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Egyptian Dream - Tutorial by MagPlus

Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Blue43 10 8 9 9
Cruzader 9 10 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 10 10
Drakan 10 10 10 10
Engelchen Lara 10 9 10 10
Gerty 9 9 10 10
Jay 9 9 10 10
Jose 10 9 9 10
Kristina 9 9 9 9
manarch2 9 9 9 9
MegaGamer 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 9 8 8 8
Mman 9 9 9 9
Moonpooka 10 9 9 9
Mytly 9 9 10 9
nerdfury 10 10 9 9
Phil 10 9 10 10
QRS 10 9 9 10
Ryan 10 9 9 10
Samu 10 9 9 9
Sash 8 8 9 8
Treeble 10 10 10 10
Whistle 9 8 9 8
release date: 07-Dec-2005
# of downloads: 105

average rating: 9.36
review count: 24
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file size: 28.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Too much pushing in thise level and storyline could be better, but the rest is fine - textures are well mixed so the place feels cozy, puzzles are varied thanks to the author willing to teach as many of them as possible, the audio is simple but it doesn't disturb... really a nice raid overall. Recommended." - DJ Full (22-Aug-2022)
"(10) Gameplay & Puzzles: This wonderful tutorial level has a huge assortment of interesting puzzles, and a very chill game flow. Even without the tutorial aspect, it is still a very robust adventure (1+ hour) for players who aren't interested in building. For builders, I would rate the educational gameplay an easy 10. However, for players who aren't interested in building, I would rate the gameplay 9 as the adventure is lacking in adrenaline-based tasks like traps or tricky platforming. My favorite gameplay aspect was the problem-solving required to get the torch to the elements area. I noticed and really appreciated several subtle gameplay aspects that support player-friendliness -- such as a small pool of water near the elements area, just in case the player's waterskins were emptied earlier, and the shortcuts that take the player back to the main hub area with the 3 colored buttons. (10) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Very few enemies, although the group engagement with 2 ninjas and 2 dogs was done very well, adding a thrilling element to an otherwise chill progression. Normally I would be a bit nitpicky about the lack of a "climax"/final fight but for a tutorial's purpose, the builder did just fine. Many different objects are used for problem-solving, and while there's a number of pushables, you're never pushing for too long. I particularly enjoyed the use of a column to raise a surface which then allows the player to push pushables to the floor below. I think this tutorial is an excellent source of inspiration for builders to utilize object variety in problem-solving, instead of the very straight-forward "pull a lever and collect a key" sort of gameplay. Beyond interactive objects, rooms were also stylishly decorated and never felt empty. (9) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: While the brief outside areas were more interesting to look at, the indoors architecture is still very polished, with the builder frequently using diagonal architecture for visual interest. I particularly enjoyed the "end of the world" area near the bull, and how the builder stacked different puzzle rooms on top of each other, with the player being able to see their progress as they ascend 3 elevators. Music cues and camera hints were great, although it was a little bit weird that a flyby is repeated 3 times overall, after pulling 3 chains. One flyby activating once the 3rd chain is pulled is enough. (9) Lighting & Textures: The level looks very attractive and the interior rooms are colorful and eye-catching. Two minor issues: very occasionally there is a misshapen texture, or flat lighting in a small corridor. Also, in the room with many pillars that you carry the torch over, there are two pillars that you need to stand on in order to trigger something. There is no texture differentiation for these two pillar tiles that you need to stand on and I think this could have been improved. Overall, for anyone new to building, I would highly recommend that the builder first study the tutorial provided by Core, which covers the basics, and then study this tutorial for more advanced concepts. Even if you're not building an Egyptian level, there's still so many neat things to learn here, regarding puzzle design, providing adequate clues, room design and connectivity, music cues, camera use, etc. 10/10/9/9." - nerdfury (11-Apr-2021)
"Since this is supposed to be a tutorial I expected it to be a simple yet very instructive gameplaywise level, however I was pleasantly surprised to see that it's also a good stand alone level on it's own. The level presents you with most of the mechanics that you can find in TR 1- 5 or a TRLE and a lot of specific ones to TR4 as well such as mirrors showing invisible objects in the room, bull with breakable triggers, waterskins. The only things that were missing mechanics-wise was rope swinging (although there is the walking rope from TR5) and crossbow/revolver scope precision object shooting. But those missing mechanics don't detract from the overall experience and also I appreciate the fact that the level is also structured in a progresive difficulty-wise way. For instance it starts off easy introducing you to the block pushing mechanic with some simple puzzles and later on you get some more complex (but nothing too crazy) examples which show you some different mechanics, such as 2 block pushing and using a pillar to stabilise a platform so that you can push your blocks and then drop them to a lower