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LB Advent Calendar 2005 - Swiss Xmas by Agnes

afzalmiah 7 8 9 8
Akcy 7 9 8 8
alan 7 7 9 8
carolinux 8 10 10 10
CC 7 6 7 7
drguycrain 7 8 9 9
Duncan 8 9 10 9
Gerty 8 8 9 8
High Priestess 9 8 10 10
Hochgiftig 9 9 10 10
janachorider 8 8 9 9
Jay 8 9 9 8
Jerry 8 8 8 7
JesseG 6 8 8 8
John 5 6 7 7
Jose 9 10 10 9
Kristina 8 8 8 8
Lorax 8 9 9 9
manarch2 4 7 8 7
MichaelP 7 8 9 8
misho98 7 9 9 8
Necro 9 7 9 9
Obig 9 9 9 9
Orbit Dream 7 8 8 9
Oxy 10 10 9 10
Phil 7 7 8 8
QRS 8 8 10 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Sash 7 8 8 8
Selene 10 10 9 9
Treeble 8 8 8 8
release date: 01-Dec-2005
# of downloads: 97

average rating: 8.27
review count: 31
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file size: 38.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
  • Not a huge deal but a few switches do not tell the player what change happened in the level.
  • While it may not have the same flair as more modern holiday levels, this still acts as a decent series of winter valleys, with some cozy cottages as well. I could have done with less underwater labyrinths, however.
  • This holiday level is pretty easy going, with no threats to contend with (the one "enemy" that exists will not attack you). Instead Lara will spend her time with some target practice (poor snowmen!) and pushing a few blocks around whilst collecting a few pickups.
Time: 32 minutes | Difficulty: Easy | Rating: 7.5/10" - JesseG (19-Dec-2023)
"Great Christmas level from a period of time when Agnes was unstoppable giving us nothing but great levels. I'm usually not a big fan of snowy mountain themed levels visually, but this level looks really nice and kept me interested. Playing Agnes first Christmas level then playing this there's a big jump and quality and this is more like what I wanted from that level. Highly recommended for around the holidays." - Lorax (16-Oct-2023)
"Despite the gameplay being a bit dull and boring the snowy atmosphere, nice textures and good tunes do certainly make for a decent environment to explore in. Unfortunately the level was too unvaried and simple for me because apart form pushing an object or two, a shooting task and a couple of boulders to avoid its just about exploring around, climbing, swimming to find objects or secrets to proceed, i mean that fine if thats what your looking for but i missed some originality or interesting tasks/puzzles. i did like the animals dotted around and that boulder trap behind the snowman did make me jump so good one there! haha" - John (10-Mar-2022)
"Nice level with a pretty snowy atmosphere and some areas to explore. A few more cameras after pulling some levers could've been helpful, but other than that it's fine and peaceful to play during Xmas." - alan (30-Dec-2021)
"A lovely snowy Christmas level. Gameplay is pretty simple and not too taxing, although some of the environments might suggest otherwise — I explored twice the underwater maze and both times I ended up in the same chasm, and the very opening area is also rather open and by doing a simple slide jump I reached the wolf at the top where I could also see the end of the world (and on my way down I also landed on an illegal slope). I was stumped for a while at the top of the chasm as that one snowman is deviously hidden, but otherwise it flows pretty well. 30 minutes, 2 secrets. 11/21" - Treeble (07-Nov-2021)
"I was delighted to play this level and see all the Swiss details such as the fondue pot, the edelweiss flowers, the cute cows, the Swiss flag and map in the cabin and the Lindt chocolates. The end sequence is lovely, visually and musically, once Lara has reached the chalet for some well-deserved downtime after climbing around in the snow and swimming in icy, claustrophobic tunnels. The gameplay is pleasantly challenging and requires you to do some thorough exploration. There was a moveable block that was never used, which was confusing. It is possible to reach the end-of-the world on several occasions, which I think is not a bad thing, since being high up gives you a better view of the snowy Alps." - carolinux (06-Jan-2021)
"I absolutely adored this charming Christmas level and even though the guy near the log stack was permanently stuck I shot him anyway in case he dropped some goodies! The comic-book cows near the end were very sweet and so were the sporadic musical interludes. I do favour Agnes' levels so this was by no means a disappointment. I recommend it highly!" - High Priestess (18-Oct-2019)
"It's an Agnes level, so you know that the attention to detail will be stunning and indeed it is. Starting in a small cliff area overlooking a ravine and moving through snowy caves and tunnels with sneaky progression. Recommended." - Ryan (20-Jun-2016)
