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Rustay by Agnes

Akcy 8 9 10 9
Bene 9 10 10 10
CC 9 10 10 9
Dick 9 9 9 9
DJ Full 9 9 9 9
drguycrain 8 9 9 9
Duncan 9 9 10 9
eRIC 8 9 9 9
Gerty 8 9 10 8
Gill 9 9 10 9
illyaine 8 9 8 8
Jay 9 9 10 10
JesseG 7 9 9 8
Jorge22 8 8 8 9
Jose 10 10 10 10
Kristina 8 9 8 8
MacRaider 8 9 9 10
MichaelP 8 8 9 9
Obig 9 9 10 9
Orbit Dream 8 9 10 10
Phil 9 9 9 8
QRS 9 10 10 9
Ravenwen 8 8 9 9
Relic Hunter 9 9 10 10
Ryan 9 9 10 9
Samu 8 9 9 9
Sash 8 8 9 10
Selene 10 10 10 10
Shandroid 9 9 10 9
Spike 8 8 9 9
Treeble 7 8 9 8
Whistle 9 9 10 10
release date: 18-Feb-2006
# of downloads: 241

average rating: 8.99
review count: 32
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file size: 93.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cold/Snowy

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Quite an unexpected turn to be honest with this one, the train and the first arrival into town are quite packed (shame about the missing SFX on the enemies), and then it turns into a heavy Resident Evil style level. And not a bad one either, with lots of narrow passages to make things more claustrophobic. Apparently you can kill zombies with the heavy weapons but I did no such thing and I loved it — I do recommend shooting down the skeletons though, those guys can be particularly annoying. Thanks to Selene's very thorough walkthrough I managed to finish this in a single sitting without ever breaking a sweat. 90 minutes, 7 secrets. 09/23" - Treeble (24-Sep-2023)
"This levelset is a bit of a mixed bag for me, but overall positive. It starts well enough with a nice looking train level, which plays pretty smoothly except for some minor backtracking if you missed a pickup or two. Unfortunately my enjoyment declined a bit over the next three levels, which contained illegal slopes, seemingly random placement of door and flipmap triggers (sometimes without even a camera cue), beetles that overstay their welcome, a certain rooftop that is very hard to jump up and grab for no discernible reason, and too many hidden jumpswitches to search for. One of the most frustrating moments is a blade trap gauntlet with a switch, for which Lara must step on a tile to stop the blade at the right time in order to access the switch. However the tile is around the corner and there's no way to see the blade in order to time things correctly. And if she gets the timing wrong? Then she must dodge all those blades as she goes back up to the top to re-activate them and dodge them all over again to get back down to the antitrigger tile. Most of the other trap sequences I enjoyed, along with the use of colored lighting in many areas, and the immersive visuals in general. Between the textures and the use of custom skeletons and mummies, the later levels succeed in creating a strong horror vibe. I also appreciated the mummies and skeletons being modified to stop chasing Lara when they are knocked down, so they are less of a nuisance. 1 hour 56 minutes." - JesseG (30-Jul-2022)
"A journey back in time, 2006, about 15 years ago, trying to put things into perspective... I expected a lot more, and I guess that's why I got less. I found the train level to be too much of an interlude, inventive, but without enough to do. Rustay and Rustay 2 were good, the highlight being the second, with all its zombies and the dreaded bugs down in the basement and a few apparent dead ends that aren't really dead ends at all. Finally, the cemetery, a level that uses textures not at all unlike the Scottish levels, only with many skeletons to defeat, seems to go somewhere and then ends abruptly with the promise of a continuation that sadly never happened. I wish I'd understood the zombies and skeletons could be killed with the shotgun (it's some other gune that uses shotgun ammo actually) before having gone through the ordeals I went through. When you look at it, it's well built and cool, just without all the fancy stuff we got used to more recently. I'd like to see something newer by Agnes..." - Jorge22 (02-Feb-2021)
"A levelset with a duration of 2 hours and a good storyline that is more or less well put in scene, nothing explains for example why some soldiers shot at Lara in the Train (7 7 9 8) which is a well done Train level and not a copy of the official level. Then Lara arrives in Rustay (7 8 7 9) a level with a good setting , a Russian settlement of sorts in the ice , the gameplay was a bit strange here with some trigger placed in the map without any reason , and it could have had a great atmosphere with an appropriate background audio loop , but the music that was played over and over was rapidly boring. Also the switches on walls were hard to see. Rustay 2 (8 9 9 8) is perhaps less appealing lookwise but more interesting to play you need to be on your toes sometimes and in some cases move fast ; very creepy atmosphere with many threats and enjoyable and appropriate audios ; Cemetery (8 9 9 9) is good looking with some different textures, immersive with a more natural atmosphere in the outside areas , good audios again , good secrets to find, and a varied gameplay ; i had to reload a savegame after the blades corridors, for the one blade that is deactivated so that you can pull a switch prevented Lara to continue (she died on the spot). Globally, Rustay (8 9 9 9) is an interesting and well made adventure with some challenges , not that the actions are difficult but some switches and small openings are to be spotted and some subtleties in the progression are to be understood." - eRIC (04-May-2020)
