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Temple of Karnak by TRCrew

Akcy 4 4 5 7
alan 6 5 7 6
Casual Raider 9 7 7 8
Chel 5 5 5 5
Dimpfelmoser 7 6 7 7
Ejecta 6 5 5 5
eRIC 6 6 6 5
eTux 4 4 4 5
Gerty 7 7 8 6
Jay 7 7 7 7
Jose 6 7 6 6
Kristina 6 5 6 7
manarch2 3 4 4 5
Mehrbod 5 5 6 7
MichaelP 7 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 6 3 7 7
Phil 6 6 7 7
RaiderGirl 7 6 8 7
Ryan 6 6 7 7
Sakusha 7 6 7 6
Sash 6 5 6 7
Spike 6 5 6 7
The Aussie Adventurer 7 5 6 5
TheStig 5 5 6 6
Tombaholic 6 5 7 8
Torry 6 6 8 7
Treeble 6 6 6 6
Xela 7 6 7 6
release date: 09-Dec-2000
# of downloads: 125

average rating: 6.08
review count: 28
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file size: 14.68 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A map that is not that big but with very intricate areas and passageways to find and explore to get your hands on two canopic jars. You are not too sure of what you are after but by exploring you stumble upon as many secrets than key items. There is no camera shots to help but given the setting and gameplay here it somehow makes sense. Many textures are deformed and there is many too strong shadow bulbs , this said the level is more solidly built than many first time levels. 23 minutes and a rather good time exploring here." - eRIC (28-Mar-2022)
"One of the better early levels, though not really remarkable. It's like a remake of the original Temple of Karnak level, and the objective is to find the two canopic jars to exit. Along the way you get to shoot assassins and scorpions. Lots of swimming in dark pools and tunnels. Takes about 20ish minutes to complete. Wish that it had been better lit or builder had provided more flares for me to use." - Chel (01-Dec-2019)
"I really enjoyed this karnak-themed level! To me, it looked like a remade Karnak level, with some new puzzles and elements included. The gameplay was good, the puzzles were alright, Enemies were good and it was fun to deal with those red ninjas and with scorpions too! Atmosphere, Sound and Cameras were properly placed, although I was not satisfied with the switches cause the builder hadn't used any cameras in order to show what happens when you use a switch. Lighting and textures were perfect! Recommended level." - Mehrbod (04-Aug-2018)
"This one was on my HD for some time until I took the time to finish it. There's nothing really remarkable about this level - except it being the second TR 4 level ever released - but I think for that very early time it's rather competently put together, the texturing is decent and there's some work with the lighting, although it's quite dark at times and the outside areas are too bland. The gameplay seems to be more interesting at the start as it actually is, I thought the cages were a clever puzzle but actually this was just a nice gimmick rather than anything else. A few minor platforming parts are included too at least, but also a rather unnecessary maze. The enemy encounters are quite effective and there are three, if almost unmissable, secrets to find as well, together with decent object usage. While not exactly bad, this is not really a level worth to play except for the sake of curiosity on the beginnings of the TRLE." - manarch2 (30-Nov-2017)
"A typical Egypt level, which is confusing at first because you have to go through a small crack in the water under the stairs first, which isn't immediately obvious to the player. The gameplay is somewhat fun - there's a tricky jump to get down to a button via what looks like a long, deadly chasm. There are three secrets which are way too easy to find, and the music triggers could have been more spread out. You have to backtrack quite a bit via an underwater tunnel with lots of bits of terrain to get stuck on, which is very annoying. Despite all this, the level is entertaining, although nothing special." - Ejecta (14-Aug-2017)
"A short, early and rather unremarkable level in an Egyptian setting. Enemies are assassins, scorpions and a croc, and one of the three documented secrets provides a grenade gun for your death-dealing enjoyment. There was a little too much swimming in nondescript tunnels for my taste, but other than that you get a decent raid of something less than 30 minutes where your main task is locating two canopic jars so you can exit. Pretty straightforward." - Phil (12-Jun-2017)
"A level with Karnak textures from Tomb Raider 4, and the title from the original level too. This one is shorter but some gameplay is involved, like finding puzzle items and their respective puzzle-holes. Enemies are red ninjas, scorpions. I found 1 secret which was very easy. I liked how the textures were used. After placing the 2 canopic jars the level ends. Old but good level." - alan (02-May-2017)
"Old-fashioned, classic raiding in a familiar setting. The goal is to find two Canopic jars for the end of the level. In between you have to do some swimming, accomplish a "maze" (it isn't really labyrinthine) and fend off ninjas and dogs. It doesn't look to shabby for its age, although it is a bit on the short side, at around 15 minutes for me. Fun while it lasts, though." - Ryan (11-Aug-2016)
"Twenty five minutes of classic raiding in a Karnak setting, in search of two canopic jars, with a bit of swimming thrown in for good measure. Enemies are ninjas, scorpions and a crocodile and the progression is fairly linear. It's a pleasant enough level that has withstood the test of time quite well and would certainly be very suitable for new players." - Jay (10-Feb-2014)
