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Sudeki by Agnes

Akcy 9 10 10 10
Andzia9 9 10 10 10
Bene 10 9 10 10
CC 9 8 10 9
DJ Full 9 9 10 9
Engelchen Lara 9 10 10 10
Gerty 9 10 10 10
Glow 10 10 10 9
Ivan 10 9 10 10
Jay 9 10 10 10
Jenni 8 8 7 8
JesseG 6 8 8 7
Jorge22 9 9 10 9
Jose 9 9 10 9
Kristina 9 10 10 10
Lorax 10 9 10 10
MichaelP 8 8 9 9
mugs 9 9 9 10
Necro 9 8 9 9
Obig 10 9 10 10
OverRaider 8 8 8 9
Phil 10 9 10 9
Ravenwen 7 8 8 9
Ryan 9 10 10 9
Selene 10 10 10 10
Shandroid 10 9 10 9
Sutekh 8 8 10 10
The Aussie Adventurer 10 10 10 10
Treeble 7 9 9 8
release date: 22-Jul-2005
# of downloads: 104

average rating: 9.22
review count: 29
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file size: 92.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"I was actually rather surprised that the five levels in this set took me just over two hours to get through (I still needed to devote two days of my alloted daily tombraider time though), They are short levels interconnected by the main storyline but all took place in nice environments, such as medieval villages and a gorgeous castle, but also in some more dreadful spaces such as a foggy floating islands type of level or an industrial sewer of sorts. Gameplay is relatively ok, not quite as enthralling as the environments however and I think there might have been at least one underwater maze in each of the levels, except for the final one — in which it's just a standard maze. It got tiresome. A flaming pillars sequence in one of the early levels also drove me crazy, and on that regard there were a few bits which were obscure. For the flaming pillars for instance you need to navigate them without ever shutting them off, and in the industrial level you have to climb an unmarked climbable wall all the way to the top to have enough height to flip over what I suspect should have been a shatterable window. Quite counterintuitive. The climbable surfaces also often don't use ideal textures, usually just a different texture but not one you'd think "oh, I can climb that" until you try it (or the walkthrough tells you to, thank you Selene!). 2h15min, 9 secrets. 02/23" - Treeble (19-Feb-2023)
"Amazing game that had me hooked from start to finish. I love how you can play any level in any order. There's some great variety with the levels here ranging from industrial almost horror themed levels to more fantasy themed ones. Very clever texture work, I don't think I would have thought to use these textures in the levels I'm making the way Agnes does. The music and ambient noises they chose are also really great and create some great atmosphere. There are a few moments that maybe could have been done better, but that can be said about almost any level, It's still an incredible set of levels that holds up very well almost 17 years later." - Lorax (06-May-2022)
"This is a set of 5 levels that Lara can explore in any order as she amasses four gems to protect a kingdom. Unfortunately all of these levels are plagued with the same questionable game design choices: Poorly marked grabbable surfaces, invisible shimmy ledges, camouflaged pushblocks, jumpswitches hidden on one out of a dozen pillars, trial-and-error switch puzzles, and last but not least are the many mazes. Add missing camera cues into the mix and it's a recipe for frequently staring down the walkthrough. What I did enjoy was the non-linear yet approachable structure of the adventure, with each level having its own unique aesthetic and a gem to find, kindly teleporting Lara back to the hub level after she finds it. I also like the sense of fantasy present in these levels, particularly due to the nice variety of enemies. The flame burner columns in Shadow World were tricky but an enjoyable challenge, and there's a few timed runs and traps as well. Overall a great premise, and if it weren't for the unfair methods the levelset used to stump players, this would have been more of a fulfilling adventure. 2 hours 39 minutes." - JesseG (06-Jul-2021)
"Good and full adventure, a bit too many mazes and the audio sometimes cuts off too abruptly, but I'm still gonna award atmosphere with max score since it's simply astonishing how much sense this scenery makes despite of so many different texture origins used. I also liked how brief those levels are so whatever happens, they don't get too boring." - DJ Full (02-Aug-2019)
"Another great series by Agnes, she for sure knows how to build. Yes, this may seem a bit easy and may not tax experienced players, but we all like to relax once in a while, don't we? Lara helps to restore harmony to the once peaceful city of Sudeki. Charming story with a wonderful story. Nicely done, Agnes." - Ryan (22-Jun-2016)
"Masterpiece? Definitely not!!! Enjoyable? Yes! Quite interesting custom game, some good moments, some good ideas, not very hard rather easy, nice atmosphere, different various levels and quite easy to find all secrets...Of course there were some boring moments and some not suitable music. Recommended 8/8/8/9" - OverRaider (20-Jan-2013)
