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Fountain Park by gail854

Bene 7 8 7 8
CC 6 7 7 6
Celli 5 6 4 5
Deekman 7 9 7 8
Duncan 6 8 7 8
Engelchen Lara 8 8 8 8
eTux 6 6 7 7
Gerty 6 8 7 6
Jay 7 8 8 8
Jose 7 8 7 7
Kristina 6 7 7 7
MichaelP 7 9 7 6
mugs 8 8 8 8
Mulf 5 6 6 6
Neltharion 7 7 8 5
Obig 8 8 8 8
Phil 7 7 8 8
QRS 7 8 9 8
Ryan 7 8 7 7
Sash 6 7 6 7
Staticon 8 9 8 8
suzieq51 8 8 7 8
Treeble 6 6 7 6
release date: 28-Aug-2005
# of downloads: 105

average rating: 7.14
review count: 23
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file size: 21.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Decent level aside from some potential softlocks in case you don't pick the necessary objects and the precise time, which would led to either restarting the level or reloading a previous savegame and do a huge backtracking. Gameplay is pretty much going from switch to switch and grabbing keys sometimes, although there is an interesting torch area and a small but fun platforming area. This level has a lot of custom objects, which help to build the atmosphere all through the level, even though the flat lighting brings this down." - Neltharion (11-Jan-2023)
"Another one hit wonder of the early days. While it's true this level has a few issues (the roped boulder couldn't look any more out of place if it tried, for instance), I rather enjoyed my stay here. Gameplay is pretty linear and mostly revolves around finding keys and buttons to proceed, with the occasional quick torch bit thrown in. Lighting seemed to be default for most of the time, not quite fitting with the chosen horizon. There was also a, perhaps unintentional, nice effect with Lara looking through the artifact when putting it into the receptacle at the end. 45 minutes. 10/21" - Treeble (01-Nov-2021)
"This level contains one delightful oddity: at one point you enter what looks like a little maze and come across a dead end with a wholly unexpected toilet. (It then turns out that these corridors are part of some sort of communal bathroom.) But oh my, we’re off to a bad start, aren’t we? A trapdoor that Lara falls through when she steps on it. No worries though: this apparent mishap only saves you some tedious shimmying along the edge of a roof towards the button that’s supposed to open that trapdoor (you are told this by a silent flyby) and then back again to where you started, so it’s actually not so much a bug as a feature. Yet it sure doesn’t bode well for things to come; and indeed, the same error recurs with another trapdoor later on, and in this case you may become stuck with no way out. (In both cases, the trapdoor is actually part of a flipmap with the wrong kind opacity chosen for the trapdoor texture. The error could have been avoided by simply using an actual trapdoor, which would also have made the first flipmap unnecessary.) So, not only will you be wasting much of your gaming time on perfectly pointless backtracking, the level will also continue to be plagued by errors, some minor, some major, some getting you permanently stuck. The readme apologises in advance; but, dear levelbuilder, that’s not how it works: you don’t apologise, you do it right the first time. None of the errors in this level would have been difficult to correct if only you’d just asked! The readme—effusive though it is when it comes to crediting various people in various capacities—names not a single beta-tester. So it comes as no surprise that this level is something of a showcase for the various things that can go wrong if you eschew beta-testing in favour of getting your level out there quick.
The worst thing about the level is the bad plotting of its gameplay. On at least three occasions the builder allows you to leave an area without picking up a crucial item and then proceed far into the level until you suddenly find yourself without means of making any further progress. This results in you having to replay large chunks of the level, or even to start over because you’re permanently stuck—on the home straight, no less. Actually, strike that. The worst thing about the level is its relentlessness in making you go back and forth. Its first part is essentially a large fetch quest for various keys that open various doors, and whenever you find one, you’ve reached a dead end, whereupon the builder forces you go back exactly the way you came—every single time, and sometimes that’s quite a long way. Sometimes it is a very long crawlspace.
