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Clara's Home by Clara

afzalmiah 8 7 9 10
Catherin 6 8 9 8
CC 6 7 8 8
DJ Full 9 9 9 9
drguycrain 8 10 10 9
eTux 6 6 8 7
Gerty 6 7 7 7
Jay 8 8 8 8
JoeTheCrazyGamer 8 8 7 8
John 6 7 8 8
Jorge22 7 8 8 8
Jose 5 7 8 9
Kristina 6 7 7 7
manarch2 6 8 8 8
MichaelP 6 8 9 8
Orbit Dream 6 7 8 9
Phil 8 8 8 9
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Selene 8 8 8 8
SeniorBlitz 7 8 9 8
sonnyd83 8 8 8 10
The Snarky Lesbian 9 8 10 9
Treeble 7 8 8 8
Victoria 7 8 9 9
release date: 11-Jul-2006
# of downloads: 120

average rating: 7.85
review count: 24
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file size: 56.52 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"What a lovely place to live in. As a level it works pretty much as a standard house level, with lots of keys to find as you search high and low through all floors and rooms. Not only does the place look cozy, but it earns extra bonus points for all the cute kittens roaming around. Several custom objects help creating the atmosphere, one that stood out to me was the washing machine with a power cord which was actually pluged to the wall in a soaked room... 35 minutes, 2 secrets. 01/22" - Treeble (30-Jan-2022)
"Ok so claras home for me is another home level that has great style in terms of an interesting and original layout with great lighting and textures both inside and outside but unfortunately lacks in substance because of the mostly boring gameplay and tasks. the things i did enjoy about the level were the tasks of getting into new rooms or places in an unconventional way for example: having to find bullets for your pistols to smash open windows from the outside and take take a leap of faith towards the now open window allowing yo access to a new room. I also enjoyed the small puzzle in the attic and the clever puzzle with the washing machines in the cellar but apart from that its just back and forth mostly finding keys to open doors etc with no real traps or much danger or any other interesting puzzles, as for enemies theres some seriously annoying bats, a few rats and unfortunately the pet cat attacks you as well. i like the camera flybys at the beginning and the end though very nice!" - John (10-Jul-2021)
"Believe it or not, I LOVED this level. The aesthetics satisfied a niche in me I forgot existed. But this level sucks me right back to the point when the original TR games were new (I was like 6-7) and I watched my Dad play them. I would play being Lara and imagined climbing the neighbourhood, picking up ammo pickups from rooftops and I would unlock the front door mimicing the TR2 key door animations. This level gives me all that. I walk on rooftops, I open doors, I play in the cellar and in the attic, I hop into other people's gardens and eventually I also shoot things. Meanwhile, apples and joghurts are med kits. And this level is not easy, there is a lot of steps in this, and something can be said for how much back and forth there is. Into the attic, out of the attic, into the cellar, back to the attic, back to the cellar. There is a lot of back and forth, that after a while got kind of old. Also the key on the roof, that was only there in the "inside the house" level, but not in the outside level. And I did not think of looking there, because I was already on that roof in the outside version, and the terrace always kicked me back outside. Had to look up a guide to get this. Also, a few sentences ago I mentioned the apples and joghurts as med kits, that - thematically make sense and I really enjoyed - seemed kind of useless in this level. I did receive a few bruises from the trapped cat trying to hit the switch in there, but nothing hurt me enough to ever warrant using a med kit. Maybe this is if accidantly release the bats? In any way, it thematically helps I guess, even if their inclusion is odd. Thanks for this level Clara, and another thanks from my childhood." - The Snarky Lesbian (08-Mar-2019)
"Another fun house level. The house was designed nicely. The objects and textures used in the level were good. I think the level passed by quickly and ended too fast, especially putting into account the size of the place. Overall a fun level." - Victoria (19-Dec-2018)
"A very relaxing and different (in a good way) house level, full of exploration and with a very unique architecture when it comes to home levels. The outside of the house is packed full of colorful textures and decorations, I would easily give it a “9” to the texture department if it wasn’t for the fact that some rooms in the house are somewhat on the bland side (not all though). There’s a lot of backtracking, but, that wasn’t really an issue since there are a lot of shortcuts that prevent you to feel frustrated, there are only a few enemies (not counting the Cat’s with human eyes that works like the monkey’s in TR 3), the secrets can be tricky to find in some places, the puzzles mainly consists of some block pushing (I liked the one in the basement since I thought the idea was really creative). In the end it’s a very relaxing and enjoyable ride, play it if you want a different home level with colorful visuals (but be aware of the fact that the pistol ammo is limited!)." - SeniorBlitz (02-Nov-2017)
"A nice, enjoyable house level that lasted around 40 minutes for me. You get the opportunity to explore the surrounding gardens as well as the house itself, using keys, switches, digging up an item from beneath a plant and fawning over the cute cats. Lara's pistol ammo is rationed in this one, so don't spray them all over the place. Nice and tranquil." - Ryan (06-Jan-2017)