"What can I say is: Wow. Great and amazing game. We can visit some beautiful places. But sometimes we will be in spooky worlds. Wonderful idea was placing future world. However gameplay wasn't so good. Sometimes, game freezed when I tryied to pick up weapon. I haved to search good place, where everything will be work fine. The rest is brilliant. Well done Agnes." - Andzia9 (07-Jun-2009)
"This level was so unique and wonderful. There were many times that I was quite confused, but again, that is not unusual for me. Sudeki is a fantasy type level, but not so abstract that it would put off the players who do not like these types of levels. There was never a boring moment here, and many challenges to keep you busy. This one is not to be missed even today. If you missed it back in 2005, play it now." - Shandroid (29-Oct-2008)
"The story reads that it's about good versus evil and Illumina is the crux of it all, which hinges on 4 crystals - no idea what the 4 crystals actually do as it's not clear but anyway, that's the object of the game: to find a crystal in 4 different worlds. I love beautiful worlds with lots of colour and variety, and Sudeki certainly offers plenty of both: Illumina was very pretty with trees and swans and things, and Metalworld was very, well, metally - the variety made for good eye-candy as I can become bored to tears with a set of levels in the same setting and colours etc. The enemies aren't difficult and there aren't many, but I don't believe there needs to be an abundance of difficult enemies to defeat to make a game good to play. The variety in them (cyborgs and robots in Metalworld, spiders in Shadow world and bears, bats and skeletons everywhere else) were appropriate to the setting and worked well with the atmosphere. The gameplay was very dependent on "find a switch to open a door" and didn't vary too much - that can become a little monotonous after a while. Flybys were helpful to remember what an object is for, especially if the trek is a little way back in the game. However, there weren't enough cameras to indicate what a switch would do if it wasn't obvious, and I found myself running in circles wondering "what did that button do?" a few times. Some of the music score was a bit too loud and over-bearing, particularly in Illumina and The Castle - when taking my merry time to search everything and everywhere, the music no longer becomes "background" and becomes very much "in your face" - I had to remove both files for a bit of peace and quiet. On the whole though, a nice set of levels, with a variety of colourful settings and a nice leisurely romp - my kind of raiding :)" - Jenni (04-May-2008)
"I found this levelset quite entertaining as a whole, kinda liked the fairy tale atmosphere of it and the dreamy feel, not to mention the absolutely lovely environments and the artful use of textures (which, in my opinion, is its strongest point). However I thought the gameplay to be a bit too predictable most of the times; and a few situations that, on first look, seemed to be tougher, were actually rather easy to handle and posed no serious problems in the end. This by no means goes to say that I didn't like 'Sudeki'; like said, I enjoyed it while it lasted, and it was a joy to look at and wander in its worlds. But for me, what makes a level/game/etc essentially stand out, is most of all the gameplay factor, which in this one, imho, was somehow not so original nor particularly challenging." - Ravenwen (03-Sep-2007)
"Four different worlds in this fairy tale land with different settings and atmospheres. The common thing is, that all masterpieces in their own way. Fantastic textures and music. An amazing castle, stunning floating islands area, beautiful lava room. Gameplay is at average difficulty, my favorite was Metal World, also had the most special enemies, those robots. Wrong Lara anim for opening the chests, that is the only negative thing. Thank you Agnes for letting us see this wonderful world." - Akcy (26-Apr-2007)
"Fair kids tale in Tomb Raider style and wonderfull surrounding for every each level for name Sudeki. At beginning with nice swans and some birds and there are turtles too :) Little cute zoom but behund this is four very good made level for playing and finding four stones and help for lost world. Shadow world is very beauty and adark level with shadowed beggining and jumping over huge abyss and with a lot of dark and foggy places where you can very fast lost your health. Animals are well made too. Metal world is brilliant part for playing and very nice animals with robots and switches who can little confused, but at last all wasa okay and games come to the end. Because at laast time i have no too much time for playing, and sudeki was before downloaded, just now found time. Sympatic and cute levels of Agnes." - Ivan (22-Nov-2006)
