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ASL Madstreet by Baddy

Capt. Abbey 10 9 7 7
Catherin 8 8 8 8
CC 7 7 7 7
Duncan 5 6 6 6
eTux 7 7 6 5
Gerty 4 7 7 5
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jose 6 9 6 5
Kristina 5 7 7 8
MichaelP 6 8 8 6
Necro 5 8 7 5
Orbit Dream 4 8 6 7
Phil 7 6 6 8
Ryan 6 7 6 6
Samu 4 6 6 6
Sash 5 8 6 6
The Aussie Adventurer 8 7 5 5
Treeble 8 8 8 8
release date: 11-Apr-2005
# of downloads: 64

average rating: 6.71
review count: 18
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file size: 19.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Shooter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I don't recall ever seeing a level like this. The author offers you a savegame where cheats have been enabled (so, essentially, unlimited ammo and medipacks), and that goes hand in hand with the "antistress level" motif here. What actually surprised me is how things come to play. You need to find five crystals spread throughout a nice modern city, lots of NPCs idling by and the moment you shoot one of them, you're in for a tough time as an endless army of polimen (and choppers!) will constantly swarm you. The author also coupled radio chatter with that, so it all feels quite authentic and somewhat organic. Definitely worth checking out, even if strays quite far from what we'd usually expect. 20 minutes. 10/21" - Treeble (17-Oct-2021)
"Okay, it's only a shooter, but this one was hilarious fun and the perfect "stress-relief" remedy. If you use the author's savegame, you get unlimited everything, bar the grenade gun, which makes it even more fun. You can search for five crystals too, or just have fun doing some mindless shooting. It is up to you." - Ryan (03-Sep-2016)
"Madstreet, indeed. It starts off rather serenely with a quest for five crystals, and the only people in sight are some homeless dudes who offer no offense. But at some point the gendarmes are alerted, and things start getting a bit tense. I used Harry Laudie's walkthrough to make sure everything was done in proper order, and even with its help I couldn't find that block hiding one of the crystals. Lighting a flare didn't help identify the block that was supposedly nearby. The trick is to place your back against the wall and side flip until you see the vacancy behind you, then turn around and pull out the block. I took Harry's advice and stood outside a while before placing that last crystal. It seems that the supply of helicopters is limited, as they stopped materializing after I blasted a half dozen or so. The stream of policemen, however, is apparently endless. If you're feeling particularly aggressive today, play this one for some stress relief." - Phil (30-Aug-2016)
"Your task in this level is to find five crystals in a city to finish the level while you are chased by police men and their helicopters. Gameplay is focused mainly on shooting and blowing up things which makes the level quite relaxing since you don't have to bother yourself with much thinking. Nevertheless shooter levels like this usually don't manage to entertain me since original TR games aren't shooters and that's why it's also hard to make a decent shooter level with level editor. Proper manual targeting and better artificial intelligence of enemies are at least needed in my opinion to create enjoyable shooter levels but because neither of these can be achieved with level editor shooter levels usually don't manage to entertain me. The level is still quite original, surroundings are designed nicely, sounds are good and author clearly seems to have lots of skills. Limits of the level editor and tomb raider game engine however detract from the enjoyment. Play it if you are in need for some relaxation." - Samu (09-Aug-2009)
"This was an interesting level and I haven't played a level of this sort before. I like the change of scenery and the baddies ahve been well designed. I also love laras new outfit. I spent ages trying to get far in this level and failing everytime. i guess not speaking german didn't help me much as it mentions in the readme file that there is a savegame provided which enables unlimited ammo, weapons and first aid kits. This was a big help and makes the game more fun to play. Theoreticaly, you could spend hours just blowing up police and helicopters - what coule be more fun!!! ;) I loved the new music which was added to create the atmosphere in the club and the first time I heard the other new music (just after I picked something up) I almost jumped out of my skin!!! The level itself is not a large area but theres plenty to do. If your annoyed at something, load this up and play it just for the fun of using your grenade gun to kill policemen and helicopters. Yeah!!!" - Necro (03-Feb-2008)
"What can I possibly say? It's hilarious. If you just want a fun and cathartic blast,destroy everything you possibly can. If you want a challenge,search out all five diamonds (I found four,but needed the Walkthrough to get the final one). This level offers little else otherwise,but I enjoyed the philosophy behind it." - Orbit Dream (05-Mar-2007)
ASL Madstreet is what you would call a definite shooter. The fact that you've got unlimited ammo and health packs means your in for some heavy offense. The level is basically going around finding gems to collect to finish the level. Apart from all the killing, this level doesn't offer much more. It's fun killing everyone but it does become a bit annoying after a while. I would recommend this level if you feel like a good shooter and that's it. If I had to give this level a grade, I would give it a C, a pass mark. - The Aussie Adventurer (21-Jul-2005)
