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Jutmundus 1 - The Gatehouse by Aza

Baby Gudgeon 9 10 10 10
Catherin 8 8 8 9
CC 8 9 8 9
Drakan 9 9 9 9
dya1403 8 7 9 9
Elsa 9 9 9 9
Gerty 8 9 9 9
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jorge22 8 9 10 9
Jose 9 9 8 9
Kitkat 9 10 10 9
Kristina 7 8 8 8
Magnus 7 7 7 8
MichaelP 8 9 8 9
Obig 9 9 8 9
Orbit Dream 7 6 8 9
Phil 9 8 9 9
Relic Hunter 8 8 9 9
Ryan 8 8 9 9
Samu 8 8 9 9
Selene 9 9 10 10
snork 9 9 8 8
Thorir 8 8 8 9
Treeble 8 8 9 8
Whistle 7 7 8 8
release date: 01-Aug-2006
# of downloads: 119

average rating: 8.53
review count: 25
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file size: 21.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"There are some rather nice trap setups in this level, such as the lever in the pit under the flame emitters/boulder combo and the spiked ledges surrounding the 'conveyor belts'. All in all it was a pretty fun and engaging raid, and the dungeon atmosphere is brilliant as well, further enhanced by some unnerving ambience tracks. I smiled with the use of the X Files theme. 40 minutes, 1 secret. 02/22" - Treeble (06-Feb-2022)
"I liked this level of aza like all others of the author that I have already played. It is not very long and not very hard but pleasant to play, with some monstrous enemies (big spiders, hammergod) .Excellent!" - Drakan (24-Nov-2018)
"This is an entertaining little level that starts off with an adrenaline rush as Lara has to find a way of diverting a sea hag that would otherwise impede her progress. Another nice idea was allowing a giant spider to kill a demigod for you. Gameplay was entertaining and surroundings nicely rendered. Recommended." - Ryan (29-Oct-2016)
"Released less than three years after the builder's debut, this level shows an astounding improvement in looks and style. It's much shorter than the first level, clocking in at a bit less than an hour, but it's a sheer joy to play. The environs are pleasing to the eye, the gameplay is engaging and appropriate to the player of average skills, and the lighting is faultless. There's not a bit of backtracking, either. Everything flows quite smoothly from start to finish, and with the help of the D&G walkthrough I was never in danger of becoming bogged down. There's a neat segment using conveyor belts, a feature not often seen until fairly recently. I especially liked the idea of having a giant spider eliminate the pesky Hammergod, so I heeded the warning in the walkthrough and refrained from killing the spider until after it had done its good deed. A solid level worthy of a replay. Also, a Jutmundus 2 would be most welcome." - Phil (05-Dec-2012)
"After trying The usurper's sword by this author I decided to give it a go at another of his creations. Jutmundus was also a pleasant surprise. The action evolves around another sward that Lara must find. With a creative touch the author manages to blend together elements from a castle with enemies from the ancient Egypt and the creepy atmosphere from the mystery games." - dya1403 (24-Mar-2008)
"A creepy castle filled with all manner of devious traps and fiendish monsters. Great stuff! The gameplay is superb. You simply never get bored. The player is challenged to think"outside the box" on several occasions. Can't kill that monster? Have you tried trapping it? Or letting that second other monster kill it? Even looking for switches is interesting, especially when you realised that the sword sticking out of the skeletons chest IS the switch! Brilliant. The audios and textures really enhanced the spooky atmosphere, and there were a few"jump out of your seat" moments. But if that was just the gatehouse, what else has Jutmundus {and Aza} got in store for us? I'm eagerly awaiting Jutmundus 2!" - Kitkat (11-Jul-2007)
"That was a very pleasant level, straight forward with a nice flow. The goal is to find keys, hands and avoid a few spiders, beetles and a skeleton. One of the traps in this level is pointless and just for fun which was a nice idea. I played through it not getting stuck anywhere which indicates that it is for every kind of raider, from the new ones to the experienced ones without getting bored at any point. Play it for half an hour of pure fun." - Kristina (19-Mar-2007)
"Well, this was a great little adventure. The enemies are water witches, skeletons. spiders and a demigod with a hammer. Getting the revolver was an interesting task, and the transformation of the bridge into a slope was also a good idea. I could find one secret on the level that I could only hardly access because of the rolling stone. :) I already knew that the demigod can be hit by the motorbike (it can be made in TR4 too), but here we can see an another solution.The textures are great and various, and I also liked the added sounds. :) I hope it will be continued. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (20-Dec-2006)
