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Celtic by Artefactor

CC 7 7 7 7
Elsa 8 8 8 8
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Gill 9 8 9 9
Jay 7 8 8 8
Kristina 8 8 8 8
MichaelP 8 8 8 8
MigMarado 4 8 7 6
Necro 9 7 10 9
Neltharion 6 4 4 6
Ryan 8 7 9 8
Sakusha 8 7 8 7
Samu 9 8 8 8
Treeble 6 7 8 7
release date: 04-Jan-2006
# of downloads: 99

average rating: 7.59
review count: 14
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file size: 21.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Rather decent level for the time it was released, it has some remarkable bits such as the double timed run at the beginning of the level and another timed run during the catacombs maze, although the gameplay goes downhill later on by the abuse of mazes, underwater mazes (with enemies inside them), some tedious block puzzles and annoying backtracking. Texturing was solid, can't say the same for lighting which was really flat all through the level. Cameras are lacking here, and the ones in the level are either buggy or straight up unexistent. Objects aren't even named, they're "load" items." - Neltharion (01-May-2023)
"The first impression was actually nice, running down hills towards a massive stone archway, but then, barely three minutes in, comes an insanely tight series of timed runs. I might have spent well over 30 tries until I finally got past that bit, and the way the engine handles underwater collision was just making things all the worse. I mean, it's challenging, sure, but is it fun? Not really. None of the later timed runs even came close, correctly giving you plenty of room to breathe, so I'm not sure why put this as a welcome to your players. The author makes good use of diagonal walls but I'm not sure what to make of the whole thing, honestly it made me think of long gone days when I'd draw dungeons for our tabletop RPGs as the design here is quite maze-like with very similar rooms. The quest for the two gems revolves around a bit of backtracking but if you're thinking about tackling this one, make sure to have the walkthrough at hand at all times. Harry Laudie really is one of our unsung heroes. 55 minutes, 3 secrets. 02/22" - Treeble (20-Feb-2022)
"Not my cup of tea at all, if I'm honest.

There is not storyline, there are unfair elements in the gameplay, for which I needed the walkthrough, and the texturing was subpar.

A little over an hour long, it felt like way too much longer, for all the unnecessary trouble this very challenging level presented. There are very tough timed runs from the beginning, and some underwater mazes to boot.

Still, the talent of the builder is clear, and the potential was all there. A bit more testing, some pruning of the unfair bits, and a story that paid off in the end, and it could be an excellent level.

