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Sanctuary of Souls (Demo) by Piega

Bene 8 9 10 9
CC 9 8 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 10 10
Drakan 10 10 10 10
Engelchen Lara 9 9 10 10
eRIC 9 9 10 10
eTux 8 8 9 8
Gerty 8 8 10 10
gfd 9 10 10 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
John 8 8 8 8
Jorge22 9 8 10 10
Jose 8 10 10 10
Kristina 8 8 8 8
LePerk 8 9 10 10
manarch2 9 9 9 9
MichaelP 8 8 10 9
Moonpooka 10 10 10 10
Obig 8 8 10 10
Orbit Dream 9 9 10 10
OverRaider 9 9 10 10
Phil 10 9 9 10
QRS 10 10 10 10
Razzi 10 10 10 10
Relic Hunter 9 10 10 10
rtrger 10 10 10 10
Ryan 9 9 10 9
Samu 10 9 9 10
Sash 8 8 10 9
Selene 10 8 10 10
Spike 9 10 10 10
The Boo 9 10 10 10
TombRaiderFan 9 8 9 8
TombRaiderTim 10 10 10 10
Treeble 10 10 10 10
trplayer 9 9 10 10
TrueRaider 8 10 10 10
VoodooChild97 10 10 10 10
Wolf7 9 9 10 10
young Lara Croft 9 10 10 10
release date: 22-Aug-2005
# of downloads: 160

average rating: 9.41
review count: 40
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file size: 17.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Quite impressive for a demo this one and it’s a shame we didn’t get a full version as I would of loved to see what other puzzles and fun challenges could of been added. Set entirely inside a cathedral type of environment with lots of brown textures, clockwork cogs, bells and chains this level kicks off immediately with challenging tasks involving tricky timed runs and jumps across springing trapdoors before we move to blade, spike and moving block traps! That sounds challenging enough but most of these tasks have to done with a torch in your hand as we have to find several baskets around the level that need lighting up! Some of these tasks it’s clear what needs to be done, others not so much as one small area may have several challenging paths to take ! all needed for progression. For enemies we have some little spiders to begin with and then later on I almost fell off the sofa as giant ones totally took me off guard and by surprise lol! Overall this level wants to make you think about what’s needs to be done and then tests your quick fingers and patience lol but it’s clever and fun so definitely not one to be missed despite the short length" - John (19-Jul-2023)
"From the first location to the first location (hehehe), Piega sets his own quality, not looking back on whatever has or hasn't been done before. The result is short and lovely, and I still haven't lost hopes for the full version. Stop hiding and finish your opus magnum, Mister Master ;p" - DJ Full (22-Aug-2022)
"I played it first into QRS' Hall of fame, I was so interested that I decided to try this level and, oh my Wolfness if this is such a great level! Although it is quite enemyless, very very short and feels quite dated, I enjoyed every single second of my 20 minutes play through. The gameplay is unique, challanges are hard and enjoyable and the care to the object used was incredible! Biggest flaw? It's a demo who was supposed to be parte of a game that was going to be released in 2006, 13 years ago. Recommending this game is a must, but don't get to sad when it ends, because it does and pretty quickly." - Wolf7 (26-Feb-2019)
"This demo version that I played at its release and that I replayed with great pleasure showed us the enormous construction possibilities. The wheels are huge, beautiful and what about trapdoors driven by a train under them. This promised a lot, unfortunately we did not have the final version. The passage of the traps was practically impossible without the solution with the recovered note. Once again, congratulations Piéga." - Drakan (11-Nov-2018)
"What a tantalising demo. Set in the Clockwork Cathedral, although being very very short, contains quite tricky challenges to tempt experienced raiders. If the full version is in development still, I am all for it." - Ryan (11-Mar-2016)
"What a pleasure to play this short demo. Hopefully one day this will turn into a full game, because it has great potential! Looking at the release date, I thought "damn this level was far ahead its time"." - The Boo (08-Feb-2016)
"Even if it's just a demo and the overall time of completion is under half an hour I still feel like it was long enough and worth my time. This level is filled with brilliance!!! I've never seen such artistry in a level like in Clockwork Cathedral. The puzzles were clever, the atmosphere was beautiful and the remarkable animated objects contributed to the steampunk genre pretty well. I don't know if the entire game will ever be completed or if it got cancelled but it would be a shame to leave it unfinished." - young Lara Croft (30-Mar-2014)
"I usually don`t play demo levels but as always there might be some exceptions especially if it`s from builder like Piega! This demo level was almost absolutely perfect, it is challenging, creative, atmospheric... just superb. The trapdoor puzzle was ingenious as well as the whole torch puzzle (which is covering most of the gameplay). New objects which perfectly fitted environment were placed very well and enemies came out at right time (maybe some big spiders were little annoying at the end of the level but it wasn`t so bad), In my opinion level is too short even for a demo (27 minutes) but if Sanctuary of Souls is still in working then I am sure that the full game will be masterpiece with no doubt! 9/9/10/10" - OverRaider (22-Sep-2013)
