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Dreaming for a Revelation by Loch

CC 8 9 9 9
Celli 8 7 9 8
Cory 9 9 9 10
dya1403 8 7 9 9
eRIC 9 8 10 9
eTux 10 9 10 9
Gerty 9 7 8 8
HaniHeger 8 7 10 7
Jay 9 8 10 9
Jenni 8 7 9 7
Jorge22 10 9 10 8
Jose 8 7 8 7
Kitkat 9 9 9 9
Kristina 8 6 6 6
Lizard Queen 7 8 9 8
manarch2 9 8 9 9
MichaelP 9 7 9 7
Mman 9 10 10 9
mugs 9 6 8 9
Nuri 10 10 9 10
Obig 9 8 9 8
Orbit Dream 10 9 10 10
Phil 8 8 8 8
QRS 10 10 10 10
Relic Hunter 8 9 9 9
Ryan 9 8 9 9
Sash 9 7 9 8
Spike 9 8 9 9
Staticon 9 9 10 10
Sutekh 9 8 7 8
TimJ 9 9 10 9
Treeble 10 10 10 10
release date: 10-Jul-2005
# of downloads: 150

average rating: 8.66
review count: 32
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file size: 44.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Fantasy/Surreal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Astonishing! This would go straight into my personal top ten best custom levels I've ever played — if I were to have such a list in the first place —, and it doesn't rely on high quality textures or fancy movements. What you get here is a very solid idea, brilliantly executed within the limitations of the editor itself, and it just flows so nicely. I mean, sure, there was a maze that eventually turned out to be a bit too big for its own good, but everything else, the way it constantly shifts atmosphere is unique. I also loved the side scrolling bit which I now understand where one of my favorite BtB-Greece levels built upon (Myth, from the same author), although this one earns extra points as you get to do a bike jump over goats lol. If you haven't played this one yet, fix that as soon as possible. 35 minutes, 5 secrets. 10/21" - Treeble (24-Oct-2021)
"This is a very fun and adventurous level to be played, creative and brave. It'll be presenting you surreal and familiar places, while you're bound by the mysterious nature of a dream. The bathroom secrets where a nice touch, music wasn't used much unless when needed to bring a classic felling to it, the rolling ball part was charming with the cut of the music, and back in once the ball started rolling. Background sounds on the other hand were used to create the desired atmosphere to life, the keyboard sound was particularly funny, I find the one place with the windowedit textures the most interesting and creative of them all. Breaking a little of the fourth wall. Flyby sequences were very charming as well and the work put into them is very appreciated. Lighting didn't have much character but did the work, while texture work was minimal as well. Sometimes the puzzles would be far too hard, calling for a walkthrough, it didn't leave you with no clue though, which is already a great improvement compared to other levels. A sometimes challenging but fun level, a classic for me." - HaniHeger (14-Sep-2020)
"From the moment you enter the first room, you know that this will not be your typical Tomb Raiding experience. Expect the unexpected in this one. I suppose that this does represent what dreams would be like if you're Lara Croft. The stark change of scenery would in any other level, give no indication whatsoever of a coherent location, but here it fits and actually works surprisingly smoothly as you progress from a forest area, to Lara's Home, then a sort of city, an actual room in the level editor and then finishing in a familiar location. The only real area I had cause to complain about was the maze area. Even with the hint to 'follow the concrete sound' I did get confused on where the exit was as the sound was very faint. But there are so many other highlights that make this worth playing: the cutscenes, the high dive from a plane into a small water pool, the side scrolling boulder challenge and the fight with the T-Rex. I was a little confused about the secrets just being toilets, unless it was a reference to Loch's earlier 'Busting' level, but otherwise there's a real talent at work here." - Ryan (13-Apr-2018)
"Well, I always wanted to know, what kind of sh** Lara really dreams and this custom Level is a good answer for this question. I also agree that this is a very original level. This level really shows how a dream is, like you always get from place to place without any kind of sense. Some camera angles were annoying and caused many deaths, but everything else is good!" - Nuri (12-Jun-2015)
"This is a really original level, with a constant string of texture themes fitting the story, interesting gameplay twists and strange designs. The level of detail is high outside of one tomb section that seemed a bit overscaled, and it sells the theme well. While one "Island" area looked a bit odd, the creativity of that sequence made up for the visual issues. One maze part seemed a little uninspired but beyond that it's one cool idea after another right from the first cutscene, and saying much about them would spoil the surprise. A must play and one of the most creative levels in TRLE history." - Mman (31-May-2013)
