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BtB2006 - Heaven's Gate by BaGi

Andzia9 7 7 7 7
Anurag 7 8 9 10
Bojrkraider 8 7 8 7
CC 8 8 9 8
diamond 7 7 7 7
Dutchy 8 8 8 8
eRIC 7 6 8 9
eTux 7 7 8 7
Gerty 7 7 8 8
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jerrod 7 7 7 9
JesseG 6 7 7 7
Jorge22 8 7 7 8
Jose 8 8 9 7
Kristina 6 7 8 8
manarch2 5 5 7 7
MichaelP 7 7 8 8
Mman 8 9 10 9
Moonpooka 9 8 8 8
Mytly 7 6 8 8
nerdfury 7 8 8 7
Obig 8 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 8 7 8 9
Oxy 8 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
QRS 8 8 8 8
rjb 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 7 8 8
Sash 7 7 8 8
Selene 8 7 7 7
Staticon 8 8 8 8
Sutekh 8 8 7 9
Treeble 8 8 8 8
Whistle 7 8 7 8
release date: 01-Jan-2006
# of downloads: 99

average rating: 7.66
review count: 34
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file size: 37.44 MB
file type: TR4
class: Oriental

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A rather short level, so there isn't too much of note to talk about. The visuals are decent, but could use improvement in geometry and lighting. Some switch locations are odd (as in, sticking out of tree trunks odd), the pushable puzzle is a little overly drawn out due to the layout, and there can be a bit of backtracking if the player misses a gem or the stars. I did like the use of the lasersight in this level. 30 minutes." - JesseG (12-Jul-2022)
"(7) Gameplay & Puzzles: The exploration here is decent, although everything feels too straight-forward: the platforming and traps are easy and there were no moments where I needed to survey what was ahead of me and problem-solve. The hanging ball shooting gallery was a lot of fun, but on the flip side, the 4 pushblock puzzle mid-game was one of the dullest pushblock sequences I have ever encountered. Overall, I felt a bit shortchanged on content. (8) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Enemies didn't leave a lasting impression; I was hoping to outsmart the wraiths after inserting the fan, but the level ends shortly after they are triggered, which felt anti-climatic. Decorative objects were used very well, and I quite liked that the builder hid some switches behind potted plants (with an appropriate texture as a clue). The 2 secrets were a little too easy. (8) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere is generally great, although some rooms with natural elements (trees, caves) looked boxy. I would have liked to have seen more organic geometry. Music cues were good, as were cameras, although I would have liked to have seen more flybys aside from the brief beginning flyby. (7) Lighting & Textures: Lighting was used very well and the general color scheme was lovely. Some BTB2006 builders tended to mash together different bold/bright textures and it's an eyesore; the builder here, on the other hand, picked texture colors that were in harmony. On the other hand, an issue that I noticed often was that the builder did not blend textures of different types; e.g. there was no transition from a tree to rock texture, which didn't look good. Overall, aside from the snooze-inducing 4 pushblock puzzle, I enjoyed the easy gameplay, but it's not very memorable. 7/8/8/7." - nerdfury (24-Nov-2020)
"The last level I played was nothing short of a bloodbath, so this was relaxing, pleasant and very playable by comparison. The gameplay flows well, and is quite linear and simple, with no real stuck moments aside from a challenging timed shooting sequence and a couple of traps, but that's no bad thing as it's nice to have an easier raid once in a while. The visuals also hold up well with the visual highlight being a room with wooden walkways. Enemies aren't too overwhelming and can be relatively easily disposed of thanks to the revolver. A nice, pleasant, easygoing experience." - Ryan (23-Nov-2017)
"Another rather simple level, yet there is some work put into the room construction and with decent texturing and lighting the looks feel quite sophisticated in their simplicity, there are a few highlight areas as well as two nice secrets to find - the one with the shooting range is really a fun affair. The cutscene at the start was fairly cute too. What is not so nice is that the ladder textures are very vague to the point that the ladders are almost unmarked; some objects also float in the air. The gameplay is also rather easy flowing, at least occasionally better, but the puzzles are mainly straightforward, pushing an object to the other side is not really a masterfully designed task. Overall another level that won't be quite in my memory after some months, only the looks are rather decent this time. 20 minutes." - manarch2 (19-Mar-2015)
"This is a nice level, though there really isn't much more to say about it than that. Though it neither breaks any new grounds nor offers any great challenge (except one timed run), it's quite entertaining while it lasts, which is a pretty good accomplishment for any level. The above-mentioned timed run - which involves a 'shooting gallery' of sorts - is the gameplay highlight of the level; and a beautiful garden with wooden walkways over water is the visual highlight. Apart from that, there are a few easy traps, a couple of very simple pushblock puzzles, and some exploration and artefact collecting. Enemies are a few thugs, snakes, and a couple of wraiths at the end (you don't need to bother avoiding the wraiths, as the level ends immediately afterwards). The temple in the middle of a jungle environment is well made, though the architecture is all very simplistic and square. I was surprised to find that I had spent as much as 38 minutes in this level, since there is so little to do, but I guess a large portion of it was spent looking for the hard-to-spot revolver.