"This series has a great storyline and 5 levels to complete, each having it's own seperate adventure. Basically, you start off in the home land and you need to get 4 diamonds from different worlds. each world has a different layout and atmosphere, for example one area is set in a castle, another is in a metallic environment. each area has beautifully designed and implemented and again the music has been selected to enhance the atmosphere fully. It was nice to see new objects and enemies. as for the gameplay, I found some areas very difficult but I am getting used to Agnes' type of gameplay so the use of underwater mazes and hidden pushable blocks are in force here as well as a few well hidden switches. I wouldn't have found the entrance to another world if I hadn't accently fallen down through some grass. I throughly enjoyed this level as the series offered different environments and the gameplay changed throughout." - Necro (28-Aug-2006)
"This is a wonderful adventure, providing varied settings in five different levels as well as inventive new enemies. Your task is to locate and bring back to the hub level a special gem in each of four locations, and your prize for doing so is access to a switch that triggers a nice closing flyby. Selene has written a comprehensive and witty walkthrough that I found very helpful. The level of difficulty is not that high, and Selene has done a great job of walking the gamer through the relatively few rough spots. I'm very impressed with the body of this builder's work. Highly recommended." - Phil (29-Mar-2006)
"Illumina (8/7/9/9, 25 min., 2 secrets): Very nice atmosphere right from the start with wonderful choice of music. Agnes lets you in easy, but you still need to have a keen eye in order to find the hidden crawlspace that leads you to the first gem. Only one wolf enemy and a small underwater maze to reach the next world. Shadow World (8/8/9/9, 40 min., 1/2 secrets): Talk about a change of setting. From a short floating island start you enter a largely black, white and grey world with eerie music and ahmets and spiders chasing Lara around. Some tricky jumps here around burning tiles over a lava pool and two short timed sequences, some well hidden crawlspaces, but generally smooth progression. Again a bit of an underwater maze which I simply don't enjoy, but not too bad. At the end you collect your next gem. Castle / Inside the Castle (8/7/8/8, 40+30 min., 3+1 secrets): In this part you first explore the outside of a Castle and unfortunately that yet again included an underwater maze area as well, plus a few push and raising blocks and nice flyby cameras along the way. Enemies are a few more of those wolfs, some skeletons and bats. The long backtrack for one of the secrets is worth it, as it helps with the skeletons. Later, inside the castle, you deal with a few blade traps, use a torch, evade fire wraiths and explore the various rooms to eventually get your hands on the next gem. There is a long flyby around the castle near the end, which was fun to watch before returning to Illumina and finding the entrance to the final world. Metal World (8/8/8/8, 45 min., 1 secret): Rather accomplished atmosphere again with yet another setting, cyborgs and robots roaming around and no less than three sets of (thankfully fairly small and even original) mazes again. Not all that much to do, except finding your way, pushing an occasional block, finding a few jumpswitches and a key. The toxic pool area looked nice though and the music was well selected. Overall this is an enjoyable adventure and not too difficult. It has a great storyline and the different settings work together well. For my taste it relies too much on maze like progression and there is not enough to actually do, but it is still a very ambitious piece of work that you should not miss out on." - MichaelP (08-Mar-2006)
"This is an adventure and then some. The music at the start is a nice uplifting tune that puts me right away in a good mood. The other added music just fitted very well in the whole story (if you did read the readme file that is). There are four worlds to explore. I left the game for quite a while but could pick it up with no problem at all. So exploring and seeking for the four Gems you need to protect this magic place. The gameplay runs smoothly and the only thing I didn't like that much was the underwater part. I did drown quite a bit before I figured out what to do. There are numerous objects to add some extra atmosphere and Agnes did a great job putting it all together in a fun gameplay. 19-11-2005" - Gerty (20-Nov-2005)
