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The Quest of Gold 3 - Indian Sanctuary by TC14

afzalmiah 10 8 9 9
Alien Autopsy 8 6 7 5
Bene 8 8 8 7
CC 7 8 7 8
DJ Full 9 8 9 8
Engelchen Lara 8 8 9 8
eTux 8 8 8 7
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Gill 9 9 9 9
Jay 8 8 8 8
JesseG 7 9 9 8
Jose 8 9 7 9
Kristina 8 8 8 8
manarch2 8 8 8 8
MichaelP 9 8 8 8
Obig 9 8 8 8
Phil 9 8 9 8
QRS 9 8 9 8
Ravenwen 9 9 9 9
Relic Hunter 8 9 9 9
Ryan 9 8 8 8
Samu 9 9 9 9
Sash 9 8 9 8
Selene 8 9 9 8
Sutekh 9 9 8 9
Torry 10 9 9 9
Treeble 8 9 9 9
release date: 02-Apr-2005
# of downloads: 60

average rating: 8.33
review count: 27
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file size: 267.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I feel it's quite nostalgic how the author has merged textures from Peru and Greece (both from TR1) seamlessly into a single level. As with the previous installments in this series, it's quite big and involves a lot of exploration as you search for jars to proceed. The author has incorporated a flood/drain cave into this level with a twist having you wade across the flooded cave with a lit torch, which, of course, requires quite a few steps to achieve, but still I thought it was rather clever. A key hidden beneath the mud near the beginning wasn't so much though, not particularly intuitive even if the walls might have tried to suggest that corner as a point of interest. Let the records show that I'm playing the 2008 re-release (level ID #1836). 60 minutes, 3 secrets. 09/21" - Treeble (12-Sep-2021)
"Back to a series that it seems I only played the first two levels of previously...this third level takes place in caverns that resemble the Peru levels in TR1. Lara will have some fun dodging mortal doors, spikes, blades, and flames while fending off natives and snakes. There is also a nice pushblock puzzle (although it was stubborn, I had to re-push the blocks on their tiles for the exit to open), a few elemental rooms for Lara to conquer and a cistern at the end that she will flood and unflood to her advantage. Unfortunately this last area left a sour taste for me as it involved heavy amounts of backtracking if you miss a switch or an item. Missing camera cues did not help either. I never figured out how to turn off those upside down spikes so I ended up chomping down some medpacks to pull the switch underneath. Quite a few items are also hidden in pushes and under quicksand which I was not a fan of. The level was still great overall and nicely ramps things up from the previous levels. I look forward to seeing where this goes next. 1 hour 15 minutes." - JesseG (12-Feb-2021)
"Now we've reached the point where the gameplay of this series really starts to pick up the pace. Although the environment tends to border on the darkish side at times, the gameplay throughout is constant gripping, inspired and entertaining. This level returns to a more classical elements theme, with a couple of hub rooms to work your way through, some neatly done torch action, trap sequences, block puzzle and a masterfully constructed flooding/draining gambit that constitutes the bulk of the level's second half. It's all good stuff and adds up to a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Enemies aren't too threatening, while the textures are relatively pleasing to the eye, despite the darkness mentioned before. Very nicely done." - Ryan (01-Feb-2020)
"The third level in this massive set was simply wonderful with the tile set and atmosphere straight out of the Cistern from TR1 and like that level you are tasked with flooding a huge room and emptying it a couple of times in your quest for keys and triggers. Good use of flybys keep the raider on track as to what to do next and the level progressed logically. There is a tight timed run and good pushable box puzzle nearer the end that will keep you occupied for a while. The torch confused me until I figured out that Lara can swim carefully (or paddle at least) whilst holding the burning torch to get to the other side of the flooded room and use the damn thing. Best of the level set so far." - Torry (26-Nov-2018)
"This level took me a long time, I got lost quite a lot. The adventure took me almost 2 hours, because of getting stuck. I want to repeat again, I might be whining a lot in my reviews, but that is because it's my job as a reviewer and I try to be honest with my true feelings about the levels. But even though I whine, I usually like the level I am playing - if it was terrible, I wouldn't finish and review the level, that is my rule. Now back to review: I liked the fact that it felt like discovering old civilization - just like true Tomb Raiding should be. There were huge amounts of pushing the switches and running, running back and more running from switch to switch, which was a bit overused. It had nice music that suited the atmosphere and classic TR feel to it, which I enjoyed. Felt quite empty in some places, texturing and light was rather dull, but it did a good job to remind me of some good nostalgia from classic TR1. I noticed that some rooms were repeated/had a copied structure. I cannot decide whether it was laziness and simply copying the rooms or if it was made on purpose for artistic reasons. Huge plus for nostalgia feels." - Alien Autopsy (28-Dec-2016)
