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BtB2006 - Mallory's Trail by Marksdad

Anurag 10 10 9 10
Bene 9 8 8 9
Bojrkraider 9 8 8 8
CC 10 8 8 8
Cory 10 8 8 8
Dutchy 6 7 8 9
eRIC 9 9 9 9
eTux 9 8 7 8
Gerty 7 8 8 8
Jay 10 8 9 9
Jerrod 4 4 4 4
JesseG 9 8 8 7
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 5 6 7 7
Kristina 8 8 8 8
manarch2 8 5 6 6
MichaelP 9 7 7 8
Mman 8 7 6 6
Moonpooka 10 9 9 9
nerdfury 10 8 7 6
Obig 8 8 8 8
Phil 9 8 9 8
QRS 10 9 8 8
Ryan 8 7 7 8
Sash 9 6 8 8
Selene 9 7 8 8
Staticon 7 8 8 8
Sutekh 8 8 8 8
Treeble 10 9 9 9
Whistle 7 8 10 9
release date: 01-Jan-2006
# of downloads: 112

average rating: 8.03
review count: 30
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file size: 37.48 MB
file type: TR4
class: Oriental

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This entry is one of the shortest ones, but it is not one to be trifled with. Tight timed runs and intense trap corridors may take more than a few tries and provide an enjoyable challenge. On top of that we have several floor-tile puzzles and a monkeyswing maze – normally I complain about mazes, but this one you can see in its entirety and plan the route, so I liked that touch. One thing I didn't like was the hidden shimmy cracks, which I wouldn't have guessed without the walkthrough. The visuals are about average – texturing is a bit wallpapered, especially the rocky surfaces, and the lighting could use more variance within each area. Good use of action camera shots. 27 minutes." - JesseG (14-Jul-2022)
"(10) Gameplay & Puzzles: I think my favorite aspects of classic TR are tricky trap sequences and creative puzzles, and this level was the perfect fit gameplay-wise. It's a short, linear level, and I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I enjoyed the huge variety of traps, timed runs and the clever puzzles involving dragon tiles. My gameplay highlight was solving the hub area with pushables on ledges of differing heights. Progression/flow was generally very good, and I never felt lost. The one aspect of gameplay that I didn't love was the invisible shimmy-able crack in the rock when you initially enter the canyon area. I think this was too vague, but despite this, I still think the gameplay deserves top marks. (8) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: I enjoyed how the builder placed goons right after a trap sequence (or in the middle of a timed run!), as it kept me on my toes. It feels dull to kill melee enemies before they even reach Lara, so I appreciated that in this level goons were often engaging Lara in cramped areas. Object decor is great, although the 1 secret feels rather lackluster as it's pretty easy to spot and reach. I found it strange that the shotgun was accessible so late in the game, after all the fights with goons in cramped areas were done. (7) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Indoors, there's not much immersive atmosphere as the room architecture seems to just serve a functional purpose. The atmosphere is better outdoors, with lovely organic rock geometry, although I did notice an area, shortly after a boulder trap, where there's an invisible block and the geometry glitches in and out of visibility. Music was fine, and I have a mixed feeling about the cameras. The fixed camera on a seemingly innocent white hallway was very well done, as it was a hint that something wasn't right (spikes will shortly pop out along the hallway). On the flip side, the fixed camera on the bridge near the end of the game was annoying, as fixed cameras are when utilized during combat. The initial short flyby did a great job of whetting my appetite. (6) Lighting & Textures: With the gameplay being the strong point, I felt that aesthetics often fell flat. I spotted a number of warped textures in the canyon areas, the lighting of many statics didn't match their surroundings, and there were dark shadowy blobs across the adventure that looked really out of place when compared to the lighting of the overall room. Overall, I had a thrilling, wonderful time, aside from the initial canyon area with the invisible shimmy-able rock. I would strongly recommend this level to advanced players who want a challenge and don't care so much for eye candy. 10/8/7/6." - nerdfury (05-Dec-2020)
"Does not belong to this author such a game full of hard tasks, but this time Ian decided to create a challenging level. Just from the very beginning with the first timed run, the player can suppose what awaits: a level full of traps, tight timed runs and hard tasks. Into the temple, the combination of blades and spikes popping from the ceiling in the narrow corridor was really nasty; not habilities from the player, but a high dose of good luck. I didn't like the invisible cracks in the canyon too. The shotgun appeared too late, only too shoot a couple of enemies in the final passage, the architecture and texturization is not bad, and I missed some more cameras/flybys even for a lineal level like this. If you like challenges, this is a level for you." - Jose (10-Jul-2017)
