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Tomb Raider I revised by Daoine Sidhe

afzalmiah 10 10 10 10
awsumpossum 8 9 10 10
Blue43 10 9 10 10
Ceamonks890 8 8 9 9
CelticRaider 9 10 10 10
dantheraider 10 10 10 9
Davy 10 10 10 10
Deekman 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 8 9 9 8
eRIC 9 10 10 8
Gerty 9 10 10 9
ggctuk 9 9 10 8
Ivan 9 8 10 9
Jay 9 10 10 10
Jorge22 9 10 10 10
Jose 9 10 9 10
Kristina 8 8 8 8
Lars 9 7 10 10
Larson 1988 10 10 10 10
Loupar 10 10 10 10
manarch2 8 9 8 7
Manymee 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 8 8 9 8
misho98 10 10 10 10
Moonpooka 10 9 10 9
Necro 10 10 9 10
Phil 9 10 10 10
QRS 10 10 10 10
Ruben 8 8 9 10
Ruediger 9 9 10 9
Ryan 9 10 10 9
Shandroid 10 10 10 10
TheStig 9 10 9 10
Tolle87 10 10 10 10
TombRaiderTim 10 10 10 10
Torry 10 9 10 10
Treeble 9 10 9 9
Vaughnage 10 10 10 10
Ward Dragon 10 10 10 10
Whistle 7 7 10 9
release date: 30-Sep-2006
# of downloads: 546

average rating: 9.44
review count: 40
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file size: 150.09 MB
file type: TR4
class: Remake

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Reviewer's comments
"I have faint recollections of playing the original TR1 years ago, with Glidos and never figuring out how to remove the annoying rotating logo in the middle of the screen, but it seems that I, unlike other players, found it possible to complete without any major issues. From there, I went to progress through the rest of the series (primarily on the PC) and thus became hooked. Daoine has captured the essence of the original very nicely indeed and this is to be commended. The majority of the areas will be immediately recognisable to those who have played that game, but the textures are less choppy and grainy thanks to the TR4 engine. The gameplay is also familiar, but it isn't a straightforward copy so just plowing through it may not be the best option. All I can say is thanks to the author for taking this mammoth task on and allowing us to experience this game as it was intended to be played. Well done!" - Ryan (18-Mar-2018)
"For the time this came out(as still very much the only fan-made classic TR remake project to be fully completed to this day), it must have been great to run TR1 in some form on newer computers back then(as DOSBox was still very much in its infancy & Core's official remake of the game was quietly cancelled behind the scenes, with Crystal's butchered re-imagining not seeing release until a year later). But how does Daoine's revision hold up today, you might ask? Well, the accuracy to the original game within a different iteration of the same engine more or less, is still truly impressive for the era(going so far as to include most of the original FMVs & cutscene animations), even if elements such as the Doppelganger boss fight in Atlantis or the giant hammer trap within St. Francis Folly, couldn't really be salvaged. Having said that, there are some inconsistencies with the overall production value(as the Peru levels got at least one major new section each to explore, but come the rest of the game, its basically business as usual). And it disappoints me to see the builder effectively resign himself to merely porting the existing material and calling it a day(buggy enemy slots aside). I understand that the whole point of this levelset existing first and foremost, is to give those who don't own a PlayStation console or a relatively old computer, the chance to play through TR1. But if the builder is willing to go out of his way to add new sections onto the Peru levels, why not do the same for the rest of the game? Overall, an impressive recreation. But with DOSBox working as effectively as it does nowadays(not to mention having a decent modern port to Android/iOS devices available), it kinda makes this release incredibly redundant in this day and age." - Ceamonks890 (19-Nov-2017)
"Many thanks to Treeble and GLrage folks whose combined efforts allowed me to play TR1 with music, 17 years after I should have - and this remake followed. It has shortcuts like in Natla's Mines fixed but many things damaged, primarily similar ammo count given to fight TR4 slots of much greater HP, what entirely destroys combat balance - I just kept dying while in Core version I didn't until Larson. Similar unpatching issue, the spikes are strictly TR4, causing unfair health loss. Next trouble is new locations - they would be brilliant in a separate game but here they feel like pasted from such, their style not matching the old bulk. Often these refurbishments feel like artificial barrier to extend playing time, especially the wolf pen built on the main road of Vilcabamba. Some fixes went wrong like applying linearity in The Cistern - the automatic door got me stuck in this level for the first time in my life. The bottom of the Midas aqueduct, originally granting extra isolation and pickups, here loses both with the goodies removed and the torches burning like if the place was still inhabited not abandoned for ages. Finally, failed substitutions - Pierre is removed and replaced with centaurs which still speak French, quite funny but seriously, what?? All of these problems would be acceptable in a normal custom level but if you're a newbie without a Treeble to help you may fail to run the original TR, try this remake instead and not even know how much you missed - and since it's possibly the first custom you try, when you see it rated so high it may discourage you from trying all wonderful games we made. SUMMARY: A very solid yet risky attempt, unfortunately about half of original experience because of simple oversights and misapproaches. Fixing it should be a priority for the author, and while I understand health or spike patches might have been unavailable in times when the game was made, they surely are now." - DJ Full (27-Feb-2017)
"Wow, this is what I call a remake!Imagine re-playing classic TR1 but with better looks and full original soundtrack that was missing from PC version.On top of all, the builder took time to actually change some details and add new rooms (Tomb of Qualopec being my favourite).What can I say except - thank you for fullfilling our nostalgic dreams!" - Tolle87 (21-Jan-2016)
