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The Wrath of Thor by Isis

Bene 10 10 10 10
CC 10 10 10 10
Celli 10 9 10 9
Chel 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 9 9 9 8
Duncan 10 10 10 9
dya1403 10 10 9 9
Engelchen Lara 10 10 10 10
eRIC 10 10 10 10
eTux 10 10 10 10
G.Croft 10 10 10 9
Gerty 8 8 10 9
Glow 10 9 9 9
Jay 10 10 10 10
Jose 10 10 10 10
Kitkat 10 10 10 10
Kristina 9 9 9 9
MichaelP 9 9 10 9
MigMarado 9 9 10 8
Mman 9 10 10 9
Moonpooka 10 10 10 10
mugs 10 10 10 10
Orbit Dream 8 8 10 10
Passalaqua 9 8 8 8
Phil 10 9 9 10
QRS 10 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Samu 9 10 10 9
Sash 10 10 10 10
Thorir 10 10 10 10
Torry 9 10 10 9
Treeble 9 9 10 9
release date: 12-Jul-2005
# of downloads: 260

average rating: 9.59
review count: 32
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file size: 72.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I've played a few levels from this author before and never really been all that in love with them but I liked this set a lot. The level is very reminiscent of the TR1 Greece section, and there are some really impressive environments- the texture work and level design is really faultless here. The level of difficulty was also just about perfect for me - I was often scratching my head for a few moments but I eventually figured most of it out for myself. There are some nice trap sequences and some nice puzzles. If I had to criticize anything it would be perhaps an over-reliance on wraiths and skeletons, as other reviewers have alluded to, and that horrible earthquake feature pops up a couple of times. Overall, a challenging set of levels but really worth taking on. Classic TR action, definitely recommended." - Passalaqua (02-Nov-2023)
"It's been a while since I've last played a level from this builder (and this is the single one I hadn't until now), but I definitely wasn't expecting the trap-ridden opening in here! Right from the get go you're thrown in a series of different trap gauntlets which are challenging but never frustrating enough, you'll reload once or twice as you learn patterns. When things settle down you can explore the beautiful and gargantuan ruins, it's not entirely made of TR1 Greece assets but more than enough to conjure a very specific sort of nostalgia. There are textures from several sets combined together but something about the color palette just works perfectly, from start to finish. It took me three days to go through the level set, thanks to Kris' very detailed walkthrough, and I have to admit I lost my bearings every so often as the scale here is massive and you'll be doing lots of exploring. The boss fight at the end was also very well thought out. Make sure you play the bonus level, some of the gardens in there were particularly enthralling. 2h40min, 10 secrets. 01/23" - Treeble (29-Jan-2023)
"Sometimes it looks so drafty it distracted me from gaming, but the further it goes, the better it gets. Maybe I got too hyped for it, but I can understand why it's recommendable. I'm glad I tried it at last." - DJ Full (13-Jul-2022)
"Very good game, providing a fun raid for Thor's armor after getting one of the gauntlets in the first single-level release, "Temple of Thor". Gameplay was repetitive at times, and reliant on wraiths and skeletons for spice a bit too much. The texturing could have been improved on a number of occasions. There were extremely difficult parts, and overall it is quite challenging. Cut your teeth with the first level before coming here! I liked that you could play the bonus level even if you didn't get the extra secret skull key (just select from the menu). Congratulations on the whole thing, Isis! Thank you for this "Roman Thor" adventure, a throwback to TR1." - MigMarado (01-Oct-2021)
"This is a well oiled traditional level set that will have you occupied for around four hours and what a pleasure this is to play. The only level that gave me pause and made me consult the walk through a couple of times was the second one. The others were all rather intuitive although they possessed some tight timed runs and semi difficult platforming to perform. The starting gambit was great where you are tasked to survive an earthquake, copious rolling boulder traps as well as an angry wraith, all in the first few minutes. Once mastered you can then retrace your steps for all the pickups and a secret you simply did not have the time to search for. My one and only complaint was the vine covered hanging pole in level 2 that was impossible to discern. This had me running around the complex for a good hour before I gave up and consulted the walk through. All in all a great level set not to be missed." - Torry (24-Jan-2020)