"While the mine level was long compared to preceding forest one, the current Indian temple is even longer. We solve traps and riddles to obtain some classic elemental pickups and though separate elements come in linear order, what we do in their respective challenges is a different and complex thing. The fire part was just good, but the cistern made me marvel. The bridge is broken but actually isn't... it takes a very open mind to think this way. Another two secrets added to the stats, and one of them being a shiny gold storage was particularly enjoyable. The whole series is called "Quest of Gold" but the will of raiding is so strong it seems to drive Lara away from her goal, easily reachable here and in previous level. Oh details, I know this is not about "gold" literally! SUMMARY: Is there a point in summarizing a third part of a 21-unit game? Yep, yep... Recommended." - DJ Full (15-Apr-2015)
"This third level is yet another improvement over the first two levels of the series. I found the gameplay to be very fluent and enjoyable, there are four thematic areas (earth, fire, water, ice) and the tasks perfectly fit to these four elements (well, I wonder why there is ice instead of air, but it doesn't matter). In the earth area a swamp had to be explored, I thought the key somewhere in the swamp was a bit hard to find, but creating that bridge afterwards was a pretty nice idea. The fire part included - of course - fire traps and many jumps to do, also some tightropes, but it never was hard to overcome those areas. The water part was set in a cistern, you had to flood and dry the rooms to find all the levers, going back to the lever four times was a bit too much, and this number can even be increased when you didn't find a special lever at once - still this is a quite sophisticated section. The ice part was mainly a clever pushable puzzle, not too long and really nicely done. All parts are working nicely together as an unit, all in all a really good concept and implementation - I also liked the enemies like the Indians and crocodiles, and the atmosphere also was quite as good as in the second level. After 50 minutes Lara slides down in the golden passage and enters the next part of this pack... " - manarch2 (13-Jun-2011)
"This level really made my day. This time TC14 has really improved by everything! So much better. I loved the gameplay where you had to go through different elemental stages in the sanctuary. The first is earth/mud, the second is fire/lava and the last was water. In the water part you had to go through a sewer type place and I hated sewers but this was my favourite sewer level yet! The lighting was amazing and the auther put a lot of hard work into this level. Highly recommended." - afzalmiah (28-Mar-2011)
"A level brilliantly crafted from beginning to end, with masterfully organized gameplay and several puzzles to spice it up. The main action is centered around the elements puzzles where you have to locate the respective jars and put them in convenient places so as to open up a new section. Beautiful environments, great atmosphere, challenging but nonetheless entertaining sequences (including flooding and unflooding a cistern) are the basic characteristics of the third part in the QoG series that gets even more amazing with every installment." - Ravenwen (18-Sep-2007)
"Now we are talking! Even if TC14's second level was better than the first, you can see even more improvement here! Tons of tricky things to do and explore and one of the rooms was so clever that it will go down in my own personal hall of fame book for ehhr cool and clever rooms ;);). I'm talking about the cistern room of course. I can imagine all the thoughts behind the complexity of that room. The gameplay is also much improved. Although it sometimes is a bit tedious with all the back and forth. Other highlights are the clever block puzzle and the mud 'water' room! I also happen to know that the author holds Luis Martins levels just as high as I do and I must admit that it starts to show in this level. All the traps and perils coming to you in waves so to speak hehe. Way to go!" - QRS (10-Feb-2007)
"We have been through a Canadian forest and found a gold mine, where we drilled our way down into an ancient Indian buriel place. So, here we are, so deep in the mountain that we have reached lava. Spanning these lava rooms are wooden bridges. They must have been there for centuries as they could crumble underfoot if we're not careful. We also see animal skins, carved poles, and meet the brilliant looking native Indians (of the Native American kind). Other living creatures are more of those ahmets and some very large snakes. There are lots of floor and underwater levers to find here, two skulls, and canopic jars to open up very similar looking rooms. It's amazing how we notice the little things. In this level Lara finds keys that are small enough to fit into her pocket. I liked the new smaller uzis too; they are even smaller than the pistols. We eventually reach what is called the 'cistern', and here starts a confusing exercise in flooding and draining this place a number of times, to allow us to use all the levers. We also have to burn the skins stretched on frames, and shoot a blue ball. There are blocks to push in different areas. One of these clearly shows that we must push blocks of a certain texture onto trigger tiles of the same texture. And here is another tightrope to walk, monkeyswings, scissor blades, snapping jaws doors, ice boulders, and wading in mud. The big surprise for me was taking a torch, in hand, across the flooded cistern. It will keep burning unless we dive to swim. One important thing to remember about this torch; after the initial tasks we must put it high up out of the way of the floodwaters or we are stuck forever. At last, we drain a final pool and go even further underground to the next level. Although this part of the series didn't grab me as much as the last two, I was impressed by how the whole series is progressing nicely. So now I'm off to investigate the next part..." - CC (10-Aug-2006)