"Your goal here is to find a couple of jars to open the exit door. There's some backtracking, but not too much. Good environment, but the textures in small and triangular surfaces are not well applied. Lights and musics are good, but I missed a lot some cameras or any flyby showing the way so players can directly go to the right places. Entertaining and worth to play." - Jose (31-Jan-2014)
"Unfortunately this level falls into the category of being unremarkable due to the progressive modernization of the TRLE community. Being a solid piece of work, in an era where levels mostly comprised of short, bland architecture and gameplay, should grant this level a pat on the back. But, between the atmosphere, gameplay, and layout, it just appears to be underwhelming mediocrity. It lacks the "so-bad-it's-good" factor, and is lost in the pool of phenomenal works that have come since its release, despite being fantastic for its time. A real shame too, because there is a lot to love in this twenty minute level. But it's nothing that you can't find in a number of levels that have debuted since." - Xela (19-Jul-2013)
"One of first custom levels and it's brilliant for its age! It really gives that familiar feeling from classic TR4. Searching and exploring for finding canopy jars were fun, especially that well hidden button. Textures might be slightly better but still they are really good. I enjoyed this level a lot. Recommended for those who love classic feel of TR4." - Casual Raider (12-Jul-2013)
"The screenshots and the first few minutes I spent going in the opposite direction than necessary led me to believe that this is one of those older levels that might have stood the test of time rather well. Sometimes first impressions are deceptive, and while I thought it had its strong sides and is by far not a bad level, in the end I was less impressed with it than I initially presumed I would be. An overall competently constructed course with a few highlights like the cages that rise in your way to block off the path to significant items were a neat touch - the looks, a few "Cleopatra's Palaces" look-a-like rooms aside, are what the title betrays them to be, and done just as competently, though the author used shadows a bit too liberally at times. The level is also good at making you think it is actually more complex than it is. At times it seems non-linear, but the course is actually pretty rigid and being able to access areas before you can do anything of significance in them is actually more due to the openness of the map, rather than it's non-linearity. This in itself would not have been a problem if the author had taken the effort to introduce camera clues to guide your way, as without the walkthrough's explanations I would've thought that the doors here open willy-nilly. Thankfully the level is rather brief, so, despite me mentioning having referred to the walkthrough, with a little persistence you can actually figure out the level's idiosyncrasies without additional aid. I dare say it's more of a historical curiosity than a full-blown level at this point, but actually not that bad for its or any time." - eTux (16-Oct-2011)
"Really good texturing here. Pleanty of effort put into lighting, under-water sections etc. A couple of well hidden holes and tricky jumps to keep you entertained. Clearly a product of significant time and effort. Total game-play time for me was round 31 minutes and left me wanting more." - TheStig (18-Nov-2009)
"This level is a nice alternate version of the official Temple of Karnak level. When I played this level, the atmosphere, the decorations and the gameplay (getting two canopy jars, going through underwater tunnels, backtracking and shooting at ninjas, scorpions and a crocodile) really evoked feelings comparable to when I played the Temple of Karnak in Tomb Raider 4 for the first time. However, there is a little twist in the sense that one has to watch out for fire pits, and there is a mini-maze to go through. There are also nice lighting contrasts that can even obscure fire pits if one doesn\'t light up a flare. My only disappointment is that the water textures are immobile." - Sakusha (18-Aug-2009)
"The second TRLE level, it surely was good in its time, but today too short and we don't really feel the point of the adventure. There is no error in it though, the architecture is interesting and the textures are okay, but the rooms are mostly emtpy. Secrets are poorly palced, they right in our way. But it's not a bad level, if you wish for a short raid, it's suitable." - Akcy (07-Dec-2007)
"A nice little level that actually has a bit of depth to it, allowing you to take several different routes at the start. Sadly, you eventually get led down the one path, but considering it has a few flame traps, and a bit of jumping to deal with, it was pretty good. The texturing is also quite good, and there aren't really any stretched textures to speak of, and the lighting is also well placed. It's a shame that the secrets were so easy to find, and I think that they could have been hidden a lot better. However, this is still an enjoyable level that can be easily finished by anybody who decides to play it." - Spike (30-Jul-2007)
"As the other reviewers have mentioned, this level is one of the first to be brought out after the TRLE was released all those years ago. Now that I am reviewing this level after five years have passed it still has the quality of a newish level. What stands this out from the others back then is probably the gameplay. It's a nice level with a couple of enemies to shoot and some adventuring too. The design is pretty good as the path you take brings you back to the beginning which is quite handy. It's not a really difficult level either. The texturing is nice along with some of the rooms. One thing that brings the level down is the fact that it is too dark in places without enough light sources. For something five years old it's was still good enough to play. Way back then, this might have gotten a ten, but by today's standards it's just another run of the mill level. If I had to give this a grade I would give it a C+, a high pass mark." - The Aussie Adventurer (15-Nov-2005)
