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Doctor Who in the Venizian Venice by B. Howaito

Bedazzled 2 3 5 5
Catherin 3 4 5 5
CC 4 6 6 6
DJ Full 5 5 6 6
drguycrain 7 6 8 8
eTux 2 3 4 3
Gerty 2 3 4 3
Jay 3 4 5 5
Jose 3 4 3 4
Kitkat 4 4 5 5
Kristina 3 3 4 4
Magnus 3 3 3 3
MichaelP 3 4 6 6
Mulf 3 4 3 3
Necro 5 5 6 6
Orbit Dream 2 3 5 5
Ryan 3 4 4 3
Selene 3 4 5 5
TimJ 4 6 6 5
Treeble 4 4 4 4
Whistle 4 4 5 4
release date: 15-Jul-2006
# of downloads: 64

average rating: 4.26
review count: 21
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file size: 21.05 MB
file type: TR4
class: Venice

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I recently played the other installment in this series and I'm still at a complete loss to any potential references. There are many unusual (if not awkward) choices here, such as the main character in a bikini with a chastity belt as well as her running and straight jump animations. Maybe there's context, maybe it's a nod, but to me it just felt weird. Gameplay is pretty linear and some of the issues in the previous level (missing SFX, more prominently) still remain. 15 minutes, 2 secrets. 01/22" - Treeble (30-Jan-2022)
"This is similar to the builder's other Doctor Who level, only with the hilarious addition of the embarrassing walking and running animations of the main character which are probably the only highlights. Aside from those and the music and enemy choices, this is pretty much business as usual in a rather colorful setting with an assortment of keys to find, enemies to shoot and switches to pull. Underwhelming." - Ryan (04-Feb-2018)
"In one word, disappointment. You’re in for one, if the loopy storyline makes you expect a bonanza of the bizarre. I do not find myself in complete agreement with Magnus all that often, but I most certainly do in this case. You may get a laugh out of the duckwalk animation (let’s call it that) in the beginning and the handful of stupid enemies clustered at the end, but inbetween there’s nothing but a bunch of humdrum tasks in a nondescript environment (‘Venice’, nominally), and that’s it. The level drags on even at a runtime of 20 minutes or so, making the quirkiness look as forced and laboured as the misspelling in its title, possibly tacked on to a project that didn’t pan out (or, more, likely, to the unrelated ‘Doctor Who’ intro). And of course, that animation is bad, and those enemies are buggy. So yeah, not taking the whole TR thing all that serious is all good and well, but if the builder so obviously doesn’t care, why should anybody? Humour’s a business as serious as any." - Mulf (06-Apr-2017)
"Nice ambience and placed lighting doesn't fit missing sunbulbs and flatly textured Lara outfit. I think the goal in this case was to show another spirit occupies Lara's body. It might be very likely, because almost all Howaito levels have a hidden meaning. It is sometimes hidden so deep players might not understand it, but anyway that "special touches" result in giving You something You will remember forever, even though You might never be able to give them a score they really deserve. Here, between - as usually in case of this author - fine camera works, we have Lara running around in a chastity belt, what causes her anims to shake in uncomfort. A really nice idea, even if could have been produced much more realistic. But there's also a pet lion escaping its house and a mutated Lara in Sethian/Atlantean form (unfortunately also textured in haste). Where did she come from? Who knows. Or maybe even Who doesn't. Warning - she must be hit in the chest, and she won't fall if You're out of revolver bullets, In case if it happens, never mind and just run to the phonebooth, leaving poor Venice to certain doom, while only caring to save Your own butt. SUMMARY: Unfortunately, weird animations and a strangely textured boss make this adventure rather unexplainable if You play it without reading the author interview, and therefore might be treated as bugs. They are not such though, and the game will be recommended. Frankly saying, I played all Howaito levels in less than one week and I didn't regret any." - DJ Full (18-Jul-2012)
"This really belongs in the joke category rather than the venice group. It is set in venice, but it is obviously not to be taken seriously. As joke levels go, it's a decent play. The gameplay is very linear. i couldn't really determine a "goal" to the level other than finding the blue box at the very end. but the level is definitely worth a smile. Lara walks, runs, and jumps funny! It was really hard to watch her walk that way the whole level. But i figure she walks that way due to wearing a thong. the bizarre winged wolf ...thing... was the hardest enemy, but if you search around you'll have plenty of fire power to take him out quickly. This is definitely worth one play-through for giggles and cringes (watching lara move), but there isn't a whole lot to it. can anyone tell me why you have to open the door to the giant pit at the end? i didn't catch what purpose that served." - drguycrain (26-Nov-2007)
"It's a very short and easy level. Mainly you have to pull some levers and to search some keys. There are a few enemies which look a bit strange. By the way Lara's outfit and new animations are strange too but they are funny. Texturing wasn't really good. I recommand it to players who want to have fun for ten minutes." - TimJ (09-Aug-2007)
