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The Lost Artifacts 1+2 by Kill Bill

CC 2 1 1 1
ColeMoles 0 1 0 0
DJ Full 1 2 1 2
EssGee 2 3 1 2
Gerty 1 2 1 0
herothing 1 4 3 5
huif 1 2 1 0
Jay 2 1 1 1
Jose 2 4 2 1
Kristina 2 2 2 2
MichaelP 2 2 1 1
Mulf 0 1 0 0
Orbit Dream 1 1 1 2
Ryan 1 2 1 1
Samu 2 4 2 2
Treeble 1 1 1 1
release date: 02-Sep-2006
# of downloads: 48

average rating: 1.47
review count: 16
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file size: 18.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A Home level in the Legend style which give Titak’s a run for its money, followed by another level set in Nepal, the purpose of which is to showcase Lara’s Legend-style jumping animation; similar, therefore, to the ‘Ghana’ levels that were being released round about that time, and visually no less convincing. Ah, but who am I kidding! This is pretty much exactly the kind of game you’d expect from Kill Bill if you knew the guy back in the day. Level design is the most primitive it can get while still being recognisable as having been created with the Editor, and you obviously get your unmarked climbable wall and unmarked instant-death tiles (Lara gets burned by snow. Well, if you employ such a stupid gameplay element at all, you might as well go all the way). While gameplay is vestigially present (Jump some pits! Double ropeswing! Kill some dudes!), it’s strictly limited to the second level—the first has none at all—and subservient to the purpose stated above.
Even so, the game managed to take me by surprise, once in each level. In the first, the dining-room table was endowed with Room Editor collision, so that Lara is able to stand on it—something I’d never have expected from this builder. In the second, it was the placement of the first jumpswitch, which is simply out of this world (and thus prompted Treeble to dive into a philosophical wormhole in his recent review). These two moments are sufficient for me to decide in which category the pity point should go." - Mulf (15-Feb-2022)
"Well, this is a level. The best things in this package are the song used in the title screen (the author's nickname probably gives it away, quite the zeitgeist) and the custom Legend outfit and weapons. Everything else is hardly tutorial material. The house alone, with never ending hallways connecting the huge rooms probably tells you everything you need to know about the level, but you get another segment in Nepal, in which Lara's clothes seem to be devoid of textures (which to be honest looks kinda cute as we don't see Lara in white enough) with even more huge and boxy and empty rooms, but this time with a couple of ropes to swing across. Funniest thing I've seen in a while? A jump switch placed on a truck. Nothing more logic. I guess if the hypotetical truck were to move in front of any other house in the world, would it open the house it's in front of, or follow Tomb Raider 101 and open the original house, no matter how far away it might be now? 10 minutes, 1 secret. 02/22" - Treeble (13-Feb-2022)
"It's definitely not the worst debut I've seen, but it's still far from a decent level. The game starts in Lara's Tokyo Mansion, which seems vaguely reminiscent of the Crystal Dynamics version, then we head off to Nepal, where Lara changes outfits and the level ends shortly after. The textures are repetitive and stretched, the gameplay is extremely easy, aside from a rope swing and a jumpswitch on the side of a truck. I had no problems with looping sound files, which was kind of weird since the file was still present in my download. Could have been better, but I've experienced far worse." - Ryan (18-Nov-2016)
"+1 for inventory objects. I don't care the author didn't create it by himself, as long as they improve something in this level. Also, the enemies dropping appriopriate guns must be noticed. And the title theme sounds good. SUMMARY: More good looking things is in the inventory than in the level itself. It may be enough to make some of you wanna complete the whole game, but it may be not like that as well." - DJ Full (13-Oct-2010)
"About 15 minutes of play and this demo is not good at all. Just enemies to shoot and a mansion you can't explore since it isnt caringly built;the level ends very quickly. The shotgun secret was very obvious and the Uzi one was too. That annoying sound that indicates danger is unbearable and I had to endure it for the nine minutes. The second level has more enemies to kill uncluding SAS people. Also the mobile on the screen when you access the inventory was nice.This needs a lot of work and care when making it as a retry, possible adding bits of it in to the next part" - herothing (01-May-2009)