Overall: A short and simple, but enjoyable level, even if not quite one the best of BtB 2006." - Mytly (21-Jan-2012)
"This is probably the best looking level in BTB2006 I've played so far; it's theme provides an interesting merging with the Jungle theme, and there's some nice use of relaxing bluish lighting. Although one or two areas feel like they had less attention paid to them than the rest. The gameplay is quite easy but has a nice variety a tasks and no real flaws. Shortness is a problem here though, as I finished in less than half an hour, and it suffers from there simply not being enough of it compared to other levels that offer more of the same quality." - Mman (04-Jan-2012)
"Short and a little bit dark level. This level is not that beatiful than the others BTB oriental levels, but it's easy." - Andzia9 (04-Jun-2010)
"It's hard to find the little Fan in the water when you don't search/need it! :) Except this little incident, the game progress quickly, perhaps too quickly ?... With the revolver at the start, the bad ninjas & ghastly snakes don't hurt the "fragile" miss Croft. Good work for the level design & textures, some places have really a great look." - Jerrod (14-Apr-2010)
"This is a fine and solid level. One of the few in the btb2006 levels so far that actually was really easy and rather short. The textures and lighting are very well placed and the same goes for the enemies. My favourite part was when you had to shoot the switches in a times sequence! It reminded me of Miss Croft's"Walhalla" ;) The only thing that got me puzzled was the two wraiths near the end. They don't pose any threat and the level ends a few seconds after they appear. Maybe I should backtrack for a secret with them on my trail?" - QRS (10-Feb-2007)
"The level is about thirty minutes long with basic puzzles to solve like movable pieces, a fan, gems and stars to find. There is some swimming involved, shooting enemies like snakes and guys with white but that's about it. The setting is well done with some foliage covering openings so keep your eyes open. Be careful when you reach the area with the four pushable pieces. If you do not start from the purple one and then the blue, green and dark blue the gate won't open. I found two secrets." - Kristina (10-Mar-2006)
"Haven 's Gate is a short level that i have finished in only 28 minute. When i have played to this game i have the feeling that this level was incomplete. There aren't exciting part in this level and all is only discrete. There isn't oriental spirit in this level but not for this the level is bad. It's only too short, the texture are placed in right way and the light i don't like the way the author put it...but it's only a my opinion!:) for the rest i think that the author know how to do a custom level and the structure of the level is made very well. Not so entusiastic game, but not so bad. But i think everyone must play to this level for spending 30 minute of funny." - diamond (02-Mar-2006)
"The story takes place in China. We are adventuring in caves and buildings. Here we have to push statues, get two Gems, two Stones and a Chinese Fan. Meanwhile some monks, a snake, and at the end, a wraith disturbs us. The challenges are not hard, but not too easy either. There are moving blades, chains and we have to perform some tricky jumps too. We also have to swim, because we have to find more of important items underwater. :) There's also a timed shooting competition - this, I think, can be completed most easily using the default pistols. It is also important to find the crowbar too. The textures are a little bit dark, but great. I suggest this level to everybody. :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (01-Mar-2006)
"Quite a short level but interesting just the same. The gameplay was fluent and the graphics well achieved. The jungle settings somehow take a little over it all even though this should be an Oriental adventure. Well, never mind that... It's a pleasant trip and suitable for begginers as well." - Jorge22 (26-Feb-2006)
"Another relatively short BtB Level at 30 minutes, but fast paced and fun from beginning to end. If you keep your eyes open for a few sneakily hidden switches, you should always easily progress to the next task. After so many rather open spaced BtB Levels, this one feels quite crowded and 'small', as often Lara has little room to move around in. The target shooting range was fun, but the pushable objects were a bit listlessly used as it was immediately obvious what to do and then felt a bit tedious to actually go about and do it. Still a nice and quick one for in between." - MichaelP (19-Feb-2006)
"A short level made with small rooms, perhaps a bit dark at the beginning, when you only have three flares. Gameplay is half-lineal but quite good, with secrets easy to find. There are some interesting puzzles and few cameras, although you don't need them. At some place I find climbable walls without appropriate texture, but definitively an enjoyable level." - Jose (10-Feb-2006)
