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Doctor Who and the Abnormally Odd Apartment by B. Howaito

CC 4 4 6 6
Cory 6 4 6 3
DJ Full 5 4 4 4
Duncan 3 3 2 2
EssGee 3 4 3 4
eTux 2 3 2 3
Gerty 2 4 4 5
Gill 2 3 4 4
Jay 2 4 4 5
JoeTheCrazyGamer 4 2 2 4
Jose 2 4 3 3
Kristina 3 3 3 3
Magnus 2 2 1 2
MichaelP 4 4 5 3
Orbit Dream 2 3 3 5
Ryan 2 3 3 4
Sash 3 5 6 6
Selene 3 3 4 5
snork 2 3 2 4
Treeble 3 3 3 3
Whistle 3 4 4 4
release date: 04-Jun-2006
# of downloads: 53

average rating: 3.45
review count: 21
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file size: 17.33 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I never watched a single Dr. Who episode in my whole life, so any references in this level went straight over my head (except, maybe, for the use of something called the TURDIS? Nasty.) Definitely an odd apartment as you search for a couple of keys to proceed. The missing sounds and animations might be part of the gig, not sure. Liked the female enemies, not so much their male grunts. Not sure what to make of the T-Rex with human eyes though. 10 minutes. 01/22" - Treeble (23-Jan-2022)
"Nice to get some Doctor Who vibes at the start however all the doctor who vibes quickly die and you end up with enemies making wierd noises, NO sound for laras guns and animations end up being totally wrong. 12/40" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (30-Mar-2020)
"If you're a fan of the TV series, then you may gain some form of enjoyment from this, but I'm afraid a lot of the references were lost on me as I'm not as familiar with the concept of the show (aside from possibly the twist with the TARDIS). The enemies are ladies with oddly butch voices and the gameplay's incredibly simple with just a maze and a couple of keys to find. Ah, well, I've played far worse joke levels." - Ryan (04-Feb-2018)
"A toilet in a dark room, in a spinning gloom. Doctor Who must have changed his vehicle for a moment, but it looks like its only part can help even in very long journeys. Maybe the kitchen will be also added someday. The level might include a part the author give up finishing - as there's a side switch You'll never touch and a side door You'll never open - both if You deny dozy, and both not interfering with the rest of the game at all, so You might not even notice them. Also, 4 doors Lara tries to interact with and fails no matter of what, might make players unnecessarily care about them too much - while my dear Fexinspect indicates just a wall behind them all. As for overall gameplay, it only comprises of linear key-picking and door-opening, killing some female enemies in the meantime. Claiming the above won't help the author improve though, as he has released many more levels since the first DW episode. I just wanted to warn players that, despite of presence of all basic elements - a skeleton, a flipmap, slamdoors, a crawlspace and a pushable, there's nothing more particular in this little surreal adventure, it all ends after 10 minutes and there should be definitely more of it. Fortunately it is, in the next levels, so - after playing this one - I recommend to immediately switch to next episodes, to maintain a continuous perception of the whole series. SUMMARY: Don't bin this game, except the case if You DON'T want Doctor Who theme to stay in Your mind for several days." - DJ Full (16-Jul-2012)
"What a great concept! Doctor Who..... the Turdis.... a bog-pot that teleports through time and space. Opening cutscene - simulation of the the Doctor Who Title footage.... Funny stuff. It would have been hilarious if Lara could have swan dived down the cistern. But alas that wasn't possible..... believe me I tried. Weird stuff happens in Doctor Who and this level keeps up that tradition. Lara seems to have lost the power to open doors the conventional way (using the door knob) and simply stands next to them and thinks them open??? She has similar co-ordination problems with buttons. And there's some wacky stuff going on with sound in the level. Women enemies that have guns that sound like pea shooters and have voices like very macho thugs. Or maybe there were a clan of cross-dressing thugs... I dunno. There's actually a bit of gameplay in this level, with several sets of keys to be found and doors to opened, a quick maze and a couple of simple pushblock puzzles. Lighting barely ventures from the default room values, and textures are reasonably applied, although there's a strange lack of continuity in the choice of textures. I think I would have scored this level higher if it had stopped after the opening scene, which really was humourous. The rest of the level was at best 10-15 minutes of simplistic gaming with the only fun being the trusty time-potty at the end of the level waiting to flush Lara down the porcelain to another adventure in a far-away dimension-none-none (cue the heavy echo effect)." - EssGee (18-Mar-2007)
"Let me start out by congratulating the author on using his first finish trigger ever. It sure is nice when a level actually ends rather than goes on forever, and you keep running around in circles wondering what you've missed, until you're so tired and frustrated that you actually start seeing pink elephants dancing around the room, and you decide to exit the game and review the level instead. Ahem. This is slightly better than the author's previous efforts, and probably took longer than two days to build. Gameplay is extremely basic, with some doors to open, keys to find, and not much else, but it's miles better than the author's last four levels. The texturing and lighting need a lot of work as well, and the flybys do about as much as the goggles in that episode of The Simpsons. You know the one I'm talking about. In the end, this isn't a great ten-minute level, and I hesitate to even call it good, but it's certainly an improvement for the author." - Magnus (16-Oct-2006)
