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LB Advent Calendar 2005 - Out into the Snow by Hochgiftig

Akcy 6 8 8 9
alan 7 6 7 8
CC 4 6 7 7
ColeMoles 6 5 8 6
drguycrain 5 7 7 7
Duncan 5 5 6 6
Gerty 6 8 7 8
High Priestess 4 3 9 8
Jay 5 6 7 6
John 5 6 5 6
Jose 4 7 7 9
Kristina 4 5 7 7
manarch2 2 4 3 4
MichaelP 6 6 8 8
misho98 5 5 6 6
Moonpooka 8 8 9 9
Orbit Dream 4 7 7 8
Ryan 4 7 7 7
Sash 3 3 5 6
Spike 5 7 8 8
Treeble 6 7 7 7
Zhyttya 6 8 7 8
release date: 22-Dec-2005
# of downloads: 74

average rating: 6.30
review count: 22
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file size: 19.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"In this small house you have your usual hunt for keys and items. The first item I used was confusing because the camera pointed at the wrong door, when it was supposed to look at the door that was opening. Fortunately it was the only one." - alan (30-Dec-2021)
"A very short and simple christmas themed home level. in this level its just a case of opening countless doors to find objects in these tiny annoying claustrophobic rooms constantly bumping into furniture as you go through the doors back forth placing the objects you find, its a bit boring as theres nothing original here and the constant music on loop was irritating. Theres no traps, puzzles, platforming or enemies so not much fun for me but the things i did like was the lovely conservatory room, some of the textures and laras outfit plus the keys that were almost half the size of lara made me chuckle" - John (22-May-2021)
"Very cosy xmas level to play! Completely recommend if you're looking for a soft and relaxing level to play through. It's rather short and really easy, so don't expect too much out of this. Nonetheless, it's very well decorated. Missing is a track to go along with the final fly-through though." - Zhyttya (08-Aug-2020)
"OK I loved the look of the place and the background music but too many doors leading to yet more rooms so it is difficult to get orientated in this place. I played it a long time ago and failed to review it so had another bash and felt exactly as non-plussed as I felt back then. Alas, I did mark it up for its other attributes. The gameplay was very much a non- entity though, sorry :(" - High Priestess (21-Nov-2017)
"The gameplay in this short Xmas level really just amounts to finding items and switches scattered about this relatively small house, with an extremely short duration, so definitely nothing exciting. The overall setting is so cosy and charming though, that I found it hard to dislike, and this could actually be worth a play during the Christmas season." - Ryan (13-Nov-2017)
"At best will but this level consists of a few very small and cubic chambers with a lot of tedious backtracking for items to find, embedded in a rather cute storyline and with a lot of nice looking objects. Some sounds are not working and the final camera is buggy. It takes 8 minutes to finish and there's an easy secret to find along the way. And that's about it." - manarch2 (04-Jan-2016)
"Not a bad level - you get to see a quite beautifully done green house and some nice Christmas decorations while running around the mansion looking for switches or the next key. I personally didn't like the layout of the rooms and there's no real puzzles. Even if I feel kinda bad for giving it a five for gameplay, I can't rate it any higher. It could've been better for sure, but as I said - not bad at all." - misho98 (23-Dec-2015)
"This level is only rated low because of its brevity, not because it was a poor level. i think the decor and atmosphere was actually very well done and i actually enjoyed this little fifteen minute adventure. there wasn't a music track playing during the final flyby for me; i don't know if that was a glitch or intentional. if intentional, it really should've had some closing music. and there are doors everywhere! i actually kinda liked having so many doors. And the scale actually seemed like more of a real house than many of the other houses we raid in which are full of incredibly-unrealistically-sized rooms and hallways. A fun level for getting in the Christmas mood!" - drguycrain (03-Jan-2008)
"This was a short, 15-minute level taking place inside a house covered in Christmas decorations. The aim is to get Lara outside, and this is done by finding some puzzle items in order to open doors and the like. Sadly, this is pretty much all that the gameplay amounts too, and apart from a bit of crawling and a bed to push, there wasn't much else to do here. On the upside, the house itself looked lovely, and the application of both textures and objects was great. It all seemed suitably warm and cosy, and the lack of enemies also added to the rather peaceful nature of this level. The falling snow outside was very nice to look at, as was the 'greenhouse' like area. While there isn't much variety in gameplay, this is definitely a nice level to play when you want to relax for a while." - Spike (09-Aug-2007)
"If you need a short,relaxing little excursion with never a shot fired in anger then this is probably just the thing. If played in the run-up to Christmas I'm sure it would go down extremely well.Looked at objectively,though,it is really rather too twee and insubstantial,with that curious reliance on interactive decorative objects which is such a feature of german custom levels.The 23 minute duration is due to the continual back-and-forth journeying;but as the house in which this level is set is relatively small,it never gets confusing.Things happen(the picking up of an apple causing an upstairs door to open,for example)not because these events should logically take place under those circumstances but simply because the Gameplay requires them to do so. But this is just nit-picking. The whole place looks rather warm and inviting,and the Conservatory is somewhere I could have quite happily hung around in for ages.Play this level,listen to the music,gaze out from the warm rooms at the snow and relax." - Orbit Dream (15-Feb-2007)