Thank you for sharing this with us! Congratulations on all the creativity." - MigMarado (21-Oct-2021)
"It's been nearly nine years since this level received a review and I suspect that the chief culprit may be that fiendish triple timed run near the start. Beginning raiders may give up there and then. It took me many attempts until I successfully made it. The rest of the level flowed fairly smoothly, although I wasn't fond of the timed run one had to perform three times. I liked jumping across the chandeliers in the church and the music files were fitting." - Ryan (14-Oct-2016)
"This was a pretty challenging level. there were places where I needed to use a walkthrough to get out of sticky areas and/or just to see what i was doing wrong or whether or not I was going in the right direction. For example, near the beginning of the level there is a very hard timed run and after about a hundred tries, I wondered if I had to do someting else first. However, after consulting the walkthrough it seemed that I just had to find a faster route to beat the timed run. as far as scenery goes, I thought it was kept nicely done with the celtic theme and I loved the atmospheric flybys. the final flyby could have used some fitting music however but altogether this was an enjoyable one although I do hate underwater mazes with a passion and throwing a timed run in the mix didn't help my overall score for this level but it would be unfair to knock points off for the use of this type of puzzle so I decided to keep the score I originally had planned. Well worth the time spent playing this." - Necro (20-Nov-2007)
"The opening flyby shows us an ancient battle at this castle we are about to explore. That, the music, and the Celtia pictures included in the download certainly set the scene as we run along a charming country road... until we meet the first of many large snakes. The reverse of that is spotting a herd of deer running past. So the atmosphere, design and general good looks of this level are a great backdrop to what, in my opinion, is a level very much about moves and puzzles, and deciding how best to negotiate them. We don't have to wait very long. Our first task is a three-way switch and underwater timed sequence. This is quite tough, but doable. That is, when we have cleared the water of snakes, and the air of vultures. There is another timed swim later on that is quite clever. Having to do it three times though was another matter. There is some nice jumping to be done here, especially high above an extremely tall and impressive looking cathedral, and the boulder runs were very good. Again, puzzle over logic has us shoving a lot of blocks around just for pickups. Cameras are good, both fixed and in flybys, and the music is lively and appropriate. Unfortunately there are some problems. There are many situations in this game that don't work first time through, like shooting vases to open a door or gate - nothing happens. Reloading and doing it again does work. So saving often, in different slots, even during a timed run/swim, will save a lot of frustration and annoyance. There are a lot of enemies. At least 18 snakes, numerous scorpions, vultures, mummies, skeletons and dogs. Some are very well placed, others not. I was able to shoot a skeleton through a wall at ceiling height, and it was almost hilarious to watch a snake way below in a water pit swimming towards Lara, then all of a sudden it was under her feet. Wrong animation at switches, paper thin walls, and texturing in some places is not great. However, all told, and despite it's problems, this is a good level to play. And it certainly is challenging at times, especially that first timed swim, and shows great promise for the future. So it's definitely worth playing." - CC (12-Nov-2007)
"In the beginning of this game I had some doubts that this level might not be very good but I changed my mind the more I played this level. Atmosphere is very good for the celtic level and musics accentuate that very well. There are also some very good puzzles in this level and I like especially few pushable block puzzles which are created really quite smartly. Places where you have to visit are also very nice. There are wonderfully built outdoor areas and indoor areas including a big vertical church. There are still some things I didn't like very much in this level. I think that scorpions are not very good for the celtic level but that doesn't matter much. The other thing is that every water areas in this level abound in snakes and so you will lose really much health in the water or you can of course shoot the snakes before exploring water areas but that is quite boring. In some levels I like labyrints but I hate underwater labyrints and there's a underwater labyrint in this level. The good thing is that it isn't very big. If you want to play entertaining and different kind of level than normal levels I recommend you to play this." - Samu (07-Jul-2006)
"I gave this adventure a second bash, as on the first attempt, I just could not get past those tightly timed swimming runs, which were at the beginning of this quest. Well after much patience and perseverance on my second attempt at this level, I finally achieved them and I was extremely pleased and proud of myself, as this little adventure was a real gem to be in. Right from the very start, I knew I would enjoy it, as the music from the initial flyby, had got a grip on me and yet again I was totally submerged into yet another wonderful challenging Lara adventure. With underwater doors, some target shooting, avoiding boulders and spike traps and rearranging some moveable blocks, which were blocking her path, made this adventure extremely enjoyable and challenging. It was well worth the effort in conquering those extremely difficult tight spots at beginning of this adventure, as I would have missed out on this great adventure. Your main objective here, is to locate the two gems and some keys, which will enable you to finish this fine adventurous level. But making your tasks that little bit more difficult to achieve, some enemies will soon be crossing your path, like being met by snakes, vultures, dogs, skeletons, mummies and scorpions but with the appropriate weaponry at hand they can easily be disposed of, fairly easy and quickly. After eliminating all of her enemies and tackling all of her tasks, she finally reaches the Cathedral and completes her mission here. Overall, the game-play was suburb, layouts, objects, music and textures were finely chosen by this author to suit this required setting and environment, which in turn gave you the appropriate atmosphere as you made your way around this wonderful and adventurous level. This is an excellent game, which I enjoyed very much. Thank you Artefactor, I would like to see more of this kind." - Gill (04-Jun-2006)
