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The Parallel World (Demo) - Pentagon by Jessy

CC 4 4 5 6
eTux 3 3 4 4
Gerty 4 5 5 4
Jay 3 3 3 4
Jose 5 5 6 5
Kristina 4 4 4 4
MichaelP 4 5 6 5
Orbit Dream 2 3 4 4
Ryan 3 3 4 4
Scottie 5 6 7 7
Treeble 2 2 2 2
Xela 5 5 7 6
release date: 19-Jun-2006
# of downloads: 48

average rating: 4.25
review count: 12
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file size: 14.99 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is another very old demo so there's not much of a likelihood of this ever being fleshed out into a full version. There's not much in the way of involving gameplay even here, with it being reduced to backtracking along endless corridors, picking up items and pressing buttons. Also a few wafer thin walls and walkthrough gates around." - Ryan (28-Feb-2017)
"I'm actually really disappointed that this was the builder's only level, because there is a good deal of potential here. This level is a base/cave mesh that tries to convey alien/nature hybrid experimentation...I think. Anyway, the cave section is remarkably well done for a first attempt--the textures and crafting of this area making it cool to look at. The base is, as other reviewers have mentioned, poorly optimized in its space usage. There are long, winding corridors that lack any interest to behold. And because many of them are crawlspaces, much of the player's time in the base is spent trying to get to the next room with activities. But what we have to remember is that space optimization is not easy, and should not be expected to be perfect on the first go. Other then that issue, there is little to no music, and some doors are invisible. As a first attempt, I think this level is to be commended for trying something bold and partially succeeding. I just wish that the full version was released for our consumption." - Xela (02-Jul-2014)
"Lara must find in this Base-Level a key and two Microchips. These both Microchips open the door to the level end. At the beginning I was persuaded of the fact which I would play a good level. The first Flyby was made good, sometimes apart from the missing sound. Because it is only one demo, the missing sound has not disturbed me really. Another plus are the textures. They are not only at the beginning really good. No, they can convince in the whole level. They are diverse and applied cleanly. There are, however, a few things which have disturbed me massively. One had to go too long through too many crawl passageways. Nevertheless, this looked very much after time drudgery. One could go several times through grid gates. After the first Microchip one had to go through a hand felt half an hour ever long and always constantly textured way, only discontinuous through a few small rooms in which Sentry-Guns stood. The first big cave room looked not just very inviting. Largely, square and very green. In the middle still a square water hole and this it was. There the following caves looked quite substantially better. To sum up, one must say, the potential for a good level existed, indeed, Jessy would have had a lot to rework. Even though a pity, that it has been stayed only by this demo." - Scottie (07-Jun-2009)
"Wow, talk about boredom. Sorry for my potentially harsh words, but really, all you do in this sterile base environment is run through long and claustrophobic corridors, eventually reaching rooms that look different (but offer nothing more than looks) and to make matters worse, the 'striped' textures used on the corridors can make you dizzy when you sprint. Not sure if that's any better than the several untextured spots along the way. The doors collision seems to be very off as well. The highlight of this level is certainly the raptors and then the spiders cave, but they seemed to be very misplaced. I also ended with un unused red key. Also, I know that Tomb Raider has never been a good representation of reality, but when you reach the bathrooms and realize just how much you had to run to get there you'll wonder just how did the local employees (if they actually exist) would manage. 25 minutes. 11/08" - Treeble (01-Nov-2008)
"Well it's a demo but even so it has many long, very long corridors with some spiders and skeletons as enemies. There are problems with some doors that open the wrong way and a couple of red keys to find from which I only used one plus two pyramid keys. I didn't see this as an interesting demo and for the full game the builder must add some good puzzles or this is going to be an uninteresting level." - Kristina (19-Mar-2007)
"This was a strange level to play. But it was strangely compelling. I wanted to know what was going to happen next. It has lots of design problems, strange choice of objects and enemies for the two main environments - base and caves, and apart from a gauntlet of machine guns, not much in the way of gameplay. It's big, huge in fact, and I feel that the author was a little over ambitious for a first level. The endless corridors in the base was overkill, even if it was set up to trap the player into a false sense of security as they ran straight into the firing line of the machine guns. Calling it a demo was the right thing to do though. And there is no denying the effort made to bring this about. The energy and enthusiasm are there and that is good news for the future. A lot of rooms in the base did look very good indeed. I thought the blue watery cave looked lovely, and the spider's web in the, em, spider's cave, looked appropriate. I certainly would recommend players to have a look at this. They will see for themselves the huge potential of this author." - CC (01-Sep-2006)
