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The Entrance by Psychoman

alan 6 7 6 7
CC 7 7 6 6
Dimpfelmoser 6 8 7 7
eRIC 8 8 7 7
eTux 6 5 5 6
Gerty 6 8 7 7
Jay 8 7 8 8
Jose 6 6 6 7
Josi 8 7 7 7
Kristina 8 7 8 8
MichaelP 7 8 7 6
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 9 8
RaiderGirl 7 8 7 8
Ryan 8 7 7 8
Sakusha 8 6 7 6
Sash 8 8 7 8
Tombaholic 8 8 7 8
Torry 9 7 7 7
Treeble 7 5 6 6
Yonatan 8 8 8 7
release date: 07-May-2001
# of downloads: 74

average rating: 7.15
review count: 21
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file size: 16.05 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Mazes, challenging traps, skeletons, gems, and more mazes is what you're going to find in this level. It's not easy, so I recommend that you look at the walkthrough if you get stuck. Textures are well applied, and I liked some flybys. Deadly tiles are marked, so you know how to avoid them. I only found 1 token as a secret. Only thing I hated were the mazes." - alan (28-Apr-2018)
"This level contains some rather challenging sections - particularly those boulder traps which are set up in quite a nifty manner (at one point requiring Lara to dodge flame traps and quickly leap to safety...nice!). The search is on for four gems on different branches of a hub room and the tasks that Lara must overcome include a phantom floor room with safe tiles, blowing up skeletons, dislodging a boulder, travelling through an underwater maze and switching off a current. The flare bug showed up at the end, but aside from that, I actually found it rather enjoyable." - Ryan (02-Mar-2017)
"This is actually quite challenging by the standards of a 2001 level, with some rather good traps and puzzles. More than sufficient explosive ammo is provided to deal with the skeletons you encounter so enemy action isn't an issue. It's solidly built, but the flare bug does put in an appearance towards the end so the occasional dark areas can be irritating. Otherwise, the only thing I didn't entirely find to my taste was the underwater maze area - never a favourite of mine - which sent me screaming to the walkthrough. With that one caveat, I rather enjoyed myself with this one." - Jay (08-Apr-2016)
"This level will not be easy to play for everybody. There are many tricky traps and the puzzles are not very clear; ex: the hint of three fires to cross the room with the phantom floor. Rooms are too dark, and the flare bug appeared in the middle of the game; the only useful ammo were the explosive bolts. I missed more cameras when pulling levers and also more cd tracks. Easily you can miss a lever and had to go back to revisit the same places and explore, so better play it with walkthrough in hand. At the end, the water current never stopped in my game, even when I swan over the white trigger tile, so I had to abandone the game only with three gems." - Jose (20-Nov-2015)
"It was fun to read the earlier reviews after having played the level - following eRIC's meticulous walkthrough each step of the way. In so doing I was able to avoid the frustrations experienced by other raiders. Volmer sounds to me like a contraction of the One Who Must Not Be Named, so maybe that's why the builder has adopted the pseudonym Psychoman. Anyway, he has put together a quite decent level that took me just about an hour to complete. The whole game revolves around four gems that you must find and place to open The Exit (which makes me wonder why the builder chose instead to name his level The Entrance). I used the sequence set forth in eRIC's walkthrough, where the infamous water maze is saved for last. For me swimming over the trigger pad turned off the current so I was able to get the last gem without having to use the flycheat. The flare bug kicked in near the end, and I got a few flickers for intended cut scenes, but all in all I was suitably entertained, and that's all I ask of any level." - Phil (30-Jun-2015)
"I have just read my review of this authors other level,and there's very little I have to say that differs;so instead,I shall simply copy/paste and add a few additional comments.Let's see now: "Heed the warnings given by other reviewers - this level is buggy;and even when it isn't,it's often downright unfair!" Yes,that applies one hundred percent to this level as well.If you save in the wrong places,things that are supposed to happen - won't. "Far too many 'gotcha!' moments and running-through-spikes gauntlets impede the smooth flow of the gameplay" Agreed for this level also.There may have been clues for the various fall-through floor traps,but they weren't apparent to me;and the result was a lot of trial-and-error leaping. "- which is a shame as there are plenty of good ideas here for those of a forgiving nature." Indeed,this is the authors strongest point.In fact,I'd go so far as to say that he was generally being a little too ambitious with his gameplay concepts.There were several moments in the adventure when I was almost impressed,but pretty much every time this was undone by a lack of proper beta-testing. "Enemies are the usual catacomb crowd,but they're placed well;while texturing is perfectly fine and the lighting is occasionally creative,particularly with the waterized rooms." Check,check and again - check;and now we come to the summing up,for which I can do no better than once again repeat verbatim the final line of my other review: "Generally aggravating,then;but not without its fun moments." Don't say I didn't warn you...twice." - Orbit Dream (27-May-2015)
