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Slaying in London by Lukasz Croft

Andzia9 7 7 7 7
Catherin 4 4 5 4
CC 5 5 8 6
eTux 3 3 4 4
Gerty 5 7 7 5
Jay 5 5 8 6
Jose 2 7 7 6
Kristina 4 4 4 4
Leeth 6 7 7 6
MichaelP 5 5 8 5
Nomad 4 6 5 6
Obig 5 6 7 6
Orbit Dream 3 7 7 6
Phil 6 6 6 6
Ruediger 4 4 6 3
Ryan 4 5 6 6
Sash 5 6 6 5
Spike 5 6 7 6
Staticon 6 6 8 7
Treeble 4 6 7 6
Zhyttya 5 7 5 4
release date: 15-Jul-2005
# of downloads: 70

average rating: 5.54
review count: 21
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file size: 43.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Another early and rather underwhelming level from this builder. You get two mini levels that will last you no more than half an hour and the gameplay is meagre in both, at least until you reach a surprisingly tight timed run near the end. It had me wondering how to accomplish until I realised that staying close to the corner worked admirably. As before, lots of enemies and lots of custom weaponry. The dark, odd texturing does give it a somewhat different feel and the custom sounds were a nice touch but a bit overdone. Not unpleasant, but nothing really involving either." - Ryan (20-Jul-2018)
"A rather unremarkable two-parter that takes a total of about 45 minutes to complete. Again there's no compass, but you get plenty of firepower to deal with your assorted enemies. There's a tight timed run near the end of the second level that gave me fits. After many tries I never even got the encouraging glimpse of a closing door as I turned the final corner. Somehow I did everything right on my final attempt and got through. Of course, I saved promptly at that point. I missed almost all of those enemies in the final room. I pushed the block all the way in, triggered a fire wraith, took a left and followed the path around the hill until I ran into the finish trigger. An abrupt ending to what had been a routine but not unpleasant raid." - Phil (24-Aug-2017)
"I used to be such a horror fan back in the day so I immediately realized the textures depicting the old Clive Barker's Undying, music from Halloween and the soundtracks from Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines. The levels don't even come close to these classics they pay homage to though. Maybe I wasn't in my freaky mood but in all of the bizarre levels the only thing I liked was the timed run and maybe the combat. Even the namings of items and levels were weird. The game just nauseated me instead of scaring me, the design and the combination of the textures didn't make sense in my head. I got excited in the final part while pushing the box and finding blood trails thinking I was approaching a climax but was let down when the game ended before I even cleared the enemies. Certainly a novelty approach but I would give it a pass." - Nomad (27-Jul-2017)
"God that ending.. I was loving the level and then it end at the middle of a fight.. That is like breaking up with someone at the altar.. Really crappy ending IMO. Never the less, it was a good level for what the creator was trying. The atmosphere was appropriate even if the lighting was a bit on the dull side especially on Lara face. The sounds effects were a bit to much since most of the things you hear never appear but still a nice touch. The textures weren't that bad (one button being a clock in a random room was actually a nice touch) even if they were completely dark or just broken in some cases.. But the lighting didn't really help Still, a good game play, a simple level with simple puzzles and loved the "possessed" orca on the pool. Recommended if you want a "different" level but that's all.." - Leeth (21-Nov-2015)
"This level doesn't really pass the "average" rating. From the bugged (or not) orca to it's terrible ending, the two levels bring a lot of ups and downs. First off there were many areas which the decoration really impressed me, but after running further more the atmosphere started to letting me down. Some horrible textures mixed up, some background noises a bit intrusive to the gameplay and annoying as well. I admit that the main two background sounds were amazing and really fitting into the atmosphere, but at a certain point near the end, the animals noises were too intrusive. The gameplay was very linear and with no real challenge implemented. A few enemies now and then (a few jump scares), dark atmosphere and "scary" background music. This is what these two levels are all about. I recommend playing this average game for an half hour or so." - Zhyttya (21-Nov-2015)
