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Lara's Comeback by masha

Andzia9 8 8 8 9
CC 7 7 7 7
DJ Full 7 6 7 7
Duncan 7 7 8 8
eTux 7 7 7 8
Gerty 6 8 8 7
Jay 7 8 7 8
John 8 7 7 7
Jose 1 8 5 7
Kristina 8 8 8 9
Loupar 7 6 6 8
MichaelP 6 8 8 7
Obig 7 8 9 8
Orbit Dream 6 5 7 8
Phil 8 7 8 8
Ryan 7 6 7 8
Selene 8 8 7 7
Treeble 6 7 7 7
release date: 27-Mar-2005
# of downloads: 70

average rating: 7.21
review count: 18
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file size: 14.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Easter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This was a lovely level all things considered, the house itself felt cozy (despite its layout, can you imagine living in a place as such) and it was pretty colorful and cheery, all the way up to the end where an army of bunnies get released into hte garden. On the flipside, gameplay relied too much on pushblocks and by the third pushblock puzzle it was really overdone. No combat and nothing particularly taxing, all things considered, so a nice way to unwind after a long day. 35 minutes, 1 secret. 10/21" - Treeble (17-Oct-2021)
"i really enjoyed this level! After previously playing mashas very average christmas home level a few weeks back i wasnt expecting much difference of opinion in this one but i was surprised, this one is a lot longer and much more enjoyable, i mean yes the tedious looping background music was annoying and i really do think 3 pushable teddy puzzles is one too many really but overall it was very fun. It was a joy exploring all the new rooms and back garden finding objects and keys and switches, i really like the pushable teddy puzzle in the basement in order to fill the lower room of water enabling you to pull open the underwater door and find a key, i also really liked the puzzles involving the fire and torch, again it was good use of textures and objects with some fun gameplay and those bunnies at the end was so cute, its a level which i managed to enjoy more than usual because i didnt need to look at a walkthrough every 10 mins, well done masha this mansion lover here will certainly playing this level again in the future!" - John (14-May-2021)
"This is one of Masha's earliest levels and while it isn't as advanced as her later efforts, it still provides an enjoyable, placid raid. You get to explore a nicely constructed house in search of a few keys, do some fire lighting, push blocks and teddy bears and do some button pushing. I did think the pushing was overdone, there seemed to be only one secret and the TR4 audio got slightly annoying, but it's worth a look." - Ryan (03-Nov-2016)
"Unfortunately the location is plainly the same as in One Thursday in Advent, and being aware of necessity to rediscover the same green wallpaper corridors instantly drains fun. Aside from corridors, it's nice to see each room differs, and some fun is is recovered while sniffing in them. A pity the library has lost its climate which attracted my attention before, but the aquarium room is now especially comfy instead. The game is clearer than the previous one solved in this house, getting into the shed stands for a refreshing patio break as well as the roof run (which anyway could hide something more), and the tic-tac-toe pushable is clever, though the 4-bear riddles of the latter kind is definitely too long, and subsequent ones require looking for spot-the-difference blocks. At least three gamestopping glitches are left, subsequently in the 4-bear pushable, the unexpectedly flooding pool (if You leave the torch at the bottom) and the 4-torch puzzle (don't dare drop the 5th one in the middle for it overrides flame emitter 2). All concludes with a traditional camera sequence of mission accomplishment masha wouldn't dare to skip. Oh and I liked the sandpit. SUMMARY: A sometimes stopping but still pleasant manor level. I wouldn't call it a "home" one and it fits the topic just because of the rabbits. I would add more crazy stuff and definitely explore the burrow. Still a good idea to take this game on when this holiday comes, and the torch puzzle is what one should see." - DJ Full (29-Jun-2015)
"Okay, it's a house level, so what can I say? But more than that, it's also a Masha level, and that fact alone makes it worth playing. There are a couple of interesting puzzles, one of which involves a game of tic tac toe, and it's a relaxing way to spend forty minutes or so. Selene, absent from these forums for too long, has provided a well-written walkthrough. While certainly not a classic by this builder's standards, it's a pleasant enough raid that's suitable for the Easter season or any other time." - Phil (09-Jan-2015)
"This is one of those levels that will either charm or irritate you,depending on your opinion of what you want from a custom level.In this case,those who really want cute teddy bears and lengthy pushable objects that need to be placed in a highly specific way,coupled with random cause-and-effect puzzle solutions and a large,labyrinthine and similarly-textured mansion environment will probably find that their dreams will have come true. Everyone else will no doubt plod through the level feeling somewhat irritated - although no-one will be able to deny that it's all very nicely assembled with a pronounced eye for quirkyness and attention to detail.Textures are pefectly placed and imaginatively customised,while objects are used creatively.It has a happy and sunny feel throughout,and is devoid of violence;so may be just the thing for the kids or those wanting a peaceful experience.Everyone else might want to look elsewhere." - Orbit Dream (21-Jul-2012)
