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Purgatory 2 by Tombcool

Akcy 7 10 10 9
Blue43 8 9 10 8
CC 7 8 9 7
DJ Full 8 9 9 8
eTux 7 8 8 8
Feats 9 9 9 8
Gerty 7 8 9 7
Jay 8 9 10 9
Jose 7 10 7 7
Kitkat 8 9 9 8
Kristina 7 7 7 7
MichaelP 7 9 9 8
Moonpooka 9 10 10 10
Phil 8 8 9 8
QRS 9 10 10 8
Ryan 8 9 9 8
Samu 8 8 10 8
Shandroid 8 9 9 9
Treeble 6 7 8 7
release date: 16-Aug-2006
# of downloads: 82

average rating: 8.36
review count: 19
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file size: 108.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Not sure what to make of this levelset to be honest. Part of me likes the dread and creepy atmosphere, but part of me also thinks it comes from a rather disturbed and edgy place. The constant wailing and heavy breathing makes this something uncomfortable to play if you're not wearing headphones, that way it just becomes tiresome instead. Gameplay is pretty basic but enjoyable enough except for a few death tiles which aren't far too distinguishable from the others and that weird concept of making a couple of lave tiles be safe to swim into (?). 80 minutes, 3 secrets. 10/23" - Treeble (22-Oct-2023)
"After playing the first level set in the series I had to follow up with this level, and it is a clear step up from the original entry. Gameplay is more engaging, the levels are much more improved in design and some interesting custom enemies thrown in for good measure! I personally didn't mind the backtracking between levels but can see it putting some people off and the visuals are a little rough around the edges but given its age I'm sure that can be forgiven. The atmosphere and the above reasons more than makes up for it anyways. To sum up this is definitely worth a go if you're after some Spoopy TRLE goodness." - Feats (16-Oct-2022)
"This is a solid horror game. Graphics could be much better, since we get chunks where lighting isn't smooth enough (like the manor or the basement) or which are overwhelmed with predominant color (like the acid room which is entirely green or the lava room which is entirely red). Gameplay is good but has a bit of passages which could just go, like the hell corridor monkeyswing, climbing around the red gem room, or long library shimmying. Also music is a bit too frequent and intense - sometimes it sounds like a rock festival instead of a horror with real fear and suspense. Nonetheless this must be one of the most solid mystery levels I've played." - DJ Full (29-Oct-2018)
"The stuff of nightmares. Lara wakes up in her mansion (presumably after a raging hangover) to discover that all of her friends have been viciously massacred during the night by some unknown creature. And so the game begins. After locating a couple of keys and levers, Lara arrives at her high school to find the place deserted aside from a couple of fearsome mutants and some lava traps. Soon after, she reaches the basement, where the atmosphere reaches the pinnacle of spookiness thanks to some chilling audio files. Some nice torch work here and use of elevators. The final sections are perhaps the spookiest of the whole game. Extremely haunting sounds (the crying baby will haunt me forever) and some fun boss battles (do save your powerful weapons for Lady Purgatory). Nicely done." - Ryan (12-Mar-2017)
"This builder started out here as a fan like the rest of us, released a few levels that got high scores in the reviews, and then abruptly vanished from sight. I downloaded and played this one on a whim, mainly because of the complimentary reviews and the scores, and I wasn't disappointed. I dislike dark and moody levels on general principles, and since the reviews of the first level in the series indicate that the two levels are the same in that aspect, I'll probably take a pass on Purgatory 1. Still, this was a well-done and fast-paced adventure, made easier with Val's typically competent walkthrough. Even though the surroundings are consistently dark, you get plenty of flares as you go along, so darkness isn't really an issue. The alien critters that serve as the basic enemy are delightfully creepy, and it takes a huge amount of firepower to bring down that boss lady at the end. I clocked in at over two hours, so there's plenty of gaming excitement here. Recommended." - Phil (27-Jun-2011)
"After having played Purgatory not to long ago I was looking forward to this one and was not disappointed. The level is darker, scarier and even more intense than the first one and according to the readme it is actually the prequel. The game consists of multiple shorter sub-levels and has very exploratory based game-play. There are quite a few dead ends if you are doing things out of sequence, so I kept the walkthrough handy just to check if I was on the right track. There is an interesting fire puzzle which can be solved by looking at the inventory screen and get the information from a PDA which was picked up earlier. Unfortunately in my game the PDA had disappeared from the inventory when I got to the point where I could have used it -hm. Lara has a nice variety of tasks to complete in these levels and not all of them were easy to figure out right away. There is quite a good selection of enemies in these levels and they are mainly poisonous mutants, ahmets and other satanic looking creatures. In the end phase Lara has to battle 2 female demons, which looked sexy and scary at the same time. There was also great use of objects, like the demon heads with the shootable gems. The atmosphere in this game is amazing and lot of it has to do with a creepy choice of sounds and background loops. More than one did I hear a sound and turned Lara around, thinking something was coming from behind. The game is well textured and there is plenty of decoration of the scary kind, like dead bodies, blood splatter and torture instruments. Of course everything here is on the dark side as one can expect so it would be a good idea to play this in a fairly dark room to get the best out of it. I missed the binoculars but I can see why the builder did not include them. This game kept me glued to the computer until I finished it and this is something I cannot say about a lot of levels. Highly recommended, but not for children or people who get easily scared. On the other hand, if you love horror stuff and don't mind a bit of blood, gore and evilness, this is real gem and probably one of the best of its kind on TRLE. (1hr 40min, 3 secrets found)." - Blue43 (03-Jan-2011)
