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Purgatory (Demo) - Abandoned Apartment by Tombcool

Akcy 3 4 5 7
Anurag 4 6 8 7
CC 3 6 8 6
dantheraider 3 2 3 4
DJ Full 5 5 8 8
eTux 1 4 5 4
Gerty 3 3 4 4
Jay 3 7 8 6
Jose 3 5 5 4
Kristina 3 3 3 3
MichaelP 3 7 8 5
Orbit Dream 4 5 8 9
Oxy 7 7 7 7
QRS 4 4 9 8
Ryan 3 4 6 7
Sash 1 3 5 5
Treeble 4 6 6 6
release date: 21-Nov-2005
# of downloads: 78

average rating: 5.06
review count: 17
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file size: 38.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is a demo from the old days, ie. instead of a full level of a humongous series you get a handful of areas of what would eventually (sometimes) become a full level on itself. There isn't a whole lot here, the aparments themselves were nice but it goes downhill quickly with the pitch black maze where most of the time is spent. I liked the custom objects and the whispering voices as you worked your way to the Occult Key, but I think Lara might have had a whole speech at the beginning which was completely drowned in the helicopter sounds. 10 minutes. 11/21" - Treeble (07-Nov-2021)
"A very brief demo with barely anything to speak of in terms of gameplay aside from a rather tedious dark maze, but certainly atmospheric and quite attractive to look at. The surprise mutant attack was effective (probably more than it should have been) and the custom audio was neat touch, if a little overused. I'm not sure that such a bloated download was necessary for such a short level as this, though." - Ryan (29-Aug-2018)
"I said playing birdmonster's Crazy Land grants few less days in purgatory but this is a voluntary visit. It's how a demo should be - inviting, very short but very good. Unfortunately the radio track gets cut after a minute of playing so I'm not sure if I didn't miss some important storyline hint and I'm now listening to it out of the game. But the sound design still stands out and the cameras intensify impression of being observed, like it should happen in a horror level, one of few I found genuinely alarming and with a perfectly set jumpscare - I would just swap the mutant to something more fitting, I hope that happens in the full game." - DJ Full (08-Mar-2017)
"This game has very scary and tension atmosphere. I also loved the environment and textures. Helicopter is waiting for Lara. She must investigate the abandoned apartment where people were killed. It's little bloody, playing not recommended to nice souls. Took me 20 minutes to find the key and way out from dark maze to unlock the door." - Oxy (26-Aug-2009)
"As the title shows, it is a demo level. Very short, and holds no real challenge, perhaps the fight in the darkness can come unexpected. The added sounds and music are fine, but the sound mixing is wrong, the long radio broadcast can be barely heard because of the rotor noise. Texures are all right, especially the one in the title. There isn't much gameplay, but it's just a demo, a preview, and as such it's quite good." - Akcy (29-Jul-2007)
"Same as for most other players my main complaint is the unnecessarily (comparing to the duration of the level) big download - for which the audio files are to be held responsible. While the whispers and the action music were neat and aided the atmosphere greatly, and I actually liked the silly radio program with the correspondingly silly commercials - it is cut off seconds after you start playing if you're on the right track while it actually lasts longer than it is necessary to finish the level if you're swift. So the main question is - what's the point? Same for the title level which I found to be just as redundant - the aim of the demo is to... well, demonstrate the theme of the full adventure, but since that one is hefty on the size too as I see, I suppose this demo does do justice to it in some twisted kind of way. Now that I've got that off my chest - what can I say about the level? Gameplaywise - there are no real tasks as such, but I found that there are at least 2 points along the way that could halt your progress. The first one being the hidden walkthrough crawlspace wall in the toilet (well, it's convenient - if you're surprised by any of the devilish beings beyond it, at least you're sitting on the right seat!) and the second being the pitch-black maze beyond it, which is accompanied by some morbid domestic violence scenario audio track. The idea of the maze itself is pretty cheap and didn't impress me when I first saw it in Recon Labs 3 either, but, just like then, it still is effective especially with the already mentioned audio tracks - and I almost did jump when I got the key that is crucial to escape here (one does wonder why bother coming here in the first place then? But I suppose we can give a demo the benefit of doubt). The looks are ok, save for the pitch black maze, which with being pitch black really didn't have much to show, but the highlight of this short offering definitely is the atmosphere. The low scores don't reflect so much that quality of the demo is faulty - which it is not - but that it just is too short to be rated higher. So, in a nutshell - try this if you want to see whether you will like the full version (that's kind of what a demo is for, I suppose), but you're probably best off with going straight for the full version." - eTux (31-Jul-2006)
"This level has a fifteen minutes gameplay and a few texture problems plus a problem with the helicopter which is written in the readme. You see dead SAS soldiers around, two poisonous beasts and a key for the final door. Also there are many rooms with some furniture and a very dark maze which I hated. At least we get flares but no weapon for the beasts. The crawlspace was hard to find which isn't on as far as I am concerned. This level needs to be brighter and the textures need to be fixed. A good effort though." - Kristina (25-Feb-2006)