"With only close to 20 minutes playtime, this must be the shortest level that has reached the Hall of Fame, and after playing I must say deservedly so, as each minute was a real treat and this is an experience you don't often have in a custom level. The game is fast-paced but had very well executed gameplay with the more than great use of the torch that you have to carry with quite a long time, clever platform sequences (the hardest one even has a nice hint) and new kind of traps you will encounter and then have to master. The sole secret was a whole side task to do but it is easy to not throw the torch down and thus have to repeat quite a lot (luckily I did). Also it maybe would have been better to know that the torch must be carried on in other situations, as you're stuck if you don't take the torch with you in the timed wheel run, but this is the only issue I had with the gameplay, which otherwise was pretty close to perfect and somehow reminded me on the UUB saga. The whole lot of new objects made this game quite unique, and there was a great sense for detail with the bell, the actual clockwork and all the doors that were designed accordingly. The ladder that came down after picking up the waterskin was also memorable. There were only few enemies to shoot in form of little and big spiders that didn't fit in the scenery too much (maybe the storyline of the full game would explain this) and the pair of spiders near the end didn't appear everytime. The visuals in this game are absolutely professional but a tad too grim in my opinion with only the golden objects and the beautiful windows being a contrast, and as this level being situated in a cathedral I wished a few more lofty textures; the textures in several areas also reminded a little bit on Richard Lawther's earlier UUB levels. Else than that, the atmosphere was great with the used sound, a few cutscenes (a starting cutscene would have been nice, but I guess this is not the intended start of the level so this is OK) and in the full game there would easily have been at least one ten for this level - unluckily the builder didn't (I still hope yet) finished this promising game. Highly recommended ..." - manarch2 (17-Mar-2012)
"Cleverly constructed level. Beautifully textured, nicely lit and there are great objects in it. I simply love the gameplay elements, like that hard trapdoor sequence, or the spike trap on the stairs. Or a blade, which cuts your leg if you aren't fast enough. The final room is marvelous, the teleporter is simply awesome. The ambient is perfect to this level, and the clock sfx is also awesome in the background. I think this level is perfect, it has a very nice feeling. Recommended!" - rtrger (06-Apr-2010)
"I'll keep this short as everybody and their grandmother has written something about this. Superb demo and cannot wait until the full game is out. I feel sorry for those who played this back in 2005 and have had to wait this long already. As a stand alone level, the pace is perhaps a little too slow and difficult but in the context of a much larger game which this will be I am sure it will not remotely be an issue. Amazing." - TrueRaider (03-Aug-2009)
"I was amazed at this game on how well detailed it was and how many new objects it hosted as well as new and surprising traps around every corner. Piega has used all his effort in making this demo exciting and teasing for the full game which is yet to be released. Great puzzles to solve and the trapdoors were extremly well set up as you had to time it hust at the right moment to get across the pit. Lighting is used perfectly for the areas but there could always be more enemies in this game, even though it is only a demo. I look foward in seeing the full game soon, well done and good effort Piega." - TombRaiderTim (04-May-2009)
"I think this is one of the bests adventures I played. Objects and items are fully new, I didn't see it before and it looks like very nice. The torch puzzle is so good, but jumping with it over the gap is very exciting. Well, I like this demo!" - Razzi (27-Oct-2008)
"While it looks impressive from the start, it's when we pull the levers that the real show begins. Cogs start turning and ticking, chains start moving, gates start almost feels 'alive'. The 'clockwork' element is present throughout the level, and it always manages to amaze. The texturing is also excellent, and is the lighting, and the foggy pit also looks great. The gameplay is brilliant too, and there are a variety of things to be done here, most involving some tricky jumps over large pits, while the other main attraction is the torch puzzle that spans a large amount of the level. From start to finish this is a thrill-ride, and the last room in particular is stunning, with the blue swirling vortex inside the mirror. I certainly can not fault this, and I can't wait for the full version." - Spike (23-Jul-2007)
