tigers, lions and dangerous butterflies. Where we see angel statues there is something important to do nearby, and we will search for many gems, keys, skulls, discs, stars, target shooting gems and ocular pieces to combine to start transporters. We find and place the Book of Death in this first part, and we have the first of many great timed runs. Bonus 7: starts in the tall trees and caves of a dense forest. We make our way to a clearing and find the cutest campfire/caravan site. The pace is still fast as we search high and low looking for Ruby Cubes (which are in fact blue), keys, skellie levers, the torch, Snake Light Spheres (really beautiful effect when placed in the snake statues), Fairy Discs and Ancient Sun Discs, as we negotiate many traps and dangerous routes. The sun disc receptacles are beautiful when lit up which opens the way down to... Bonus 8: a beautiful mountain garden and temple. The long flyby shows us the area. Some interesting climbing and shimmying past dangers as we search for the torch, more keys, crucifix, Helios stars, and golden Sun Elements. Nice route through what looks like a prison/dungeon area where we could easily miss a particular jumpswitch below a slide. The good news is Lara can open a route back to the top of the slide if she/the player/me miss it. Bonus 9: For the first time in this series, the setting has totally changed... to a Tinnos style temple almost buried in snow drifts, and guarded by white tigers. There's lots of great jumping and climbing around this cleverly designed Œcastleš, and very interesting block pushing exercises. We become very familiar, but never bored with this challenging environment, in our efforts to collect all the keys we need. We take ice beetles off walls, and use a winder and mechanical beetle to trigger spikes in corridors. All this to find the Old Effigy piece and stand, combine them to make the Crystal of Life, and enter... Bonus 10: We discover a beautiful imposing castle in an enormous snowy cave. The interior of the castle is as beautiful as the outside, and appropriately guarded by lots of snow leopards. Great use of the waterskin and scales, finding a Mystic Key to melt a frozen fountain, find and use a skull, and the golden stand and star efficy to combine and activate our last transporter, that shows us we are moving through tunnels in space until we see the words 'to be continued'. So... what delights are in store for us. As this series has improved level by level over such a long period of time, it's exciting to think about what JediMaster might create in the future." - CC (07-Jul-2007)
"With these five levels the author starred again. The textures are even more beautiful and there are new ideas among the challenges. I really liked the crow sitting on the tree, the gipsy camp and the pig on the spit. :) The levels are not hard, no medipacks are needed, I can only suggest them to everybody. The environment is wondeful, the added sounds are good and the feeling is great. However, I have to tell that the levels are not linear at all. You have to look around carefully in any place. Sometimes this can be nerve-racking when you have to walk through a level several times, but in my opinion this is a real Tomb Raider adventure. This is the essence of the Old Gen games. Bonuslevel 6: The beginning is a little bit annoying. You have to get through slopes and breaking floortiles; it's not an easy part. But after that you'll be compensated with the sight. You will reach a wonderful valley with a mill and a small house. The sight is beautiful, but the tasks are not easy - I wouldn't suggest them to beginners, but they are great challenges. There are 3 secrets on the level; these are also separate tasks. The enemies are lions, bats and a god with hammer whom you can lock up, however only for a short time so I think it's unnecessary. There are some timed runs; they are not hard, not like the precise jumps in the lava room. :) There are some pushing-pulling puzzles too, but there is some help on the ceiling. Bonuslevel 7: I almost hit the ground when I first saw the textures and objects of this level. The main room is a gipsy camp in a cave where the pig is frying on the spit. Fantastic! LOL Also here you can choose among many paths and you have to find many keys in the caves. The shootable balls, the torch and the lever in the water have all important roles. I needed some time to figure out what the latter is good for - hint-hint: the snake statues. :) There is no lack of challenges here either. Breakable floortiles, slides and jumps are interlarding the level. The enemies are only some beautiful and vicious butterflies and some goblins. Bonuslevel 8: Each level is more beautiful than the others. Here we are adventuring in a wonderful flowery valley, in caves and buildings and in a dungeon. The enemies are some devils who became demigods and some long-eared goblins. The challenges are various. I really liked the crow sitting on the tree that we needed to open a door. It was a great idea. :) There are no really hard tasks, most of the time is spent with searching for keys, receptacles and ways. But the sight and the textures compensate everything. Of course we have to walk through some places several times here as well to solve every puzzle. Bonuslevel 9: Maybe this is the most complicated level of all during this adventure. You can choose among many ways until finding all the keys, the two Golden Stars and the 3 Beetles. You will also need the Mechanical