"You know you'll get a level of high quality from Agnes, and this multi level set is no exception. The opening train level isn't particularly long, but it sets the opening for the rest of the game nicely. The town of Rustay is a sight for sore eyes, although it is rife with guards and dogs, so it's best to eliminate then before commencing further exploration. The cemetery sewer areas are a bit dark, but it says something that even those areas are great to look at. The gameplay in these levels is sneaky yet enjoyable, with plenty of sneaky crawlspaces and switches, so if you're ever stuck in the later levels, it will likely be because you've overlooked those things. Enjoyable gaming." - Ryan (11-Nov-2017)
"I like trains and spooky levels. I expected the town to be a bit larger and the corridors to be a bit shorter but the immersion is strong and the feeling of going somewhere is maintained till the end. I see this game has been waiting for a sequel for quite long and I hope such one will be done." - DJ Full (20-Jan-2016)
"Lara goes to the town of Rustay in Russia to investigate strange events and deaths. A level with zombies and skeletons in a town setting is interesting. The second level in the town is by far the best of the levels. i was appreciative that the author provided enough heavy ammo to take care of all the annoying enemies that followed Lara around. What's lacking here is a story: The train level didn't seem to involve any story significance (why would there be a pin of wolves on a train? and why does the level suddenly stop in the middle?). The Cemetary level also didn't reveal much of anything about what all had been happening in the town. It's still overall a great piece of work and worth some of the scenery." - drguycrain (17-Jun-2009)
"I originally played this level when it came out, but was not reviewing then. I loved this level the second time around just as much. The Russian village of Rustay is quite quaint and well-designed. I was just as confused the second time around as the first and the walkthrough came in handy. The only drawback here were some key problems, but the walkthrough can help with that. I was so sad there was never a sequel to this level as it deserved one. Agnes, it is never too late!" - Shandroid (29-Oct-2008)
"An excellent level-set set in a Russian town in which some unspeakable but unknown disaster has occurred. By the time you get to the end you'll be none the wiser as to what caused the disaster but a sequel is promised so maybe that will explain it later. I like Agnes' style of building - it requires you to concentrate, and be very observant, but it is generally fair and will reward the patient and studious player. The only thing in the entire game that forced me to the walkthrough was a somewhat dodgy sequence near the end involving moving blades (I can't really say more lest I spoil it for you). Elsewhere the main challenge is in finding some rather well-hidden switches etc. Generally I found the gameplay to be very enjoyable, although maybe it is time to make the switches more visible and create some alternative (more cerebral) challenges; something to look forward to in the sequel, perhaps. Visually the levels look great and create a convincing atmosphere. The fog was applied somewhat sloppily, being too bright and too localised to be convincing. If the rgb of the fog bulbs had been reduced to give more of a mist effect (as opposed pea-soup fog-effect) the appearance would have been more convincing, better still - use distance fog for the sequel ;) ... Music and sound effects were good, but with the notable exception of audio105 which I found to be wholly inappropriate in the first Rustay level, and too aggravating to bear, so I did what I try never to do, and that's replace it. I never like to tamper with a builder's choice in music but once it was replaced with a generic background windy effect I could enjoy the game much more. Sorry about that, Agnes. Overall, no great criticisms; on the contrary, a very good game, and I'm still inclined to check out the few Agnes levels I've not played yet..." - Dick (23-Apr-2008)
"I somehow missed this one when it was released, so I'm glad that coming across some chance reference to it in the forums recently led me to download and play it. There are four levels that require about two and a half hours of total playing time, and the last two have much the same flavor (more about that in a minute). You begin with a fairly short and not particularly memorable (but nevertheless enjoyable) train ride, followed by a nice outdoor exploration of a quaint, snow-covered Russian village. You then move indoors for the third level and conclude your adventure in a church setting. To me the indoor levels were too dark and creepy for my liking, although there are many fun things to do as you work your way along. I just resent having to pop a flare every ten seconds or so (and yes, I have no qualms about giving myself a limitless supply) in order to see where I am and what I'm doing. There's no reason for levels to be built in such a manner, not for mood, not for ambiance, not for any reason. I've played enough levels with ample lighting to know that it can be done, and with impeccable taste, if builders would only stop trying to create what they believe to be all this experience-enhancing atmosphere. Well, it doesn't enhance it for me, not in the least. I know I'm starting to sound like a stuck record, but I'll say once more that I HATE DARK LEVELS. There, now I feel better. Actually, I had a great time here, since I was never in danger of running out of flares, and so I would not hesitate to recommend these levels to others." - Phil (15-Aug-2007)
