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Purgatory by Tombcool

Akcy 6 7 7 8
Anurag 8 10 9 9
Bene 8 8 9 9
Blue43 8 9 9 8
DJ Full 7 7 9 7
dya1403 7 9 10 10
eTux 4 4 7 6
Feats 9 8 8 7
Gerty 4 6 6 7
Jay 8 8 10 9
JohnC 7 7 7 7
Jose 7 9 7 7
Kristina 7 7 7 7
MichaelP 7 8 9 7
Moonpooka 9 8 10 9
Mulf 5 6 8 7
Oxy 7 9 8 9
Phil 8 8 8 7
QRS 8 8 10 9
Ryan 7 8 8 8
Sash 7 9 8 8
sonnyd83 7 9 9 8
Spike 7 8 10 8
Treeble 7 7 8 7
release date: 23-Jan-2006
# of downloads: 129

average rating: 7.76
review count: 24
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file size: 148.36 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Despite the large number of .tr4 files included this is actually a rather short level all things considered. It's a city level spread into several smaller areas, so you have the streets, a club, sewers, offices and apartments. The longest level is set in the sewers. A few things all areas have in common is the general darkness, which I guess is pretty much intentional (I only ever used flares in the pitch black maze in the end though) and ladders, lots of ladders. I liked the background audio selection, but I wasn't so keen on the posters inside the club. It's called "Kinky and Kuddly" though, so there's that. 55 minutes, 4 secrets. 03/23" - Treeble (02-Apr-2023)
"Had a good enough time with this level set. The gameplay was very enjoyable, the visuals were a little rough around the edges but didn't detract too much from the enjoyment. Curious to see what the sequel has in store. Would recommend for sure!" - Feats (05-Oct-2022)
"Another spooky adventure from this builder, but nowhere near as complicated as the sequel. All eight levels are very short and linear, with a rather fast pace and spooky atmosphere/setting to boot, pal not much in the way of thinking puzzles. I did quite like the smooth pace, though and the occasional neat touches like the brief waterskin puzzle and the surprise enemy attacks (which took far too much ammunition to reasonably take out) kept proceedings from getting boring. The textures are a bit too greyscale for my liking, but they are occasionally amusing in the form of erotic posters in the nightclub. A worthwhile download for those who don't mind a little simpler gameplay." - Ryan (29-Aug-2018)
"This time full scale and a bit disappointing. The demo bit is still the best and now preceded with a seriously discouraging sewer map filled with patches of overwhelming flat green - please, the dispersion must be smooth or the lighting doesn't work. But the game is one of these managing to produce really good atmosphere despite of that, because of flawless audio and occasional "fourth-person" cameras. Enemies are absolute mistake - even simple rats are overpowered, take half life with two bites and are fast enough for a high chance to do so, but then in the strip club you meet yetis (primeval instincts go figure?) which need 200 bullets to take down, and the Tinnos mutants are now swapped with Nevada ones so the near-perfect jumpscare becomes absolutely un-scary. When you think it can't get more off-topic there's a boss fight which makes a conclusion but fits even less. SUMMARY: Masterfully ambient and exceptionally intriguing build-up resolves to what almost feels like trolling." - DJ Full (08-Mar-2017)
"If you've had enough of Christmas and need something dark and sinister to overcome those festive blues, then this is the level for you! Never have I encountered a level of the gothic horror genre as atmospheric as this one. The sewer especially made me feel very on-edge, I think a level which inspires any deep emotional response like this is worth playing. If you take elements from TR4 City levels, Max Payne Ragnarok level, you'll get a picture of this level. It's possibly a little dated in terms of style for 2006. The texturing is nice in some places, a little mediocre in others, and I noticed many of the windows on the office buildings were smaller than Lara! Still it does the job. There are plenty of scary sounds here and there especially behind certain doors. The best bits of the gameplay were finding various keys, a spiked wall or two, rocket launcher fight with Sophia, water scales puzzle, and a few traps in the sewer. Title was simple but electrifying. Took 1 hour 30 to complete." - sonnyd83 (11-Dec-2012)
"Here's another mood piece in the same vein as the builder's later and more highly acclaimed effort. There are a number of tr4 files in the download, leading me to expect a sprawling and elaborate raid, but my total game time was only a bit more than an hour. There's a certain amount of back and forth between the levels, but not to the extent that things got too confusing. As is my practice, I didn't install the special sound files, and perhaps I missed a splash of ambiance as a result, but I still managed to enjoy myself with the familar sounds in the background. Too dark for my tastes, but the mood macabre is certainly enhanced by the shadowy corners. Well worth the download. Recommended." - Phil (15-Nov-2012)
