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Alone in the Dark by Miro

Catherin 7 8 7 7
CC 7 8 7 6
Gerty 7 7 8 6
Jay 7 9 8 7
John 5 6 7 6
Jose 6 8 7 7
Kristina 7 7 6 6
MichaelP 7 8 8 6
Orbit Dream 5 7 8 9
Oxy 9 9 9 10
Phil 7 8 8 8
Ryan 7 8 8 8
Sash 6 6 6 6
Spike 7 7 8 7
Treeble 6 7 7 6
Whistle 9 9 10 9
release date: 20-Apr-2006
# of downloads: 116

average rating: 7.30
review count: 16
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file size: 27.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I got interrupted about a dozen times through the relatively short span of this level (and on a Saturday morning, of all days, I'm beginning to really hate life with a passion), so I was rather distraught as I was trying to work my way through this level. I liked certain aspects, such as the general creepyness, the noises, the figures, even the creature in the dark library was a nice touch. However, gameplay was nowhere as thrilling, with randomly unmarked death tiles, a lot of back and forth as you get new keys, and the most bizarre of all was a carpet. I'm still wondering however Yoav figured out where it went in the first place, but I'm glad he provided us a walkthrough. 40 minutes, 2 secrets. 04/23" - Treeble (09-Apr-2023)
"Despite some interesting ideas and some good traps this is not my cup of tea at all, i have enjoyed mystery/horror games set in mansions but this one i just found boring and irritating at times because its mostly finding items and using and placing them but without a walkthrough id struggle to know what combines with what, and what can go where because its not straight forward so you find yourself running around not knowing what to do next the house is like a maze! theres some torch puzzles and blocks to move and later on things get a bit more interesting underground with platforming puzzles and traps/enemies etc but i wasnt enjoying myself and couldnt wait to hit that end trigger. the atmosphere was good and felt spooky and unsettling so good job there though" - John (16-Aug-2021)
"This is essentially a spruced up version of Lara's mansion, but it's been modified to make it even more complex and brain- taxing. Mystery and horror games aren't usually at the top of my favourite genres, but I'll admit I found some enjoyment in this due to the fact a few of the custom objects have quite unorthodox uses, the spooky atmosphere was well caught and a couple of the puzzles are quite neat. For some reason I didn't find this as excessively dark as other reviewers did (although it is dark in that one room with the mutant which I could kill with one Shotgun blast up close). A worthy pick for those in the mood." - Ryan (30-Jan-2018)
"This is a surprisingly complex house level that took me about an hour and a quarter to complete. (It would have taken much longer had it not been for Yoav's walkthrough.) Along the way I kept asking myself how finding a way out of one's own home can be so taxing. There's a lot here for everyone, but like most house levels the frustration lies mainly in remembering how to get to a previous room where you can now do something you made possible by performing a task in a later room. The mummies here can be killed without exploding ammo, there are some nice jumping exercises and a clever use of the torch (acquired by dousing flames that protect it and by then locating an alternate flame so you can light it). A worthwhile download, even for those who don't particularly enjoy house levels." - Phil (16-Jun-2014)
"This is mystery dark house - I think the author's intention was to build the house like it was a series of survival horror computer games from Infogrames Alone in the Dark. You will see some dancing ghosts, undead creatures retextured like mummies, dogs, spiders, harpies and of course the evil boss. Game-play is searching the way out of this place. Mansion is nice textured, with new puzzles, furniture and pictures on the wall. Some of them reminds of the present of evil. Besides the mansion there is also labyrinth and lava rooms, easy mostly entertaining play and nothing to be scared about. Atmosphere is some kind of silent and scary but not that much that you become afraid. Also creatures are bearable to fight with. The good point in this game is that you must spare ammo, which is limited. So I suggest saving game before shooting anything which isn't necessary - like some enemies or shatters. I played with help from walkthrough to find two secrets where you get so much missing ammo; also puzzle with two skeletons wasn't very easy. If you look everywhere you can't get lost. Also if you forget something you can always go back to find what you overlooked. I recommend this game to players which like dark scary atmosphere." - Oxy (06-Apr-2009)
