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Quest for Easter Eggs by Lumina Artis Coloris

Akcy 6 6 8 7
CC 7 7 8 7
Duncan 6 5 8 7
eTux 6 7 9 7
Gerty 5 7 5 6
Jay 7 8 9 7
John 5 7 7 7
Jose 5 9 8 7
Kristina 6 7 7 7
MichaelP 7 9 8 7
misho98 6 6 7 7
Obig 7 8 9 8
Phil 9 8 9 8
Ryan 7 8 8 7
Sash 7 10 8 8
Sutekh 6 7 7 8
Treeble 6 6 7 6
release date: 27-Mar-2005
# of downloads: 57

average rating: 7.15
review count: 17
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file size: 35.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Easter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I thought since its Eastertime what better time to get into the spirit of things and play an Easter level, i obviously expected gameplay to be mainly about hunting for Easter eggs etc and while yes it was, it certainly wasn't an easy task as a lot of these are very well hidden! you have a quite a number of garden, forest, lake and valley areas to make your way through finding keys and eggs and even a barn for a push-able object task. Apart from the odd animal attack from butterflies, foxes and sheep we just have mostly standard platforming to reach different areas i'm afraid, no puzzles, traps or fun tasks really but hey at least the environments were pleasant to explore in." - John (11-Apr-2023)
"As a debut level it's nice to see some of the ideas executed here, but for the most part I felt this was slightly awkward to play. The level design is not intuitive, you have several one-way doorways (probably accidental) along the way, and a lot of slopes make this hard to navigate. Some of the textures also make spotting some of the objects in the floor rather hard (when they're not hidden inside bushes, that is). The monkey swing over the river and the treetops where you're never sure where your footing is sure were also aggravating, and the collapsible bridge at the start also gave me more trouble than it should. The village areas are quite nice though, very secluded and cozy, and the poor animals weren't quite as aggressive as they'd usually be but young Lara's packing way too much firepower at this point... 45 minutes, 4 secrets. 11/22" - Treeble (27-Nov-2022)
"This is quite well executed for a debut from this builder. A relatively peaceful exploration of a forest, barn, river and a few houses. The textures were possibly a bit too square for my liking, but the serene atmosphere is excellent and the little animals really help to make this level more attractive. You need to explore for five different coloured Easter Eggs across different portions of the level and it's not all sweetness and light - those animals aren't friendly and they will attack. I also found the music choices to be well thought of. Overall, maybe some things were a bit of a stretch for the author, but I liked this one." - Ryan (10-Dec-2017)
"Promising in the beginning but after a while the gameplay begins to feel uninspired and lackluster - especially the jungle part was very confusing and annoying. There's some good moments though - some areas although not textured in a very flattering way look great - the waterfall area in the end with the two ropes for example. The level looks peaceful even if the charming butterflies are trying to kill you. Nice placement of the secrets, not so nice placement of the easter eggs as some were hidden even better than the secrets. I expected more, not a bad level but it can get quite annoying at certain areas." - misho98 (29-Apr-2016)
"I have mixed impressions about this level, on one hand it has festive story, atmosphere and music, nice settings, some really impressive areas, like the waterfall or the barn. It captured some good feeling of being out in a forest, short zig zag paths, crammed but still cosy. There were demanding jumps, good placement of secrets, great camerawork. But on the other hand, as an Easter level, it supposed to be suitable for children, but unfortunately it isn't, the cute foxes and butterflies do attack Lara. I refused to kill the foxes, but the butterflies were just too annoying, so... We've given the whole armory, crossbow, grenade gun, etc, but what for? With a little more care about theese details, it could have been a really charming level, but it turned out not so much. And there are some minor flaws; minor that's true, and in a debut level of this much talent in other departments they might be forgivable, but awful lot of them; too many missing textures and illegal slopes, Lara stuck into objects, we can reach the end of the world just too often, we can walk on water, and on thin leafs, but fall through seemingly solid branches. But overall, the nice scenery still makes it worth to look at." - Akcy (09-Apr-2007)
"This is an enchanting little level that perfectly captures the mood of the forest primeval as you make your way through two cabins, a swamp and a lake area. The other reviews have already mentioned the drawbacks, so I won't repeat them here. Suffice it to say that it's a delightful romp that's quite a bit off the beaten track of the usual raid. Bats have been turned into butterflies, warthogs into sheep and wild dogs into foxes. As an extra touch, an imp has been fitted with a backpack and turned into the Easter Bunny. I played this one for the purpose of writing the walkthrough, and I found it quite challenging. Not for young or beginning raiders, notwithstanding the fairy tale ambiance. For the rest of us it's a fun couple of hours. Highly recommended." - Phil (07-Oct-2005)
"Idea was not bad. You begin in a house in the forest and go for a ride to collect five eggs you need to complete your celebration and finally return to the house to put it in its places. Gameplay isn't good, you have to find a lot of keys and 6 eggs to finish the level and you easy can miss one of these items and have to look for through huge areas with lots of objects to distract you. Author gives you many weapons and ammo that you don't need to use (lasersight, grenadegun,...) 'cause enemies aren't dangerous. I've found four of five secrets (miss the one I'd have to die) and new objects I never had seen before. Sounds and cameras are quite well, but textures aren't very good (bad applied sometimes). Near the end I could walk over the water on the waterfall. You will not be hungry or thirst 'cause the lots of hot dogs and drinks you will find along the level (which you don't need). Only a playable level." - Jose (09-Jun-2005)