"This must be one of the most original games I have ever played! Right from the stunningly cinematic starting cutscene you know this level will be great and it indeed turns out to be. At the start you directly get a fascinating lever puzzle with different hints and a lot of imagination, such as hiding the sun. The level also convinces with a sometimes odd, but professional dream atmosphere including multiple impressive locations (jungle, airplane, garden, caves), some advises to save by signs, clever and helpful hints when you find the secrets (very good idea). The series of unique tasks never stops in this level, as finding your way in a "editor room", a patience puzzle, a tricky jump into a pool from a plane, a maze where I didn't really get the hint and thus ran around for a long time and of course the weapon puzzle where you can only see if you were right when you got to the next level. After half an hour this level ended with yet another great cutscene that however showed the boxyness of the areas, with was one of the downsides of this level. There are often invisible walls and end-of-world feelings, especially in the else fantastic timed run against a boulder, and in the jungle part, but the camera work in the latter part and in the cutscenes was impressive and the sound choice always fitted to the settings. Texturing and lighting were professional too, some areas were highly realistic, but at parts some textures were squeezed a little and the ocean island didn't feel so real because the water was only textured as water. Despite of some mistakes and the mentioned maze part, this level is highly recommeded, because it feels utterly innovative and fun every single second." - manarch2 (11-Nov-2011)
"This plays out kind of like the bad trips I used to hear about when I was a college student in the hippie era. You know, back in the Dark Ages. It's the surreal experience you might expect to have once you know it's all a dream. The stark change of scenery from task to task reminded me of the Community Level I played years ago, where a couple of dozen builders contributed one room each to form a classically linear level. Like that one, this one was fun, but not exceptionally so. It clocked in at about 45 minutes, and some of the tasks were so obscure that I was glad to have Yoav's walkthrough handy, especially where you have to jump off the wing of a flying airplane at the precise spot to land in a small pool far below. There was also a nice fixed-camera-angle timed run where you have to beat a boulder - part of the time on a motorbike - to a common destination. A nice offbeat raid that most players should enjoy." - Phil (11-Mar-2011)
"This has got to be the best dream level I've played. Ending where Revelations finished off with a fairly long but brilliant cut scene showing Lara trapped (knocked unconscious?) in rock and Von Croy unable to help her, Lara relives some of her adventures in her coma-induced dreams. The action moves quickly from location to location, such as dreams would do: starting in a jungle to be chased by a T-Rex (great camera work!) to sliding down a chute into a church, to finding her way back to her room in her manor (loved the rain and thunder sounds - best in a TR level yet!) to eventually finding her way back to her trapped self and blasting away the rocks to escape, which was great fun. Not many enemies as the gameplay consisted mainly of timed runs and solving puzzles (love the builder's room whereby we could hear the builder tapping at the keyboard creating the level in which Lara was trapped), unfortunately my lizard didn't move but I managed to solve the puzzle myself anyway. Secrets are toilets with a clue to help you solve those parts of the dreams which are puzzle-based and Lara just "busting to get out of here" (a nod to Loch's "Busting" level). Loch has incredible innovation which is shown here and in his Killing Fields level - I hope he picks up the level editor again soon, because with Loch, you never know what you're going to get." - Jenni (28-Oct-2008)
"A very fun level to play, with many great and well thought out pieces of gameplay. The boulder run was great, as was the level editor (which bumped up the texture score to 10). When I first played it, the flyby didn't work properly and lara stayed where she was (outside the pyramid) which meant that I couldn't play the level. But after re-trying it everything worked fine and I was able to play this level which contains the most ingenious puzzles ever made. My only complaint about gameplay was at the end when you have the choice of 4 guns. The only clue was a secret toilet, without that I wouldn't have had any idea of what to choose. Overall, a very fun level lasting around 40 mins, highly recommended." - Cory (21-Jul-2008)
"Now this is something genuinely different and one of the most enjoyable custom levels I've yet had the pleasure of playing! The plot is quirky (and not far removed in theme to Kurt Grydtal's "Old Haunts",except taken several imaginative steps further),full of supreme inventiveness and ingenuity,and the whole is superbly put-together. So much of the scenery is a veritable treat for the senses and yet never comes across as gratuitous (unlike some other 'look at me!' Custom Levels),and the Gameplay is constantly ingenious and fully supports (and is supported by) the scenery. It's hard to choose a particularly highlight,as the whole level could be defined as such;but I feel that pride of place should go to the 'rolling-boulder sprint and bicycle ride',which is exciting,imaginative and very funny. Come to think of it,that sums up the whole level. Absolutely splendid!" - Orbit Dream (17-Jul-2008)
