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Stone of Immortality by Naphal

Bene 8 8 8 9
CC 9 8 9 8
Dutchy 7 8 8 8
eTux 8 8 8 8
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jose 8 8 8 9
Josi 9 8 8 8
Kristina 8 8 8 8
MichaelP 8 7 8 8
mugs 8 8 9 9
Obig 8 8 9 8
Phil 9 8 8 9
Ryan 9 8 8 8
Sash 10 9 10 9
Sutekh 8 9 8 7
Treeble 8 8 8 8
release date: 31-Jul-2005
# of downloads: 61

average rating: 8.22
review count: 17
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file size: 39.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"I wish I had enjoyed these levels more than I actually did, but overall I was glad more than anything else when the finish trigger finally popped up. The first two levels are a bit centered around sewers and industrial like areas, but the third on the other hand offers a nice town with a couple of gardens surrounded by buildings. Sadly most of the time is spent running and crawling around ventilation shafts. Overall it was a bit too much of a maze from start to finish, with a lot of going back and forth in search of levers (especially of the underwater kind) - thanks to our walkthrough staff, Dutchy in this case, for enabling me to see this through. Quite a fair share of blockpushing to be done as well, but the worst offender of all was the dragon spamming locusts non stop while you had to climb (and swim) around in search of a few buttons. That's the TR4 engine for you. The first two levels were a bit dark, not the kind of darkness that requires a flare in hand at all times, but still a bit tiring on the eyes (and on the ears, as you'll no doubt be shooting those pistols to save as much as you can, lol). 115 minutes, 6 secrets. 02/23" - Treeble (26-Feb-2023)
"A very enjoyable set of levels that lasted a little over 90 minutes for me. I very much enjoyed the varied gameplay in this level, from pushblock puzzles and challenging timed runs, to rope swings, swimming exercises and boss battles. My only minor gripes were the darkness at some points in the game (remember to search around for flare supplies) and the overlong crawling sessions. Apart from those downsides, everyone should give it a try." - Ryan (09-Feb-2017)
"This is a solid three-part release that took me about three and a half hours to complete. From the way it ends you'd think that a sequel was in the offing, yet this and one other level is all we have from this builder to date (and five years since the second one). Too bad, because there's a little bit of everything here, from spike traps to timed runs to pushpiece puzzles. Nothing spectacular, but just a good, old-fashioned raid. Dutchy has provided his usual workmanlike walkthrough, which I needed because of the occasional backtracking that was required. Recommended." - Phil (21-Sep-2011)
"A three-part level that is set in Freiburg. Makes me wonder about the place, especially what's going on underground?! This starts off nice and easy, but interesting, with some good gameplay. Lara makes her way out of a warehouse type place to the city outside and climbs a tall crane. This all looks really good, and an impressive first level by this builder. Lara soon finds herself, once again, in the sewers - or an underground water system at least, and then descends further in the bowels of the earth to an otherwordly place inhabited by immortals and demigods. A fierce dragon guards the Stone of Immortality, but our girl manages to grab it. This is no easy task and I found myself feeding Lara medpacks as she tries to push two buttons while on fire. At least there is water below these switches. Even so I used a lot of medpacks in a few places, so saving as many as you can is paramount to finishing the levels. Another medpack-feeder was the timed run with spikes along the way. I could only do it by exiting as Lara is spiked and giving her a medpack to at least get through it. Otherwise it's a pixel perfect point that took dozens of tries. It's ironic that gameplay in a lot of areas is straight forward, and even very easy, and in other's it seems almost impossible. But this level won't let you go, you always want to know what happens next. It was a great feeling when I finally ran into the last room, to realise Lara is trapped . . . or is she? This bodes well for a follow-up level, or series, which I'm looking forward to. There are lots of things to see and do here. Some tough tasks to perform, and yet they are all do-able. The only 'puzzle' as such is in a crate storage room. It can get really confusing at times, trying to remember where you've been, what you did, and what you saw. Numerous keys and objects to find, lots of switches and levers, items to push around (got a surprise to find Lara was able to push two crates at one time - you'll see), enough enemies, and be aware that Lara can get stuck forever in certain places, like the underwater sinks and some illegal slopes. In fact, now that I think of it, the overall impression I got was going from one trap to another. There are some really beautiful rooms, some beautifully coloured in red or blue, and it was all laid out and connected very well. Good camera too, I like the cameras that 'move' with Lara. Also liked the little touches like the birds flying over the city in the last part, and the retextured enemies and objects like the immortals and the cool 'crossbow'. All in all a great level with some clever elements. Sometimes frustrating, but never boring. Highly recommended, and really looking forward to what Picasso will produces in the future." - CC (14-Jan-2006)
"A very enjoyable level in three parts. Starting in sewers, then a tomb and the last part is a city. Some spiders crawling about but no big ones thankfully, dogs, nasty guys and even the dragon is around (hate that thing, especially the locusts). At some point you find the 'Immortality-gun' , a nice weapon but the ammo was hard to see/find. I could have used it a bit earlier though, like in the fire-alley, the skellies were a real pain there. A few timed runs to do but nothing frustrating, even the timed swim was not difficult. A very nice set of levels, I really enjoyed playing it. 11-11-05" - Josi (11-Nov-2005)