That said, in its second part the level manages, improbably, to redeem itself somewhat. In fact, this second half packs a punch that I’d never have predicted on the basis of its fairy-tale plot and its twee little town nestling up against the twee rather too large park of the title. Once you go underground, the builder begins to use lighting. She throws snakes, sea-hags, werewolves, and weird monkey creatures (‘gollums’) your way. You need to not run, but crawl away from a wraith that looks like an electric spark and buzzes like an angry hornet. You get fire traps, rope swings over deadly goo, pyramid-hopping with boulders and pillar-jumping with werewolves. You even end up where you started this section, which is precisely you need to be. No backtracking! If only the builder had taken a cue or two from the construction of this section when making the first part of the game.
The rest of the level brings the story to its inevitable close. You defeat the demon (Demigod) that’s responsible for putting all the animals in a state of suspended animation. You restore the missing ‘Star of Life’ (no, stupid—from the other side, opposite the one you approach it from). You get out. Animals animate. (Some more jerkily than others.) I should have liked to explore the consequences of my good deed a little more, but the level ends as soon as you take a step forward." - Mulf (03-Feb-2021)
"This debut may have its fair share of apparent bugs to be wary of, but I only encountered one: an invisible barrier surrounding Lara when she placed the Star of Life (or something to that effect) so I never got to see the animals being revived. Apart from that, and a few sound and texture issues), this was quite charming and enjoyable to play, although linear to go through. I experienced no crashes and was able to make my way through this. There are plenty of boxes to push, levers to pull, some swimming and some torch work. Plenty of nice retextured enemies, plus some irritating sea hags, so why not give it a try." - Ryan (03-Nov-2017)
"This is one of the levels I played right after it was released, but for one reason or another, which I can't recall right now to imprint it into the world's history via this website, didn't review it right after playing, which made it more difficult to review it now when I'm only a few reviews short of triple platinum award, heh. Unfortunately I couldn't replay it to refresh my memory as the game crashed during the first fly-by on my laptop, but fortunately my memory's good enough to remember a thing or two from the time I played it long ago, so I hope I'll be able to do the level justice with my review all the same. If I start with the bad things, then the thing I remember most vividly was that I had missed a puzzle item which ultimately lead to a dead end in the cathedral with no ways of getting back to get what you missed - while the minor bugs like the waterless lakes and so could be overlooked - this was the only real place where one wished more precautions would've been taken to prevent the unpleasant situation that it was. Fortunately I didn't have to replay the whole level, but that's not such a big issue, as the level looks rather nice - from the city, house and storage areas in the beginning to the park with the chapel itself and the sewer systems beyond - all was well done for a new builder, and while the blue tone of the fog maybe was just a bit too intense and not the shade I would've picked for a spooky park it worked all the same and added a magical feel to it along with all the frozen animals. Nothing too difficult, but you have to play with your eyes open and keep an extra savegame just in case and you'll be well off here - worth the effort!" - eTux (22-Jul-2006)
"At the beginning you don't need to use the button showed in the flyby to open the trapdoor in the corner?!? There are missed sounds in the floor levers. Author sould be sure that the player gets the crowbar (a necessary element in the game) before he find the crosses, but it isn't so in this game. Into the garden, in the small lake with the swams, the water isn't water, it's only a transparent texture over the surface. Once you've used the Chapel Key and enter, if you haven't the crosses and the light pieces you can't go out and have to reload a savegame. The final detail with the animals reviving is very good. During the game you'll have suficient guns and ammo to defend yourself of the beasts and gameplay is not bad at all, but puzzles aren't very innovative. An entertained level you can play." - Jose (14-Nov-2005)
"What a delightful first attempt. Colourful, interesting and a total joy to play. OK, there were a couple of bugs with trapdoors and, perhaps, a tad too many long crawls but, hey, we all have to start somewhere. None of these hamper the gameplay too badly and, for most of the time, I couldn't wait to see where the next passage or door led me. Well done Brenda. I hope to see more from you before too long." - Staticon (12-Nov-2005)