"After a train ride in the tunnel, which was a nice touch, we arrive to a town, pleasant scenery and music, a few tricky jumps. Then the derelict town with zombies were a bit unusual from this author, but it was great nontheless, and fit in the story well. Gameplay was fairly easy, and flowls well except from a few well hidden crawlspaces and switches if you not watchful enough. Agnes surely knows how to entertain, the selection of music was very much for my liking, helped to create the great atmopshere. All the areas designed and textured very well. It's a must play." - Akcy (07-Aug-2007)
"The opening level with the train was a real shock for me, as it seems very different to most train levels I have seen before. Yes, it involves working your way from one end of the train to the other, but the selection of custom objects work a treat. The train feels more 'alive', with posh windows, furniture and several passengers standing around. When we finally arrive at our destination, we are treated to a pretty, snow filled landscape, with wonderful background music which I seem to remember from a bread advert a while ago...either way it was very well suited to the level. Exploring the various alleyways and yards was fun, although the basement of one of the buildings was a little spooky. Not as much as the next two levels, however, which are set in a zombie-filled Rustay and a Cemetery respectively. These levels are just as well textured as the previous ones, and brilliantly atmospheric. While there are quite a few enemies here to deal with, it feels like just the right amount, and I never felt bored. A great levelset, and occasionally very unique in its presentation." - Spike (21-Jul-2007)
"Another enjoyful and beautifully made level by Agnes, split in four parts. In the first part, you are on a moving train, heading towards the station of Rustay. This is a classic train level that goes along the lines of the Desert Railroad level from TR4 gameplay-wise, but the similarities stop there, because otherwise this one has some nice details that make the difference (ie, the passengers that you encounter in the corridors or wagons, who don't take notice of the hoolaballoo that takes place around them, or the toxic pool that you have to empty), and also some textures are very original. The second part takes place in the village of Rustay. The settings here are lovely, we run around in a beautiful village that is covered in snow, under a blue sky. The sweet and calming music that plays in the background matches perfectly the wintery landscape but comes in contrast with what happens when you meet angry guards or hungry wolves! There's a lot of exploring to do as you look for keys and necessary items, and some traps to pass through as well. In the third part, you are still in the village but things are tougher and darker for Lara here, as she encounters the danger that keeps threatening the village. There are many rooms, balconies and roofs to visit, as well as hidden passages. The ambience remains beautiful, yet a feeling of eeriness builds up as soon as you begin that section, and it becomes stronger as you proceed, reaching its zenith when you get to the fourth part in the Cemetery. You have several tasks to complete here too, and there are a few well-hidden secrets to find. Overall, this level features some cleverly made puzzles that make you think without ending up being tiring or boring. Nothing is too easy, but you only need a bit of careful exploring so as to spot everything and make the right moves. The only thing that bugged me a bit was that there were a couple of metal keys that would fit in ornate keyholes. The first time I found one, I would run around aimlessly trying to find where was that metal keyhole that I missed, only to find out by chance that the key fitted in an ornate keyhole. Other than that, all was just lovely and enjoying. Don't miss it!" - Ravenwen (25-Jan-2007)
