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Anzio, Nero's Domus by Zack or FZ

alan 7 6 6 7
Andi Croft 7 7 8 8
ColeMoles 5 5 6 6
Cuqui 7 7 8 8
Daffy 8 7 8 8
Dimpfelmoser 7 6 6 7
eRIC 6 5 8 7
Fabio Ribeiro 7 6 8 8
Fridge Raider 9 9 9 10
Gerty 8 8 7 9
Jay 7 7 7 8
Jbc21 7 6 7 8
Jose 6 6 6 7
Kristina 7 7 8 8
Mehrbod 7 5 7 6
MichaelP 7 6 8 9
Orbit Dream 6 4 8 8
Phil 7 7 7 7
RaiderGirl 7 7 8 9
Roberto 9 9 9 9
Ryan 6 6 7 7
Sakusha 7 6 8 6
Sash 7 8 8 8
Scottie 8 7 6 9
Spike 5 5 6 6
Surekill107 5 5 6 7
Treeble 7 7 8 7
release date: 20-Jan-2001
# of downloads: 126

average rating: 7.08
review count: 27
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file size: 17.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Coastal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"If I am being honest I didn't particularly really enjoy this level. The texturing is done correctly but the lighting is a bit lax making all area's feel bland. The rooms are quite big but without much decoration with objects so they can appear quite lacking. The gameplay is okay and involves a lot of flipping rooms and standing on pressure pads. Worth a playthrough but definitely not worth 7+ stars." - ColeMoles (01-Mar-2022)
"The number one problem with the level is the placement of the shotgun, if the player misses it , there will be harassing from skeletons during almost all the level. I get rid of a couple of them by shooting them in the head with revolver and laser-sight. In comparison the secrets were easier to find than the shotgun. The crowbar also was hard to spot and the way to climb a couple of walls is not what can be seen in official levels. Aside from these annoyances, the level plays well with many flip maps and pad tiles, and the builder has made a good work with modified textures. Atmospherically wise this is convincing, the builder having again tried to design a real place location." - eRIC (30-May-2021)
"I've always been faithful to coastal levels, but it completely changed my mind. The overuse of fix cameras was not a good idea at all. If I were to look at the half glass full, I would say it wasn't bad at all, it was just missing some elements, that's all! I enjoyed to see Greek textures from TR1. Thanks!" - Mehrbod (21-Jan-2019)
"I'm normally quite partial to Coastal levels, but for some reason this one didn't quite work for me. Maybe it was the fixed camera angle at the very start which only impeded progress unnecessarily, the relatively crude textures (although a couple of the rooms were quite pleasing to look at), the annoying usage of skeletons that corner you without powerful weaponry to hand (thank God for finally happening across the Revolver and Shotgun) or the trial and error gameplay sequences, but whatever it was, I didn't really enjoy this one. Having said that, you do get a nice taster of a Coastal setting in this one, so if that appeals to you, then give it a go." - Ryan (22-May-2018)
"This level starts in a grand beach with an unbreakable camera but the view is nice. After stepping on a tile in the sea (which the flyby points at) a door opens and you enter the domus to explore it and solve some puzzles. I liked some areas but looked kinda big and empty, some more objects would have been good to fill them up a bit. Puzzles are nice as well as gameplay, not bad at all." - alan (30-Aug-2017)
"The worst from this level are the unmarked climbable walls and the wafer thin walls. Except for this, the level is well playable with no difficult tasks and enough ammo and medipacks. The rooms are too huge and empty of objects; some enemies here and there to shoot, the switches are substituted by pad floor tiles with an omega symbol and a small earthquake every time you use them. The crowbar lying in a corner is easy to miss. I missed some cameras and flybies in certain places (ex: when you place the star) but they're not necessary 'cause the triggers are not far from the triggered objects. Non an interesting level but playable." - Jose (19-Apr-2015)
"A forty minute raid in a coastal setting, which is always one of the more appealing outings for me as I've always liked the whole look, feel and sound of the coastal wad. This isn't bad gameplay - good use of trigger tiles and some basic agility stuff. By far the most enjoyable thing for me however was using the revolver and lasersight to blow the heads off the skeletons - so much more satisfying than shotgunning them off ledges. Apart from that, the only memorable thing was the sheer agility of the crocodiles and pigs - considering the unexpected places they turned up, I can only assume they had phenomenal climbing abilities." - Jay (17-Mar-2015)
"Sorry, but this level is just not my cup of tea, so it's one of the very few where my scores are less than the level's average score. It starts off on the wrong foot, with a horribly annoying fixed camera angle that covers the entire beach front. And it doesn't pick up much from there, as the graphics appear cruder than other levels released during the same time period. On a more positive note, you get a coastal raid with the usual amenities such as wild boars, skeletons and crocodiles (that seemed to crop up in the most unlikely places). This was probably considered hot stuff back in 2001, but I found it quite tame by today's standards. On to the next level." - Phil (11-Aug-2014)