"This level is easy, even by my relaxed standards, so I would recommend it mainly for beginning raiders. However, it does have some unique touches, especially the ugly critters that menace Lara periodically. And somehow the crocs have been retextured to appear like snakes. I wrote the walkthrough while playing the level and never had to backtrack for corrections, so we obviously have something quite linear and nontaxing for both mind and reflexes. I'm not complaining, however. With all the mind-boggling level sets I've played lately, I welcome such light relief as this. I took my time and explored each area thoroughly, but my net playing time (to my surprise) was nearly an hour and a half. So despite the ease of the level it provides enough gameplay to keep you occupied for a while. Give it a try if you haven't already done so." - Phil (02-Nov-2005)
"This is quite a pleasant level, if though a bit odd at times. Your object here seems to be to get into a chapel like building in a lovely gated off park full of inanimate deers and wolves and place some objects to bring the animals to animated life. The first half of this 50 minute level has you checking out all the houses and buildings around the park looking for keys and things and the second half in the park and it's underground areas looking for the key to get into the chapel. I have to say I loved the use of enemies, werewolves, creepy little creatures that look like the big eyed thing from the Lord of the Ring movie (I forget it's name), sea hags, and snakes, and a Devil at the end...of these I loved the snakes the most as they could attack on land and in the water. Hopefully for Brenda's next level she can please place some secrets in as I don't think there were any in this one, and she could probably put less pick ups as there were absolutely loads, but for a first level this turned out to be a really fun experience." - Sash (01-Nov-2005)
"A really nice level, something different and nicely designed. Puzzles are not difficult, mainly finding keys and use a few switches. You meet a few enemies and need to find two crosses and a Star of Life. Textures are well done and lighthing was ok. The small park area with the animals looked good. You will find plenty of ammo and medipacks and can easily fight the enemy at the end. I liked this level :-)" - Engelchen Lara (09-Oct-2005)
"What a nice debut level! Great atmosphere and loveley envoirement. Unfortunatly, there are a few bugs and they can make your progress hard.. and even force you to play the level from the start.. I had to do that cause I misses one of the crosses when I reached the cathedral :( There is also the problem that you can get stuck in the seahag's tunnel as you can fall through but not get up. Even due to this, it is a solid adventure and I hope this author keeps building new levels! Way to go! - 2005-10-08" - QRS (08-Oct-2005)
"Even though this is a beautiful level with nice houses, a cafeteria and a wonderful park in the middle of a town, it has some serious bugs in it that spoil the gameplay. Basically you search for keys and a two pieces artifact with Lara having to do some swimming and enough exploring. The animals that will eventually come to life, some of them anyway, were a nice touch. The bugs though are a spoiler as I mentioned above and those are: trapdoors that Lara falls into although they are closed, a shortcut at the start that will force the player to restart the game because there is a dead end later, if you follow it and a small pond inside the park that Lara can walk under even though there seems to be water in it. The last problem will trap Lara, if encountered, and won't let you finish the game. If you don't get the two pieces of the Star of Light do NOT enter the main building in the park because once the doors close behind you there is no escape. All of those could have been fixed before the release and thorough testing was required. Apart from the bugs, which are many and serious, the level is nice for a first try and we hope to see more levels in the future from the author." - Kristina (08-Oct-2005)
"Initially the gameplay in this level is a bit repetitive, but persevere, as it gets better as it goes along. The setting is very pleasant - a nice little town with pools and courtyards and the park itself is really beautiful, albeit slightly spooky with all the frozen animals (don't neglect the readme, it's an interesting storyline). There's a fascinating mix of enemies along the way before you finally get to defeat the demon, but beware - don't go into the demon room if you haven't found both crosses or you'll get stuck there and have to go back to a previous save. Oh, and the ending is charming. Yet another really promising first time build - we're being spoilt these days." - Jay (03-Oct-2005)