"If it's stunning atmosphere you're looking for in a Lara Croft adventure,you've come to the right place. All four levels are wonderfully crafted with care and innordinate attention to detail,and are a joy to play.The Gameplay is quite varied and satisfying and,although too dependant on the "progression is possible only by locating the sneaky crawlspace hidden behind a large tree" variety,is nonetheless beautifully laid out.I gained a great sense of satisfaction in navigating myself around the many seemingly complex areas and discovering that the geography of each location had a logical and well thought-through design. From a technical point-of-view it's impossible to surpass. However it must be said that the first level (although great fun)is entirely superfluous;the end of the third level involved zombies appearing out of thin air and a finish trigger placed directly in front of a dead end;the use of cardboard boxes was annoyingly inconsistant,as (although appearing identical) some were shatterable,others pushable,while most did nothing at all;and one sequence toward the end of the final level involving blades and a wall lever was easily surmounted by feeding Lara medipacks,contrary to what the Builder probably intended. Whether or not dark and sinister levels are your sort of thing (or,for that matter,shooting people to the accompaniment of Grieg's "Morning")is all down to personal preference. Personally speaking,I thought it was superb." - Orbit Dream (27-Nov-2006)
"What a fine and special 3 level adventure this is! The atmosphere, sound and cameras are done to perfection. Lara starts in a train level and although those are very limited, Agnes has done a superb job of creating something new here. This time it is a tunnel and the train is more modern! The other two levels have a nice snowy theme and I could not help but getting a x-mas feeling while i played them ;) The second level takes place in a small village and you can almost feel that you are a RPG character in a squaresoft game :):)In other words, a perfect atmosphere for me! The gameplay is also great so are the puzzles, lighting and textures. Nothing at all to complain about here, really. Can we have a sequel, please!" - QRS (26-Nov-2006)
"I always enjoy Agnes' levels and this adventure was no acception. You start your mission here on a train and what a train ride that was indeed. The layouts and atmosphere during your journey was just amazing. But there is no time to take a nap on this journey, as you need to solve a few things on board before arriving at your destination in Russia, so off we go, from carriage to carriage, searching the carriages for some very important items, which will allow you to enter this little town of Rustay. And as you pull up at the station, you are greeted to a most picturesque snowy scene of the village, which made it pleasant and delightful as you started exploring for all those most important items, which are required to assist you in proceeding further and helping you to conquer your quest in this quiet little village. Well, this sedate little village is not as quiet and sedate as you might imagine it to be, as enemies are lurking and are watching you, as you go about your business and daily tasks. Dogs are ready to bite your feet, wolves are howling in the distance, giant spiders are ready to leap out at you and when you think all things were nice and quiet again and you take a nice stroll around the cemetery, zombies and skeletons arise from the dead to greet you, and not to mention when you go to the underground tunnels, you are then chased by those dreaded beetles. But Lara is well equipped and takes care of all her enemies quite quickly and with ease, so she can continue and achieve her tasks, so she can enter the church to finally complete her mission here. In general the atmosphere, textures, objects and music was perfect. The game-play was excellent and I really enjoyed my little romp around this little village of Rustay. Everything fitted together perfectly, so thanks Agnes for again putting together such a wonderful level for us raiders to enjoy and play." - Gill (01-Jun-2006)
"Agnes' games are always enjoyable and this one is really great. At first, Lara is on a train and you have to find the crowbar and use a key to proceed so that one isn't something we haven't seen before. The next level has a snowy atmosphere and is short as are all the levels actually and again we are searching for keys and a puzzle piece. The next level has zombies, you can kill though, dogs plus some annoying beetles and you're searching for keys again and you proceed to the Cemetery level where I loved the atmosphere and there are skeletons you can kill with the shotgun. The secrets are nicely hidden but not hard at all so I found all seven of them in this quite an entertaining game. One thing I am not sure about is the way I accessed a pickup in the last level because there seemed to be a tile on the floor with a peculiar effect that could have been a block I could raise but I never did. I accessed the block with the fire still on and from there I jumped on all blocks and alcoves without a problem. Anyway I really enjoyed playing this and I recommend it for all kind of players." - Kristina (07-May-2006)
"Very much an enjoyable level, needing to be thought through. The level is broken down into 3 sections, a train section, the cemetery and the last one in the church. It was refreshing to once again play a train level, which was up to the standard of the train section of the commercial levels. The cemetery and church section were well crafted, with very good graphics, lighting and sound, setting a very good ambience. Plenty of puzzling things to do if no real out and out puzzles other than moving blocks. Enemies are varied from dogs, to skeletons (killed with the AK no less), bats and beetles (easily avoided though). Definitely a level well worth playing and I eagerly await the sequel" - Whistle (04-May-2006)
