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Siberia by Miro

CC 6 7 6 6
Duncan 7 7 6 6
Gerty 6 7 7 6
Jay 7 7 8 7
Jose 7 9 8 7
Kristina 5 6 6 6
MichaelP 6 7 7 6
Moonpooka 8 7 7 6
Orbit Dream 6 8 6 5
Phil 7 7 7 8
Ryan 7 7 7 6
Sash 7 6 8 7
Treeble 6 6 6 6
release date: 05-Nov-2005
# of downloads: 68

average rating: 6.67
review count: 13
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file size: 34.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cold/Snowy

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"When the level first loaded up I have to say I felt like it was 98. And I say that as a good thing, the first of the three levels has the exact vibe from that time and the custom enemies and weapons add to that flavor (Lara's outfit is a bit more advanced though). That being said, the first level is also the best of the set in my opinion, with the Russian base filled with propaganda. The second one takes place deep in a mine and could be half as long but the author chose to insert a lot of padding by having you run from one end of the level to the other a couple of times, and then the last level feels a bit like a lab of sorts where animals are being bred so you go in and shoot them all dead while you're here - so many the engine will barely handle them. Harry states 12 dogs but I think there were 18. It was awful silent for the most part and the lighting was quite flat, sometimes it was hard to spot floors or platforms because of it. Later on you get lots of shadows (especially in the mines) to make those flares useful. 70 minutes, 3 secrets. 02/23" - Treeble (05-Mar-2023)
"You get three levels for the price of one here. Levels one and two are the real meat of the adventure, while level three is little more than a shootout. You travel from a snowy military base settlement, then to an underground, rocky mine and then to a jungle. The texturing seemed a bit rough around the edges as some were wallpapered and the glaring brightness of the first level was a bit much. Not bad overall though, and I enjoyed some of the custom objects and some of the box puzzles were nicely executed." - Ryan (09-Nov-2016)
"This three-part adventure isn't much on the visual aesthetics, but it gives you over an hour and a half of decent entertainment in an Arctic environment. The glaring whiteness of the opening section put me off a bit, and it's not often you'll hear me complaining because a level was too bright, but things settled down fairly soon after that and the lighting was quite satisfactory the rest of the way. There's too much required backtracking in the second level, where you have to go up and down a long spiral staircase at least two times both ways. In the third level you meet up with a pack of dogs (about a dozen, according to Harry Laudie's walkthrough). However, one of them remains dormant, and the game will crash if you try to shoot it. And the game also crashes when you finish normally. By no means a classic, but fun to play." - Phil (24-Aug-2016)
"I don't particularly like base levels and this one wasn't one of the good levels we have out there. The game is divided into three parts where Lara has to search for keys, a card, gems and has to do some swimming, climbing and pass through guards, raptors and a T-Rex. The textures aren't well applied, there are also some invisible blocks where rocks are and there is a tiny black block inside the floor where Lara can get trapped in the second part near a moveable block. I have no idea how she fell there but that is a serious problem. The numerous dogs you encounter in the third part aren't necessary in my opinion. I found two secrets and for me this level is indifferent." - Kristina (25-Mar-2006)
"There are three levels here, and all of them vast. It's a fast paced straight forward experience. Lara does not hold her guns up, she holds them down by her side. I don't recall having seen that before, and her outfit is very suitable for this icy cold atmosphere. She makes her way into a huge base type place with an enormous coal storage facility! Guarded by different types of soliders, thugs, dogs and Russian gunmen, she finds numerous keys and switches. A couple of these switches are not obvious even though they are right there in front of you. There were a lot of texture problems. Some where Lara (or one of the enemies) can get stuck forever, untextured places, and paperthin walls. One underwater place had the weirdest architecture and texturing, but it was intriguing to swim through. I don't know, it seemed to start out fine, we knew where we were, and then it all goes a little crazy, strange sounds, and you cannot repeat some actions if you've missed something along the way. Choice of enemies was strange, apart from the dogs. I do like some of the objects used and the lift. But if I was to pick one word to describe this level it's 'backtracking', which isn't easy is this huge place. Then there was a very long stairs I went up and down a few times. Some rooms were quite good, like the ones with hospital beds and bunk beds. The only room that really appealed to me had a number of generators (or whatever they are called), because here at least the lighting and textures were pleasant to look at. Most of the other areas were far too bright or too dark. At the end we meet an array of enemies, a huge pack of dogs, raptors, ants and a TRex. Funnily enough, the raptors are the easier to deal with; that is, if you just slide into their area and don't move forward. The other raptors, in a cage, I could target and shoot from above; tricky, but it can be done. All this gives me the impression that the author got tired and gave up trying to finish it off. Still, there is a good imagination at work here, and it's a pity it wasn't finished off properly." - CC (22-Mar-2006)