"This is an awesome set of levels set in Greece. Sue has done a wonderful job blending the textures and environments of the original Greece levels with the Graeco-Roman textures of TR4. Not an easy raid, for sure. This one is a real challenge that will require plenty of patience, quick thinking, and time. The first five minutes of the first level let you know exactly what you're in for. Those raiders who have only just started adventuring with Lara may want to get some more experience under their belts before tackling this one. There are three 'main' levels and one bonus level which I highly recommend everyone go out of their way for the twenty minutes or so it takes to do the side tasks to secure the extra key in the Roman Baths level that allows you to access it. Combat is not so bad, what's difficult are many of the trap sequences and timed runs. There are a few atypical enemy encounters where you need to dispose of them in creative ways and do so in a hurry. The final showdown is also a doozy. You won't be bored with these, for sure. The overall level design is awesome, and I have no criticisms of texturing, lighting or architecture. Everything looks great and the overall effect is immersive and engaging. I liked the custom objects and character we got to interact with in the bonus level. That was cool, and so were the breathing gladiator statues. Trippy. Great use of sound effects, event-triggered music and dramatic camera angles and shots. The flyby scenes were actually useful and aided me in seeing the big picture instead of being intrusive or annoying. Overall just lovely and a wonderful Grecian romp." - Chel (16-Apr-2019)
"What an amazing set of levels. From the opening gauntlet you know that this will not be easy. Persevere though because it is worth it. Set in a well designed TR1 style environment, this contains great gameplay, nicely applied textures and well fitting sounds. Thanks Sue for a wonderful game." - Ryan (11-Jun-2016)
"A four level (the third is secret, but the pack is very forgiving with letting you backtrack for it, so it may as well count as a main level) Greek-themed pack, and one of the best there is. The texture use varies quite a lot but manages to feel somewhat Greek throughout despite that, and each level has a very different atmosphere and style while still feeling like part of a whole. The only weak-point is some of the lighting in the second level, which is quite flat at times. Enemies and objects are interestingly re- modeled and fit well (especially the wraiths). It also contains some of the most epically vast interior rooms I've seen in a TR level (namely in the third and fourth level) including some great use of the Z-axis.
I found the start a bit frustrating, with a trial and error gauntlet past many rolling balls and pit-traps while being chased by a Wraith at the same time. The ending fight also had some somewhat annoying lightning traps that seem completely random. All the gameplay is great beyond that though; it's on the more challenging side of things, and makes some unorthodox use of objects and some sneaky trapdoors, but if you pay attention to where Lara looks (and the design in general) there's almost always some clues about what to do. There's also some original ideas (especially for when this pack came out) like the movable rolling balls and the use of a guide in the third level. A must play, and among the very best when it comes to Greek- themed packs." - Mman (02-May-2010)
"This level set begins where Isis' first level Temple Of Thor finished - with Lara picking up Thor's glove from a pedestal which opens up a nearby door and incurs Thor's wrath! And boy does he {and Isis} throw everything at you bar the kitchen sink! Huge wraiths, lightning, earthquakes, rolling balls and that's just the first five minutes! But this level set isn't all about avoiding traps; there are lots of puzzles too. Figuring out how to turn off the steam in the baths room was great fun. There was a very novel way of opening a locked door too. And the ending is simply fantastic. All this in an absolutely beautiful environment. You move from caves and canyons to temples and gardens quite believably. Wrath Of Thor, even though it is a few years old now, is one of my all-time favourite custom levels. Thank you Isis." - Kitkat (10-Jul-2007)
"A great game with interesting gameplay , clever puzzles , excellent architecture , some new animations and innovations. The various settings are really good to explore , some have a TR1 feel , others are more AOD inspired. I did not found the game very difficult , for example the timed runs are easy but good fun. It is not an easy game either , a bit of thinking is sometimes necessary and in a few places the player really needs to take a leap of faith. I really enjoyed the beginning of the game with a long escape through caves , trying to find a pool of water to escape a fire wraith while avoiding falling rocks and earthquakes caused by the wrath of Thor. This was great fun and so difficult if saving the game in different slots. Then a temple to explore with interesting puzzles to solve and some catacombs. The horseman was a tough enemy : never saw before a horseman who climbed back on the horse 3 times after falling down ! In the Roman baths level , the author really made a good job to create the realism of steam baths : for example one of the pipes was red because of the heat. The looks texturing and architecture of the inside palaces are really lovely. Lowering the rope is a clever innovation and the flipmaps are impressive. After finding the 4 keys , the bonus level can be accessed. Once again an impressive setting to explore : a derelict temple area that will be flooded later on. The highlight is a great torch puzzle combined with a Greek guide. Some of the rooms and the gardens are beautiful. I really enjoyed the part where Lara has to face different traps and jumps , with clever details like the stargates placed just before a pit or a fire burner , which makes the challenge different from the usual. After finding Thor's helmet, Lara arrives in the lap of gods in which many surprises await. A lot of action and subtle puzzles , and again some impressive moments before a great ending with Thor and its fiery lightings. Top class raiding from beginning to end ! Thank you for such a good game." - eRIC (03-Oct-2006)