"This level is a good example which not every level builder can build good-looking Outside areas. At the level beginning the level builder has take small pains to build good looking walls. The Fixcams on the beach are really irritating and generally the beach does not look so good. One cannot maintain this the inside areas. They are well built and nicely textured. However, they look quite sterile, because there are no fitments. One sees only now and again sometimes a part of a broken column, but it was this then already. The crowbar lay unfavorably, because one could see it first if one held a Flare in the hand. Additionally the background sound was not so good. One heard constantly the noise of the waves. On the beach this is OK, but in the inside areas it interfered a little bit. All together I must say that the level a few weaknesses has, but otherwise he is good to play." - Scottie (25-Feb-2010)
"Game starts on a beach to continue in a huge well enough disposed palace. Author would have better been able to "furnish some big room who seem very empty but group is achieved on the whole. The gameplay is simple with good things, by examples of plates for declancher of actions which replaced well the habitual actionneurs. It is a good level, thanks to the author." - Daffy (31-Jul-2009)
"We begin outside at a large expanse of water, though it doesn't take long before we've traversed some rocky ledges and found our way inside the ruins. The ruins themselves sport a number of large, yet empty rooms, and at times I wished they could have been a little less sparse (a few more objects dotted around would have done the trick, aside from the masses of unneeded pickups we are already supplied with). Gameplay also lacks a decent amount of imaginative content, with most tasks involving the use of a pressure pad and a little climbing here and there - however, the simple nature at least meant that there was little frustration overall. Visually, the texturing was mostly acceptable, yet the lighting suffered from general blandness (as well as a huge number of lighting cracks in some areas). The atmosphere was quite well created, yet the lack of audio segments and camera usage could have been improved upon (though the latter holds less importance, as the majority of switches triggered changes in nearby rooms). As a whole, the level feels distinctly average, generally due to an overall feeling of simplicity." - Spike (15-Jun-2009)
"I wonder how Nero managed to get skeletons to protect his villa, in spite of his bad reputation as a Roman emperor. The beginning is quite fascinating because the fixed cameras make the player enter the villa with more difficulty (it may provoke a brief loss of sense of direction). The objective is to simply get a few key items to get out of Nero's villa. The untextured ladders, the original textures, the map of Nero's villa in Anzio and the flames (they were even in the water at some point) were interesting, and the author contrasted light and darkness very well in certain areas because they hid essential items such as the crowbar. There is also a certain amount of backtracking in this level. Like the previous level, there is a spot where Lara has to avoid jumping on death squares that cannot be distinguished from the safe squares (but you can shimmy around the 'board' so that you can reach the golden star safely). The fire traps are a way of preventing Lara from taking short cuts in order to obtain the Hathor Effigy (there are two ledges that would burn Lara to a crisp if she stands on them). The switches are floor tiles with the ancient Greek letter 'omega', which cause earthquakes that open certain doors in this level. Unfortunately, there were too many objects, I have detected a few paper-thin walls, one of the flames was in mid-air, and some fire traps were random (this was probably a reminder that Nero couldn't get away from the fires that consumed Rome, even as he fled to his villa in Anzio). The end of the level consists of a sliding slope and the bottom is shrouded by a 'veil' of darkness." - Sakusha (25-Nov-2004)
"After finding your way off of the large beach there's a beautifully styled building to explore for a number of objects and floor tiles that trigger either earthquakes or some other change in the building. This sounds simple but with the number of spike traps burning tiles skeletons and crocs running around and a wild boar or two it's best to save a lot and keep both eyes open. The secrets must be very hard to find - many people seem to have only found one of the three which is exactly the number I found myself." - RaiderGirl (19-Jan-2003)
"Anzio this pretty place where Nero moved his court when he decided set on fire Rome. It's a level with nice textures and perfect atmosphere. The gameplay is easy and fun. However the access to the villa is difficult to find. There are some good puzzles. A correct work." - Cuqui (19-Nov-2002)
"A really good effort to create an actual place and very well 'realised' it is too. It's a shame that the lighting was rather flat as it could have been so evocative. The gameplay was pretty straightfoward as well but none the worse for that. Only the repetitive use of combustible floors and untextured climable walls - tut tut ;) - spoilt the effect. A clever use of camera's at the start helped to disguise presumably potential shortcomings in the layout of the environment; and all in all it's an enjoyable enough experience." - Orbit Dream (24-Sep-2002)