"This is not your average tomb-exploring adventure.I have tried the other level by Loch(The killing fields) and is 100% different. Although you jump from on environment to another and the pace of the action is very fast, it all makes sense somehow: Lara must keep moving. I liked most the timed run with the boulder following her.While she is trapped inside the Great pyramid,Lara is dreaming in search of something.Find out what that is after you play this game.One thing I didn't understained: why the toilets as secrets? :)" - dya1403 (04-Mar-2008)
"What an original level with plenty of good ideas and different locations. I really like the storyline and the execution of this level. It is good to find the secrets for puzzle hints otherwise solving some of these puzzles would have been quite unobvious. There are some really impressive bits and fun tasks, such as the dive from the plane , the run to beat the boulder , and the unfinished builder's room. Great flybys and lovely and adequate music. A must play !" - eRIC (29-Jul-2007)
"This level is incredible ! There are a lot of original ideas and it's really like a dream. Lara goes from a place to another quickly and when I dream I believe that I do the same. :-p I loved the "Save" signposts (even more with the sprint signpost below)! The run in front of the T-Rex and next to the rollingball were also really fun ! I think I never saw a rollingball travelling a so long path before, lol! I can't say anything about the secret toilets which were just excellent! The sounds were just great (rain and thunder in Lara's home, sad music in the Church and Graveyard, keyboard noises in roomedit, etc) ! Very recommended to everyone !" - TimJ (24-Jul-2007)
"This is definately the most original level I have ever played. It starts off where Tomb Raider 4 finishes: with Lara being buried in the entrance tunnel to the Great Pyramid. She is knocked out by falling rubble and we have to navigate her subconcious so she will wake up and escape. We visit several very different locations in Lara's head; a jungle, a church, Lara's manison, an aeroplane, and a level editor project amongst others all in the hopes of saving Lara. The secrets are not only funny, they are also very useful, as hints to solving the levels many puzzles are there, as well as a toilet! There are lots of things in this level I haven't seen anywhere else: the rolling ball chase was amazing as was 'exiting' the aeroplane. I was recently recommended this level and I am very glad that I downloaded and played it. It was good to be able to rescue Lara from that pyramid." - Kitkat (24-Jul-2007)
"While it starts in familiar Egyptian surroundings, we are soon transported inside Lara's head in order to carry out her dream...and what a wild ride it is! We go from a church, to a plane, to some train tracks, and then into the centre of the level-creation process itself, all in the hope of waking up Lara. The gameplay is wonderfully original, with a T-rex chase, swan diving off the plane in order to land in somebody's swimming pool, and even the secrets are quite amusing, involving several trips to the toilet, basically. It looks good, and the signs advising you on when to save your game are also a nice hint. One of the most original levels that I have ever played, and definitely worth a look for those of you who haven't tried it yet." - Spike (23-Jul-2007)
"Quite an obtuse level with a constantly changing environment here, but it's quite a fun trip with interesting gameplay involved. The level is set right when The Last Revelation (TR4) ends, with Lara trapped under the great pyramid. She falls into a dream, where she'll encounter all sorts of places and things. Expect a chase with the T-Rex, skydiving off a burning airplane, and even the creator of Lara's adventures. ;) I also liked the author's unique take on the secrets in this 30-minute game, and they could leave you chuckling a bit. ;) Give this a try if you're in the mood for something different than the various tombs, ruins, and temples of who-knows-what-or-where." - Relic Hunter (22-May-2006)
"It's hard to believe that, after five years of custom levels, someone can still create a game of such originality. I am so very impressed with the way that this level flows - though I am a little vexed that I have been beaten to a level-editor room. I was going to use that idea in my next level. Hey-ho. I'll have to think of something else instead. ;-) Back to the plot: this level has already been well described by my fellow reviewers so, I will just add that this is great. Play it now. It's not a long level but you are sure to enjoy it all. Even the timed runs are fun. I especially loved the race against the boulder. :-D" - Staticon (06-Feb-2006)