"I absolutely loved this! There are three distinctly different levels making up this game, the first set mainly in sewers, the second underground in caves and temples, and the third in a small section of city with industrial buildings and offices. What was great for me was that there were a lot of satisfying 'I made it' or 'I found it' moments, such as the crate moving puzzle in the first level, the timed run through a small maze and past a hideous spike trap in the second, or realising that you could shoot certain windows in the third level to progress with a rope. I also loved every environment as each fit the part perfectly and the way the maps of the levels were built you could look through a window or grating and realise that behind it was a place you had been 20 minutes before which made the levels feel more circuitous and real rather than if you just seem to always go straight forward leaving everything behind. All up these levels took me just shy of 3 hours to play with 2 secrets found in each level and I would only have been happier had there been more levels to continue the fun." - Sash (01-Nov-2005)
"Dark Canalization (8/7/9/8, 45 min., 2 secrets): For me this first part ws the best of this mini series. Right from the atmospheric audio and flyby at the start, I had fun with the very fluent gameplay, which leads you from jumpswitch to pushable object to underwater lever - all nicely guided by very helpful camera work. Enemies are a few bats and spiders and you search for three keys. The store room puzzle area is nicely done and only a few too long climbs spoil this level a bit. The Tomb of Immortality (8/8/8/8, 60 min., 2 secrets): Difficulty was definitely up a notch here and I really had to watch my health (or Lara's rather). You explore a cave/tomb area for guardian keys, a cartouche, two stars and three keys and again there are plenty of buttons, switches, levers along the way to open all the doors. Enemies are remodeled skeletons and dogs. The room with the burners was fun, as was the room that turned into flaming red when you push a button. The little maze with the skeletons and the timed run was a pain though, as I had missed explosive ammo and had to make my way through there with the skeletons on my tail all the time. You then get a room where you need to avoid an unfriendly dragon and its locusts near the end before finally getting back outside again. The City Freiburg (7/7/7/8, 45 min., 2 secrets): I thought after a tough second part I could relax in part three, but it is also not all that easy with many doors to open and cages to raise or lower. For me this part had a few too many tedious backtracks, a very tedious 'push-the-dumpster-around' sequence and even the dogs and baddies were only annyoing without ever being a real challenge. I had to smile at the skyline though, which did not quite look like the Freiburg I remember ;) and the little timed swim/run near the end was fun. Overall this is an ambitious project with many good ideas and a solid piece of work that has us looking forward for more levels from Daniel." - MichaelP (11-Oct-2005)
"In my game, the stone ammo is very difficult (impossible) to see, only if you light a flare or use the binocs with light. The flare bug appears in the second level. In this level it's possible that you hadn't pick up any fire ammo for the immortal gun, so you can't kill the two immortals (skeletons like) and the timed run to get the second Guardian Key will be very hard with the enemies disturbing Lara, so the author should give some of this kind of ammo in a well visible place to make the timed run not so difficult. Once you've put the guardian keys and enter into the room with the demigods, you don't have suficient heavy ammo to fight with them, so you have to take a long time to kill them only with your pistols. Sometimes is difficult to know where to go, 'cause the new objects, but if you explore well finally you'll can finish this well-builded set of levels." - Jose (07-Oct-2005)
"This was indeed a nice adventure. What still is fresh in my mind is the lack of flares in the beginning, not enough medipacks for me (thanks the TRsgeditor) and a very dizzy making fly by. For the rest there is a bit of back and fro in this level so do remember where you've seen a door or something else (also some long, long ladders and a lot of crawling). That also will get you all the secrets if you want. I like sewer levels, what does that tell you about me? Nothing I hope LOL. All in all this wasn't that difficult to manage. The second level is a different ball game. The first dog I encountered gave me a fright and the re-textured skeletons were very well done after my heart rate slowed down. The timed run had me indeed running for my life and when you know where to go you can make it. I still don't like the dragon as I was on fire a tad too much and not even mentioning the locust. But the whole room and the action in there is pretty well done. The last level takes you to a small village. The end was rather abrupt and I do hope there will indeed be a sequel. 01-10-2005" - Gerty (04-Oct-2005)
