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Baptism of Fire 1 - The Scroll of Destiny by Bedazzled

Akcy 8 8 8 9
Blue43 8 8 9 9
Cory 9 8 8 9
dantheraider 9 9 9 9
DJ Full 6 6 7 9
eRIC 7 9 9 8
Gerty 8 8 9 9
Jay 8 8 9 9
JesseG 6 8 7 7
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 8 7 8 9
Kristina 7 7 8 8
Magnus 7 7 7 7
manarch2 7 7 7 7
MichaelP 8 9 9 8
Mman 7 8 7 6
Neso 7 9 8 8
Nomad 8 7 8 9
Obig 8 8 9 9
Orbit Dream 9 9 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Staticon 8 8 8 8
totizedger 7 7 7 7
Treeble 8 8 8 8
release date: 02-Oct-2006
# of downloads: 83

average rating: 7.98
review count: 25
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file size: 53.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"The final level in this collection holds the most challenge, and is the longest, although not by a huge margin. Lara will explore some indoor and outdoor areas that have nice lighting, but are heavily wallpapered. She will fend off some demigods and skeletons while solving a simple but cool-looking pushable puzzle, and overcoming blades, flames, and a timed run (which has a missing camera cue, ack!). There is even an interesting cameo appearance, with Amanda and Sophia teaming up against Lara for a brief gunfight. I wasn't a huge fan of the ending, which was just a long flyby of a room Lara already explored, but the adventure was pretty engaging otherwise. 26 minutes." - JesseG (21-Jun-2021)
"The third and last level turns out to be my favourite of this series and here is why. The gameplay is rather varied and enjoyable throughout with a nice mirror puzzle which is very easy to solve but nevertheless a nice addition and the oil puzzle. I did have some trouble with finding the vase not because it looked different from the one next to it just the fact that i tried to shoot it when i was supposed to pick it up. The setting changes quite a lot from Castle to library to lava which doesn't feel very cohesive but the actual looks of the place is solid though. I agree with Mman, atmospherewise it isn't really the most immersive of levels i've played but not too bad it's just that the setting changes a bit too much in such a short period of time. Overall i must say that this was the most enjoyable level of this series especially in the gameplay section. Recommended !!!" - totizedger (18-Dec-2017)
"A well-made, good looking level. Not a masterpiece or even my personal favorite from the baptism of fire but it is entertaining. The mirror puzzle was quite a candy for the eyes, and I liked the hint to pick up the vase (without the hint I would never try to pick it up). The timed run and the last part have short but enjoyable platforming. The secrets could be harder to find though and reward the player some items or interesting areas, I don't like it when there is no reason to find them besides perfection. This one is recommended." - Nomad (03-Aug-2017)
"In terms of gameplay, I found this to be the winner in this set of Baptism of Fire releases. After a relatively easy start with a simple underwater maze and fight against a lone demigod to obtain two Sun Pieces, the builder ups the ante and adds a few tricky challenges in for good measure. A slope riddled with blade traps, a timed run across ledges to a far gate, an ingenious mirror puzzle, a fiery lava room that was treacherous to negotiate and a small Oil puzzle. Very enjoyable." - Ryan (01-Aug-2017)
"The theme here is far too mixed to come together, you've got whitish castle type textures that lead on to Lost Library type areas and a lava cave; there's not enough of a transition for all these themes to feel like something cohesive and it lets the atmosphere down. The actual visuals are decent beyond that, and there's some nice areas, however there's a bit too much tight corridor gameplay. I liked the custom Human enemies at one point too. This is arguably the most challenging of the first three BOF maps, and you need to keep a close eye out for certain things. I thought one puzzle item was too camouflaged by it's nature (despite being in plain sight), but the rest isn't much trouble. The flow felt off though, with multiple instances of backtracking feeling like padding in such a short map. While a bit less coherent than the other two entries to BOF this is the most creative of the three, which may balance it out depending on your preferences." - Mman (14-Jul-2014)
"The third level of the first Baptism of Fire series was for me only a little bit longer than the second at slightly less than 20 minutes, but manages to entertain from start to finish without many dull moments. The atmosphere is quite nice, right with the first camera showing the outside area at the start, and the looks manage to please until the end in the room with the many burners. I could imagine them to be a bit less sterile as they are, which doesn't quite fit the climate, but overall they are competently done. While the gameplay isn't uttermost thrilling most of the time, the sheer variety of the tasks is satisfactory and the puzzles make up for that and there were a few neat ideas with the mirrors (though a very simple puzzle) and the torch towards the end. It's a nice enough game to be placed in such a level series, though a little short and cramped together - still definately the most balanced one from the first round." - manarch2 (26-Mar-2014)