"I was actually quite overwhelmed by the background audio selection, I thought they were very well chosen and most fitting, helping to create an eerie atmosphere for these two levels. There are a few odd things going on, though, such as a contorting whale, a ladder that goes all the way to the sky and some unmarked death squares. There also was a nice room with fences making a small maze towards the end of the first level. In the second level the action picks up (make sure you do NOT step back in the beginning, the level jump seems to be quite wrong as it will take you back to the beginning of the first level), and after a somewhat tight timed run you reach and open area where the grand finale supposedly is but it falls short of that as you might inadvertedly step over the finish trigger as you fight the enemies. 30 minutes, 2 secrets. 07/09" - Treeble (26-Jul-2009)
"This game isn't scary at all. Well, we can see some bloody walls, spiders and zombies. It's like a type of Aldwych level. We have some friends there too, but they always get's in our way, when we want to finish our enemy. One shoot to friend and he becomes an enemy too. The music was good." - Andzia9 (27-Feb-2009)
"A rather predictable level, mainly involving shooting enemies and pushing switches to open doors. There was a small torch puzzle to do and a 'fence-maze' to find your way through, as well as a hard timed run near the end, but apart from those three things there was not much else on offer here. It seemed spooky enough, and the texturing fits in well with this theme, although it was pretty stretched at times. Only bother with this level if you are a fan of dark and gloomy surroundings...or whales with a spasm." - Spike (15-Jul-2007)
"What an enjoyably quirky level. Totally nightmarish throughout. I loved everything except that damn timed run and the rather odd placement of a finish trigger. I also encountered a few problems trying to kill the hammer demon until I realised that he couldn't be disposed of. I then spent quite a while trying to find a button or lever to open the exit door only to find that all I needed to do was push the doors. DOH!! This level may not be everyone's cup of tea but, if you want something a little out of the ordinary, then this may be for you. Even I, the eternal beginner, managed to finish without the aid of a walkthrough though I must admit; I nearly gave up on the timed run." - Staticon (27-Dec-2005)
"This one is a bit strange. If I didn't know better, I'd swear it must have been done by two builders, one very experienced who textures rooms with nice colourful details (the moving eyes, for example) and knows how to use pro-stuff like the artificial intelligence of a guard. The other one would be a beginner who carelessly wallpapers the rooms with squeezed or stretched textures and puts secrets where you see them from a mile. It is really strange to believe that one guy builds his level with so many ups and downs closely next to each other. What I like best was the walkway tumbling down, where you don't have to run across it in time, but let yourself fall down. Also the guard assisting Lara in the fight against a moth and a zombie was cool. The quickly closing bathroom door wasn't easy. Some good use of cameras and sound helped a good dark atmosphere, but all in all I had mixed feelings." - Ruediger (06-Nov-2005)
"Ooh, what a terribly unfortunate title at such a time, and in fact I can't see any relevance that title has to the actual game itself besides I think a picture or two of Winston Churchill I'm sure I spotted. Anyway, this short, double set of levels really has what I can only describe as an eclectic dream like quality, with no two rooms seeming to have any flow or consistency, and texturely it was a bit weak. There are also an odd array of enemies from the human to the otherworldy, but as I thought this a bizarrely built level they somehow fit perfectly, and although the gaming was a little predictable there were a couple of nice timed runs thrown in. I found 3 of the 5 secrets, one with the help of the 'hanging globe' Ian found no apparent use for, and finished in just over 35 minutes." - Sash (01-Nov-2005)
"Sorry, but I didn't like this level. Lukasz built already better levels. Judging by the title I expected more horror. The atmosphere wasn't really eerie, the textures weren't my taste though I really did like the animated eye textures. A few good traps and a hard timed run at the end." - Tinka (26-Oct-2005)