"Well, there's hardly a more fitting occasion to play a level like this than on Halloween, so I'll consider it a fortunate coincidence that I had just recently played Purgatory by the same author, and thus got the point where I felt I could fairly play this one. I saw really no connection between the two as far as the story goes (it seemed like a level from each game shared pretty much the same setting here, if that means anything), so if you don't want to play both - definitely pick this one. A vast improvement in the author's skills since its rather mediocre prequel (in my view), and the atmosphere is much more convincing. It might be a bit too 'dark' for the tastes of some players with blood splattered practically everywhere, an interesting choice of lighting effects, bodies lying around places and the thematic puzzle(s) where you have to for example collect teacher's hearts (well, that's one way to work out your frustration from school!) and other organs, step on tiles depicting the crimes that took place in the murder scene in the correct order, and neat effects like enemies jumping you from the dark - a man being pulled into a wall and so on. Generally there are few novelties as far as gameplay goes (a beam that drains Lara's health while you solve one of the before mentioned puzzles was the most notable for me, though the timer on the final battle was cool too - despite the fact that you have sufficient supplies to battle the (very cool) final enemy with little problems) but when you master either of the tasks the author has offered, you can see he's at least tried to make it more than a key hunt. I would've appreciated more camera hints, because at times it was not obvious what some levers or tasks accomplished (like shooting the demon heads in Lara's school) and some were plain obscure, so I thank for the walkthrough that guided me through the less obvious bits. For example - never in my life am I going to dive in a lava pool just because it has some bluish lighting on the surface - same goes for the toxic pool for the 2nd secret, as there was no indication what so ever between the key events that made it possible to find it, and the author could've easily thrown in an extra hint or two, as it would've been obscure enough with them too. All that said - this is a fairly successfully accomplished horror level - though more on the graphic side as far as the themes go, if that's of concern to you as far as fictive violence goes. It also once again proves that Lara's house is jinxed, as pretty much the first thing you'll find out is that all her friends and family are slaughtered in a bloody massacre. While plot-wise a lot of the things and transition between the different themes of the levels made little sense to me, if you don't care too much about that - you can just enjoy it for what it is - about over an hour long fun level set. Give it a go!" - eTux (31-Oct-2007)
"Basically the same as the first installment of Purgatory, only far better. It happens with most authors, as his building skills develops he can realize more and more of what he had in mind. The levels are still too small, so don't expect too much gameplay. But the atmosphere here is something truly uniqe, creepy, scary, with superb audios to increase tension. When arrived to the school, for a few minutes there, it felt like if I was in Silent Hill. The enemies look great, specially the bosses, nice objects and textures. Keep on building Tombcool, you clearly have a great style." - Akcy (19-Aug-2007)
"I don't like such dark levels so I didn't enjoy this at all. Also please do NOT include such loading screens with flashing light because it is very bad for the eyes. The game is divided to four levels and some you have to revisit to place a key and get a new one. There is too much blood around which I don't like either and many ugly looking creatures as enemies. The she demon was nice and tall I might add but the last boss was ugly. The challenge comes at the end where you have to kill the boss on a certain time otherwise Lara is doomed. I found three secrets. Play this only if you like such levels." - Kristina (12-Apr-2007)
"First of all, this adventure gave me the creeps. I don¡¦t know if it is the music, the child voices or the eerie atmosphere, or all of it combined¡K. Tombcool has really succeeded in making this just as scary as ¡§Silent hill¡¨, ¡§Resident evil¡¨ and ¡§Hellraiser¡¨. Three words: I LOVE IT! This sequel is also more complex and interesting when it comes to gameplay than the first part. The only thing I did not like was that it is way to short and almost too easy ƒ¼ Other than that you will not regret playing this game! I loved the bosses near the end btw! Also the fire puzzle was very well thought of! Way to go, Tomb cool! Waiting for a sequel to hmm this sequel" - QRS (29-Mar-2007)
"Lara's High School Party (6/8/9/8, 15 min, 1 secret): Lara's Home it is and a dark and spooky one and it must have been a hell of a party indeed. The audio is spooky, the ahmets are fierce and there are a few keys to find and you're on your way.