"A level that you don't forget. I still have in my mind the huge wrath represented by the head of Thor following me. In case you were wondering: Thor is the Norse god of thunder. He is a son of Odin and Jord, and one of the most powerful gods. He is married to Sif, a fertility goddess. Thor was usually portrayed as a large, powerful man with a red beard and eyes of lightning. Despite his ferocious appearance, he was very popular as the protector of both gods and humans against the forces of evil. That was a quik mithology lesson :) There aren,t much things to say about this level that the other reviewers haven't said before me. so I will just give thumbs up for this level that combines many TR styles and emotions." - dya1403 (25-Jul-2006)
"A huge level with lots to see and do. Besides the regular levels, there is a bonus, which is a must play as it is the best of the lot. The author admited to not realizing that Thor was a Norse, and not Roman god. And there is some odd mixing of Christian and pagan material in the textures (Thor was definitely not a Christian deity). Unfortunately, the author used some the weary old Catacombs textures, which is really a shame in a level this good. There are some great moves, such as kicking the ball, and the way the god comes to life at the end is great. Many of the settings are quite splendid, and the entire piece comes off as a labor of love. Impressive!" - Duncan (29-May-2006)
"Playing this wonderful game was a real pleasure for me and I enjoyed every moment. This game includes a lot of action like battles against enemies, timed runs and also hard jumping tasks. There's still much more other things than just shooting enemies and so on. Puzzles are also wonderful and the environment looks very good containing many big and breathtaking areas. You will also have to face many different enemies during the game like skeletons, different kind of wraiths, gladiators, lions, crocodiles, horsemen and a big hammer guy. To get ful points from me, more attention should have been paid to texturing and maybe a bit more creativity and imagination should have been needed too. All the other things are made really well and I have to admit that this is really good work." - Samu (09-May-2006)
"I have only played Isis first level before this adventure and even if I really liked that one, you can't really compare it to this adventure. These four levels are just amazing. The environment is mostly tr1 like and I really love these good old setting. Sue has also spiced it up with textures from tr4, Tinnos etc but the overall feeling is pure old tr1! Where to begin to describe this piece of art? Well, the architecture is probably the best I have ever seen. A lot of huge areas but always things to do in them (or just watch the beautiful textures hehe) The game play is superb! Ranging from normal difficulty to easy. On a few spots it can be really difficult but overall it is not hard. A very solid gameplay experience with no frustrating moments ;)The secrets are not so hard to find but cleverly covered. What I mean is that you will not have any problem finding them as long as you do some effort and remember the environment etc. The objects are extremely well made and range from 'horsemen skeletons' (Who tricked me at first!) a very angry Thor boss etc to different kind of modified wraiths and gladiators. The horseman and his horse also appear twice in the adventure. So what about the atmosphere? Just WOW! The cameras are used to perfection and the sounds fit so well. Also there are a lot of triggers for music, sounds etc that adds to even better atmosphere. The cameras always give hints to doors and the flybys are very informative. And as I said before, the textures and lighting is just amazing. Sue is either a natural in putting realistic areas together or she has worked day and night for a long time to make this possible. Just simply perfect, period. Highlights of this adventure: The boulder you kick at Thor in the end and earlier to open a door! The first gauntlet run during the first five minutes of level 1. The use of the good old bell during the bonus level!! And everything else..too much to describe just HAVE to play this adventure as it is one of the best (if not THE best) custom level set I have ever played! All tens from me, Sue..cause you really deserve if for creating such an amazing adventure. I bow down to the skill you have in the art of building levels! Way to go!" - QRS (17-Mar-2006)
"Absolutely loved the fast-paced, high-energy start to this level! Dodging landslides, the earth falling out from beneath you, and a gladiator wrath all at the same time was the perfect way to begin this exciting level. Great gameplay from start to finish, especially in the last level,"In the Lap of the Gods." Wonderful atmosphere as well, and"Quest for the Helmet" is a beautifully designed level especially. Highly recommend these levels." - Celli (17-Mar-2006)