"Fantastic is all that can be truly described about this remake, oh and, OH MY GOD THIS IS TRULY AMAZING! I can't believe how underrated the remake class truly is as, this is what can be produced from it when people just give it a chance! While I've never really been that much of a fan of the original Tomb Raider 1, this DEFINETLY gave new life to an already great game with the power of our lovely friend the Tomb Raider 4 engine. Nearly every single note is where it needs to be, levels have been vastly changed from already large tombs, temples and what have you, and they have been turned into massive locations, though never to the point of unrecognition. An amazing example of this is in The Tomb of Qualopec, while the majority of this level has remained unchanged, at the part where you go onto that trapdoor in front of that one lever leading you to that small room with the wolf duo, just wait and see what happens when you go there this time... Unfortunately I do have to deduct points in certain levels where Daoine Sidhe fails to change much, mostly towards the end, and just quite literally remakes the levels. Other than that, this is an amazing remake and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a new experience from a classic game." - Lars (08-Oct-2014)
"I must admit that I actually never managed to finish TR 1 due to its technical problems with some Windows versions resulting in more and more crashes the further I came, and it's been quite a while since I last tried this one, thus it was a mostly new experience for me as I finally made it through. So first of all I want to thank the builder for going through this massive effort, even if this is "only" a remake. Not everything is done exactly like in the original, there is a quite eye pleasing new area in the first level and some other changes I couldn't quite track myself. The gameplay is heavily filled with using lots and lots of levers, which makes it quite pedestrian at times, but there are plenty of very original sequences that make up for it. Some of the Greece levels and especially the Atlantis section are notches above the rest, with some very good gameplay ideas and good objects and animations - which also ends this game on a fairly high note. The enemy design is quite great although at times they were a bit too much for my taste, but I still managed to take way over a thousand uzi bullets to the very end. Overall, things like architecture, sound and even a few cameras are handled professionally; many areas felt quite plain and empty though with not very detailed design, and I dare to say the builder should at least have done something to avoid the massive amount of messy textures which ruin the impression quite a bit, given that there are actually some decent efforts put into lighting here and there. It's not all the fault of the builder who wanted to have a faithful tribute to the original, but in comparison to TR 2 onwards, TR 1 does suffer quite a bit in its visual quality and gameplay density. Nevertheless, playing this offering is a very appropriate way if you - like me - haven't managed to play the original game to its end and definately is even worth a look if you've already played it several times. Found 49 secrets which were quite varied in their difficulty to find them, and finished the game in 5:15 hours." - manarch2 (20-Sep-2014)
"Amazing idea to revise the original Tomb Raider game! I really liked the extra gameplay in the first level and it was even kinda blocking because it was very big! The other levels were amazing as well, just like in TR1. Sadly, it's not possible to create a doppelganger of Lara, but oh well, it's just a flaw, but not for the level - for the whole engine. Anyway, RECOMMENDED! Nothing, but four 10 from me!" - misho98 (12-Mar-2012)
"What an amazing custom game! This reminded me a lot of TR1. In the beginning levels there are some different areas but all the auther did was make the levels longer so it didn't bother me. All levels looked exacly the same as it did in the original some even better! The cutscenes were amazing and the auther definately knew where to put he pickups, objects and lighting and the finished result was flawless. I would rather play this remake instead of TR Anniversary! Don't miss this amazing adventure." - afzalmiah (28-Mar-2011)
"I just finished this custom level. I can't really add anything other reviewers have not mentioned. Everthing about this level is great. A MUST play if you just remotely liked Tomb Raider. I have played the original Tomb Raider games 3 times and this remake was a great trip down memory lane. I cannot even imagine how much time and effort it took to built this. Levels like this will keep TRLE alive forever. A big thanks to the builder for creating this masterpiece! I needed the walkthrough twice during the beginning (Caves and Vilcabamba areas). I will replay this again in the future and see if I can find all secrets. This time around I found 45." - Blue43 (11-Mar-2010)
"This is the first TR custom level that I was ever able to complete, so now that I'm capable of posting reviews, I'd like to give my two-bits. The gameplay was stunning. Some of the additions/alterations to the levels worked really well, but you can't be expecting all the same scenarios as were in TR1. There *are* alterations, and most of them work pretty well. One problem I had, though, was the enormous difficulty of the first level, in comparison to others. You've got hard-for-beginners platforming bits that made relatively little sense to me, sticking them in such an early segment of the game. This game expects you to be a seasoned player, and you had better be, unless you're fine with looking up the video walkthroughs on YouTube. I very much enjoyed the secrets, they weren't *too* hard to find, but they were challenges to get to. The enemies were a bit harder, this time 'round, but my only beef is that if you don't have the shotgun, you have no way of defeating either of the t-rex's (as opposed to the original TR1, where it took a while, but you could at least do it). The atmosphere was wonderful. I think the first camera flyby sums it all up. The sound and music was well done, and the cameras didn't present a problem any more than any other Tomb Raider title I've played. The textures and complexity of the lighting, etc. certainly show the best that the original level editor engine has to offer. Very smart design." - awsumpossum (31-Jan-2009)
"Caves (8/8/8/9, 30 min, 4 secrets): Apparently the level with the most modificaton vs the original TR1 game, as you get about 20 minutes of extra gameplay on top of the wonderful trip down memory lane. Quite a bit of fun jumping around the ledges, plenty of wolves and bats to get on your nerves and two blue keys needed for progression.
City of Vilcabamba (7/8/8/9, 30 min., 4 secrets): Even more wolves and bats here, but the whole setting seems to be a rather faithful copy of the original, which means there are many levers and a lot of running around to do.