Scarab. There are 5 secrets on the level. Getting these is a separate task on this level as well. It's like we returned to the Lost City of Tinnos in TR3; the textures are almost the same. Also the enemies are wasps, and some white tigers. The emphasis is not really on the fight here either. There are so many passages and rooms; just try to find them all. However the sequence is not all the same, sometimes you need some keys or you have to switch off spikes. :) Bonuslevel 10: This last level is also great. We are adventuring in icy caves and lumber buildings. The ice has to be melted sometimes and some keys have to be found. It's important that at a certain place you have to fill both two waterskins twice, because you need to use them four times. However the amount has no role here. The enemies are only tigers. You can also find 4 secrets on this level if you look round carefully. And of course this level is not linear either; you can take many paths in the building to find the keys. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (20-Dec-2006)
"The 2nd bonuspack keeps up the quality of the series, gets even more beautiful, after Legend I didn't think I will just wandering around in an old-gen TR, admiring the scenery, but here I did. Gameplay gets somewhat easier, or am I just got accustomed to Jedimaster's style with lot of backtracking? Again, many imaginitive places, solutions and custom objects, specially liked the illuminating spheres, and Horny of course :) from Dungeon Keeper, just to mention a few. Although, and this is for the whole series, I would have welcomed some storyline. I'm very sorry that this was the author's last coming." - Akcy (08-Nov-2006)
"Jedi Master has done great work again. This is the final sequel of Legacy of the gods saga and it might be the best one. Puzzles are very challenging and there are many different objects and enemies in these levels. Atmosphere, sounds and cameras are good despite there's a one backround music I don't like very much. Lighting and textures are amazing. Two final levels include many beatiful snowy areas and those levels bring nice variety to this game. Still before playing those levels I thought that they would be more challenging and more enjoyable because they are the final levels of the whole saga. However, they are as good as all the other levels and I had a lot of fun when playing them. This is absolutely one of the masterpieces I will never forget." - Samu (03-Apr-2006)
"Well. Where can I start with this? I had played Legacy of The gods last year, but I lost my hard drive and had to reinstall my OS, and ever since I didn't feel like playing any custom level...until two months ago. I had to replay all of the levels again, of course I enjoyed them much more than the first time, but that's another story. This set of levels is graphically awesome. The atmosphere in that Gipsy place was breathtaking! I must admit I love forest-focused levels and this was like a sweet dessert, but the best was yet to come. When I got to that park-like envyronment, with the trees, lilacs, flowers, castles, greenery (I love greenery) I didn't know what to do, so I reloaded a previous savegame, and watched the cutscene over and over again, not to mention the whole bunch of screenies i took, and even set one of those as my desktop wallpaper. This is a must. Jedi has done a beautiful work, the textures are beautifully created, and they even look real. You feel like you are in a real country house. The enemies are rather cool, those clown-like elves scare me when i went to place the 3 stars. The 4 snakes and the light balls in their mouth were very, very cool. I like the way Jedi Master puts color on the caves, so it doesn't look boring in there. Great effect! I recommend this to everyone. The time of installing the whole adventure is worth it. You won't regret it." - Ivan (17-Sep-2005)
"Another wonderful set of levels. But I found it just a little bit easy, I would beat a level in two or three days. But its is still a wonderful set of levels. Is he going to continue the game? Anyway its a great set of levels." - dantheraider (11-Aug-2005)
"Bonus 6 (10/9/9/10, 75 min., 3 secrets): I had taken quite a break after completing the Bonus 1 levels and it sure helped me enjoy this set much, much more. It starts in the usual fashion with collapsible tiles and jumps and then quickly expands into beautiful greenish caves and has the touch of a fairytale setting. Plenty of artifacts to find and enemies are bats and lions here. The house looks impressive and the dungeon area with the demonic inhabitant is fun too. Secrets are worth the effort as well, especially the third with the lion's den. Bonus 7 (9/9/10/10, 60 min., 2 secrets): Even more impressive setting with the trees and great use of colour throughout. Spikes, lava and slicer dicers to manage, many keys to find and use, plus another variety of artifacts. Enemies are unfriendly butterflies and very funny elves. I did not care all the much for the underwater maze like area and some of the navigation is a bit tedious with all the slopes, but the fairytale feeling persists and progression is very smooth. Bonus 8 (9/9/10/10, 60 min., 2 secrets): Yet another stunning flyby introduces you to yet another fabulous cave area. More keys and artifacts to explore for and some very sneaky hiding places in this one. I really enjoyed the use of push blocks and the dungeon, storeroom and castle rooms look very realistic. Plenty of elves around this time and a