Lara's High School (7/9/9/8, 20 min.): That's already more like it in terms of gameplay. Here you need to search the place for demo heads and shot gems out of their mouth, then gollum style enemy is rather cool and the objects to find fit the scenery well. I really liked the blood tunnel with the teeth doors and subsequent burner alley and the spiked ceiling coming down. What this level could have used are a few more camera hints though.
The Basement (8/8/9/8, 20 min., 1 secret): Overall I would say the best level of this set. The initial action to find and light the torch is nicely designed, as is the lava cave and the elevators are put to good use. You then get a maze with some push blocks but nothing too difficult or obscure and eventually are transported to the final section of the adventure.
Murder Scene / Epilogue (7/9/9/7, 20 min., 1 secret): The final parts are mainly about battle. It is very dark, in fact pitch black in places, but that works ok for the overall setting. The room with fires where Lara is drained of her health while trying to acquire the key is very well done and so are the tough enemies you face here: the mutants and then the two boss fights with oversized final enemies. Great stuff!" - MichaelP (25-Mar-2007)
"''Lara's Graduation Party 2001' is an occasion she'll want to forget. She woke the next morning to find all her guests slaughtered, and she is now determined to find who or what did this. She soon realises the nightmare is happening everywhere. My own nightmare was not being able to play this properly on the mac. Rejigging the .tr4s I could play most levels as stand alones. But unfortunately not the final boss battle. Leaving Lara's mansion we follow the trail of corpses to her High School. Something bloody and pulsing is oozing out of the ladies toilet and making it's way into other rooms. I had a weird experience here of those pulsing blood textures disappearing and reappearing each time I reloaded a savegame. The security measures at the school - snapping jaw doors, spike and fire traps - did not prevent this horror from happening. Teachers are encased in some goo and we must find their hearts, eyeballs, skulls and jars. Yuck! Lara continues her search in the Basement. I enjoyed this part very much as it involved more intriguing gameplay in an interesting environment. There are numerous good torch exercises and finding a working elevator was a helpful surprise. I also liked the well disguised blocks and switches among the lovely hanging greenery, and a large room with toxic water where we need to shimmy for a long time around the mossy walls and jump to grab a vine. The lava room took some figuring out with it's illogical 'safe lava' squares. We now move on to two 'Murder Scene' levels (ironic titles considering the whole game), based in an apartment building. And if you haven't seen enough mutilated corpses by now, you'll be tripping over them here. There is a disturbing scene in a torture chamber as we watch a body being hauled through the wall by... what? The main enemies here are those ugly legless poison spewing mutants. Here too is an interesting trigger tile puzzle to dowse a fire. It's extremely dark at times, and the sinister sounds and music add to the ultra spooky atmosphere. The almost unmarked climbable walls don't help, but after the first you test all walls thereafter. I was so disappointed I couldn't play the final boss level, as I became very involved in solving this mystery. These levels are certainly worth downloading. Gameplay is original and involved when it occurs, and all enemies are well placed throughout. Speaking of which, I finally went in search of the meaning of the word 'ahmet' and found that it is a person's name. So in future I'll just refer to these beasts as... beasts." - CC (20-Mar-2007)
"Here we have a "horror" level that stands up next to Blair Witch Project and The Ring. (Two scary films - Two scary custom levels!) Lara's friends have been murdered and her teachers have been turned into zombies. What's a girl to do? Find her guns and go after the demon responsible, of course! This is a very dark level, it takes place at night as all good scary stories should, so flares are needed almost constantly. There are some inspired custom "blood splattered" textures and the enemy placement is just right to make you jump in your seat when they leap out at you. And leap out at you they do, usually when least expected. There are lots of gross items like eye balls and hearts to pick up and use, which was a really nice touch! The music chosen really adds to the creepy atmosphere - lots of crying and screamimg. If scary levels of this calibre keep being made a "horror" section will have to be added to the "level class" search function." - Kitkat (17-Mar-2007)