"The flyby with a spinning TARDIS to the Doctor Who theme {which was very similar to the actual intro to the TV programme} was pure class. The outfit Lara isn't wearing is almost indecent, and her running/walking animation wasn't much better. There are a few things to do, mainly finding keys, and a few strange enemies, I think they might have once been lions before they mutated, which cross your path as you make your fairly easy way through a Venice which doesn't really look like Venice. {But those of us who used to watch Doctor Who in the Seventies/Eighties got used to everywhere looking like Shepherds Bush anyway, so not such a big problem!} I enjoyed this level, probably for all the wrong reasons, though." - Kitkat (23-Jul-2007)
"A very short level, with Lara dressed in what appears to be a thong bikini. Lara also runs as thought she would rather be dressed conventionally and loose the splayed legs when running obviously caused by the wedgie. What else to say, very few enemies, which due to a sound glitch, (you could not hear Lara shoot) it was as though I had suddenly gone deaf. The scenery was little like Venice and even more removed from Dr Who, you would expect from the title. Only a rather naff picture of a Tardis police box oddly shaped. All in all a rather disappointing level, with little or no atmosphere." - Whistle (01-Feb-2007)
"I didn't like this level very much. It has empty rooms and poor Lara is walking strangely like she has some problem with her legs, her colour isn't very good either. There are a couple of animals to shoot a female enemy and a flying creature. At some point I opened a door but there was nothing behind it except a big gap. I also found two secrets with a nice music not the one we have been used of. Anyway I am not sure if players will like this, I guess you have to try and find out." - Kristina (18-Jan-2007)
"I find myself saying the same things about all of the author's levels, but that's just because they're so like each other in style and atmosphere. This Venice-inspired level plays much like the author's previous levels, and is a ten-minute romp with little in the way of gameplay, and the only thing that keeps you going is that you want to see what crazy enemy will attack you next. The surroundings are uninspired at best, and both texturing and lighting are dull. The new animations lose much of their comedic value because they're so badly made, but the new enemies gave me a few chuckles. This level is worth playing about as much as the author's other six level. I like how he doesn't take tomb raiding too seriously, but how about a real level next time?" - Magnus (17-Oct-2006)
"A short level very easy to play where you'll only have to pull switches and place keys. I think Lara's outfit isn't very appropriate (small size bikini) and neither the movements to run (she walks like a dizzy duck). There are some missed sounds. I only found 2 secrets. A level very colourful with new textures and some new enemies too, but I couldn't find interesting tasks. The winged final enemie is strange, when it dies a big Lara's eye appears (?)." - Jose (14-Sep-2006)
"Well, this time, Dr.Who is travelling in his appropriate conveyance, a telephone box. Great opening flyby and music. According to the readme it's February 2nd, 1956. The tardis has violently collided with an Evil Mutated Mummy Lara(!). And the question is, can the Doctor restore peace to Venice and kill the mutated Lara? That's all very well, except we are playing as the mutated Lara, and she seems (assisted by us) quite capable of looking after herself, thank you very much. I had to laugh at the crazy walk and run of this female, but she does a pretty little kick back when she jumps or drops from something. She has one blue and one brown eye, silver hair, and very little clothes (possibly as a result of the collision!). Almost immediately we meet our first enemy, a big cat with a sinister smirk on it's face, and wearing sandles. OKaaay! The environment 'could' be Venice, if it wasn't for the jumbled up reality. This very strange alternative Venice has it's charm though, and some rooms look very nice. The whole thing is unique, like the author's imagination. I think I will always download B.Howaito's levels purely to see his original creations. Mutated Lara finds a good looking transparent revolver, and deals with the other enemies - females, who change form as you shoot at them. The final enemy is a big 'un... looks like a werewolf with wings covered in Lara eyes (reminds me of the TRex in the previous level). At the end this ambulatory challenged mutated one hops merrily down towards the tardis. So, who is the victor here? Or are we on the verge of another alternative reality visit through time and space. I hope so." - CC (01-Sep-2006)
"The beginning of the level was promising. I liked the opening credits and the scenery but there wasn't much to do in this level. There were a few keys to find to open a few doors and that is it as far as the gameplay is concerned. There is nothing in this level that has anything to do with Dr Who except for the tardis at the end. And I couldn't help but laugh as Lara's walking animation. Hopefully future levels by this author would be a little more interesting, for example - enemies like the cybermen and the darleks, plus a better storyline (rescue Dr Who?)" - Necro (28-Aug-2006)