"First off, I did it all wrong (or wrong, at least, according to the walkthrough)... I started at The Castle and Inside the Castle, then I moved on to Metal World, then to Shadow World and only then have I found the gem in Illumina. The good news is it works great that way! Anyway, this is a very good game and it's hard to tell which of the levels I liked best. They're all different somehow and all provide good challenges and nice sceneries. Maybe Metal World and Shadow World were my favorites regarding the scenery, I suppose... There's a fine mix of discovery and traps to overcome here, plus some annoying monsters and small plus giant spiders. That's about it concerning enemies. Even though the game may have been somehow catalogued on the easy side, I must say I had to take quick peeks at the walkthrough at times, for I was blind but only then did I see. All in all, a great game, great fun to play, and I dare you to join the group of players who've already had the pleasure of discovering Illumina's secrets." - Jorge22 (18-Oct-2005)
"One of the best Levels built by Agnes, at least for my taste :-). Lara needs to find four diamonds and it is not an easy task. Puzzles are well thought out and you need to think a lot and also have a keen eye to find hidden things. Sound and atmosphere come across real well. Level and room structure are well designed. Not too many enemies (spiders and robots). All in all nice gameplay, many original ideas added. Thank you, Agnes - I enjoyed playing it :-)" - Engelchen Lara (02-Oct-2005)
"According to the readme Sudeki is a world divided in two, existing in two spheres that are nearly identical. Hasklia the Good and it's dark mirror image Akloria. The borders have started to break down and the capital Illumina is under attack. Lara goes in search of four diamonds hidden in four different worlds to activate a protective shield around the capital. The portals to the other three hidden worlds are here in . . . Illumina, a delightful enchanting place. Pink butteflies float past, swans glide in the rivers, rolling hills, a beautiful sky, trees and flowers. One of the diamonds is here, and finding it, and the other three portals, involves some very pleasant searching, by pushing blocks, climbing and swimming. Castle/Inside the Castle. Here we encounter some not so friendly bears. The atmosphere, textures and lighting are perfect, and gameplay is so addictive. Loved the 'birds', the climbing and jumping in the garden and on the roof. I had to read about the moveable block in the wall. In my game a flare did not point it out. So from here on, if I was stuck I made a point of checking walls. Lara finds a dark underground area, with walkways and gates to open, and meets the resident skeletons. Traps are blades and spikes. Good shimmys and monkeyswings too. The pool in the grounds leads to what looks like the rafters of the castle, this and the Mona Lisa water rooms are lovely. And now we have opened the front gates and can go Inside The Castle. This is how we would expect a castle to look like. Beautiful living rooms with sumptuous furniture and fittings. We move around this castle in an interesting way, including a timed run, finding dark corridors with traps, hidden panels, treasure store, and a lovely pool room. The bears have found their way in here too, alongside the resident bats and a fire wraith. There's a good torch puzzle, finding a 'crown' to place in the throne room, and something hidden under the bed! Shadow World. We're talking Floating Islands at the start. Inside the battlements of the only island you can head for, we find the place deserted except for spiders and ahmets. This is a very grey gloomy place with buildings belching out steam - a hint about the lava rooms below. Nice jumping across this lava area. There is an interesting room with cages and fire blocks, underwater mazes, a timed run, and interesting jumping and climbing around to claim this diamond. Metal World. The longest level in the download, at least I thought so. We have to get out of a metal maze at the start and it's not immediately obvious how this is done. A lot of running is involved to find the switch by working out the tile triggers on the floor that let down numerous walls. The frustration is taking out of this because it's great to watch these walls lower as you run towards them. There are metal knights in here to make life difficult, and a globe pushing exercise. This brings us outside to an area with a small pond and base-type buildings. This base is manned, ahem, guarded, by the Borg. We find a key to let us inside and find a large room with tanks and pipes to climb around, and a rope to swing up into what, for me, is the best looking part of these levels, (apart from the peaceful tranquility of Illumina). Robots are in here too. I thought this level was very well thought out. We have to be careful of toxic tanks, find the sneaky hidden block, work out an excellent puzzle of turning wheels to open up a maze, and do a tricky jump into one of the tanks. All four diamonds are then placed in the room provided in Illumina, and the city is now protected. Not sure who the lady warriors are in the final flyby, but they looked very colourful. Something is not right with their hands or weapons, a glitch perhaps! There's a lovely balance throughout, between obvious in-your-face traps and obstacles, and almost impossible to find hidden items. Another excellent level by the prolific Agnes. More please . . ." - CC (12-Sep-2005)
