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Knights of Terafosia Bonus - The Crash by MagPlus

eTux 7 6 8 7
Gerty 8 8 9 9
Jay 8 10 10 10
JoeTheCrazyGamer 10 10 10 10
John 7 6 6 7
Jorge22 8 8 9 9
Jose 10 10 10 10
Kristina 7 7 8 8
Lara_Fox_Croft 8 9 10 10
Magnus 7 7 8 8
MegaGamer 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 8 8 9 8
Mman 8 9 8 8
Orbit Dream 9 9 9 10
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 8 9 9 9
Sash 7 7 7 7
Spike 7 8 8 9
Treeble 8 8 8 8
release date: 14-Dec-2005
# of downloads: 124

average rating: 8.46
review count: 19
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file size: 21.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Joke

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A much shorter level in comparison to the series, although not much of a 'joke' level per se despite the theme. The environments are still nicely crafted and textured but at a much smaller scope. This level might host the most cramped push block puzzle ever, with five different pieces that needed to be dragged around a very small room. Good fun to be had here though, perhaps just slightly underwhelming considering the original series. 25 minutes, 1 secret. 12/22" - Treeble (11-Dec-2022)
"There is 4 very memorable points in this level for me, the shocking drop at the beginning, the annoying jump switch that took me about 40 attempts to get it i kid you not, the enjoyable timed shooting challenge and of course the exciting and adrenaline pumping finale! now as for the rest of it you'll find some raptors to kill, some keys to find, some tricky jumping/ platforming and a pushable object puzzle. I was left wanting more in the gameplay to be honest as its a very short but sweet level but im glad i played it as its certainly original!" - John (19-Feb-2022)
"From the hair-raising start with Lara being set alight to the final tense chase scene with Lara being tailed by a T-Rex, you have to constantly be on your guard on this level. As well as this, there's a fairly challenging jump sequence, a very enjoyable timed shooting exercise, and a neat pushable object puzzle, which all takes place in an attractive environment. A fun little beast of a level." - Ryan (25-Dec-2017)
"G&P: The level gameplay is nice, you have to jump sometimes, sometimes you have to hurry, sometimes you have to solve some puzzles, the level is well balanced. E,O&S: Enemies were easy to deal with thanks to the powerful weapons we have, but the T-Rex was such a pain to escape to, it pushed lara against a wall, and I had to wait that he moved to release Lara, but I finally escaped it.Objects were nice, some of them look old like the dinosaurs from TR3, but well this level is not recent, but it still look good. Secret (I think I found one) was nicely hidden, even I found a way to catch it easily (pushblock bug). But this is a TR4 bug, so you can't avoid it when you don't know it. A,S,C: Sounds were nice, I was happy to hear Lara's "Haha", when you put something in the good place. Atmosphere was good, it brought back to life some Jurassic Park memories. Cameras were good too. L&T: textures are the good old 64pix textures that we always found in old levels, here the texture selection was nice, and well used. Lighting was good too. To sum up: a short level to play when you have about 20min to play a good game. The game is not difficult but be careful at the start of the beginning, use some medipacks to survive! Well I recommend this game for any kind of player !" - Lara_Fox_Croft (13-Nov-2017)
"A short level but it serves as a fantastic addition to the Knights of Terafosia. Its only 10 minutes but it's "Tres Bien"." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (28-Jun-2016)
"This is the only MagPlus level I haven't played/reviewed yet so I figured I may as well finish up. The style is overall similar to the rest of Knights of Terafosia with the same rock textures and outfit, it's on the simpler side however and I recall the main set generally being more detailed than this, but it's still decent. As a bonus level this is pretty short but the Dinosaur twist is executed well, especially the final chase sequence. There's a couple of nice puzzles though and it's enjoyable with decent flow. The start is also an almost copy-paste of the start of Rescue map 6 in terms of geometry (unfortunately the forced damage is here as well). Not essential but a good short level to cool down after longer and more involved stuff (which would include KOT itself), and as I implied above the ending is also original." - Mman (24-Feb-2016)
"I was surprised to discover recently that, although I helped betatest this level for Pascal and even wrote a walkthrough for it, I never got around to reviewing it. Shame on me. It's a fairly short but intense romp through dinosaur-ridden environs, and the biggest adrenalin burst for me was the timed dinosaur head shoot. It's billed as a joke level, but that seems to be a bit of a misnomer. At the end the player realizes that everything has been a dream, but it doesn't feel that way while you're playing the level. Anyway, it's another superlative release from one of the top-flight masters." - Phil (16-Apr-2014)
"Why was this level so short? This level was awesome! I just loved the fact that Lara crashed into some dinosaur land. The gameplay was great, and I enjoyed solving every puzzle. The beginning of this level reminded me of the evil spell from Osiris from the rescue series.(another insane level :) ) I loved killing all of those dinosaurs, and that final escape with the t-rex was so intense! The atmosphere and the textures were outstanding, just like the actual game. You should totally play this nice bonus level, but I would beat the main game first." - MegaGamer (12-Apr-2014)