"A spoof of doctor who with a toilet for the time machine, about 25mins of gameplay with strange puzzles that randomly opened doors without clues, you then get back and the level ends. The textures were ok . a very average level." - Cory (08-Oct-2006)
"I only found one puzzle in this game, rest of it I only ran looking for keys and unlocking doors. There are some missed animations and sounds. What's the purpose of the cameras? Human enemies are all female. A short level about 15' you'll play without problems." - Jose (24-Jul-2006)
"My first thought was"Was it all worth it", then I thought some one has put in some effort in writing this"level", so I suppose it was. The game play is very straight forward, find the keys, splat the guards dressed up in drag, avoid the dinosaur and ponder at the end if you really have finished or has your machine gone ape. The lighting and textures although simple were fine, but soind effects were missing, e.g. gun fire, and why the area flooded when the switch activated I could not figure out (possibly a puzzle??) and the movable cage at the beginning was of little substance. I suppose not bad as quickies go." - Whistle (06-Jul-2006)
"The title isn't the only abnormally odd thing about this little venture. The apartment(well, it couldn't really classify as an apartment..more like a mansion of very odd sorts) holds very little promise for an extensive and puzzling gameplay. Another abnormality is the presence of a T-Rex in the basement and the mystery of the missing shotgun(which, judging by the shotgun ammo I found, I probably just missed somewhere and thus I had to avoid the T-Rex rather than getting the pleasure of killing it). Among other oddities there were three tesosterone-filled females who sounded and acted like males, just like in the previous adventure and Lara is once more clad in her school uniform(something that doesn't necessarily suit her). A few blocks to push around: one which bore no obvious hints as to where to place it and thus the door opening became more of a coincidence than anything else and one which Lara actually got stuck inside at one point and I had to reload. Otherwise there are some sliding bear-trap doors to get through and four keys to find to open various gates(said gates made it look more like a dungeon than a house) before the level ends after about 20 minutes as Lara runs towards a dead end with a toilet(must be an inside joke that no one but die-hard fans of Dr.Who will understand). The atmosphere wasn't exactly striking, there was often a lack of camera shots showing what door you just opened(although they WERE normally placed in the same room so it wasn't mentally challenging to find them) and to add up to it: seemingly pointless fly-by's showing you up to the closed gate you were standing right in front of at the same time. Lighting and textures seemed a bit flat, but not the worst I've seen. There's really little substance to this and it will most likely leave you with a "why did I even go through this?" feeling." - Selene (05-Jul-2006)
"If it wasn't for authors like B.Howaito we'd have spent the last four years still trying to get out of that collapsed Egyptian tomb. This is a quirkie bit of nonsense and I liked it very much. Very appropriate title. I laughed at the opening flyby accompanied by the Dr.Who theme. Then starts the oddest route through this abnormally odd place of habitation. Another surprise were the female occupants who guard the place. One fired at me, changed from a brunette to Sophia's style blonde, and grunted like a ninja when she collapsed. There's even a skeleton in the cupboard, lol! Lara herself looks like she's just got out of school, but the outfit looked great, and the lighting and textures, although odd as well, are quite good. There are problems, like Lara not animating opening doors and no sound from the pistols. Or are they problems? Perhaps this was the author's intention. Although we've seen it before, it's always a surprise to push a lever and suddenly find ourselves swimming. And the final encounter is with an indestructible TRex that ate my Lara a number of times as I tried to kill it. Get a load of those eyes! All told this is more like a dream level. I'm not familiar with the Dr. Who story. I know he travels in an old fashioned telephone box. Here Lara travels in a toilet. Well, you can't deny the originality of all this. Good fun." - CC (05-Jul-2006)
"Well you have to give it points for the title, haven't you? Wonderful. The level itself? Not so much. Certainly, it does look odd, but it's a bit less than stellar - doors opening without Lara touching them, missing sound files, bare rooms, extremely simplistic gameplay - interesting villains though and the T-Rex certainly gave me a fright. Honestly - unless you really, really want to hear the Dr Who theme tune I'd give this one a miss." - Jay (19-Jun-2006)
"An Abnormally odd apartment indeed - couldn't have summed up the experience in this level any better. Being from a generation (and I suppose location plays a role too) where Doctor Who hardly rings a bell, I can't say that enhanced my experience too, but there were plenty of other things spoiling it as well - lack of sounds, or wrong sounds (the hostile uzi women come to mind), missing animations, simplistic, rather uninventive gameplay. I gave it bonus points for the hilarious enemies (the mentioned angry uzi women, and the T-Rex with Laras eyes) and rather well applied lighting, but unfortunately those are only few of the many things on my checklist of what a good level should consist of." - eTux (13-Jun-2006)