"Agnes created a gorgeous five-part level. I always liked her levels, but this is even more beautiful than the previous ones. We have to find 4 diamonds in 4 worlds where we arrive by a time-space siral. There and back too. The adventures take places in wonderful landscapes, among swans in the water, then around a castle in dungeons, but we also visit the building inside. At the end we also have to get through a base. The locations are various, and so are the enemies. There's no wide selection of weapons, but we don't even need it. Except of some precise shots and the AK47 bullets for taking out skeletons we can complete by using the default pistols only - and of course without using any medipack. :) The textures are wonderful, and the added sounds are great as well. Nobody should skip this great adventure. :) 1. Illumina: We are adventuring in a wonderful environment: among trees, at houses, in lakes full of swans. This is the main level, the other three start from here. We have to collect 4 crystals, one of them can be found on this level. And two secrets too. The enemies are beasts, but Agnes always took care about something, a block or a safe spot from where we can easily kill them. The challenges are not so hard either, this is some kind of a warm-up level. Don't forget that if you climb blocks with burners they can't burn you at the angles. In the water you have to find 4 levers in order to get on. And you better take a look behind trees, because what if they cover a crawlspace..? :) 2. Shadow World: The level starts with floating islands, then we knock about a central courtyard in the dark. The enemies are spiders, tiny and big ones as well, and some beasts that catch fire if you shoot them. We have to find levers, mostly on pillars in the dark, then get over burning pillars in a volcanic room. Don't forget either here that you won't burn at the angles. This level already has a timed run too, but it's not serious. You can find two secrets until you return to the previous level with the diamond that you can place into its receptacle of course. 3. Castle: This is the most beautiful level so far. We are adventuring around a beautiful castle and in the basement, in dungeons until we can get into the castle. Meanwhile beast, skeletons and bats disturb us. We have to find movable blocks, and look round carefully, because some of the gratings can be shot out. We have to face harder tasks here; pass through swinging blades and spiky rooms. There are 2 secrets on this level too. I'm curious what poor Mona Lisa is about down in the dungeons. :) At the end, check the tails of the crow statues at the pool, because other way you can't enter the castle. :-) 4. Inside the Castle: Now entering the castle we have to find the gem of the coronet. For this we need to ransack small coffers. It is important to notice the space in the wall in order to pull the jumpswitch. The enemies are beasts, bats and the firy wraiths of the ancients. Against them our only chance is to dive into water, after finding the exit behind the crates. We also have to find the torch so that we can light 3 burners on the wall. The textures are very beautiful, and the challenges are not so hard, so this level will sour noone. At the end we also get the 3rd Diamond that we can put into its receptacle. There only one secret on the level that is very well hidden in the pool. :) 5. Metal World: We are exploring a base and its sorroundings to find the last diamond. Important, we have to find the revolver already outside, and 2 keys in the water here and there. Inside the base we need an interesting special movement that I learnt only on TRLE levels. In the main episodes we didn't even need it. Man-sized obstacles (a wall of glass here) can be jumped over if Lara stands sides of them and performs a sidejump. This is mainly needed to get the lasersight, and of course near the end of the level in order to get into the cage. On this level, the enemies are robots. But we have plenty of weapons against them. And I didn't need to use a medipack on this level either. But there's also a secret here as well. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (02-Sep-2005)