level with a switch. Before I move on to the graphics I just want to add something about the fact that this is supposedly a tutorial level. This is more of an advanced tutorial, because the level doesn't teach you any of the very basic stuff (such as moving Lara, jumping, grabing ledges, picking up items or using objects, etc.) which isn't a drawback to this level, it's just something to keep in mind if you are interested in recommending this level to someone new to old TR games. For the gameplay I'm giving this a 9 solely because it's missing the rope swinging and precision shooting mechanics and that's because I view this as an advanced tutorial and it should present those mechanics as well, no matter whether you believe they are good or bad. The level looks pretty good, it combines assets from TR4 to create some beautiful rooms although the overall design isn't realistic but that's because this adventure suppuosedly takes place into Lara's dream (and I think this settinng was chosen to ease the builder's work since he needn't make it realistic because of this convenient plot). The sounds are all TR4 assets but they are used appropriatly, the camera work was good however when putting the crystals to open the underwater hatch, it wasn't necessary to show the connection between them everytime you would put one of the 3 crystals. To conclude, this isn't just a good advanced tutorial for someone wanting to learn the game but it's also a good level that other aspiring builders can take as an example to see what makes a TRLE good." - Cruzader (28-Aug-2020)
"The holy bible of the editor for all beginners who want started to build a level. Also, this game is not just a tutorial because it's a solid level very fun to do with a lot of nice challenges to resolve. As the title say, we are in a kind of Lara's Dream with a temple to explore. The level is not really hard but we need to use our brain and not just our hands to resolve some tasks. The game is not only for those who want started to build a level but also for those who search a good level to start the levels playing experience. So I can just recommended this adventure by MagPlus. Congratulations!!" - Bigfoot (14-May-2020)
"This level is built like a tutorial, but what a level! With many specificities (mist effect, twoblock platform, switch sequence, mirror room, etc. ..) this level is a real gem, to play without moderation. The texturing and lighting are almost perfect and the gameplay is just for my taste. This level is provided with the prj and textures, to study for further lessons. Highly recommended" - Drakan (26-Nov-2018)
"This may just be a tutorial, but it's also a brilliant standalone level. I had to give the gameplay a perfect score as I found it to be just to my liking. An element puzzle, mirror room, floating ledges, a bull room and a three- button sequence. The looks are amazing too: the bright contrast of colours inside are nice and the blue fog gives it an atmospheric touch. A great level in its own right. Don't miss it." - Ryan (10-Dec-2016)
"As it says in the hall of fame, this is a great adventure to play through, even if it is a tutorial level. I must say, I had a very good time playing this level. The puzzles in here were challenging and interesting at the same time. Some memories came back while playing this level. It really reminded of of "Fight Against Apophis" from the classic rescue series. This level is beautiful! I was just stunned with the atmosphere in this level. It was just superb! Don't get fooled by the title of this level. Highly recommended!!!!" - MegaGamer (01-Apr-2014)
"Because of the pretty high gameplay ratings for this level, I decided to play this and for sure wasn't annoyed after finishing. Despite the looks are at first glance solid but not that spectacular, and the initial gameplay actions rather were boring for my taste (too easy but long pushable puzzles), this level turns out to be a masterpiece in terms of technical achievements. I think what makes this level so fun was the usage of classic TR puzzles that were used rather rarely before, the waterskin puzzle from the last level of TR 4 was and is still great fun, as it's very solvable, but you need to think before you pour the water in. While progressing you also find a lot of innovative puzzles like the two lever rooms with a certain combination for the doors, a dance with a bull (this bull was rather clever, as he absolutely didn't want to crash into the necessary buttons - unfortunately for me). But not also there were fun puzzles to solve, you also need to do a lot of platforming, e.g. through a mirror room and across some high platforms, with nice outside touches (above the bull room). The builder refreshed a lot of the objects, as there were some fancy buttons and doors to see in this level. Enemy usage was rather rare but there was a quite hard fight against multiple ninjas and dogs. The secret placements were nicely done and the voice audio and the three awards were a nice red thread throughout the level, as well as the award sound for getting the Aphophis stones. Textures were solidly placed and I found no mistake at placing with the exception of the long swim passage after using the Aphophis stones, and all in all I found some of the areas were a tad too grey for my taste. What leads to another a bit unnecessary thing in this level - the cameras after placing each of the three stones were a bit annoying, one after placing all of them would have been enough, but that's only a minor fault. In my opinion, some of the rooms had a rather blocky feel to it, even if the architecture is quite complicated.