"Ye gods, the level's barely begun and already there's a tight timed run sequence to perform. That kind of sets the tone for the remainder of the level: it takes no prisoners. If it's not timed runs, it could be spiked pillars, a blade trapped ladder, boulders, spikes, circular blades or even warriors trying to send you to your death. It all makes for one hair-raising experience, but would I be wrong in saying that it went a bit too far at times (particularly that trapped hallway near the end)? I know that took me more tries than I care to count. Apart from that, well done, I'd say." - Ryan (23-Feb-2017)
"Another fast paced and actually quite tricky level of this builder, but also with the typically basic and functional environments and generally less care for the looks than for the gameplay. Many of the tasks are challenging, yet I wouldn't go as far in saying that they are very difficult, with maximum a few tries all of them are fairly managable. Still the variety is quite great with timed runs, fiendish traps, generally there are not so many puzzles to solve here but in an intendedly fast paced level they might not even fit. Still, this level feels too linear for its own good, and any kind of immersion into the game cannot even come up, even when the given tasks are fun and very entertaining to work through. The final room was even a bit boring to get through with all those long monkeyswing, but since the end is near, it's not a large problem. The looks are almost completely designed to aid the gameplay and seldom represent a solid atmosphere, although the few outside areas are actually decent and the texturing is rather clean throughout, yet very basic. Many of the inside areas are bare and square and when there is a difference, you know there is something to do here. Not quite great in my opinion. Also, the work in terms of sounds and cameras is slightly meager, so overall the atmosphere category doesn't stand as well as the gameplay. The enemies are more an annoyance than a nice addition, that is probably intended by the builder as an additional challenge but that didn't work well for me in some situations where they really went on my nerves; they are also not very creatively used and mostly of the human nature. The single secret is fairly easy to find; overall the 15 exciting minutes are well spent." - manarch2 (19-Mar-2015)
"The architecture and lighting here is relatively basic and cubic; it seems to be designed to be functional to the gameplay and not much more (with a couple of exceptions, including a nice use of seeing areas outside the level towards the end). This is a brutal course of nasty traps and platforming, with several accurate jumps and fast movements required, along with some tricky geometry to navigate. The level is quite linear which helps keep the difficulty manageable. On the downside things trail off a bit at the end, with a boring monkey swing maze being the last major challenge, and there's also a "fatal" pit you can survive the fall into (it's obvious and very unlikely anyone will get stuck there, but it's an oversight that would be easy to fix). A fun gauntlet of obstacles, although it might be a bit much for less experienced players." - Mman (01-Jan-2012)
"An interminable sequence of timed doors for begin, the most difficult with these timed runs, it's sometimes to find which tile open the door, otherwise they are not hard but repetitive. Inevitable blades on the ladder (very fun), made a "impossible" jump/grab for the monkeyswing (very fun once again), then searching the way on the cliff. An inevitable succession of blades & spikes waits for you on the top, you can made this one only by chance, no need to be an expert for press the "jump key". The only act of bravery consist to reload the game again and again (incredibly fun!!). Then a little monkeyswing-maze for complete this adventure. The level design is without surprise, the same textures are used everywhere, the light is often too bright or too dark, no work with the sounds and except a short flyby to the end, no work with the camera. Sorry for this review, but I really don't see where is the art or the fun in this level." - Jerrod (17-Apr-2010)
"I didn't want to give a ten because people might take it the wrong way but i had to. The gameplay was superb from beginning to end, the timed run and the monkey swing part at the end to find the diamond. It was textured very nicely with good use of the textures and the enemies and objects were used well. The shimmy rock climb sequence was a real highlight of the level with the dead end ledges and the jumping only to be chased by a boulder and jump into one square of water that is only just deep enough. Strongly recommended." - Cory (02-Mar-2008)