"Well, this is my kind of level, tombraiding of old. Well textured, well put together level, rather eerie but not too dark (as some castle levels tend to be)I did like the "wipeout" part when i jumped on a moving conveyor to my death!Also the fun element of the x files theme! This shows creativity and a good sense of humour from the builder. The only bit i did not like was the hammer and spider part, just a litle too much in a small space. It took me 55 mins to complete (how one reviewer took 20 mins is beyond me as i have since replayed this level and cannot achieve a time anywhere near this?)Also the push/climbable block is spot on, why do we not see this more often in custom levels? is this something the author has created themselves? The use of this block made me shout out "yes" when i realised i could climb on it as well as push it. Hope to see more from the builder in the not too distant future, the superb fly-by shows the top/outside of the castle, hopefully this is the next part of the adventure." - Baby Gudgeon (08-Oct-2006)
"A good shortish level with one or two twists, or variations on old themes, to the game play so beware. There is sufficient in each scenario to keep the player interested and one or two sections which are just additions and get you nowhere. Expect some novel switches as you hunt round. Enemies are the Hammer god numerous spiders of varying sizes and difficulty of despatch, along with some skellies and hags. Plenty of pickups, but never did get to use the shotgun ammo. Graphics fine and the rolling road paths definitely were a novelty and along with the sound an atmosphere was created. A level to play and the sequel is one to wait for." - Whistle (06-Oct-2006)
"Good work. A kind of castle level with some new features. It cost me a lot to discover the use for the moveable blocks, but rest of the game was not too much tricky. The big spiders are repugnant and the fight between the spider and the hammergod was a great detail. Perhaps I missed some more camera for some switches but exploring a little you'll not have problems. I think the next level of the series will be good too, but how many time we'll have to wait? I suppose I must keep a savegame." - Jose (05-Oct-2006)
"From the first moment of this level I was impressed by the lighting, textures, and especially the atmosphere. It gives the impression that we are in for some serious sinister stuff. And we do encounter some scary moments. But all told it turned out to be a fairly straight forward, somewhat short, and fun level to play. Throughout there are very good flybys and the whole is enriched by the music and sounds. Colour plays a big role that enlivens and enriches this spooky and otherwise dark place. Lara is dressed in old, almost Viking, clothing. Enemies are colourful spiders (scorpions), beetles, hammergod and skeletons. They can all be dealt with easily, if you know how, and this was one of the intriguing elements of this level (so higher score for this alone). Almost immediately we have to perform tasks underwater while being attacked by an ugly seahag. Lara finds a sword (crowbar), keys, a cross, skull, stars, and works out good block pushing tasks, monkeyswing and zipline. The swords in the skeleton levers were very appropriate to the level. One of the traps was a huge head with gnashing teeth that took a few tries to get through. The surprise, and highlight of the level, for me, was the conveyor belt that runs around part of the battlements of this castle. A short, but memorable introduction that will whet all players appetites for what is to come in this series. Well done Aza." - CC (01-Sep-2006)
"I don't know what Jutmundus means, but holy jutmundus this is a great level! To start this is everything that caught my eye. Lara's brown outfit and purple backpack, the music, the creative use of different colours like the floor in the water below the zip-line, gargoyle statues, the unexpected blank spiked floor, unique floor switches, the continuous slide around and around don't know when to jump but I know I must before Lara turns green, or me, climbable-moveable blocks. Good placement of a variety of creative colourful enemies, the accomplishment of outwitting enemies rather than blasting them away. Just before the continuous slide you must make a choice of what item from the pedestals you would like, you can't be greedy. After all the enjoyable raiding you place the stars in the receptacles and the level ends with a flyby, I sighed, I wanted the game to continue in this inventive but eerie sewers of the gatehouse. I found 1 secret in a delightful hour of raiding. I'm eagerly waiting for #2 which is shown in the beginning flyby." - Elsa (27-Aug-2006)