Lost Valley (7/8/9/9, 25 min, 5 secrets): Always a great moment to enter the valley and here you get a great scene at the entry of the second T-Rex as well. Some raptors and the three cog wheels to find and use, so that you redirect the water.
Tomb of Qualopec (7/9/10/8, 30 min, 4 secrets): The classic gameplay here with blocks, levers and the three doors to open. The is a great secret to be had with a smart push block / door puzzle, which I do not recall from the original, but maybe I just forgot about it (?). At the end you find the Scion and meet up with Larson for a very well done cut scene dialogue.
St.Francis Folly (8/8/9/9, 25 min, 4 secrets): This just remains a great level by itself with the platforms and the four Godly quests (Thor, Damocles, Atlas and Neptune), which are all short but fun and yield a key. The high hub room is well done and a pleasure to navigate. Enemies are lions, gorillas and bats.
Colosseum (8/8/8/7, 25 min, 3 secrets): Somehow this part seems a bit dull and bland with the big and empty Colosseum area in which lions, crocodiles and gorillas roam. The sequenced timed run room provides a little bit of excitement but other than that it is all about levers and doors.
Palace Midas (8/8/9/9, 35 min, 3 secrets): Lots of running in empty hallways here but soon enough you run into the three lead bars that Midas Hand will turn into gold for you (of course you must try to jump on the hand with Lara just for the fun of it). The timed fire pillar run is most notable here and several good uses of flipmaps. Plenty of these annoying gorillas, plus some crocs, lions and bats to spice things up.
The Cistern (9/8/9/9, 30 min, 3 secrets): Ah yes, finally some decent gameplay here as you search for five keys, get to flood the wonderful main room and hop around all these ledges. The two dozen or so rats were indeed quite a pest though, but still did not spoil the enjoyment of the scenery.
Tomb of Tihocan (8/8/8/7, 25 min, 2 secrets): Some more flooding and draining gets you started here and the idea of the block floating up in water gets used. The level is about getting four keys and you meet the centaurs for the first time. Very odd that the Uzi pickup makes the gold key appear. At the end you get nice short cutscene telling you Tihocan's story.
City of Khamoon (8/8/8/8, 40 min, 4 secrets): The environment changes to sandy and brown now and you get several blocks to push around, including a nice puzzle for a secret. Highlight is a cool fire piller run and the way flipmaps are used to shift sand.
Obelisk of Khamoon (8/7/7/7, 30 min, 3 secrets): More of the same here, but still fund to find all the levers to make the four artifacts you need reachable. Plenty of the annoying mummified enemies to kill, which really got tedious after a while.
Santuary of the Scion (9/7/9/8, 30 min, 1 secret): A very impressive and huge Sphinx in a cave is the main room here and you get to jump around the ledges to eventually retrieve two Ankhs, which is great fun and not even spoiled by the twenty or so mutants of various types that you have to kill along the way. At the end you get a quick glimps of a Scion and meet Natla and her guys for a split second before you drop into the next level...
Natla's Mines (9/9/9/8, 40 min, 3 secrets): Nice touch that in the TREP version you indeed have no guns and need to acquire them along the way. You explore the caves and mines for fuses, avoid rolling lava boulders, solve a push block puzzle and there are some nice moments like the moving boat. The TNT blow up is a bit anticlimatic and at the end you get a short cutscene with the Scion again.
Atlantis (8/9/9/8, 40 min, 3 secrets): Back to the pulsating wall textures at last. Essentially this part is a fairly linear lever hunt, making your way slowly up and around the huge shaft, pushing a few blocks, battling the Atlantean enemies, mastering two timed sequences which are not too hard - all leading to the wonderfully designed cutscene with Natla at the end.
The Great Pyramid (9/9/9/8, 20 min, 3 secrets): Nothing like a great gauntlet and some good fights to finish off a big adventure. Fast paced finale with two not too hard boss fights as both of them are fairly easy to avoid and all you need is patience until they actually fall. The gauntlet is great fun though up until the rather sudden and uninspired ending sliding down a slope...