"Staying in Portabello Hotel in London was for me the only inclination that I was in London. It is rather a fast paste level and a very strange looking one at that. Finding an overdose at shotguns (two within two paces of each other), I was expecting a shooting level. In the first part there isn't that much shooting (apart from all the boxes) and the hammer guy made me jump in my chair. You can get at the bedroom too soon and then you will be stuck so do the switch in the room with the movable cupboard first. The question I have is what was that room behind the basin in the bathroom? The second level you get some helpers, well the first one ran into a wall and stayed there, big help that was. The timed run after that was pretty nifty and probably by pure chance I got it on the second go as I had to kill that monster anyway, but that was a good test run. The ending was rather abrupt as I jumped up onto that hill and killing everything that was bothering Lara and by sliding down to help out the soldier I hit the finishing trigger and couldn't be bothered to look if he still was alive. 06-10-2005" - Gerty (06-Oct-2005)
"Lara climbing pass the wall grabbing the air is not very real (switch which opens the double doors at the beginning). Why the author named the stars as "Ba Cartouche"? When you enter in second level, if you go back to the first you'll appear at the very beginning of the first level! In second level, the timed run with the circle blades, the chain and the rolling wheel was too much hard for me so I decided abandone at that point after try it 30 or 40 times (sometimes very quickly). There are new textures, but sometimes bad applied, new sounds and new objects, hard enemies but guns and ammo enough to shoot them. Is not a bad level, but I should like to know how many people have get pass that timed run sucessfully (only twenty seconds!)." - Jose (12-Sep-2005)
"In contempt of the low scores it has, I had a good time with this two-part level. It has a little London-feeling, but it's different from it; for example on the second level we have to find the way out of a house full of zombies. On the first level we meet only soldiers and dogs, and a Hammerer at the very end. The latter can't be killed, but easy to avoid. On the second level we'll have more difficulties with enemies, there are many of them, especially at the end when bugs, spiders and soldiers attack together with a firy wraith. These you can't necessarily kill, just avoid them, because the end of the level is near. For me, the biggest problem was the giant beast whom we meet near the end of the second level, just before the timed run. Important, don't shoot it in the passage, because its corpse will be an obstacle during the run. :) The added sounds suit the environment and the textures, they are mysterious and creepy. Unfortunately there are also some nerve-racking mistakes on the level. For example when the doors of the rest rooms don't open so easily when we want to come out. When we press the switch we have to wait until it changes back, and we have to stand on the floor-tiles in front of them, or else they won't open. The other mistake that caused me some unpleasant moments was that the explosive ammo of the redone crossbow diminished in groups of three. When trying to send the giant beast to the underworld, 10 explosive arrows were only three shots for me. :) Beside the crossbow, we can pick up a lot of shotguns; at one of the secrets there are four. There are 3 secrets on the first level, and 2 on the second, but one I couldn't find on the first level, and the second secret of the second level is empty. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (02-Sep-2005)
"Two short levels in a rather darkish setting. I am not sure what London has to do with anything as I found no real relevance. Anyway, there are doors to open, timed runs with one of them being challenging because of the traps that are in your way and mummies, soldiers to deal with. The house-like rooms were nice with portraits on the walls but the whole design seemed a bit out of place, maybe it was the textures that didn't match with each other. I found three secrets and it took me about twenty minutes to finish this." - Kristina (25-Aug-2005)
"Another odd little level from this author. It has a good eerie atmosphere, helped a lot by some very well chosen audio tracks, but I have to say it doesn't remotely resemble any part of London I've ever visited, although there certainly is some unusual and intriguing artwork about the place. It's a short and uncomplicated two part level and in some weird way far more enjoyable than it has any right to be. I can't quite put my finger on why that is, but try it and see what you think." - Jay (20-Aug-2005)
