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Castle Riverrun - Part II by masha

Damon 8 9 10 10
Davy 9 10 10 10
DJ Full 8 9 9 8
Elsa 9 10 10 10
eRIC 9 9 9 9
Gerty 9 10 10 10
Ivan 10 9 10 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 9 10 10 10
Jose 8 10 9 10
Kristina 9 10 10 10
LadyCroft 8 10 10 10
Lizard Queen 7 7 7 7
MichaelP 9 8 10 9
Mman 9 10 10 10
Monica 10 10 10 10
Phil 8 9 9 8
Ravenwen 9 10 10 10
Ruben 10 10 10 10
Ryan 9 10 9 10
Samu 9 9 9 8
Selene 10 10 10 10
Treeble 9 10 10 10
VoodooChild97 10 10 10 10
Whistle 8 10 10 10
Xenutia 8 7 7 10
Zuxuna 8 10 10 9
release date: 23-Jun-2006
# of downloads: 176

average rating: 9.36
review count: 27
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file size: 53.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I've been poking around the bush with this one as some reviews suggested it was a very lenghty affair but it's not the case, and dare I even add unfortunately. If you've read any of my spam-reviews on this site, you're probably aware that I much prefer shorter and more condensed raids as opposed to epic scale releases, and with an unreasonable goal of reaching Ryan on the reviewer leaderboards by trying to play an hour a day, all the while juggling all the standard real life responsibilities plus other hobbies on the side, it's getting harder and harder to focus. But this level set is so magnificent I wanted it to last longer than it actually did. Something about the design, which is very like fantasy castles, combined with the excellent audio track selection adding to that dreadful feeling (especially in the dungeons below), it's all just too good. The gameplay is fun too, some of the pushblock sequences might have been a bit too long — and there were definitely too many of them —, but overall I enjoyed it a lot and there's some creative attention to detail we don't see often, such as the hammer smashing a barrel down a ramp to flood a room below. It's a simple setup, yes, but very effective given the restraints our builders work with. I loved the timed trapdoors in the cistern tower area. 2h10min, 4 secrets. 11/23" - Treeble (12-Nov-2023)
"Here's another level I started a long time ago and binned it because I couldn't do the very tight timed "jump to the slope, then to the platform, then to the opening before the platform dropped" sequence in the first level. Even the written walkthrough didn't help. Only when I searched for a video walkthrough could I see the technique and proceed. What I liked about the level: 1) There was plenty of room to back flip while shooting the horsemen. 2) The second courtyard in the first level was beautifully done. 3) The beanstock pole was a lovely touch. 4) The safe spot in the upper room third level is the place I used to kill all of the skelly/horsemen. 5) The pushable "minds" objects were cool. 6) The timed platform climb around the internal column was fun and I found a shortcut which made it even easier.
What I didn't like: 1) The upper push puzzle in the first level. Even after consulting the walkthrough, I still didn't get the logic. 2) The running around large open spaces, pulling levers, opening doors, etc. got a bit tedious. 3) I'm not fond of identical objects where some you can shoot, some you can move and some do nothing. It's not a biggie, but it felt somehow not fair to the player. 4) So much more could have been done with the torch puzzle in the first level. Even something simple like jumping onto blocks to light the sconces would have added a bit of fun. 5) Being stuck after 3 tries in the boulder room with no recourse but to reload is a big no no for me. At the very least, some sort of death tile or death explosion so the player knows they've blown it after the third try. 6) I also got stuck in the timed wooden floor room behind a closed gate with no recourse but to reload. A simple fix would have been to hot rig the tiles underneath the shatterable pots to prevent the player from jumping in there. 7) The sloped jump room was nice to see but I was able to avoid the first few slopes thereby bypassing most of the challenge. What a shame because I love jump rooms but if you time them, then I'm gonna take the shortcut even if it wasn't intended. 8 ) I finally know what some reviewers meant when they said they were helplessly slashed by the skeletons during an extremely long flyby, lol. 9) The sword shields were really levers and the mirror was "crashable"? These are cool effects, but no way would I have known to do either without the walkthrough. 10) I also got stuck a 3rd time between the "in the Castle" and "Castle Riverrun" level change. The door was closed after the level change and I had to borrow someone else's savegame to proceed.