Bottomline, the author's deserves a 12+ score for effort and for achieving what over years other builder's have struggled with - a fully reworked TR1, playable within trle. Yet, I found that the feeling of nostalgia, while definitely there at times (Caves, Cistern, Natla's Mines primarily), did not grab me all that much and the more exploratory gameplay with few challenges made this a bit of an ordeal to complete for me personally, but nonetheless it is an amazing piece of custom level history!" - MichaelP (06-Apr-2008)
"At long last! Tr1 will play on my dogrod laptop, or, anyway, in Windows XP now. Which I am rather grateful for since I own the PC version of Tr1, and remember the pain to try to get it to work (constant freezes, missing audio and ambience on the "Sold-Out version"). So, first, the gameplay. It's mostly like TR1 save for many new puzzles such as the one at the beginning of "Caves". Some of the enemies are rather easy to defeat once you get hold of the Revolver. Gameplay was enhanced far better than the PC version with the addition of the PlayStation music files, and some newer audio from TR2 and TR3. I personally liked the way Egypt was set out (Egpyt being my favourite set of levels). Now onto the enemies. Enemies here were mainly adapted from TR1 into TR4 slots, but most of them work 100% okay, though the mummies and atlanteans are poisonous for some reason. Most of the objects are from TR1, so I won't mark higher than I have for this. The secrets are mostly where I expected them to be as well. For the atmosphere, I am marking a ten since it's classic Tomb Raider 1 atmosphere and there's practically nothing that can top the original. The sounds are very good as well. Finally, the textures. Ah, I wish I could mark higher for this, but the original low-res textures were used. The lighting was brilliant though. After all this, I think this, and not Crystal Dynamics' watered-down version, deserves the title "Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary Edition"." - ggctuk (30-Jan-2008)
"There is nothing more to say then this is the best remake of Tomb Raider 1, yes you heard me. It even surpasses Anniversary! Everything is great, the gameplay, atmosphere, the revised puzzles to fit in with the TR4 engine, the extra T-rex in the lost valley, and so much more! :) I can't wait to see more of your levels! :) A complete 10 from me. :)" - Larson 1988 (15-Jan-2008)
"I really liked this game and hoped for a remake of it and boy what a remake this is! I really loved the way it was changed and the lighting on the great pyramid really gave it a pyramid atomasphere to it! Well done!" - TombRaiderTim (02-Jan-2008)
"This game is everything a remake should be. It has nearly everything from the original Tomb Raider game, plus a lot of clever additions that really add to the experience. I don't just mean being able to sprint and shimmy around corners in the TR1 levels (although that's great in and of itself). The puzzles were altered a bit, perhaps to get around making the pushable blocks climbable. In any case the result was that the puzzles were familiar but new at the same time. I don't want to spoil too much so I won't get more specific, but I will say that the Lost Valley in this game is the best version of it that I have played, better even than the TR1 or Anniversary versions. It is truly amazing and it actually made me anxious and a little afraid of the dinos in a way that I only felt when playing TR1 for the very first time. This game even has the cutscenes faithfully remade. The only thing missing is the FMV's, which doesn't matter because I can watch them whenever I want to anyway. Tomb Raider I Revised is a superb game in every sense of the word." - Ward Dragon (01-Jan-2008)
"This is the best level i have ever played! First, i guess i'll talk about the amazing gameplay and puzzles. The puzzles are great! New engine to play on, new confusing extra areas, and new condomentary spices. The gameplay is fantasic and mesmorizing to say the least. Addicting, fun, and very original. The games classical scores are still in the game, but with more flare and more puzzles to play. Enemies are simply fantasic. More challenging to beat, and more stratigizing than ever, you have to actually think about the ways your going to kill them. More enemies, and more gun shooting. The objects are perfect, but this one beats the original and anniversary by a long shot! The objects are perfectly placed in the right order, and for the new puzzles, the objects still fit in with the whole level. Secrets are wity, easy, and hard to find at the same time. Some are well hidden, but some can be easy to find. The atmosphere is just how i remembered it from the original. Great feeling, moody, it sends a spice that no other TRLE game can handle. The sounds are great! Same scores, and new scores are great, and new. The camera is very nice, but it can get a bit iffy at some times, but it is controlable. The lighting and textures are simply amazing, interesting to look at, and marvlous! The old textures fit in with some of the new textures put in the game, making it seem great! Overall, i would highly recomend this game to many people try for a remake of this game." - Vaughnage (22-Dec-2007)
""Caves" includes a totally new area with a difficult jump sequence. The first level of the original TR1 was naturally designed for beginners (because at that time everybody was one!), so I guess the re-builder thought it must be adjusted to everybody's playing skill today? Fair enough. From the beginning you notice the lights are a bit more colourful. How much fun I had revisiting the T Rex valley! Small things have changed like the place where you find the shotgun, but the atmosphere is 100% there. Music and cameras are carefully used, it was good not to modernize much in that department. I enjoyed "St.Francis Folly", one of the groundbreaking ideas for TR, see several "tower levels" later. The unusual challenges by Damocles, Atlas etc. are well rebuilt. Of course one of the most important points of the remake is the improved graphics: the textures look a lot less like a pixel collection, and the rats in "Cistern" never appeared to be so nasty before! Not all ideas to improve the original gameplay turn out right, I could have done without that wicked timed run in "City of Khamoon". If the Atlanteans are less scary than they were in 1996, it's not the builders fault but the natural lack of novelty value. So under the circumstances of being "old", the revised TR1 was real fun to play. I always felt Lara belongs into Vilcabamba much more than Venice or a submarine..." - Ruediger (16-Sep-2007)