"What an amazingly cinematic fact the opening is actually the ending of the Last Revelations where Lara tries her hardest to leave the tombs with Von Croy spurring her on but those darn falling blocks get in her way and knock her out, thus the dreaming begins. In this dream world Lara moves from one fabulous location to another, there's a graveyard, a jungle, a plane, and more, with each place holding some great puzzles, though if you ever got stuck there were always the helpful toilet secrets scattered throughout to give you a push in the right direction. I absolutely had a ball playing this level and it was fabulous to see how much intrigue and invention could be crammed into only 30 minutes of play." - Sash (13-Jan-2006)
"I know, I know... It can't be the first time I say it, but this has to be the most original custom level I've played. The game starts with the author's vision of the final The Last Revelation scenes and ends with Lara finally finding her way out of the pyramid. In the meantime, she will cruise the clouds, a small jungle with a T-Rex, a graveyard, her room, a plane, an island, she'll do a timed run against a boulder, there's even a Richard Lawther's touch and lots more. All this paved with just enough traps and some of the wittiest puzzles I've seen, namely the one in the room with the book which says "patience"... Now, who would know it? I went to the kitchen to get me some cookies and when I returned - wham! - the door was open! Good music too, a good intro and a good ending. I've seen better graphics but it doesn't matter that much in face of how well the game was conceived. Very, very good." - Jorge22 (24-Nov-2005)
"I dare say that this is one of the most interesting TRLE levels I have ever played. This is a so called "nightmare level" that is similar to TR2's Nightmare in Vegas level, where everything is mingling together. This level starts when Lara gets trapped in the pyramid, so where TR4 ends. Since it is a dream, the locations don't relate to each other in any way, so for example after the icy cave we visit the jungle, then a temple, and so on. We have to find a way at 8 different locations until finally getting back to the pyramid and escaping with a whole skin. I really suggest this level for those who have much patience, because sometimes it is very hard to find the way to go on, and you can get stucked at every single location easily. One of my favourites is near the end, at the catacombs part, when all we have to do for getting on is waiting, and the door opens by itself. But our attentions are drown to this; it is written on the floor. Unfortunately I didn't take notice of it, so I got stucked here during my first play-through and I had to ask for help. Among the locations there is one that worth some sentences for itself, and this is the Level Editor room. It seems to be not totally completed. But this is not an accident, this is deliberate. The challenge is not so hard, only the environment makes it hard; we see everything in violent colours. For example the water is orange. As I said, the challenge is not hard; we have to find a crawlspace, and from there it's really easy to complete, though we get some help if we can find the secret (there are five secrets anyway) that is hidden in this room. There we can pick up a card with the instructions written on it. The secrets help us many times, and in this case it is almost indispensable to find. At the secret of the temple/cemetery episode we find a map that shows the correct order we have to step onto the tombstones. Fortunately there are only a few enemies; a T-Rex we have to run away from, a be ar and a gunman. There's also a timed run, but it's not as hard as it seems. We have to sprint faster than how the stone rolls; theoretically. Practically it's not a problem if we are late, because it's a true that the stone blocks the entrance, but with some tricky moves we can get behind it. On the whole, this is the level of a genious. :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (26-Oct-2005)
"Of all the 'dream theme' levels I've played so far, this one is the first where I really felt I was actually in a dream. In fact, I think I had a dream like this once, lol. I can't explain how Loch did it but that is exactly what I felt the whole time playing it. So for me that's what I'll remember from this level. That and the fact that I had a great time playing it. There's nothing more to say than just 'play it'. You'll see what I mean. :) [Note: If your game crashes to desktop after the first 2 flybys (as it did for me) Loch provides a savegame: just after that point. (Aug.16/05)" - Lizard Queen (28-Aug-2005)
"Very, very unique. Dreaming for a Revelation begins with the creator's own rendition of the final scenes from Last Revelation. From there, you're off on a series of mini-adventures in a dreamland. One of the great features of this level is how smoothly Loch made each location flow from one to the next; one minute you're running from a T-Rex, then next you're falling through the roof of a church into Lara's own memorial service (and is there the insinuation that Jean-Yves broke the pew?). The puzzles are not too taxing, that is if you find the helpful hints along the way. Overall, a very entertaining level and worth the download." - Celli (28-Aug-2005)