few demonic demigods. Bonus 9 (9/9/9/9, 75 min., 5 secrets): After the common warm-up gauntlet the settings suddenly change completely into Arctic with Tinnos texturing. Also a bit of an overuse of fixed cameras in this part. But there are more nice puzzles with push blocks, the mechanical beetle makes an appearance, as do plenty of mosquitoes and white tigers. The architecture and how it all ties together is really, really clever, but until you fully understand it you will make quite a few repeated trips on previously wandered ground, which can become a bit tedious. There are also two timed runs, but both not too tight. Bonus 10 (9/9/9/9, 50 min., 4 secrets): The impressive finale with another Arctic setting where you explore in and around two castles for another series of keys and eventually the guardian of light that allows you to teleport out at the end. The smaller push object puzzles are fun and the use of the water scales adds nice variety. Enemies are only the white tigers. All in all, I definitely liked this (presumably) final offering by Luis best. It is really the culmination of all his skill thrown into 5+ hours of very entertaining gameplay in superbly beautiful settings. If you want to engage into Luis' levels, I would probably recommend to take them in in small doses, as this will increase the fun versus playing the full 24 hours of net gaming of Legacy of the Gods all in one - it certainly did for me." - Michael (06-Aug-2005)
"I just now (8/05) checked, and more than five months after the release of this level set there are only 12 reviews, indicative or a relatively low play count. That's unfortunate, for these are far and away the best levels yet produced by this builder in a long and illustrious career, both in terms of gameplay and visual amenities. And taking nothing away from Dutchy and Gerty, Kris over at Lara's Home has provided a splendid walkthrough that gave me a blessed respite from having to think as I enjoyed progressing through these five levels. (As a lawyer I sometimes have to think as part of my livelihood, and I'm eager to leave the thinking to others while I'm at home relaxing with my favorite computer game.) I'm aware that I've been critical of this builder in my previous reviews, and I'm almost ready to believe that he has something akin to a sexual fetish for lava, spikes, breaktiles and burner tiles, but that's why we have DOZY. The fetish was quite evident here as well, but I never felt that the obstacles were unfair to the gamer. And the beauty of these levels is a delight to behold. If you haven't already experienced this future Hall of Fame entry, you should do so without further delay." - Phil (03-Aug-2005)
"Excellent. What a marvelous set of levels! What can I say that has not already been said? The best quality of this author is his incredible imagination. How can I (and all the players) pay him all the hours of happiness he gave us? This doesn't have a price. This is the very best gameplay of all builders, magnificent sceneries, great new melodies and sounds, huge doses of intelligent work. I will never can be grateful enough with this incredible builder. Many many many thanks in the name of all players that love Tomb Raider. Beyond words." - Jose (08-May-2005)
"Luis tells us in the readme file that this is his last set of levels.. I really hope he is not telling the truth. After playing all of his levels (most of them more than once) I just hope for more! Come on Luis! Don't stop. Take a well deserved break but don't stop for good. We need you! (At least I do hehe) What can I say about this bonus pack that has not already been said in my previous reviews of Luis levels (and the other reviewer's opinions)? Everything is just perfect. The only thing I miss this time is the timing puzzles! Also, it feels slightly easier than the original and bonus pack 1. Not so many extremely well hidden switches and hard to find secrets. I only got stuck once really and it was due to my own stupidity. The environment range from beautiful fairy related places to a snow like level and a castle. What impressed me must in this level set was stage four and its huge layout of doors, switches and hard to reach places. I have never seen anything like it before. My first thought was 'man.. how does he come up with all this..' If this is Luis last levels, he has finished in a blaze of glory. Full score from me. 2005-04-29" - QRS (01-May-2005)
"This continuation of LOG is as great as the others. Excellent textures all round, especially the caves with cleverly designed crawl spaces and great but scary sound effects. I got a bit confused at the campsite as there was a bit of tooing and froing. The castle in the snow - very pretty, the scenery and textures spectacular. I actually got some big scares (jumped in my chair) from some of the 'beautiful' enemies. I enjoyed all of the difficult jumps - really sorry to finish the level. I do hope there are going to be more, Luis." - Moonliteshadow (10-Apr-2005)
"The adventure continues and it's as good as ever. The scenery is stunning, ranging from lava filled caves, through gorgeous, picturesque countryside complete with water wheels, gypsy encampments and beautiful, flower-filled glades to ice and snow regions. There are plenty of agility tests such as timed runs and those fun collapsing tile runs that I enjoy so much, block and torch puzzles and lots more besides. Enemies are lions, demons, strange elvish looking creatures and homicidal butterflies, Tinnos wasps and white tigers and the customs objects and textures are just wonderful to behold. If you're about to play this level you will doubtless have played the others in the series (and if not please do so immediately) so you don't really need me to tell you you're in for a good time. Just go away and play. The best bit of all is that judging by the end credits there will be further adventures in this series. Hoorah." - Jay (18-Mar-2005)