"After a series of peaceful advent levels, I was in the mood for something a little wilder and I can say that my choice could have not been much better. This is an amazing level with interesting but fairly easy game play that is pretty straightforward and flows nicely. There are a couple of keys to find and doors to open but no hard timed runs, pixel jumps or complicated puzzles. There were several secrets and they were not hard to find. The enemies are mainly scary, well placed and range from sewer rats all the way into the big TR1 torso boss category. Some were really tough and hard to kill. I ran out of grenades and HK ammo rather quickly. The absolute best part about this level is the sound and atmosphere. I think it doesn't get much spookier than that in Tomb Raider levels. It is definitely not for children or the faint of heart, as there are scary sounds, bodies and blood all over the place. Some of the music was not to my liking, other than that it would have been a perfect rating. There were no camera hints, but they weren't needed anyway, since everything was easily found and was always close by. The texturing and lighting looked very well done. The design of the Kinky and Kuddly club was something not seen before. Of course this is a rather dark level, but with plenty of flares there was never a shortage of light. Conclusion: If you want something scary and intense, do not miss this one! I am already looking forward to playing part 2." - Blue43 (28-Dec-2010)
"This set of levels absolutely amazed me. Lara is following the screams, blood marks and dead bodies. I was little disappointed that I couldn't save anyone. Game-play is easy, if you have good nerves, recommended also to beginners. Environment is dark with some really nice bright spots. Enemies are rats, yetis, black man, Sophia Leigh, green monsters and puffy final boss. :-) Puzzles were not easy to solve so I took a peek into walkthrough. If you like dirty realistic dark environments is an absolute must play. Scary, dramatized and lovely." - Oxy (27-Aug-2009)
"I realize my scores are even lower than those of players who had severe problems, and I may be the only one out there who feels this way, but I thought that this game was quite overrated. I suppose I won't get away with just stating that, so let me count the ways that lead me to believe that. First of all - I realize that nowadays download size is not much of an issue, but I still would be wary to comply to a 100mb download even for an inspired level that takes you less than an hour to finish, but unfortunately the disproportionate download size and game duration ratio here is not made up with inspired gameplay or looks. Unless you consider running around forever without any obvious goals, shooting enemies that take forever to kill (not to mention that sometimes additional weapons (especially the rocket launcher) are utterly useless against them), finding your way through at least 1 pitch black maze, maneuvering through long crawlspaces (in the penultimate level - one is even hidden behind a walk-through wall) or completing a puzzle, that doesn't necessarily provide the desired the results (I had to replay the "Urban Street Alley" level twice, for the pushable statue puzzle to open the crucial door) inspired gameplay, you will not be particularly impressed by this game. The looks don't deliver anything particularly novel too - in fact, for most part they are overshadowed by the beginnerish flair - the unnecessarily oversized rooms, the simplicity of the geometry & flat lighting. The author at least tried to make the atmosphere a bit on the scary side with various imagery, audio tracks, and the like, but unfortunately that fell flat due to the previous faults, due to which it was hard to take the overall feel of the game seriously. The storyline initially seemed intriguing, but went nowhere - at least I didn't understand the point of it when all was said and done. The benefits of patching the game for most part seemed more annoying than impressive and had me wishing the author would've payed more attention to elaborating the settings, and coming up with more creative, or at least coherent gameplay that justifies the enormous download. There may have been some neat ideas behind it all, but to me it ended up being just a terribly oversized beginner's level. Essentially - not a bad game, and I realize that some things may have been a matter of taste (though, if all the things would've fallen in the right places, I feel I would've applauded a creative use of its more controversial elements), but to me the effort came across as mediocre at best. Try it if this has irked your interest, but if you feel about some of the issues similarly as I do, be wary that you might not get all you expect from it." - eTux (27-Oct-2007)
"The levels are very short, but all together they are like one decent level. Gameplay is simplistic, and there are lot of unutilized spaces, I finished every level with the feeling of wanting to do more. Some music were not to my liking, but the overall atmosphere with the noise effects is all right, mysterious and creepy. Textures are okay, specially the look of the enemies, of which could have been more. Play it in the night, in daytime you will barely see a thing. The author has sense for creating unusual atmosphere, it's worth to take a look at." - Akcy (19-Aug-2007)