"This was truly amazing work. This demo level has a nice torch puzzle, a lot of fun jumping tasks, traps to avoid and beutifully constructed environment. A big plus is also the amount of objects never seen before. The full version of this game is absolutely one of the most interesting projects to look forward to." - Samu (31-Mar-2007)
"Fantastic graphics, audio and playability greet us as we journey through Rene's latest offering. As usual Rene shows us that he knows exactly what he's doing, whether he is designing very large, impressive structures, amazing graphics, retextured enemies or a secret which was set out all in an area of its own (and so felt like a genuine reward); it is all professionally done. The only bit I got stuck on was the stone wheel because I tried to operate it from the ground but couldn't, so I assumed that it could not be used that way. I had no idea that you could stand on a block and still use it. Some other tricky stuff here that may well fox a beginner but experts should find it all a joy. I completed it in about an hour and am proud to say that I found the secret without resorting to a walkthrough. Welcome back Rene!" - gfd (29-Dec-2006)
"This is a very well-done level, save for a couple of things. I loved the atmosphere, the lighting, the textures, the movement of the objects and the sounds they made. It was as if I was in a real clock tower, and I was impressed! The puzzles are very nice. Some repetition with the torch, but it ends up becoming more of a theme than an endless bother, so I thought it was great! And that darned jumping trapdoor puzzle... THAT was great! The only problem was the basket lighting. I wasn't pleased to see poor Lara burst into flames upon lighting the basket. I know it makes it more difficult... but it's more of an unnecessary difficulty--something like an annoyance. The cameras were used well. I especially liked the flyby in the main clock area. Like I said, objects were very realistic, and they added a LOT to the atmosphere and the illusion of the reality (though I am led to believe from the "back to reality" line in the menu that I truly am not in reality). These objects, however, came at a price for me: SLOW CPU! My computer chugged nearly the whole game through, and sometimes it got so sticky that Lara would end up running off a ledge before I could stop her. I tried a number of graphics settings, but couldn't improve it. It's true that my computer isn't the greatest, but I've never faced this problem with official levels or custom ones, so I am left to assume that it is an abnormality caused by something with the design. And the way Lara just stood there at the end (which I won't ruin by the way) sort of looked a little strange. Summing it all up: magnificent!! I am certainly looking forward to the full and final version of this level, and hope I have a PC powerful enough to enjoy it in all its 1024 768 glory. Great Job Piega!" - trplayer (22-Apr-2006)
"I know this is just a demo, but anyone who has played it will understand why it got me so excited to the point of giving a four-tenner. For starters, we have Lara (in her new Legend outfit) basically inside a clock. Back in the days of Nintendo 64, there was a part of the game in Super Mario 64 that was exactly around the same theme and I loved it. Pretty much about everything here is based on time. Frustrating, yes. Rewarding, yes. There's one jump sequence involving four trapdoors which will have players pulling out their hair, takes a few tries and most importantly you must read the hint the author dropped by. Thought that was quite a nice touch. Atmosphere wise there's nothing to moan about, the entire demo was moody, with a rusty look to the whole thing and the occasional spiders running around. If the demo was this good, I can't wait to see what Piega can come up with next - Sanctuary Of Souls is definitely one game to look for in this new year. Well done, master Piega! *worships* 25 minutes, 1 secret." - Treeble (25-Dec-2005)
"Wow, even with a demo Rene can impress me so much that knowing I have to wait till 2006 for the full version of the game is almost unbearable. Here Rene gives you a glimpse of what to expect with a brilliantly designed torch puzzle, fantastic timed trapdoor jumps, and a gothically beautiful church tower to play in, you even have to time a jump past a giant swinging pendulum as the clock mechanisms turn. I absolutely loved what this 30 minutes held and I am just hoping, nay, I am praying, that on each side of this 30 minute snippet we have countless hours upon countless hours of delicious adventuring in the style only Rene can provide! Now hurry up and end 2005 'cause I've got me a date with some major fun!" - Sash (01-Nov-2005)