"This was very interesting, scary and special level and I haven't played many levels like this before. Music traks are used very effectively to accentuate the scary atmosphere and areas you have to explore are really dark and scary. For example in the beginning of the game you can see many brutally killed friends of Lara and a lot of blood on the floor. There's also plenty of some strange red stuff in Lara's school and you can find a teacher trapped inside a pilar which propably consist of the same red stuff I told about. This game includes also many other things that will frighten you like different kind of monsters. You never know when and where you will be attacked by a strange monster, so I was running always guns in Lara's hands which I do quite rarely. My opinion is that this level is good looking and has a great atmosphere but it's partly lacking a good gameplay. Maybe the author have concentrated a bit too mush on the atmosphere and forgotten to concentrate on the gameplay. Acctually the gameplay is pretty good too but it's still one of the worst things in this game. However, the good atmosphere conpensates a lot and I really liked this level." - Samu (19-Jan-2007)
"I waited a while to play Purgatory 2 because I needed play it in the dark, which is difficult for me. I was quite impressed with how spooky the author made this set of levels. From the get-go, I was fairly fearful to investigate (and apparently hung over according to the read me), so I knew this wasn't going to be your typical raid. I was stumped from the beginning, how am I supposed to get to that switch high up? I was very perturbed not to be given the binoculars, I mean, why not? Thus, it was difficult to see any possibility, but the way there was just too vague. The rest of the house was fairly straightforward, and whoa, that gymnastics room was terrifying! It felt fairly good to get out of Lara's house (the clean-up will cost a fortune!), however, that was short-lived. Lara visits her old high school, now renovated by demons with a penchant for deadly lava carpeting. I immediately felt like I was really in a school (excellent!). I could hear and see the storm outside (adding even more to the atmosphere). Fantastic detail, I just wish there were more areas to explore. Next came the basement, which I found a bit tedious and not spooky, but it wasn't terribly long, so that's ok. The next two parts were much better, creepy, dark and had spooky sounds like a baby crying and people being tortured..yikes! This area could have used a few traps and places to explore, but it was not too bad. The final battle was great! Two very nice demon women, scantily-clad. I absolutely loved the timed ending. This adds more pressure and gives the final battle more of an edge, but the bummer was that "Purgatory Lady" just doesn't do much damage to Lara. I didn't use a single medi-pak. She sure looked good though! This was a great set of levels for folks who enjoy a good dark and spooky raid. My primary problem were some of the areas were just way too tedious. I found myself slowly climbing around walls, (wake me when I get to a safe place to land, please) in every level except the murder scene levels. This was tedious and really unnecessary. Besides this, I really enjoyed myself and would highly recommend it. Lets see some more from you, Tombcool!" - Shandroid (19-Nov-2006)
"This is the second set of levels moving on from Purgatory 1, which I also had the pleasure to test and write the walkthrough for, and things are still as spooky as ever in these dark eerie places. Lara begins in her house; she's been to her party and has woken to find her friends have been massacred in the night. She's not happy and is intent on finding out who did this. The atmosphere and audios are fabulous, and with a few beasts popping up out of the dark, this is a great start to the adventure. There's small amount of exploration to do to find two keys which eventually take Lara to the garden and onto the next level. Lara's High school: Lara arrives at her school and it's not the best of days for a teacher! Evil things have happened and mutant teachers run riot through the class rooms, while Lara sets about having to find four gem heads to shoot, plus collect two teacher's hearts, a diabolic skull and a glass jar plus eye balls. Again we get a great spooky feel to the place and audios are fabulous. Game play also picks up speed in this level and there are far more things to see do and explore, plus the rooms are beautifully made with some cool effects on objects and textures. Moving on to my favourite of the levels, which is the basement. There's a lot more to do down here, and we use the torch. Enemies are mutant warriors who show up at the least expected moments to make you jump out of your pants! The lift is also used, which was a nice touch. Exploration is the main goal here, as Lara needs to collect the crowbar and find two red crystals to open the way to the next level. The lighting in this level is great and it's a fabulously spooky level to play. Murder Scene/Matchmaker: This may be the creepiest of all the levels as Lara arrives down in the dark mutants den below ground. It is rather dark down here but it's much needed to create the atmosphere. The mutants are the poison spitting kind and you need to take care as they lurk in packs at one point, surprising you from the dark and giving you a major fright! Lara needs to collect a key to take to the next level, then you will return here later for some more fun, so it's relatively short but action packed never the less. Murder Scene2/The Torturer: takes place