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The Temple of Water by austriawing

eRIC 7 7 7 7
eTux 7 6 6 6
Gerty 7 6 6 7
Jay 7 6 7 7
Jose 7 8 7 7
Kristina 5 5 5 4
MichaelP 7 6 6 6
mugs 7 7 8 7
Necro 8 7 7 7
Obig 6 6 6 6
Orbit Dream 6 6 8 8
Phil 7 7 8 8
Ryan 6 6 6 7
Sash 6 6 7 6
Treeble 6 6 6 6
release date: 13-Aug-2005
# of downloads: 76

average rating: 6.55
review count: 15
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file size: 20.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I have somewhat faint memories of the humongous level set released by this same author, so in a way I'm glad to see he offered something smaller. In many ways, I think that works for the best as he could focus on a single level instead of spreading ideas through a dozen or so different pieces. This is a fairly standard catacomb level with nothing particularly taxing and one or two flipmaps flooding or draining specific areas, so don't worry as it's nothing to the scale of a Temple of Water in any of the Zelda games. The dinosaurs felt strikingly out of place though, but otherwise it was pretty simple and to the point. 20 minutes, 2 secrets. 10/21" - Treeble (01-Nov-2021)
"This is a short level at 30 minutes, but it's just the kind I like, with eye-pleasing surroundings and plenty of light to enjoy them. An unusual feature is the need to shoot several sets of bones along the way, some hidden behind timed doors. It's all pretty straightforward with few surprises, but it's fun to play as well. A T-Rex at the end provides the final challenge. Harry Laudie has given us a reliable walkthrough that warns the player of traps that aren't at all obvious, such as deadly tiles in a pushpiece room. A pleasant time-filler." - Phil (16-Oct-2016)
"A classic catacomb level that revolves around pulling switches, shooting bones, using the waterskin three times and shooting dinosaurs, which I didn't expect to see in a level of this type. Rather short at around 20 minutes for me. Fun and undemanding." - Ryan (14-Aug-2016)
"This was a lot better from this author. I found plenty to do here and lots of puzzles to solve. There are a few faults though - I found myself trapped in alcoves where you are to shoot the bones (guess I should have shot them from a distance), and I'm sure that bloody t-rex didn't want to die!!! But there were a good few tasks to do here and I liked the scenery very much." - Necro (14-Jan-2008)
"Well, there's no much to say of this level. Correct level with good gameplay but no very original puzzles. You can get trapped in the alcoves with the bones and have to reload a savegame. Few guns (I only found the revolver) but enough ammo, secrets very easy to find. Well builded, no bugs, few cameras but you didn't need them. Small rooms well textured for a lineal level which hasn't special features but you can play it to take a good time." - Jose (24-Nov-2005)
"For a quick 25 minute level this really hit the spot for me. The fast paced gaming in this bright temple was pretty fun, especially the frantic timed bone shootings as you have a horde of beetles nibbling at your toes, or entering a room only to be unexpectedly face to face with a T-Rex. By the name of the level you could expect to be swimming a lot but there really isn't much swimming at all, the water features mostly as you have to use the waterskin quite a bit to fill water bowls, had the scales puzzles had been used with the waterskins instead this may have made the puzzling element a bit stronger. All in all for a lunchtime distraction this is one to definitely check out. I found 2 secrets." - Sash (01-Nov-2005)
"A good 30/35 minutes level. The Coastal ruins setting (no outside area) is solidly made, and I really enjoyed the good lighting. Many puzzles to solve, most of them are easy , but get a bit more difficult as you progress. A few traps , some dinosaurs , crocodiles and a swarm of beetles cost some medipacks as well. Entertaining." - eRIC (19-Sep-2005)
"This is a classic Catacomb style level - well except for the raptor on the staircase; that was a bit unexpected. Dinosaur presence aside, this is fairly predictable and linear in terms of gameplay, but there's enough to enjoy (I did like the timed shoot with added beetles, that was quite exciting) and it looks professional so if you're feeling like something undemanding, or indeed you're a less experienced player, then this short level could be just what you're looking for." - Jay (06-Sep-2005)
"This level is an easy adventure. The enemies are a beast, crocodiles, skeletons, some dinos, annoying scarabs, and moreover a T-Rex too. Though it can be kiled easily with one shot while running under its stomach. We have to collect crystals and key pieces for getting on. The Small Waterskin has an important role too. The tiny bones have to be found and most of them has to be shot quick and timed. Neither the vases have to be preserved. :) The textures are average, similar to Coastal Ruins, nothing extra, and, what a pity, there are no added sounds either. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (02-Sep-2005)