"The atmosphere is amazing throughout this horror-style level, and the background audio compliments it perfectly. It all feels particularly gritty and urban, with back alleys, sewers, a nightclub and demonic apartments to explore. While the sewers were sometimes a bit drab, it was the only real letdown in terms of the environment. The gameplay was quite fun too, with a bunch of traps to avoid, pushable puzzles and the odd boss fight to break things up. While it doesn't have the most revolutionary gameplay ever, the atmosphere definitely makes up for it, creating a particularly enjoyable adventure that can easily entertain. I played this level at night, with the lights out...that's probably the best way to play." - Spike (23-Jul-2007)
"As suggested by the previous demo this is all about eerie, spooky atmosphere which at times works really well, mainly supported by a great selection of audios. Santa Monica (5 min.): Sort of a hub level, just a few streets and not much to do here. Kinky and Kuddly Club (10 min., 1 secret): Great use of the disco lights, many doors, a waterskin puzzle and two yetis to deal with for a key. Sewers (20 min., 2 secrets): Probably the best part of the series from a gameplay perspective. Some breaktiles, blade traps and burners to master and a few fun custom objects in use. Abandoned Chinese Theatre (5 min.): Only a quick fight with Sophia here. Urban Street Alley (20 min.): The other part that offers a little more gameplay around the ledges, torture chambers, push blocks and objects. Abandoned Apartment (10 min., 1 secret): this is the previously released demo - unfortunately still with the rather pitch black maze in which you find a key. Purgatory (5 min.): The boss ending with the TR1 monster. Overall a level series with a difference - so try it if you dare." - MichaelP (25-Jun-2006)
"Thank you, but no thanks. I really had it with this game. This the third time I downloaded it and tried it and although every time I could get a bit further in the game, every time I had a crash and not just to my desktop but a major one at that. The problems starts that I couldn't convert all the sounds files (again and again) so Lara had no sound when firing and some parts there was no sound at all. The disco looked a bit weird being silent. So in all honesty I only played a part of this level so my marks for this one aren't really fair." - Gerty (22-Jun-2006)
"Such levels with a very dark atmosphere aren't to my liking. The music gives something to the atmosphere with all the screaming and also the blood around makes the place creepy but I didn't see anything scary like the readme file warned us about. You get to visit sewers with big rats and deadly water, the apartment we already played in the demo and the main area which has nothing to do and is only the link to the other levels. The maze was easier this time due to the demo again and we finally had a weapon to deal with the poisonous creatures. The traps aren't many, just two spike walls not so hard to avoid. The items we collect are keys and pieces for the wall puzzles. It's a nice level but in my opinion doesn't have anything to challenge the player. I found four secrets in the hour it lasted." - Kristina (23-Apr-2006)
"When I first started this level my first impression was WOW! From the beginning I noticed that I was face to face with a unique Level, considering the image it showed when I launched my TRLE: an almost naked evil woman and an terrifying music. And terrifying it was....the whole atmosphere. Another great detail was the fact that Lara had a brand new face and gear compared to the other custom levels I played before. Although the game is very easy and quite small I have to say that it was very attractive and I didin't stop until I finished it. Very nice the pictures in the Kinky Kudlly Club, but I didn't understaind why there were so many books at the basement of the club......maybe for a grup study  The set in the club resembles to the one in the last Tomb Raider : Angel of darkness. I recommend this level to everybody who like scary games and I am looking forward for the next one from this author in the same manner. I also mention that i didn't had any instalation problem on my PC." - dya1403 (02-Apr-2006)