in an apartment, and Lara will be searching for a key to take back to the previous level, while tackling more poison mutants and dark creepy rooms. Again we have nice textures, lighting and atmosphere, with a small amount of exploration to do. With key in hand we go back to the previous level for a small fire/tile puzzle to get another key. This we take back to the apartment and then we can move on to the big guns! In the final scenes, Lara will meet two Demoness bosses; the final one is totally fabulous and I hated killing her, but it must be. You are also on a timer in the final minutes so it's a challenge to defeat Lady Purgatory before the time runs out. All in all this is another great offering from Tombcool, who really knows how to spook us"lovers of thrillers" out. His use of lighting, audios and enemies really set the scene for a great horror type level, and I look forward to Purgatory 3." - Moonpooka (12-Nov-2006)
"Generally I don't like levels so dark, you have to use flares often and it's more difficult to explore the areas and discover things, but perhaps another players like this ambience. In the first level, how can we know that the wall behind the statue is climbable? there's not a different texture. Many times there's not a camera to show you what happens as you put the glass jar with the eyes or pull a switch, this does the level more no-lineal and you have to explore a lot through the darkness the same areas doing the level bored. Objects are quite good, the best of the level for me, and the final enemies excelent, with a lot of shots needed to kill them (it's a pain that in my game Lady Purgatory got stucked in a corner and I could shoot it easily). If you like tetric and dark levels you'll like this level." - Jose (11-Oct-2006)
"All bloody and pulsing walls and dark, very dark that is this level in a nutshell. I couldn't play this level without the included TR4 exe and I am sure that Moudy could have made it with the"old" one and just used it, because it is a new toy. But back to the game as it starts out pretty sinister. Took me ages to spot that wall in the house that one had to climb, as there was no indication whatsoever, tsk. Some other places Lara had to climb and also no real indication, but those you could figure out a bit. For the rest it was spooky and creepy and too dark. Point I'm trying to make that although the atmosphere should be creepy (and it was) the dark spoiled it for me. Walking around with a flare does that and although I did found flares, I was very careful in using them and that I hate as well. Overall Moudy wanted to make a scary level and in doing so, he did succeeded. The enemies I found were rather well placed. The added sounds are a big plus a pity that one also has to play it with the lights out and yes I've said it before, that does give me a headache." - Gerty (11-Sep-2006)
"Lara's HighSchool Party: This starts out in Lara's home, the lights are out and there are a lot of bodies lying around on the floor of the hall. Ooops. The atmosphere is seriously scary and when an ahmet leaped out at me in one of the upstairs rooms I jumped so hard I'm surprised I didn't bang my head on the ceiling. The body parts on the dining room table did nothing to dispel feelings of impending doom either. The grounds are full of ahmets too and I was quite relieved to get through to the next part of the adventure. Lara's High School: Spoke too soon. If I'd attended a school this spooky I'd probably still be in therapy. The decor in the ladies' loo could give anyone nightmares. If you are of school age, you will probably get a real laugh out of collecting teachers' hearts along the way (I had to snigger a bit myself). Demonic masks, skulls, eyeballs, lava everywhere - Buffy the Vampire Slayer's high school was less spooky and that was built over the Hellmouth. The Basement: Yes, still spooky. Toombcool really does know how to create an atmosphere to make one shiver. I was glad to find a torch as running around such dark areas can really put a strain on your supply of flares. Murder Scene - The Matchmaker: It's even darker in here - why oh why do I always seem to end up playing dark levels on bright, sunny days. Where's a good gloomy, rainy day when you need one? There are mutants lurking in the shadows and they poison you if they get the chance, so you need to take a fine line between running around with your guns drawn in the dark or being able to see and getting jumped on. Murder Scene 2 - The Torturer. Just when I thought the sound files couldn't get any more unsettling, they did. Creeeeeeeeeeeepy. After a bit of exploring, you have to return to the previous level for a key, which involves a fairly hair raising bit of work and then you can have a bit of a shootout with demoness as a taster for the final fight. Epilogue: Lovely boss ending with Lady Purgatory. It's timed and you really need a lot of firepower to bring her down. Luckily I'd taken the hint in the readme and saved all my ammo for this last fight so I was able to beat the clock. It's something rather different, this level, and if you're a fan of horror films it'll be just your cup of tea. I certainly enjoyed it." - Jay (27-Aug-2006)