Conclusion: If you are a player who doesn't mind a lot of running around and pushing block puzzles, being chased by enemies or having to reload or use someone else's savegame when getting stuck, then you will enjoy this level. But for me, the few places that were enjoyable couldn't offset the feeling of utter frustration and disappointment." - Lizard Queen (13-Feb-2020)
"a 4 parts adventure , well textured and lit , and with some enjoyable moments. I must admit i enjoyed a lot more the two dungeons levels than the two castle levels, even if the latter are more beautiful. The dungeons levels have a good creepy atmosphere and for me the gameplay was more fun , with less backtracking and fun parts like the series of timed trapdoors in the high room with the central tower. The castle levels have some good puzzles , the progression is somewhat less obvious , and the background audio loops were a bit boring to me. Alltogether Riverrun 2 is a varied and excellently built levelset that can please many players." - eRIC (13-Oct-2019)
"A lovely display of storytelling once again from this amazing author . Really enjoyed the the gameplay from start to finish and didn't get bored of it at all . My only issue was the overload of push-block puzzles that could have been toned down a tiny bit . I loved the contrast of the very pleasant and happy entry of the level, to the foreshadowing of the dark turn into the dungeons . Very nice pack with minor personal issues, would recommend to everyone since it's not too challenging but still packs a punch ." - Zuxuna (01-Jul-2019)
"Another amazing game from the talented Masha. I simply loved this breathtaking adventure from start to finish, bar a couple of minor nitpicks, which I'll get to soon. The aesthetics in this game are absolutely brilliant: dark, foreboding and spooky down in the dungeons and cheerful and spacious in the outside areas. The gameplay was fun and involving. I would have rated it all tens if there wasn't so much pulling and pushing of objects and despite the fact that the background music was well chosen, it got a little annoying after hearing it continuously. Aside from that, this is highly recommended." - Ryan (29-Oct-2016)
"The majority of game is really interesting, with some unexpectable enemies and clever puzzles, and I love searching for the armor. Not good I found out the blocks in the skull destination room are one-shot and if you raise them prematurely, you can progress a lot without noticing they're a dead end. If masha removes that error I'll boost up to 9 (oh a ratebait, how dare me). On the contrary, in the throne room I found a bug which might be useful for limit research - you can cross the wall behind the Sword Key pedestal and run through the dark for kilometers. Back to the game: certain locations make perfect architectonic sense, particular rooms are modeled and furnished the best way possible, few other like the cistern or the final arena are definitely underdecorated and boxy, while ceiling quality varies between strong 9 and weak 2. The scale of the work is large but sometimes I felt it doesn't have to be - while the outdoors look really natural this way, then the castle corridors could be shorter and especially making that second cog room one square littler in each direction would make the push much more bearable. I also think the exterior part should last a bit longer because the dungeons are a bit overwhelming. Alternatively and even better, the underground session could be separated with a fresh-air interlude. SUMMARY: A nice medieval raid, sometimes feeling like made by few different builders, but mostly flowing and eventually rewarding." - DJ Full (16-Feb-2016)
"Despite being a continuation there's actually very little link to the original, to the point it could be a separate release. You start off in the courtyard of the castle before heading into the dungeons and finally entering the castle itself. Every area is extremely well realised, with each section being extremely atmospheric; from the beauty of the outside to the creepy dungeons. It was also nice to see the Passage to Mu textures in the castle. Pretty much no section is neglected, and object use is just as good as everything else.