The level end was quite interestingly done but a flyby or so would have been better, but obviously one of the main purposes of the level is - as the title stares - a tutorial. And it's not only that, it's a very solid at least hour-long level." - manarch2 (18-Nov-2011)
"While intended as a tutorial this is set-up as a fully- featured level in itself. The level is Egyptian themed, with a leaning towards the Lost-Library style. As well as a good general level of detail there's some nice extensions to the theme, such as room looking out over some sort of strange void. Outside of said void there wasn't't too much in the way of surprise "wow" moments, but it's all very solid.
As part of being a tutorial for multiple elements gameplay manages to be varied without being incoherent, and several areas are more complex than they appear. Gameplay is mostly based around puzzles and small clues, which all works well. My only real complaint was that it ended a bit abruptly. I also had an annoyance with the Bull where it was incredibly hard to get it to charge at one switch, but I don't know if that was a fixable bug or something unavoidable. Tutorials usually aren't worth playing for people who aren't mappers, but this is definitely an exception." - Mman (19-Mar-2011)
"I downloaded this level a couple of month ago and archived it. So when I finally played it a couple of days ago it was just a random pick and I had no idea that it was a tutorial level for builders as I had not looked at the level info page or read any reviews. I really enjoyed this level as it has almost all the classic features and puzzles from TR4. The elements puzzle, the scales, the bull and so many others. I found the game play very interesting as for a change it was almost all puzzle based and there was only a little bit of jumping, running and combat. For whatever reason I had extreme difficulties mastering the tightrope walk. I never had any problems with tightrope walks before, so I wonder if this one was made to be extra difficult. Texturing and coloring are very colorful and look great in the indoor areas. The outdoors areas were rather pain with a bit of a distance fog, so the combination of the two was a perfect mix. The lighting was also perfect. Very nice camera work, lots of hints and good background music round up this level. No matter if it says tutorial, this is a very playable and enjoyable level for everyone who like puzzles and classic TR4 feel. No wonder it's in the hall of fame." - Blue43 (01-Oct-2010)
"Tutorial or not, this level is a joy to play. It starts off easy - a little too easy, I thought then. But it soon gets complex enough once you reach the sequence puzzle, which opens up doors to three elevators, which lead to three different floors of a tower, with a different quest in each floor. The first two floors have fairly straightforward puzzles, but the topmost one has a long series of puzzles, jumps, bull-fighting, and a lot more. The huge variety in the gameplay is great fun. The only negative thing I have to say about the gameplay is regarding the slight overuse of the 'examine' object - why provide instructions for a jumping sequence in this manner, rather than providing in-game hints?
The other aspects of the level are very enjoyable, with practically nothing to mar them. For example, atmosphere in the level is lovely. On the one hand, the outdoor areas are filled with pale blue fog, while indoors, there are vividly coloured textures and objects, which together contribute to the feeling of a hazy dream-like state with a sense of heightened reality around certain objects. I particularly liked the 'unfinished' state of the hall with the bull, where you can even fall off into the blue void if you're not careful.