"Somewhere along the way, when standing on a corner of a tile so the 2 slashing blades wouldn't chop Lara's legs off and seeing that the only safe spot further down the way is one where you have to endure a spike shower, I had that feeling that this level just *may* be intentionally evil. Other featured evil moments: generally every spot including those darn slashing blades! A moment where you have to jump over a rolling ball to go down a slope, knowing that seconds after you do, it'll be charging right after you! Traps galore, fast paced, few supplies - this level will take you on a ride you won't forget soon. Among my favourite puzzles were the countless timed runs in one room, the colourful board to open 2 doors and closer to the end - a really neat cliff climbing sequence! I managed to find only 1 secret, never got the shotgun so handling those snakes and thugs was a bit more challenging, but overall - I can't say it was a challenge I did not enjoy! Sure, I cursed the author in every word dedicated for that purpose in any language I knew, when those evil moments came by, but when looking back at it - I figure it was pretty fun while it lasted! I was definitely saddened when sliding down to the finish trigger, and not because that's an uninteresting way to end a level!" - eTux (24-Jul-2007)
"What can I say? This level makes Luis Martins concept of traps/everything deadly you can come up with combined with timed runs look weak in comparison ;) If you take it easy and not rush (unless you need to!) it is not that hard though. Some spots might be needed to do a few times so you dont lose too much energy. The textures, lighting is good. The secret was a bit of a disappointment though. After all the hard work it felt too easy compared to the rest LOL! It might be hard to make things more difficult in this level though For some weird reason I found the beginning the hardest part in the game. All the way to the pool. Overall this is a great level and so far my favorite when it comes to gameplay!" - QRS (10-Feb-2007)
"Well, this is not an easy level. I wouldn't suggest it to beginners, and you should also prepare with some depressants. The level is full with timed runs that are hardened more with monks, moving and swinging blades, moving spiky walls, and the rolling rocks cannot be missed either. The only weapons we have are the default pistols; we'll get the shotgun only at the end of the level. Instead of the monks, we also meet snakes. There are a lot of skilled jumps on the level too; we have to get up on rocks, and even the height of the edge counts we have to grab. I found only one secrets near the end of the level. The textures are beautiful and the environments are also great, but I think that the difficulty will frighten off many people. On the other hand, many people will admire it because it is a good challenge and you certainly won't be bored during your play. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (01-Mar-2006)
"Well finally a challenging level to play and I was thinking that I am going to get bored soon with this challenge. I had fun getting through this game with all the challenging traps but if you're a whiny raider and not so good don't try this one. Chances are you'll get irritated and won't enjoy it. The setting was nice and I liked the area with the pushable objects and the timed door plus spiked wall part/blades. You get a good idea of what to expect from the beginning and that for me was a good thing. The quest is for the diamond and you'll have to get rid of quite a few guys on the way. The only thing that gave me a bit of trouble was the monkey swing but I got through it eventually so no big deal. I didn't know the builder had such a devious mind and that's a nice surprise for me. I got the one secret he included and as far as I am concerned, it's his best level so far." - Kristina (25-Feb-2006)
"Wow - what a tour de force...this is a really simple and linear level and you will hardly ever wonder WHAT to do, but you will stop and think a few times about HOW to do it with losing as little health as possible. From the timed run and jump at the start you get trap after trap after trap to avoid and I had great fun making my way through here. Also nicely done is the cave area where you need to find the right cracks in the walls to make your way upwards and after that - you guessed it - you get a few more traps to master until you reach the final area with your prize - the gem - and a bit of a let down: the long monkey swing. But it's not too bad and doesn't spoil the 45 minutes of action. Try it if you dare!" - MichaelP (19-Feb-2006)
"This level will be classed as brilliant by the raiders who love tough timed runs, traps, enemies, and puzzles; or as one stinker of a level by those who like a much more pleasant run through, or perhaps aren't so fast with their fingers. Right from the start we are in the thick of it. Some tasks are very hard indeed to figure out and accomplish, like that timed run from a corner red trigger, up two steep steps in a corridor and sideflip through a door before it drops. I found some parts a matter of just taking a risk and running for it. For example, a run through sliding spike walls, over a wall blade, past a chain and straight into a fight with two goons in a small room. And the last gauntlet was unbelievable! I gave up figuring out a route through it, just ran for it, feeding Lara medpacks, and low and behold she got through with half a health bar left at the end. Here again, there is one medpack that's impossible to get at. There is a tall room with walkways we must get up to and push objects along. And this too was slightly confusing, in that you had to push one object twice to move on. The walkthrough is definitely needed for this level. Climbing ladders and trying to