Gameplay is mostly interesting, with some good, and mostly logical puzzles, lots of exploration, and some good twists on standard objects (like opening wine-barrels). The main flaw is that the second half gets an irritating emphasis on long pushable puzzles; there's rarely even much of a "puzzle" aspect to them, you are just moving them onto obvious tiles. There are mostly enough more interesting parts to make up for it. One part also had a bug where it's very easy to be chased by skeletons into a long cutscene and take damage during it (it should have been set-up as a standard cutscene where you don't take damage). Despite those flaws it's an excellent pack and a big improvement on the original." - Mman (22-Mar-2011)
"This four level adventure doesn't belong to my favorite category but it is still well constructed in every ways. Environment looks very appealing and atmosphere is spiced up with well fitting audio tracks. Puzzles are varied and challenging. Author has also created some effects that you won't see usually in custom levels. A good example is the mirror which you have to break by jumping through it. All in all this is a good game and if you like castle levels you will certainly enjoy this game." - Samu (26-Oct-2007)
"You start the journey in front of a huge castle, Then a Dog pops up along with a Tin man. After taking care of them you are free to look around, Its then you start to realize how much hard work and imagination the creator of this level has put on.The background music is nice and Flyby's are really great.So ill give 10 for Atmsphere, sound & cameras, 10 For Lightening & textures, 9 for enemies n objects and finally 8 for Puzzles because they were repetitive, sometimes you get bored Draging those Skulls over long distances over and over again. But its a level worth playin took me 4 Hours and 14 Minutes to complete this level and i enjoyed each second of it!! "Masha Frankel" <- You have really done good work." - Damon (31-May-2007)
"I know this won't be a popular opinion, as this level appears to have generally been well-received and scored highly but there was a lot I didn't like about it, so much so that I chose not to finish. This is rare for me I usually only leave off before I'm all the way through if there is a bug preventing me from progressing. In this case, I just wasn't happy with it. The puzzles are repetitive, involving lots of pushing and pulling objects, timed runs, or wall/jump switches, the enemies are always the same something skeletal and one puzzle had such an obscure answer that I don't think anyone would think how to solve it without help, and I don't usually have to use walkthroughs anymore. I could have kept playing through all this and still enjoyed the amazing architecture and lighting, but then came the moment when, just as Lara is attacked by two skeletons, the camera decides to go on a massive fly-by that prevents you from seeing Lara or her enemies to fight back. Pressing the look key didn't return the camera to Lara, and the only thing to do was pump medipacks until the camera was finished doing it's thing, which took far too long. At this point, I stopped playing. I don't usually say anything negative about custom levels because I appreciate how terribly long they take to build, and it's something I've not tried to do but even so, I had to have a moan! " - Xenutia (29-Apr-2007)
"Castle Riverrun (8/8/9/9, 20 min., 1 secret): A very relaxing start in the nice outside Castle grounds, with the highlight being the growig of the beanstalk, a short, but tough timed sequence and a very cool way of raising the water level in a pool. This serves as kind of a hub level for the adventure.
Dungeon - Part 1 (9/8/10/9, 20 min., 1 secret): Eerie atmosphere indeed in this dungeon with blood on floor and walls, spiders and skeletons roaming around and very suitable audio that will send shivers down your spine. This part mainly revolves around a nice boulder room which branches out to three areas where timed shooting and jumping puzzles need to be mastered.
Dungeon - Part 2 (9/9/10/9, 50 min., 1 secret): If at all possible this starts out even spookier than the previous part and it also gets the gameplay going much more than the previous ones. Plenty of things that needed to be pushed around (cool skull objects), a knight that helps you break a few crossed, puzzles with switches and raising blocks and the highlight - a hilarious moment with the resident band of the dungeon. The Cistern area is also great fun with a series of not too hard to master timed trapdoors.
Inside the Castle (8/8/9/8, 60 min., 1 secret): This part could have been so much better than it was - a classic example of 'less is more' here. The ideas are great - you get to use torches, a mirror room with a difference, a nice wheel construction and then all the fun comes to an abrupt end with an unnervingly tedious pushable object puzzle, which will take you forever to complete without every having to put your brain in gear, because it is fully obvious what to do, it just takes about 100 or so pushes to complete it. Still, it does not spoil the overall experience that culminates in a short but effective boss fight at the end.