"It may only last half-an-hour or so, but this mini adventure crams more Gameplay into its short duration than is usually to be found in custom levels several times its length. Tricky jumps;a nerve-wracking timed shooting sequence (I used the uzi's for this,rather then the crossbow,as they seemed to create more damage);an ingenious push/pull object puzzle which had me stumped for quite a while;really great use of enemies and a terrific and tongue-in-cheek Finale,all superbly presented in a good looking and slick little package. If you're looking for a short but fun level to play,they don't come any better than this!" - Orbit Dream (17-Jan-2008)
"The 'joke' in this level is not entirely obvious from the beginning, but when you reach the end you find out that it all seems to be taking place in Lara's head. The gameplay here is good, but nowhere near as brilliant as that in the full version of KoT. There are a variety of tasks, including killing dinos, a shooting range, swimming and some objects to push around onto their corresponding tiles. The texturing was as good as it was in KoT, and it still looks brilliant, and it looks very unique in parts. This is easily one of the best 'joke' levels that I have played, and while it is rather short in length, it is fun the entire way through." - Spike (23-Jul-2007)
"Another one of life's great ironies is that what is one person's best effort, is another person's joke level. Because let's be honest, if this was your level, wouldn't you be proud of it? I know I would be. But the author knows this isn't nearly as good as his previous levels, and sees it more of a joke than anything else. I guess the joke here would be that the whole level seems to take place inside Lara's head. The level is actually rather enjoyable, even though the gameplay is simple and it's all over after fifteen minutes. The chase at the end is rather fun, but the rest is pretty standard fare. It's all rather fun, though, and it looks good. Certainly worth playing, as long as you realise that this is more of a footnote in the world of level building, rather than the whole chapter the original Knights of Terafosia was." - Magnus (22-Aug-2006)
"This is a small treat from Pascal and a short level-joke as he called it, about thirty minutes. It doesn't have much to do, some switches and moveable objects plus keys to find. The enemies are raptors, small poisonous creatures and a T-Rex at the end. I found the only secret in the level. The end comes with a helicopter that will transfer Lara to another place to continue her adventures." - Kristina (15-Apr-2006)
"Ye gods, you only survive the beginning of this level by swallowing a medipack really quickly. There are some tricky jumps to achieve, a wonderful timed shoot, compys and dinos to kill and an ending that will get your adrenalin flowing nicely. Fast, furious and fun." - Jay (13-Feb-2006)
"Assuming that the joke of the level was the deja vu feeling that arose here and there thorough the level (the timed shootable puzzle ala The Rescue 11, or the start of the level which is identical to that of the Rescue 6) along with the oddity of the out-of-place dinos and the ending - then yes, I must admit I found it amusing and making me smile as I played it through for the short while it lasted, but I this just rises above the joke level category it places itself into with some pretty neat tasks (i.e. - actual gameplay) and very well thought out structure of the level in general, so most likely from all the joke levels out there, this is one of the rare I'd recommend most likely for anyone to play (along with EssGee's "bERT's World" and Rapetou's "Panne d'essence"), but I'm not sure if you'll 'get the joke' if you're not familiar with the author's previous work. Not that that will stop you from enjoying it, so give this a go!" - eTux (12-Feb-2006)
"Long lost Bonus Level and as such it is short (20 minutes) but still a nice addition to the Terafosia series which offers a fun lava jump room, a shooting range with a twist, a battle with a bunch of raptors and a smart push puzzle that also offers the one secret. At the end you get a run from a TRex which I thought did not work so well with the fixed cams and the TRex continuously having his head disappear into the walls. The custom audio added works very effectively and supports the nice atmosphere. Nice short level, ideally to be played immediately after the Knights of Terafosia series." - MichaelP (25-Jan-2006)
"As a bonus to the Knights of Terafosia and claimed to be a joke level this seemed anything but. This 25 minute level held quite a bit of challenge with some tricky little jumps, one to a seemingly easy to grab jumpswitch that was a very precise matter, there is also a moving target puzzle with deadly consequences if not accomplished in time and a nicely designed small movable dino head puzzle. I've come to the conclusion that Pascal could release his shopping list and it would be worth downloading, so go, play, have fun." - Sash (07-Jan-2006)
"This is one of this kind of levels which borders on perfection.What more can I say? Huge doses of danger, emotion, intelligence through an excellent scenarios with a great atmosphere and ambience make of this level one of the jewels in the TR levels world. Final escape with the T-Rex behind your feet is great! If you love authentic TR levels you have to obligatory play this level." - Jose (31-Dec-2005)
"The start is hell, so be aware LOL. Looking for keys and finding a jump switch you can proceed. Don't dally but also don't be too quick with your guns or else you might miss some nice little tricks. You meet raptors, small dino's and of course a T-Rex, wow what a ending. 19-12-2005" - Gerty (23-Dec-2005)
"Nice little level with a good start, well built and packed up with action plus at least one puzzle that also guards a secret. I remember I played Knights of Terafosia and absolutely loved it but my teflon memory still won't tell me why this is a joke level... The T-Rex chase near the end reminded me of another game, only this persecution was longer." - Jorge22 (20-Dec-2005)