"The title screen already propels the player to a Celtic atmosphere (especially the music). From the beginning of the level, the player will face a difficult timed run. The deer intrigued me, the gameplay was varied (pushable block puzzles, a maze, boulders, spikes, target shooting, timed runs...), I was awestruck by the beauty and the immensity of the church, and I appreciated the sound files. Enemies consisted of snakes, skeletons, vultures, dogs, mummies and scorpions (I wonder why there are mummies and scorpions in a Celtic level), and I found the snakes challenging. Lara's goal is to find two gems and keys in order to end the level. However, I detected a paper-thin wall, the switches don't have the right OCB (thus, the switch animation is incorrect), but these tiny flaws don't affect the gameplay of the level. The folder also includes a series of Celtic images, which I found interesting." - Sakusha (28-May-2006)
"Lara starts off following a path through hills and trees on a clear calm day, when a hostile large slithering snake appears, one of many to come. Good useage of timed switches, underwater doors, spike traps, boulders, and moveable blocks. The first timed switch to the water maze was extremely tight. After many tries I got close enough that the door closed on Lara and pushed her back but it re-opened whew! There are two nice flybys with ideal music. Gameplay moved very well, Lara wasn't in search of anything, just trying to make her way threw the Cathederal. This is an impressive 1st level. I will definitly play the next level, so please make more!" - Elsa (13-May-2006)
"Although this is a quite dark level, I liked it. Most of the level is set indoors with many corridors and a church with a very high ceiling. You have to search for keys, gems and find the way out of that maze-like area with the snakes and mummies. The gameplay is interesting the way it is set and has a nice flow but I could have done without so much darkness. One area/puzzle is copied from TR4, the one with the spikes and talisman. There are also bulls that don't pose a threat and skeletons but also a timed run which involves some swimming as well. I didn't like having to climb such long ladders and the first timed runs with the underwater doors don't seem to work very well. It lasted an hour for me and I found two secrets. I wonder how I did that though because I had to have a flare constantly to see where I am going. It's a good level but make sure you play it at night." - Kristina (15-Apr-2006)
"Nice fly by as skeletons are defending a brother of theirs that is up that tree, or so it looks, so better download and start playing although that sort of action isn't in the game. You do see some deer however frolicking through and then the fun begins. There is a nasty timed run/swim right there and if you are unlucky like me, those deer can be pesky, appearing right when I had to run/jump into the lake (or pond). As a first I though it was quite impressive. However there are also some missing textures, paperthin walls and strange switch animation. But they don't hinder the gameplay. You experience definitely a WOW moment seeing that cathedral. You get to jump chandeliers again, I always love that part. There are lots of enemies to battle, some practice shooting and the maze like structure throughout I could do without. But afterwards I though that this was fun to do" - Gerty (08-Mar-2006)
"I loved the load screen for this level - four skeletons hacking away at each other to some jolly music that sounded as though they should really have been Morris dancing instead. There are in fact some lovely audio files used throughout and the level looks good, especially the huge church, but I'll warn you now, there's some really tight timed swimming at the start. Well, I certainly thought it was tight at any rate. The rest of the action was easier, although I did become hideously confused in all the maze-like rooms and passages. I was really missing the good old days when dead bodies didn't fade away so you could tell where you'd already been - all those dead snakes would have been really useful." - Jay (09-Feb-2006)
"I guess I can understand why it is taking a long time before reviews for this level come in. It starts with a sequence of timed run/swims and one of those is really very tight and on top of that the first time I made it for some reason Lara would simply not pull that underwater switch. So I restarted the game and this time it worked ok. Overall the setting is quite impressive for a debut level and while on the one hand some of the rooms seem too large and some of the gameplay relies to much on maze like areas outside and in water, it definitely has its moments, like the introduction of the great cathedral, the generally well used audio, two clever pushable box puzzles and some target shooting. It also has beginner's mistakes like thin walls, wrong switch animation, wrong script and an occasional missing texture, but none of these interfere much with gameplay, so what you get is plenty of work in 75 minutes of net gaming time, 3 easy secrets and many, many enemies, mainly snakes, but also skeletons, dogs, mummies, scorpions and vultures. Solid level and worth a try if you can get past those initial timed passages." - MichaelP (28-Jan-2006)