"Wow! An amazing set of levels here! If you get through the very dramatic and challenging beginning of this adventure, you can expect hours of fantastic Tomb Raiding in TR1 style! TR1 is my favourite TR, so this is great! The gameplay focuses on exploration and puzzles, rather than combat. There are lots of challenging traps, jumps and areas to get alive through, all of them beautiful looking. A good thing is that you can choose the level you want to play from the main screen, and after you have seen the bonus level "Quest for the Helmet", you will know why this is good. It's a stunningly beautiful half surmerged Roman temple in a HUGE cave. If you can't finish the main levels, go for this one. It's not really that hard, but challenging and a joy to play! There are lots of dramatic sequences and the level ends with a climax. You face Thor himself! Lots of innovative gameplay and puzzles in these levels. Atmosphere is superb. Difficulty is average, so not only experienced should find The Wrath of Thor a joy to play. This builder knows what she is doing! A perfect 10/10!" - Thorir (15-Mar-2006)
"When some games are so wonderful and expansive such as this one it is very hard to give any description that could sum it all up. It is just outstanding what one person can envision in their mind and then realise into reality and Sue definitely has one fabulous imagination. There are four levels, one of these a bonus, in this roman old-style based game, all on or about an hour a piece, and I was absolutely captivated and transported into this wonderful world as the textures and atmosphere were just on the money. Through the different levels you amass all the pieces of Thor's armour but it is his hammer that you have taken on this escapade to collect and he isn't going to let it go without a fight, but as he is quite a big boy and very powerful Sue was so kind as to give the players a brilliant little trick to defeat him. This really is just a down and out brilliant adventure with some new innovations and a great environment and I am a total fan. I collected 10 secrets some of which opened up the bonus level." - Sash (01-Mar-2006)
"It is an earthquake we hopefully never have to endure in real life as it appears in my opinion too long and trying to find your way while your screen is shaking, well...... That made me so sick to my stomach that I just couldn't get any further for a while. Poor Dutchy doesn't act kindly to earthquakes and wouldn't survive this one. The hunt for secrets for a bonus level is starting to get on my nerves but I still wonder why Sue made the levels available through the Menu to play each on it own, so no hunt was necessary so why do it then. I thought that Sue was a bit too clever for her own good, don't get me wrong, so far I have enjoyed all her previous levels but this is in my opinion not worth 4 times a 10. The best of all was indeed the steam/bath room, it for sure looked so real that was a WOW moment for me. I found this mini game utterly confusing and as you can see I took my time to wrestle through it. 20-10-2005" - Gerty (26-Oct-2005)
"I've been living a double life lately, playing the blockbuster epics at home while using my office computer to download the older levels to play when I have a spare moment and to write the walkthroughs. The difference is remarkable. I would no more embark on a series such as Wrath of Thor without a walkthrough handy (and Kris of Lara's Home has provided a marvelous one) than I would get on a motorbike without putting on a helmet. The complexity of Thor is quite overwhelming from the very beginning, when you have to work your way across rumbling canyon pits in a desperate search for water while being chased by a fire wraith. The environs quickly become quite eye-catching, however, and I paused many times to enjoy the beauty of my surroundings as I made my way steadily through this time-consuming creation. While I was duly impressed with Thor (and with Omegapolis, which I'm now playing), I find that both just miss 4-10 status. I'm not sure I can put my finger on the reason. Maybe it's because I enjoy the luxury of carelessly looking around on occasion while I'm moving forward, free from the constant worry of "how am I going to get out of this room" or "what's lurking around the next corner." Don't get me wrong; Thor is one for the ages. I'm just glad that I have plenty of these 45- to 60-minute wonders available for the sheer joy of worry-free raiding." - Phil (17-Oct-2005)
"One of the best levels by Sue Wicks :-) I liked it very much, especially the puzzles. You have to think quite a bit about where things are hidden and how to get to them. In part 1 you need to evade a fire wraith and boulders to later reach a temple. As said, not easy. Many gems and keys to find and some other things as well. Every now and then tinmen and flying sword wraiths appear and need to be dealt with quickly. I liked the Bonus level best...beautifully designed environment. I found only 9 of the 10 secrets, ah well you can't have it all ;-). Overall very good gameplay, right after my taste." - Engelchen Lara (07-Oct-2005)