"We are back at the house from custom "One thursday in evening". This time it's Easter. Posesion changed a little bit. Here appeared garden, billard room in cellar, basement and many more. And we can find lot's of eggs and teddy bears. This was very good level and very easy." - Andzia9 (05-Apr-2010)
"I must say I really enjoyed Masha's contribution to the Easter 2005 collection. Lara must explore a mansion and release some "prisoners" from their cages. It's a level which requires much thinking and searching and at first that became a bit much. But then I played it a second time and this time it really hit home with me. I was really surprised when reading the scroll I found saying that I had to win a game of Tic Tac Toe to enter the house. It wasn't as hard as it first seemed though and so the rest of the level continues in the same style, with original puzzles and peaceful exploration of the gorgeous rooms in the house. Here Lara must also find some keys and Easter eggs and a few other items and there is also a torch which will be used quite frequently. The layout of the house was a bit confusing at first, but once you first get used to, it is just pleasurable. There is only one secret to find here and I would have liked to see more of those to be honest. The music was quite monotonous, the Tomb Raider main theme follows you throughout the entire level and you get to hear a little bit of a piano playing at the end of it. After a little while with this music you just want to turn the sound off. The average gameplay time would be between 1 and 1 1/2 hours +/-.... all depending on how stuck you get and how much time you spend exploring the mansion. A very pleasurable level for the entire family which suits children (because of the lack of enemies and traps) and adults (because of the at times tricky puzzles) alike." - Selene (17-Jan-2006)
"I have to admit that I played part of it and then I ditched it, so it was on my replay lists. First time around I got as far as the bedroom where you needed to put out the fire. I am hopeless in house levels because I just get lost in a major way. I have to say that all the object in this house look very endearing and the theme overall is charming. But that is all. The levels starts with a puzzle and of course I had a hard time getting it to work properly, then in the basement I pushed and pushed those bears and finally that cube went down. That was it for me and the bear pushing. The best part was the mirror room and in the end seeing the bunnies frolicking around. 17-08-2005" - Gerty (25-Aug-2005)
"This level is beautiful. There are gamesome puzzles waiting for us, we have to push and pull teddy bear statues, light candles. Meanwhile we have to take a look behind one of the painting for the torch. But watch out in the main room, where you have to push the four bear statues: all of them has to face the center, and don't save during the task, because sometimes the block in the corner doesn't go down, and you won't be able to solve the puzzle. This could be maybe some kind of a save-bug. We have to find keys and two Yellow Eggs in order to complete the level. The textures are beautiful and various on this 'Lara's Home'-like level, and the music of the added the piano concerto also gives a fantastic feeling for the level. Noone should skip this fantastic Easter-level. :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (03-May-2005)
"Beautiful house, objects and textures are very well, and it seemed to be an interesting level. But I got totally stuck with the bears puzzle in the basement. First time, when I put the bears onto the four diamond tiles nothing happened. Then I think to have to do some more tasks before, but I wasted my time exploring all the level and I found nothing. Finally I decided read the Selene's walkthrough to know what happened. She said that when she pressed the button in the pit twice, the cube didn't lower at first when she positioned the teddy bears correctly, so the solution there is to push and pull the bears off and on the diamond tiles until the cube eventually lowers and when she pressed the button once it lowered immediately. Well, I pressed the button once and in my game the cube didn't lower. I tried all possible combinations she said but the cube never lowered. So I decided abandon the game. For this I have to give a low score to the gameplay. I work very hard all week, and when I have a moment to play I hate waste my precious time in levels like this where you can't do nothing." - Jose (03-May-2005)