"This set of 7 levels sure does have a dark brooding sense to them, but from the readme I was expecting more terror as well as a bit of nicki-nacki-noo (nudity) and for me that didn't really occur. Well I wasn't bothered about not seeing any rude bits, apart from some posters of girls in states of undress, but I would have loved there to have been more moments of sheer horror. Each of the levels run for only a short time, one was really only a hub, and two others consist of only one room where you had nothing to do but kill very hard to take down bosses. The other four levels held frankly not a lot more to do apart from collecting a couple of objects and one slightly obscure movable statue puzzle. Saying all that sounds as though I did not enjoy myself but the overall feel I had was quite good as I liked the changing environments, city streets, sewers, nightclub, apartment block, and as there isn't anything substantially classed as puzzling the fast paced gaming fit really well. Time taken to play was 75 minutes with all 4 secrets collected. Oh and by the way, in the readme it says that you can't play this if you aren't using XP, well I'm using the wonderfully archaic Windows 98 and I had no trouble." - Sash (19-Mar-2006)
"A level not very nice. You'll find various levels very short, so you'll have to jump between levels many times 'cause gameplay isn't lineal in the first levels. Architecture is simply, enemies and objects are very good and I think the best of this game. There are some special features like the bars for health or sprint very long, and the enmies don't disappear when die. All levels are quite dark so don't waste flares. It cost me too much killing Sophia 'cause I used all the rockets provided by the builder, but she didn't die; last monster is very hard to kill too. You'll hear cool musics, and textures are only correct although you can find some pretty girls on the walls in your way." - Jose (03-Mar-2006)
"Wow, amazing atmosphere, incredible audio files. City streets, a saucy nightclub (the deliciously named Kinky and Kuddly Club, although judging by the bondage gear in the cellar, perhaps the former rather than the latter), sewers (can those rats possibly get any bigger?), a brief meeting in a theatre with our old friend Sophia (and boy does she take some getting rid of), the creepy abandoned apartment (familiar from the demo) and a final trip to purgatory to meet the boss baddie from the original Atlantis levels. This is an extremely imaginative work and well lives up to the promise of its demo." - Jay (21-Feb-2006)
"Different, scary, gory and dark but with more than enough flares to see you through. Starts out in an urban scene with all the ambient city noises; sirens and honking of cars leading to the 'Kinky and Kuddly Club' and a search for waterskins followed by a trip through the sewers. Some good puzzles and a few traps and a mosaic piece lead to the Chinese Theatre and the first Boss - Sophia - she of the Evil Laugh. I used 40+ of the rocket launcher ammo( running back to where the launcher was hidden gets you more ammo when it runs out) to finally say a last goodbye. Moving along takes you to another urban area. This time to an alley and a search of rooms and the sounds of murder being committed(!). Back to the alley leads to a Statue moving puzzle that was buggy for me, the door would not open when the Statues were placed on the correct tiles and I had to go back to a save. There was no camera or door opening sound to indicate a change when the puzzle was done correctly but that is a small point in a level where the audio was so effective in creating the spooky atmosphere. You'll hear ghostly, freaky whispers, screams and when you reach an empty apartment, a radio, broadcasting to whom?... Lara?... and the freaks who are left behind (and their victims) in a city where the majority of inhabitants have mysteriously disappeared. There are few examples(IMO) of audio being used so effectivly to create and sustain an atmosphere as well as has been done here. Innovative as well as creative - I think this is the first example(that I have seen) of the new LE patch approved by Eidos, showing the elongated Health Bar, the different colored font and the loooong( and tiresome) kill time of some enemies, among other features. Using the Mutant as an end time Boss was a good choice and but for the head banger(banging?) music, I was sorry to see it was over. Short but memorable." - Bene (18-Feb-2006)
"This level is spooky & gave me the creeps some times, The objects used in this level are pretty cool & most of them are new. The new enemies were good too. In fact this level also consists Boss fights. The enviroment is well set in & the objects used in the combination with the spooky enviroment add stars to it. Great textures & even modified life bars & no of secret (4/4 instead of 4/70) All the levels are pretty small; so not much of gameplay. There are some textures in the sewers level which are not fit for children. I specially loved the Glider at the chinese theatre level & the Roll Ball Lara in the sewers level (Serious Sam Style). I also loved the way the rocket ammo got refreshed every 10 shots in the Chinese theatre Some negative points are also there though, the Statues in the 3 statue room are too thin, ie when Lara push pulls them, there is a distance between her hands & the statue. When you sprint with guns out, the sprint bar overlaps the Health bar. So all in all this level is a must download if you like Spooky level & in addition the sounds used in the level are hair raising." - Anurag (30-Jan-2006)