"Another BtB level of the category short and sweet. The objective of this one is to find a Chinese Fan and bring it to its rightful place. This level is really very simple from scratch and it never takes long to figure anything out here. The puzzles are as straight forward as they get and there are very challenges present. Other things there were few of were enemies(the regular ninjas and snakes + two wraiths near the end) and traps(spikes, chains and some blades). There was one timed run in this level which I had a bit trouble with at first, but still it's not the hardest one I've done. The area Lara needs to explore is not very big(which is good as it makes it easier to overcome) and the textures were ok, although a bit stretched and blinking on some occasions and at other times they seemed to be a bit out of place. There is also in this level a lack of music, which I must say I would like to hear more of. As for the atmosphere it was rather flat and I didn't get as much out of it as I would have liked. Furthermore I never really got the impression of an actual storyline. Some areas of the level though were really nicely put together, which provided for at least some eye candy. I found both secrets, which wasn't very hard to do, and spent around 40-50 minutes playing. Suitable for beginners as well as more advanced players." - Selene (08-Feb-2006)
"This is a delightful little adventure through tranquil scenery whilst being assailed by brutish guards now and then. The guards were all in the right places, though. The pickup items were well placed and, in some cases quite well hidden but not too impossible to find. The pace of the action was fairly fast - which I like. I liked the timed shooting puzzle; high accolade from me as I usually do not like such lengthy timed runs. As an eternal beginner, I appreciate levels that don't drive me to the edge of madness. Therefore, this one gets my seal of approval." - Staticon (06-Feb-2006)
""Less is more" could be the posy of his level. As everything, starting from duration to the size of the rooms has that written all over them. And I can't really say I'm complaining - there's something charming about the compactness of the level, and how all the rooms seem to be aligned in one line - thus you know all the time in what direction you're heading, literally. The gameplay mostly relies on the use of revolver and lasersight, but there are a couple of simple pushable object puzzles too, among the hunt for objects, which is the most significant part of the level. There's nothing too difficult on the whole, but there is the occasional sneaky moment, like the first dangling ball or the snake that likes gemstones for dinner to name a few examples. Perfectly suited for beginners, but can be enjoyed by experts alike, so you can hardly go wrong with this straightforward level taking place in what seems like a mountainous village." - eTux (05-Feb-2006)
"The story seems pretty interesting. The gameplay is average but I liked this level a lot as it is set in a very beautiful enviroment. Then there is the timed run to shoot a ball. You have to place the 2 dragon stars & Shiny gems in their respective positions & open the gate to the heaven. As soon as the gate opens Lara goes to greet Ying & Yang. Strange as it can be it is the 1st BTB06 level without a yingyang peice of all the BTB levels I have played until now." - Anurag (05-Feb-2006)
"This is a short and simple level with some sneaky parts. It has just enough of everything to keep you happy till the end. It's one of those levels which recorded playing time is actually the same as the real playing time. So if you want a level that you can finish in about an hour, try this one. :) In my opinion a little more time should be put into texturing and lighting part here, the overall feeling would be much better. Time: 44/15. Difficulty: easy. Lighting: darker. Gameplay type: explore. Tech skills: basic." - Bojrkraider (30-Jan-2006)
"This is a nice level that had a nice flow to it. Some practice shooting almost right at the beginning, finally a pushing puzzle that didn't involve too much pushing and a fun jump over spikes. Looking of course for artifact and if you look in every nook and cranny, you'll find all you need. Lara left while being chased by wraith, well that I liked, no need to look for crosses or water. 21-01-2006" - Gerty (28-Jan-2006)
"Attractive, short fly-by start that 'draws us' into the game. Combination of oriental buildings and 'jungley' feel seemed in keeping. A couple of easily found (but also easily avoided) illegal slopes near the start. Otherwise entirely 'sound' construction. Favourite 'baddie' would seem to be snakes (and a nice idea that one gem we were seeking had been swallowed by one of them). Revolver a pleasant early pick-up. Attractive oriental decor laid out in an authentic Oriental manner. The target-shooting a neat idea. The moveable dragon cubes (the subtle colour shadings on a not-great laptop monitor made this a trickier puzzle than intended!), the dragon stones, room decor (and much else) very attractively presented/designed. Once we have reached the scene shown in the initial fly-by, and on the loading screen, it is interesting to see these places then as 'known' locations from then on. Attractive Oriental setting, and a pleasant journey throughout. My 'thorough exploring' time was 52 mins and my 'fast as possible, pick up everything' time was 17 mins. With patience, despite several tricky cutting blades in places, it is possible to go through the game and suffer no health loss. Agree with Val above: this was a good level to play for one's first dip into the BtB06 waters." - rjb (27-Jan-2006)