"I have never played anything that better embodies the mindless violent video game. This has got to be the most fun I've ever had in Tomb Raider. Second in violence and rage against the world only to Grand Theft Auto (which I find extremely boring) and with an incredibly wacko outfit, which I'm always into. Find 5 gems but don't do anything with them, that I can find. Psst, if you keep the english.dat instead of the german.dat file you get the explosive MP5, the most efficient weapon in the history of Lara Croft's adventures. I really liked the new enemies and things to shoot, quite nifty. Cool hair, swear words and innocent bystanders paired with blowing up flowers, bookshelves, or four helicopters at time on the roof makes for one level you really need to play. Bottom line: peace and love, man, but blowing things to bits is a whole lot of fun." - Capt. Abbey (17-Jun-2005)
"If those initials in the title stand for something I would have to guess they are referring to the author: A Sadistic Lunatic! Truly this has to be the most full on shooter level that has ever been made with choppers and police galore chasing Lara around a two block radius of a city. The reason Lara is being chased by the law is that she has to kill at least one of the citizens scattered throughout to attain 5 gems, so for most players who don't want a migraine with all the action make sure you go for the gem you have to kill the citizen for last and don't enter the police station until the end as this also asks for trouble. The oddest thing about this level seems to be the fact that the city has only gay men as residents and that the ends of the streets are blocked by large steel fences, maybe this is what an internment camp would look like if the world was taken over by a homophobic dictator, god forbid. Anyway what ever you do use the included savegame otherwise you will go steadily insane with only a set amount of weaponry and if you seem to be missing a necessary item then use some handy flares to make it clearer where to look. Oh yeah, one last thing, be careful if you use the grenade gun around the garbage bins as one of the gems hidden in one will not appear if you blow it up with the grenades, well this is what happened in my game when I blew it up a second play through." - Sash (26-May-2005)
"Shooter, no doubt about it. There is a big flaw in this game that if you can't shoot the targets right away after using that button, you never will. Very funny was to watch the choppers follow Lara up the stairs to the trapdoors she can open. Your main goal is finding 5 gems, that was easier said than done IMO. I got really peeved at the policemen behind the fence as they could shoot Lara but not visa versa. I can't call it an anti-stress level, no way but then I am not a shooting kind of person. But if you are, I am sure you will have fun. For me the fun was in looking how long I could do without shooting the people in this level. 16-05-2005" - Gerty (26-May-2005)
"Very original outfit! But how many policemen and helicopters can be in a street with two houses? You can go behind the grated walls jumping from the roofs to the sloped walls, shimmy (left or right) going up, backflip with twist in midair and immediately turn a little to land behind; once there you can't go back to continue the game. In some rooms inside the policemen's office Lara can't shoot. Behind the corpses who don't disappear, there are invisible walls so you can pass near them. Objects are very well, and a good ambience in the disco-bar. Very much violence to a small level. Helicopters are very well created and you can liberate your adrenaline without problems. Only for those players who loves violence (not for me)." - Jose (24-May-2005)
"Baddy is one of those builders who needs an extra scoring category for originality. This half hour level is pure 'stress-relief' indeed as you get a savegame with unlimited health and ammo. And you will need it as you explore a few city streets and backyards, picking of countless guards and poor souls on bar stools (nice animation). I thought the helicopters (in the harpy slot?) were a neat idea and it seems you really need to master the little timed shooting task to get the MP-5 and then you can indeed shoot the helicopters out of the sky - way cool! I liked the Dragon Club. Maybe there are just a few too many trash cans (and other stuff) to shatter with little reward. Maybe the quest for the five crystals is a bit uninspired (and the movable block in the wall very sneakily hidden), but it all doesn't matter. This is just pure fun 'shooting everything that moves', so give it a try if that's what you're looking for." - Michael (03-May-2005)
"A very punk looking Lara gets to punish the entire world for its sins. Lara has to find some crystals, but this one's a shooter. If you are on a PC you have a savegame to work from with lots of medi packs. If you are on a Mac the savegame will not work, and you may not be able to finish without cheating - there are just too many enemies. If you're feeling a bit edgy and want to blow up the world, then this level will work." - Duncan (01-May-2005)