"Very nice short level, especially regarding the atmosphere and, I guess I can say it, the fluidity of the action. Lara runs into several traps but some of them are there merely to contribute to the ambiance, plus a couple of sea hags, small spiders, big spiders (one of them kills a devilish hammerdog, time to put them to good use!) and the dreaded beetles as well. I liked it and found it ingenious in several ways (perhaps a bit too hidden at times). Unfortunately, I ran into a moderate bug during the game, when the spider that was supposed to kill the hammergod continuously bumped into a fountain and remained there until, after several tries, it eventually found its way and killed the hammerthing. The only not so good thing I can say about this level, though, is that a couple of things are so well hidden that you have to wonder if you're really doing it all correctly. One last word of praise to the short but nice sliding ride in one of the rooms. There's another, but it's a trap and that's all it is... What's it really doing there? Do play this first chapter and you won't regret it..." - Jorge22 (27-Aug-2006)
"I had to play this level because of the amazingly awesome spike texture used in it. Wow, that texture looks great. Anyway, moving on, but still on the subject of textures, the water texture looks interesting, but nothing like water. It's nice and all, but it looks more like something electricity-related than water. Likewise, the ladder texture used near the start blends in a little too well. Other than that, the level looks really good, with some really nice rooms, and no stretched textures. Gameplay, on the other hand, is a mixed bag. After the initial boulder/fire room, you spend the next few minutes swimming around pulling levers to open doors. What makes it frustrating is that you're attacked by a sea hag during most of that time, who's quickly draining your health. I ended up using all of my medipacks to survive. While that didn't pose a problem, as there were plenty of medipacks later on in the level, I don't enjoy constantly being attacked by an enemy I can't kill. After that, the level becomes less frustrating, but there's nothing that really stands out and it's all pretty standard fare. The exception to this is probably the vertical slides, which are rarely seen in levels. It's never boring, but don't expect to be on the edge of your seat, either. The level ends rather abruptly after only twenty minutes, but I'm assuming the adventure will continue in the author's next level. The music, texturing and atmosphere are all there - if the author can just improve the gameplay for the sequel, it's sure to be a great level." - Magnus (26-Aug-2006)
"I just loved this level and I'm not only saying that because I beta tested it. Aza has a very sneaky mind, as the enemies he used are not your average ones, also he has a humorous streak as there are ways to get rid of them, I found that rather clever. Also I had a good laugh doing that"death slide". This is an adventure you shouldn't miss. I loved the sewer area with the sound of dripping water. The audio also did add quite a lot to the overall atmosphere as well as the lightning. It is not often that I finish a game in one go, but this was one of the exceptions." - Gerty (24-Aug-2006)
"Don't let the somewhat frustrating first few minutes put you off;this is a satisfyingly Gothic and macabre level (somewhat in the vein of GMac's "The Mutant's demise")full of (sometimes nasty) surprises and the occasional horrific moment,perhaps not to be played in the small hours but great good fun nonetheless. The first section of the level entails a series of long swims down various tunnels,all the while being pursued by an (apparently un-killable)sea-monster,which (while being undoubtedly fast-paced)is not the sort of thing to necesarily endear the Gameplay to potential players.It should perhaps better have been used as the Big Finale,which the level (despite being a first part) was rather lacking. Nonetheless,this was an entertaining and well-made run-around,with good atmosphere and well-chosen music.Recommended." - Orbit Dream (19-Aug-2006)
"Oh how I hate that blasted sea hag with her sharp nails; she left me seriously short of medipacks. And then I found later on that I could have shut her in somewhere. Duh. This gatehouse place is really quite spooky, especially the noises in the sewer - most atmospheric. It's got lovely coherent gameplay, this one, and there are indeed lots of inventive traps for the unwary. There are some fierce enemies about too and I have to say I could well have done without the beetles. The level is extremely well built and solid looking, with good use of audio files. I thoroughly enjoyed myself (even with those awful beetles) and I'm very much looking forward to the continuation of this adventure." - Jay (19-Aug-2006)