"Every once in a while when playing through the 45 minute raid, I really wanted to like it. Some individual tasks are quite inspired and fun - namely the entire passage with mummies, monkey-swings, steam and boulder traps, the sequence of tasks to get the explosive ammo, the first run through the halls at the beginning of the level promised for some nice, fast-paced action as did a few other moments. But then the author basically shoots himself in the leg by making large parts of the gameplay revolve around maze-like areas (particularly the underwater one was unpleasant), involving walk-through walls, looooong climb and crawl segments, odd, illogical, trial and error puzzles like the holographic floor one (guess which 2 tiles are not imaginary), fire being extinguished as you step on the tile it's on for no apparent reason (this eluded me from picking up where I should be looking for one of the gems, since you need to turn this fire off to get into a crawlspace that leads to this area), and the mess with puzzle items - where you can essentially miss out on getting the crossbow and explosive ammo (to be fair, you don't really need them to finish the game). And then there's the bugs - after setting off the boulder at the level's start I got nothing but nano-second camera hints, so I may as well have corresponded with Tarot cards to find out where to go next - but slightly worse than that - there's the flipmap bug. So you end up going through this elaborate underwater maze to turn off the currents that prevent you from getting one of the crucial gems, and after an accidental reload, the current is back on and your efforts have been in vain. It was my last gem, and my previous savegame before that one was too far apart so I just resolved to DOZY-ing to it and get it over with. The looks are the standard fare for Catacomb levels, bar a few exceptions with nice use of coloured lighting, though overall it suffers from lack of sun-bulbs. There undoubtedly is some appreciable imagination behind this one, but the experience overall was a mixed bag." - eTux (29-Apr-2012)
"This is a standard average Catacomb-WAD level. Due to its age, nothing should be expected if not skeletons and wraiths. Fortunately there's only one wraith, which happens to be in the second mazey area. There are quite a number of those, including one underwater in the quest for two pairs of blue crystals. 40 minutes, 1 secret. 08/07" - Treeble (07-Aug-2007)
"This is a very deviously put together catacomb level. At the beginning things seem pretty straight forward but it all gets very complicated especially in the underwater maze. This maze is not your ordinary left and right swim it's on different levels with gaps along the way. It's only after doing a lot of other stuff that I realised there were things to get in there as well and I'm sure it was pure luck I found them. It all ends up in a room where you need to place two gems and two more further on so you need four altogether. You'll get a knot and pillar too along the way. In this last room there are two objects to push/pull and again I was really lucky to get them onto the correct squares first time otherwise it would be a pain as you have to push these a long way across the room. I really liked the water room with slopes and boulders that looked great and was good fun. There's a lot of skeletons that made me jump in some places good room with mummys and a monkeyswing and a nasty wraith but at least it died quickly on the cross when I found it. The background music is good with other sounds throughout the level. I could have done with more cameras after switches and actions. I never found the token others have mentioned but it didn't stop me finishing the level. But what I remember most is that underwater maze especially as there were sinks and currents in there that made life hard. A challenging level and well worth the tiny download." - CC (26-Oct-2004)
"I found this level quite evil (which is a good thing). Therefore I gave an 8 for gameplay because it was quite mind-boggling and certain areas were quite challenging. The skeletons were difficult to avoid sometimes the firetraps were cleverly concealed every now and then and I enjoyed the booby-trapped horseman's gems (in a certain room two of them lead Lara to your death and one of them can be picked up). There is no historical background behind it and the author didn't provide a plot for the level. So we can try to make the story up ourselves. The objective is to find four horseman's gems that are scattered in different parts of the level which are heavily guarded by the horseman's spirit (you will find a wraith in one of the mazes) and his guards (mummies and skeletons). At the same time you need to get a pharos pillar and a pharos knot). The end of the level was a little abrupt and leaves the player shrouded in mystery because he or she doesn't