"Once in a while I feel like a change from TR and go in search of other gaming genres;Racing games usually take priority,but I have occasionally given those 'point and click' adventures a go. You know the ones I mean:pick up a bewilderingly odd variety of strange objects;wander aimlessly around a series of good-looking rooms,attempting to interact with something (and generally failing);getting frustrated with a series of obscure puzzles that only the builder of the game probably understood. This TR adventure came very close indeed to emulating that type of game and reminded me of why I've never been able to enjoy them.Add to that the fact that the builder saw fit to include a large dark maze and (worst of all) ensured that the player would come to a complete impasse right at the end of the level had they failed to collect a vital pick-up in a pitch-black room (while under attack from an unkillable monster)much earlier in the level. Oh joy. This is the sort of well-constructed level which you admire but which gives little actual pleasure,and the use of a Walkthrough at all times is also recommended. Go ahead and give it a try if you feel like something different,but I'm afraid that it did absolutely nothing whatsoever for me." - Orbit Dream (17-May-2008)
"Limited pistol ammo...a nice idea, but the thought of being left without a means to defend myself is always a bit worrying. Thankfully, though, you are soon equipped with a Shotgun with which you can blast the enemies to pieces. The level itself is actually quite spooky in places, and the texturing is nicely done. The gameplay mostly revolves around fetching keys and other related items in order to open doors, although there is a nice section in a 'basement' like area that offers some variation. This is actually quite a good level, and while it might not have the most revolutionary gameplay, it is certainly decent fun." - Spike (20-Jul-2007)
"Yes, it's dark, but we are not alone! We find out very quickly that this place is haunted by the undead, spiders, dogs, harpy and winged demon. It's a mansion, but not the Croft mansion. I noticed Lara's feet in normal sized shoes. We are treated to a very long opening flyby showing this house and a character invoking some sort of multi-eyed spirit. And when we do meet this character he's reduced to a corrupt form of himself. Intriguing! Great imagination is shown here, with Lara finding and using a carpet, keys, mirror, swords, gramaphone and record, notebook, bible, torch, jug, and the talisman used to sort this mess out. The seated ghost and ghost dancers are innocent looking (and they do look good) until we venture too near. Good use of the torch and jug, target shooting, dodging the 'head' in the bathroom, and the new objects. The mac does not use exe's, so using pc players I still had unlimited pistol ammo. There certainly is a spooky atmosphere here, helped enormously by the extreme darkness. It was a great temptation to up the brightness because I wanted to see how this place was put together. I wouldn't exactly say this was the scariest level I've played, but tripping over things in the dark did make me start a few times." - CC (06-Jun-2006)
"Well, here we have a well builded level with a lot of work behind: new objects, new enemies, new textures,... Yes, it's a good work, but not so good for me. Personally I'm very tired about playing house levels, 'cause you are always going from room to room opening doors, using keys and placing objects. Sometimes you can get an idea for where you have to place the new objects as in case of the LP with the gramophone, but another times is very difficult to imagine like the Carpet. I could arrive to the pedestal in front of the big tree without the Talisman, so I had to get back a long way through the maze and another rooms to get it and again go back through the same places if I wanted continue playing; this do the game very tedious. I found a rare "bug": when I picked up the torch, I could light it on the same tile it was (?). The level is good, but I get bored with this kind of levels. The exe patch didn't work in my game." - Jose (06-Jun-2006)