"As for textures in this level I think they were very well done indeed. It gave me a feeling roaming through an old and abandoned villa where time stood still. No levers here but tiles that will change the outlook. Finding also some useful items to progress like a blue gem a star an effigy and keys. Found two revolvers and two laser sights two uzis and even two secrets. This level had me puzzled on a few occasions as the climbable walls are hard to spot. The beginning was also puzzling as the fixed camera does make it very hard to find the entrance to the villa. Enemies are skeletons boars and crocs but there is enough ammo and loads of flares to be found. There is some swimming involved and some fire to evade. 26-08-2002" - Gerty (01-Sep-2002)
"A standard coastal level. There isn't ANY lever or switch to operate to activate triggers Lara has to step on textured tiles - most of them activated earthquakes and changed the map giving access to new areas. A quite simple level that lasted for 40 minutes where Lara had to search for a gem a star and the hathor effigy to get deeper in this level in this tomb and it was very fun. It has its challenges but it become easy as there are a lot of medipacks and extra weaponry to pick up through it. The level started outside in a beach like place and that was pretty cool!" - Treeble (11-Jul-2002)
"Another entertaining level from the creator of 'San Giorgio'. This one is set in and around an old (almost) abandoned building in Anzio an Italian Province. Starting on the expansive lovely beach outside you have to try to make your way inside the building but with a couple of devilishly fixed cameras this task is not as easy as it sounds. Once inside you are faced with another dilemma bloodthirsty skeletons and no real weapon to dispense them with except for a shotgun and some well placed shots near ledges or water. Apart from the enemies there are some marvelous uses of triggers to set off crucial room changes well hidden climbing walls that are not always obvious secrets that may stay secret (I found only 1 of the 3) and texturally once again the creator pulled out all stops to make this level another extremely authentic and at times eerie place to play." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"First level of this author that I played and indeed impressive from a texturing and lighting perspective. Those brick walls look very real. It starts with a brief outside puzzle where you need to find your entry despite some 'different' camera angles. Inside you meet a few skeletons crocodiles and warthogs and progress nicely and quickly from one puzzle to the next. Usually finding a tile that triggers a flipmap with a little earthquake that allows you to move on. All in all fabulous architecture but maybe the rooms are a little too big and empty. Also there are a few thin walls and I found a door placed the wrong way round. And what was I supposed to do with all those many pick-ups? It took me close to 45 minutes to complete and I only found one of the three secrets - the Uzi." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"A little visit in Nero's villa (or is it a palace with such big rooms and pools?). Since roman times the traps (you know the usual ones: spikes and fire...) have not yet been triggered! And many animals (trapped inside for so many years? Or are they just ghosts like this bunch of skeletons?) are waiting for the intruders to explore this nicely decorated domus. Textures are great although a bit repetitive. It seems that the author put a lot of work texturing the walls and that he/she spent much time defining the architecture. Lights are also well used. There is a profusion of pick-ups and most of them are useless! So many flares and gunshells! However the use of flipmaps is interesting. This level is also quite short and a few more puzzles could have make it less... empty! Less linearity would have made me rate higher. By the way I found only one secret!" - Jbc21 (21-Jun-2002)
"The maker of this very interesting level knows how to use cameras to their full advantage to improve the atmosphere just like in San Giorgio and Genova Principe. Soon at the beginning there is an immense beach scenario where the various cameras present you with this kind of skills. It is too bad the 20 square limitation keeps making textures disappear on large outside areas; otherwise the beach would be just amazing. But actually the adventure takes place in the ruins of Nero's Domus at Anzio an inside scenario. The texturing job was very well done in almost all places except for a few rooms. For example it was hard to find some climbing surfaces and sometimes you can burn to death with absolutely no warning. A good spot is the extensive and interesting use of flip maps. The level of creativity in placing enemies varies a little as the challenge of getting rid of the skeletons by shooting their heads off is a lot of fun and the placement of crocodiles is sometimes not that good. Overall this is a very cool level sometimes reminding us of the original Tomb Raider. Download it!" - Fabio Ribeiro (21-Jun-2002)