Overall a great project that will keep you busy and entertained for quite some time and shows how much the builder has advanced since the first Riverrun release." - MichaelP (22-Apr-2007)
"This is a wonderful game. It's very colourful with many great puzzles and a beautiful atmosphere. The levels can be accessed at any time for any forgotten items or a secret which makes the game even greater. As enemies we have bats, skeletons and two bosses of which one is at the end. There are timed sequences involved that I thought were a nice challenge, dark dungeons with blood on the floor which was a detail that added to the atmosphere. Everything has been made with attention to detail as much as possible. The castle has a nice marble floor and many rooms but one of them with the many switches and blocks made me dizzy. Also the puzzle with the timed runs and moveable blocks because it was necessary to move all of the objects three times, two on the ground floor and one time on the upper level became tedious. I found four secrets and one rose that wasn't counted as a secret and was dropped by the huge guy at the end. Make sure you don't miss this level, it's highly recommended." - Kristina (09-Apr-2007)
"This is a beautiful-looking level, which is moreover organized in such a brilliant way that it has a true professional touch in it. The four parts it consists of are inter-connected, and you can go back and forth as many times as you want; you open the paths as you move along and once you want to go back to find something you have missed, doing so is very easy and straightforward. For example, upon reaching the room where the Iceheart sword was kept (a beautifully made artifact, by the way!) I found out I was missing two keys. Going back to find them was not only easy but also very enjoying. The settings are awesome, and there is a great veriety of them. The castle and its surrounding areas are pure eye-candy, while the dungeons, although much darker and creepy, have excellent detailed decoration that creates a very realistic feel. All the levels are massive, yet you can't easily get lost, as there is a lot to do and you never stay inactive wondering what to do next - and each step you take leads to the next one naturally. There are many traps to pass through and puzzles to solve, some of which are particularly genial (like the brain-head puzzle in the dungeons or the mirror room puzzle in the castle) and some of which are a bit bugging (the switches lowering blocks for finding the two blue gems in the castle). In particular the mirror room is fantastic, and very cleverly made. Lighting all the torches so as to reveal the aforementioned room was also something I enjoyed. Incidentally, this was one of the few levels where I didn't get annoyed by the use of the torch. There are also a lot of timed runs, but they are very good and although they may get a bit repetitive after a while, they are rather friendly with the player: you don't always have to run like mad, as you have time in your hands in most cases. Overall this level is a real work of art, that you can't miss." - Ravenwen (28-Jan-2007)
"What a beautiful set of levels ! There is really not much more to say about it cause all the other rewievers have pointed out why this TRLE adventure surely must find its way into the Hall of Fame ! Dear Masha , please take all my 10 ratings as a reward for your hard work . Please carry on this way ! Thank you so much for all the fun !" - Ruben (06-Jan-2007)
"great work! the only thing I didn't like of this level are some boring or reapiting puzzles... for all other aspects it's really at the top!" - Davy (06-Nov-2006)
"I hate to be the wet blanket here, since I'm the one who seems to be known for giving inflated scores in his reviews, but I honestly can't see what all the fuss is about. To be sure, this is an engrossing and highly competent quartet of levels, but by no means would it qualify as one of my all-time favorites. From the other reviews I was expecting to find a gaming adventure on a grand scale, and indeed the first level was a pure delight with its lush outdoor settings and charming musical accompaniment. But the remaining levels suffered badly from that old bugaboo of mine--excessive darkness. In particular, the last level had few if any enemies and the gameplay involved solving puzzle after puzzle that, while imaginative, dragged out much longer than their period of welcome. The tedium I experienced at this point was worsened by the looping spooky music that sounds like something out of Peter and the Wolf. (If it drives you batty, too, just rename or delete 105.wav in your audio folder.) For weapons you get a shotgun to kill little spiders and defeat the Boss at the very end, and a crossbow to shoot brass balls and the like rather than enemies, so there's not much in the way of adrenaline rush as you invest the four hours or so it will take you to get all the way through. Still, there's a lot to do as you weave back and forth between the levels, and Selene has provided her usual detail-oriented walkthrough. I played the first level in the series as a tuneup to this one, and I frankly had a better time in that one. But I'll recommend this sequel to anyone who hasn't already downloaded and played it." - Phil (24-Sep-2006)
"Excellent design with not very difficult puzzles. Perhaps sometimes you could get stucked 'cause there are some new features and objects in the game and you're not familiarized how to interacting with them, but usually you'll advance through the levels with no problems. The only bad thing I found is that you can arrive to the very end room (the room with the sword) without carry with you all five keys and in this case you'll never get the ice sword (the goal of the game). Yes, you know that you can go back the previous levels, and the author explains in the readme file how many keys you must find in each level, but once you reach the final room it's very tedious to go back and explore again the same places looking for the missed keys. Except this, levels are marvellous and I'm sure you'll enjoy them if you play." - Jose (14-Sep-2006)