"This game has original ideas and I liked it. Lara has to go through various areas, some of which are a graveyard, an un-textured room with triggers plus a challenging run trying to beat a boulder before it blocks an entrance, using a bike half way through the run. Unfortunately the setting isn't much as there is the 'end of the world' bug in the outside areas, invisible blocks preventing Lara from straying from the desired route in the area with the boulder and even though that is intentional I believe it should have achieved in a better way. The dialogues are from the original game in TR4, we also have a garden and the cyborg from TR5 inside a maze. The footsteps sign and the word 'patience' written on a book were brilliant, even if I had a temporary blackout and failed to interpreter in the game what 'patience' meant. You'll also encounter a T-Rex but it is actually not based on action so don't expect enemies. Another great idea that could have been implemented in a better way was the island part you could see jumping from the plane which was just a picture and spoiled it a little for me. I swear I saw 'lizard queen' playing dead and suddenly start running towards a crawlspace, in that un-textured room lol. I found three of the five helpful secrets and liked the idea with the warning signs to save our game at places. It's the first time I see 'toilet' secrets too lol. I spent thirty five minutes in this really unusual but fun game." - Kristina (25-Aug-2005)
"There is certainly a very creative person at work as this is very original. You either love it or hate it. I loved it. Do read the readme and hopefully you still can get your hands at the saved game as I got thrown to my desktop after the first fly by. But after that it was OK. I was glad that I got the secret in that lever room as I was rather put off by burning to a crisp. Found 3 in total but the hint for the maze didn't do me any good as some music played in between and of course I lost my way, but luckily ended up where I needed to go. Best was the T-Rex in my opinion, had to do that several times just to see what happened. I don't know if that was the meaning but I could jump to that passage that the ball was trying to block, but the idea was great. Of course the plane was not my favorite but that is because my fear of heights but found the pool soon enough. Liked the church plus graveyard and did Jean-Yves crash that bench? 11-08-2005" - Gerty (12-Aug-2005)
"Rare level. In the jungle there's an invisible wall which don't let you go behind the ladder. In some places over the airplane Lara collision against invisible walls which don't let her fall to the sea. After the green labyrinth there are invisible walls which don't let Lara go near the crane or another places left of the path. If you run more slowly than the rolling ball you have to reload a savegame. Shoot and break solid rocks with pistols? There are some interesting puzzles and some good musics, but for me wasn't a great level. Finally Lara escape from the pyramid was trapped at the end of TR4 game." - Jose (09-Aug-2005)
"A very original and imaginative set of puzzles, with a different touch. I'd even say unique. Maybe a bit short. My favorite part was the 'level editor' one. One of the best ideas I've ever seen. The use of secrets as hints was a good idea - giving them a special meaning. After playing this, I can't help thinking that would he build a 'complete' level - one with enemies, research and such, Loch could come with something on par with some classics like Richard Lawther's games. There's still a bit of work ahead before reaching this level of excellence, but it feels possible. Very promising. Eagerly waiting for the next one." - Sutekh (07-Aug-2005)
"And now for something completely different! Lara dreams of escaping the tomb (the one she was trapped in at the end of TR4!). It's a fast paced, slightly disturbing dream of changing environments and images, almost like she is searching for the answer - the revelation, that's needed to escape. After floating around in the clouds, it seems that she's inside one white cloud in a room full of floor levers. Which one to pull? From here we are thrown into a jungle setting and need to start running immediately as a TRex looms out of the darkness. Escaping this fellow sends us to a spooky church where we see our old friend Jean Yves, who looks like he's praying for Lara, and can't see her pass him as she runs out to the graveyard. At this point it becomes clear that if we find the toilets (!) we will find the 'clues' to move on. And also where we see save icons we need to, well, save! Because if Lara makes a mistake, that's it. Lara wishes she was home again, and has a dark image of her mansion before being launched into an aeroplane in flight. No parachute and she needs to get down to that tiny island in the ocean. Ah, there's another save icon on the wing of the plane. And it continues on like this until Lara reaches a point where she must work hard through rocks to reach outside and fresh air. Two of the more memorable rooms are the Level Editor room where we see the coloured squares that tell us where triggers, water and climbable parts are. Then there's a great fixed camera/sideways view of Lara racing a ball through difference screens. But the most unique room here is where we find a skeleton, a book that suggests we have 'patience', and a footprint. A most unusual level. Well worth a look." - CC (01-Aug-2005)