"Very nice level that started quite simple in my opinion, but as I went along it got better and better, nice environment and atmosphere. The puzzles... what puzzles? Only found one puzzle to get the Crowbar. The Timed run through the labyrint was set nicely with the Spikes on your way. The room with the Demigods and Dragon was a nasty one (bunch of medipacks needed and only a short supply available) if you didn't know the trick. The level takes you through the Sewers into an underground Tomb area and then out onto the rooftops, sometimes passing through (shortly) areas you've visited before, so a nice connection there. The ladders in the sewers were way too long and boring, should have been some kind of distraction on your way up those ladders, a nice jump sequence or something like that so you wouldn't get bored.There was one flyby that ended upside down and I don't know if that was intended, but I almost fell off my chair. But overall a very nice level to play and well put together, with variation in scenery and certainly woth a sequence, was it only to get Lara out of that locked up dungeon she ended up in..." - Dutchy (24-Sep-2005)
"This three-part level was a good adventure. The textures are great and various, and also the added sounds are good. The first level is some kind of warm-up, we only have to find the way to get on. But the second level is hard. It's a good challenge. Especially, because somehow I missed the Shotgun (if there was a Shotgun at all), so I didn't have any weapons against the skeletons. The third level is now for calming down. Here I found the Shotgun, but I'd have made a better use of it on the previous level. :) The way to moving on has to be found here as well. There are six secrets in the game in all, there are always two of them on each level. 1. Dark Canalization: We are adventuring in a sewerage system. The enemies are only spiders and bats. We have to find levers in water and dry land, and some keys too. Pushing crates is also required, mostly at the end of the level where we have to pick up the crowbar. There are no serious difficulties on this level; the only problem could be the finding of the right path. :) 2. The Tomb of Immortality: Well, now this level requires some skills. Especially if you can't find the shotgun on the first level either and so you don't have any weapons against the skeletons. We are adventuring in caverns and a temple. There are timed runs and you'd better take a look behind waterfalls. :) You can pick up the crossbow at the end of the level, but it is important to find the secrets, because you can get explosive ammo for it only there. The textures are wonderful and terrific. We have to get through fires and bloody waters, and at the end a dragon sours our lives by throwing fireballs and locusts. Two of my medis suffered the attack. The enemies are beasts (transformed skeletons), demonic jackals, demigods, and the already mentioned dragon. Also here levers and keys have to be found in order to get on. 3. The City Freiburg: This is a level for calming us down. Also here are some enemies: soldiers and dogs. The adventures takes place in a district, where we have to shoot out windows, avoid drills and explore air-shafts. And finally here I could find the shotgun. But the end of the level surprized me. Lara gets caught and closed into a room. But I think still there will be a continuation. It was a great adventure, I congratulate the author, especially because this was his first level-set. It's very good, so I suggest everybody to play it. :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (02-Sep-2005)
"Dark Canalization: Oh no, jumping spiders, they really make me shudder. However, arachnids aside I really liked the atmosphere in these sewers (and what does that say about me, I wonder). There's nothing difficult to achieve, mainly exploring, finding keys, pulling levers, but it kept me entertained. There's a quite involved spot of crate shoving in one room that I thought was rather well conceived and the whole thing just flowed along nicely. The Tomb of Immortality: There are some good-looking areas in this section and very well hidden passages and levers and I really liked the effect of one room filling up with burning hot water. I actually enjoyed the timed run too and that's not something I can always say. The room with the four demigods, dragon and locusts requires quite a lot of medipacks and possibly CPR after you finally make it out alive with the stone of immortality. Whew. The City Freiburg: I especially enjoyed this section, climbing around on rooftops with two very dramatic looking birds circling overhead (luckily they stayed there), shooting thugs and windows indiscriminately, crawling through ducts and swimming, plus getting stuck for quite a while because I'd missed a shootable window. I enjoyed this and the question mark after the end credit does rather suggest that there may be a sequel. I certainly hope so." - Jay (01-Sep-2005)
"The game is divided into three levels, each equally interesting. The setting is a nice city with buildings and some greenery around but you'll wander into sewers, jump and explore rooftops as well and you'll be called to prove how fast you can run via the timed runs. The birds above the buildings that won't actually hurt or approach Lara was a nice touch. There are guards and dogs to fight but the real problem was the camera breaks in some areas. The underwater drills were a nice challenge but in one of the areas I had a hard time making Lara move. Some of the secrets, I found six, are sneaky so keep an eye for things to shoot that reveal passages. It was a good game, worth playing." - Kristina (25-Aug-2005)
"Once again, I am surprised with what a first time builder can accomplish. Although confusing in some places and with a touch of the sadistic - a ladder with spikes comes to mind, one that can not be avoided and if you are low on health packs it's a game stopper - there are some really innovative touches. Retextured skellis and crossbow with ammo 'stones' and a blue-eyed Lara in a funky outfit (with funky hair) and some well done puzzles. The walkthrough waterfall has been done before but in the room in which the builder set it, I found it unexpected and surprising. You'll find grates to shoot, spikes, mazes, moveable blocks and then again, more spikes. I also noticed 'waves' in one water area and if I have seen that before in other levels, I don't remember. The fixed cameras may have been overdone (not a favorite thing) and a camera showing the last area, now opened, would not have been amiss but the ending scene which shows Lara locked in a room and also shows what her next move will be, has the promise of more to come and I am definitely looking forward to what Daniel has in store for Lara and for us." - Bene (15-Aug-2005)