"What a wonderful surprise. I have to admit to thinking this was another of the very festive but not very substantial holiday levels but what I got was a really intriguing adventure through the brilliantly designed woods on the hunt for 5 Easter eggs where you meet up with some very deadly sheep, a handful of foxes, and the Easter Bunny, you also get to collect 5 wonderfully placed secrets, one of these didn't register, which usually reward you with weaponry. I absolutely loved the look of the barn you find a pushable haystack puzzle in, and the McDonald drink cups and hot dogs (health) were just striking, in fact I thought this whole package was pretty damn fab and refreshingly original. Great job!" - Sash (26-May-2005)
"This is a very beautiful Easter-level. We have to find the 5 snitched Eggs, but for this we have to find another one, and many keys too. Well, the wood has to be explored regularly to find everything. There are 5 secrets on the level, but unfortunately I couldn't find the Uzi, and three Grenade ammo were not counted as a secret either. As a matter of fact, there are no enemies on the level, but the animals can hurt Lara, so sometimes she has to kill wild-cats, butterflies, and even lambs - or avoid them. The textures are cartoon-like, wonderful, and it was a fantastic experience adventuring in woods and meadows. I can only suggest this level to everybody. :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (03-May-2005)
"Young Lara chases the Easter bunny through this level, and tries to locate 5 of its eggs. Tries is the optimum word, because even though this is one of the Easter levels released for children, it can be very difficult to get around, nevermind the fact that this time Young Lara finds weapons and has to use them, because those cuddly forest creatures are hungry - foxes, butterflies and mad sheep. Mind you, there are lovely little areas where we see deer in the distance running through the forest, and there's a tame duck in a river at the start. So I suppose that's reasonable enough. The bunny shows up eventually outside a barn and that's all the walking he's prepared to do, apart from getting in Lara's way. Things get exciting when you locate a swamp area and have to find a way through it by climbing trees and using a monkeyswing through the branches. This is where I feel it's not a level for small children. Also, what might be difficult for them is the rope swinging up in the tree tops. Lara has to find keys to open gates, and it seemed strange that the first gate alone needed four keys. Locating the eggs is definitely not easy. I was stuck for a long time trying to find the last one. It was right in front of me but I couldn't see it because it was hidden in a bush. Yes, there are a lot of beginner's problems with this level, textures, objects, etc., all of which are totally outshone by the huge potential this builder has shown in creating a first level. The layout and design of the forest, lakes and houses is excellent, and great effort has been made to create the atmosphere of a deep forest, with dense greenery, trees, and dappled sunlight on the grass. Also great are the hidden Alice in Wonderland type dark holes in the tree trunks for Lara to crawl through. It can get a little tedious running back and forth through the same areas over and over again. BTW, the breakable bridge at the start does not mean you can't get back if it's gone. If you climb up near where the first egg is, you can jump up and grab the hedge beside it and slide back down to the road at the start. I believe we will see some great work in the future from this builder, so keep building and well done, Lumina." - CC (28-Apr-2005)
"Well, it may be rare, but every now and then I run into a level that I really believe to be underrated and this is definitely one of them. It is a debut and maybe the project as such was a bit too ambitious to master as there are several small gripes with the concept, like the various illegal slopes, the rather sneaky hiding places of things that can really be frustrating, but on the other hand there are nice and subtle hints throughout and I enjoyed the hour long quest for the five Easter Eggs and the 7 or so keys immensely. The environment is really beautiful even though a bit 'unreal' with the poster textures and the objects are really nice, like the swimming duck and the running deer (some walking in the air even) and I found the barn and the waterfall/lake area very cleverly designed. I found three of the five secrets (missed the crossbow and the grenade gun ammo) and felt a bit bad about killing the sheep and the foxes and butterflies. The McDonalds drinks and Hot Dogs as Health packs were funny but a bit out of place. All in all, great fun and rather puzzling, so keep your eyes open to make it through." - Michael (25-Apr-2005)
"A first try to build a level and it so happens that it is a season one for Easter. It's a bit unusual though, with the forest and walkthrough leaves but buggy at some areas. The end of the world bug is present in many of the areas but we can forgive a few beginners' mistakes. We need keys to find and basket eggs, there are animals running around like foxes, deer and a not so friendly bunny. I found four secrets and missed the revolver. Don't break the last scene because you won't be able to finish the game." - Kristina (25-Apr-2005)