"The third part in the level series starts where the last one ended. Lara has now left the gold mine behind and finds herself in an underground Indian cave complex. It wasn't all that long or overly challenging, but there was quite a bit of backtracking and this made it seem a lot longer than it really was. There are some canopic jars(Jars of Elements) to find, one for each element, which I really found to be a neat idea as I've always had a weakness for levels incorporating the elements somehow. There are also two golden skulls to find and quite a few keys and they really fit into the atmosphere(especially the skulls). Possible challenges here included a varied range of traps(mainly spikes, fire, lava pools and sliding doors) and there were also quite a few enemies to take care of. I really loved the Indian, tomahawk-wielding warriors and some snakes and wendigos(which I actually didn't even know what was until now)also contributed in increasing the excitement. There were some push-and-pull puzzles and some tasks where the player is in need of a torch(I had no idea you could actually swim with it.....that's a first one for me!!!!). I really enjoyed the way you could light up the bear hides hanging around and the business with flooding the cistern was ingenious(despite of the copious backtracking this led to). Those who have played TR1(which I presume would include most people) will without a doubt recognize the textures from this game and it contributed to making the venture a wonderful trip down memory lane. On top of that the textures were skillfully applied in the right places, the entire level oozes atmosphere from beginning to end, the sound is well distributed and although there are some very dark areas lighting is generally acceptable for a level of its kind. There was also a short, but fun timed run included and I found two secrets. Although I gameplaywise enjoyed the previous level a bit more the series is definetely getting better and better every time. Highly recommended and I'm really looking forward to continuing the journey." - Selene (04-Jul-2006)
"I just loved this Level, as soon as I entered the first room and saw the setting and heard the music, it totally got a grip on me and yet again I was enthralled and submerged into yet another Lara adventure, which was ahead of me. The whole setting was just to my liking as I made my way through all those rocky caves, wooden bridges across lava and temple areas, while avoiding traps of blades, spikes and burners, as I was in search of all those hidden keys and canopic jars, which enabled you to complete and finish your mission here. During your adventure and as you were getting on with your tasks at hand, you will encounter enemies such as Indians, snakes and some other creepy creatures, all of which were well placed and easily disposed of, which made playing this level even more enjoyable to be in. In general, its fairly straight forward and linear in game-play, with a few easy block and torch puzzles to solve, a tight-rope walking stint over some lava and a short and easy timed run to master near the end. The lighting, textures was nicely applied, each room was nicely thought out and designed by this author, with the added and appropriate objects perfectly placed in each area that you visited, gave you just the right kind of atmosphere for this type of environment and setting and game-play. A most enjoyable raid, which I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend this to most players to venture into, as you won't be disappointed" - Gill (24-Jun-2006)
"I'm playing this series on my office computer as a means of winding down after a long (and frequently boring) day at my desk, so of necessity I'm taking my time about it. The series has proven remarkably diverse so far, and this third installment features Indians who sound suspiciously like ninjas when you shoot them. The memorable part of the level is, of course, the extended puzzle at the end where you have to submerge an area, then drain it, then submerge it again, all the while performing specified tasks in a specified order. It got confusing for me even with a walkthrough close at hand, but when everything started unfolding and making sense, I was left with an enhanced appreciation for the builder's gifts. About an hour of action-packed fun. Highly recommended." - Phil (02-Jun-2006)
"Before playing this level I didn't expect it to be as good as it turned out to be. Enemies, puzzles, textures and almost everything are wonderful and I really like the way author builds his levels. I like especially pushblock puzzles of this level and the room which you have to fill and empty with the water many times. Maybe more big and good looking areas would have been needed because areas in the level are mainly quite small but it isn't the most important thing. The levels of the author seems to be improving all the time because the first level of this serie was okay, the second one was quite good and this level is very good. I can just imagine how good the next level of the serie is." - Samu (22-May-2006)