"This is the continuation of Sue's excellent 'Temple of Thor'. We see the same carefully designed architecture, lighting, textures and terrific atmosphere, making these rooms as beautiful as they are deadly, including new and innovative ideas. In fact, take nothing for granted, and if it seems silly, just try it anyway, you'll be so surprised. The first two levels are called . . . Wrath of Thor and Roman Baths. Lara starts standing in front of Thor's armour. When she takes it Thor's wrath knows no boundaries, what with electrical bolts of lightening, an earthquake, trying to escape through the caves and canyons as rocks come crashing down from all angles, the earth opening up in front of her; and just in case she doesn't get the message he sends a huge spirit to chase her around trying to set her on fire. Whoohoo! That'll wake you up. When you finally find the water I'll bet you sit there for a minute to take a breath and calm down before searching for a way out. And this way out is so well done, climbing up and through gaps in the rock to discover a temple high in the mountains. I hope you found the grenade gun at the start because from here on it's desperately needed. Take a look at the first gladiator statue, stand near it and save your game. If Sue hasn't changed it since I first played it, it will animate when you reload. Excellent! We'll meet more skeletons here, the usual kind, ones that ride horses and ones that fly, 'sword' wraiths, and colourful knights. You really do need to put your thinking cap on, there are so many new ideas, and it also helps to throw caution to the wind and just take a chance on occasion. For example, when the sword wraiths show up, where do you go? I ran and jumped across the lava without thinking and the gate opened on the other side just in time for me to grab the floor! There are some great timed runs, rope swinging, shimmying, monkeyswing and jumping around high rooms, swinging blades, vase pushing for interesting puzzles, and finding and placing tridents on statues. One exciting exercise is to shoot a vase while sliding on a slope, holster pistols in time to grab a jumpswitch, slide/twist and grab the top of wall with swinging blades, and to add insult to injury, being chased by another huge gladiator head wraith. The idea and sound of the scalding hot steam room in the Roman Baths is excellent. There is a devious route here in Roman Baths to find an elusive skull. I could not figure it out. One route is open, then blocked off for good later on. It all revolves around pulling a certain switch twice, which never occured to me. So for this particular item I'd recommend the walkthrough. Some objects and routes are well hidden so searching everywhere is a must. Lara has to find keys, tridents, and skulls. Three skulls will get you to the end, but finding the fourth will open the bonus level called . . . . The Quest for the Helmet, a very beautiful half submerged temple complex in a gigantic cave. The most amazing thing to watch here is the Roman guide dressed in a toga and sandels. He lights torches and opens doors for Lara. This guy has a long way to walk, and is held up at a pool until Lara activates a bridge for him. He is help up again until Lara fixes the stairs. Naturally a lot of swimming is done here, and Lara eventually floods the cave, but also releases two hags. In the Lap of the Gods. My personal favourite level. It's littered with exciting new actions and puzzles. It's basically one enormous cave. Sliding in at ground level to deal with a colourful horseman, we see slopes and ledges all the way up to the open sky at the top. More of these knights show up later on too in a room with one of the best timed runs I've done in ages,. And here too is where we turn off the heating system and cool the water in the steam room. The unusual actions, especially the rolling balls was such a surprise. The 'walking' puzzle is not so obvious, and I had to be told what happened here, despite the fact I eventually found the scroll with the instructions. The route to the top of this enormous cave is fascinating. There are lions here to add to that nostalgic feeling. I was confused at first in the room with a huge vase and switch to raise blocks, but wouldn't give up until I figured it out. Other great actions are a run past three battering rams being chases by wraiths; a great puzzle of timed door/raised-block/shimmy to get a bronze key; another block to raise to get the second one; into a room with fire emitter and four slopes that Lara must stand on to open the exit door without being burned. And it continues on with more great actions and puzzles until we take Thor's hammer and have to face his wrath up close. What a blast! One of the best levels I've played in a long time. Wondering what to download next? Look no further. This is an excellent level and well worth the download. Brilliant!" - CC (12-Sep-2005)
"Wrath of Thor: Talk about chucked in at the deep end - running around in an earthquake zone, frantically looking for water to evade a (wonderfully re-textured) fire wraith. There are some excellent special effects going on - I especially liked the chained skeletons dropping down from the wall and the skeleton on horseback. There are some great agility tests too - timed runs and a lovely disappearing/reappearing column run. Roman Baths: I spent ages running around trying to evade a sword wraith because I'd missed the really well hidden owl. Owls aren't the only well hidden things either. I found this section quite challenging at times, wondering just where to go, but admittedly I am easily confused. In the Lap of the Gods: Oh how I treasured the sight of Lara kicking a boulder - I've often wished she would. Now if some clever builder would just get her to sit down and play the piano for us one of these days I could die happy. This section contains a really super puzzle involving a scroll - I thought it was most inventive - and the confrontation with Thor and the lightning bolts is extremely effective, especially his defeat. It's all clever stuff I promise you. Quest for the Helmet: There are some particularly nice looking areas in this bonus section (especially the underwater temple), great textures and really effective use of a nicely remodelled 'guide'. There's also a climbing pole so devilishly well camouflaged that I just had to give it a round of applause. This is an extremely enjoyable raid that you won't want to miss if you've any sense." - Jay (20-Aug-2005)