"Set in a haunted home, Lara has to go around collecting some wonderfully new objects, like a gramophone, record, jug, till finally she reaches a vast underground cellar/sewer like system where she has to set a large tree alight (I have no idea why, maybe she?s just not an environmentalist). I enjoyed exploring the large house and coming across the new objects but on the whole this level left me quite unsatisfied, it also left me with the feeling that I had not done all that was needed to be done, for example, there is some translucent looking guy sitting on a chair in one room and it seems as though you should give him one of the things you have collected, that is firstly having un-firetrapped the tile he is on, but you just don?t, and I never understood then why the tile he was on had to be a trap as though you would have to look for a trigger to make it safe. There are also a couple of other things, like doors going unopened and the like, that added to the feel of incompletion for myself when I finished the game. On the whole though it?s not a bad level but it?s fairly simple gaming and those other things I?ve mentioned probably make it one that won?t hold long in my memory. 55 minutes and 2 secrets found." - Sash (21-May-2006)
"I hated the atmosphere in this one because all the rooms are pitch black and there's no way I could get passed them without adding a lot of flares. The items we have to find are keys, a jug, a torch and the notepad, bible which aren't readable because the builder made a mistake regarding their angle. There are too many doors and rooms, also a dance ball with the dancers actually killing Lara if she passes through or very close to them. I found two secrets and I was lucky with that maze. It took me just under an hour to finish it." - Kristina (19-May-2006)
"I am still not in favor of the new EXE patch as I don't want to watch how much ammo Lara has for her trusted guns. I already had troubles with the flares as I had to add some. Boy this is gloomy which (I might add) will give the right atmosphere in this level as I found it rather spooky and some rooms are dark, even with flares. Only problem I had, was placing the carpet but all in all this was a nice house to explore. Liked the ballroom and the cellar area but I didn't liked the maze although luck was on my side and I got out without too much difficulties" - Gerty (12-May-2006)
"I can't decide which I found most bizarre about the house - the jackals and mummies wandering about or the fact that there are two grand pianos in the attic. I mean, who on earth has two pianos in the attic? And yes, I do realise that asking for realism in a tomb raiding level is equally bizarre and probably the sign of a deranged mind, so I probably got just what I deserved when the plagues of spiders appeared. Realism is obviously much over-rated. There are some interesting ideas/objects in this house level actually and I rather enjoyed myself, despite not being the biggest mansion level fan." - Jay (10-May-2006)
"I don't normally like dark levels, but this was an exception. Having played the original game, I was fascinated by the way the author was able to keep very close to the original script, thus it made the game even more enjoyable. Even if you had not p[layred the original AitD, this level has much to commend it. The graphics are good and with the sound a very good atmosphere is set up for each scenario. There are enemies, a kind of killable mummy and a twiddled"demi-god". Puzzles to solve with the water jar and the multi-level maze and much thought required for the rather strange objects for Lara to pick up. A level definitely recommended." - Whistle (04-May-2006)
"Take a bit of time to enjoy the nice title flyby with its audio. It also shows you around the house you are going to make your way through in this level. Progression is fairly obvious throughout the 45 minutes you spend here, but nicely spiced up with many custom objects you need to find and place along the way. Enemies are zombies, dogs and spiders. If you decide to use the patched exe it is a little more challenging due to the limited pistol ammo. Not sure I enjoyed the pitch black library and the maze area near the end but the ballroom with the dancing ghosts was a highlight and the boss enemy offered a quick thrill as well. Enjoyable if you don't mind a bit of darkness and like to explore houses." - MichaelP (01-May-2006)
"Personally I was hoping for more thrilling moments and a more obscure and eerie amtosphere because of the game "Alone In The Dark" which I enjoyed lots. This level by Miro is a house level with nice and beautiful elements versus the gloominess of its cellar and the underground area. My favourite part of this level was definately the darker one. You will be having an hour of fun mostly because of the great puzzles. They don't belong to the usual "puzzle kit" and the enemies are also very good, though quite easily to get rid of. I really enjoyed that the ammo of the pistols is limited. The gameplay is well thought of; found 2 secrets." - Tinka (29-Apr-2006)