"This level promises greater things in the future from this young and imaginative author. Overall concept is nice, enemies and some traps imaginative, in a couple of areas the overall presentation did indeed create a nice sense of dread, ably combining music, sound, lighting, and enemies. However, too many annoying things, puzzles that require knowing esoteric keyboard tricks as opposed to thinking. Poor camera angles and lack of cutscenes on event triggers are also annoying. Good music and sound tracks generally, except for a cacophony of helicopter and TV voice tracks in one area. For a city with the entire population deserted, there sure are alot of garbage collection sounds and sirens. Still, I think we can expect some really unusual and interesting levels from this author as he learns more. This is the first player level I've actually finished in a very long time, so something kept me at it." - JohnC (28-Jan-2006)
"Who am I to resist the allure of depictions of "excessive nudity and human cruelty and torture" that the readme promises? But keep cool everybody, what it boils down to is a handful of pictures of the posing fantasy female softporn type in one level (that's the nudity) and some bloodsplat textures in two others (so much for cruelty and torture). The "R rating" that the author has graced himself with would certainly not have been bestowed on this level by a committee that had included me as a member. What is excessive about this set of no less than eight levels (plus title) is rather the size of the download, half of which consists of custom audio files in mp3 format. Before I could get going, I spent the better part of an hour watching the poor performance of the start_me/madplay application as it tried to cope with its task of converting that lot, and thereafter I still had to convert two of the tracks (008 and 012) manually, because the application simply refused to do so. The other half of this sizeable download is reserved, obviously, for the level files themselves. Eight levels, hey wow! But keep cool everybody, each of these levels is very short in itself, lasting for about 10 to 20 minutes at best. I'm pretty sure that this whole thing could be compressed into a single level or perhaps two, had the author cared to actually edit his wads instead of merely adding to them (about half of has passed into these wads). Then again, wad editing is not so easy a task for a TRLE novice, and this here is the work of one after all. And as such, it must surely be counted among the better examples, because it is free of bugs (the author's worries that his mini-game can only be played on XP are superfluous, by the way; I found it ran perfect on my old Win98 system) and also succeeds for the most part in avoiding many of the most dreaded beginners' errors. In this respect, the author may justly pride himself on having employed 20 beta-testers; however, he should have included among them one or two that have an eye for errors of design. Thus, all the kickdoor frames (and there are lots and lots of them) are placed in the wrong room, almost as if by intention, and they are without collision like some other static objects, too, and (talking about collision) there is a custom pushable that takes up only a quarter of a square, but retains of course a full square collision, so that Lara appears to be pushing thin air. The author's strongest point is without a shadow of a doubt the customized sound, which is the main source for the atmosphere of desolation and horror that he aims at and does in fact achieve on some occasions, although the game on the whole doesn't live up to what the sound files promise. Gameplay is linear throughout and not too demanding (as a general rule you have to perform one not-too-difficult task per level), yet still may follow a weird kind of story logic (why are there magic Egyptian Scales in the cellars of the Kinky Club? Why does pouring 1 litre of water in there summon two yeti creatures out of nowhere? In which pocket did one of them carry the key that it leaves behind when killed?). Textures are mostly well-chosen and only occasionally stretched, although their seamlessness does not appear to have been among the author's primary concerns. The lighting is often a little bland and rather simplistic on the whole, and some of the static objects, especially in the Sewers, seem to be glowing in the dark (lacking adjustment of object tint). There are some few traps in these levels (fairly well done, although I'm not enthusiastic about spikey walls that materialize out of thin air and move through solid brick walls) and surprisingly few (custom) enemies, who form an odd kind of assembly. But aren't there two boss levels in there? Yes there are, but keep cool everybody: In the first of these, you have to defeat a demigod Sophia Leigh (yet again), who is a notoriously bad shot...keep two or three squares away from her and shoot her for about 10 minutes (I suggest you place a suitable object on the CTRL key and have a cup of coffee in the meantime). The second (and final) boss is the equally well-known giant mutant from TR1, you can shoot him from a corridor that he cannot