"A nice easy level, with a good built Timed target shoot although you didn't need the Revolver there. Some caves were really lovely, with the bright pools, only thing I missed was some reflection of the water on the walls, that would have made it even better. Too short a level I think... Got the 2 Secrets." - Dutchy (26-Jan-2006)
"A beautiful level with flowing gameplay right from the start. Constant movement and not having to wait too long to find what needs to be done. I didn't even know the ball shooting gallery was timed! I managed it with ordinary running from one to the next. It's quite dark in places, like the caves and pits, but it's all very appropriate. That water garden was really lovely. Good location of the crowbar. Lara is looking for the emperor's fan, and places it on the 'altar' near the Heaven's Gate. There's the usual thugs and snakes to deal with, and all tasks are negotiable without too much hair loss. We find the lasersight and revolver very early, which means, if we do get stuck, looking for something to shoot will help us to move on. Some nice object pushing, finding gems and stars, two nicely hidden switches, chains, swimming, monkeyswinging, climbing, shimmying, and crawling. Nice progression from a dense jungle type exterior, to dark entrance gates, and into this lovely temple. A pleasant short and enjoyable level to play." - CC (25-Jan-2006)
"I had fun with this one, not depressingly dark, an excursion or two out into the open air, some interesting and fairly challenging gameplay. I did crash to earth, however, with that timed sequence requiring the shooting of four balls to open a door. Yoav came to my rescue with a savegame, and the rest of the level was fairly routine. The enemies were fairly few and far between, as most of the progress required problem solving of one klnd or another. Some were easy, some not so easy. There's a sequence near the end where you used an unmarked wall to reach a ladder so you can backflip to a facing ladder that you never see until the split second before you grab it. An action-packed hour, and easily in the upper half of the levels I've played thus far in this series. Recommended." - Phil (25-Jan-2006)
"To open Heaven's Gate Lara must find a fan and place it in this 40 minute level. The setting I thought was designed with a nice eye for aesthetics and I really liked the way that the oriental village was built under the rocky ground, giving it the feel of a lost world. Playing through you won't find anything that should hold you up long as the timed target shoot, movable puzzles, and progression were all nicely done but not terribly challenging, and enemies, snakes and ninjas, can be taken out quite easily with the weapons found. Just on the enemies, this happens to be my second Back to Basics level that I have played and in both levels the ninjas seem to act a little oddly by getting stuck in walls and running around me but sometimes not attacking as though I am standing in a place they can't get to, quite odd and sometimes funny but I guess it is no great problem. Anyway, this is a lovely level visually and held enough to do to keep me occupied, but there aren't any great wow moments. I found 2 secrets." - Sash (17-Jan-2006)
"Game has rather dark and mystic atmosphere. Lara is exploring ruins of the Chinese emperors palace, builded lovely and with care, beautiful environment. Only the room, where you pick up The Fan, has mixed textures on walls. Probably this is Palace Garden in woods, but walls are without architecture and only textures on wall didn't convince me that I am in 3d world - though trees, paths on water and poll itself are lovely. Enemies are snakes and white buddies with stick, you also meet one shootable timed run, jumping through one spikes, swimming through water blades and jumping near chains. Not very hard to accomplish, so game is suitable also for patient beginners. Puzzles are ordinary pushable blocks with no big thinking though prying stars from the wall made me waiting that spikes will pop up from the red floor. Nothing that bad has happened. :-) Before the end the two spirits are released and Lara can lead them into water that they can find the final peace. Then I went backtrack up stairs to Heaven's Gate, where is the home of Ying an Yang. I found one secret in 50 minutes of game-play." - Oxy (17-Jan-2006)
"Don't be put off by the title (it bears no resemblance to the notorious film,reffering instead to a literal Gate of Heaven) as this is a thoroughly enjoyable little adventure,full of inventive moments. The target shooting is brilliantly conceived;as are many of the traps,and the pace rarely falters.A few of the moves are a little tricky,but in a "I must try that again!" sort of way,(as opposed to "I've had enough".) A few of the rooms could have been architecturally more interesting,and it comes to an end perhaps a little too soon,but this is nevertheless a polished and rather skilled outing." - Orbit Dream (16-Jan-2006)