"I certainly had a good laugh seeing the fly by with the music so well known if you're Doctor Who fan. Reading the read-me I got the joke and for me this was a bit of a joke level. Especially when that T-rex showed up. This is indeed an improvement on the other levels this creator made. There are however wrong animation and sound files missing. Had to re-load to hear the enemy die as I thought that was funny." - Gerty (10-Jun-2006)
"This one starts and ends with a toilet, which is pretty much where it belongs." - Duncan (09-Jun-2006)
"Great title for a level, cool starting flyby, nice schoolgirl outfit for Lara. Those are the first impressions. It does go a bit downhill from there, but it is still a step in the right direction for this builder. The 'open door' animaton is missing, the females enemies have sound issues, the flybys are ok but pointless as they simply show you what's ahead of you anyway and the script needs fixing. But what you get is a quick 15 minute raid, finding a few keys, pushing a few blocks, with a nice water flipmap and a surprise TRex appearance near the end." - MichaelP (07-Jun-2006)
"I am not a fan of Dr. Who and I fail to see how this level is a joke. I didn't like the setting which is very simple or the puzzles which were only some keys we had to find and a couple of objects we had to move. The level ends with Lara getting close to a toilet. Not my cup of tea." - Kristina (07-Jun-2006)
"Well odd it is, but not an apartment building ? Odd are the missing gun sounds, the female enemies with still the male voices (:D) only starting to shoot when they are already more dead than alive, the immortal T-Rex that would bite but not hurt Lara in her corner (the only time I wanted to save the game), Lara opening doors with telekinesis and the camera showing us where to go in the beginning, when there is no other way to go anyway. It looked a lot like my experiment "levels" with trle, only mine don't get so big before getting binned. There's nothing really wrong with the textures, but since the architecture is mostly squary, that's no surprise; lighting is none? Running around, picking up keys for doors nearby is the main thing, but i liked the idea of suddenly being underwater and having to remember the way back before drowning. Also the opening fly-around-the-toilet (ok- turdis) is nice. If like me You like "odd", download and play it while waiting for a phone call or such - why not, it's fast and easy. - I plan to generally have my ratings low, so no need to feel offended." - snork (06-Jun-2006)
"I haven't got round to playing any of the other levels by this author yet, but this one was certainly interesting and took me quite by surprise. To be honest, I am not sure what to make of it really, as I was never really a great fan of the Doctor Who series and for Lara to arrive at her destination in a toilet, just doesn't seem to fit well with me really. Getting into the game, I thought Lara's outfit suited her quite remarkably, as she reminded me of young school girl, who was trying to get somewhere in a hurry, as she must have been half asleep when getting dressed that particular morning, when arriving at the Old Apartment Building, as she was wearing odd socks. There's not much to do really in this level, other than the fact, you are searching for some keys, to open up many doors and killing lady enemies with men's voices, which I had a good laugh about. As far as the layouts and textures are concerned, this builder does have the ability and talent in applying some good textures in some of the rooms, which you entered during this adventure, some objects were very well placed too, which gave you a good atmosphere as you took up the search for those missing keys. To the author, I would encourage you to continue building, but maybe next time, perhaps put in some extra traps and puzzles for us to achieve and solve, which will enhance the game-play and make it more challenging for us players, which will in turn, create a wonderful laid out Lara adventure." - Gill (06-Jun-2006)
"Without looking at the Read-me beforehand,I defy even the most die-hard Dr Who fan to get the joke with the Toilet at the start.As TombRaider levels go,this is pretty awful (incorrect animations;nonsensical flipped rooms) but occasionally amusing (I especially enjoyed this builder's fixation for smartly-dressed female assasins with butch male voices)and is certainly more enjoyable than 'Lara in a Box.' As Dr Who adventures go,this is pretty awful but certainly more enjoyable than 'Time and the Rani'." - Orbit Dream (05-Jun-2006)
"I love the wit in this one. As the scene opens a flying TURDIS, a time travelling toilet, goes hurtling through space only to end up in a, you guessed it, abnormally odd apartment building. This seems to be the first real level by this builder but it is still only 15 minutes long and very easy. In this apartment Lara has really no objective other than getting herself to another toilet, I mean TURDIS in the basement, and there is not much in the way of her getting this done besides a handful of female shooters and a surprising appearance by the T-Rex. There is still a long way to go for this builder but at least now he is pointing in the right direction." - Sash (05-Jun-2006)