"Train (7/7/9/9, 20 min.): A train level just how is should be desgined - as part of a series rather than a stand alone adventure. This time it serves as the introduction, bringing Lara to her desired location in Russia and it has a few little twists that make it interesting enough, even though it still remains just that - the usual train level in terms of gameplay. The objects are nicely used, enemies are dogs and soldiers, audio is great and at the end you get a nice storyline cutscene. Rustay (8/8/9/8, 30 min., 1 secret): A beautiful and pleasant snowy Russian town setting despite the rats, dogs and guards. You search for keys and a plate, explore a nice cellar area, manage an easy timed run and need to keep your eyes open for some hard to spot switches and levers. Rustay 2 (7/9/9/8, 30 min., 2/3 secrets): Being dropped into the sewers the mood of the series changes. Dead bodies, dark, spooky, zombies, spides, bats and beetles cross your path. There are many doors to open and the exploring around the roofs was fun. Cemetery (8/7/9/9, 30 min., 3 secrets): After a few more sewers and swimming Lara finds the graveyard. You need to watch out for well hidden crawlspaces here and deal with a few more traps than before. Enemies are only a few bats and skeletons (that you can actually kill). I thought it was a bit tedious to get that blade to stop in the right place so that you could pull the lever and maybe more could have been done with the torch. But the cemetery and the church are very accomplished settings and a joy to play in, so it's great to say that there will actually be a continuation of the series. Very much looking forward to it!" - MichaelP (01-May-2006)
"I love Agnes levels and I love train levels, so when I found myself in an Agnes level on a train AND I'd managed to find the crowbar within the first minute of gameplay I was pretty happy I can tell you. The town of Rustay is picturesque and charming, but don't let the lovely scenery and pleasant strains of Grieg lull you into a false sense of security - there are guards, wolves and rats about and after dark the place becomes seriously creepy, with zombies and giant spiders variously lurching or lurking. The cemetery is especially spooky and there are lots of (appropriate) skeletons to deal with. As usual with an Agnes level, there's nothing too difficult to achieve for anyone with reasonable raiding experience, but do keep your eyes peeled for cleverly hidden crawl spaces. Highly entertaining and HURRAH it's going to be continued. Enjoy." - Jay (23-Apr-2006)
"Agnes has built a great sense of authenticity into these 3 levels. There's the wonderful train with it's glass seating compartments, the small snowy town with smoke wafting from chimney tops, the darker hidden away part of this town that has been the scene of a terrible massacre, and the lovely gated cemetery and church. Lara has decided to play detective here and instead of an artefact she is on the hunt for the mysterious killers of the townsfolk in the Russian town of Rustay, but what starts out so routinely soon turns otherworldly as she is faced with the reality that the undead have come back to life and have taken over the place. I loved pretty much everything about these levels, from the great environments that radiated atmosphere to the exploratory feel of the gaming to the nicely placed 7 secrets. You are even afforded the brilliant luxury of being able to kill, well I guess re-kill, the zombies and skeletons that roam the town with simpler weaponry than explosive. If I had to class anything as being a negative I would probably have to say that each of the levels was a bit short, none lasted longer than 35 minutes, but as a combined time you get almost 2 hours there is really nothing to complain about. Great work Agnes, I had a ball!" - Sash (26-Mar-2006)
"Very few times I've give a 10 in all sections, and this is one of the occasions to do it. I have to taking off the hat in front of one of the best TR level builders at present. She always was a good builder, but as time passes she has gone improving and now she's one of my favorite builders. I'm not going to explain the very good features of this excellent and impressive set of levels, only to say that it's one of the best I've play along my life of TR level player. Congratulations Agnes, and many thanks for your great work!" - Jose (20-Mar-2006)
"This four-level game was a great adventure. On the first level, we are adventuring on a train running in a tunnel, on the second level we will visit a russian base, then a district comes next with zombies and finally we go to a cemetary. I'm a little bit sad that Agnes broke her tradition; the enemies here are not only humanoids and animals, but also zombies and skeletons. At least from the third level. Although we have to face great challenges; finding small cracks behind the trees in the walls. I didn't hurt the zombies; the default pistols do no harm for them and I rather spared the revolver and AK47 ammo, but finally I didn't need them; about 10 revolver bullets are enough for the last level to shoot the heads of the skeletons. :) There is a small bug though. It is important that you save when jumping over the moving blades and before you meet the rolling stone, because it is not all the same when the stone stops the blades. You may won't be able to pull the lever. In this case, by reloading the game you can influence the stopping of the blades with the time. It was a great adventure with great textures, with a little bit dark, but various locations, and with very good added sounds. Something I have to tell that I liked the first train-level the most; it is so special, so wonderfully made and not least because of the glass booths and the drinking passanger. LOL! I found 7 secrets. We are waiting for the continuation, Agnes! :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (18-Mar-2006)