get past those blades took a lot of tries, again feeding Lara a large medpack, but also trying to find that exact spot to jump and twist away from the ladder. Despite the difficulty it is a great feeling when you finally hit the finishing trigger and know that you have made it. This level is not for beginners, but definitely for those who like a real challenge. There is an element of intrigue here too, especially with those shimmys. The one that leads to the monkeyswing was, again, a case of taking chance by jumping towards the rock wall. The same thing happens in the rocky canyon area which I thought was brilliant. The only way to get up higher at one point was to run with twist in the air, bounce off the far rock, and jump to grab the ledge above. Needless to say, saving a lot is advised. In fact, I'd recommend saving after every tiny accomplished step. For myself, I really enjoyed this level. I loved the challenge. It will be interesting to see how this does in the competition. There's a good story in the readme, about George Mallory's attempt to climb Everest in 1924. 75 years later his body was discovered, preserved, beneath the summit. Intrigued, I went off in search of information about him and his expedition. A very interesting read, and congratulations to the author for building this level around that story. When finished, the player will certainly feel as if they had climbed their own personal Everest. If you're looking for a great challenge, this is the one." - CC (16-Feb-2006)
"Whew.....this was one heck of an adventure!!!! Surely being the most difficult among the BtB 2006 levels, this level is like one huge trap gauntlet. Boulders, spikes and blades galore, not to mention timed runs and enemies(ninjas and snakes) in the most inconvenient places made the trek for Mallory's Diamond even harder than(at times) necessary. The so-called "nerve wreck alley" nearly took the fun out of the entire level for my part(as I play on a laptop it was very difficult for me to reach the medipack shortcut keys before Lara got impaled), but once she almost by a miracle got through it there was plenty of time to look back at the level with a great feeling of satisfaction over having accomplished all these tricky tasks. Although this level wasn't made for the sake of the scenery(as you didn't have any time to view it other than while trying to catch your breath between the challenges) it still had its charm and beauty. The room housing the infamous diamond looked lovely and in regards to the diamond I must say that this level so far holds the best storyline for my part. There were few puzzles, mainly push and pull moveable pieces onto their corresponding tiles and some timed tile-runs, but the amount of traps more than made up for the lack of needing to think things through. And it even had one thing I have sorely missed....MUSIC. And even my favourite theme of the oriental ones!!!! Two thumbs up for that one. I found the only secret of the level and spent about one hour playing. A level worth trying out and I would definetely rate this, like the others, as an expert challenge!!!" - Selene (09-Feb-2006)
"Another excellent example of what the TRLE is capable of. This level contains various,traps,puzzles & plenty of tricky jumps & moves. The traps are very difficult for example the Nerve Wreck Alley as described in the walkthrough, though I could get away without a MP there(I was lucky).Then you have to jump from slope to slope. Grab very tough to spot cracks. Your aim is to solve all puzzles,dodge every trap & reach the Mallrory's Diamond by sliding & jumping all throught the level. Once you have the diamond, you escape the chinese tomb." - Anurag (06-Feb-2006)
"Phew, that was a tricky little devil. On the trail of Mallory's diamond you will face guards, traps and some breathtaking climbing. I loved the block sliding, multi-level puzzle even though I had to negotiate a rather nasty ladder and blades puzzle to get there. Mind you, that was a walk in the park compared to that passage with blades and spikes. That took some time but was, ultimately, overcome. The reward for all this effort? A delightful room with a pool and a monkeyswing maze on the ceiling. A most novel idea - I did enjoy that bit. Having got the diamond, a short swim along a flooded passage and disposing of two final guards and the end is in sight. I was cursing the builder while playing but, having finished, I can look back on a memorable and fulfilling adventure. Nice one" - Staticon (06-Feb-2006)
"Unlike many of the other BtB Oriental levels I've played, there's no pretense here of providing lush and beautiful visuals for the player. No, the main task at hand is survival, and the adrenaline flows virtually nonstop. Of course, it helps immeasurably to have a walkthrough handy, and the Dutchy/Gerty team has given us an excellent verbal guide. The perils were difficult to get past, but they didn't seem to be unfairly so. There's a neat multi-tiered pushpiece puzzle with timed doors, boulders and moving pillars that requires constant vigilance. This level was a refreshing change of pace that took less than an hour to complete (since I had the advantage of knowing what was going on and what lay immediately ahead). Play it for the thrills." - Phil (02-Feb-2006)