"I have to admit I nearly had tears in my eyes as I watched the final fly-by, concluding this gorgeous set of levels. I didn't want it to end and even though Lara has now found the Iceheart one can always hope that it will turn into a trilogy somehow. I know I would definitely LOVE to see more of this. Lara starts in the bright and beautiful beyond words courtyard at Castle Riverrun. From there the quest for the sword takes her into deep down into the dungeon and back again, before entering the very impressive castle itself. There aren't many enemies(mainly tin knights, dogs, skeletons and spiders as well as an occasional wraith and undead templar), but there are plenty of puzzles(torch puzzles, various moveable pieces and colour puzzles as well as a maze with switches and blocks) to spice it up considerably. In order to reach the sword Lara needs five sword keys and five pieces of an armour, each key is always located near an armour piece. A good thing is that Lara can go back and forth between the different areas, something which is perfect in case you've missed a secret, an armour piece or sword key. The atmosphere is unbeatable, it felt very real at all times and the soundtrack following it was so immense and beautiful that it sent shivers down my spine on several occasions. I really can fault it at any point, everything about it was perfect. The gameplay was thrilling throughout the entire adventure, the texturing as well as the lighting is flawless. I found(with a lot of help from Masha) five Golden Rose secrets(although the last one didn't register as such). An absolutely stunning adventure that I would recommend to everyone and I really hope we get to see more from Masha in the future." - Selene (08-Sep-2006)
"Absolutely one of the best levels I played. The atmosphere, the puzzles, the music (!). There are four levels of this game and each of them is just beautifully built. There are many secrets to be found but the main thing is to collect an armour parts (five of them) hidden in different levels. I enjoyed this level so much that I thought of playing it one more time, just to soak the atmosphere and listen to this absolutely beautiful choice of music. Beautiful textures, the castle looks just great outside and inside. Some tricky timeruns. Firstly I thought that I won't be able to do some of them but after trying a few times I discovered that it was not that difficult at all! Plus all four levels are interconnected so if you forgot to do sth in the previous level you can easily go back. Honestly, I had the most wonderful time playing this one, and I will be waiting for Masha's new great project. Well done Masha, you are one of the best! I have to give you straight 10 of course, I would even give 11 for atmosphere if that would be possible. Thanks Masha for that great experience." - Monica (04-Sep-2006)
"I absolutely loved this level!! We are treated to beautiful scenery, custom animations and creative gameplay. I loved the mirrored room in the castle and it was fun trying to find all the armor. My only complaint is that I became stuck not once but twice when I was allowed to leave a level without the proper pick-up and not able to return for it, once in the dungeon and again in in the room with the skellies and the knight. This required a previous samegame and backtracking which disrupted the gameplay, but otherwise I would have rated a perfect 10." - LadyCroft (04-Sep-2006)
"Lara starts her new adventure on her toes attacked by a dog then the tin man. Once they are dealt with then you can stop and take in the vast mystic courtyard, between the atmosphere and music it felt like medieval times. This is a game with lots of exploring, fighting, puzzles, secrets, and running high and low. There is a unique puzzle in which you use a water barrel to fill a partly filled pool of water. I was prepared for the worst when I came to the room with the timed platforms over water, but was pleased that each platform had a separate timed lever, with the occasional skelly to get in your way. A bit of skillful run curved jumps, but not aggravating. The only tiny disappointment in game play was the pushing of objects around the 4 cages. There are so many nice rooms, the church, courtyard, mirror room, even the dungeon is... well let's say nicely done. This is a great lengthy game with many surprises; I liked the skelly band and the music from Harry Potter in the final room. My advice when playing this level is save often, take your time to search or you will probably have to go back for the missing items, turn up the volume and enjoy." - Elsa (03-Sep-2006)
"This level (or combinations of) give Lara a good romp through a goodly number of areas with lots to do. Unfortunately for me however the big downer was the fact that you could not backtrack if you missed a vital item, particularly if it was in parts of Dungeon 2 sections, hence the down marking. The puzzles tended to be of the shove it variety, but with plenty of variations, but there is the maze to negotiate The areas are quite varied, from the misty start to the castle at the end. Enemies were not frequent, but have to be dealt with and include the unkillable knight, knights on foot and horse back and skellies, all you would expect from the title. There are lots to find and pick up with many of the pieces vital at a later stage, hence the comment above. The use of textures lighting and graphics in general were superb and very well crafted, setting up a very believable atmosphere. Definitely a level to play." - Whistle (26-Aug-2006)