"A strange level with a labs area and a caves area. Your goal is to get two micro chips (one in the labs and one in the caves) to open the exit door. Long corridors and long crawlspaces and not interesting puzzles, but at least the level can be played. There is a key (canopic jar?) you don't need to finish the level. No human enemies, the level is not lineal so you'll need to go back for items sometimes. Wafer thin walls, some metal door you can trespass and another small defects. Correct sounds and textures. Isn't a bad level but I couldn't find something interesting." - Jose (03-Aug-2006)
"This is a first of Jesse and not a bad one at all. Lara is in a base environment and has to find two Chips (Guardian Keys) to finally leave. There is a lot of running through very empty rooms and corridors. There aren't many enemies, some skeletons, raptors and crocs and a couple of sentry guns. I was pretty lucky as I did choose the right way straight away and also found the Chips pretty easily. The crawling however was the pits, as that must have hurt Lara's knees. There are some paper-thin walls and in one pool when Lara looked up, the surface of the water was no water. There was also a corridor in the alien room I couldn't get in despite that the door was open. An invisible door prevented Lara to enter. But there is potential here." - Gerty (16-Jul-2006)
"This one actually isn't half as bad as you could tell from the ratings. Despite the odd combination of the base, jungle and blue cave settings, this feels quite consistent. So yes, there is a stretched texture in one place or the other (usually where rooms connect), paper-thin walls, dull lighting (though it can be very good too, I must mention), the occasional missing texture or unfinished area (near the end) and absence of any real gameplay (though the sentry gun run gave some good thrills) and context - this still, with being a tad below average, turned out to be better than most of these so called demos, or first time efforts you get to see. I don't want to over-praise this too though, as indeed there is a lot to learn for the builder if he wants the final product (assuming there will be one) to sustain the interest of the players, but if anyone asks me - I believe he's on the right way of doing that, so good luck! As for my recommendation to the players - I'd probably wait for the complete level, but if you don't set your expectations too highly, you're not going to be disappointed in this one either." - eTux (08-Jul-2006)
"Even though this is only a 30 minute long level, less could actually have been more here. Because while the small jungle area and the blue caves are visually rather pleasing the remainder of this Base is thoroughly dull and boring and you spend most of the time running through long uniformly textured corridors with nothing in them. I actually found two red keys but needed only one - not sure if I missed a secret there. And the two Micro Chips (guardian keys) will then open the trap door to the exit (which has no ceiling textures). The most exciting part was probably the little gauntlet past the sentry guns and the little fight with two raptors and two crocodiles. Clearly a lot of potential with this new builder - just need to focus more on the right things." - MichaelP (03-Jul-2006)
"Sigh. Another demo. It's a base/cave style setting, with plenty of running around to do but not much actual gameplay other than finding a few keys and shooting a few spiders and skeletons (slightly odd choice of enemy for this type of level but whatever). Running the gamut of several sentry guns was mildly amusing, but really this needs an awful lot of fleshing out (no skeleton pun intended) before it can be considered a decent level." - Jay (02-Jul-2006)
"Yet another level with the appellation of 'Demo'. I'm assuming that this one is indeed the first draft of something much larger,and not another "can't be bothered" builder trying to pull a fast one. IF this is the genuine article,then it's in need of a great deal more work. Although the re-modelled enemies count for something,Gameplay which is as boring as this (huge empty rooms,massive long corridors,interminable crawls) absolutely must be corrected;as is also the case with the many missing textures and wafer-thin walls,which all betray the 'first-time' status. There's nothing wrong with leaping in full-tilt and creating an ambitious level as your first outing,but it is rather important to iron out all the glaring construction errors first (even with a 'demo' title)and to create Gameplay that isn't predominantly dull. The cave sequence works reasonably well,and the whole thing is simple to undertake,but if you're going to give this a go I'd recommend you take a book along with you." - Orbit Dream (29-Jun-2006)