"IMO a very promising debut level from this builder. The town and the park looked delightful, the various rooms and pools were splendid, and all those goodies to pick up had me rubbing my mercenary hands with glee. We have to battle several nasty little hobgoblin creatures, a couple of good old sea hags and a scary demon who for me kept hiding in an alcove but Lara got him in the end! Our mission is to collect 2 crosses and 2 "Life Pieces" in order to bring the town back to life. My only criticism was that, for me, some of the sounds seemed to be missing - eg the levers and the water but that may have been caused by my failure to install correctly? Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed this gentle and colourful level." - suzieq51 (29-Sep-2005)
"I liked this level very much. There are not too much enemies, only some gnomes and beasts, wraiths, the water-vixen and snakes. We get some weapons against them: the shotgun and the revolver; so the fights won't be difficult. And there's no need to use medis either. The textures are wonderful, and the added sounds are also great. Our adventure takes place in a safari park and its sorroundings, in gorgeous houses and the sewers. We have to collect more keys and artefacts. The challenges are not so hard, none of them will confuse any of you. There are no secrets. I can only suggest the first level of the author. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (29-Sep-2005)
"This first level from a new builder has a nice fairy tale charm about it. The gameplay is easy to follow and the level is not hard to get through. If the level looks familiar, the author has borrowed from many sources, and to her great credit has acknowledged those sources. I liked this level, and enjoyed playing it. We can certainly hope the author stays with TR and gives us more quality work. Thanks! - Duncan" - Duncan (26-Sep-2005)
"The layouts were pretty well done and the textures were convincing and appropriate. Due to the theme of the level, I might have expected to see a little more devestation and darkness. Very straightforward. A few minor bugs. I kept freezing at the beginning until I found out I could bypass the very first button and just drop though the trap door. Wonderful ending, watching the town stir back to like. I even spent a little extra time at the end frollicking around town with the two white dogs! Well worth a play through for Brenda's first level. Not too hard." - Deekman (24-Sep-2005)
"Although this is more or less a city level, it has a very unreal feel to it, but in a nice way. Almost the first thing that lara encounters is a blue transparent block to push, into a room with other transparent statues. Opening the nearby door lets loose the first of many weird creatures we'll meet in this level. They look like monkeys, or mayby teddybears, but they are certainly not friendly. It was a pleasant experience searching the rooms inside the buildings of this pretty town. I especially liked the huge cardboard boxes in the storage areas. Some stacks of crates hide large snakes, and these were such a surprise to watch and deal with. There are snakes further on in the water, and they are worth a close look at too. The bins in the streets are shootable, and contain some useful items. The park itself is lovely, with deer, sleeping wolves, swans and ducks in the pond. Now here is where some odd things happen, and it cannot be taken from the level really because this is a new builder. So fair enough. The first hiccup is being able to climb on the block at the park gates and hop over the railings (it's possible to climb back onto the block, through the railings, to get back out again). The next is being able to get up on the boundary walls of the park to see the end of the world. A strange situation of falling through a closed trapdoor, and being able to swim through another trapdoor after flooding a large room to find a key, and become hopelessly trapped in there with a nasty sea hag. There are fire emitter rooms, boulders, a ropeswing over toxic water, and lighting a tied up boulder as we travel through the level to get two crosses for the temple. There are two lovely swimming pool areas, one occupied by a sea hag guarding a star, and a strange creature guarding the temple. The first dark water room with sea hag was the most interesting, with that wraith following me through a crawlspace. A wonderful debut level. I'm looking forward to future levels by this author." - CC (12-Sep-2005)
"OK this could have been better beta tested as I ran into some problems. There is a bug problem with the trapdoors, my game froze a couple of times and I had to use Alt F4 to get out, some illegal slopes in the swan pond, some other ponds do need water. Also jumping over the fence was not intended as you have to open the gate if you want out. There is also an issue with some of the cut scenes as the look key doesn't break them. But apart from that it was a real nice adventure. Be sure to find the crosses, that means playing with eyes open, and the two pieces of the Star of Light. I even brought the first torch way up into the garden and proceeded with that one (burning and all). There is variety of enemies and the first one I encountered for sure made me jump in my chair. I see also that Brenda uses different ways to proceed through this game but the boulder on a rope was a bit far fetched in my opinion. 02-09-2005" - Gerty (09-Sep-2005)