"This starts out in a coastal setting and later changes a bit. It is a fairly straightforward 30 minute raid, but rather fun as you progress through it in linear fashion but with nicely varied tasks to accomplish that will never have you puzzled for long. Quite a mix of enemies as well and very solid camera work that makes things rather easy and obvious. The use of the waterskin is maybe a bit overdone, but the timed bone shooting was fun. Found two secret pillars." - MichaelP (28-Aug-2005)
"What a nice little adventure. It is rather a fast pace one. You have to find the revolver and laser as there is some timed practice shooting to do and what a great idea. What the raptors and T-Rex were doing in this place is a big question mark although the first one on the stairs, made me jump in my chair. Of course one needs to gather artifacts and placing the Portal Guardian ends the level a bit abrupt. 16-08-2005" - Gerty (25-Aug-2005)
"In a standard coastal setting with a T-Rex, raptors, a skeleton and beetles, Lara needs to find a few items in order to progress through the level. The portal guardian, gems, a pillar and a knot are the items she seeks. I enjoyed the timed sequences with the bones we had to shoot but the level is short. The waterskin is needed for certain doors to open that hold switches behind them. One trap was really challenging, with boulders and spikes that would kill Lara if she weren't quick enough. I found one secret in twenty five minutes of gameplay. Pretty standard but give it a try if you like simple and easy levels." - Kristina (25-Aug-2005)
"A fast-flowing and eventful little adventure in a bright catacomby environment with coastal textures,this is mercifully free of the bugs prevalent in this designer's previous levels and moves quickly and smoothly as a result. Although it's pleasing to see the waterskin puzzle,did it really need to be repeated three times? The same question could be applied to the bone shooting,and the Dinosaurs as (aside from a neat battle with a Pterodactyl) the others could all be despatched rather easily and looked somewhat out of place in brightly-lit rooms and stairwells. Nonetheless there were several moments of surprise (mostly to do with cunningly placed traps) and a good build-up of momentum in the Gameplay, culminating in the final confrontation. Well worth a look for 40 minutes of fun." - Orbit Dream (22-Aug-2005)
"Had it not been for some coastal textures, and the customised wad, this would've fit well among the 'Back to Basics' levels because of the catacomb setup, and some rooms actually reminded me a bit of the rooms in those levels, but just some general resemblance and no copying as far as I can tell. There's actually surprisingly little water for a temple built for water, but the waterskin and water pedestal do replace switches in most issues and I do remember flooding at least one area. Overall the gameplay is not too difficult, mainly operated by switches, step-on-able tiles, shootable vases and sets of bones, for whom you at times have to master nicely made timed sequences, which I found to be the highlight of this game. It's quite fast paced, so besides the few moments when I had to think about my way further, there was no real trouble in getting through here, and it's almost a shame this is so short (took me 20 minutes) as it had great potential - besides the decent gameplay, the catacomb setting was colourful and looked nice, though nothing overly imaginative on the whole. Besides the duration, my only other gripe would be the dinosaurs. I found them to be completely out of place in this egyptian setting, and rather spoiling the experience than adding to it, also the T-Rex in the final room is easy to kill no matter whether you follow the author's instructions about saving in the room before him or not. Overall a nice, fast paced catacomb adventure with the addition of dinos, but could've been so much better if the author had worked more on the duration and complexity of the level. Recommended nonetheless, if you're not fed up with these type of levels." - eTux (20-Aug-2005)
"Daniel has captured a breathtaking view of Lara's drop into the Temple of Water. I loved that! There are a few other camera angles that I thought were beautifully handled. Nice job! This is a fun raid - not too difficult - good continuity. Lara must find gems, knots and pillars, and push buttons to further her advancement. Enemies abound - especially those pesky, flesh-eating beetles which make some timed shoots all the more painful. I think you'll enjoy this one - I certainly did!" - Mugs (20-Aug-2005)