"2 levels, 18 mins of play, every first timer mistake in the book. A quick jaunt through Lara's mansion and then briskly on to Nepal. Huge areas with minimal gameplay, miles of bland wallpaper textures, paper thin walls, missed, stretched or squashed textures, and unmarked climbable walls. There was no artificial lighting used so there was little or no atmosphere. And the ol' 'snow that sets you on fire' trick, haha not funny, not at all believable either. On the positive side, there is an attempt at gameplay in the area that contains ropes and a swing pole. Not much else to do except shoot some guards and gather an armoury of weapons which you probably won't need. Oh well, we all gotta start somewhere." - EssGee (24-Mar-2007)
"1,25 and 8,7 minutes. This demo is not good at all. There are no puzzles just enemies to shoot, a mansion at first that you can't explore since it's not a proper one and the level ends after one minute and twenty five seconds. The shotgun secret was very obvious and the Uzi one actually so I wonder why they were secrets in the first place. That annoying sound that indicates danger is unbearable and I had to endure it for the nine minutes (that's how long it took me to finish it) it lasted. The second level has more enemies to kill, SAS guys, and ropes to swing plus a few jumps in a snowy setting. The armchair that was out in the snow was hilarious. The two things I found interesting in this level were the sprint that seems to last for as long as you wanted to even though there's no bar to see and the fact that with one shotgun shot you can kill your enemy. Also the mobile on the screen when you access the inventory was nice. Unfortunately this needs a lot of work in order to be presentable as a level." - Kristina (19-Mar-2007)
"Unfortunately I have to say this is quite a beginner stuff. There are plenty of streched and missing textures in these two levels and rooms that doesn't include detailed lighting. Gameplay is pretty boring because all you have to do is to perform easy jumps, activate two switches and shoot few baddies. The only thing which is pretty okay is the central mansion room in first level because it looks quite realistic if comparing it to the other areas in this game. I think that author should try to improve a lot his technical skills because it's impossible to make a good level without the knowledge of the Level Editor. Added to this author needs to build more detailed environment like in official TR games. A lot of improvements are needed to make better levels but I'm sure if author really wants to make good stuff he/she can do it." - Samu (26-Feb-2007)
"In first and second levels, when I picked up the secret, the background music stops forever when the secret chime sings. I've found untextured tiles in level 2, wafer thin walls, elongated textures, unmarked climbable walls,... To get this demo becomes a decent level there is much to learn and much to work." - Jose (11-Oct-2006)
"Well, that'll teach me to say what a lot of good debut levels we've had lately. This one - debut, demo, dire. It starts off in"the Tokyo mansion" which is vast, echoing and empty, filled only by the repetitive and highly irritating sound file that I always translate as ' look out, there's scorpions about' - you know the one? I kept expecting something to leap out at me, but in fact there was precious little going on at all. After a mercifully brief time, the scene abruptly and arbitrarily changes to Nepal, where there still isn't much to do, but at least you can do it in the snow, STILL to the accompaniment of that bloody annoying sound file. Honestly, this one would take a very great deal of revising to make a decent level. Sorry." - Jay (25-Sep-2006)
"This is very obviously a first attempt. It reminds me of the early days of custom levels, where people were trying the Editor for the first time - all enthusiasm over skill. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Lots of builders started out this way and went on to create great levels. Kill Bill now needs to study the manual, and read some reviews to understand that, at this stage, things like unmarked climbable walls are a no no. Stretched and missing textures the same. And huge vast levels are not necessarily better than small and well built. On the plus side there are some nice points, like Lara's graceful action jump, the first level runs into the next without problems (and with a new outfit), and limited use of cameras. I wondered about the armchair in the cave and the lever attached to the truck! But quickly realised it would be better to leave well enough alone and wait until we see what this author will create in the future." - CC (23-Sep-2006)