"Continuing on from the mines, we arrive in a system of caverns and temples that belong to some indian tribe. There is a change from the non-linearity of the previous two levels to the more linear gameplay of this one. Some things I can note as improvements are the placement of enemies. They are placed quite nicely and not too overwhelmingly. Trap placement has also improved a lot, and it is possible to finish this level without losing a lot of health. Overall, the gameplay is quite fun where you have a multitude of tasks to accomplish as you search for Jars of the Elements which you will use to progress throughout. I really did like the TR1-ish mood that this level gave with its texture set. Lighting effects are used nicely as well, though I was lighting flares at every dark corner, though it turns out that there are bright areas right around them, so I lost my flares quite quickly. Still, it's quite a nice level. Expect an hour or two of gameplay." - Relic Hunter (01-May-2006)
"With that third level of the series, I had the feeling that I was now getting somewhere, both plot-wise and gameplay-wise. Said gameplay gets a bit tougher but not that much and the new enemies are indeed a good choice, especially the Indians warriors who look indeed good (admittedly, a well built barely dressed man's always a nice sight, even though I had to kill those ones). Very well-designed research, with interesting tasks along the way so you won't ever get bored during your trip through the Indian Sanctuary. In the visual department, we have fine texturing and good lighting with even a couple of wow moments. More importantly, this is where I got hooked to that mini-game and could really be immersed in it. Can say why exactly, but that's a fact." - Sutekh (18-Mar-2006)
"Each of the levels in this series seem to just get better and better. After having left the mines in Quest of Gold 2 Lara finds herself in a village built into an underground cave where Indians, the tomahawk wielding kind, snakes, and wendigos (werewolf like spirits) roam. This underground world is also filled with traps and block pushing puzzles, but my favourite point in the game was the large room that you have to flood and drain a couple of times as you hunt for progressive triggers. I highly recommend this series as I am having such a great time with it and I'm sure you will too. 80 minutes, 2 secrets." - Sash (07-Jan-2006)
"This is the third level of the author. The last savegame-file of the previous level is needed for this one; so you have to install and play that one too. Or, you can also find a savegame in the zip-file and you can use that. As the title shows, we are adventuring in american indian temples. The enemies are redskins who fight with tomahawks against us, deformed beast, and two snakes in the water. Medipacks are not needed, the emphasis is not on this. But there are great challenges. The ending is not linear, the water has to be drained and then again we have to fill the big hall. I liked the streched skins that could have been burned, and so doors opened. Tight-rope-walking over the lava was also good. Well, in the swamp I could hardly find the key. :) We also have to push blocks; just notice the patterns on the blocks and on the floortiles. I found two secrets on the level. The locations and textures are beautiful, and there is also a selection of TR-sounds. It was a great adventure, I can only suggest to play it. :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (26-Oct-2005)
"From rocky caves, to lava rooms, to water and eventually to ice this 80 minutes long adventure overs some good clean TR1 style raiding fun. It is never too hard, but still nicely manages to increase difficulty along the way as you hunt from one jar to the next in a fairly linear but never really boring fashion. Plenty of traps, blades, burners, spikes, maybe a a few too many crowbar levers and while the choice of enemies is appropriate (Indians, snakes, ahmets) their placement sometimes felt a bit odd as somehow they appeared out of nowhere. The whole construct with the water flipmaps is very clever, but it also has a big downside as you can get stuck if you leave your torch in the wrong place. Found only two of the three secrets and look forward to the continuation of the series. Great fun!" - MichaelP (20-Sep-2005)
"The first torch should be more visible (over a pedestal or so) because you have many zones to explore near and you don't know what you are looking for before you find it. Many times you pull a switch and there is no camera to show you what it does. In the lava room with the climbable wooden wall and the sloped rocks I don't know what's the purpose of the wooden wall, the long monkeyswing and the rocky ledges in south side; simply I only had to grab the monkeyswing and facing the right climbable column drop and grab it avoiding so all the previous actions (go to the wall, move left, ...) In the room with four moveable blocks I don't know what's the purpose of the crowbar switch which raises the tile on the hole with the spikes, you don't need that tile to put the blocks over their right places. Put the golden skulls in their pedestals are quite difficult, you have to look for the right place wery well to get it (diagonally). Finally it seems to be a good level, perhaps too much switches to pull and some missed cameras, but a good gameplay, good textures, good objects and a good ambience in general." - Jose (18-Jun-2005)