"It's always great to see an author improve his skills. Which surely is the case of this builder. This level is the best I played by B. Howaito and I am surprised. Very well done! Of course gameplay could have been better but it's straightforward and nice. The puzzles need to be improved, hence only a score of 3. The atmosphere is also pretty good, I also like the objects though the two or four enemies are very easy to avoid when you run past them. The best is the camera at the very beginning. Great work concerning this flyby, good music and well chosen textures. When this builder improves his skills like he has already, then I won't miss any of his future adventures." - Catherin (02-Aug-2006)
"This was the first game I played on my new PC and my oh my. I already was a bit peeved as my F keys aren't functioning and seeing Lara running like she shit her pants I thought it was I. Luckily chatting to Ian, later I found out that it was the level not the PC. Did you also noticed, how she kicked her leg backwards while jumping a ladder? How sweet." - Gerty (27-Jul-2006)
"I would've rather named it "Dr Who and the perils of wearing a chastity belt in Venice" judging from the way our blonde Lara walked (she looked like she was uncomfortable or in pain), and if you wonder where I got the chastity belt from - I took the lock on her belt as a hint on that one. As said by the other reviewers - if you play it you should take it as a joke level - that will make it easier to take the weird skinned lions and flying demon, as well as the rest of the weirdness. Kudos to the author for the really neat intro and outro fly-by's - bonus points from me on those! I found only one secret, but since I doubt finding the other one would've somehow added to my experience here, I don't feel too bad about missing it. Overall a very short mission in a somewhat decent looking Venice setting - worth to see for the odd way Lara walks and the enemies, but if you're not hot on playing any or all levels out there, I suppose I'd give this one a miss in your place." - eTux (20-Jul-2006)
"Well I really liked the opening sequence. Things went a bit downhill after that. Lara's supposed to be a mummy (albeit with substantially fewer bandages than normal) so she looks really weird and the way she moves is even stranger. Jumping up and down is a sight to behold, but I think the walk takes the honours. I don't know if it's trying to mimic a fast lurch, but frankly it looks more as though she's wet her knickers. I'm not quite sure what the things I was shooting were either - best guess, large pigs with fake moustaches and trainers, although given that this is ostensibly Venice, I dare say they were supposed to be lions. This is perhaps best viewed as a joke level and I'm certainly giving it a special 'John Cleese Award' in the silly walk category. Oh, wait a minute, there isn't a silly walk category. Damn." - Jay (19-Jul-2006)
"This is a must see level just for it's comic value. The new running animation of the scantily clad Lara is absolutely hilarious.And the outfit she's almost wearing, has to be seen to be believed. The strange dog/lion creature is also well worth a laugh. Not as good as the Turdis, but still worth taking a look at if your bored. One day this author might surprise everyone and build a serious level." - Bedazzled (18-Jul-2006)
"If you play this as a 'joke' level,you'll probably find it very funny.The Dr Who connection is elusive at best (although the opening title sequence has been recreated as faithfully as hand-drawn textures will probably allow),but it's worth playing just to appreciate the wonderfully amusing 'run' animation of the blonde character(who may or may not be Lara).To put it quite frankly,it looks as though she'd been using a vibrator prior to this adventure and had forgotten to take the thing out! There are a couple of other amusing moments (the booby-trapped room near the end,for example) and a rather charming use of new and old arrangements of the famous Who Theme;but this is otherwise so completely straightforward as to be tough to recommend to anyone looking for a proper challenge.Nonetheless,it's good for a smile or two." - Orbit Dream (16-Jul-2006)
"He certainly keeps true to his style. This 20 minutes adventure is worth a look for the intro flyby alone which I thought was quite a nice effect. The level itself is fairly straightforward with not too many things to do in a kind of dusk Venice setting with a Lara that has little to wear and an odd looking new running animation. Found 2 secrets." - MichaelP (15-Jul-2006)
"Ok, this is definetely a level signed B.Howaito, no doubt about that. Dr Who is back and now we're taken to a very Venetian Venice(as the title indicates). There isn't really too much to do here, just picking up a couple of keys and some standard pickups + a cross and pull a few switches. Oh, and there are also some kills: a butch female which has become a trademark for Mr Howaito's adventures, some snow-lionish creatures and something that looked like a winged Anubis(with the "wings" being covered in Lara's eyes). Nice textures and sound and the lighting looked ok as well. I only found one out of two secrets, but didn't really keep my eyes peeled for them either. An odd little venture which took me about 20 minutes to get through. Best played on a rainy day when you have nothing else to do or if you're simply looking for some simple action during your lunch break." - Selene (15-Jul-2006)