"Wrath of Thor (9/9/10/10, 60 min., 3 secrets): Well, Sue certainly does not let us in easy on this adventure. It starts with a fabulous gauntlet (unfortunately while an earhtquake keeps going) through rough surroundings. Once things have settled down you can then go back and explore peacefully. This part has a very good flow, progression is smooth and many, many cameras are used. There are burners, spikes, swinging blades, timed runs and a cool fliproom where high pillars 'move around'. Enemies are a fun variety of the skeleton type and rather cool modified wraiths as well as some crocodiles. Roman Baths (8/9/10/9, 70 min., 3 secrets): This for me turned out to be a rather complex level in which I had to run back and forth a lot in order to eventually find my way. It has a bit of a maze like feel to it and from the title you can guess that there is also an amount of swimming to accomplish. The overall look feels a bit like 'more of the same' everywhere, even though the Roman bath setting as such comes across quite realistically. Enemies are Romans, skeletons, crocodiles and wraiths again. The engine room is awesome and the timed run it was great fun. I don't think I would have managed to find the bonus level without the walkthrough though. Quest for the Helmet (8/10/9/9, 60 min., 2 secrets): This starts out in a huge area and it took me a while to get my bearings and get going, but once you do things fall into place rather well. This Bonus Level has one of the coolest uses of the Guide (nicely remodeled to suit the surroundings) and offers another fun trap gauntlet in the middle. The sea hags are always a great appearance too and the climbing of the vine was an inspired idea. In the Lap of the Gods (9/9/9/9, 45 min., 2 secrets): It starts out almost a bit spooly but then opens up into another explorer level with a fairly decent flow through the ruins. Lions roam the place and also a few crocodiles, skeletons, Romans and wraiths. Another nice idea with the animation to kick the rolling ball, especially of course when used near the end. In this final part you need to acquire the four 'beetles' for the pyramid which then reveals Thor's Hammer for you. There are timed sequences, burners, cages to raise, a nice little puzzle with the Papyrus hint and a really fabulous boss ending. Overall, this is a very consistent series with a nice little storyline that is great fun to play and should absolutely not be missed." - MichaelP (20-Aug-2005)
"Perfection exists! Very few times I've play levels like this. Those are levels to be directly in the 'Hall of Fame'. Great! It's obligatory to play this marvellous levels. Excelent gameplay, very good puzzles, new features and animations, many cameras, impressive scenes, ... All that a professional level can have. You don't have to pass too much difficult tasks or reload too much times the same savegame, only explore, discover and think. I only missed one thing: a vehicle in one of the levels to be all perfect. Perhaps there are many people who think this levels aren't perfect, but I love this kind of levels (Legacy of the Gods, Alexander's Tomb,...). Many few times I've rate a level with 10 in all sections, but this is one of this times. Many many thanks Sue to make so much people so happy like me. I hope it will be a sequel in the future from one of the best TR level builders in the world. Congratulations!" - Jose (09-Aug-2005)
"This is an awesome set of levels! Lots of traps and puzzels with a new feeling, new twists and turns. Things you think you recognise but that are new! Sue has really outdone herself here. The level is hard, but not too hard. The secrets are just 'lagom' as we say in Swedish - not too hard and not too easy. Progressing gameplay, as you search for Thor's armour and finally get to meet him! This is a mustplay level! Well done and thank you Sue!" - G.Croft (08-Aug-2005)
"If you're one of those players who actually has a life outside of TR, you'll probably find this set of levels immensely aggravating. The very labyrinthine nature of much of the layout (splendid though it may be) presents a problem when the Player decides, for whatever reason, to save the game and come back to it later. In this instance I saved the game and came back to it about a week later (when work and family life no longer intruded) settled in to enjoy an afternoon's gaming, and then found myself confronted with a succession of cut scenes within a 10 minute time span, all showing small doors opening in small corridors somewhere. The whereabouts of those doors and corridors may have been obvious to someone fortunate enough to have been able to play this adventure all in one go, but a surfeit of Playboy during the past 6 days had somewhat robbed my memory of the relevant information. So labyrinthine is much of the environment that the lack of recollection of where a particular door may be is really quite crippling. Compounded to this is the fact that this is also one of those levels where the acquisition of secrets is considered to be as important (if not more so) than