"Clara home is a cool single level TRLE with interesting puzzles and the use of Apple's and Yogurts seem so Interesting for the use of medipacks. But only criticism i would have is that the game often moves lara to the other level when on the roof and you have to get back to the rooftops again if this happens. So its quite good for an early design." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (16-Oct-2016)
"I'm sure that key on the balcony isn't a good idea but the level is very small so You will eventually stumble upon it, and the whole rest is unlikely to be skipped as long as You know where to utilize the weapons - unluckily I didn't get it all (I build this way myself so I don't know what failed) and it's always harder to fairly rate a level of playthrough damaged by a player fail. But I now replayed this from a distance which is hopefully safer than a washing machine one forgot to unplug before flooding the basement. Though I don't know if I can be more steady and calm than a peaceful sunny garden setting this story takes place on - it's really hard to surpass such mood in case of a home level. I only didn't give 10 for atmosphere because there are other types of levels out there which allow for greater immersion - let's remember Ghosts of Croft Manor is more a Mystery than a manor but wait a minute, why do I explain myself? I don't wanna fly around like a garage bat to take a bite everytime a builder runs short of ammo to counter my arguments, but being too sunny isn't good either and makes the ferns dry. A review should be a shovel combined of tips necessary to move projects already blooming with ideas to even richer ground... Actually (C)lara only does the digging out in this level which is very nice but she does not yet try to plant the fern anywhere else - though surely wherever it will grow next, the place won't be the same, and surely not richer in iron*. If I speak about the crowbar already, one door didn't require it so either the path was changed in the process, or I did something out of order. Yet it didn't damage the experience. Some doors can stay closed and nothing bad happens. Some other require trashing a room to be opened from inside**. OK enough of that, the cat is free (and dog days are over), as the camera fades away the same way it faded in, leaving (C)lara gracefully prancing in her garden because luckily the controls weren't disabled so she could become an active cutscene actress on her own. SUMMARY: One of the most peaceful and relaxing home levels I remember. If released a bit later, it could even belong to the Easter calendar as it stands somewhere close to Ranpyon's home level though the difference between the builders can be instantly felt. So this is what (C)lara has to deal with at home: rats in the sewers, malfunctioning laundry machinery, electricity deficiency and a pile of disorganized trash in the attic... Much like my own house, only it's THEM (and I don't know who exactly) cutting down the power, not us. The only thing I sometimes cut off is the Internet, as a last line of self-defense performed whenever I catch myself on spending too much time writing. Recomm..... . ... .. .
Afterread: The reviewer got too poetic up there. Kindly enough we won't censor him but just explain he meant: *"the level isn't yet a full-steam of Clara though a unique thing that will never repeat" and **"making things easy is always hard". Or that second clarification was just made up to fit, we have no idea. Yours sincerely, staff." - DJ Full (19-Apr-2015)
"A nice and sweet level that - even with being not really great in the gameplay section - managed to please me throughout the 25 minutes it lasted. I loved all those nice little touches of reality thoughout, and indeed this is a rebuild of Clara's real home, so for the concept alone this is well done. The object design and both texturing and lighting are handled pretty well here, although there are a few things I have to complain - the looks tend to be a little bland with all those whitish textures, some textures are sometimes not clashing well against each other and the lighting has a few problems concerning cracks. The use of sounds and (albeit not many) cameras is good, and overall the atmosphere of this level is quite pleasant, the end of the world is nicely hidden. Gameplaywise, there is of course much running from point A to B and so on, as usual in home type levels, but admittedly the electricity puzzle in the cellar is quite ingenious and I liked how you first meet the to-be-freed cat in the cellar but can't get her out yet. I don't understand though why one has to shoot the two dogs at the end - killing other animals for rescuing one doesn't seem very gentle. Anyway this is a very solid level that can be enjoyed for its (mostly) peaceful atmosphere, a lot of custom objects and quite a bit of exploration. Found two secrets." - manarch2 (25-Oct-2014)
"Sure, it's a house level, but it's a nice house level. You spend much of your time outdoors exploring the environs and running to and fro around the house. In the process of going in and out you encounter a number of level changes, but there appears to be only one named tr4 file. Anyway, it's pleasant, bright, colorful and stress-free, with only a handful of enemies to make life a bit more complicated. The only thing that appeared unfairly obscure to me was the use of a spade to dig up a random plant to reveal the crowbar (without which you can't finish the level), but Harry Laudie has done his typically masterful job documenting everything in the walkthrough. An idyllic diversion that lasts 35 minutes or so." - Phil (18-Oct-2013)