"This reminded me so much of TR1. The cistern was one of my favorites and this took me back to my first love of all the Tomb Raider series. The use of the torch is very well done specially in the area were you have to flood and empty the place again. The Indians (or native Americans) looked real good. The only complained I would have that Thibault should do something to the lightning as it is in places either too bright or too dark and the mood could be much improved. I hope he has more for us in store as I like the way he is putting together a level. 07-05-2005" - Gerty (16-May-2005)
"We might have emerged from the gold mine, but we haven't found daylight yet. We're exploring very gloomy caves, inhabited by American Indians, snakes and ahmets. The atmosphere is good and the gameplay entertaining, with a nice flooding/draining sequence plus interesting use of a torch that I enjoyed (and I found out that you can't drown ahmets, but it was amusing to see one running around underwater). I must say I'm having fun with this series and look forward to it continuing." - Jay (09-May-2005)
"Number three in this ongoing series has Lara in a complex of caves looking for jars and keys. Some memorable things here are snakes that literally had me jump (very well done) and a flooding/unflooding sequence that had me going in circles. The trick there, for me, was finding the hard to spot ceiling opening to raise a most needed block. Finding a use for the torch took awhile - I don't think I've seen that before. Good puzzles and plotting here but not one of my favorites of the series and I think that's due to the environment and the use or non use of light. But that's just my opinion and others will appreciate the atmosphere more. If Lighting and Textures were two separate categories, I would give Textures a higher mark. Conversely, I raised the rating for Atmosphere/Sound/Cameras because I appreciate the author's ability to cut the sounds off once the player has passed an area. It's not every builder who can or wants to do that and it is much appreciated. I am enjoying this series and looking forward to what Thibault has planned for the next episode. I highly recommend this to all." - Bene (05-May-2005)
"This wonderful series has now taken Lara to a huge underground cave and temple complex. There are 3 main temple/puzzle areas that resemble to Aristotle's prime elements (earth, fire (lava), water, and I suppose the very last bit that ends the level could've been resembled to air somehow) and are connected by caves which are just as thought through as some of the main puzzle areas themselves, with having a nice jump sequence here or there, monkey swinging action, and avoiding the occasional burner. Your opponents include the already familiar vendigos and naturally some Indians guarding the sanctuary here. There is one particularly clever and memorable puzzle to mention here - and that would be the water section - the way how flooding or draining a room affected the whole area was nicely done, and was very fun, unless you forget to bring your torch to high grounds before flooding the area once more. Another gameplay negative that can be pointed out would be - that all the climbing and monkey swinging could be avoided altogether by simply falling onto the slope-jump sequence from the monkey swing, but maybe that's better that way, cause the swinging, climbing was quite tedious. While the looks are pretty decent this level first of all suffers from a lack of flares, and second ineffectively used lighting - specifically shadows. The latter are great in means of creating any type of atmosphere, but with ebng at 'full opacity' technically speaking, they didn't blend well with the environments and generally were more annoying than anything else. But nevermind that, if you've followed the development of the series from day one, this is definitely a level worth playing, though honestly - I liked the previous offerings visually much more." - eTux (28-Apr-2005)
"Part 3 plays in a kind of Cave / Temple in which Lara needs to find Golden Vases in order to open the exit. Puzzles are not difficult but you do have to think a bit. You have to flood and dry a water area several times to reach switches and push a few blocks to their places. Also a few keys to find and a torch needs to be used. Enemies are snakes and Indians. Atmosphere is good, sound a bit scarce, but I liked the level." - Engelchen Lara (12-Apr-2005)
"I don't know how the author does it but in every level we see something different gameplay-wise, that I like. This time the setting reminds us something of the old games as far as textures and design is concerned and we will encounter Indians, wolves of some kind but I found it a bit darkish in some areas. Every room the player visits holds different tasks; there are keys to find as well as canopic jars. I don't know where this series will end but I hope it will not be any time soon. I enjoy very much this kind of levels and recommend them all. Looking forward to the playing the next level. I only found one secret out of three, this time." - Kristina (10-Apr-2005)