"This starts with some tricky jumping and you know then that you will have a great time. As always the overall look of this mini game is superb and it kept me busy for a couple of days. There is absolutely everything in here what is Tomb Raiding and be prepared to travel back and fro as not to by pass some of the secrets. There are some illegal slopes where Lara can get stuck, but who is counting. The waterskin puzzles were too easy as I just poured water in them and they worked, but even that couldn't put me off. I jumped in my chair a couple of times as enemies are placed very well in this mini game. The best thing was placing the lights in the snake heads, that was a sight for sore eyes, let me tell you. I dearly hope that he will not stop building as he does such a great job as you can see with all his previous levels. 05-03-2005" - Gerty (13-Mar-2005)
"It's a little hard for me to rate this game with the four tens and simultaneously hard not to do it. Every single texture, at least as far as I can tell, is solid as a rock. There's also a lot of beauty, namely in the amazing garden on level 3. It really makes you feel like you need to take a vacation to some place like that. For some reason, though, I could tell it was very beautiful but I still wasn't fascinated. It was beautiful but not surprising, I don't know, maybe it has to do with the way you're feeling... Or maybe it has to do also with the complexity degree here, which, despite being very good classic tomb raiding, but classic, devoid of very new things, except maybe for the shootable bird (for some strange ecological reason I thought of shooting the bird but didn't until I found out I had to). I suppose I must have hated having to look at the walkthrough so many times. Of course, the last level fixed it all because, for the very first time in the entire game I managed to do everything on my own. Maybe that's why the last castle level was my favorite too. Well, Luís still is the crowned king of breakable tiles and there's a lot of lava as well. But he manages not to make things absolutely and insanely difficult. In that sense, it would be easy to progress were it not for all the devious ways and of so many keys to find and when you think you have them all you arrive in a key lock and... no, I'm still missing this one. Then, there's Luís saying these will be his very last Tomb Raider levels ever but the game ends with a be continued. I sincerely hope so! And, despite how following the walkthrough made me feel at times, I'll have to admit the game is basically flawless. Thus, in all fairness I'll have to rate it accordingly. So be it: four tens from me. (March, 10 2005)" - Jorge22 (11-Mar-2005)
"The second bonus pack from Luis has an awesome setting throughout every level you visit. From a level with a beautiful jungle-like area with carriages and a very nice house you go to explore caves, lava rooms and many more areas to see and admire. The gameplay is top stuff as always with puzzle items to find but what I liked very much was the stones of light, they had a very nice light indeed when placed into the snake's mouth. The enemies are strange looking men, a hammer god, skeletons, tigers and many more but unfortunately butterflies too and I hate killing those. The atmosphere, music, setting, cameras and everything actually is great in this game. A very well designed adventure with good secrets to find that gave something extra to the gameplay which has much exploring to do, something that I like very much in games. I can't believe how good every new level is and there was me thinking that after the main levels of this series and the first bonus pack it couldn't get any better; I am glad to have been proven wrong. I did spot an illegal slope where Lara got stuck but just that one nuisance can't ruin the gameplay of course. The last level felt easier than the others but it was just as pleasant. I hope Luis will take a much needed break and keep building as such talent mustn't go to waste but if nothing else I'd like to have a good closure for this marvelous series. I found sixteen secrets and it was very enjoyable to search for them. You mustn't miss any of Luis's levels and especially the Legacy of the Gods with its bonus packs." - Kristina (08-Mar-2005)
"Another great series by Jedimaster. I like these huge levels, real TR stuff...One by one: Bonus6: Caves level: Good hard jumps and traps. Great level textures and lighting, objects and a lot of places to visit, beautiful caves. Found the 3 secrets of which the last needed quite a bit of backtracking. Bonus 7: Caves and campsite: Looking for the 4 Snake light spheres (looked great when you placed them!) and 2 Fairy discs and a sneakily hidden hole in the ground which I found by just falling in by accident. Found the 2 secrets. Bonus 8: Valley of Flowers with a nice ruined castle: Again a wide search for all the objects, bringing you into great caves and rooms. Found the 2 secrets. Bonus 9: A level in an Icy castle of some kind with numerous rooms and passages and several different routes to take from one or 2 points, even more objects to collect and great ice caves. Found the 5 secrets. Bonus 10: A Castle in the snow: The waterskin puzzles could have been a little harder IMHO Big White Tigers attacked without warning to give you a nice scare from time to time, picking up a bunch of keys to finally get the Guardian of Light, a torch well placed behind the Golden Handle gave me the idea I forgot to do something to kill the flames there. But no... I found one extra Mystic key that wasn't in the list (Everybody did, cause you needed that to get through the ice, maybe Luis forgot to mention that one). Found the 4 secrets. I hope Luis keeps building for a while." - Dutchy (08-Mar-2005)
