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Twin Crystals 2 - Part 1 by Seifer Zero

Bene 9 9 8 8
CC 8 9 8 8
Duncan 8 10 9 9
Engelchen Lara 9 9 9 8
Gerty 7 9 8 9
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jose 8 9 8 8
Kristina 7 8 8 8
MichaelP 8 9 8 8
mugs 8 8 7 7
Navi 10 10 10 9
Phil 8 9 8 8
Ryan 8 9 8 8
TombRaiderFan 8 8 7 6
Treeble 7 8 8 7
release date: 21-May-2005
# of downloads: 78

average rating: 8.27
review count: 15
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file size: 83.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cold/Snowy

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I'd usually have done a longer level like this over the span of two or more days, but I decided to take advantage of an early Sunday to get through this in a single sitting. The first level has a massive outdoor snowy area which is all too white, there didn't seem to be much of a variety in texture in that area but truth be told you run around it from one end to the other for points of interest. The floating jumps through translucent blocks was a bit annoying as the colors (or lack of) canceled one another. There was an intermission for a boss fight, and the next level started off nicely, I thought, with the side fire trap rooms, but the longer it went on I found my engagement waning. There were a handful of nice pushblock puzzle setups (especially the last one, with the two timed raising blocks) and overall the levels were nice although not particularly memorable in my opinion. I have no idea however D&G figured out there was an encrypted alphabet towards the end of the walkthrough, but none of it really mattered as all it took was a jump through the marked wall to reach the finish trigger. 100 minutes, 6 secrets. 01/23" - Treeble (15-Jan-2023)
"The short sequel to the original series is quite the scenery change from the darker environments of that game. This time we're in a more attractive snowy environment inhabited by giant/small scorpions, retextured harpies and even robots that are both benign and unfriendly. Each of the three levels included does have a sort of puzzling aspect to them, whether it be searching out different jumping paths over floating platforms in the first level, defeating Samantha in the boss battle level two, or solving the different mirror puzzles in the final level. I probably enjoyed this installment slightly more, but I would be hard pressed to state a definite preference between then as both had enjoyable moments. Pity that no others following sections have been released since, as there seemed to be unfinished business." - Ryan (11-Nov-2017)
"It has been a number of years since I played the first installment in this series, so I remember little if anything about it other than the fact that it was elaborate and lengthy. This part was less so, but even at that it consumed nearly three hours of net gaming time. There were some nice touches along the way, such as retextured enemies to fit the Star Wars look. The game is split into three parts, the second of which is nothing more than a fairly short boss encounter. The third section was to me the best, sprinkled with timed runs, pushpiece puzzles and the enemies with the new look. Lighting throughout is quite good, and I had a fun time here. Sadly, the rest of the series will apparently remain unreleased, but the builder acquitted himself well during his abbreviated career." - Phil (25-Jul-2011)
"The opening flyby shows us Lara is now on Diamond Island, while her cousin Cindy is investigating Topaz Island. And judging by the four pedestals we see at the mansion, there will be at least one more level in this series. As diamonds are sparkling and whiteish the environment here is appropriately snowy and icy. Actually it's blindingly white, so it's hard to see those high up ledges we need to jump to at the start. Moveables are blocks of ice and snow. Plenty of snowballs to dodge, objects and enemies are suitably transparent white, and I must mention the hilarious snowmen mummys. The harpys are blue, but that is understandable, as they would be invisible otherwise. I loved the view as we approach the misty mountain entrance to the city, and the lovely background music. This is a smaller download and smaller lever than Twin Crystals 1, Good old fashioned 'fun' gameplay involves high jinks like jumping series, breakable tiles, monkeyswings, shimmys, dangerous floors to cross, good push puzzles, timed runs, rope swings, shooting a number of different items, and locating well hidden jumpswitches. There are two separate areas where fixed overhead cameras show Lara making her way through maze type rooms. The bigger one has two excellent diamond pushing puzzles. We go underground and meet Samantha again. I thought we already got rid of her! Oh well! Her accomplices here are more gunmen and legless black knights. And further underground we meet some weird and wonderful creatures. Some of these are friendly and help Lara dispose of the baddies. The final area has a number of codes to crack for a clever escape route. We do get a glimpse of what is coming when we see an eastern emperor in his wonderful palace. Seems he's determined to find those crystals too. So do we join Cindy, or play as her, next time round? I can't wait to find out." - CC (20-Mar-2007)