"The 'novice bar' is being raised so high and so fast! Congratulations, Brenda, on a delightful first game. I loved the looks of this one right from square one and it did not disappoint me. Your landscape was interesting and fun to roam around in and your use of textures hid many an important element from me. Isn't it funny how us raiders will try and scale anything and everything, often missing something important. This happened to me with the park gate. It was easily circumvented, but we didn't realize there would be no going back. Something my fellow raiders might want to watch out for. Your enemies were some of my favorites - the new snake (he's so lifelike) and our dear, sweet evil hag. I also love the electric wraiths! There was also a plethora (grand word, that!) of ammo - something Brenda is having us store up for her continuing adventures. Bravo!" - Mugs (31-Aug-2005)
"Lara must find two Holy Crosses and a stolen artefact to defeat the demon who has taken over a small town and made the animals freeze in place. Gameplay stops if the town is not searched first for the Park Key as there seems no way out of the Park except through the open gates. Several easy entries in - a simple jump and an ability to 'roll' into the park at two different spots. All illegal moves that get the player so far and then to a dead stop. Also a problem falling through a grate in the room that is later flooded. You can go through it but not up and back out of it. Minor details if you have a previous save but something that has to be addressed in future levels and I hope to see many levels from this author. So many things I liked in this level: the Park is beautifully done and looking at the frozen animals is somewhat spooky; the boxes that look like cardboard cartons; and looking at the many objects and the horizon and remembering the ones who created them(the builder gives due credit to all of them);the use of light rather than dark to hide something, in this case, the opening to another area in the storeroom; and the very nicely well done ending. There were a few areas that I thought we could get into but that was not to be and I had missing sounds - some levers, door opening and water sounds but maybe I didn't install the right files and if that is the case, my rating should go to an 8 for Atmosphere, Sound, Cameras. All in all, a very good start for a new, promising builder." - Bene (31-Aug-2005)
"Not too bad for a first level from the creator. Most of the gameplay is pretty straight forward, although you have to be careful to explore each area thoroughly before moving on because you may find yourself in a situation where you have to start all over (FYI, do not hop the fence to get into the park instead of opening it with the key). Some of the objects can be a bit tricky to find if you're not examining each area close enough, so really keep your eyes open. The beginning section with the trapdoor can even be skipped, unless you want to pick up a few ammo pieces. I liked the custom beast, very creepy. The background story sounded very dark and mysterious, so I thought that the atmosphere should have reflected that; I felt that the sky and some of the rooms were too bright. The level was still fun to play, and I look forward to seeing the creator's next projects." - Celli (30-Aug-2005)
"Always great to see a debut level from a long lasting member of the community and this hour long adventure is quite a treat despite a few glitches along the way. It starts rather tame with a search for keys in a small city setting with a nice park in the middle and you can short-cut the start in two ways - either by simply dropping through the closed trapdoor or by jumping from the roof across the spikes. What I found really remarkable was the wide variety of objects used throughout, mostly placed very well. There are levers, buttons and blocks to push and eventually you need to find those two crosses and the two pieces of the 'portal guardian' and make sure you have them before entering the final room or you cannot finish the level without reloading a previous save. In the later part of the level it actually gets tougher with a nice variety of enemies (gollums, sea hags, snakes, ahmets and wraiths) and also some burners, boulders, slope jumps and a small torch puzzle. A few of the ponds acually have no water in them and lighting needs to be worked on (place a sun in each room to have Lara look more 3 dimensional), but the really nice ending makes you forget those little issues. Good fun!" - MichaelP (29-Aug-2005)