I downloaded this level hoping to get some help from the tutorial in my own building efforts. But apparently the wad files are missing from the download, which makes the prj file a bit pointless. Oh well, it's not a major problem, since I still got to play this lovely little level." - Mytly (12-Dec-2009)
"This level is great both for building purposes and playing. The download contains prj file, so you can have a look at how some puzzles and other things are set up. It's also very fun to play through because it contains a large range of different sort of puzzles and gameplay elements such as various push block puzzles, scale puzzle, switch combination puzzle, sequence switch puzzle, mirror room and a lot of other things. This game is not only technically good but also visually well constructed. Areas are well textured and lighted and connected to each other very smartly. I recommend this level for every player because it has plenty of things to do in a nice looking setting. It's also very good for builders because you can learn a lot of basic stuff and more advanced stuff from it." - Samu (24-Mar-2008)
"This is a unique level which was built to demonstrate how some of the basic puzzles can be made. Someone would expect this to be a bit boring maybe and only suitable for starting builders but it's hardly that, in fact it is a good level worth trying out not only for the 'educational' purpose it serves but to have fun as well. Some of the puzzles it includes are the scales one, the three big buttons and much more. There are also three secrets to find, beetles to be more exact. Be sure to try this one, especially if you are a potential builder." - Kristina (15-Apr-2006)
"This to me is a miss named level-it should not be considered a Tutorial but rather a level containing many of the Egyptian element tasks etc. Lots to do and pick up, although I could not pick up the Bins as if I did it crashed the level. Enemies consist of Ninja, a Bull, dogs and if you don't do the puzzles correctly one or two other nasties. Puzzles abound in the level and are varied in type and execution. Graphics are fine and along with the textures and lighting, good atmospheres are set. A level well worth playing." - Whistle (10-Mar-2006)
"This should indeed be mandatory to first play and then review the PRJ file for every new builder (after having worked through the original TRLE manual). It not only provides a very, very solid level of 75 minutes net game time in a nice setting, it also has many of the more sophisticated TRLE puzzles included, like torch puzzle, element puzzle, water scale puzzle, three button puzzle, variations of pushable puzzles and also tighrope walking and bar swinging, elevators and more. That aside it flows nicely as a game of its own, fairly linear at the start and then diverging as you collect gems and guardian keys, three secrets and encounter a bull, a few ninjas and a few dogs. Good fun and I will certainly keep that PRJ file in a safe place for later reference." - MichaelP (21-Feb-2006)
"I know this was intended to be a tutorial, but heck - what a blast of level this was. Some may say Egypt levels have been done to exhaustion, but to those I dare to play this level. It's so different and so fresh, yet built in an awesome Egyptian setting! The level focuses heavily on gameplay, with a vast range of puzzles and tricks. It won't be long until you reach the scales, sequence switches with not so subtle hints that will give you access to three floors, each with a different and usually large puzzle to retrieve jewels of apophis, a room with four doors, four levers and four combinations to open them, there will be a mirror room with a well hidden ladder, a huge area with floating platforms and an awesome looking pit... the list goes on. This is one level every active builder should play, there's much to learn from here, if you already know the editor inside out, play this level to have a good notion about what makes a successful level. Bravo, Pascal! 70 minutes, 2 secrets." - Treeble (05-Feb-2006)
"As a tutorial, this works splendidly. There's a bit of almost everything - push puzzles, waterskin puzzles, button puzzles, elements puzzle, mirror room, timed run, tightrope walking (unfortunately), pole vaulting, leaping about with the torch, ninjas, jackals, the ghastly bull - in other words an excellent introduction to Lara's abilities, with nothing too hard to achieve. It's also an enjoyable raid for the more experienced raider, probably due to the sheer variety of play and, of course, the excellence of the actual building." - Jay (04-Feb-2006)
