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Where the Sea Demons dwell by Ruediger

Duncan 9 8 8 9
eRIC 8 8 8 7
Gerty 7 8 8 7
Jay 7 8 8 8
Jose 6 7 6 7
Kristina 7 7 8 7
Lizard Queen 8 8 8 7
MichaelP 7 8 7 6
mugs 8 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 8 8 7 8
Phil 7 8 8 8
Ryan 7 8 8 8
Sakusha 9 8 8 7
Sash 7 7 8 7
Scottie 8 9 10 9
Treeble 8 8 8 8
release date: 01-Apr-2005
# of downloads: 53

average rating: 7.72
review count: 16
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file size: 27.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I am probably losing my edge by sticking to guided playthroughs and while I felt this one wasn't particularly taxing, there were a few bits where I might have lost my patience were it not for the walkthrough, such as the pushblock sequence at the start, the massive open sea area (in which there may have been only one point of interest after all), and then the underwater maze. Thanks to Lizard Queen's walkthrough however I managed to squeeze this in an otherwise busy day and saw it to the end. Taking place in caves beneath the bottom of the sea makes this a bit of an eerie place to be and fitting with the theme, and even the one bit of metal music felt adequate in all honesty. I like how every step of the way we go back to a pit where the red hammer demon is at. There were a few trap sequences coupled with timed runs and a few rope swings, but nothing particularly difficult — though, as I've stated, I opted for the guided experience. 35 minutes, 4 secrets. 10/21" - Treeble (17-Oct-2021)
"This has a rather unique and spooky overtone, enhanced by a mixture of differing audio files. The goal is to locate the Demon's Heart which has been split in two, and scattered in different areas of the level, inhabited by sharks, a hammergod and some vultures. Gameplay is readily accessible, but a few tight rope swings and an underwater maze might prove problematic." - Ryan (14-Sep-2017)
"This builder is far more prolific than I had thought, yet I've played only a few of his levels. Although he has never attained the status of Power Builder, most of his releases are rated in the 6 to 7 range. This one is his most highly rated level, and it's not bad at all. Nothing really to stand out in my memory, but a solid raid of about an hour's duration. Lizard Queen has provided a thoroughly documented walkthrough. The hammergod in the hub room will likely give you fits if you're not playing in god mode, but most of the tasks are easily attainable by a player of modest skills. There are a number of rope exercises here, and I consider myself to be rope challenged, but I found none of the jumps to be particularly difficult. It's also dark in places, but you get plenty of flares. A nice way to spend your time while you're awaiting another release from MagPlus." - Phil (23-Oct-2013)
"Do you want you to get a valuable treasure as a reward? Do you want? Then must make something like Lara. She has the job to find both heart halves of the Water Demon and bring them back to her original place, so that there is again a balance between the Fire Demon and the Water Demon. But that's of course not so easy. Lara must dive through shark contaminated water. She meets two big and a few small spiders. And vultures. And a Hammermann irritates her, indeed only if she must pull four JS. Finally, it should be worthwhile to reach such a valuable treasure. It is a pity, that this level ends after about 45 minutes. Well, the beginning with block pushing and the underwater maze was a little bit tough. But then it has properly given pleasure. The level is not too difficult in spite of the opponents. The opponents themselves are well used and with the weapons, ammunition and Medipacks which one finds, no problem. The whole level is built and textured very well. The title song from Ophis comes really good. Result: All together a very good level, which one must absolutely play." - Scottie (25-Apr-2009)
"A well made 40 minutes level, rather user-friendly. After pushing some blocks, Lara reaches a huge water area with sharks and a small underwater maze with stargate traps before reaching the main area where the fun really begins. Three different quests to master, a trial with spiked balls and spikes, a not so hard timed door with some traps to avoid, and a cave and narrow passages to explore , killing spiders , bats and winged flying beasties on the way. Fun tasks and classic raiding, as is the run over blocks on lava with a fire wraith in hot pursuit. The difficulty is only average. The textures are sometimes disjointed underwater, there is room for improvement for the lighting, and not enough hardware provided are my only minor complaints. Eclectic texturing that suits fine this different adventure most of the time, the long flybys are very well done, but what is truly remarkable in this level is the fact that I always knew what to do." - eRIC (25-Jul-2005)
Lara begins in a tower that was built by demon-worshippers 50 years ago. Lara's goal is to find the pieces of the demon's heart to put them back together again in order to revitalize the blue demon. The seals are the signatures of the demons, and it seems that some of them allow Lara to open doors. The gameplay at the beginning mainly consists pushing blocks, shooting sharks and going through a winding underwater maze. The music and the flyby can give the player a sense of inner peace. Then, inside the cave of the sea-demons, a song made by Ophis sums up the story of the level, and Lara would need to avoid an immortal hammer-wielding demon. The spikes on the column posed a threat, but if Lara gets near it (with the help of the monkeyswing), the spikes would retract. So the spikes on that column can be seen as some sort of paper tiger. Spiked boulders and spikes make a good combination, and traps can make a timed run quite challenging. I have also noticed that there is a certain amount of backtracking and rope-swinging to do. Concerning the enemies, the spiders and the griffins made me jump out of my chair. I have found three secrets. The first one contained some dark humor because it consisted of a skeleton and a dead end with an emoticon sticking out its tongue at Lara. - Sakusha (14-Jul-2005)
"In the first secret place you have nothing to pick up, only a smile! Rest of the secrets are easy to find. A dark level but there were enough flares. There are hard enemies like big spiders and harpies and no weapons or ammo enough to fight them. Geometry is very simply and puzzles aren't something of another world. Enemies and objects well created and I've found not bugs. A horrific ambience where you have to go deep into the sea demons lair negotiating dangerous situations. Lights and textures aren't bad at all. A level like another hundred ones." - Jose (18-Jun-2005)