really know what he or she has received as a reward (a room with a little bit of fire and a stairway leading to a closed door) The pushable block puzzle the contrasts (fire/water and water/dry land) the various labyrinths and the currents were quite interesting. At some point in the room that's accessible by pushing two blocks in the appropriate areas the author prevented the player from going back (from toggle opacity 2 to toggle opacity) the boulder that can only be triggered once you get out of a crawlspace (with a pack of flares) was ingenious one of the boulder sequences and a timed run including morgue beetles were quite challenging. However I had to use DOZY at the beginning of the level because Lara was unable to grab a ledge containing a skeleton. So I gave an 8 for gameplay instead of a 9. I have also detected an untextured wall and badly textured fire (ie water textures that aren't transparent). If you are interested in a level that is intellectually stimulating and full of action at the same time I suggest you to download this level. Believe it or not I did not find it frustrating at all. If the player is a little tired that person can get lost at some point but it's possible to get through this level with little or no frustration at all." - Sakusha (25-Oct-2004)
"If it weren't for that underwater maze this could be a great level. That one was so tricky as I lost my bearings despite making notes that I did chuck this level a couple of times. And apart from that maze I had a good time. More camera work would be appreciated as I hate running back and fro as all doors do look alike. Also not obvious at all on what square should you push those objects on. Not that I do mind pushing but as the room is quite big it will take a while same as some long long climbs and crawls. Those walkthrough walls are the pits I had to read about them and then finding them is another story altogether. 30-03-2003" - Gerty (03-Apr-2003)
"Frustrating. Especially with that current and the last gem. You see the player needs two knots a pillar and four gems. Well it's not that difficult to get everything except a gem inside a deep pool with a very annoying current that doesn't let you access it. Someone said about swimming to a door and the current changes not for me I swam everywhere went everywhere but in the end I had to DOZY to get that gem. I also found a token that didn't find a place for it plus I never figured out how to drain the pool at the beginning and get the grenade gun luckily you get the crossbow. It's a dark level with some good ideas like fires turning off by jumping into them a walkthrough wall and many doors that lead you back to the main area. There are a lot of skeletons fire tiles and spike balls and a floor with only a couple of blocks to walk on and get across the rest of it has fire under it so watch out. I liked very much the idea with making a spike ball drop so you can access one puzzle item. I didn't like the underwater maze and the beetles. I will always wonder about that current and the gem." - Kristina (10-Dec-2002)
"For a catacomb level this is outstanding. This level tests your skills as the puzzles are simple but quite devious. The underwater maze was pure hell and a sloping entranceway with those much needed explosive crossbow bolts took a while to figure out how to get out again. Without those explosive bolts you will simply not get past the next area as the skeletons just interfere too much. You are on a search for four horseman's gems and each has it's own pitfalls and traps. Some are in plain sight and others hidden well but each will test your skills. Regrettably the flare bug showed up late in the level and also the binocular bug which throws you back to the desktop when you try to use them but if not for that this hour long level would have been superb." - Torry (06-Oct-2002)
"My piano teacher was called Vollmer. Bet you didn't know that or care about it. I really like the first 15 minutes of this level. In fact I wondered why it wasn't rated higher but when I finally reached the end I hated it. Where did it all go wrong? Well that's easy to answer: In the smegging underwater maze. It's very intricate to start with and the current won't let you surface in the main area so you will drown a lot and if you want to get out you have to swim way back to the start and after a long climb and crawl you have to get past the three skeletons again (I never found the explosive arrows). It was fun the first time but the skeleton on the floating platform had me reloading over and over again which became really irritating. A shotgun would have been appreciated. Thing is there are many doors that remain closed but once you can't make progress you feel inclined to check on them which makes the gameplay extremely frustrating; the more as you don't get enough cutscenes regarding the effect of some levers and the second Pharao's knot. A pity really cause the atmosphere is not half bad." - Dimpfelmoser (09-Sep-2002)
