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Ghana by Koldo

Bedazzled 1 1 1 1
Ceamonks890 1 2 2 1
ColeMoles 4 1 1 3
Cory 3 3 2 1
DJ Full 3 3 3 3
Dutchy 4 6 5 4
Gerty 1 1 1 1
Jay 1 1 2 1
Jose 2 3 3 2
Kristina 2 2 2 2
MichaelP 3 3 1 1
Moonpooka 3 2 2 1
Mulf 1 2 1 1
Orbit Dream 1 2 2 1
rtrger 1 3 5 4
Ryan 2 2 2 1
Sakusha 2 2 1 1
Sash 1 2 4 3
Spike 3 2 2 2
Treeble 2 2 2 1
Wolf7 1 1 3 1
release date: 15-Nov-2005
# of downloads: 74

average rating: 2.04
review count: 21
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file size: 23.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This was fairly cute not gonna lie! I mean it was a very early attempt at recreating Ghana and while looks horrible and plays horribly too, it does show how the author tried their best to at least define the main parts in which the player would have seen in Ghana. That is why I put 3 in the Atmosphere, it was like seeing a drawing of a kid trying to remember the thing it was the most fond of. Cute remake, not really good game tho. Not recommended unless you are genuinely interested into seeing what the author tried. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (15-Mar-2021)
"This first of several doomed attempts to replicate Legend’s Ghana level by builders who were evidently not up to the task was apparently undertaken in good faith. It consists mostly of errors, bugs and glitches (those specified by previous reviewers are merely the tip of the iceberg). The result is predictably hilarious. Apart from the common but always enjoyable amalgamations of limbs who attack, my favourite sources of joy were the waterfalls stacked on top of each other (the builder’s way of coping with the fact that the available waterfall objects were too puny by several magnitudes for his grandiose vision), and the messed-up underwater ambience, which sounded like someone’s frantically tapping in morse code. The thing that worked best were the traps, even if they had lost most of their sounds and I thought they were rather benign as far as traps go. I admit to killing Lara once though, when I became too cocky and attempted to breezily stroll past without paying attention.
Anyway, even if this remake had been attempted by a more competent builder, and the result reasonably impressive at least to look at if not to play, I’d still question the point of remaking, on an inferior engine, a game that has nothing but precisely its superior graphics to recommend it. As it is, though, one has to conclude that if this level is in any way representative of the way Legend’s target audience perceives that product, then all the hard work that went into making it look pretty was pretty much wasted." - Mulf (20-Jan-2021)
"I'm sorry to say, but this feels like a rushed effort. The positives are that the objects were well chosen and the background audio fitted rather well. Everything else about this 15 minute effort is fairly scrappy. The textures are repetitive, there are wafer thin walls and the gameplay isn't very fulfilling. I can't really recommend it, but it's not entirely awful." - Ryan (11-Dec-2016)
"This is a very crude sketch of a literal Ghana remake, with one extra lake in place of Rutland fight. The majority of aspects are of sub-mediocre quality and whatever stands out is buggy instead (so still doesn't feel decent) - however the intentional dark pits, the resemblance of particular original locations from TR Legend and the kinda epic waterfall give signals the author actually DID put some effort and mostly knew what he was doing. SUMMARY: Not a good level at all, yet interesting enough for you to take a look." - DJ Full (01-Sep-2015)
"As a remake of TR Legend's famous Ghana level, this re-creation barely resembles anything related to it, with generally poor game design throughout, including boxy environments, repetitive texturing, inconsistent lighting and generally uninviting gameplay among the host of problems, with incredibly glitched looking enemies and the lack of a proper finish trigger, only setting to demonstrate how dreadfully unfinished this release was. So in conclusion, not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (29-Jun-2015)
"A short and easy level.The enviroment is nice,but some of those textures are awful.But this is the builder's first level,so I think it's a nice start.3,5/10" - rtrger (29-Jul-2009)
"A short adventure with considerably more gameplay than its successor. The texturing is awfully wallpapered and the atmosphere is not good. I ended the level on the smallest amount of health. Overall a good level that ended too quickly." - Cory (28-Apr-2008)
"A very short level that offers nothing new in terms of gameplay. There are a few difficult traps to avoid, a rope swing and some baddies to shoot, but that's about it. The textures are either wallpapered or missing and the lighting doesn't have much variation. I could also find nothing resembling a finishing trigger, which meant that I just had to quit this level when I thought that I was at the end." - Spike (20-Jul-2007)
"This is a bad level from every aspect. There are thin walls everywhere, stretched textures and the entire areas look square so the illusion of this being a 'real' world is gone. There is no gameplay basically but a gem to use and some spike bags plus knives to pass through. There is no finishing trigger either." - Kristina (25-Mar-2006)
"Has anyone noticed? or is it just me? this is basically a copy of Tomb Raider: Legend the first level. The gameplay was not very good, as it kept crashing on me as i got to the waterfalls. There are repeated textures and stretched textures everywere and im sorry to say this, but its a begginers mistake." - ColeMoles (13-Feb-2006)
"The download is quite big as it includes several of the audios from early Legend footage videos, and it didn't help much the level. It's the first level from this author, so you basically will know what to expect (huge rooms, wallpapered and stretched textures, wafer thin walls, the door bug...). The author has tried to recreate the Ghana/Africa level from Legend on the TRLE. I can say there is a resemblance if you look hard for it, but it really doesn't look anything close to the actual Legend level. There was an abuse of waterfall objects in the first room which looked not only strange, but ugly as well, I'm sure the author could have reached a better result using transparent textures and several rooms put together via TO2, but I'm sure the author will learn how to do all this if he bothers reading through the whole manual. Do not watch the first flyby (run through it holding the look button) as it will cause the game to crash. Oh and yes, whatever happened to those cowboy baddies? They seemed to be very short of polygons (no chest nor heads???). 10 minutes. 02/06" - Treeble (11-Feb-2006)