"In the level 'Castle' I had very bad luck: at the beginning when I emerged from the second pool of the level, I kill the two wolfs near the pool, so one of them died very near of one of the pedestals with the crow and don't disappear like another enemies; I continue playing till the end of the level and after get the Castle key I discover the function of the crows actioning the other one. Then I realized that was impossible to activate the second crow to open the castle door and can continue playing because of the dead wolf at its side. If I had not keep savegames in various places of the levels, I should have to start the game again from the very beginning. This could be thought by the author but I know it's difficult for anyone. But... What an adventure! Great gameplay with good puzzles, new enemies and objects, secrets not hard to find, new musics and excelent cameras, new and well applied textures,... But guns appear only about the middle of the adventure, and you have to shoot hard enemies only with your pistols many times. I've found a couple of bugs: in one of the levels in certain areas the flare bug appears, and in another level (Castle) when you want to get out of the water grabbing a ledge with an opening at the bottom, Lara can't go up and dive into that opening, so you must choose another part of the ledge to get out of the water. But this are only little details which don't get dirty a great set of levels. Good work Agnes. Thank you very much." - Jose (01-Sep-2005)
"Illumina: Lovely pastoral area, good music and most melodious new secret chime and, ye gods, was that a six legged tortoise? Well, this is a fantasy land. This is the hub world from which you travel to three other worlds to obtain crystals. You get a choice of where to go first, but I did them in the following order. Castle/Inside the Castle: There are lots of maze like (occasionally spike, blade and skeleton ridden) passages to explore, both underwater and on dry land. The castle itself is very well appointed and a delight to explore, which is just as well because you'll have to do a lot of it before finally finding one of the four crystals. Metal World: Metal mazes with rising and falling blocks, stark, rock-strewn areas with metal structures and walkways dotted about, fascinating industrial style rooms with toxic water and two types of robot (superbly re-textured tinmen and demigods). Shadow World: This is a bleak world and the sound effects of the storm made me feel quite chilly. The abundant use of monochrome textures is especially effective in creating the atmosphere, added to which the place is full of spiders which always creeps me out. As usual, Agnes has created a thoroughly enjoyable, pleasant level, accessible to just about any raider. This has a wonderful diversity of style and the music used throughout is excellent. A definite must play." - Jay (01-Sep-2005)
"I wouldn't expect anything less from Agnes than a great setting with new ideas and wonderful gardens. Lara will travel through three different worlds and every time go back to the main level and use the gem she acquired. Every world has its own beauty with one of them having a challenging maze where you need to find your way through raising and lowering blocks, another one with a nice castle with challenging traps. The third one is a gloomy cave-like type of level with lava areas. All of them are more puzzle based which is preferable, as far as I am concerned, than having a bunch of enemies attacking Lara all the time, not letting her do her 'job'. The enemies that are included are spiders, mutants and skeletons. The most beautiful level though was Illumina, I am biased in saying so of course because I have a soft spot for gardens and greenery in general. After placing the four colourful gems you see two angel-like creatures appear which had a part of Lara's body though, as a right hand. I found nine secrets and really enjoyed playing this. I'm looking forward to Agnes' next adventure." - Kristina (25-Aug-2005)
"In a search for diamonds to build a magic shield, Lara finds herself in Illumina, a beautiful Fairy Tale land in which she must discover portals to four other worlds. All diverse, with their own unique touches and challenges, it's up to the player to decide which one to enter and in what order. One, Metal World, I quickly fell into and just as quickly got out and went into something with an easier beginning. Each world is very atmospheric, well rendered (take a really good look at the trees) and memorable. Gameplay is smooth with only one minor exception: Ahmets can fall is such a place as a reload may be necessary but as I said, it's minor compared to the overall scope and design. Lara is sans ponytail and has an interesting black/grey outfit by Spiddle. There are 9 secrets of which I found 7. This is a totally immersive, captivating adventure with more than enough to keep an expert Raider interested and engaged and without the frustrating aspects that could make an average player give up. Recommended for all. Well done, Agnes. Thank you. As I'm sure I have said before, you never disappoint." - Bene (15-Aug-2005)