"I always love playing Agne's levels. She has the ability to make a level seem fresh and interesting while maintaining the energy and flow. After the Train section Lara winds up in a spooky Russian town. Agnes is good at building towns, and this is no exception. I like the first Rustay section better than the second. In the second, it seemed moslty a series of rooms with corpses - I felt it was grimly tedious. The beetles in the dungeon were quite the challenge. The last part, with objects by Oxy, has a dark gothic charm that I liked a great deal. The level ends like it is part of a series, and the next part should be great. Thanks so much, Agnes!" - Duncan (12-Mar-2006)
"Personally I think this is the best Agnes made so far. A very spooky and dark level. I needed every flare and then some. I did love the train, not that one can do much but this is far the best I have ever seen. The next level Rustay was a village and it was nice to explore and even figured out a new move to get back on track by doing a jump that magically transported Lara through a fence. Pretty sneaky was that hill one had to stand on to open a door. I have to say that being stuck has his advantage as I did find all the secrets. So if you are patient and don't mind looking in every nook and cranny (and behind trees) this is just the level for you to explore. Do play at night as it is very dark. 08-03-2006" - Gerty (08-Mar-2006)
"Lara is a bit restless and decides to travel to Rustay, a small Russian village that has experienced mysterious deaths. She starts this journey on a train and it's one of the best train levels I have ever played. The tunnel setting adds to the realism as well as the sound and motion and it's a relief to finally arrive in the little village. Wonderful textures and audio, with lots of exploring and crawl spaces to find, leading to Rustay II and the Cemetary with skellies and zombies that were unnerving - really well done and a pleasure to see the AK47 eliminated them without the need for a headshot with the LaserSight. I got 5/7 secrets but one did not register or I just went back to a previous save and missed it. I've said it before, I'm sure, but it remains true, Agnes never disappoints and this is one of those level sets where everything works well together: atmosphere, story, sounds, gameplay and enemies. Not to be missed and I am looking forward to the continuation. Thank you, Agnes." - Bene (04-Mar-2006)
"A good set of four levels here. Lara boards on a train to the town of Rustay in Russia, where the news said that there have been mysterious occurances of people disappearing and getting murdered. The first level, the train, is quite well done and sets a nice introduction to the series. I liked adventuring around in the cars, and the tunnel atmosphere is well done. It made me go up to the top of the cars and watch as the tunnel lights zoomed by me, but on the other hand I was scared that there would be a possibility of one of those blunt things coming my way and putting a cliched end to poor Lara. Luckily, that's not the case here. The other parts of the train were done nicely too, such as the realistic passenger cars, and the passengers themselves. On the other hand, I didn't really like how the level abruptly ended at the front-most car, as it made me wonder why she really was on that train anyway. When Lara gets to Rustay, she sees the sleepy winter village, and asks herself how there could be any murders here? The snow covered roofs with doves, and the chimneys billowing out smoke show the peacefullness of the town, and the background music that accompanies the level adds to the peaceful atmosphere. Searching the city, Lara finds her way into a blocked off sewer, where she eventually finds herself in another part of Rustay, a much more sinister one. There were dead bodies lying on the ground and in the buildings, blood on the ground and the walls, and the presence of zombies also made for a chilling and horrifying experience. Incidentially, Rustay2 was my favorite level of this series, as it had me on my toes from start to finish. I really liked the creepy looks of the town, and it gives the player a clue of how the murders occured. After outrunning a pack of zombies in a dry sewer, Lara finds her way into Rustay's cemetery, which has a more tranquil feeling to it than the previous level. Starting out in some caves, we eventually get outside, where there are some skeletons to deal with, but they aren't that hard to handle if you can simply shoot their heads out with revolver + lasersight. :) The setting of Cemetery is well done too, with graves here and there, and skeletons running rampant. The small cathedral at the end of the level had that solemn feeling to it, and the looks were done nicely too. Throughout the whole series, the choice of music and sounds is very nice. The objects, gameplay, and the puzzles were also a delight. Agnes did a great job here of using atmospheric and visual elements to create great settings as well. At the end of the levels, I'm still left with some questions - How did the presence of undead make their way to Rustay? Who is responsible for the murders? Well, we're all gonna find that out in the continuation, as the final flyby tells us that the story will continue. ;)" - Relic Hunter (02-Mar-2006)