"Not an extraordinary level - and the name itself suggests that. It's just that - a regular Karnak-wad level your quest is to get both Canopic Jars to open the doors into darkness (surprised?) which nowadays are well known as the end. Not much else to say but the underwater areas got me lost for a while. Check it out if you like Karnak-style levels." - Treeble (25-Dec-2003)
"A simple and easy level in a Karnak setting as the title indicates. There is one guardian key and two canopic jars to find. The guardian key needs a careful jump so that you avoid stepping or jumping over the tile that triggers the cage. Other than that a few underwater doors and you finally reach the end with three secrets after twenty five minutes. Nothing original since it is old enough but for the date it was released it is quite good." - Kristina (25-Aug-2003)
"This level is dark and that is the only fault it has in my eyes. Gameplay is rather nice apart for finding the receptacle for the guardian key. That took me for ages or so it seemed. Not many enemies here though some sword wielding ninjas and scorpions. Swimming in what looks like a maze but isn't. I'm a sucker for greenery so there you go there was enough. The three dimensional maze is fun you can't get lost. When you enter you get the shotgun right away and then you're off in finding the guardian key and two canopic jars. The only question I have what to do with that grenade gun. 26-08-2002" - Gerty (01-Sep-2002)
"As soon as I loaded this level up I remembered playing it in the dim dark ages prior to all this reviewing mania commencing and I must say this old level still holds it's own against the new comers. Whilst short at 30 minutes or so the gameplay is logical and fun may be had in your search for the two canopic jars." - Torry (11-Aug-2002)
"I asked myself many questions while playing this level. Why is it so dark everywhere? How do I open the door to that canopic jar? What do I do in here? Is there an end to this maze and how do I find it? How do I get that cage down so I can get the Guardian Key? Where do I place the Guardian Key? How do I get down there? Is that water deadly? Is there a ninja following me? Does this make my butt look big? Ok just kidding on that one. This was a fun level though with interesting textures and the three dimensional maze was just brilliant. Definitely worth the download." - RaiderGirl (23-Jul-2002)
"Set over a quite small game environment this is a real solidly built but short 25 minutes level. The game extent here consisted of a bit of swimming running through tunnels and some back and forth progression while trying to locate 2 canopic jars to open the end gates which was executed nicely but when it came to puzzles there really weren't any. There are also 3 secrets to find but they are hard to miss as they are placed where you practically fall over them on your journey. So if you want a placid quite simple level then this is a good one but if you are looking for action then I'd look elsewhere." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"One of the better Karnak levels I have played. It creates a nice and moody atmosphere in places with some well built mazes underwater and jungle-like some red ninjas to fight and all in all with few design bugs except for the outside place where you reach the 'end of the world' and look into black void. There are quite a few dark corners and maybe some more flares would have been helpful." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"A nice little level especially considering it was one of the first custom levels released. Well the abilities of level builders have come a long way so this one may not seem too exciting anymore. The object is to find 2 canopic jars among a temple very much inspired by the TRLR Karnak level. I did have to search a while for a key receptacle but once you get your bearings there's not a whole lot to do and the level can be finished in 30 minutes. Still the atmosphere and lighting are quite good and the Karnak textures are used well." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"This level is an historical artifact in itself; one of the very first custom levels. It shows a good understanding of the capabilities of the Level Editor with very few strange textures and effective (if rather dark) lighting. There is a design flaw (at least I presumed it was unintentional) when you are invited to admire the 'end of the world'; the puzzles are pretty straightforward and the enemies are few and unimaginatively placed. But all in all it still plays well even after 14 months and in the presence of so many more sophisticated attempts." - Orbit Dream (21-Jun-2002)
"So this is one of the very first custom Levels? I must say it doesn't show as this still seems pretty fresh to me. I liked the gameplay well enough although it took me extremely long to locate the place where you use the guardian key as a nearby secret was a bit misleading. Otherwise it's pretty straightforward although not very linear. The atmosphere is pleasant the enemies not too challenging and I thought the little three dimensional maze was rather original. Not only for the history freaks out there." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)