"I had the pleasure of testing this level and now have the pleasure of reviewing it because it was one fabulous adventure, which not only looks stunning, but is also full of delightful game play. Lara arrives outside the temple, and then makes her way easily inside. Within these walls she will be finding a couple of gems to proceed, and also fighting off dog enemies. Later on Lara has a coloured button puzzle to solve to work three gates in order to get to the upper rooms, and she will be using lifts to take her up there. There's a small object puzzle to solve to get a gem, and then the biggest task is in a four lever area where the puzzle is to find which levers open the correct doors. You will be collecting the sand bag, jerry can, water skin and torch and there's a great trek around a pillar room to use these items. You will also encounter another object move room which is really cleverly done and involves lowering the objects underground. Bully is also waiting for you in another area; and way above him, you will have to do some tile jumping. Eventually Lara can place the gems and make her way to the final areas outside. There's a pyramid key to collect here, and some nice pillar jumps to get it. When all is done Lara leaves via a beautiful gondola room. This level is quite lovely and the game play is fab, so I hope you take a look and have as much fun as I did with it." - Moonpooka (14-Jan-2006)
"Now the words 'egyptian' and 'tutorial' aren't the kind that will make the masses come running but thankfully the words 'Pascal' and 'Ducey' will. This though isn't one of the complex and tricky levels that people expect of Pascal and most players won't have a problem getting through to the end, the level does however grow with puzzle intensity as you progress so that you find yourself thinking a lot more about their solutions. Most of the puzzles revolve around movable objects but there are also other things such as meeting up with the bull in a fabulously designed, or under-designed as the case may be, room, and reusing this room later from a different vantage point on some cool hovering platforms, as well as many other things to do. Pascal never fails to excite and interest me with his levels and although this is what I would call a retro-flashback to a simpler Pascal it nevertheless stands up as a very worthy game. I found 3 beetle secrets in the 80 minutes it lasted." - Sash (07-Jan-2006)
"A complete level worthy of admiration. It seems to be created by the official Eidos Team! Excelent gameplay no much lineal, you always can go back if you need. Perhaps I missed some more enemies, guns and ammo to give some more action; as some more flyby or fixed cameras to give another kind of perspective; but for me was a fantastic level. Builders of the world, here you have a good example of how a level must be created." - Jose (31-Dec-2005)
"I volunteered as a beta tester for this level and got some much-needed help from Val (especially in the later stages). It's a typically high-quality release from Pascal that's visually pleasing and challenging without ever becoming frustrating. (However, there was a very difficult jump near the end that I felt may have been a little out of place, and Pascal was convinced to make it much easier in the final release.) It's very encouraging to see that this fine builder is active once again. Highly recommended." - Phil (19-Dec-2005)
"I still love Egypt so playing this Egyptian Dream was great to do. Pascal made some awesome levels, go and check them out. This is very solid made, everything fits, sound, music, light and the puzzles, not mind boggling and but you have to stand still and think a bit. Getting artifacts that is of course the goal here. And if you think that you thoroughly search a place, think again as the secrets are nicely hidden. I found 3 of them. All in all you should play this as you will have fun. 09-12-2005" - Gerty (15-Dec-2005)
"Another nice Level by Pascal :-)) and I really enjoyed playing it. Lara enters a temple and many puzzles await, as we would expect from Pascal. ;-) They are not too hard though if you know how. There are many items to find, e.g. red gems and lots more. There are also pushable object puzzles and other things that you will remember from TR4. Graphically very nicely designed and well placed enemies (not too many, as this is more about puzzles and I really liked that). For the small download you get a lot here. :-)) Thank you and hope to play another level by Pascal soon. :-)" - Engelchen Lara (11-Dec-2005)
"First I thought it was going to be hard to rate this level due to its nature as a tutorial level. After I have finished it though, it was not hard at all. It is a tutorial level, yes but also a great challenge for the player. Also it is extremly well done with great atmospheric textures and lighting. The secrets are not so hard to find (except the last one!) and the cameras and the sound is great! The gameplay is super and I really like the way Pascal has involved tons of different puzzles together to make it look "real" and natural so to speak. A huge plus is that he has provided the .prj and .wad files for us mere mortals to study! A great gesture and is really appreciated! This will be a level that i will study hard to learn from and also enjoyed playing. I would not mind a whole adventure of 5-10 levels like this. Top stuff, Pascal!" - QRS (08-Dec-2005)