"The beginning of this level was really confusing I think. The first enemy to fight is the camera view which is so far away from the location that Lara becomes a dot on the screen... and sometimes disappears on it. When you passed the "beach" and get into the water Lara can swim against the end of the world... or get easily into a dead-end. After this terrible beginning the look of the world becomes much better just when you leave the outside. But sadly you do not leave the shore-sound... I think the atmosphere would be much better with a darker lighting and an "inside"-sound. Another bad thing is that enemies which you can't kill are too often around you. They really will irritate you. But you will get enough medi-packs for them. After this the level becomes better except for a bad try-and-error "Lara-BBQ" situation. The flyby-cams and the texturing were well done. But because of the first part of this level it's not one of the best." - Surekill107 (21-Jun-2002)
"FZ's Anzio level has originality perhaps being based on an actual/natural location is the reason why... I get rather bored with interior Tomb scenery that is more or less rearranged and unimaginatively lit. Basing environments on locations with which the creator is familiar adds a sense of credibility & makes it an adventure for the player who is in a totally unexplored fresh territory. Anzio is a historic site located by the sea near Rome. It begins near the sea with lovely"beachy" sound effects which is really pleasant --- enough to forgive the incongruity of encountering a wild boar on the sands. Camera angles are played with here and hidden entrances. As one progresses to explore the well-preserved ruins of the Roman Temples etc. there are varied surprise attacks to keep you on your toes; animals traps doors - good gameplay with mini-earthquake changes - some lovely split-level constructions within interiors that are architecturally aesthetic and convincing with comfortable proportions. Lighting is good. He utilizes the existing graphics and textures without any tired visual deja-vu. Rooms were varied with lots of individual challenges and pick-ups. I didn't find this level frustratingly difficult but it has many Aha! moments - you can amble through it but there is a lot to appreciate about its design -In a word it's smooth. I was really disappointed when I finished - I was enjoying it so much I wanted it to go on just a bit longer." - Fridge Raider (21-Jun-2002)
"Anzio famous bathing locality for the disembarkation of the allies in the second world war is one rinominata city above all for the fascination that has always pushed the powerful emperors Roman to usarla like rest point Here they are present vestige of an old summery palace that Nerone has been made costruire..annesso was the port first one that was constructed that it has been for Anzio an authentic treasure! Without of it it would not have become an important commercial point... But with passing of the centuries and aging of the empire Roman the palace has been forgotten himself after to have been restructured and after the destruction (500 d.c.) of a part of the port... but ruins they are looked at still today... Lara explores the rooms of the palace unwillingly risvegliando presences and discovering that Nerone was indeed fixed with the fire! Inspired to the greco/romani levels of Tr1 and enriched with textures detailed and real Anzio places l.accento on simple enigmas in a succession of discoveries and details of a palace that appear deserted!" - Roberto (21-Jun-2002)
"An entertaining level not very long but with good textures and puzzles. From the outside area that looks like coastal you enter the main area which will keep you busy for the next twenty minutes. A gem a star and the portal guardian are the items to find in different places. Others underwater another while passing fire traps mostly and enough small earthquakes to be able to proceed. One secret in a walkthrough wall and skeletons chasing you around with a couple of wild boars and crocodiles. I would say though that most pick ups weren't necessary and as I was exiting the room with the double doors opened with the key I saw a big moon like it was wide open and you could see the sky. Yes it is strange because it was an inside area and not one opening to see if it was day or night. Anyway it is good enough to pass the time." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a typical coastal-level. Skeletons and crocodiles are coming. This game has nice textures and a good atmosphere. But it is easy to play. I have found a lot of health-packs and the revolver with lasersight. I was playing one hour and had fun. I like it when the skeletons are coming and I only have the revolver with the lasersight. Then I can blow the skeletons heads away and they are running around the area with no danger." - Andi Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"This is the first game in my short yet eventful Custom Level career where the first two pick ups I found were both revolvers. It is definitely not as good or original as Zecchinelli's other levels. I liked the gameplay well enough but we've seen better puzzles and in some areas the textures are on the plain side. You make progress by stepping on tiles while fending off the undead with your shotgun. Maybe it's just me but I never got a feeling for the place. Didn't seem as if anyone ever lived in this palace and therefore the whole setting seemed too contrived for me." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)