"For a first this was an ambitious project. The idea was a great one, no doubt about that. But still at a certain time I had enough of getting trapped in illegal slopes, as there are too many of them. The walkthrough greenery (only from one side) is not funny at all. I saw many missing small pieces of textures, as I jumped everywhere I could (hence the finding of numerous illegal slopes). There are also bugs in this level. As one needs to find 4 keys, be aware to use all 4 of them at the same time or else the door won't open, as I found out. Further more one time I had little sheep and the other time they were gone. All in all this is an exploring level, but with lots of objects barring your way, I didn't find it funny anymore. Never got the last key, so I went back to the door I first opened, luckily I had all the Eastern Eggs so I saw the end fly by. The waterfall one could walk over (wrong animation there?) and a tree at the house with the red roof, one could walk over the meadow on an invisible ledge, those are some of the examples that the author should have a good look at. What I for sure didn't like at all is the (what I would call) blown up pictures of a forest that one could buy as wallpaper and use them at home to get a forest effect in your own room. I thought that was passe for a long time. There is potential here and I would encourage her to keep on building. 30-03-2005" - Gerty (23-Apr-2005)
"If we put aside the illegal slopes, the buggy bridge and some other beginner mistakes, what we have here is a nice and not so easy Easter level with a touch of its own. The main difficulty lies in the research department, as the woods are mightily confusing - but then again, they are supposed to be that way - and some of the items are indeed very well concealed. Unlike most Holydays levels, we get to shoot down some enemies - cute ones at that, which makes me wonder whether I should give that one to my kids. Not the youngest one, that's for sure: shooting those adorable foxes will surely break her heart. Not mentioning the Easter Bunny somehow turning into the March Hare. There were also some unnecessary items that were a bit misleading (the laser-sight, for instance, while there weren't anything to target), an unused keyhole by a double door which could be opened using the action key and I surely didn't need all those weapons. I'm aware that it's a first level, and given the inventiveness and overall care for details this level shows, I'd say we've got a very promising author here." - Sutekh (13-Apr-2005)
"Can this really be young Lara, with guns and flares. That does make a change. The search for the Easter Bunny's missing eggs involves searching some really lovely woods and clearings and meeting some rather different animals - sheep, deer and very handsome foxes, which unfortunately I had to shoot as they would insist on snacking on my leg. Given that most of the local wildlife isn't much of a threat, I was amazed to pick up uzis, revolver, crossbow, grenade gun and shotgun ammo (although I never found the shotgun itself). Don't be misled by the fact that this is an Easter level - it's not one for younger raiders as it's really quite complex with occasionally quite challenging jumps. I absolutely loved it and, given that it's a first level, I wonder what exciting things we may expect from this builder in future. I look forward to finding out." - Jay (07-Apr-2005)
"An ambitious and entertaining first level. Young Lara (with guns, hurrah!), sets out to help the Easter Bunny get back his missing eggs. To do this, she has to keep an eye out for all kinds of hidden stuff that you don't want to miss on the first time through. Be especially attentive before crossing the bridge. Although this could be a level for small children, I felt the enemies were not appropriate for little ones, including the fact that Lara wants to shoot the Easter Bunny (who is a bit of a pest, actually). The fairy tale atmosphere is consistently designed, but uneven in application and actually messy in areas. There are quite a few texture flaws, alas. I did not like the cut scene at the end, as in my game a butterfly was biting Lara, and she couldn't move without breaking the end trigger. These comments are meant to help the author, who shows real promise, and I hope keeps at it. This is a level well worth playing." - Duncan (06-Apr-2005)
"Quest for the Easter eggs is a nice, promising debut for Lumina. It has a lot of beginners mistakes, like the chaotic texturing, flybys through which you can skip through (well, this actually might have been intended, but for example skipping through the last one will forbid the level to hit the finish trigger), confusing gameplay - a mazelike feel to the area, and worst for me - inconsequent use of toggle opacity and toggle opacity2. For our non builder friends - TO is used for creation of windows or generally see-through, but not walkthrough surfaces, while TO2 is used to create walk-throughable leaves, spiderwebs and the like. What is so confusing here is that at times the leaves cannot be walked through or on (in the trees) but on other occasions they can for no logical reason. Although the author exaggerated the amount of guns and ammunition considering you only meet a couple of foxes, butterflies and the Easter bunny. It felt a bit rushed through, actually, as some things like the occasional illegal slope, sliding bridge at the start or the inability to backtrack for vital objects proves (though I read on the forum that with a couple of tricky moves it actually is possible). But as many as those flaws sound to be, they actually aren't such a big factor in the level as it might sound and shouldn't detract you from the overall enjoyment you'll get from this level. It is quite tough if you don't keep your eyes open, but all is worth it as the flybys despite the aforementioned issues are quite nicely done, especially the last one is a very rewarding sight, and the atmosphere of the spooky jungle-like forest, accompanied by some well applied music create an eerie, fairy-tale like atmosphere to it sometimes. Nice level, yet feels a bit chaotic, give it a try." - eTux (04-Apr-2005)