"I must say I appreciated this level more now that I played two recent Advent calendar levels that are not so original. Very charming atmosphere with the great music pieces, a lot of cute enemies and objects and overall a quite nice architecture that is quite believable. Perhaps the ads for the Swiss chocolate are a bit too prominent ;). The looks are fairly decent, with a bunch of not so nicely placed textures but for such a complex geometry it is quite nice overall; the lighting also feels a bit flat overall. Gameplaywise I found this level to be okay, but not significantly than the builder's previous efforts, with a bit of platforming, two good uses of the revolver and boulders to dodge, but mainly quite dull and boring gameplay: a lot of hidden levers and crawlspaces (some of which are harder to find than secrets in the same area), too easy block puzzles (one is not even needed) and also a few longer underwater sections that don't feel very inspired. But the overall progression is fluent and the game left me rather satisfied after the final cutscene which comes pretty quickly after 15 minutes. Overall recommended as a peaceful and often charming little adventure. P.S. to the previous reviewer: This level takes place in Switzerland and not in Sweden..." - manarch2 (10-Dec-2015)
"A good level.I enjoyed the swedish songs and the atmosphere.the final was at least for me nice." - janachorider (05-Jan-2015)
"The objects used in this level are great, the cows are very original and funny looking. The snow areas are big and beautifully textured, the opening one is my favorite. I also liked the decorated houses. The tasks weren't very hard, but i had to check what to do at some places. Very enjoyable, about half an hour I think, not too long for sure. Great snowy and at parts - holidayish atmosphere." - misho98 (07-Dec-2014)
"There are certain elements which you will always find in an Agnes level.Nicely crafted environments;good use of objects and audio choices(where charm is often high on the agenda);and a few sneaky moments required for gameplay progression.They are all present and correct in this rather delightful and tranquil seasonal adventure.Although the 'end of the world' is reachable early on,the peaceful atmosphere is never damaged;and the style of progression is quite satisfying.The final area is filled with cute moments,and (regardless of the season) the player will doubtless reach the Finish trigger with a broad smile upon their face." - Orbit Dream (13-Feb-2014)
"This was a very short but good adventure. It was entertaining and the snowy mountains looked very good. There were some huts around and you need keys to enter them. Gameplay was pretty non lineal and secrets were hidden pretty well. There were hardly any enemies at all and the music was very calm and it fitted the level. A lot of crawlspaces and sometimes it was hard to know where to go. I like a small bit where you had to do a puskblock puzzle and the block was a lyndt box! In the end there is a beautiful flyby which ends the adventure and it was a brilliant adventure. Recommended." - afzalmiah (21-Apr-2011)
"This first part of Swiss Xmas has a lot of snow in it and so it is more christmassy to me than part 2. The gameplay is fluent with keys and items to find, some tunnel swimming and block pushing. The level architecture was not perfext and lighting could have been better, but so what, it was nevertheless fun to play. As it is a swiss level you will likely expect some cows in here. Be assured to meet some very cute ones. :o))" - Jerry (06-Jan-2009)
"This one started off with considerable promise, giving us a grand vista overlooking a lake cabin, but it soon settled into a fairly pedestrian quest through caves and tunnels. It's not at all bad, however, when compared with some of the other Advent offerings for 2005, and you get about 40 solid minutes of enemy-free gameplay. Recommended for those looking for a low-stress raid." - Phil (29-Sep-2008)
"Another nice Christmas level from Agnes, this time Lara is in the Swiss mountains. I liked the cute deers, and cows around. There were some hidden switches and crawlspaces, but knowing the author's style, I knew what to expect, and found everything to be easy. There was a wolf at the start, and later a worker, both tried to harm Lara, I let the wolf alone, since I guess, not supposed to get up there, but gave the guy a few hits with the shotgun. At the end Lara arrives to a house, where the presents waiting for her. It's a good level." - Akcy (14-Jan-2007)
"I'm starting to get a little bored of the arctic levels as I guess there is only so much you can do with them. However, having said that, I did enjoy this level. It was challenging in parts. Puzzle objects were well hidden and I loved the music that was included. I wasn't too keen on the underwater passages but they worked well with the scenery. A lot more work went into the implementation of the environment. It was all impressive and as my next level to design is set in antarctica, I can take a look at these levels for inspiration." - Necro (28-Aug-2006)
"The season levels are always a treat for all raiders. This level has a nice Christmas atmosphere with snowy outside areas, keys to find, a stone puzzle and underground watery passages to explore. Shooting snowmen was fun but one of them needed good targeting because only a part of it was visible which gave me a bit of trouble. There is a crawlspace at the beginning area which can be accessed from the wrong side so Lara gets trapped inside the water passages because you're not supposed to do that obviously. The cows were hilarious and there were nice deer at the end. The last room is the usual Christmas one with the presents around it. I found four secrets and I enjoyed this peaceful little level a lot." - Kristina (25-Feb-2006)