"Clara seems to have created a new category for custom levels:"almost real locations".In this case,even though the building purports to be her own home,I suspect a considerable amount of artistic license has been invested here;either that,or she lives in a most incredibly complicated house.Some rooms can be accessed by using keys hidden behind locked grilles;others need to have their windows shot out;and some doors can only be crowbar'd open.If this all sounds rather confusing,then that's because it undeniably is.I managed to reach the end of the level without having visited some of the obvious rooms,but it was still a pleasent experience because everything has been so immaculately built.The house itself is beautiful and fits within the landscape so well;the amount of detail is quite beguiling;and there's a real sense of fun at all times.The lack of ammo is not much of a problem,as most of the enemies can be ignored or left behind;but that old chestnut,'the lack of proper camera hints' rears its head on a few occasions. Nevertheless,for an original style of adventure in a lovely setting this absolutely needs to be experienced." - Orbit Dream (22-Jul-2012)
"This beautiful level consists of 4 whitewashed villas all situated on a hillside, surrounded by vegetation. The atmosphere is very spring like with birds twittering away in the background, occasionally you hear people talking for a moment, almost reminds me of the zoo level of TR3 gold. There's a choice of doors to enter the villa, but they lead to the same place. The basement appears to be flooded and water is live so best not to tread in it. The first task is to locate several keys. Trespassing in someone else's property, you can find a sewer which leads to a key, and a less than friendly cat. Another key found in a balcony of the first villa. Final key is under the start but I couldn't find until I read the walkthrough. It is difficult to find out where these keys go as slots I tried don't work. The first slot is in the garden of one of the other properties, everything has to be done in order which is confusing, there's rats and bats to eliminate. The sound is very pleasant, it tends to be more inspiring indoors. I quite enjoyed the feeling of seclusion you feel here. I really like some of the objects used such as the deck chairs, pushable cardboard boxes and gates, and laundry blowing in the wind, all fit's the theme very well. You eventually get inside the attic which has a rope swing, which is a little buggy, and collect a fuse. The inside of the house is accessed by shooting a window, and it's well worth taking a look around, very modern and well furnished! I like how the builder has managed to link the 2 levels together so well, and of course the cats. like the rat that appears if you shoot the trashcan. You have to turn the power off and pull the appliances away from the plugs sockets to avoid electric shock, this is very intelligent use of triggers. You dig up a plant and find a crowbar, which is used to find more keys, and then you can release kitty, job well done. There's some nice flyby's of the house and one or two camera shots, but perhaps there could've been more. There's no infinite ammo in your pistols so you'll get stuck if you use it all up. All in all, I am more than impressed with the visuals here, a very relaxing game, but the odd inconvenience here and there. Net gameplay 50 minutes." - sonnyd83 (22-Jun-2012)
""Write what you know" is an advice anyone who at least in some way has brushed against creative writing has heard. Clara has taken it to heart and shows us with this 40-minute double-level that it transfers quite well to the level editor too. The surreal thing for me is that I've actually been to the *real* house, however briefly, after Clara did me a huge favour in not only giving me a ride back to civilization from the remote mountainous location of the 2010 TR Meeting in Bad Grund, but also in allowing me to wait an hour or so at her place before I got my ride to Munich, where I was ultimately heading to. So recognizing the exterior setting of the house, the grated walkways and at a later point the actual rooms of her apartment and even one of the cats was an exhilarating experience, that will make this level memorable for me no matter how many others I will still play after it, and no matter what my opinion some particular parts of this level is. You have to take my word for it - but the resemblance is there, in loving details at some points, and the experience of having been there did improve my experience of the game, earning the level extra atmosphere points. Having played later works of Clara, the looks here do seem to be a bit rough around the edges, and the gameplay, while having a number of nice touches doesn't flow as easily - possibly because the level was built to accommodate a very specific setting, rather than puzzle ideas. The entire set up with electricity play in the basement was well done, and I overall liked having even the pistols' ammo be limited, as it made you think before you shoot. The only problem being, that you can actually play yourself in a corner if you really need that extra bullet to shoot a window, but wasted it playing the rat and bat exterminator. On occasion you can reach the end of the world, and while the house is well reconstructed bearing in mind the level editor's limitations, the texturing and lighting could've been a bit more polished. But all that said - I suppose the best way to play this would be while sitting on Clara's balcony as you start up the level, the next best way to play it after having been there - but since neither of these will be a reality for the vast majority of players out there (much to Clara's relief, I think!) enjoy it for what it is, knowing that there's a real-world copy somewhere out there!" - eTux (15-Apr-2012)