"Well what can I say, this builder already produced one level and I didn't play that one yet, but this one can't be an improvement on the first, the flybys have to be broken by running Lara into a room otherwise they will loop endlessly and Lara gets shot when you do run into the room while the flyby plays. Pitch black passages, a canyon with the same single texture over all walls and strange sounds when you swim. No end trigger, only when Lara walks into a black hole what seems to be a room the level is supposed to be over. The settings of the traps were not too bad, if you figured it out there was a safe spot even in the most crowded trap passage. There was a rope somewhere by which you could just climb out of the level and have a look over the top of all walls??? Maybe the next one will be better..." - Dutchy (06-Feb-2006)
"Well ok, this is a beginner's level but I do think it was really nice to look at in some places; mainly in the first room, with its masses of cascading waterfalls. But do not use the look key at the top of the waterfall as this caused the game to crash for me. Lara easily obtains a gem from nearby to enter the inner rooms, then after a few easy runs through some blade traps, she takes on a gun fight with several baddies, does some box shooting, and collects some weapons and ammo. Now onto the outside again, and this is where things got tacky as nothing seemed finished and Lara ends the level by jumping round a near empty room and climbing to a dark cave with no finishing trigger. One thing, I saw a lot of folk mention the flyby loop, and yes it's there, but if you just run Lara forward a few steps this should break the loop and you are able to proceed. Everyone has to start somewhere of course, and if the builder can make an entire level as lovely as the first room of this level was, then I am sure it will be more of a success next time." - Moonpooka (14-Jan-2006)
"This short level set in a bright jungle like area filled to the brim with water had a joyful vibrancy to it but nevertheless it isn't a very good level in terms of the gaming element and the environment itself is a slight, well maybe not slight more like quite a bit, hodgepodge although as I said I found charm in the setting with the colours and lightness. I suppose I ended, as there isn't a finish trigger and there was nowhere else to go, after 13 minutes, with no secrets, and for the type of game it is this was probably a good thing as extending it longer would have made it pretty tedious." - Sash (07-Jan-2006)
"There are a lot of details that show a poor design: the first flyby (and the last) repeats itself continuosly, till you move Lara out of the trigger tile; when I wanted to look down from there, the game crashes; solid ledges and walls moving like water surface; many wafer thin walls; in the room with the many breakable boxes and the grenade launcher, it's no necessary to use the rope and jump over the ledges all around the room because from the entrance door you can do a jump and grab the edge of the exit ledge; there are missed textures in some places; huge and empty square rooms; invisible walls in midair,... Is there no finish trigger or I couldn't finish the level? Nice background music of TRLegend game, good outfit from PoYu Chen (I think) and jungle objects from TRANGEL (I think)." - Jose (27-Dec-2005)
"I wonder what this level is about, especially since Lara ends up in a pitch-black room at the end of the level (I guess that it is the end of the level because I couldn't go anywhere else, and there wasn't a finishing trigger). I haven't visited Ghana yet, but I suppose that the African columns are an indicator of Ghana's history (People from an ancient empire in the Sahel migrated to present-day Ghana in the 1300s). I've studied Ghana's climate, and I think that this level takes place south and southwest of the Kwahu Plateau ( where the annual mean rainfall can go from 1,250 millimeters to 2,150 millimeters) because of the lush greenery in this level. Unfortunately, there are paper-thin walls, the textures create some sort of wallpaper effect, the rooms are either too bright or too dark, the author forgot to put the one-shot trigger for the flybys, and the game crashed to the desktop once or twice. However, the gameplay was pretty challenging, I appreciated the music, and the author successfully imported objects from other games (eg. the blades, the spikebags and the TR Legend version of Lara Croft). I acknowledge that it took me a few tries to defeat 4 baddies at once (they're quite tough, and their firepower is impressive)." - Sakusha (24-Dec-2005)
"Oh dear, I'm trying hard to find something positive to say about this level. Um, "it's short". No, that's a bit mean, how about "nice music". I'm not sure why the author released this level to be honest, since it's obviously very much a practice piece and has nothing even remotely resembling a finishing trigger so you just have to guess when it's over. I wish this builder every success with mastering the level editor, but have to say there's a long way to go." - Jay (28-Nov-2005)
"The classical debut level that was released way too early. I had a few crashes along the way, paperthin walls are there in abundance, the flybys are missing the one-shot trigger setting (but you can simply walk out of them), there is an unmarked climb and no finish trigger. Thankfully it lasts only 15 minutes max. and actually the blade and swinging spikebag traps provide for a bit of challenge, as do the bunch of tough baddies. So, we can hope for a re-release or even better a new and more solid level by this author in the future." - MichaelP (22-Nov-2005)
"There is no finishing trigger and overall paperthin wall and missing textures. Well Koldo needs to re-read the manual and hopefully learns something from the mistakes in this level. 14-11-2005" - Gerty (20-Nov-2005)
"I could quite happily wile away a pleasant hour or two writing a damning review listing this short level's manifold faults;but what would be the point? The music's well chosen,and the entire level (from first moment to last) is a splendid illustration of the 'don't run before you've learnt to walk' scenario. It's hilarious." - Orbit Dream (16-Nov-2005)
"I have to agree with orbit dreams comments about this level.It really does illustrate the mistakes a novice builder should try and avoid avoid when building a level.Wafer thin walls,badly placed & repeated textures,very poor lighting ect.After finaly escaping from a looping flyby sequence,I was left wondering what the level was all about." - Bedazzled (16-Nov-2005)