"Well,every words are pointless; the levels of Agnes simply can not disappoint you. :) She once again gifted us a wonderful christmas-level. There are 4 secrets, and the Shotgun I could only find with Her help at a tree. :) There are no enemies on the level, but the snowmen have to be shot, so the Laser Sight and the Revolver are important. In case of one of them we can only see the birch it's holding, so we have to look round carefully in order to make both big snowballs rolling down. You better look behind trees too, because they may hide crawlspaces. This was a great christmas adventure with great textures and of course with wonderful music. Thank You, Agnes, and Merry Christmas to You too! :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (25-Jan-2006)
"The setting and scenery is, by far, the genius of this level. The special music additions are also wonderful. The pine forests provide lovely ambience, but they can be quite frustrating when it comes to game play--if you stand in and around them, you can hardly see anything at all. There are a couple of cleverly hidden crawl spaces. Personally, i'm not a big fan of water mazes, but this level has one that's quite challenging. i did feel though that the designer didn't make complete use of space--there were a couple of buildings that i really wanted to enter, but they turned out to be just dead space. Also, with all the opportunities for drowning, nasty falls, and getting punched by a frantic lumberjack, i'm not sure this level is quite as child-friendly as some of the other Christmas levels. It's also a bit brief for my liking, but i definitely feel it's worth playing at least one time just for the scenery alone (in fact, i wish we'd see some more levels that employed this type of setting)." - drguycrain (25-Jan-2006)
"This is such a nice level, a very wonderful start of this years' Advent Calendar. Lara is the Swiss mountains and has to find her way to the final hut. We pass the sewers of a hut, meet cows and other animals and have a little talk to some Swiss men. I liked the style of this level, because Agnes has this touch of lovelyness in all of their levels. Many many thanks to you, Agnes. Merry X-Mas." - Hochgiftig (08-Jan-2006)
"As an Aussie who spends their xmas in the heat it is always fun to go adventure through the snow, and who better to build this adventure than Agnes, the Queen of snowy environments. Even though this is quite a chilly environment poor Lara has got to go for a few long swims (I sure hope she has her thermal undies on), and instead of building some lovely festive snowmen she has to demolish them. Finally she'll arrive at a quaint small village full of cows (I wonder if a Swiss cow has an accented moo) where she'll find the obligatory room with Christmas tree and pressies. There are 4 secrets to collect in this lovely slightly tricky in spots 45 minute level." - Sash (07-Jan-2006)
"What a charming little level.....and a perfect start of the Advent Calendar!!! This level really gives you the feeling of being in the Swiss mountains and it looks really amazing with the snowy mountain peaks, cozy little cottages and of course a splendid musical score. Being a Advent level there were no enemies or traps and the revolver and lasersight was frequently needed. You'll also encounter some deers in the forest, really cute black and white cows and a cranky Swiss guy. A wonderful, non-linear level and when playing this you need to look around everywhere thinkable and unthinkable.....many of the items are very well hidden and some solutions may not be as obvious as they could have been, but all in all it's not the hardest of levels. I found all the secrets too...not a very difficult task. If you want a level to get you in the right mood for Christmas this is definetely a good choice. Thanks Agnes for such a brilliant contribution to this years Advent." - Selene (07-Jan-2006)
"Very good level. It notices the hand of a very experienced builder like Agnes, so the level has some advanced details: in the beginning could be a camera to show the area filled with water when you pull the switch in the hut; in the ravine it's hard to discover the very small part of the snowman to shoot; to get the second secret I couldn't pull the block to access the snowman behind it, so I had to push the block once and pull it twice keeping pressed the Ctrl key; the secret shotgun is under a tree, so you only can pick it up ducking; there are some rooms in the Lindt hut I couldn't access. A good level you must play this Christmas." - Jose (01-Jan-2006)