"A nice opening flyby with nice music and I chuckled at the 'Hellraider' outfit. Then the level starts out a bit bland with some block pushing (clever though), a funny secret and a drop into the huge body of water where after the rather cool audio track the worst part awaits: the underwater maze. It isn't too vicious though and you get rewarded for your persistence by a series of nice little quests around the room with the red demon hammergod, like an interesting timed run, a leap of faith room and a fair amount of rope swinging. Found another three secrets and I think I missed one somewhere. The 'frog' where you place the broken heart near the end was a cool object. All in all, some decent fun to be had in the 45 minutes I spent here." - Michael (17-Jun-2005)
"This starts off really fun with a movable block puzzle, I love them, but not long after when you've found the hole in the ocean floor you find yourself in an underwater maze with rotating blade traps, now I hate both of these but combine them and I pretty much want to punch the author in the nose, thankfully this isn't a hard maze but still. The last half though becomes fun again with a few trap infested paths to take branching off from a Hammergod room where you collect the two halves of a demon heart. Gee that almost sounds like a walkthrough! Anyway this is a nice little adventure with a few interesting ideas but it was a tad short, around 35 minutes, and I wish the last three secrets could have followed the cute theme of the first secret." - Sash (26-May-2005)
"The game starts of with a rather surprising block puzzle that had me stumped for a bit, but I got through in the end. I felt kind of lost when Lara fell into the water and I drowned quite a lot finding the entrance to the maze. They are never funny, so this one wasn't either. At last getting to that Hammerguy well...., he got plenty on my nerves, as he was rather active in my download. There were some nasty enemies in here and that bloody bird made me jump in my chair. All in all the level is pretty dark, but I got there in the end as I got the two pieces of the Demons broken heart. 26-05-2005" - Gerty (26-May-2005)
"This is the first of Ruediger's levels I've had the pleasure of playing and I had a great time playing it. Now I have to admit, I am fond of mazes. So when I found the level beginning in the middle of one (and a pushable block one at that) I could tell this was going to be a fun raid. The underwater maze with circular blades and rock structures is a challenge (probably because I could not find an 'air pocket' and had to return to the ocean for air.) There is a tricky rolling boulder run and a timed run through circular blades but both are still quite manageable. And even though I used more medipacks than I normally use, I still enjoyed it a lot. There is also a segment of custom music that absolutely 'rocks'. Thank you, Ruediger. What a fun level that was to play. (May 6/05)" - Lizard Queen (08-May-2005)
"After an initial bit of block pushing and crawling past steam vents and a fire emitter, it's time for a swim in shark infested waters to find (aaaaaaaaaaaargh) an underwater maze. As my sense of direction is poor enough on dry land, I spent quite some time in there. The enemies are fearsome - the Minotaur, demonic birds, jumping spiders and their giant cousins. Having some of those leaping out at you in the dark (of course) passages is really rather scary. In fact this level is very atmospheric and there's some good music too. There's a timed run, boulder dodging and spikes to avoid, plus a bit of rope work - all interesting without being too difficult." - Jay (13-Apr-2005)
"Although this adventure suffers from the familiar premature ending (which I shall henceforth name 'The Abend Factor'), this is nonetheless a challenging work, as the difficulty level has been ramped up several degrees from his earlier efforts; and it's all the better for it. The first third is a push/pull puzzle (actually quite straightforward if you sit and think about it for a moment, as opposed to pushing blocks hither and thither); followed by an underwater labyrinth section (of which I shall keep quiet, as I don't want to jeopardise a friendship), and culminating with a substantial 'four tasks' sequence, which is where the fun comes in. The bottom line; 50 minutes of unpretentious, curse-filled fun." - Orbit Dream (13-Apr-2005)
"This game starts off with a nifty block-pushing puzzle. If you're like me, it will leave you scratching your head for a while and racing from one end of the hall to the other. It amazes me that there are so many different combinations for block-pushing puzzles. This is a good one. Next, it's off to the depths of the sea and the ever-popular water maze. Find that air hole, friends, you're going to need it. Eventually, you will surface in the lair of the hammer guy (I know he has a proper name - Thor ? - but I can never remember it). Keep your wits and ammo about you - the spiders down here are vicious. This game ended way too soon with the location of the two heart pieces and a few more trap evasions. Wasn't there a big castle that I passed on the way down? I'm sure you meant for us to explore that too - the sequel perhaps?! Fun game - thanks!" - Mugs (12-Apr-2005)
"I was REALLY looking forward to a bad-ass sea demon, and that just didn't happen. There are serious enemies here, and no shortage of them, but not much of the swimming kind. This is a well-crafted, if short, level that has good flow but is not always easy. Some formidable-looking rooms are not so bad once confronted, but nonetheless dangerous. Lara has to keep a close eye on her health. I liked the level, and I thought it was fun, but I don't get the frog. Recommended." - Duncan (10-Apr-2005)
"There is clearly a change from the author's last level and I am happy to say it's for the best. The level is still easy and short, thirty to forty minutes but with improved gameplay. Let me start from what I didn't like and obviously that is the darkness in some areas but I am pleased that there were more than enough flares around. Then it was the big outside area with water, there's nothing to see all around but blackness and that spoils the mood for me. Getting to the positive elements this level has, the gameplay is better and now we have areas with traps and nice secrets. Still, something is missing and I think it's the good puzzles, at least my idea of a good puzzle which isn't just to jump here and there get an item and run back to place it. I found three secrets and hated the underwater maze. It's the author's best level in my opinion, so far of course." - Kristina (10-Apr-2005)