"This level was really good. Lara has to rescue a cat from her neighbours house. You mostly have to search for keys like most other home levels. The textures were amazing and the atmosphere was good outside and inside. Beware not wastig your ammo and only shoot what you need because the ammo on the pistols are limited. Clara has made amazing levels recently and should not stop. Download and play it now!" - afzalmiah (04-Mar-2011)
"Ok, so I didn't like this very much because of the many keys you have to find and there's nothing else to do except some target shooting. The cats were cute even though they scratch Lara and the idea to have the pistols with limited ammo was good. I didn't like the gameplay, I got bored at some point and there is a level within a level possibly because with so many houses and big areas outside that was the only way to play this game. I found a secret but I wonder where the others were. Try it out but don't expect any surprises or wow moments with this one." - Kristina (19-Mar-2007)
"Clara must find a way to get the neighbor's cat free from the basement. It sounds oversimple and unexciting, but this is by far the best home level i've ever played. The environment really is huge. And it really is a challenge to figure out what all needs to be done. My only critiques at all is that the music seems a little somber even though the gameplay and decor really didn't have any somber mood to it. And secondly, i wish i could've explored the whole thing! There's lots of areas that it seemed weren't a part of the gameplay. But, the design and structure is phenomenal. It's a fantastically created and decorated house--so much attention to detail! Except, does anyone really have that many freakin' ladders laying around??? =o)" - drguycrain (19-Jan-2007)
"I'd like to leave in this house, what a beautiful environment! Good architecture with new objects, nice textures and musics, good design,... All this is very well, but a good TR level sould must be something more than this. Gameplay was too much no-lineal for me, too much keys, too much times running around and around looking for items, too much times having to go back because you need something more, for me was very hard to suppose where to dig to find the crowbar,... and finaly you get feel bored and confused. I think builders would think a little more about puzzles which could make think the players and not only about great designs. (But I recognize the hard work to offer us this level). Sometime I had to shoot the bats with the revolver!" - Jose (20-Sep-2006)
"This is a pleasant diversion from the usual high jinks that Lara gets up to. Then again, this is not Lara, but Clara, and we are here to find her lost keys. Clara lives in a beautifully situated apartment building complex with gardens. There are two levels here, inside the apartment building, and outside. We enter and exit the building by a number of doors and windows, searching rooms from the attic to the basement. And we come across Clara's cute cats. One stays put thinking the bath is full of milk, one goes outside to wander around, and one poor kitty has been locked in the basement and becomes hysterical when it finally sees Clara coming to the rescue. But it is not all about opening doors and climbing in windows. We have to turn off the electricity to access the flooded basement, swim in tunnels where the rats thankfully stay at the bottom, and sort out the heating system. The level is very well designed, with good lighting and textures. Unfortunately it still needs some work. It seems Clara had bigger ideas in mind and has provided a lot of extra areas that we naturally want to explore. I found myself able to get into, onto, and over things the author never intended, resulting in my reaching and seeing the end of the world in a lot of places. And when finished I am left with a lot of questions. I never found a key for that door just inside Clara's apartment. Other doors are still unopened, like the one just above the flooded basement. I moved the washing machines around, but couldn't figure out what they actually did. I was able to jump around the crates in the attic to get the yellow plug, long before I realised I was supposed to shoot the thing in the ceiling. This resulted in my Clara not being able to climb the ladder afterwards. And it was by pure accident I found where to use the shovel, having searched every square inch for a place to start digging. I found gold coins (secrets) and loved the idea of the candels(flares), and apples and yogurt(medipacks). It certainly isn't the usual 'mansion' style level, and as this is a debut level, it shows great potential. I'm really looking forward to future levels by this author." - CC (10-Aug-2006)