"Siberia: Wow, this was really hard work! It took me nearly two hours on by final statistics, but it was so much longer, and mainly due to areas I had to keep trekking back to because unknown to me I had forgotten things like keys and the scope. And what ever the loading theme was, it was diabolical. This is a three level set, and levels are just marked as one two and three. Level one: I can hardly remember as I am so exhausted from the final two levels. But set in a snowing mountainous area, Lara will be searching for keys, crowbar and two fuse type thingies to stick in dragon head receptacles. One thing, what was up with Lara's arms? When she drew pistols they stuck out of her like sticks. I also had some strange sounds throughout, when guards were killed there was a burning sound, and also when some ice dropped it sounded weird. Anyway, Lara enters a garage type area and here she will face many guards and task. There are some sentry guns but they are sorted out via one of the tasks. Enemies are one eagle, guards, dogs and bats. Level two: I hated this, it went on forever and I got really frustrated at having to re load saves because some things could not be performed again, and if you miss something you've had it! Lara is in an underground area and there are many routes off of the main area where Lara must search for loads of items such as the crowbar, sight, card key, passport (not sure what that was for though) and keys. You will use a lift but can't return via it so make sure you find the sight whilst you are there. Eventually Lara gets to place the card key in the computer to leave and thank gawd for that. Enemies are various guards, dogs and bats. Level three: This final level is set in a jungle type environment and it isn't too thrilling either. Lara must collect four gems and two keys to finish the level and this is where I really had most fun because you encounter gangs of raptors, wolves guards and a T Rex whom you are supposed to be able to kill, only these enemies kept coming and coming so I decided to do a challenge and retrieve the gems without killing any of the ferocious forces; except for the guards of course because they had guns and you can't out run them. I will add also that the orange key isn't really necessary and I didn't even know I had missed it until I searched for it later when I saw the key hole for it and it gives us a massive stash of ammo and weapons, but I managed without this extra stock. Lara's outfit was nice but as I said before, the arms sticking out like that spoilt her look. Some of the rooms are pretty bleak and empty, but some care has been taken on the smaller ones. There's lots of ammo and weapons to collect and health is suffice. There are some thin walls and I got stuck a few times in illegal slopes, and I am sure if I hadn't had to back track so many times I wouldn't have got so bored. Enemies are various guards, raptors, wolves' killer ants and a T Rex. All in all; some not so pleasant looking rooms, with mixed game play and a few messy areas you can get stuck at. You will have your work cut out for you but it is worth taking a look at." - Moonpooka (15-Jan-2006)
"A level full of new features; when Lara draws her pistols the arms stay down; a set of new guns and ammo I've never seen; new russian enemies; new textures;... Puzzles are not very interesting,but there's a high dosis of exploring and discover. There's many ammo and flares too. If you want to infiltrate into a russian base this is your level." - Jose (27-Dec-2005)
"Well, I got more from this than I thought I would and it is actually rather fast paced and entertaining. Part 1 (7/7/6/6, 30 min., 1 secret): This is mainly an Arctic environment with some roaming around a Military Base. Rather good use of custom objects here and some fun with collapsible tiles and pushable objects, nice jumps and custom weaponry. There are keys and gems to find and several baddies, an eagle, bats and a dog to kill. Rather many thin walls that should have been avoided, but I liked the idea of caging the sentry guns. Part 2 (6/8/7/6, 45 min., 2 secrets): Set in a coal mine this parts features rooms that are a bit too huge, too boxy and too empty. It also features a way too long stairway and a few rather tedious backtracks. But again the use of objects is cool and progression is not too tricky. About a dozen baddies to kill along the way and nice use of an elevator. Part 3 (6/7/7/6, 20 min.): Alright, so suddenly we end up in a kind of Jurassic Park with a massive god killing bloodfest, plus a few dinos as well. Somehow this quest for four gems turns out to be a major shoot out and not much more. Had to smile at Indy though next to one of the gems. All in all, a solid and diverse adventure that keeps you on your toes and provides for some decent entertainment. Worth a try." - MichaelP (12-Dec-2005)