"I took a break from playing custom levels for awhile, now that I've returned, coming across with this level makes me realize it was worth it to wait. I felt like in one of Oxy's levels (which are absolutely great), sorry if I couldn't avoid comparing, but that's the first thing that went through my mind when I started it (of course it is a plus). The level itself has a little bit of everything. I loved the atmosphere of the first level, liked the church, and the puzzle above had me working for hours, until I figured it out. Since there isn't a walkthrough available I had to figure out the solutions myself (yes yes, I'm sort of addicted to walkthroughs), which made the whole experience more fun. The puzzles are not that difficult, but require some thinking. For example I had forgotten to pick up the breast part, and had to return later to find it. And I had no idea I had to... ok, I'll stop the spoilers, find it out yourself! I hope we get more levels like this one. Now go download it :P" - Ivan (26-Jul-2006)
"What a wonderfully built level! Nice atmosphere, nice music, very good graphics and a lot of imagination, plus many challenges in an adventure long enough to keep you well interested. Lara starts on the outside of the castle, then travels down to the catacombs (2 parts) and finally enters the castle, while having to solve a lot of puzzles, do some timed runs and fight tin men plus bosses. Imagination runs wild here... All very good. Except for a little too much pushing/pulling at times, which, as you may figure out, isn't one of my favorite things... In the end, Lara gets an ice sword, two secret roses and fights a large roman soldier's statue. It's hard to tell what is better here, but I liked the mirror room although I'd already seen something like that before (great effect though) and the catacombs part II is really huge and great too. One thing I hadn't seen yet is that Lara can carry the torch between levels. Do play it. I'll be looking forward to a third part." - Jorge22 (17-Jul-2006)
"Starting this level I just had to look real good over the big courtyard, it is beautiful. Your goal is to gather the five pieces of armor and I had real trouble finding the left grieve (thanks vimmers). This isn't as straight forwards as it looks as you travel through the dungeon, climb vines, get cogwheels, find torches and do some timed runs. The pushing of objects was the part for me that started to get a bit boring, as there is a tad too much of it. There is however a nice bug in this level so you can lock away the evil spook in the small library as the trapdoor that is closed, is not a solid object. The enemies in here are well placed, as they made me jump in my chair and that is a good sign in my book. The puzzles are not that hard to figure out and funny enough I loved the one room with the many levers although sometimes I had no inkling what I did. This castle is one of the few that does take your breath away and for that alone I should say give it a go." - Gerty (16-Jul-2006)
"I have no choice but to give straight tens. Walking out with Iceheart as the morning begins here in reality, I'm placing my experience at Riverrun castle right on a pedastal next to Castle Doomsday and The Clockwork Cathedral (speaking of cool castles). Find five pieces of armor and accompanying keys to get the (awesome) sword. I expected something impressive after reading Jay's review, but I was still stunned to see with my own eyes how beautiful the castle has become since its introduction however long ago in the first part (which I played right before this). The texture selections are perfect throughout most of the game (as opposed to the first). The music adds greatly to the atmosphere and really sets a lovely tone (I had my nose up in the air all through the first and last levels). Always loving new objects or just old ones that do new things and there's plenty of those here as well. The lighting is great, the distance fog brings the atmosphere alive in this level like in no other it seems. One can just imagine the damp air and dew on the grass. Now the castle levels are polished and majestic but the dungeon levels provide a great contrast to that: dark, hostile, and morbid. The textures down there may appear a little bit confused or mismatched at times, but it all works out well in the end. Some spooky moments, a little comic relief, and some real challenges as well. Puzzles throughout are very clever, new, and fun most of all, but be warned: lots of pushable junk and that gets tiring. Some new enemies (cool), and the old ones work well so it's all good. Four secrets to have fun finding, golden roses, although there are actually five golden roses (one not a secret) that I found in the game. ;) This is an epic - with bosses! So get it and love it (yes, very highly recommended)." - VoodooChild97 (10-Jul-2006)
"Having absolutely adored the first Castle Riverrun, I was bouncing up and down with excitement at the thought of a sequel. The first thing to say is that it looks almost unbelievably beautiful. Of course, once you get down into the dungeons the decor becomes a bit less pretty and a lot more spider-ridden. The atmosphere down there is gloriously spooky with some very eerie sounds in the background. There are some fabulous puzzles, timed runs/shoots etc., to achieve in the dungeons and the skeleton cabaret is the funniest thing I've seen in a level for a long time. Priceless. I had a wonderful time. The inside of the castle is suitable impressive and the mirror room effect is breathtaking. I also loved the fanfare every time I found one of the five pieces of armour. For me, this level has everything - style and substance, plus lovely music. I was so sorry when I finished. May we please have a part 3 Masha. Please, please, please." - Jay (29-Jun-2006)