enter. I'd suggest you make another cup of coffee if only his death wouldn't mean the end of the game, which thus turns out to be something of a disappointment. Which brings me to my final point, the customization of the TRLE engine by means of the patcher. This is the first level I played whose author made use of this device, which is equally promising and threatening to both builders and players. I must admit that I was expecting the worst, but keep cool everybody, on the whole the patcher has been put to use here in a, well, tolerable manner. At the very least, it hasn't produced any additional bugs. As intimated above, the modifications of the baddies' health damage is in this case no improvement at all over the well-known flaws of the TR engine's fighting capabilities. Also, there's really no point in extending the viewing distance if you don't build rooms that you can look through (thus, a high-rise block in the first level partially disappears from view when you look up). And, finally, to make it different is not necessarily to make it better. The massive health bar extending over the whole top of the screen was rather irritating, the font colour scheme didn't convince me at all, and neither did the new look of the blood and explosion effects. Yet in the end, and with a view to what I fear we have to expect from the future, the author has made a rather considerate use of the patcher...although I think that the changes described above would scarcely have survived a more thorough testing." - Mulf (24-Jan-2006)
"I loved this level, even from the demo I knew this was going to be different and by golly it was. The first thing that struck me was the fabulous intro music, if you like heavy gear you will love it, but it also added a great start to this game which in itself is also quite heavy in style and atmosphere. Lara begins outside in a city street, the buildings are huge and high, textures are great and the streets have an eerie feel to them. There are some fab sounds here like car alarms going off and with general city bustling noises. Lara makes her way to the Kinky club house, and yes it is rather cheeky with its scantily clad women on the walls, but hey, what would you expect to find in a kinky club house, pictures of the Queen Mother? And for this reason it was decided that a warning should be placed on the levels, and also because the levels contain scary moments and extra blood, so that was correct thing for TC to do IMO. The club house is quite large and I did feel more could have been done in here, you'll return here with the water bags and meet a few angry beasts, but a few traps and a few more enemies would have gone down a treat. Atmosphere is fab with the music and surroundings; I loved the gothic setting with the red floor upstairs, tables and medieval chandeliers. Lara has to visit the other areas in the levels in order to obtain certain items; she will need keys and the water bags, plus two mosaic tiles, one of which will be obtained by way of a massive shoot out with a tough boss. Moving on to the sewers: This was by far my most fav area of this level. What a fantastically creepy place. It's quite huge and Lara will do a few tile jumps, use a lever and explore for her items, but there's only one rat and again I felt enemies could have been better supplied, but wow what a place, I loved the wall textures and the feel of the place, some areas were lit with a green tint and I just liked the general spooky feel here. Later on Lara visits an underground street area and meets a fab hook handed guy who absolutely freaked the life out of me. There's a moving wall trap, levers to find, some movable objects and wall blocks, and again we have a great time with audios and atmosphere. To end it all Lara meets the big boss and all was over. But of course there is a lot more to this game, and I recommend it if you like to be freaked out, love awesome atmospheres, and want something more adult like in your TR games. I think this was an excellent start to Tombcool's level building, and I hope we get more like this in the future. My only gripe is those enemies; let's see more of them next time! But as for settings, lighting, atmosphere and imagination, this level is brilliant. Well done TC." - Moonpooka (24-Jan-2006)
"I have never been so scared while playing a tombraider level least not since the demo ;) The gameplay and puzzles are great and it is nice to see many of those neat objects in this adventure. The modified zip line and the hook baddie comes to mind! The secrets were very well hidden and the enemies cool and new so to speak. The only drawback was that the modified shotgun killed the monsters too easy, so the last boss took about 3 seconds to kill :( I guess ordinary pisols would have been harder though! The textures and lighting is really good and adds up to the creepy almost hellraiser kind of filthy feeling ;) The best part though, which this author should be really proud of, is his sense of creating atmopshere! These levels freaked me out..and I loved it! More of this please!" - QRS (24-Jan-2006)