"The title flyby nicely connects this sequel to the first part, so you feel right at home as the storyline evolves further. Diamond Island - Ancient City (8/8/8/8, 50 min., 3 secrets): From a nice little intro of Lara's Home you find yourself in an Arctic environment with snowballs to avoid and good looking surroundings with a nice fog effect. Enemies are a few bats and big ice scorpions and harpies. The push block is a bit tedious but generally gameplay is rather smooth and fun. I enjoyed the jumps on the high ledges and there is even a little timed run. Boss Battle 1 - Samantha Efrey (not rated, 10 min.): An interesting challenge to avoid the bolts of Samantha (a Seth type enemy) while pushing four items to their respective space. Diamond Island - Cloyster of Trials Part 1 (8/9/8/8, 60 min., 3 secrets): A very long but really nicely done intro flyby explains to you how the storyline goes on. You are then facing a Tinnos textured environment where you need to collect two gems, a skull and a star to progress. The remodeled enemies are impressive and fit the surroundings well (ghostly tinmen with laser sabres, robots). There are a few clever but not too hard pushable object puzzles, a timed run, a not too bad underwater maze and an intriguing code puzzle at the end. All in all, I had much more fun with the shorter sequel than with the original series, because it was much fairer and brighter than the first edition and so I am looking forward to the next installment by Seifer Zero." - MichaelP (21-Oct-2005)
Puzzles aren't very original but gameplay is quite good for a half-linear level. Echobots are very well created as are other new objects which appear during the game. There are good cut scenes too. Don't worry about the medipacks, I've finished the game with 15 large and 24 small! But there are very few weapons and ammo, you'll have to shoot hard enemies along the entire level only with your pistols, this isn't good. Sometimes you do an action and there are no camera shots to show you what happens so the game turns more slow. Music is very well and there are some new sounds too. Textures from old TR games and architecture are only correct. No difficult tasks for a game which you can play to have some fun. - Jose (05-Jul-2005)
This is a much smaller level than the first Twin Crystals that Federico produced and I have to admit, I loved the first one much better. I know I am getting spoiled with all the mini games that we could download lately. Maybe Federico was anxious to see what we thought about it and released the first half of the level he is building. I don't know but I am a bit reserved in my review for this one. Don't get me wrong, the sight of the snow covered plain was eye candy. And I loved the jumping (had to do it twice as I forgot completely that there was a cave I needed to explore) through the mist. Lara died a thousand deaths there. The puzzle however completely eluded me even if I knew that the solution was not far away. But pushing the globes on every tile worked as well. I loved the hunt for the secrets and finding Frosty was hilarious. I had no problem with Samantha as she preferred bumping into a wall over pursuing Lara. The music as such is very much to my liking but can get on your nerves if you take quite some time to solve a puzzle (as a for instance). 22-05-2005 - Gerty (20-Jun-2005)
"Diamond Island - Ancient City: What a huge and beautiful snowy landscape we have to explore here. There are some really interesting runs and jumps to achieve (the almost invisible icy blocks in the air were fun) with just the right amount of challenge and some really good music. Boss Battle 1 - Samantha Efrey: Oh no, not that bloodthirsty Samantha again. Aaaaaargh. Solving a block puzzle with her shooting bolts at you is really quite hair-raising, but I managed eventually with a lot of reloading and snacking on medipacks. Diamond Island - Cloister of Trials: Interesting push puzzle here and some really strange looking enemies. I particularly liked the Echobots, especially the friendly ones, lol. I enjoyed the puzzles and misdirection and was sorry when it came to a rather abrupt end, but I'm looking forward to the continuation." - Jay (06-Jun-2005)
"Blinding white snow and mist make the first part of this sequel a bit difficult at times but I am very glad I continued because by the second part, I was hooked on the author's puzzles. To be fair, my monitor is brighter than most, to the point that I seldom have a need for many flares in any but the darkest of TR levels. So, perhaps, the snow/mist was more of a problem on my computer but it really is a good use of light (instead of dark) to hide what would otherwise be an obvious next move/jump. Those scorpians(?) I could do without as I only had pistols to shoot and I definitely needed a more powerful weapon. If any other weapons were around, I didn't find them. There's a Boss Fight with a retextured enemy and although I am not a fan of this type of gameplay, this one was interesting. From almost the very start of the second part to the ending red herring timed jumps to the exit, the author had me enthralled with the gameplay and puzzles. It's evident that a lot of thought, time and effort was put into this and it's much appreciated. Thank you Seifer Zero, for a raid that I won't soon forget. Very much recommended." - Bene (03-Jun-2005)
