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Hurry Up 2 by BaGi

Akcy 5 7 7 8
Blue43 5 5 7 7
CC 6 7 9 8
dya1403 5 7 6 6
eTux 4 6 6 6
Gerty 5 6 7 7
Gill 5 5 6 7
Jose 7 7 7 8
Kristina 4 5 5 5
manarch2 6 5 6 7
MichaelP 4 7 6 7
Orbit Dream 4 5 6 8
Phil 6 7 7 7
Ryan 5 5 6 8
Sakusha 5 7 7 6
Sash 4 4 6 7
Selene 6 4 6 8
Torry 7 7 8 9
Treeble 7 8 8 8
Whistle 3 3 5 6
release date: 09-Jun-2006
# of downloads: 56

average rating: 6.18
review count: 20
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file size: 22.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"You can always trust Treeble to get stuck. This is a short and fast paced level and quite focused on fun, I might add — even though I played it at my own pace and leisure. The jump switches are all too cleverly hidden though, and there were a couple of key items spread around that I believe need to be collected in order which is why I didn't bother to try a more competitive time to present to my peers. (I can barely remember what I had for lunch.) Still, Lara's outfit is fun and the soccer field is a nice and unique setting. 15 minutes. 01/22" - Treeble (23-Jan-2022)
"It's rather futile to expect a guy my age to hurry up under any circumstances, and since there was no annoying on-screen timer to hasten my progress, I took my sweet time and enjoyed the scenery along the way. It's all rather straightforward with no enemies to deal with other than a couple of baby spiders. You're provided the revolver and laser sight for no good reason, and since I played straight through without saving I have no idea of my time, but it was probably in the 15-minute range. A brief but fun level to pad the review count." - Phil (24-Jan-2019)
"Fun little romp that took me twenty minutes because I could not find that damn revolver on the first pass. Everything is logical and relatively easy. I liked the bar with the pool tables, very authentic." - Torry (26-Jul-2018)
"I don't play Tomb Raider for its timed restrictions, I rather play to explore everything, so I played through this without worrying about dashing through it for speed. It's basically a tidbit, a run through a well put together (for its short duration) environment with a few nice textures and objects scattered around, plus a fast paced background tune that wasn't annoying, although in a longer level it probably would be. A nice little raid for when you want something simple. Time taken was almost 15 minutes (told you I don't play for speed)." - Ryan (04-Feb-2018)
"I picked this because it was a random feature level, didn't read other reviews or description and had no idea that the idea of the level was to get the fastest time possible so I took my time to finish it. The level is easy, fast paced and straightforward. Using a few jump switches, finding several keys and a crowbar is needed to make progress. The whole architecture revolves around a soccer field and a couple of additional rooms. I liked the background loop because it fit the style of level perfectly. The texturing was unusual and nicely done, and there was nothing to complain about the lighting either. It is definitely an interesting and fun to play game, especially if you are looking for a quick distraction after getting stuck in a multi-hour custom level. Recommended for all ages. (12 min, no secrets)" - Blue43 (08-May-2011)
"This level was well designed with the bar stuff and the soccer field. I liked the architecture very much, but some doors kept closed - even at the end. It seems a bit unfinished for me. This time there were even enemies - spiders - to shoot, but nothing harder. Textures were good." - manarch2 (05-Dec-2010)
"The second competition level by BaGi. This one is for the football World Cup, very good idea, Lara has the dress of the home team. The textures and objects are nicely done, the atmosphere also good. For normal gameplay, it's too short and easy, but the goal here, is to finish it, as fast as we can. It was real fun to play, my best time is 4:58." - Akcy (24-Dec-2006)
"Game play was rather simplistic as though this was an intro to a far bigger level. Enemies were 2 spiders easily dealt with and pick ups apart from the keys, trophy bits and crow bar were superfluous. No need for extra flares or the revolver and ammo. Lighting Ok and textures fine apart from one or two items which really stood out from the back ground. No real puzzles and the extra sounds were just surprising to hear and did not really set a good atmosphere. In short (and the level was certainly that) was hardly worth playing, perhaps best for the novice TR player." - Whistle (19-Nov-2006)
"I played this level right after the Word Cup from Germany had finished, so when I began this level I was pretty excited about it. That was a disapointment for me. Besides colecting 2 pices that formed the trophy for this competition there was nothing to do. Plus for: - the level theme: never done before -using the soundtrack from the new Tomb Raider Legend, wich in my opinion is great - the outfit Lara is wearing (the complete equipment from the German national football team) adding a cap Minus for: - the lengh of the level - what were the 2 valuable pieces doing under the dirty laundry baskets ? - I noticed that in the basement there was something wrong with the electrical wiring. Wasn't Lara supposed to fix that ? I think that made the trophy door open... - why was the football court so small? - in the initial fly-by I noticed 2 badies garding the entrance, but I never incontered them" - dya1403 (31-Oct-2006)
"It seems that to coincide with the soccer, or football as most call it, World Cup, this short level has been built. Lara starts on a soccer field and then goes on the hunt for two parts of the winner's trophy through the change rooms and relaxation rooms of the players. Although this was built with the sole purpose of trying to see how fast you can get to the end I simply played it as a normal level and I think I had a lot more fun than had I sped through it. The settings were nicely immersive and if this was made into a full length level one day I would really love to play it, as it is though and for what it was designed it comes across perfectly." - Sash (01-Oct-2006)
"You are in a german stadium and your mission is to restore the football trophy to its place. The level is short and very well builded, and Lara's outfit is great. Author said that there's not enemies but I found two small spiders. I got revolver and lasersight too but I didn't need them. Some objects have no colision, but objects and textures are the best of the level. Simply tasks you only have to look around and move some objects to find the items you need. A level nice to play." - Jose (26-Jul-2006)