"It seems that the entire game will be great. But this author seems to follow the way like another good builders: tasks more and more difficult which makes the gameplay more tedious; perhaps all they are bored to build always the same traps and only think in very tricky tasks to make the game more "intelligent", but Tomb Raider is more than this tricky tasks, Tomb Raider is to explore and discover, is to admire great scenes, is use the intelligence to easily solve puzzles which looks impossible, is to cross dangerous areas with a minim damage,... This demo has incredible animated objects, great atmosphere, very good textures,... all seems to drive the game in a right direction but please, don't ruin a great project with almost impossible tasks!" - Jose (25-Oct-2005)
"This was actually the first demo I've ever tried playing and it was definetely more than worth it. If the upcoming release is anywhere near as good as what we're shown here, it's absolutely worth the wait. Lara, looking absolutely stunning on the occasion, must here navigate her way up through a clocktower. I was particularly impressed with the atmosphere and settings; I could basically smell the scent of the wooden floor and walls. The clockwork mechanisms and the bell in the tower were also really impressive and skillfully made. There were few enemies and objects/secrets to pick up(I only found one of the latter), thus the lower score for that part, but I'm confident that the full version will hit the 10 jackpot with me. The traps and challenges are tricky at times, but yet so pleasurable to go through. Add to this some incredible fly-by's and a beautiful musical score and you have a little masterpiece on its own. I was completely stunned by this demo and am definetely looking forward to playing the full version." - Selene (24-Oct-2005)
"This is brilliant as usual. Can't wait for the full game. The atmosphere of this level perfectly captures the setting. There is alot of jumping puzzles centred around a couple of main rooms but they are innovative and difficult." - LePerk (02-Oct-2005)
"Well, this was the first demo I ever decided to try out and, quite frankly, I wasn't let down. The graphics are so well thought of and solid, the atmosphere is so perfect, all the architectural connections so good, the tasks at hand so interesting... Only perhaps a little too dark, but that's a problem with Tomb Raider in general. This is very close to professional and even better than a lot of professional stuff. I can hardly wait for the full game to become available. The only let down was at the end, when I saw it was only coming out in 2006... (September 23, 2005)" - Jorge22 (23-Sep-2005)
"Yeah, good level here. Although i don't really rate demos, because i usually wait for the full game. But i was tempted by this one :D I can't wait for the full game now because i really enjoyed this. A bit short but it's a demo, right? I loved the gameplay with the torch and the new chime clocks and mechanisms. A few spiders, little and large which was ok, but not much of a variety. I think teh only thing that let it down was the lighting. The lighting was ok but it didn't have anything special about it. Just a little bit dark and normal. Maybe we could have seen lot's of shades of colours and so on. Overall good demo." - TombRaiderFan (16-Sep-2005)
"Clockwork Cathedral If this is a demo of the game that's to be released next year, then I'm going to have to do some serious calming exercises. Absolutely stunning is a weak description of this masterpiece. Lara looks amazing and I love her new animation of looking around if we let her stand still for a moment. The atmosphere of this huge Clockwork Cathedral, with it's enormous swinging pendulum and wheel gears is awesome. Lara finds out straight away that she must get this humungus clockwork system working by setting these giant gears in motion with a lever. Later on this is done by using a torch to light baskets. It's amazing watching these gears turning on the walls and under grid floors. Lara must bring this torch with her through some difficult jumps over rising and falling wooden ledges. One particular difficult run over four ledges is not so straight forward, but the clue about how to do it is written on a piece of paper Lara finds. One element that didn't seem to fit were the spiked stairways, but the swinging hammers are appropriate, like old fashioned alarm clocks that have little hammers that cause the 'ring' of the alarm. The same goes for the chains to pull (like the chains of a grandfather clock), the huge bell (alarm bell), the huge turning blades, and the cog wheel timed run. I liked the curved walls I saw at one stage; they were perfect. Making our way up to the top of this cathedral to get to the pendulum involves some good runs past sliding horiztonal blades, a moveable block and a ropeswing. As you'd expect in a spooky dark cathedral there are spiders, big and small; not that many, but a surprise when they show up. Great little extra touches are changing the 'exit level' to 'back to reality', and we have a new compass and binoculars. Although this is a compact fairly short level, nothing takes away from the impact of the scenery and the gameplay. At the end Lara climbs up to a portal to jump through to . . . the next level, which we won't see until next year. I can't think of a better way to introduce what looks like, and knowing the master builder himself, an amazing adventure. I'm really looking forward to it. So hurry up Piega." - CC (12-Sep-2005)