"'The Entrance' is a well planned and designed catacomb level so you pretty much know what kind of look to expect and what kind of enemies you'll find - skeletons beetles mummies and an elemental. The enemies don't play a very big part here though especially if you find the crossbow early on. I still found myself reloading a lot because of the combination of fire tiles walk through walls and floors mazes (one underwater) pushable objects dart and spike traps switches and boulder traps. I was afraid to look at my total time when I had finished but the level was enjoyable despite the hazards and I had a good time looking for the four gems and the other needed objects. I found myself wishing a few times though that the answer to some of the puzzles were a bit more obvious. I've played so many dark levels lately that I feel I have to thank the author for not making this one of them - I only needed a flare a few times and it was great!" - RaiderGirl (03-Sep-2002)
"A level with some challenging puzzles and actions. I hated this level at the beginning because of the very annoying skeletons and puzzles not so easy to solve. But then it captivated me until the end and finally I was very glad to finish it with the help of a friend (thanks Josi). Lara must find 4 blue gems to go beyond the doors and she has to solve different puzzles to pick them up. Some of them have kept me thinking for a while and I spent some hours in those catacombs. My favourite part is a long journey along the banks of a deadly black river with a very good series of spiked ball traps at the end. I was glad to find one secret (a token) but I still wonder what was the first knot and the pharao's pillar for except for finding arrows." - eRIC (11-Aug-2002)
"This is a very nice level if you want to be chopped to pieces by skeletons get burned a few times drown and search franticly for a way out chased by a spirit. Of course this would be much easier if you find the crossbow in the beginning of the level which I didn't. But I made it anyway. At the start of the level I was already stuck and thought that this was one of the few levels I would not finish. I hated it! But with help from eRIC I could go on and very soon this became a level I wanted to finish no matter what. And I did finish! The binoculars and flares didn't work at the end that's a pity but that's a bug more levels have. It's challenging hard (in my opinion) but good. So if you like a challenge go for it." - Josi (11-Aug-2002)
"This is a really well made level with plenty of nice puzzles lots of deadly traps and although not many enemies they are all well placed except the mummies and make progression much more difficult that is unless you find the crossbow and one pick up of explosive arrows that helps make things much easier. The aim in this 50 minute level is to locate 4 gems to open the 2 end doors which sometimes are easy to find but at other times are extremely difficult especially if you don't realise you can walk through a wall in one place. There are a few maze-like areas here too that are used perfectly one has a ghost chasing you while you frantically jump spike pits trying to find the bird cross to kill it and the water one nearly drove me crazy as it has to be the most intricate one I have ever come across but funnily the answer to getting through it is very simple and short. Anyway take a look at this level for yourself; I'm sure you won't be disappointed." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Alright this is another rather standard Catacomb level with many areas with rather repetitive texturing but it actually has quite a few smart ideas for puzzles. Unfortunately I did find many things rather tedious (long climb/crawl sequences pushable objects the underwater area) and often the puzzle are rather illogical and even unfair at times. Overall you will have to find four gems and I spent about 20 minutes for the first two and another 20 minutes for the other pair. Some good traps along the way and several skeletons and a few mummies and a wraith to manage." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"While I'm not a big fan of the Catacomb style I'll make an exception for this one. The look is classic Catacombs but there are plenty of good puzzles and traps to take your mind off that. At times I was really stumped about what to do next only to find the solution right in front of me. Even so when I ended the level there were still 3 unopened doors and I'll never know what lay behind them (if anything). Enemies are few but well used and the skeletons will make your task very difficult if you don't find the explosive weapon at the beginning. The downside for me were some excessively long ladder climbs and a little too far to push some moveable objects (I think there should be a 2-square limit on these!). Otherwise for the small download you'll get plenty for your money with this one." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"Very nicely designed level although a bit frustrating. Gameplay is good very good difficulty. Sometimes the skeletons were placed in very inconvenient places. For example after the two skeletons awake a door opens and you need to make a hard jump to a small ledge and on the small ledge where there is a skeleton and he knocks you off. Still good atmosphere and good puzzles. I recommend you to dare this level!" - Yonatan (21-Jun-2002)