"While this level trio is full of stuff I'd gladly nag about it had that special something that kept me going on and neglecting other duties I had at the time, and enjoy it thoroughly, though things like a bit chaotic texturing, overall simple lighting, few gameplay quirks and a more switch/lever based gameplay could've spoilt it. The Dark canalisation - my least favourite level of the 3 - it has a crawlmaze through boring ventilation ducts, an underwater maze - including cameras/fly-by's underwater whom you can't break through, what is a no-no, , and I've generally never been a fan of the sewer settings. Also - you can pull one of the boxes, despite the triangular obstacle on the floor and thus avoid looking for a nearby jumpswitch that is supposed to enable you to move the box correctly - but this one's minor, really. But despite the issues it actually doesn't mean it was bad - I found the set up and how you make your way here before and after stopping the flow of the water quite clever, and despite myself, enjoyed the time spent here quite a lot, I didn't need any help to get through here - well maybe to spot the crowbar that was in the final box after completng the puzzle in the storage area, so the fun factor increased, and means that this is perfectly playable without outside help, which is good. Tomb of Immortality - it's a joke, right? If so, I get the paradox - this is a TOMB for IMMORTALITY, pretty nifty, heh. Well, fooling around aside - this level I enjoyed much more than the previous, and not only because of the change in setting - what this time round is a mix of caves and tombs. The mazelike area again wasn't my favourite, especially with a timed run taking place there, but as the others in this game it wasn't that big so eventually quite managable, and I found the timed run to be quite exciting in the end. The walkthrough-waterfall might seem unfair - but I actually found it to be as managable to find as anything else, as I remembered Lara falling through those before a couple of times. The new look on the skeletons and dogs is cool, but the rest of the enemy makovers are pretty neat too. The immortality gun was great fun too since I had accumulated quite a lot of ammo up to then, despite finding only 4 of the 6 secrets in the whole game. Though the main emphasis here is on the traps they kind of mix well with the rest of the sectors and make this a thoroughly enjoyable experience, which would work well even as a stand-alone out of the series. The City of Freiburg - visually most impressive, despite the few texture errors + a few neat touches like the birds flyng around the sky make this aesthetically the best level of the trio. I prefered the gameplay of it's predecessor but this isn't slacking too with having some sneaky shootable window - underwater drilles (yikes!) in another underwater maze (boo!) and so on till you reach the unexpected end. We can only wait for the sequel now to see what happens next!" - eTux (09-Aug-2005)
"A very entertaining set of levels, with solid gameplay and a couple of real challenges (well, more than a couple, to be honest). The first level (Dark Canalisation) takes place in a city/sewers environment and is fairly easy, gameplay-wise, with a very nice push-blocks puzzle along the way. The second level (The Tomb of Immortality) is waiting in ambush behind the first one's easiness. Taking place in a more supernatural place, it has moments of high difficulty, mainly due to enemies. To that regard, I'd advise finding the first secret and thoroughly search it. What you find there is a true life-saver. I really liked the revamped skellies - and hated them with a passion too. Once you've made your way out, you reach Freiburg - a city/base level with a lot of SAS - and the game turns into a shooter. Not being very fond of that genre, it was the one I liked the least. Overall, there are a few glitches here and there, mainly illegal slopes, but nothing serious and - above all - not interfering with gameplay. I really could have used less distant cameras, and more camera shots as the result of my actions wasn't always obvious, which tainted the game with a dash of confusion. Some places really are too dark too. But all in all this is a very well-done game, considering it's the author's first, and since the ending leaves us with a cliffhanger, I can't wait for the continuation. Very good job!" - Sutekh (08-Aug-2005)
"Yet another new builder and fabulous game! This is indeed very exciting! Daniel's Stone of Immortality leads Lara off in search of gaining access first to Freiburg's sewer system. The location of several keys and the crowbar are crucial to your progress and will require a series of block pushing and lever pulling. Next stop is the Tomb of the Immortals. Lara must find the guardian key, a cartouche and gems. Customized skellies and demon dogs will nip at your heels, but even though I had no defenses for the skellies I found them easy to evade. The City of Freiburg is Daniel's best level in this series, in my opinion. I found his puzzles in this set very good and I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the raid! Daniel's ending is also excellent...trapping our beloved Lara and the Stone....with the expectation that he will provide her with the proper escape in the continuation of this series. Very nicely done, Daniel!" - Mugs (06-Aug-2005)