"This level sure is a nice change of pace from the other Btb2 levels. What you'll find here is a pure action, avoiding traps and eliminating snakes from the pits. There was one very enjoyable climbing sequence. The outside environment wasn't very convincing to me. I know, it's a special way of building. ;) Time: 1/02/04. Difficulty: very hard. Lighting: darker. Gameplay type: traps/shooter. Tech skills: expert." - Bojrkraider (30-Jan-2006)
"Perhaps the best in the series, in my opinion. What a great level, packed up with action and discovery, plus plenty of enemies. The lighting and the textures are fine and so are the settings. A good atmosphere too. Not for begginers, you really have to think a bit if you want to find your way at times, but in the end you'll feel highly rewarded. Thumbs up for this one!" - Jorge22 (29-Jan-2006)
"This is a hard one to give points too, mainly because I played another BtB level before this one and I was rather taken by that one. This gameplay was completely the opposite as this is a trap galore. There are luckily just a few builders with such a devious mind. You better play with your eyes open as the few medipacks that are scattered through this level you will need. It starts of with a nasty timed run, but not too nasty because I made it once I knew what to do. Funny thing is that I sailed through some of the traps and others did give me a head ache. The monkey climb in the building was a bit of a drag though. Save and save again is my motto for this one. 14-01-2006" - Gerty (28-Jan-2006)
"There is a wonderfully intriguing back story to this level, and that's always a good thing to set the mood, it's something about Everest, some guy ages ago, an item that was nabbed by some Chinese dudes, a monastery, you know, that old chestnut. Frankly, back story, smack story, this level is all about the traps! Mr or Mrs Sadist who built this evilly fab 40 minute level sure has a serious masochistic bent, truly you get them all, spikes, blades, crushing blocks, swinging chains, and the whole lot together sometimes. And when the author gives you a minute's peace from the traps you are given some real fun jumps to progress, this no better done than when you get outside of the monastery and are needing to get around the canyons, and don't get disheartened if some moves are a bit tricky, we all had trouble with them and we all got through so you will too. Apart from some frustrations with having to die a fair few times to get through some particularly heinous trap, oh that backflip twist on the bladed ladders comes to mind, I had an absolutely great time, shame the one secret was placed in an extremely uninspired way." - Sash (18-Jan-2006)
"This is an intriguing idea for the B2B Oriental levels - and you do know what I'm talking about, because you have read the readme, haven't you? Anyway, after the first few levels I played in this series, which were not too taxing, this came as a bit of a shock to the system. It's really challenging in places and most definitely not one for beginners. There are almost endless opportunities to die and whoever built this one is a complete sadist. I loved it. Definitely one not to miss if you're feeling brave." - Jay (16-Jan-2006)
"A very difficult level with many extremely hard jump sequences, to get to doors or to avoid traps, definitely a level for the experienced raider. Along with cracks for Lara to grab which you cannot see (just appear as joins between blocks), the game play for me was somewhat fragmented and frustrating, with the long combinations of hazards, which were negotiated with trial and error and sheer luck. Hence the low mark for this section. The enemies are the baddies and snakes. The baddies often placed in very critical places and as multiples. The one secret I was amazed was quite easily found, in the rocks. The graphics are good and coupled with the sound, lighting and the variety of textures an excellent atmosphere is created. A level I was glad to finish." - Whistle (14-Jan-2006)
"This level is stuffed with nasty and some almost impossible traps, too many to my liking. It ruined the game play for me. Not a level I would like to play again on a rainy day. A hard trap here and there is OK, but you can also overdo it. Found one Secret." - Dutchy (14-Jan-2006)
"This one's a trap feast and if you don't like them well... just avoid it. I happen to actually love them, so I generally enjoyed myself through that giant gauntlet. This said, I found some to be downright unfair. The slide-chased-by-a-boulder one toward the beginning would have been perfect if it weren't for the darn thug trying to push you out (and succeeding 9 out of 10 times), especially considering you don't have much room to fight with that stargate waiting to slice you nearby. The corridor with spikes and blades had me reload 30+ times until I finally made it by sheer luck which isn't very rewarding. I still have no idea how I did it (and I'm not going back there to check, mind you). There's also one certain monkey swing I had a real hard time to grab... So there's a big frustration factor here. Moments when fun made