"Firstly I want to thank and congratulate the author for having done such a great work to recreate the first official Tombraider game, for the original game is so old I did not have sounds at all and had so bad graphics. Not only that but new whole areas have been incorporated in the Peruvian levels, in the City of Khamoon ; the Thor quest is also completely different and there is two versions of the Natla's mines level according you are playing with trep or not. A great work has been made in the objects category to make work the necessary new animations of many puzzles , like the quick lava traps or the little house that goes down in Natla's mines, and many more. Without speaking of the enemies like the Atlantean mutants or gorillas, and cutscenes. I noticed the movable blocks were not climbable except one in Natla's mines. The new areas look very good and are well textured when the old ones suffer a bit in comparison, some textures in Palace of Midas and the Colosseum are still horribly stretched :) I had a great fun (re?)playing this very fluent game, I really enjoyed the new puzzles like the fun timed run on pillars in City of Khamoon. I enjoyed too some parts of the well known areas, escaping the T-Rex with no appropriate weapon in the lost valley was fun. My two favourite levels is City of Khamoon (not only because of the new area) and I enjoyed myself a lot in the first Atlantis level, a great straightforward fast paced classic , full of action with some clever puzzles as well. Well done !" - eRIC (09-Aug-2007)
"Such a pleasure! With a little bit of extra areas to explore at the begining, and just enough changes to enemies and pickups to keep it fresh. If you miss playing the original, this is the game for you. Daoine Sidhe has even worked in solutions to the fact that you can't climb onto a moveable block with the TR4 engine. My favorite suprise/change from the original? Just after I'd spent all my shotgun ammo taking out the T-Rex in the Lost Valley, WHAM! Here comes another! Let's do it again!" - Deekman (27-May-2007)
"The entire game is what the title indicates, a remake of TR1. It is a good one though and if I am not mistaken there were some differences in some areas but all for the good. The problem is that you know where to go and what to do so it is just for fans that want to 'relive' the atmosphere of the old game. It can become tedious for the reason mentioned above and even the secrets are no surprise if you found them all in the original game which I did. Play this if you want to explore the levels from TR1 with better textures and animations." - Kristina (19-Mar-2007)
"A great reunion done by an excellent builder ! Meeting all the enemies from the original 1996 issue was just like a flashback into my TR childhood ! Mrs. Nadla looks as evil as ever and I believe (although she is finished by now ) that one of these days she is bound to return with a little help from our fantastic game builders in the TRLE community . Having played TR1 I found it quite easy to overcome all its challenges , not much new but definetely worth of giving it a good rate ! Thank You ." - Ruben (27-Dec-2006)
"Absolute brilliant remake of Tomb Raider I. If that game was perfect when it was released, this version is also perfect and even more because is built with all the details and the puzzles without a fault. Also, the new rooms added in some levels are well matched with the original ones. I hope Daoine will make soon a TR2 remake." - Loupar (03-Dec-2006)
"Sooo long ago that I played the original, that I only remember snatches to compare with this version. The early sections tended to be running round doing not a lot except get tired legs, not even many pickups to find. However this has been a massive undertaking and generally done to (as one would have expected with a more powerful engine) a more advanced graphical detail-particularly like the pulsating blood red walls of the later levels. Many enemies, with perhaps the mummified zombies a little over done., for Lara to splat and the later levels gave more to do and think about as far as puzzles are concerned. The graphics I have already stated were good and coupled with a good variety of shades of lighting did create sound atmospheres. As to the sound it self, generally OK but the cut sequences need a boost in sound levels so as to be audible. Generally, as far as I can remember, better than the original." - Whistle (19-Nov-2006)
"There is not much to say here, except, thank you, for building a TR1 that XP users can play. Making this revision must have been very difficult, but you did such a fine job. Excellent!!!" - Shandroid (19-Nov-2006)
"I give it 10-10-10-10 only beacause this is THE Tomb Raider, and beacause it has to be played and re-played forever. I really didn't like the new parts of the first level... The rest it's... as it has to be a true remake of TR1." - Davy (06-Nov-2006)
"While we were all moaning in vain for the wonderful Core TRAE we glimpsed this year, Daoine Sidhe went ahead and took matters into his own hands. For that alone, he's deserved to get his own suite within the Hall of Fame. From me it's a straight 10 out of 10. I will not take into account the few rooms that were lit too brightly, or the few enemies that got stuck, because that really doesn't count here. What counts is that now everybody can play TR1. Does it matter that the skateboard kid isn't there, and some cut scenes shortened? I think not - whoever is in need of watching them in full can always go online and download them from the various TR sites that offer them. It makes perfect sense to spice up the Caves level, but apart from that, the builder has held himself back from intervening with the puzzles of the rest of the game, which I appreciate. Where he had to change things (due to the moveable blocks that can't be climbed with the TR4 engine) he has done so subtly and elegantly. The atmosphere is excellent. Having been a PS player until this year, I never got to hear all the spooky ambient sounds that the PC version allegedly contains, so I am guessing here we have the original sounds? Or even slightly enhanced? Anyhow, I was well spooked. The textures are brilliant. All through playing I was looking forward to the pulsating Atlantis flesh textures, and I have not been disappointed. The lighting and colours are, as with every good custom level, extraordinary beautiful and make this game ten times prettier than the original. I have posted screenshots over at tombraiderforums in the level editor section. Yo da man, Jens. :D" - Manymee (03-Nov-2006)
"At first I didn't like the idea of a remake, but I downloaded it anyway and I loaded it up. Once I started to play it, I fell in love with it. This is amazing to see this. Not to mention all the hard work and the details, the author did a great job on this remake and I'm looking forward to seeing more from this author. Gameplay, puzzles, objects, secrets, enemies, camera, sound, atmostsphere and textures were great. The lighting in some areas were a little bit to bright. And I also miss the skateboard kid, these are only minor problems, and I had a great time playing this remake. I hope to see more remakes from this author in the future as well as his own levels. Great job!" - dantheraider (31-Oct-2006)