"This sure is a demo, but gee whiz what a big download! What you'll find her is two hotel rooms and a dark maze with a couple of little surprises as you go looking for a key. You may get stuck as a crawl thru wall is used but apart from that this should only take you 10 minutes to get through. I do look forward to seeing the final result as the atmosphere definitely had a spooky feel to it but I just hope the download size doesn't blow out too much." - Sash (07-Jan-2006)
"Pretty good for a 1st level, the sound effects & atmosphere is pretty good though the level is a short one." - Anurag (24-Dec-2005)
"Lara trespassing an apparent solid wall (symbol) to can advance through the game is not very real. Deal with the big poisonous beasts only with the pistols (I had only six shotgun shells) in a very dark maze is not a good idea (for me). Heavy music isn't very appropriate for TR levels. The demo is very short, so I can't have a very certain opinion, but this kind of levels aren't nice for me. Only open doors and fight enemies are not decent puzzles for any level; will the final version have some puzzle?" - Jose (14-Dec-2005)
"This really is a demo - very short and lacking in gameplay, but as a taster it certainly is quite appetising. The atmosphere is electric, eerie and unsettling (especially in the dark maze) with some very unusual and effective audio files. I'm certainly anticipating the finished version with pleasure - given the addition of some inventive gameplay to match the great look and feel of the demo, we could be in for a very good level indeed. Here's hoping." - Jay (13-Dec-2005)
"After 11 minutes of gameplay I escaped from the dark maze using the occult key. Not much to do in this level but as it is a demo, that will probably be changed. Only two enemies (I love those Tinnos mutants though!) and only one thing to get; the key. Hence my low ratings in these categories. Everything has nice textures and well placed lighting. The atmosphere and sound is the best though! I'm really looking forward to this level when its done. I love scarey games with a creepy and eerie feeling. I got the "Hellrasier+Resident evil+Matrix" feeling while playing :) Keep up the good work. I'm really looking forward to the end product." - QRS (10-Dec-2005)
"The atmosphere,sound and camera were okay, I could have use a little help on where the crawl space was as I was wondering around for five minutes trying to find out what to do. Gameplay and puzzles could be improved, as there was not a whole lot of puzzles to do. There were a few enemies, objects and one secret, I believe, in the level. The lighting and textures are okay, but still can be improved." - dantheraider (06-Dec-2005)
"OK, a almost 40 MB for download for a game that lasted not longer than 15 minutes it not really my idea for fun. Also I am not that mad about demo's as 1 in every 100 makes it to a real game. Knowing Tombcools taste for unrealistic woman, well you see that in the title. Lara however is decently dressed so that should say something. This is an empty house you run around in and a black, very black maze. Getting the key and using it signals the end of the level. 22-11-2005" - Gerty (05-Dec-2005)
"This is a very short level, but one that you won't forget for a while. Oozing atmosphere of the dark and sinister kind, added to greatly by the sounds and music. Lara has landed on the roof of an apartment building. As she drops into the apartment a female voice speaks. I don't think it's Lara. It sounds more like a recording from the radio. But it was hard to hear it because of the helicopter sounds above. Lara herself looks great, and we get very close up views of her with some of the fixed cameras. I don't know why these cameras were in the smaller rooms, as I found nothing to do. Perhaps the author was going for more atmosphere - as if something 'might' jump out at her that we can't see in advance! There's a keyhole to open the grid inside, what I presume is a lift, lighted by an oversized overhead lamp. There are a few dead gunmen, so something awful has happened. Now, where is that key? Finding it in the pitch black maze was, um, interesting, but picking it up made me jump off my seat. Now I know what happened to those dead guys. What a pity this is so short! Impressive demo none the less." - CC (30-Nov-2005)
"This was a rather sensational Demo,all things considered. I rated Gameplay higher than I normally would for this sort of 'work in progress' as I actually thought the Maze worked rather well under the circumstances;although the accompanying audio probably helped,as it suitably unnerved me and made the subsequent enemy attack more terrifying than it ordinarily would have.The texturing was rather fine and lighting was nicely applied to create a dynamic atmosphere. Overall,should the Builder carry this through to a fully playable adventure,I would suggest that he refrains from over-using custom sound,as this could become quite wearing for the player if used remorslessly for an hour or more;and I would re-think the concept of a crawlthrough wall. Otherwise,this was a smartly made,highly vibrant and idiosyncratic piece of work. Take a look." - Orbit Dream (23-Nov-2005)
"Well, it is a big download for a mere 10 minutes of running around in a few rooms and a pitch black maze to collect a key and then exit, but I have to admit that the custom objects are well selected and the creepy atmosphere works quite well, particularly because of the audio files chosen. The moment when you pick up the key is well set in scene, too. Interesting little debut, now go for actually adding some gameplay in your next one..." - MichaelP (21-Nov-2005)