"This is a little different to what we're used to from Agnes, but it's always refreshing to venture into new territory. And this one worked well for me, with the game getting quite moody by the end. Hang on to your revolver ammo, as you'll find an excellent use for it before the end to get rid of those pesky skellies by using head shots! The first level on the train is well done, and works as well as any train level I've yet played. The town itself is nicely done and requires some careful exploring, and the Cemetery is quite atmospheric but had maybe a few too many slashing blades... I did get sick of the background music in the town (Grieg?) and was considering replacing it with something less distracting (like Metallica ;) but in the end I got through with the supplied music track. Then just as I thought I was progressing really well in the Cemetery I missed the torch and spent ages wondering where I'd gone wrong! In the end I completed the game and found all the secrets without any help, so why did I find it so difficult to find the Torch which was in plain view? :P I didn't have the problem with the torch mentioned in Agnes' readme but that was probably because when throwing it out of the crawlspace it managed to reach the bottom of the slope so didn't bury itself in the textures. In the church shortly after using the torch the flare bug hit, but then when turning off one of the flames the flare bug fixed itself so it seems that there was only one too many flames burning at that time. The only other bug I noticed was some missing samples for the bad guy's gunshots so the first I knew Lara was under attack was when she started losing health (and blood!) but this didn't detract from the game at all. Thanks Agnes - this is an enjoyable set of levels and I look forward to the continuation of the story!" - MacRaider (26-Feb-2006)
"This is just perfect. No matter how often we see the same old stuff, Agnes injects new life and her own personality into everything she produces. From the storyline as described in a good cut scene, to the atmosphere, texturing, objects, music, enemies, to the smooth flowing gameplay. Lara is on the train from St. Petersburg to the town of Rustay. The population are staying quiet about the murders and disappearances of people. Some blame the wolves, but there is something far more sinister afoot. This train level is beautifully created and lovely to play. We absolutely need to get that AK47 and crowbar. Loved seeing the people in the carriages and corridors, and the detail is so good, the only thing more real would have been taking something off the overhead luggage racks. Is Jean Yves trying to solve the Rustay Mysteries as well? Excellent gameplay. Although there are some hair raising moments, it's so well done and there's always a way forward, even in rooms where you think you might be stuck forever. If you can't swim, shift, shimmy, or stand on it, then shoot it. Check all areas before leaving, there's bound to be a well hidden crawlspace. Coming across numerous zombies, dogs, wolves, and a frightening giant spider, are easy enough to deal with. The AK47 will 're'kill the zombies and skeletons. I couldn't stand the sound of them and had to get rid of them, they gave me the creeps. But it's not necessary to kill all of them, you can run past them. There is enough ammo in the AK47 to just deal with the ones that get too close for comfort. The animal enemies can be shot with pistols. So it's just a matter of thinking clearly, and I might add saving, if things get too creepy for the player. In a kind of dry sewer a lot of zombies hobble towards Lara, just keep running and you'll hit the level change - more ammo saved. The biggest medpack drainer is in an underground tunnel setup where you have to use a key while beetles are nipping Lara's ankles, and then get down into a crawlspace among them. The church area was very convincing, and very creepy too. Inside the church we locate a cross and place it to open another route underground and trigger a finishing flyby that tells us there is more to come. Yay! This level is divided into four parts that run smoothly into one another, from the interesting overnight train ride, getting out at Rustay station early in the morning, and spending the rest of the day searching for clues. Excellent level, highly recommended." - CC (25-Feb-2006)
"This was quite a nice levelserie which contains four levels. The first level is a train level and other ones are located in Russia. Last two levels and especially the third one is a horror level where you have to meet some bloody men, dogs and one big spider. I think that those horror kind of levels brings variety to levelserie and they might be the best ones. There are quite many places in the whole game which are pretty hard to notice and especially some secrets are well hidden. As a whole this levelserie is pretty good and I'm looking forward to other levels from this author." - Samu (24-Feb-2006)