"Nevermind my rather low score on gameplay and try out this beautiful little level yourself. I did score it this way simply because I personally hate the Home level type gameplay where you run around forever back and forth until you find the right key or the right lock or the right whatever else, because I always seem to be going the longest possible and most complicated route in these levels and it's just not fun. That out of the way, the level is actually quite a treat with a very believable house setting which you explore inside and outside, nice flybys, good choice of music, funny little cats that bite and an attempt to use the patched tomb4.exe to have Lara go for ammo first before being able to proceed. I liked the part with the washing machines in the cellar. You really don't need the revolver and lasersight (which I never found anyway) and I totally missed the secrets." - MichaelP (02-Aug-2006)
"A very beautiful level with great ideas like the washing machines... Love it! Don't want to mention the idea as I don't want to spoil it in case you haven't played the level yet. It must have been a lot of work rebuilding the author's home. Wow! Concerning the architecture, the atmosphere and the twitter of the birds, Ute has done a very great job. You see well chosen objects and nice textures, I liked the little things e.g. seeing the author's picture on her TV, 'Clara' looking like the builder herself, the candles that are rebuilt flares... Really nice story, though the level was a bit too long as the level doesn't vary much in my opinion and I'm not a fan of this permanent running back and forth." - Catherin (02-Aug-2006)
"Adorable, and that is all there is. I jumped over fences and probably got to places I wasn't supposed to do, saw the end of the world big time and even a whole place without textures. You can easily get through a railing if you climb up in a corner, Lara then steps through the railing. There are also some paper-thin walls. And if you read my reviews I don't use the provided patch unless one cannot start the level without it, so Mac users, this is one game you can have a go at it. So big deal if you have ammo from the start, it doesn't alter that much of the game play. Pretty handy is to get the Revolver and Sight as there is some practice shooting in the attic. Overall, although adorable as it was, I found it very confusing and even if the story was sound, there is quite a bit back and fro that prolonged the game play unnecessary in my opinion." - Gerty (27-Jul-2006)
"This is a nice little level in Clara's (a remodeled Lara) home. The cat, a wild cat, let's face it, was forgotten locked in the cellar and Clara must find a way to get him out. Not complicated when you realize you can go several places you thought not at first, so that you can get your keys and other necessary devices. This is quite nicely imagined, I must say. The music is fine, the graphics are good enough (but I couldn't tell at first that there were lockers one could open) and there are some bats and rats to pester you along the way - the author decided to include a tomb4 exe file so that Clara would have a limited amount of ammo; nice touch. Of course, I also have to say that an item simply disappeared from my inventory and that there was a time when I started getting crashes after crashes, namely when I tried to get into the house, which I had to, and it seemed impossible to get to the finish line. Fortunately I had the patience to go back to a very previous save and tried to just keep playing without saving and think things so as not to have to get in and out of the house too many times. That was a definite minus in my book. But do play it, for it's lovely and you won't regret it, at least not now that you know you may occasionally run into crashing problems." - Jorge22 (18-Jul-2006)
"This is a really charming level and it's got cats. Yay, cats rule (well they certainly do in my house at any rate). Actually, these cats were a right handful - one of the little sods bit my ankle as I was opening a door for him. It's absolutely true - cats don't do gratitude, they just do catitude. You start this level with an empty backpack so finding some pistol ammo is vital before you can progress. Exploration is a positive pleasure in a setting as pretty as this - based on the builder's own home - and the gameplay, although fairly simple, has some nice little twists. I especially enjoyed finding the crowbar - a real novelty. The hour or so I spent playing this just flew by and I would have liked a longer visit to Clara's lovely home. Maybe she'll invite us back some time." - Jay (17-Jul-2006)
"A lovely little venture which holds great promise for Clara's future works. It has a bit of a twist to it: Lara is now known as Clara, her brunette braid has been traded for a swanky, blonde pony tail and her eyes are now actually looked really neat. As for the story Clara has returned home to find that her keys are missing....and even more so the forgetful neighbour Ms B has locked Clara's poor little kitty into the basement. Now Clara must search the apartment complex where she lives from the cellar up to the attic and back, not to mention the gardens surrounding her peaceful home too. This could have been a peaceful children's level if it wasn't for a few rats, Ms B's two dogs and some bats and some traps I encountered. It's bright and beautiful and I really enjoyed the ideas behind it. Medipacks have been turned into apples and yoghurts, the flares are camouflaged as candles and there's a colourful array of keys to find. I found two secrets, nicely in the shape of some piles of golden coins. A really neat feature was that you needed to shut off the electricity and later the heating in order to progress through the level and Clara's little kitties running around was absolutely adorable. Nicely suitable music and all in all I had a very pleasant experience of about 1 hour and 10-15 minutes. Highly recommended." - Selene (15-Jul-2006)