"There a lot of exciting things in this level like glissades, a funny deathslide, the opportunity to lock up an enemy,... you just never get bored. Nice audios are provided with this level as well as interesting enemies like sea hags. But in my opinion there are just too many nasty enemies I couldn't get rid off in order to enjoy and adore the level as much as it actually deserves. The textures and lighting are very well-elaborated." - Catherin (18-Aug-2006)
"A dark and a bit scary level here! In the beginning, you are chased by a seahag through a rather difficult underwater area. You'll meet other scary enemies later on as well, including huge spiders. Apart from the beginning, the level wasn't too hard. Apart from annoying bugs slowly biting at you, I didn't have any problems. Atmosphere was nice and gothic, with nice textures. Play if you want a short and dark level." - Thorir (18-Aug-2006)
"Very pleasant little level as an 'hors d'oeuvre' of hopefully much more to come. This is a 40 minutes adventure which is actually quite linear and not overly challenging, but it sure has a few nice moments, often related to enemies, as you meet Sea Hags, skeletons, big and small spiders, a hammergod and you need to be a little smart about getting rid of some of them - or alternatively use plenty of medipacks - LOL. What I really liked was the use of audio throughout and a few scare moments as boulders drop right in front of Lara. The 'death slide' was very funny, too. Overall an enjoyable setting with solid texturing and lighting (although I thought the water texture looked oddly out of place), so definitely recommended to play." - MichaelP (10-Aug-2006)
"It has been a while since a good castle level has turned up lately, and my interest was piqued when Aza presented his new level on the forums. I was glad to see this level turn up in the new levels list one day, so I downloaded this and started gaming away. To say the least, I was quite impressed with this one. A great castle which has a wonderful design inside and out, but also presents a chilling atmosphere that has you at the edge of your seat through most of the level. The first thing you'd notice with this level was how the author uses common traps to accelerate the sense of adrenaline that you're going to die if you don't do something, but to your surprise, these traps pose a threat only if you do react to them, and the proper course of action to avert danger would be to do nothing. Such is the case with the first rollingball you encounter in the level, and I personally thought that this act of disorientation made the level a more exciting experience. The use of enemies is quite clever too, namely with the sea hag at the beginning and the skeleton in the pushblock room of the sewers. At one point, the presence of enemies is overkill and ruins the experience a bit, and the average raider might find him or her self using all of their medipacks to survive. Overall, you got all you need here for an adventure of just under an hour - creative gameplay, fierce enemies, and a wonderful atmosphere in a beautiful environment, so you don't have much to lose when you decide to load this level up." - Relic Hunter (10-Aug-2006)
"After a rather annoying swiming session in beginning, where you are chased by a sea hag which can quickly drain all your health, this level turned out to be very enjoyable. I found lighting to be faultless and the same goes for texturing which is appropriate for a castle setting and doesn't contain any badly applied or missing textures. Cameras are used effectively in good situations and choise of musics fits to the atmosphere. In terms of gameplay this level has a bit every kind of tasks but nothing exeptional which you couldn't find in most of other levels if not counting the conveyor belts and cleverly used pushable blocks that become climbable after moved on a specific tile. To give also some criticism I have to tell I didn't like being constantly attaced by immortal enemies who force you to escape all the time without giving a chance to explore areas at peace. On the other hand this isn't a big problem since author provided enough medi packs for surviving and you can also get rid of many enemies without killing them. As a whole this is definitely an enjoyable castle level which I can recommend both for experienced raiders and beginners." - Samu (08-Aug-2006)