"Already in the first rooms , you can't help but notice this is a professional work. New or modified objects, perfect sfx sounds, stunning setting. The gameplay is also excellent, challenging without being frustrating. The only thing that annoyed me a bit : because of too many objects in the decor, I did not see clearly what to do or where to jump in the last upper rooms. It's "only" a demo but I think I have played one hour as I did not always choose the shortest ways to do things. In spite of a rather complex gameplay you can't get suck here. Thank you for making this demo available now." - eRIC (12-Sep-2005)
"Having a go at it on the meeting in Lage and crying for help with that trapdoor timed run and applauding at Christoph who was the only one who could make it (with the Torch that is and no jumping back and roll and such, but in one go) and a smaller applause for Buck for making it without the Torch, I dreaded to start this one. I even got the solution from Rene himself and in the download demo there is a piece of paper with also the solution. So armed with that knowledge I gave it a try. I have to say I am absolutely real bad in doing timed runs/jumps with corners so forgive me that I cursed the whole way through. Apart from that this is really a fantastic level. I see that Rene isn't the only one that used that new program Titak is so jubilant about, well done. I for one can't wait for the full version, trapdoors or not. 01-09-2005" - Gerty (09-Sep-2005)
"Absolutely a superb demo :-) Lara needs to explore a few rooms with clockwork and it is not a simple thing to do. There are timed trapdoors, which can be difficult but with a little practice are not that hard to do, especially if you read the helpful note. Also the torch plays an important role and you need to bring it with you almost everywhere. Atmosphere is ingenious, especially the sounds, as you here it tick everywhere. Just perfect how Piega has designed the clockwork. Enemies are spiders. Textures and lighting are very well done. I am very much looking forward to playing the new masterpiece :-)" - Engelchen Lara (05-Sep-2005)
"I almost already thought that the author gave up creating custom levels. I've been waiting for more than 3 years for him to present another great adventure. But my waiting was not for nothing. It won't disappoint you. Even this is a great adventure, though it is only a demo. The textures are wonderful and the added sound raise the feeling efficiently. Already the previous levels of the author were masterpieces. Any of them could be a part of the official games. Well, if the creators of the original TR games would stand by the work in this manner, and not only money would dominate but they would give also their hearts and souls, we would get to the seventh heaven. They could take the many enthusiastic authors as examples. On this level we are adventuring in a multi-level temple. We have to start up cog-wheels by lighting burners, and these open doors. The torch has an important role, so we better take it with us, but we can also easily get back to it. Getting over the moving platforms makes things a little bit difficult, but don't forget that at one of them you have to turn back and then get on further. :) It's not easy to notice the secret. At first I didn't think that I will discover the path for the cost of a self-destroying action, because I would never thought sliding down the pole of the swinging blade. :) There are not much enemies, only some tiny and some giant spiders. I can only suggest to play this great adventure. Don't miss it! You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (02-Sep-2005)
"Good news and bad news. On the one hand, it's always a treat to have an offering from the master, but on the other hand the thought of waiting until next year for the full game is enough to make me cry. Needless to say, this looks magnificent - the clockwork machinery in particular is beautifully done. Basically, you need to reach various sections of the cathedral (initially with a torch) and if that sounds easy you're obviously reckoning without the fiendish ingenuity of Piega. It's a real agility test and you won't believe just how much action has been packed into such a short demo." - Jay (01-Sep-2005)
"This short demo undoubtly has mouth's watering and players waiting for 2006 to come impatiently. Though my ratings might not be quite as high as those of others, I actually am pretty sure the full version of this demo is yet another 4-tenner to come. The most amazing aspect of this adventure is the plausibilty of it all - with all the cogs around, the way the trapdoors and all other mechanisms, like traps, circulating blades seem to fit in and work here very believably and logically, the looks and atmosphere are very dreamlike - but never really something which's logic you could doubt. That, I think is the greatest achievment of this level, despite the somewhat clever gameplay with the trapdoor jumps, or the imaginative looks of it all wich are great as you can understand too. If there are downsides to this all, then those