"If you're looking for a nice level, not too long , with a fluent gameplay , you're at the right place ! This level is very well designed , I did not found any glitches of any kind , the textured are applied with care and the lighting is excellent in my opinion. Maybe the secrets are too easy to find, the wraiths are underused (when they show up , you can simply run to the finish trigger) and I missed some challenge. Nevertheless, this was a pleasant raiding experience." - eRIC (16-Jan-2006)
"I liked the look of this level - a nice blend of interior/exterior textures, which made the whole thing a little more refreshing somehow. One of the shorter offerings in the B2B Oriental series, or perhaps I just didn't get too badly stuck for once. The ending seemed rather abrupt, cutting off just as Lara is about to enter a new area, with wraiths chasing her, but a nice raid all the same. Give it a go." - Jay (16-Jan-2006)
"A good level, with a care for details and an overall good gameplay, even though it may be too easy for the seasoned raiders. Each obstacle can be overcome without a single scratch, providing you take the time to ponder the situation a bit (even the wall blades *g*). My favorite moment being the timed-run/shooting sequence. Enemies are well-placed, especially the snakes dwelling near crawlspaces or appearing in pools (but never out of nowhere, which is much apppreciated). On the other hand, the two final wraiths are way too easy to get rid off, which was a pity as it could have been a great finale. Secrets also are too easy to spot (although not in plain view), but "standard" goodies are very well placed. I didn't like the push-dice puzzle which only challenge consists in finding how to move 'em dice with the less possible moves, and the second one was more about finding the appropriate item than solving a puzzle per se. In the visual department, it's beautiful. Didn't notice a single glitch and loved the way the lighting adds to the atmosphere - said atmosphere being quite different from one place to another which gave a little variation. Appreciated as well. Had a real nice, relaxing moment playing this. Recommended." - Sutekh (16-Jan-2006)
"The game play is reasonable but seemed rather disjointed at times, if her mission is to get the fan key then why does she give it up to escape?? Enemies usual baddies and snakes, with two wraiths at the end which are really pointless as all Lara needs do is run up the steps to end the level. Secrets well hidden asa are some of the objects you need to find. The lighting was a good mixture, but the use of"ladders" to adorn walls was a bit of a bind trying to climb them when you couldn't. Also the seen a hotch potch of wooden bits stuck onto walls etc, I suppose to try and give some variation, but it did not work for me. The atmosphere was to me more jungle than far eastern at times, and one or two cameras as you entered areas were blocked off, so you could not follow Lara. Sound unobtrusive i.e. hardly noticeable." - Whistle (14-Jan-2006)
"Heaven's Gate, hmmm heavenly indeed! This was a beautiful little level set in caves and temple rooms, all of which were well decorated and attention to detail was taken at every step. The pool areas were fabulous to swim around, and I loved the pool area with the tree, it was so pretty. Lara will first need a gem and can make some other vital pick ups at the same time. Opening doors involves some ball shooting, using levers, placing items such at two stars and a few more gems, plus there's also a couple of object puzzles to solve. There are spike and blade traps scattered about, one is rather mean as it swipes health while taking a gem, but the rest are quite easily tackled. Enemies include Ninjas and snakes. When you place the final item (the fan) two wraiths show up but Lara is ready to leave through the heaven's gate, and heads up the steps to a beautiful room ahead. I so wanted to go in there and maybe we will get treated to a second level and visit that room. This is by no means a hard level and I think it will suite all tastes; it's a good start for beginners and a relaxing breeze for the more advanced Raider. I found two secrets and I enjoyed this immensely." - Moonpooka (08-Jan-2006)
"This was a very nice level, easy to play and an easy quick moving block puzzle. You're looking for a Fan that some emperor has lost to open the heaven's gate and I'm still left wondering if the guy has thrown the fan there as it's clearly out of its course. :-D Gameplaywise it flows nicely with the occasional place to be stuck on (I didn't spot the hidden gem in the bush for instance), and the atmosphere is nicely built, a perfect mix of junglish and oriental settings. Loved the lake area with the trees and the catwalk. There was at least one unmarked climbable surface (by the swinging chains in the underwater section). 40 minutes. 01/06" - Treeble (07-Jan-2006)