"Agnes starts the 'snow'ball rolling on December 1st for this year's Advent Calender levels. Ever since our wonderful builders started delighting us with these Christmas levels, we look forward to and love them all. Before I start I want to thank you all for your efforts and wonderful imaginations. So now to Switzerland, and Lara is standing in the mountains overlooking a lake and house below. It's not easy to figure out what to do initially. I spent a long time climbing and jumping about, trying to figure out where to go. I got up where the wolf is walking around and made my way to the top of the waterfall. Then went the other way, above the house and found a key, but I thought I had to get up there where the other wolf is. And boy, did I try all sorts, to get up there without success. I jumped in behind a barrier near the house and became confused as to what was wanted here. But later on this area has to be flooded so the player can get into that awkward crawlspace. I couldn't find anything in the house for ages until I lit a flare. And this very well hidden switch is the first of many very well disguised switches and items to find in this level. Agnes writes there are no enemies. Well there are two wolves that we don't have to go near at all (except for players like me who like to go where they're not supposed to), and a grumpy logger in a forest area. In his case the player can shoot him in advance or run to the piles of logs and shoot him from there. There are definitely no dangerous traps for the kiddies to negotiate. So without giving everything away, Lara needs to find the lasersight, then make her way through what looks like a complicated abandoned flooded mine, but it's not that hard to find your way. Then through a snowy canyon, falling snowballs (that don't threaten Lara). Then to a forest area where we can see reindeer, and finally to a barn where the owner has brought the cows in for the winter. They are so cute! The level has a non-linear feel to it, but it is straight forward, once you've found that elusive switch, item to pick up, or thing to shoot. I'm already in the Christmas spirit now, and looking forward to opening the calender every day. Thank you Agnes." - CC (23-Dec-2005)
"When I started this level I just could hear Agnes talking. She talks Swiss. And Swiss is a sort of sing song language, which I love. This level is of course a Christmas level so there is no shooting as such. Getting the sight and revolver, both sneaky hidden, makes live a bit easier. Be aware of hidden crawl spaces and look everywhere. The final reward is getting into a house with lots of present and a Xmas tree. The secrets are nicely hidden and I found 4 of them. So what are you waiting for, download the first of the advents levels and start raiding. 01-12-2005" - Gerty (15-Dec-2005)
"Oh the joys of the Advent Calendar levels - they really have become a magical part of the countdown to Christmas. This is a typically attractive Agnes level (she's especially good at the arctic/snow filled scenes and sometimes they feel so realistic I have to go and turn up the central heating). This is a lovely, fun, peaceful level - no enemies, just snowmen to shoot and well hidden crawlspaces to completely miss if you're as terminally unobservant as I am. There are some really sweet animals about as well - I loved the black and white cows - and I actually found all the secrets, which made me very merry. Well, that's me in the mood for Christmas, thank you Agnes. Right, I'm off to play another Advent level now." - Jay (13-Dec-2005)
"I really got off to a bad start here, as I jumped my way up to the dog, which I had to kill and then jumped on to the waterfall and promptly got stuck when trying to crawl in there. Not to mention the 'end of the world' that you reach this way, but it really developed into a great little Christmas level from there, hmm, well ok, if I forget about several times drowning in that thankfully small three dimensional underwater maze. Don't get me wrong though, it really is a great Christmas Level, with nice local Swiss touches (textures, objects, music) and quite a sneaky progression with well hidden crawlspaces and some target snowman shooting to do and a few blocks to push. The four secrets are fun to look out for and the cows are very sweet. So, time to get into the seasonal spirit - what are you waiting for..." - MichaelP (12-Dec-2005)
"A Christmas level from Agnes is like a warm cup of Swiss Cocoa. This starts in a very impressive mountain setting around a lake, and moves underwater to other valleys. A very pleasant and enjoyable game, but not without some very well hidden bits, so that Lara has to keep her eyes open. Recommended." - Duncan (11-Dec-2005)
"Lara visits Swiss mountains, beautifuly designed in bright colourful environment. Stacks of snow, surrounded with mountains and water made me happy. Also small, wooden houses, surrounded by cows and trees, covered with snow, deers, stacks of wood and lovely music gave game warm, lovely, incentive atmosphere Game play is very linear, a few jumps to master and also one shot with lasersight must be done precise. I also enjoyed swimming in water maze, which has enough openings to breathe so there are no worries that Lara can drown. Thank you for building this lovely level and Merry Christmas in lovely house with decorated christmas tree, presents and gifts." - Oxy (10-Dec-2005)
"What a nice start of december! This level, with its music and fine envoirement gets you into fine and relaxing x-mas mode. Allthough the author says it has no enemies, I know for sure that I once killed a dog up at a cliff hehe. Everything is very well done and all the trees and deers placed in the level adds up even more to the winter feeling! The gameplay is maybe a tad too easy but it doesn't matter much as this is, IMHO a level to get the xmas spirit going :) I spent a long time wandering the alps looking at everything hehe. A great start of the levelbase advent and is highly recomended." - QRS (08-Dec-2005)