actual level progression, which is highly frustrating if (after flogging through room after room in order to find out which small door opened where) you discover that your previous half-hour of running/jumping and exploring had been spent on nothing more than the acquisition of a Secret consisting of a Large Medi (of which I had collected quite enough already!) As if this weren't enough, apparently somewhere within its depths this set of three levels also harbours a fourth (bonus) level; which (according to other reviewers) probably contains the best scenery and Gameplay of all. What an extraordinary concept! Devoting huge amounts of time in the construction of a level which many people will probably never see, nor even be aware of. Instead of hiding it away, why not simply include it as a fourth level? To make matters worse, you can (quite bizarrely) actually access it via the Main Menu; thus negating all the effort you're supposed to have made in locating it in the first place! All of this quite detracts from what are otherwise a quite superb set of adventures. Each one contains more Gameplay ideas than you can possibly shake a stick at; and scenery and atmosphere that is simply as good as it is possible to get. Within a TR1 scenario (which should be old hat by now) you will find instead the most extraordinary and breath-taking architectural and Gameplay concepts; from timed-runs to innovative enemies; beautiful music to startling environments. I think my favourite area was the Steam Bath chamber, which was so convincing I actually felt the humidity! Gameplay itself is never especially difficult, and progression is usually rather fast (and often furious). The ending is terrific, and is as good a Finale as there can ever be; while supreme moments abound around almost every corner. It's just that there are way too many corners (and trapdoors - and raising blocks - and infuriatingly unnecessary secret areas) for its own good!" - Orbit Dream (03-Aug-2005)
"This sequel to the Temple of Thor is destined to become an entry to the Hall of Fame, in my opinion. It begins where the other finished, in a quest for Thor's other Glove, Armour and the Gold Hammer. There are three levels with a bonus fourth if you pick up all four Skull Keys in the Roman Bath level. Not strictly necessary as the Bonus level can be accessed through the Start Menu but more fun to do it the 'legal' way. A brilliant beginning: Picking up the first Glove from a pedestal opens a door and starts an earthquake. If that wasn't enough, you'll have to navigate between crashing boulders, pits and the Thor fire demon wraith in a run for safety and water. Memorable? Very. Loaded with imaginative twists and turns. There's a Red Herring door that leads to a secret; balls that need a good kicking; Omega tiles over a flame that need to be 'stepped' on; a simple jump to a rope that has to be well thought out and in the Bonus, a return to the Guide to light the way and open entrys. Almost forgot to mention the 'breathing' statues and the Thor big boss ending. Quite an adventure - one not to be missed. Textures are brilliant also. I was impressed with the life-sized painted warrior walls especially. Congratulations, Sue. Exceptionally well done." - Bene (27-Jul-2005)
"Everything, from the textures to the puzzles keeps the player's interest. Even the bonus level is not just places you run around collecting goodies but there are puzzles and enemies as well. The rocky areas are one of favourite not to mention all the sneaky moves the author placed in some levels. I don't want to spoil it so I'll just say that the trick with ball and the 'strange' pole were certainly surprising, in a good way. The only thing that I thought was unfair and we weren't given any hint about, was the item inside a lion's head. It took me ages to find and actually I needed help in the end. Nothing indicated that there's something to be found there so a hint would be much appreciated. The level with the rams trap and a wraith chasing you was challenging, in fact there are many wraiths so keep an eye for bird statues or water and remember them. As enemies you get horsemen, hard to kill though, skeletons and lions too. I replayed the game to find all ten secrets and I enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time. The lighting and the way the boss is killed near the end were great effects. I wouldn't mind playing this a third time some time in the future and don't you miss it either." - Kristina (27-Jul-2005)
This was a most excellent, and I can't stress enough, excellent set of levels from Sue. Talk about returning to some great original type TR, fantastic! The levels are very much TR1 orientated, but of course new items and enemies are added. I just loved the use TR1 textures and environments. Enemies are skellies, wraiths, crocs, horsemen, lions, bats and probably a few others I forgot about, but you'll meet Thor at the end and he's just stunning! Gameplay is sometimes very fast, and at times really mean, Hehe! You'll even start with one of the most difficult sessions I have come across so far. Moving on there's boulder traps, spike traps, fire, ropes swings and a whole menagerie of fab things to accomplish. Lara leaves with the hammer and hopefully 10 secrets, though I only found 9 Oops! I can't give these levels enough credit with mere words, you simply have to play them to appreciate how good they are. Top class Raiding, so go on and download because you won't be disappointed! Full marks! And thank you Sue for such a fabulous game!:-) - Moonpooka (20-Jul-2005)