"Well, this was certainly a fun diversion. I'm not fond of shooters, but this 'shooter' is different. Lara seems to be the bad girl here, well used to and on friendly terms with lots of dodgy looking characters lounging around a city. I'm not sure about the idea here, but Lara must find five crystals. In doing so dozens of policemen are after her, backed up with lots of helicopters that follow her around buildings and up over the roofs. I thought it strange that Lara can shoot windows but the policemen and helicopters can't. She starts the level in what looks like a gun shop but only gets the grenade gun as she searches the city. There is a timed target shooting area. The switch raises a long trapdoor/window and you need to shoot all the targets before it slams shut again. When done, a handy weapon appears on the floor to help you deal with the helicopters. Without these two weapons she won't make it very far. In fact without the savegame for pc's she won't make it, period. On the Mac I had to do the 'all weapons' cheat to get the unlimited ammo and medpacks that the PC savegame gives. You certainly get a 'sense of place' in this city, with the police station, a garage, a flower shop, a dark disco, and lots of similar looking interiors of apartment buildings. Lots of rubbish bins to shoot, and if you are so inclined, the furniture and fittings in all buildings can be shot as well, like the glass shelves, desks, chairs, and even some trees on the street outside. I was stuck for ages and needed help to find the fifth crystal which is 'very' well hidden in a wall (the only 'puzzle' in the level). Funnily enough Lara has to return to the police station to place these five crystals to end the level. The whys and wherefores don't really apply here because it's the 'idea' that counts in this level. If there was an originality section this would get a high score. It might be an idea to leave this one until you need to get rid of some frustration, and then you can let loose on a killing spree. My biggest problem is how to score this . . ." - CC (28-Apr-2005)
"Now this is a level that can get on your nerves. It has a lot of shooting, policemen and helicopters chasing Lara all the time, except from a few minutes at the beginning and if you don't use the savegame the author provided, you can't finish it. The reason is that the ammo needed is much and you only get the grenade launcher with no other ammo, or at least I found none, if you try to start with nothing in the inventory. All the searching is for crystals that will open the way for Lara to escape. If you like this sort of game then try it, if not like me then forget it." - Kristina (25-Apr-2005)
"What a great idea and it certainly is therapeutic. After a hard day at the office, what could possibly be better than running around the city, doing a spot of breaking and entering, not to mention slaughtering whole battalions of police officers. The author has very kindly provided a savegame with unlimited ammo available so you can just have fun and go berserk. There are five gems to find in a variety of areas (loved the disco) and it's all good clean fun, lol. Oh and the police helicopters are just amazing and blow up with grenades in a most spectacular fashion." - Jay (20-Apr-2005)
"While I'm urged to rate this higher due to the immense fun I've had in a shooter for once (gosh, where were all those policemen and helicopters coming from?), I don't know if it would be very fair to rate a rather dull looking level taking place in a street/backstreet area, with not much to do but collect 5 crystals and shoot everyone/everything that deserves it or not higher than other levels, even from the same author. But some levels have to be taken for what they are, and this level is among them. Don't try to look for an extremely realistic city setting (it's well done, mind you, including a flower shop, a gun shop, the police department and a gay nightclub (hey, there were only men there, what other conclusion could I draw from that?) in a single street), don't try to look for any mind boggling puzzles - the only thing you'll do will be searching high and low for the 5 crystals, and shooting the countless troops after Lara. Being able to destroy the helicopters with the grenade launcher was cool too. There was a timed target sequence which I managed to do, but don't think I really found out what was it good for. What you will find in this level though is mindless killing at its best. If you find enjoyment in smashing, blasting trees trash cans flower pots wine bottles, civilians and policemen alike and even the occasional helicopter this really will work great as the Anti-Sress-Level that it is. Well worth a play for the original concept involving the savegame (how will this work for Mac players though?), original as always from Baddy -do try it!" - eTux (18-Apr-2005)
"What a fun level. I like levels that differ from the 'normal' TR levels and this one is different. If you are up to shoot lots of troops and helicopters, you just have to go for it. You can even blow up trees and furniture... The level provides you with unlimited medkits and that's why you don't need to worry too much about getting attacked by all these baddies. But make sure you use the savegame the author added to his level. You'll be the winner at the end anyway as this level is not only blowing up things and combatants but you can admire a beautiful and well designed part of a city. (A brilliant discotheque as well as a nice flower shop and many more beautiful details and institutions.) While fighting, you have to find 5 gems, 2 of them are very well hidden, IMO. It's nice to have both types of items, the easy-to-find ones and very-well-hidden ones. Have lots of fun escaping the enemies and of course getting rid of them. ;-) 14-04-05" - Tinka (15-Apr-2005)