"Speed is obviously not my strongest side when it comes to TR, as my fastest time was about 6 1/2 minutes. It was certainly an enjoyable venture nonetheless; a couple of jump switches, a crowbar + some keys and two trophy pieces to be found, a lot of pickups that can be left out and some spiders that are easily ignored(although I thought there would be no enemies here). Nice texturing, lighting and atmosphere(although as you rush through you hardly get any time to savour it). I loved Lara's outfit and although the level is a bit simplistic it's still a fast-paced, fun little break from the traditional raiding with a suitable and neat soccer-flavour to it and something that you can enjoy even if you don't have a taste for this particular sport." - Selene (05-Jul-2006)
"What a great idea! I love the way BaGi has adapted the original title flyby to show 'behind-the-scenes' at the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Lara is dressed in a lovely outfit. As always the decor, design, lighting and textures are great. This is a fairly short but interesting level. And there's a challenge! Put the World Cup onto it's stand in the fastest time possible. To do this we search the pitch, lockers, pool, storage and leisure rooms at the 'stadium'; to find the lasersight, revolver, crowbar, keys, and a lone box of ammo! Boxes and rubbish bins can be pushed around, and there are a few things to shoot. I had to laugh, after reading that there were no enemies, to then encounter two small spiders. Ok, they were tiny, still.... lol. As I write, the World Cup is still being played, so may the best team win. Great fun level." - CC (05-Jul-2006)
"If it's of any consolation to Orbit Dream, he's not the only one who particularly doesn't care about the World Cup. Well, actually I care about it enough, to know that this little competition level was dedicated to it, so it must be good for something after all. The setting is fitting as well, with the first area resembling to a stadium, and the inside parts of the level respectively like a lounge, locker room, etc. The background music from "Tomb Raider: Legend" adds to the atmosphere, and makes you rush through the level, which is a good thing, seeing that this is what it's about - who can get through the fastest. On my first run-through I spent about 10 minutes here, but couldn't finish because of a bug, that didn't open up the final door after getting both parts of the trophy. Since the level is so short, and the main purpose - to replay it as many times as necessary to get your best time, I didn't mind a lot though, and after replaying it, got my time down to 4:59. Fun while it lasts, which, as can be guessed, depends on how determined you are to get through here the fastest, so not the worst way of spending your time in a custom level. Try it!" - eTux (16-Jun-2006)
"Trust BaGi to come up with this grand idea. My first time around took about an hour as I completely overlooked the first lever and the opening in the wall for the ball. But hey, that is part of the fun. The boss missed one spider as I encountered two in this game." - Gerty (15-Jun-2006)
"It's a nice surprise level from Barbara dedicated to World Cup 2006 in Germany. There is a kind of football field in the main area where you will use the Trophy. Basically it's a challenge little level and first time I played it, it took me twelve minutes to finish it. The areas are small and all you need is a couple of jump switches, kill a small spider and move a few boxes or trash cans. Give it a try if you want to beat the best time and if you want to see what a football filed looks like, in a custom TR level." - Kristina (12-Jun-2006)
"This level perfectly represents the World Cup spirit, the outfit was appropriate, and the title flyby was nice. I didn't notice the first jumpswitch at first, but the rest went smoothly. Aside from one spider enemies were nonexistent. I couldn't find the revolver with the lasersight, but I managed to break the lock with Lara's pistols. The recycling bins and the spider webs are shootable, the pushable items were original, the jumpswitches are well-concealed and the rooms were well-adorned. The players can have a refreshing dip in the pool and drink expensive wines at the bar (however, they must drink moderately. Otherwise, they could be too drunk to play at their best). Lara needs to find two keys and two parts of the trophy, and my best time was 11 minutes." - Sakusha (11-Jun-2006)
"What a nice surprise! Great little competition level linked to the FIFA World Cup 2006 with suitable outfit, nice textures and overall setting and in fact one enemy (a little spider). Maybe the gameplay challenge was a bit of the very easy side, but as this is all in good fun, we should be very grateful for the effort of the builder :) My best time when writing this review: 5:32" - MichaelP (10-Jun-2006)
"Even though I'm probably the only person in Europe (if not the world) who has absolutely no intention of watching any of the matches in the World Cup,nonetheless I enjoyed this little excursion well enough for the short time it lasted. The objects are well incorporated (although no secrets appeared and only a couple of spiders attempted to menace Lara)and the atmosphere was quite charming. You may feel a compulsive urge to turn down the music accompanying the fly-by,but otherwise you'll have a fun little time." - Orbit Dream (10-Jun-2006)
"This was a pleasant surprise. Lara is all dressed for the occasion and is kitted out in her sexy football outfit as she arrives at this football stadium to begin her little expedition. So if you are a football fan, this little level adventure will certainly put you in the right frame of mind for the world cup. Her tasks here are easy to accomplish, by pulling a few jump switches, finding the crowbar and the two missing trophy parts and some keys, with all this in hand, the World Trophy Cup will be hers to put on show. This being a short level in game-play, I certainly didn't hurry up, I just took my time and had a good look around and checked out the decor of each room at this little old stadium, as I was in search of those all important items that were required. I was most impressed in the layout of the snooker/bar room, I even stopped there for a while, thinking I might get a quick drink or two, before venturing on with me tasks. In general, the layouts, objects, lighting and textures, was perfectly done, to enhance and give you the exact kind of atmosphere which was required for this environment and setting. It was just a shame it was over too quickly." - Gill (10-Jun-2006)