"I really tried,but I found it a little too harsh (even for me) to award this small adventure zeros in any particular category.Yes,the textures are repetetive and often stretched.Yes,the lighting is non-existent.Yes,the Gameplay is extremely simplistic.Yes,the objects are largely absent;and yes,atmosphere is negligable. And yet....the textures in the Mansion are sometimes well-chosen and competantly applied;the Gameplay in Level Two occasionaly perks up(the rather buggy hang-lever on the side of the Lorry;the acrobatic flip over the pole);the Mansion contains quite a few pleasent life-style objects AND a Dining Room table you can run along;and there's a reasonably good fixed camera at the start. However,Lara undergoes a cosmetic change from the first level to the second (she appears very muscular at the start) and her outfit in the Nepal level is as white as the surrounding snow,causing her to be barely visible for much of the time.Tedium reigns supreme for 95% of the duration and the builder (despite having the cheek to include a patched .exe)has an awfully long way to go before he/she can consider themselves to be competant. Nevertheless,I've played worse!" - Orbit Dream (14-Sep-2006)
"This one I could play without the added TR4 file. It says it is a demo; well that is a sorry for an excuse. Better play with your sound off, as the warning sound is the only one you hear and it got on my nerve. The first level is about running through a house with huge but empty rooms, a secret is just laying there for grabs. This level is very short and the next is a bit longer. Mikel must have missed the part to experiment with the lightning, as this one is so bright, better put your sunglasses on. I saw many missing textures, stretched ones and a haphazard of choice in the textures. Also the overload of weapons Lara will find must be a dead giveaway that the builder is a guy. This level is also another typical example how to misuse the patched TR4 exe file." - Gerty (11-Sep-2006)
"What to say about this level... well there is not much to say about it actuall, authough i would like to point out that you should not bother downloading the level as there is nothing to do at all. Ive put 0 for most things, the reason that is - is because they are tottally non-existant. 1 for the enemys, same at the other reviewers, because they actually wore black instead of white. All the begginer mistakes made here, thin walls, streteched textures, bland and life-less rooms and tottally square rooms. Message to the author: it was good killbill, from what ive seen from screenies on the level could ammout to a good series of levels in total. Well done and good luck with the future, i do hope we will see more of your levels soon, as they could (again i say this) ammount to a good ammount of gamplay, but you HAVE to start listening to advice given, which you obviously havent done. Sorry, no point downloading, nothing to do." - ColeMoles (06-Sep-2006)
"The author claims this to be a demo and it sure is. Part 1 plays in a kind of mansion (presumably the one that Lara owns in Tokyo) and all it really provides is a set of large oversized and rather empty rooms and one hard to miss shotgun secret. After about 4 minutes you reach Part 2 and suddenly you are in Nepal. This slightly longer part shows some more of the usual beginner's mistakes (thin walls, strteched and missing textures, unmarked climbable textures - one leading to an Uzi secret) and all you end up doing is killing a set of guards. The provided 118.wav is useless as the editor only plays audio files numbered up to 111, so you end up with a repeating warning sound all the time instead. On the plus side, the second part does show some promise that this new builder could work on. Certainly it is a long way to go though to reach the ambitious goal of a 30 level adventure that provides some decent environment and gameplay. Maybe worth to rather go for a two level adventure and take more time with the details - after thoroughly reading and working through the manual." - MichaelP (03-Sep-2006)
"What can I say about this level, i'm afraid not a lot of good things, there are no puzzles, the gameplay (euh.........what gameplay), there is constantly that annoying sound of "danger", from the beginning till the end (it only will take you about ten minutes to complete this level) en the lightning was not good. Why give lara a white suit (completely white, even her shoes) in the snow, i gave a score of "2" for the enemies because i was happy they weren't white. This was probably the worst level i've ever played, so there's something positive about it, you will surely improve by building new levels" - huif (03-Sep-2006)