"Very short and easy level, suitable for kids. Very nice textures and decorating objects, especially liked the winter garden, and pleasant festive music. A few items and one secret to find, and doors to open, in order to let Lara out. Too bad, once she gets out, the levels ends, it would have been good to have some fun out in the snow. Anyways, nice level with Christmassy atmosphere, play it for a short festive mood." - Akcy (10-Jan-2007)
"This is what i call a 'run' level, and i call it that because all your basically doing is running back & forth, back & forth, and by the time i actually got the door open, i was quite bored, i also dont understand the level quite well because as soon as you do get out of the door, the level ends, quite a dissapointing level added to the advent calendar." - ColeMoles (11-Apr-2006)
"It was a short level about fifteen minutes with small rooms to visit. You search for a ruby, a diamond and there is a secret to find. I believe the rooms should have been bigger and the gameplay didn't offer much to the player. It was a nice little level though and one more for the Advent Calendar." - Kristina (05-Mar-2006)
"Somehow many of this year's advent calendar levels play in a House and are rather short - and so is this one at about 20 minutes. It would in fact be even shorter if Lara did not have to go back and forth many, many times between the rooms, but thankfully the distances are rather short too. What I did like though was the nice winter garden room and the generally pleasant design of this little adventure, so definitely worth a play during the season." - MichaelP (13-Jan-2006)
"You get to light a lot of torcheres and wall sconces in this mansion level, but at least the torch comes in handy as there are no flares available. What I want to know is why didn't Winston light all that lot - lazy bugger is just tottering around with his tea tray as usual. Apart from that, there are a couple of circuit boards to find, the maze to explore and a timed run. Not the most exciting Advent Calendar level, but pleasant to look at - especially the snow covered grounds in the moonlight; they are just beautiful." - Jay (10-Jan-2006)
"That's where Lara wants to get, out in the snow. To do that she has to first open door after door in this cramped little house and then run back and forth collecting objects. I don't think I barely stopped for more than 2 seconds in this 15 minute level as there is no puzzles to work out but just getting and placing those objects and that made for a slightly tedious game. The house though is quaint and the glassed in garden in the back was a lovely sight but that didn't really help keep my interest. I found one banana secret and needed it for sustenance with all the running I was doing." - Sash (10-Jan-2006)
"A house level with no much interest. You'll pass all the entire level open a door, open another door, open another door, going down, going up, going down,... Moreover, some actions haven't a camera, like to show the lowered room in the bathroom, the action of the Ying Yang Stone, or the action of the red key. So you get more disoriented and have to go many times visiting always the same rooms. A house with small rooms , but well textured, lighted and decorated; ambience is good as the objects used." - Jose (09-Jan-2006)
"Claustrophobic comes to mind. After visiting this house, although I did like the green house. There is back and fro from room to room, well how else can you get 20 minutes running around in a small house like this. It looked festive enough for this time of the year. That is the main thing in my opinion. Nice one Jens. 23-12-2005" - Gerty (07-Jan-2006)
"A pleasant, very short, level that seems to be a house in an eastern country like Russia. The music and Lara's outfit gives this impression anyway. It's a small house with many rooms, and a beautiful conservatory with fountain and plants. Gameplay is finding a few items and using them. The idea is to get outside, and Lara manages to do this very quickly." - CC (06-Jan-2006)
"I have to admit I didn't get the point of this one. Lara is trapped in a building where the ceilings are too low and the walls are too dark, and needs to find a few things, run back and forth, and then finally get outsde. Once Lara gets outside, the level ends, and there is no feeling of release from the cramped atmosphere. Sorry to sound like a grinch, but this one felt like it was released before it was finished. Wah." - Duncan (02-Jan-2006)
"Awwwww!!!! What a cute little level. This is not a hard level; all in all we get about 20 mins of play, so this is just my cuppa tea for Xmas time when I just want a nice run around in pretty rooms and nothing to get irritated about. Lara is in a small house and needs to find a few keys and other items to access the next room. Other items are the ruby stone, present and diamond. I loved the little rooms they are so sweetly done, and wow to the glass garden room. Throughout play there is music, and can't remember the name of this piece but it was an excellent choice and really gave a good atmosphere. Lara looked lovely and I had no problems, except I think some audios weren't working. I found one secret banana, but I'm sure the apple was another. A very nice level Jens and a lot of fun too, thank you." - Moonpooka (26-Dec-2005)
"This was a short Christmas level that had you running after keys to open doors and find more keys. Basically you're inside this little house, with small rooms and lots of doors and you have to pick up the items to proceed. After a few item swaps, you reach the outside and as you do, the level ends. I was expecting some exploration outside (after all the level's named 'out into the snow'), but I suppose it's ok. I came through a few flaws (nothing major though) and the final flyby had no sound, whislt I'm bound to belive there should have been a Christmas song. Merry Christmas! 20 minutes, 1 secret. 12/05" - Treeble (25-Dec-2005)