"Welcome to Agnes's best work yet. Here we have a fantasy universe in which lara must save a civilisation from inpending doom by collecting 4 diamonds. The level design consists of a centralised hub where lara then has to set out across 4 different worlds finding the diamonds. It is dependant on the player on which one they want to get first. This gives the player a bit of a choice on what they'd like to do first, something rarely done. Let me start out by describing the enemies which are well used and nicely textured. You can expect, robots, spiders, monsters and the such, where all are placed in their own environment. For example, you will find the robots in the Metal World area. Gameplay is always different and each world has different things to do, so it never gets dull or boring. I won't mention camera work too much because all I'll say is that it's superbly done. I managed to find a few secrets along the way and I can't remember a level, where the secrets were really thought out and useful. Anges did a great job with regarding to placement and what items are in the secrets. You can also expect custom music and sound throughout the game. It was a pleasure the hear something different other than the standard sounds and music. The best part I consider is the textures and the lighting. The area that most stands out was when I entered the mansion. It was totally amazing how good it looked and how much detail went into the look and feel of the game. Just about every area was good to look, and some of the time I just spend looking at the scenery and wondering how long it must of taken to do it all. If you hadn't noticed by now, I really like this game and thus, recommend it to all players. If I have to complain about something, the only thing I could complain about is the fact there are too many underwater mazes. However, download and play this level as soon as possible. You won't be dissapointed. If I had to give this level a grade, I would give it an A+, a super high distinction." - The Aussie Adventurer (10-Aug-2005)
"These levels confirm what I was suspecting for a while: If there's a domain where Agnes excels, it's the atmosphere one. Four levels, very different from one another, and each with an atmosphere so intense and well-rendered that immersion is total. Not mentioning the settings, the sound, the music and the choice of enemies. Gameplay is of average difficulty, no super-tricky jumps, no very tight timed-runs and no mega-hard enemies. This said research is sometimes a bit confusing. I would have liked less hidden jump switches and maybe more cameras since sometimes you have no idea what you just did has accomplished and have to take a tour of the place to see what has changed. And the choice of ahmets as baddies in some places maybe wasn't a good one, since they don't disappear after dying and can sometimes fall in the worst possible places, forcing you to reload. Despite these flaws, it remains a very good game, entertaining and immersive. One that shouldn't be missed." - Sutekh (07-Aug-2005)
"Well, what can I say about this splendid new adventure by Agnes? It is a level to fall completely in love with, from the moment you read the storyline before playing the first time until you sit there awestruck while watching the final cut scene play out. In this level the kingdom of Illumina is being threatened by darker forces. To prevent this a magical shield must be activated to protect Illumina, but for this protection four diamonds are needed. And so Lara sets out through five different places in order to find the four missing diamonds. Illumina: About 40 minutes gameplay and 2 secrets to find. This is also where Lara returns after finding each of the diamonds (apart from one which is actually located in Illumina). The first thing that struck me about this land is how much of a fairytale kingdom it is. Here you'll find green meadows with flowers and turtles, charming wooden houses, trees and tranquil, blue lakes with swans swimming around in them. Located in Illumina are also three portals, which will transport our heroine to the other locations she must explore. I only found one single enemy here and the secrets were cleverly hidden. The puzzles consisted mainly of finding ways to open various doors and entrances, some underwater mazes and locating the three portals. A bright, lively and warm atmosphere marks the start of a great level and it's also nearly a relief coming back to safe Illumina after the challenges that await elsewhere. Shadow World: Approximately an hour- 1h 20 min playtime and 2 secrets to locate. The first thing that struck me about this level when I began was its similarity to the Floating Islands from TR2, at least when the first thing Lara must do is to make her way across floating meteorite pieces, surrounded by nothing but dense fog, before