"I wanted to try out these remake levels just to see how true to the original they were and I was blown away. TR1 is my favourite of the series and I was amazed at how well the levels look. Even the objects and enemies were identical. One hell of a lot of time and effort went into the creation of these level and I thoughly enjoyed playing these levels. If you are having problems trying to get the original tr1 to work in XP, just load these levels and its almost like playing the original. I say almost because there are a few changes but these changes are good things. One downside to playing remake levels is that the challenge is gone. You have previously played the original level and therefore know where everything is and how to complete it. The changes in these levels keep you on your toes and I welcome them. I was also impressed with the cutscenes, especially the last one where Natla falls down the pit. How did this author get the animation so perfect!!! Some of the elements couldn't be implemented such as the Lara double and I would have liked to have seen the impossible medipak in the Midas Palace level but altogether this level was truly outstanding!" - Necro (28-Oct-2006)
"How many hours this builder used to rebuild the first TR game of the series? Only for this I should must give a 10 in all sections. When I began to play the Caves level I was pleasantly surprised, 'cause I found many modifications about the original level, but it's not the tendency in the rest of the game; most of the levels are equal to the originals. Once you have played more than 1000 custom levels many of them with a high difficult, the puzzles seems very simple, but still funny although you already know what it will happen. Good cutscenes, good atmosphere, good ambience,... Perhaps I missed some more musics and more new puzzles, but if it was so it would not be the old and dear TR1 game. A great remake and a great builder." - Jose (27-Oct-2006)
"Back in the late 90s I was addicted to a number of DOS games: Duke Nukem, Doom, Heretic, Blood, Hexen and the like. I knew then that a new game called Tomb Raider had been released and was receiving rave reviews, but I didn't get around to giving it a try until I found it on a "previously played" discount shelf sometime around 2000. I remember how frustrated I was in that first level, "Caves," trying to get used to the unusual keyboard moves. But I stuck with it, finished TR1 and moved on avidly to the subsequent commercial releases. Then at some point I discovered this site and the rest, as they say, is history. I find it somewhat amazing that after six years I still haven't tired of this game and moved on, as I usually do, to something that seems fresher and more exciting. I replayed TR1 several times as I graduated to the more sophisticated Windows versions, but I eventually found that the original release had become so archaic by comparison that I lost all interest in going back to it. This major release by an established builder (for all of you who thought this was his maiden voyage, a quick search will reveal that he's given us five offerings over a period spanning nearly three years, each of which has been rated more highly than the one before) will bring back many fond memories of those first raiding adventures, complete with vastly improved graphics and enough new gameplay to dispel any grumblings that all we're getting here is ground plowed anew. I stand in awe and can only give thanks that someone with the requisite skills has devoted an immense amount of time and creative energy to give the community a thoroughly delightful trip down Memory Lane. Highest recommendations." - Phil (20-Oct-2006)
"Wow this is quite an undertaking - a complete updated TR1; with some new touches here and there. Most of it however is a pretty faithful recreation of the official game so I have no intention of going into great detail - I'm sure you all know what to expect. It's also a real reminder of how far we've come in terms of gameplay and ability - things that seemed quite hard to achieve back in the day now seem laughably easy. Highlights for me were meeting the T-rex in Lost Valley (wonderful to see the valley in all its beauty, minus the original grainy textures), and oh the heady joys of St Francis' Folly with decent graphics. In fact, I'm pretty sure seeing a 'clear copy' of TR1 is something most of us have wished for. Well, here it is and I'm really grateful. Pure gold - just like Palace Midas. Prepare for the biggest nostalgia trip of your raiding life." - Jay (18-Oct-2006)
"I can only begin to imagine the amont of hours involved in remaking the game that started it all. What a debut from an "unheard" of author and what a fantastic experience for all of those grey haired old bastards that remember this game so well. Is it a true rendition of the original? No, but the author has added liitle "extras" to keep the journey fresh and interesting. Some old enemies are back, slightly retextured to fit the new environment and some are missing but the overall experience should not be missed by any raider, young or old. Most importantly, the "feel" of the old game is there. The wonder oh what's around the next bend, the same old Oh hell, I'll raid just another five minutes and then go to bed and at 3.00am, yawning, you reluctantly put Lara to bed for another night. Sure, we have seen this before, but not so stunningly as it is now presented to us. I think Daoine caught just the right balance between the traditional TR1 game and the TR4 engine with it's enhanced abilities but did not force any of the TR4 moves that were not required, except perhaps by choice. I loved it and after the Legend fiasco, it has managed to bring an old raider to life again. Thank you Daoine. Well done lad." - Torry (14-Oct-2006)
"Well, what can I say? After 7 hours of constant gameplay I finished this little gem (Or should I say large gem!?!)and I'm still in awe at the nostalgia and beauty of it! As a hardcore tombraider 1 fan, I can say that this remake is extremely well done and I love how the author has 'filled' out the smaller levels with his own creations! A few minor things that I did not like: The constant purplish colour in some rooms was not so nice and also the far too bright colour on the water textures from time to time.I also missed the skateboard guy!! Only three minor complaints though and I had to really search to find anything bad actually :) Beside that, this adventure is flawless. Almost everything is there. Even the cutscenes (not the fmv). As I'm trying to make a remake of one tr3 level myself, I can only say that I fully understand how much work this must have taken the author. I hope folks appreciate it and don't think "It's just another remake" etc. Shame on you if you think like that! ;);) I bet this has taken more time to make than a similar levelset with his own levels so to speak. The atmosphere is just as perfect as in the original tr1. Most of the original secrets are where they used to be and sometimes placed with a 'twist' hehe. (I got 45/49 btw) Highlights: The t-rex 'breakthrough' in the lost valley!! Amazing work! The use of the patch to make Natla's mine identical without the guns in the start etc. I was also very impressed how the author managed to bypass some of the hard->impossible things that occur when you try to make a tr1 level using the tr4 engine. The standing pushable was solved with expanding walls. The moving lava in Atlantis looked almost identical but must have been animations put in the moving blade slot (or similar)! The list goes on...I have had some thoughts about making a remake of tr1 myself in the future but I think I will drop it. I could never top this!! Amazing work. I hope we will see a tr2 remake next. I can assure you that I will play and review it! All tens from me. Thanks for a fantastic adventure, Daoine." - QRS (13-Oct-2006)