are the seemingly useless waterskin, the movable object corner bug which allows you to skip the wole trap-athlon on the middle level of the cathedral along the way to getting one of the keys, and sometimes, though so much thought to detail is put in this, it's a pity to notice something that could've been done better - for example when looking at the biggest cogs of the level from side, you see them sort of being suspended in the air, and it looks kind of strange to see the cogs attached to the trapdoors, for example, go in and out solid walls like that. But all that can and I assume will be taken care of in the final version, and as such the mentioned things are not really that essential (well the movable object thing that allows you to avoid a whole task maybe), and actually show how immersed I was in the game and its believable atmosphere. Well done, looking forward to the full version!" - eTux (30-Aug-2005)
"This is Lara looking as much like the future release of 'Legend' Lara as possible and with a nice twist: leave her alone for just a bit and her head turns around seemingly looking for her next move...wonderful. Gameplay is, I thought, challenging. The timed jumps to the hatches can be difficult but once you know where to go and when, it's all do-able. Sounds such as the bell tolling and the creak(tick) of the clock mechanisim add to the realism in this atmospheric adventure. The mirror we saw in screenies is here but it heralds the end of this over-too-soon demo. Once the waterskin is filled and we jump through the mirror, all is over for now and we await 2006 for the chance to find out exactly where that mirror takes us to next. This is one of those must downloads. Highly recommended." - Bene (29-Aug-2005)
"...and that was just a Demo?! I shudder to think how infuriatingly challenging the complete adventure will be. This actually stands up very well as a complete level (only the addition of the unnecesary waterskin betray's its 'work-in-progress' status) and as such is probably the finest short level you are ever likely to play. The Gameplay is gripping, challenging, hugely entertaining but not infuriatingly difficult; a very fine line indeed to tread. Enemies are used sparingly but are damn effective. The location and atmosphere is sublime. Waste no more time reading these accolades...just play it!" - Orbit Dream (28-Aug-2005)
"Oh my word, if this demo is just a taste of thing to come then I am drooling with excitement. Lara looks fabulous, and her environments are just stunning. The setting is quite spooky in the cathedral and the atmosphere is amazing. The rooms are beautifully designed and textured and the fantastic new objects are dreamy; especially the clock pendulum traps, and the gorgeous bell at the top of the room. This was quite a test involving a torch puzzle, and Lara has to negotiate timed collapsing hatches in three places, one of which had a few folk stumped if they didn't take note of the handy clue left nearby. Lara will also have to negotiate a circular floor blade, crashing walls and a few spike traps, while large and small spiders try to hinder her way. Eventually she can grab that water skin though, and here we had to end this amazing demo unfortunately. Well, you have to see it to believe its utter brilliance, and I can't wait until 2006 for the full release." - Moonpooka (28-Aug-2005)
"From the TR Legend like out fit to the very believable and unique setting this is a short treat of just over 20 minutes of gameplay that is so intense that you want to play the full game right now and not only some time in 2006. The 'clockwork' works brilliantly and you get a lot of fast paced action her with timed trapdoors in great variation, a complex torch puzzle and several blade traps to maneuver around. Absolutely recommended for some awesome moments and can't wait for the final product." - MichaelP (28-Aug-2005)
"The experience was short but really fun for The Clockwork Cathedral. You know, this has always been one of my dream environments for a Tomb Raider level, a large area quite like this one where a vast matrix of chains, wheels, cogs, pulleys, and levers would operate everything, including the usually-bland door and trapdoor. I'm grateful that Rene has finally put my dream into level form. Before you even start you get an innovative new title screen, a mixture of the fly-by and the static. It's very humble and nice. When you begin the level you'll notice a few new things. The compass and binoculars are both wonderfully reworked. Lara, sporting her superb new look and costume, actually turns her head and surveys the area around her if you leave her unattended. This level is full of innovation and design genius, taking place in a giant cathedral/bell tower. The textures and lighting are well-polished to perfection and almost all the objects are new or re-worked. The doors and trapdoors rotate on cogs, which is a nice touch, and there are many other mechanisms to both aid you and confront you, which Rene has set up with masterful precision, so expect some difficulty. The enemies are not many, some small spiders and large icky ones that