"You have to give Lukasz credit: I've complained several times about his inability to place a 'finish Trigger' and at last he complies and gives this adventure a specific end. Unfortunately, it occurs at the exact point where you least want it to happen; in this case, in the midst of a potentially action-packed battle with thugs, wraiths and a Giant Spider. Elsewhere, Lukasz seems to be really doing his best and coming up with inspired moments (the eerie sounds and voices; the nightmarish vision of Victoriana; the clever 'traps which aren't') but persistently lets himself down at the wrong moments (the clever lighting can't disguise haphazard texturing; wafer-thin walls which really shouldn't exist after so many levels; a 'hanging globe' serves no apparent purpose; several doors remain unopened; sunlight streams from a night sky), creating a feeling of 'almost, but not quite'. Nonetheless, this is a quirky and suspenseful little number, which displays a fine sense of the absurd without pandering to the blood-lust which tended to permeate his previous levels." - Orbit Dream (06-Aug-2005)
"The only way I could deal with this unusual level was to consider it a 'Lara's Dream' level. Or to be more precise 'Lara's Nightmare'. Then all the quirky architecture, furniture, gruesome pictures, animations, etc., were far more acceptable. And, just like in dreams, things are never quite what they seem. Those moving eyes textures were really disturbing. The poor unfortunate killer whale looked like he was begging for mercy to put him out of his misery. I didn't shoot him though. Clocks feature in this level, one being a switch on a wall. So is Lara worried about waking up on time? It's 7 o'clock! Or is she dreaming that she must get through this in a certain time or die in the process? Perhaps I'm reading far too much into this level. My imagination is running wild here. The scenes take place indoors. Some doors can be opened in a normal manner, but others need a short timed switch. There are gunmen here, but I noticed the gunfire from their weapons is near the floor. The decor is a little topsy turvey and disjointed, which goes along with the idea of a nightmare. There's a run across breakable tiles, but Lara is burned on the other side. So she must fall through the tiles to the room below. Down there a deep voice growls 'get out'. There are other voices later on, but I didn't understand what they were saying. Lara is looking for keys, levers, jump switches and finds two stars and the crowbar. There are plenty of secrets, and I found three shotguns. Lighting a barrel with the torch releases a red devil. Then comes a typical nightmare scenario of a corridor of doors. What's behind them? Well, let me see - spiders, big and small, dog, flying bug. At the end of the corridor a gauntlet of circular blade trap, rolling blade, gunman and a monster. And after pushing a colourful block a long way we end up in a huge room for a battle with more enemies. It's fairly dark throughout the level and things are not easy to see. again this is just like it would be in a dream . . . I mean nightmare." - CC (01-Aug-2005)
"As usual, a double level by Lukasz that is short and crisp (25 minutes for Part 1 and only 10 in Part 2). What works well here is the spooky atmosphere thanks to the rather dark lighting and nice sound and music added. Other features I liked are the animated eye textures, the funny shark on steroids, a nice flyby, the family portrait textures and a fun timed run near the end. There is a variety of enemies to deal with and I found two secrets." - Michael (24-Jul-2005)
Though maybe an inappropriate title due to the recent horrors in London, but undoubtedly just an unfortunate coincidence, and actually has little to nothing in common with that... or London itself in fact - the only thing I could associate with it in this level was the outfit which somewhat resembled to the original in Tomb Raider 3's London levels. You run through a rather inconsistent setting, which I could describe as a random tabby interior setting (well, save for the outside pool with the buggy orca), and judging from the music used and the general dark feel of the level I assume the author wanted to add a spooky touch to this, and I think he succeeded as the atmosphere is rather appealing and rather well done. Both of the levels are rather short and the only real challenges in both of them really were the timed runs they offer, especially the one past all the traps game some thrills and required a couple of retries. Though I'm not sure if the author has had any other levels, this looks like a beginners effort, and in the case I'd like to recommend the author to try the manual and tutorial level. They might not be the perfect tutors, but it does cover the basics well, though I assume the language barrier could be an issue, not knowing how the author's English is. Well, nevermind that - a funky, more shooter type of a level set in a rather vivid inside environment. Nothing particularly memorable, but not the worst choice you can make either. - eTux (22-Jul-2005)