"An interesting level with two puzzles that made me unhappy. It is set in an icy environment with big icy scorpions and a lot of jumping to do on blocks that are partly hidden between clouds or mist, I couldn't tell really. Now the room with the moveable objects was badly created in my opinion, whatever hint there was in there wasn't good enough so I spent much time pushing them around until something happened. The worst part was that you have to push them again to open the gate nearby and access a lever. It didn't make much sense. The other puzzle with the cryptic messages wasn't to my liking either. We can't make it to the timed door or at least I couldn't so we have to find a secret passage. There is no map hidden somewhere to help us out and no hints are given so I disliked that one too. I found two secrets." - Kristina (31-May-2005)
"I enjoyed this level so much. The enemies were placed so well here. Also the puzzles were put in the action very good, I had to think over a little bit sometimes. All helpful sounds and camera hints came at the important places where needed. I also loved this one flyby, this really turned out very well. The whole game spread a fantastic atmosphere, and I already look forward to the next chapter so much. I only can recommend this level! Thanks to Seifer Zero!" - Navi (31-May-2005)
"Part 2 is a little better designed. Lara starts in a nice Winter landscape and needs to master a few tasks to reach a temple. Puzzles are good and make you think to get to the solution. There are many timed sequences, pushable object puzzles and several switches. Also lots of climbing around. I liked the atmosphere and the sound. Textures were ok although they hurt the eye in some rooms. Enemies are well done and there are some new ones. I found six secrets and lots of ammunition and medipacks. All in all, fairly good gameplay." - Engelchen Lara (31-May-2005)
"From the title fly-by and cut scene before the boss level, it is clear that this really is meant to be Part 1 of a longer work. It is certainly substantial as is. The first part, Ancient City, is a wonderful arctic environment with a clever 'bridge' over to the gate. Its chief flaw was too many scorpions. Then the boss level has the Ares giant statue retextured as Samantha, and as it makes a very awkward woman, I think this was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek. Dispatching this baddie with the switch was very cool. The last part, Cloyster of Trials I liked the least. It does have a moveable puzzle with great clues, and while I've noticed many people were annoyed by this puzzle, I thought it was quite clever. The ending was abrupt and rather disconnected (after a brutal timed run), which does indicate there is more to come, but if this level is supposed to stand alone, it could have been done better. The textures had many problems, which is too bad, as many of the rooms were well designed. The enemies were redone in clever ways, and Frosty the Mummy made me laugh out loud. A terrific piece of work and I look forward to Part 2." - Duncan (31-May-2005)
"Twin Crystals II begins in a frozen venue - now I understand the meaning of snow-blindness. As you search for switches and levers to ultimately open the gates to the Ancient City, you need to be on alert for icy scorpions and frosty fire-birds. You will also encounter some timed runs, climbing, jumping from collapsing tiles, boulders, etc.: all good fun. Now it's on to the Boss Battle with Samantha (who are these people, do I know them? LOL) Samantha did make me laugh...she walks like she's been on a horse for way too long! I took the advice of the author and dispatched Sam in no time. You may want to check out the author's notes before playing. I found the puzzle in this level pretty tough, but I was overjoyed when it finally dawned on me. The Cloyster of Trials is next. This is the most interesting part of the game, in my opinion. Seifer Zero has created some interesting puzzles to sort out in this one. I believe some camera shots would have provided some very useful hints - especially regarding the 'pushables'. Bring your 'de-coder' for this game too, you'll need it. A very interesting game!" - Mugs (26-May-2005)
"I enjoyed this adventure. It had many new puzzles and custom enemies and objects. The enemies looked great, especially the scorpions. There are different puzzles you have to complete to get to the next area. Writing on the wall, in which you have to translate it into a letter, then look on to another wall and make up the word with the symbols. Lot's of pushable objects to deal with as well. These mostly are to do with puzzles. Good puzzles as well. The only thing that let this adventure down was texturing and lighting. That's why I have given it a low 6. Was this adventure beta tested? It should have been because there were so many stretched and tight textures all over the place. It's not hard to slim the texture down to fit in the correct place. The first level looked kind of weird. The gameplay was good, it's just that you are surrounded by snow, pure white snow, and it was very hard to see where you were going because it was too light. Lighting could also have been better in these areas. I loved the cut scene though. That was really something new. A long cut scene switching between levels to show a great story. The title screen was well created too. Now on to the audio part of the review. To be honest I switched the sound off halfway through the adventure. This was because there was this really annoying background audio that was just like a piano type tune. It didn't add to the atmosphere as well. I would have liked to have seen more of a caveish kind of audio. That would make the adventure much more atmospheric. Overall a great adventure. ;)" - TombRaiderFan (24-May-2005)