"For Mac players, give it a go as it ran smoothly on my Mac. I'll keep this one on my HD for a while as I missed some secrets and personally I think it is worthwhile to play this again. This also shows that this is a great revised version. It is a nice interpretation of the original one. It is also great to play a bit of a history without having to download patches or other software to make it playable. Love the writing near the two levers that tell you which one to use, all depending on which TR4 exe you used. For me Jens gets a big applause for doing this project and I am amazed how much I still remembered of the old game. Do not forget it isn't a carbon copy. So playing on autopilot will not get you to the end. On the other hand it isn't so hard that you'll get frustrated as long as you keep your eyes wide open. Funny that when I played TR1 for the first time I thought how hard the game was, and now after playing so many LE levels, the jumping, running, shooting and whatever, come so easily that I had a ball. I hardly dare to ask if in the near future we can see more revised versions of the old games as that would make me a very happy girl." - Gerty (13-Oct-2006)
"What a joy to play Tomb Raider 1 again, reminding us of how everything began and how we got to where we are now. This remake sticks closely to the original, and personally that's exactly how I would want to play it. But we also have the bonus of cleaner textures, and some added areas which kind of left the original a bit flat in places; but even so, TR 1 still remains my second fav of all the TR adventures, and it was a thrilling trip back to the past in this very well made, and very well thought out revised game. We also get a new looking Lara, and some of the enemies are also re textured, re designed? I can never remember the correct terms for those new additions, but anyway, forget the old blocky Lara and co; we're playing with new and smoother looking characters which really did give this old game a boost. What more can I say? Well, I could run through each level giving a descriptive review, but after so much time and effort from the author to bring us this new and exciting TR 1 game, I think you should all just play it and see for yourselves; and i'll leave it at that, with a huge thanks to the author for a really fabulous trip back in time!" - Moonpooka (12-Oct-2006)
"Very good feeling when playing all Tomb raider 1 revised, and with little changed places and added new areas. Great and excellent work. Dinos and big two Trex made new fear and feeling, but onlu little "disapointed" when not can kill tehm :) I joking ofcourse. All game is very good and beautiful make and little peace of art. From 1997 until now one more experience and rememberance of old days when i played Tomb one in some Playstation club. With all good nice sounds of tomb original, sounds of action and moves and changes places. All levels are like retushed old Tomb in new dress :) Good for playing." - Ivan (12-Oct-2006)
"Well, ten years after the original and due to the fact that many of us can't play TR1 anymore in XP, even with the TR1 Installer (at least I couldn't), I suppose we have to give a big cheer to this builder, who must have put a lot of work into building this gigantic remake. As far as I can remember, this is quite different at times from the original (namely in the first level) but as the title says, it's a "revision", so... All the limitations of the engine put aside, everything is there, from the original Lara to the textures typical of TR1 - but with a much better look - and the sense of isolation and adventure of the game. That having been said, TR1 was never my favorite... But you really have to grant it that this is, as someone else put it, a Christmas gift before time. Great retro work. Unmissable." - Jorge22 (09-Oct-2006)
"Daoine Sidhe, put simply THANKYOU! An absolutely Joy to play. As fantastic celebration of 10 years of tomb raider, a magnificant achievement with impressive attention to detail. I loved every second, with some really nice attempts to expand level areas and add a touch of originality. Level structure, lighting, texturing all are to an excellent standard. Any of you who miss the original TR due to it's incompatibilities with XP, dont dispair, because the spirit of the original game is here. Daoine Sidhe You've made me a very happy Stiggy!" - TheStig (09-Oct-2006)
"I don't know Daonie Sidhe, he is a total unknown TRLE builder for me. But, for his first great adventure (for as fas as I know), he made an excellent job. I am sure he must have spent a lot of time to achieve his goal. As I have said on an other TR Forum : "It's a X-Mas gift before time." Apart the difficult start in the Caves, in the room with the nasty slopes and the deadly time-run burning pillars in City of Khamoon, it's a total pleasure to play this Version of Tomb Raider 1. The ambiance of the original game is present in every level : the solitude of Lara, the surprising moments of ennemies attacks, the impression of abandoned places... And the beauty of these places, also, is... The huge "room" in Tomb of Qualopec, The Cistern, The Tomb of Tihocan, The Sanctuary of the Scion and even The Great Pyramid are joy for the eyes. Like in TR1, some tests are sometimes hard. I must admit I had to ask for help twice (see above). But all the other difficulties can be managed easyly enough, even by new TR players. For the TR Players who have TR1 nostalgia, they should download, install and play this "TR1 remake". Congratulations, Daonie Sidhe!!! Do you have a "TR3 Remake" in your future plans, by the way?" - CelticRaider (08-Oct-2006)