place to anger and had me nearly stopped playing. Fortunately, the rest of the level was pure enjoyment. On the other departments this is a good level, although not extroardinary. I found one secret rather easily, and the enemies were generally well-placed (with the exception of the aforementioned thug). I especially liked the snake nest - couldn't see the end of them. The atmosphere is well rendered. I utterly disliked the camera during the very last fight which prevented me to see my enemies and move properly, especially considering I had very little health left at that point (another "unfair" thing), but all the other ones were fine. Settings is nice and pleasing to the eye, with a mix of brightly colored rooms and rocky areas. Some places are dark, but it's obviously intentional and plays a role in the gameplay itself so I had no problem with that. In short, a good level. Difficult and frustrating at times but overall enjoyable." - Sutekh (12-Jan-2006)
"Wow that was fun ! The joyful music fits very well the speed gameplay and fun traps/puzzles of this level. It sticks to the BtB2006 rules as it lasts less than one hour and you can be sure you won't be bored. I did not found the tasks very difficult, except for grabbing the monkey swing bars in the outside area which caused me some trouble. The short timed tasks are great fun and ennemies very well placed. Very fun and a bit crazy !" - eRIC (12-Jan-2006)
"This seems destined to be a run-away favorite or the complete opposite. One thing is certain: it is challenging and will be long remembered. Excellent gameplay if one is an expert Raider and great satisfaction once it's completed. More a series of traps with a nerve jangling end run through a nightmare of a hallway. Seemingly, a lot of places to hide secrets but only one secret is to be had - a much needed medipack. Good series of jumps, monkey swings and back flips to a ledge that couldn't be seen(at least by me) but just had to,logically, be there. A few more medipacks would have been appreciated - where do all those thugs come from, anyway? They seem to pop out of the walls, at times. There's a gate that I don't think ever opened but that may just be part of the over-all challenge. This one has to be played to be believed. Not one boring moment through-out: it's all action. Highly recommended." - Bene (10-Jan-2006)
"WOW! Having played this I can understand why some players were frustrated with it, it's not a level, but rather a collection of traps put together - and I loved it. Right at the beginning you are faced with a timed door that involves a skilled slope jump to get to it and that's just the tip of the iceberg - as you slide down you must jump off the deadly slope before the boulder gets to you and then dodge the circle knife and the thug that tries to push you onto it. After some more series of traps, you get to do some rock climbing that all seemed random but it could be figured out. At the top of this, though, I managed to stumble into an invisible wall as I saw polygons fading below me, as I hit back the ground all was normal again. After the serpents pool, the nastiest corridor ever with knieves and spikes, but I managed to get through without using a single medipack (patience is a virtue, reloading about 15 times also helped tracing a safe route through it) and then just a monkey swing to the prize. It was a pity it was short, but I kinda appreciate it, had it been longer it could get to frustrate me as well. Recommended for skilled raiders. 35 minutes, 1 secret. 01/06." - Treeble (08-Jan-2006)
"I didn't think I was going to enjoy this level at the start, I thought it was going to be mega hard and bore me to death. But even though this begins with quite a few tricky tasks, later on things weren't too rough and I think this was about my level of Raiding. The level is quite challenging with many Ninja enemies and snakes as well. I lost so much health I didn't think I would make it through. There's also an object moving task on a three tiered structure near to the start, and making your way through that little job is quite hair raising to say the least; this is where my main difficulties were, with wall blades while climbing and back flipping from ladder to ladder, then crashing walls and enemies attacking from all sides; it really was a tough start. Later on things calm down a bit, but you will still have to fight to survive as those enemies are still wandering around and traps are still active with rolling boulders to add to the excitement. The outside areas were where I had the most fun; climbing the rocks and making my way over the fabulous areas surrounding the building. I would say game play was top notch for this level, and there's way too much to mention it all. Plus and it all looked so clean and nicely put together. Texturing was fine and the rooms were beautifully decorated. The final room was great; Lara gets her gem and is able to leave. I found one secret but I don't know which pick up it was because I didn't hear the secret bell chime. This is a wonderful adventure and it's what I call proper TR. It's a must to play if you're looking for a fun level with added challenges." - Moonpooka (07-Jan-2006)