"Well, this one felt like three different levels in one, with only Lara and her lavish Arctic outfit tying them together. The levels are a bit of fun to play, not very hard, but there's a lot of running back and forth (and up and down that endless flight of stairs). Not much to see in the back and forth, as the settings are fairly basic. The third level I suppose must have been some kind of Jurassic Park experiment. In my game a dog got stuck in the textures underwater, making him look like he was swimming. I've not seen that one before. Still, this is an enjoyable piece, and if the author would spend a bit more time, it could be an impressive one as well." - Duncan (11-Dec-2005)
"Funny how some songs stay with you, like this "Internationale", it starts when loading this up. I still love that song. It doesn't matter in what language, there is a certain passion stirring quality in it. As for the game, as it is his first (I take it) I saw some un-textured bits and paperthin walls and some invisible block on strange places. It is really a 3 level finding keys and artifact feast. I liked the way you could disable the sentry guns in the first level. Didn't like the way I had to run around the second level, but that is also because I couldn't read the names of the Keys. In the third level when I encountered all those dogs sleeping outside I thought better get my guns ready and of course they attacked with a vengeance. One dog wouldn't wake up and I couldn't bring myself to shoot the poor exhausted animal. Meeting raptors and the T-Rex I was glad they were in restricted area so I knew a bit what to expect. The game as the end feels like a rush job, like the author wanted to have it done and over with. All and all loads of ammo and I don't know how many sights I picked up. 20-11-2005" - Gerty (20-Nov-2005)
"This three-part adventure had huge potential(and for much of the time was indeed highly entertaining)but the builder seemed to be in too much of a hurry constructing it to put any proper finishing touches to his work. It basically has the appearance of a beta project;good at its core,but very rough around the edges and in need of some major refinement,both in terms of construction and gameplay. Many examples of this abound (too many to list comprehensively): The gameplay in level two depended upon a huge amount of backtracking amid vast wallpaper-textured environments;enemies were often placed en-masse without any thought to proper effectiveness,and were often crippled by bugs (the raptors,especially);there was a crowbar-able door which led to absolutely nothing,and a huge amount of pick-ups nearby when no enemies in the level remained to be defeated (the Finish Trigger was but a few steps away). However,as if to compensate for these shortcomings,the Builder made great use of elevators and shootable objects;snowy landscapes;flipped rooms and custom textures. If the storyline seemed to lose the plot toward the end (I had the feeling I'd strayed into an extra level which the author had tagged on to the end in order to fill up gameplay time) the whole thing nevertheless had a generally entertaining pace and was very slick and accomplished for what was apparently a first level. A flawed attempt,no doubt;but still definately worth a look." - Orbit Dream (19-Nov-2005)
"Whatever else may be said about this level, at least it has one claim to fame - it has the longest flight of stairs I've ever seen in any level. At one point I thought I'd got stuck in a loop, but no - they do actually go somewhere; just keep running. The action veers from bright, snow-filled outdoor areas to pitch black, bat infested caves and all shades between. I got a bit confused regarding enemies towards the end of the level - huge wolf packs yes fine, but huge herds of raptors? Admittedly I've never been to Siberia, but dinosaurs? I expect it was all explained in the readme, but I couldn't understand it. Nonetheless, I found this fun to play and if you're a fan of arctic levels you should certainly try it." - Jay (18-Nov-2005)
"I'm not sure how I really feel about this triple levelled game. I liked each different environment, snowy base, underground base that looks a bit like an excavation site, and a base in a junglish area...are there jungles in Siberia and am I fooling anyone into believing junglish is a word?!? But there was something lacking with the gaming element and it really just ended up being a key/gem fest. I have to say that the last level in the jungle like area was enemyenmasseolapalooza...okay I know no-one is even buying that word for one second! Not only do you firstly confront about 20 dogs in a pack but then you meet about the same amount of raptors at once, and to add insult to injury some of those teeny green dinos, a mound of ants, and a mama T-Rex are thrown in just in case you haven't had enough nasty pasties trying to take a bite out of your butt. So in conclusion my fellow review readers, these levels are fairly simple, I was only stuck once in the second level because I didn't spot the movable box, and some parts can be a bit monotonous, the enemies I've mentioned in the last level for instance, and they don't have enough secrets for my liking, I only found 2 and they were both in the second level but I could have just missed others so this may not be a valid point I'm making but that isn't going to stop me making it so there (pokes out tongue). So have I made up my mind on how I feel about these levels, well hmmm I enjoyed them more than I didn't so yeah I liked them but they aren't fantastic." - Sash (15-Nov-2005)