"Tomb Raider I... who hasn't played it and loved it? The thoughts bring back so many memories, and here's the opportunity to revisit them! Some levels (not all of them, though) have been changed and got brand new areas, so even if you're not totally a fan of remakes it might be worth to check it out. And if that doesn't interest you, you might want to pick and play these for the sole fact the original game was released almost exactly a decade ago (the levels were released a month earlier), so it might be an appropriate time to dwell in the past with this remake. * THE CAVES (45 minutes, 4 secrets): this level felt quite different to what the Caves originally felt, maybe because of the river and the huge greenery area in there. It's much harder than the original level, too, but maybe that'd be just me being out of practice. There was a specific jump which required some precision lining up as she kept sliding and then another one which took me a while to realise, but other than that, it was good fun. The extra secret is well placed. * CITY OF VILCABAMBA (30 minutes, 4 secrets): not many new areas here, except for one huge bridge which looked very fitting. The break-away tiles have a brownish color opposed to the gray from the original and it looks quite contrasting inside the chambers. * LOST VALLEY (30 minutes, 5 secrets): I'm writing these single level reviews as I go, and so far this has been the best rebuilt IMO. Not only the valley got a lot more mysterious with the greatly applied distance fog, but it's also become a lot more dangerous. I couldn't kill the T-Rexes, but I've been told the Shotgun can do that, so either you decide to rely on your legs or on the shotgun (I always leave it for the end, when coming for the last secret in the level, and didn't do it differently this time). The T-Rexes are quite speedy and aggressive, so be advised, you might be reloading a few times if you take the scientifically correct path. There's a new area, the T-Rex nest, and the way the second is introduced to the level is fantastic. * TOMB OF QUALOPEC (20 minutes, 3 secrets): ahh, the historical Tomb Of Qualopec. This is probably the most rebuilt TR1 level out there (even I built one a few years ago), and having played most of them, I can say that technically this is the one that gets the closest to the original. That's obviously excluding the whole, enormous new area which I wasn't so fond of, but I was quite glad to see raptors and wolves coexisting and the moving pillars puzzle actually works like it did in TR1. You even get to see the original cutscene where Pierre reaches Lara here, but I'll say I prefer the original camera angles, they seemed to focus on the characters, while this one covers the character and most of the waterfall setting too. Oh, one last thing, you can't go back into the valley entrance to pick up the medipack. * ST. FRANCIS FOLLY (20 minutes, 4 secrets): this is one of the top favorite level for most of TR1 fans, and I was quite surprised there was no extra areas on this level. The remake itself is pretty good, as good as it gets, I should say. The chambers of the gods weren't changed much, except for Thor's which now hosts a broken hammer and a lot of floating platforms. Pierre unfortunately doesn't make his classical appearances here, instead he was replaced with a much cuter kitty. * THE COLOSSEUM (20 minutes, 3 secrets): another level that didn't have the extra rooms, and as far as I can remember, nothing else was changed, so this is a pretty close replica. There was a significant ammount of extra lions, but nothing bad. I thought the author could have made the colosseum arena an outside area with a misty fog, much like what he did with the lost valley, but unfortunately it was all black like in the original. * PALACE MIDAS (30 minutes, 3 secrets): no additional rooms for this one either, but the remake itself is very well done. It's all in here again, including the fire pillars and the hand of Midas. It doesn't quite work as the original did, Lara gets transformed into golden dust instead of a lovely statue we all would love to have lifesized in our homes (I can't be the only one!). I even used the corner bug to see if the legendary unreachable medipack was there, but no, it wasn't. * THE CISTERN (40 minutes, 3 secrets): again, no new areas, just a remake as faithful as possible, which, in itself, isn't a bad thing. I know this is another of fan favorites, but it's not quite mine and I was glad I finished it without getting stuck once - seems TR1 is still fresh in my mind after all. * TOMB OF TIHOCAN (25 minutes, 2 secrets): no extra areas, and the remake itself is a bit different as there is no Pierre - he's been replaced with two centaurs in this level. It still as spooky as it was in the original (even knowing the statues would come alive I was staying one step behind, just to be safe). I kinda missed the textured sculpture around the slope that leads to the entrance of the main chamber of the tomb, but it's an area you simply zoom by so there's no realm harm there. One thing I've noticed was that the second part of the Scion was nowhere to be picked up, in the original game Pierre would leave it behind (he did get into the temple first, after all...). Even though he's not there, you can listen to his line. * CITY OF KHAMOON (30 minutes, 3 secrets): ahh the memories. I remember fondly that this was going to be the next level I would rebuild for KingSpyder's project, and ended up not finishing it for whatever reason. Anyway, it's pretty much the original level until later on, near the end, there's a brand new area with a neat timed jumping sequence and a pushblock puzzle which took me a while to figure out. The background sound used in the Egyptian levels is not from TR1 though, but it fits. * OBELISK OF KHAMOON (30 minutes, 3 secrets): this, alongside with Tomb Of Qualopec, is one of my favorite Tomb Raider I levels and I was so happy to play it here. There have been no major changes other than a shortcut door near the top of the obelisk. Otherwise, pretty much the same. * SANCTUARY OF THE SCION (30 minutes, 1 secret): the level pretty much plays the same as the original, including the fun quest for the two ankhs in the beginning to reveal the huge underwater throne room. Larsen, who seemed to be missing his chest, shows no threat and in the end you can watch a condensed version of the FMV in a cutscene format. You only see Natla and two of her henchmen approaching Lara, but it was familiar enough for me. * NATLA'S MINES (40 minutes, 3 secrets): this is another of my favorite levels in TR1 because there are so few enemies and vast areas to cover, and it's all the same here. Unfortunately we don't get to fight the bald man nor the skateboard kid, which were some of the toughest baddies in TR1. What we get, instead, is three rounds against the cowboy. The water seemed to have a very blue surface which looked a bit odd, but nothing that I couldn't get used to. * ATLANTIS (30 minutes, 3 secrets): Atlantis... how it's been missed. There are a few changes due to the differences between the engines, and probably the most striking one is the absence of the atlantean Lara. Nevertheless, the remake hosts all of the traps and perils of the original. * THE GREAT PYRAMID (20 minutes, 3 secrets): the last level with the final fights. The first boss has been changed and after killing it you get a little puzzle of sorts before proceding. Natla also is far less menacing than it was in the original game, even though she'll take quite a lot of the ammo you collected throughout the game. Climb up to the end and slide down and it's all over. Bottomline, if you've never played TR1 - here's your chance. And if you have, this is a great trip down memory lane, and released just on time for the tenth anniversary of the game. My final stats were just over 7 hours of gaming, with 47/49 secrets (just for the record, the original game had 45 secrets)." - Treeble (06-Oct-2006)