"Puzzles: They were nice and there is nothing more to say about it. Atmosphere: They are well in all levels. Except the fog. For me, it was a little bit too dense and spoiled the atmosphere a little bit. sound: There were beautiful new sound files that fit in very well. Except the background music of level 2. It was a pain in my neck to hear it again and again and so I turned off the music in that level. Sometimes samples were missing, particularly in level 1. In level 3 the zombie sound was a pain in my neck. I think it should have been turned down a little bit. ennemies: They fitted in very well, there is nothing more to say about it. gameplay: it was a fluent gameplay to some extent. But, unfortunately, I got stuck very often, and that was frustrating. Despite the fact that I had some points of criticism, I enjoyed playing the level with a play time of about two hours. I'm looking forward to the sequel like all others." - Christoph (20-Feb-2006)
"My oh my, is this what they call love at first sight??? Not once during this fabulous adventure did I stop to think that I want more of it. I wasn't disappointed though; at the end it says there will be a continuation. Well if that's the case I'm already counting the days. To me this is Agnes' best adventure so far. It has everything a raider could dream of(maybe apart from tombs, but that's not my favourite location anyways). Gruesome murders have taken place in the town of Rustay, Russia and Lara is on her way there by train to uncover the horrid truth. This arctic adventure consists of four levels starting already in the train on the way to Rustay. Level 1- Train: a very short and sweet level which functions perfect as an introduction. The entire level takes place inside the train and on the roof of the cars. The interior of the train is perfectly actually looks like a real train, you'll even find cabins with luggage, restrooms and passengers here!!! There are also a few enemies out to stop you, mainly armed guards and some wolves in a transport wagon. Items you need to pick up here includes some a rifle, a crowbar and a key. The exterior is equally as fascinating....seeing the world fly by as Lara runs and jumps from roof to roof is an amazing feeling and just you wait until you see the gruesome death that awaits her if she makes a wrong move out there. No secrets here and about half an hour-forty minutes playing time. Level 2- Rustay: This was my absolute favourite. Lara has arrived in Rustay and starts out at the train station. The snowy streets and rooftops and smoke rising out of the chimneys are bound to leave you in awe...this looks like a sleepy winter village taken out of a fairytale. And the tones of Grieg's Morning Mood complements the enchanting atmosphere in a marvelous way. Here the enemies are the same as in the previous level, but there aren't many of them though. One secret to find and about one hour gameplay. I really liked the garden with the frozen pond and the trick used to open that door(something I discovered by chance). The bar and its belonging cellar was also an amazing adventure in itself. Level 3- Rustay 2: When the level first began I almost thought it to be a sewer level, but alas not. What greets you when you arrive up on the street almost makes you want to climb back down though. I will not reveal too much here, you'll have to see it for yourself. The atmosphere here is perfectly gloomy and this level has quite a few tricky moments where it's possible to get pretty well stuck. Definetely a creepy had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. The dark look of this level sharply contrasts that of the previous level and creates a perfect balance. There are three secrets to find and beware: these are very well hidden. Perfectly eerie and bound to send shivers down your spine!!!! Level 4- Cemetery: An absolutely marvelous level, which has a bit more of a tranquil and solemn aura to it than the preceeding one. The cemetery and the church both left me in awe and the music here was gorgeous and fit in like a hand in a glove. Once more we get to see different enemies; here you'll be dealing mainly with skeletons and bats. There are also more traps in this one and even a blade that must be stopped at the right moment to be able to access a switch....what a brilliant touch!!! A torch is needed here as well as a key and a cross. Three secrets to find here too, none of them too easy to find. This adventure in overall is pure delight. The four completely different levels complement each other perfectly, each of them has its own atmosphere..each one as striking as the other. I couldn't find a single texture out of place(but maybe I was too blinded by admiration to look for it). The music was even from beginning to end and fit perfectly in with the atmosphere. The lights were placed with care, no areas too dark and none overly lit up. You will definetely never be bored with this one.....I'd recommend it to anyone. I'd give it a 15 out of 11 if I could....thumbs up all the way!!!" - Selene (19-Feb-2006)