being able to enter the inner sanctum of this grisly level. Traps such as steam oozing out of the walls, lava pools and burners make up this level, which unlike Illumina has an almost startling gloominess to it. Of enemies one can mention a few beasts and a noteable amount of eight-legged predators of any size and format. There is also a timed run, more underwater mazes and keys of various shape and size to pick up. The atmosphere is gloomy, grey and dark, in sharp opposition to the cheerful tranquility you are surrounded by in Illumina. I loved the burning block jumps across the lava pool, such challenges elevates a level in my eyes. A pretty tough level, but absolutely well made. The Castle/Inside The Castle: This excellent next part is split into two, bringing you an approximate playing time of around 2 hours. In the first part Lara must explore the gardens surrounding a beautiful castle to eventually find the key that will enable her to enter the castle. Like earlier, there aren't many enemies in this level either and they're limited to some wolf monsters, bats and skeletons. In the second and shorter part Lara has finally entered the castle and now starts the quest for the Castle Diamond. Some occasional traps, such as spikes and blade traps, and a timed run will keep Lara on her tip-toes and you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. There are three secrets to find in the first part and one in the second. Here Agnes has scored high on the gorgeous textures and the unbeatable castle atmosphere. One of my favourite places in this level. Metal World: This is by far the most difficult part and my favourite together with the Castle levels. This is a sort of level you both love and hate at the same time, with countless mazes, toxic pools and enough challenges for the entire level. If there's a chance of getting stuck anywhere in this level, this is that place. I really loved the touch with the cyborgs and robot guards, although they cost Lara more health than any other enemy in the entire adventure. The puzzles were like most of the earlier ones, finding keys and switches to open doors and gates and the atmosphere was spot on. The music and sounds were ace throughout the entire business, but the one playing upon entering and exiting Metal World particularly caught my ear, as well as that we got to hear after successfully finding the diamond and portal inside the Castle. If you're looking for a challenge try this level. If you want some eye candy try this level. If you wanna have a good time try it. If you wanna be moved by a captivating story line, beautiful sceneries, a gorgeous musical score and some fantastic hours of gaming then this is the level for you. A clear 10 out of 10!" - Selene (06-Aug-2005)
"A fantastic level, strongly recommended! It starts in a relaxing, fairy tales- atmosphere and then becomes darker and full of menaces and dangers...Puzzles and very good and will keep you busy, but the gameplay is smooth and you'll never find yourself stuck for good...I missed some secrets, they're very well hidden! Enemies are not too difficult to kill, but sometimes you have to run for your life...the atmosphere is fab, created by a mixture of music (wonderfull!) and light...Cameras are very friendly, they show you the way (nice flybys) and you'll never wander around trying to find your path....Textures are almost perfect, I got stuck only a couple of times near a block, but was a minor fault, nothing serious. We want MORE! Agnes, go back to work on a new level!" - Glow (25-Jul-2005)
"Agnes has created yet another terrific game! Of the four levels, I believe the Castle and Metal World are the best! Lara's quest is to locate four diamonds in order to save Illumina. The Castle is a lush setting and gaining entrance to the place takes a bit of puzzling through. You will need several keys, a crown jewel, and evasive prowess to stay clear of the skellies and wicked blade traps. The gameplay is excellent. Next comes Metal World! I think my fellow raiders will love this one. I can't remember who used these lowering blocks in the maze before, but I think it's a great maze puzzle. Trying to find the trigger for the diamond will keep you hopping as you fend off those robots. The textures in this level were perfect - such clever rock formations! Beautifully done, Agnes. Shadow World looms out of the mist in Lara's next adventure - and this one might be retitled Spider World. They are everywhere. And more foul beasties. Lara will have to navigate through lava pools to find the levers that will advance her search for this diamond. Now, it's back to Illumina and the swans will show the way. Oh! And did I mention turtles? Another new touch. More mazes (both liquid and dry) to explore and discovery of the final diamond. I love Agnes' games and this one is no exception. It's excellent!" - Mugs (24-Jul-2005)