"I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first when I read that this was supposed to be a tutorial of some sort, but every trace of doubt I had completely evaporated the moment I read the storyline before starting. Lara is searching for a very powerful sword previously owned by a giant named Jutmundus. The first part brings her to the gatehouse, with a great promise of future installments. This adventure had something that really appealed to me: loads of traps, gorgeous settings, a marvellous atmosphere and a really exciting gameplay that had me on the edge of the seat from the very beginning. There weren't too many enemies(something I really appreciate in a level), but what they lacked in number they more than made up for in the threat they posed to Lara. The scariest enemy was to me that nasty sea hag and I really loved being able to lock her up in an underwater room.....absolutely brilliant!!!! Of other threats one can mention some skeletons, a hammergod in shape of a demon and lots and lots of spiders of all sizes(more than enough to make your skin crawl anyways). One special thing I liked a lot were the tiles decorated with the giant's face, which gave the level a special touch very appropriate for the story, and also the sword levers scattered around. The great stone head with the spikes is a utopia for trap freaks like myself and it was with great satisfaction I was rewarded by finding Indy's Skull. The music was perfectly suitable for the setting and I found it highly amusing to hear the familiar tune from the TV series "The X-Files" played at one point in the game. The texturing is gorgeous beyond belief and the use of camera angles and especially lights really accentuates a magnificent atmosphere. I found one secret(which was hard both to find and to reach...just the way it's supposed to be) and although it isn't the hardest level I've played I would think that beginners might be in for a bit of a rough challenge. It's still more than worth it though. Highly recommended and I'm looking forward to the next part." - Selene (03-Aug-2006)
"This level offers a lot in the surprise and finding-out-how-to-deal-with department, and this review contains spoilers in the second part. My advice: download and enjoy Jutmundus1 and only read the review(s) later. A tutorial on something in this level was promised, I don't know where exactly to place the +1 for that *thumbsup* - My rates are generally on a lower level than most others' are -> This Level is absolutely to my liking. No expert skills needed, mysterious, equires thinking/trying, contains freaky surprises, good athmosphere along with the music, good integration of pushing things into the game *applause*, really good choice (creation ?) and placing of enemies resp. building a setting that gets most out of them. T&L : Aza achieved to give the level an impression of darkness without the level being really (too) dark - Only thing I did not like was the fireblowing blue checkered block which looked "not natural". Textures are unobtrusive, welldone, and fit the setting/ their purposes. Puzzles always have a hint, e.g. as to where push the block. Cameras are OK, I always had an idea what to do or try, until I was stuck at the end for suddenly being completely blind/ stupid and I let myself be tricked by one camera. The one secret I found should be found by everyone. Oh, and nice outfit, that backpack looks very good, I could imagine getting one like that. -------from-----here-----on------SPOILERS-------- The level starts with a mean builder's trick - a boulder from where Lara slid into the level feels almost like against the rules - the first of many moments of surprise. :D Having a little puzzle at Lara's first step together with the music, the awful new-look spider (harmless) and the going down, going down, door behind closes :o - made it easy to let the level take me away with it's athmosphere. The new underwater sound helps increasing the tension; when being chased by that horrible creature it really creeps ': "I can hear it - must be right behind me, o-oh". Very good use of RBs and spikes (and sound) to have the players jump up in their chairs without any real danger for Lara involved - I always appreciate that. That slide thing was absolutely new for me - another surprise. Enemies : Custom horrible enemies, not too many, almost each lasts longer/ gives more to deal with, than usual. Sometimes surprising - of course there will be an enemy down there below that slide-thing, I hear someone stomp and snort, but a monster spider to accompany ? and running away from those, running into a second monster spider - damn, You had me surprised once again :) (and I only had the 9mm.) The "enemy puzzles" are a nice catch - a different approach to each enemy is needed each time. Good use of boxes (or AI ?) keeps enemies from showing up where You could easily shoot them down from safety. Shoot the skeletons' heads and they will run around for ever without falling to death. Objects : the sword-in-skeleton switch is so good, it should be used very often in future levels. The skeleton under the pillar, that won't let go of the medipack, with Lara doing the pickup-UW-item-positioning animation, but just not picking it up - I'm still wondering how to build that - cool." - snork (02-Aug-2006)