"Lara returns to that beautiful mansion we saw last Christmas. This time, outside we see a lot of teddybears and pandas. Beside these is a scroll that tells you it is a game of tic tac toe. So the idea is to push the teddys around, lower three blocks, and when done the front door opens to let you inside. Teddys feature a lot as pushing puzzles in this house, and they are so cute it overrides any monotony a player might feel about block pushing puzzles. Again, very much a children's level in beautiful surroundings. Children will identify with the bedrooms full of toys, the swing, sandpit and playhouse in the garden, the Easter eggs, and oh joy! being allowed to run around ahouse with a burning torch in hand. One use for the torch is an unusual scene of lighting candles, watching fires criss-cross a floor, revealing a huge mirror behind a curtain and a treat in a box. The idea is to find a book and golden eggs and place them appropriately. There is a longer and more interesting teddybear puzzle where you have to place four teddys in a certain way around a pit, which lowers a block to a switch that floods the pit. Charming and delightful level. Again, I wish to thank all the builders who took created such wonderful levels for Easter. These and the Christmas levels are enchanting and I for one am grateful that we have such brilliant builders out there who are continually delighting us with their skill and imagination. All these levels are suitable for children, and are an absolute delight to play for adults. Long may you all continue, you're great." - CC (28-Apr-2005)
"The mansion, in which Lara will spend most of her time, is the similar to the one we've played in the Christmas level. It has teddy bears to push, a torch puzzle and of course the Easter Eggs we need to find. The mirror room with the candles to light was nicely done and there's nice music coming from the piano I assume. The ending was funny and suitable form the season, bunnies running around after their release. No enemies here so kids can play it too." - Kristina (25-Apr-2005)
"Well I did really like the ending sequence and you will just have to play this 50 minutes Easter adventure to see the purpose of your mission. And yes, it does have all the nice touches with suitable objects for the season and you have to find a few eggs and keys and some rather sneakily hidden pushable objects in order to progress through the house, but despite many good ideas I did find this raid a bit tedious as it often seemed the tasks at hand were made unnecessarily a little more difficult and required a little more effort than would have been strictly necessary. But that aside, the re-use of the house from Masha's Xmas level works rather well and you get to use a torch a few times and generally need to keep your eyes open. I sure hope though that I won't have to push another bear around for a while." - Michael (16-Apr-2005)
"Lara returns to a mansion this author has used before to liberate the Easter bunny. A very clever puzzle at the start and a great fire animation are the highlights. Alas, there are too many moveable bear / block puzzles, and a bit too much back and forth. Once you find the torch, have Lara keep it with her to save a trip. There are no enemies and no nasty traps, so this would be a great piece for adults to play with their little ones. All in all, a well-done and pleasant level that is good for relaxation." - Duncan (10-Apr-2005)
"This is an Easter level that starts with Lara playing 'tres en raya' (so called in Spain), with pushable bears. When Lara enters in the house she finds more bears to pull/push and soon the game becomes a bit tedious. The rooms are generally beautiful and detailed but the dark and confusing corridors are not for my taste. It was really hard for me to find the torch, and the only secret was unreachable until I lighted the candles. After 1 hr and 30 min. the level finished level with a nice and original ending." - Loupar (07-Apr-2005)
"Another of the charming Easter levels, which starts with a unique puzzle. I can honestly say I have never before played noughts and crosses with giant teddy bears. Wonderful. There's a torch puzzle with a cleverly hidden torch, some more teddy shoving and lots of exploring to do in the house and garden to find keys and switches to reach your ultimate goal of releasing the imprisoned Easter bunnies. Aaaah, cute." - Jay (07-Apr-2005)
"At first the title eluded me, but as you go on in the level it quickly dawns to you - Lara's returned to the same mansion she was in in 'One Thursday in Advent", but now for an Easter special. I can't say how much has changed settingwise from that level, the only thing I don't remember is the garden beyond the kitchen, otherwise seems pretty much the same to me. I loved the first Tic Tac Toe puzzle, but I think Masha should've only stuck to this puzzle requiring pushables and thought of something else for the other areas, the four bear puzzle in particular, as it slowed down the pace of the level greatly and quickly became boring that way, at least for me. The rest was fine - the nice effect in the mirror is pretty nifty and the only secret I found rather well placed, though I still think the pushables were overdone here. Also, as great tune as the TR4's title track is, after 50 minutes of listening to it, I thought it won't be soon enough if I never hear the track again. But then again, you reach the end with all the adorable, cute bunnies being released and all the bad things are forgotten. Worth a play for the special fest atmosphere." - eTux (01-Apr-2005)