"Wow - that must have been the most cinematic introduction into a level in a long time. Brilliantly done! And from there one creative and original idea chases the next as you make it in a rather linear fashion through Lara's Dream. I found three of the five helpful secrets and really needed those in order to progress. The save hints are here again, as they were in Loch's first level and the 'Dead room' is back again as well. It is kind of fun how the settings change so drastically along the way, from an icy room, to a cathedral, a jungle with a T-Rex, Lara's Bedroom, a fabulous Plane that you need to crash, the rolling ball race (quite ingenious), a Level Editor room and then finally a great cave and your way out of the Pyramid. The only thing I really did not like was the hedge maze (despite the secret hint), otherwise my gameplay score would have been a 10 here. It is only a 30 minutes game, but you will definitely remember it for a long time. Looking forward to seeing more of Loch's creativity in the future." - Michael (30-Jul-2005)
"I thought I had seen it all but here comes Loch with something so weird and different that I gaped through this short but oh so cool little adventure! The grave puzzle..the plane and the swan dive..the rolling ball race.. and the level editor room! I'm stunned and amazed by this author's fresh ideas for a tombraider level! The atmosphere feels like a dream with constant moving though different places and situations. The secrets are so special. Textures, sound and lighting perfect. I just wish it had been longer! That's my only 'complaint' for this adventure :) I hope for a sequel to this masterpiece. All tens from me. 2005-07-25" - QRS (25-Jul-2005)
"This is an extremely odd and strangely compelling level - certainly I found it the most effective dream level I've come across, disjointed and surreal in exactly the way dreams tend to be. There are some good puzzles and timed runs too - one of the latter being done in platform style - and I heartily recommend this if you're looking for something a bit different." - Jay (25-Jul-2005)
While this level may not appeal to some players, due to it's inconsistent and ever-changing setting (well, tis' a dream, after all) and unconventional ideas, I found it to be a very refreshing raid comparing to most of the latest levels I've played and it partially revitalised my long lost interest for Tomb Raider again - and even that for me is a small personal achievement after playing this relatively short level. Though it doesn't last all that long - about a half an hour (after several replays got it down to 19 minutes) - it uses a more 'Run, Lara, run!' approach to the way you play it, so in my opinion that excuses the duration. Besides I've always believed the quality over quantity thing - and this level certainly uses its short duration to the fullest extent, and so packing in more ideas than some designers could with stretching the play time over countless hours. The ideas all feel fresh and never used before, and that's a plus, though it is a pity that many of them are the 'one shot' things, so you don't have a second chance if failing them unless you reload. But with the author placing helpful 'save!' signs everywhere, where needed, it shouldn't be an issue too unless the player was not paying attention to his surroundings. As already mentioned - the overall style of the level might feel disjointed and inconsistent to some, but I found it to work incredibly well considering what you get in the level - all the various settings, like the jungle, the graveyard, plane flight, level editor room ;) and so on actually pass on from one setting to other very fluently and plausibly despite the extreme differences between them. Also the toilet secrets are hilarious, and if stuck - very useful to find as they provide hints to the puzzles in the level. Overall a very original, highly inventive effort from the author - if you don't mind something out of the box, not to be missed! - eTux (12-Jul-2005)
What an interesting premise Loch's game is. Dreaming is a series of puzzles that will ultimately lead Lara out of the Pyramid-death she suffered in Last Revelation. Each puzzle has a 'secret' location that will give the raider the answer to the puzzle so that progress can always be made. I'm pretty useless at puzzles so I availed myself of this feature many times. I loved the Level Editor sequence and racing the ball. A pretty cool game, Loch! - Mugs (11-Jul-2005)