poison you. So get ready to enter a world of menacing jump sequences, boobie-trapped high ledges, and atmospheric passages, all set in a spectacularly rendered cathedral. And don't forget, you'll have to take your torch along through most of this! There is one secret on the way so be on the look out, you don't want to miss the water room and the crossbow's magic arrows will help you later with the big spiders. I have only one complaint, that when a giant spider kills Lara, she floats in mid-air while the abominations scurry away. This should be fixed. That mirror at the end seemed to be taken straight out of King's Quest: Mask of Eternity, and brought back some good memories. I can give this straight 10's in all honesty! You have my high recommendation, and all who download will be in for a treat. I found a shotgun along with the crossbow. This review is for Demo v1.0. The full game comes 2006 and I'm looking foward to it." - VoodooChild97 (28-Aug-2005)
"My jaw dropped when I read Michael's description of this maddeningly frustrating level as a 'short treat'. If this challenging segment is any indication of what the full game is going to be like, I'll probably wind up in the psycho ward trying to write the walkthrough. I had to have Val almost literally hold me by the hand to get me all the way through it. But none of this is to say that I didn't enjoy the level. Quite the contrary; it's a visual and gaming feast, although I hope that in the full game Rene will take us outdoors at least occasionally for some fresh air and light. The four-trapdoor segment is perhaps the climax of the whole level, and it took quite a while before I caught on as to what was necessary to conquer it. Once you know what to do, though, it becomes considerably less formidable. In fact, even if you don't time it right and that final trapdoor isn't up when you want (or expect) it to be, you can take a running jump and grab to the far ledge and simply pull up. Challenging, but much fun. Rene doesn't think a walkthrough is needed for this demo, but after playing it I think I disagree. I'll see if I can change his mind." - Phil (28-Aug-2005)
"This demo/teaser is a real treat. Rene is giving us a little taste of what will come and it is worth the wait judging from what I've seen. The setting is wonderful with wooden structures and big clock mechanisms. There is a timed run involved which is a piece of cake if you find the map with the solution. Even if you don't find it though all you have to do is to watch the tiles carefully and memorize the pattern. Big and small spiders will greet you in some of the rooms and Rene's trademark, the torch puzzle, is present as well. There is really not much else to say, only that I can't wait for the full game. I found one secret, a silver rose in twenty five minutes of gameplay." - Kristina (25-Aug-2005)
"First of all, I find it very hard to rate a demo. I decided to rate it for what it is - a demo :) Everything in this short glimpse of a level is fantastic. The lighting and textures perfect. The objects so new and fits so well with the cathedral atmosphere. The new sounds like pulling the block, the doors that opens and the constant 'clockwork' sounds makes you feel that you are in a real cathedral. Also, the puzzles in this demo were very hard and challenging. Very neat trapdoor puzzle btw :) If Piega manages to make the whole adventure like this, it will do the impossible.. top his previous sactuary game!! As a demo this can't be any better. All tens from me. I can't wait for the whole adventure! Amazing job Rene. 2005-08-23" - QRS (25-Aug-2005)
"I was really excited to see a glimpse of Piega's new adventure, The Sanctuary of Souls, so I downloaded this level the very moment it was uploaded. Normally I expected a great level, but this level is just amazing! The Legend outfit looks great, and the level just seems so real, as in like you're really there in the Clockwork Cathedral with Lara. The turning of the gears sounds so real, and the background audio is very atmospheric. I also liked the way Lara would look around if you didn't do anything with her for a while, adds some good realism. We are faced with quite a few tasks in here, most of them involving timed trapdoors. I really liked the second trapdoor sequence, where it would seem to be a standard timed jumping procedure across the room, but the trick here was that you had to jump between two platforms so the last trapdoor would stay up long enough for you to reach the other side. My favorite room in this level was the one with the bell and the clockwork pendulum. When you find your way to the top of the room, you can hear the tick-tocking of the clockwork pendulum and the bell ringing. There's also a few fun sequences with running and jumping with wall blades chasing you. I was a little bit saddened when the level has ended, but it was a demo after all, and those are always short! However, this nice sneek-peek gives you what you would expect from the full game, which Piega says should be released sometime in 2006. I eagerly anticipate the arrival of this adventure!" - Relic Hunter (25-Aug-2005)