Another perfect game! You're going to love this one. The architecture is breathtaking! You will begin your raid in one of the most believable earthquakes made. Lara has to gallop through the landscape as cavernous pits open up beneath her and be sure to duck as you run to escape the rock slides. That's just the beginning of the trials that await our gal. Sue has added some features to some well-known objects that gives them a whole new spin. Try and remember this when you get stuck - it'll help! She's also another devious level builder who enjoys hiding things like the anti-wraith bird. Each level is filled with challenging gameplay. The Roman Baths lead Lara through a series of complex pool rooms where obtaining a skull can be a puzzling quandry. The Quest for the Helmet requires the assistance of a wonderful toga-clad Greek God!? I couldn't help but picture John Belushi yelling 'food fight' and singing 'Louis-Louis'. LOL. Hope some of you will get that! Lara will finally get her revenge in the Lap of the Gods when she faces off with Thor once and for all. Thank you Sue for an excellent game! - Mugs (18-Jul-2005)
With being one of the beta-testers for the levels, you might say I'm biased with rating the game so highly, but for what it's worth I believe the level deserves the rating, and I believe I'd rated it the same if I had just finished it for the first time. Levels based on the original game's theme are nothing new, but Sue's levels pass the 'wannabe' stage by not only incorporating what made the setting so enjoyable the first time around, but also adding innovative touches everywhere along the way giving this a very fresh feel to it, and thus making the time spent in the 4 levels here thoroughly enjoyable. Wrath of Thor (25 min, 3 secrets) - starts where Sue's original 2002 debut level 'Temple of Thor' left off. As the title indicates Thor's not a happy chap for Lara stealing the glove, and you get all his tantrum cast upon you in the first few minutes in form of earthquakes, rock-slides, lightning, the ground crumbling beneath your feet, and Thor in form of a big fire ghost chasing you. An engrossing experience as can be understood, and I bet you'll never have been as happy to see a spring of water in your gaming life! As can be understood - the level heavily relies on riveting action sequences, but the atmospheric factor keeps up decently as well (for example climbing cliffs and seeing how the temple, that sits atop the abyss unfolds) and you often have to put your mind to use and not act blindly lead by what we are used to do in levels. Roman Baths (40 min, 3 secrets) - though still with a few fairly well thought through action sequences and timed runs, this is much calmer than the previous level and will require a lot more thinking than other skills in order for you to keep in mind the level's layout, where you need to use keys tridents, skull keys and the like, and to unravel the mysteries (*cough* dual passages *cough*) this level may have. A delightful mix of Tinnos, Catacombs and the Greco/Roman setting - it will keep you entertained thorough the time it lasts! And do try to find all 4 skulls to experience the level to the fullest and get access to the bonus level. Quest for the Helmet (22 min, 2 secrets) - probably aesthetically the best looking level in the adventure - a semi-submerged white temple in a HUGE flooded cavern - quite gem of a level, mostly because of its great looks, but the gameplay isn't slacking too with challenging pathways filled with traps, an inclusion of an ancient guide along the way - the whole passing on the torch idea in the jungle like room - all's very cool and makes finding the skulls in previous level worth the effort. No need to worry if you don't find them as you can always select the level from script manually and play it like that, but that's not really the same. In the Lap of Gods (25 min, 2 secrets) - final and probably my favourite level in the adventure - all revolves around a huge main hall, which you can and will climb up and down in order to find the 4 bronze keys which will unlock the final piece of Thor's equipment (ahem...) and a spectacular final battle, not to be missed, which is creative as many other errands the level offers you, like the pace puzzle, interactivity with things you didn't think it was possible any other way than being killed by them, battering ram run and more! Overall - the fans of TR1 will appreciate the, from that game, inspired surroundings with new twists to them very much, but the level as any other of the 4 - tenners I've reviewed, I think is a must play for everyone! Never too difficult and always enjoyable, so the perfect level to play right NOW! - eTux (17-Jul-2005)
What a great level! Isis has made such a pleasant game to play, difficult in some parts but never impossible or frustrating. There's always a reason for a puzzle or a way to find and follow, everything in the end is smooth. Textures are very good, lighting is clever (I loved the fog of the hot water) atmosphere is full of suspense and the sound is brilliant. The use of camera helps you a lot, giving hints of what to do. Enemies are only a few, and easy to beat, objects and secrets are not so easy to find. I missed a couple of secrets. What a relief to kick balls.... - Glow (17-Jul-2005)