"Where to start? I loved the original series so you can imagine how excited I was to play the sequel. Luis did not disappoint me! This game is filled with tricky jumps, many timed runs - but do-able, lots of puzzles, keys, keys, and more keys. The venues are lush and interesting! The enemies have been tweeked to resemble what I thought looked like alien clowns - although they certainly were not there to amuse our lovely Lara. Very nicely done (I'm always amazed that this kind of alteration is possible). I did think the loading instructions were a bit complicated - there were so many savegames, I had no idea which one to use. Wading through them, however, was worth it. I know that it is difficult linking sequels, so I will stop complaining. Play this one! You will love it! I can't wait for the promised continuation!" - Mugs (06-Mar-2005)
"Perhaps the last of the LOTG series, this bonus pack is epic in its proportions and diversity. Starting off with a series of jumps over lava, the player knows this will be one to remember and memorable it is. An appropriate name would have been Lava World and its Jumps with a subtitle of How To Get Lost in Five Easy Minutes. Raiders will not be disappointed as there is a lot of exploring, so much so that it is indeed easy to lose one's way. There were times when a camera would have been useful but a sound alert is indicative of a change that's nearby - just have another look around. The many secrets to find add to the gameplay and overall enjoyment. Some textures reminded me of oxy - the house and its objects and a shootable wooden(?) bird. All very nicely done. There is so much to do and explore that the last level comes as a surprise - more linear and easier, for the most part. Timed runs are doable and Luis let's the underwater sequences be quick and to the point and well done . Some of the enemies are funny and some, like the butterflies (also oxy's?) and tigers seem too beautiful to shoot. Sounds are done well - birds singing in outdoor areas and the drip of water in caves especially chilling. The Raider is greeted at the end with a 'To Be Continued'...but will it be? Luis has mentioned that this is the end to his TRLE creativity. If it truly is, he could not have ended on a higher note. He has given us a classic body of work that will be long remembered in the TR community. We of course, hope for more. To where does Lara get teleported, for instance? Well done, Luis and thank you for all the hours of work and frustration that goes into the making of such an incredible series. Did it really take me 30+ hours to complete? Yes, it did, and I count it as all joy." - Bene (01-Mar-2005)
"What a beauty this one is! After having played bonus 1, I honestly thought the author couldn't be any better. Well, I've just been proven very wrong. This is a feast for the eyes, the ears and the fingers. In the first three levels, we visit places which seem to be in the Realm of Faeries, with mad clowns, butterflies and some incredibly well designed lions as enemies. We get to hear really good music in the process (I even had the very good surprise to recognize Aneska's Theme from 'old' Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption). Here the gameplay may be tough at time, especially in the agility department. We then move to a very frozen place in level 4, meeting Tinnos Wasps and beautiful Siberian tigers (a pity I had to kill those ones, they're amazing). Research there is particularly difficult, as the place is huge and confusing at times. Eventually, in level 5 - the easiest of them all - we visit a gloomy castle a bit reminiscent of Bonus 1. Regarding the whole adventure, gameplay was excellent - with surprisingly very few timed-runs. Secrets, as usual, were inventive and quite fun to search. Atmosphere was very well rendered, textures and objects were superb and the whole game was almost perfect technically speaking (I only experienced a few collision bugs in level 2). So this one is definitely a must and one which will be remembered fondly." - Sutekh (27-Feb-2005)
"This sequel of the Bonus Levels turned out great again. Jedi always puts new ideas into practice. Graphics are always wonderful and you can see the effort that goes into them. Even though everything is huge here, you are not losing your bearings. You simply have to check out what your next step could be. Puzzles are well conceived and you need to run a lot and think a little ;-). Cameras are added in all the right places and sound as well. I found 14 secrets. What I also liked a lot were the objects and the atmosphere was beautiful throughout the game. Too bad it's over already. Thank you Jedi for this masterpiece and the many hours I could spend in it with Lara. I still keep my hopes up for a continuation. :-))" - Navi (27-Feb-2005)