"Classic raiding. Short and simple, but very entertaining, filled with a pushable, a seek-for-lever task, a torch puzzle and collecting items - all of these set in environment interesting enough to make You forget about their linearity. And that hint literally "showing" oil is simply hilarious. Even egyptian proportions and style seem to be correct in it... The only error in gameplay I noticed is we need to follow the same corridor twice, and as for a level so short like this one, I consider that repeat a little bit too long. Usage of one enemy is different than usually, and another opponent is slightly modified. Of course, there are some standard skellys roaming in corridors as well. Lighting is perfect except one particular shadow in the last hall. I can see no reason for placing it there. Maybe it was to be a discreet shade, but bedazzled accidentally hit intensity button too many times or what... The rest is flawless - fire casts warm, orange light, water gives some blueish reflections (static, but still visible), and, in cooperation with old good tiles it all creates an impression of classic catacombs - but way better. Final touch belongs to secrets, which are so obvious they make the game relaxing. Nice idea. SUMMARY: Like in that "Ronin" movie, where some bad guys try to obtain a suitcase and never know what's inside, I also still don't know what the Scroll of Destiny is used for (except from opening doors), but no matter what this purpose can be, just obtaining the item was a satisfying experience. Try it if You have spare 40 minutes, or 60 if You decide to check every corner and possibility (I tell about real time, not stats). An easy one, and IMO suitable for all. Recommended, just like the whole "Baptism of Fire 1". Playing this set motivated me to take on "BoF2" even today and see if I can recommend it as well." - DJ Full (30-Jan-2011)
"From the three levels of the Baptism of Fire 1 series I definitely liked this one the most. The game play is nice and interesting with a variety of tasks to accomplish. It is not hard at all but the player sure has to pay attention, which I didn't and therefore got stuck not knowing what to do for a while as I had missed an important pickup. No real problem though, as one can get easily back to it without having to reload. There are a couple of skeletons, a fire wraith, a demigod and two female enemies to deal with. I did like the light puzzle and the final room with all the fire emitters. The atmosphere was nice and the level had a well-chosen music. Lighting and texturing were pretty much flawless, especially the lighting looked great with the use of a lot of torches. Too bad the builder recently retired from level building as I definitely like that style and this level is a good example of a well designed short raid with interesting, yet not overly complicated game-play. It is the type of level that can be played by anyone and enjoyed any time. Recommended for everyone!" - Blue43 (12-Nov-2010)
"Another gem and I know I have played them all a while ago and still I like all of the levels of this Baptism of Fire 1 very much. It is also a short level but with three in a row you have a nice afternoon wandering through them. Here you are looking for the Star and some oil so the Torch can't be far off. There is some pushing to do and some great jumping and try not to catch fire." - Gerty (04-Mar-2009)
"This is the only level of the first Baptisme of Fire set to feature an outdoor area, but unfortunately the end of the world is right within reach from the secret in that area. Gameplaywise it is elaborate, yet being simple (see the pushblock puzzle for instance). I liked the reworked objects (the star and gem puzzle pieces come to mind) and generally it had a nice pace to it, with the exception of the oil that had me going through the entire map twice before checking the walkthrough for its location. 30 minutes, 4 secrets. 01/09" - Treeble (06-Jan-2009)
"I really had a good time playing this level, which is not too long, about 35 minutes. The flow is fluent, the setting atmospheric at times, and there are several new objects and effects which are quite well done. The level is likely divided in 3 sections, each with its own texturing. I was just a bit confused once, at the end as I could not found a way to turn off the fire by the switch. A good level." - eRIC (29-Mar-2008)
"Final one. I dunno why but contrary to most reviewers, this was for me the less enjoyable in this Baptism of Fire. Though this is well built : no bugs, outside area (the only one which is horizon-enabled) is managed, enemies (demigods) and puzzles (mirrors and tomb) work perfectly, texturing and lightings are correct. In my opinion, the last flyby wasn't a good idea : on the one hand, there was already another flyby when we enter that room ; on the other hand, the music theme was quite disturbing. A delightful level nevertheless. Bravo all builders !" - Neso (28-Oct-2007)
"It is the shortest of the three levels, that's a shame because I enjoyed this the most. Good puzzles, a forgiving timed run, it's always fun dealing with skeletons by other means than explosives. Good lava room, although there is more than one way to get through it, and pulling the lever isn't necessary. The level looks good, especially the lake area. Two thumbs up." - Akcy (17-Sep-2007)
"Peter's contribution with his own debut level to the Baptism of Fire project gives us a few minutes of fun as well. We are searching for the two pieces of a star, the oil can and a scroll to use at the end. The four golden skulls are easy to find and as enemies you get skeletons and a demigod. It was a pleasant level but unfortunately short like the other two. We want more of these so you three from the BoF project get to work please." - Kristina (18-Jan-2007)
"I liked this adventure. The textures are chiselled, beautiful and various. The enemies are a demigod, skeletons (only their heads can be shoot out), a fiery wraith and two gunwomen. :) You have to be careful near the end of the level: be sure to pour the oil precisely into the dish, because if you miss it you won't be able to continue the game. So you better save before... I found 4 secrets, each with a Golden Skull. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (20-Dec-2006)
"What can I add to other reviewer's comments? Well, not much really so I shall not try. Like most others, I found this level was the most enjoyable to play of the three BoF levels. Not quite so well lit and some of the room designs were a little less inspired than the other two levels in this series but, nonetheless, still a very solid game. Peter can be very proud of this. I only wish my first few levels had been half as good as this. I loved the mirror puzzle but wish that I had activated three initial beams instead of only one. Also, like at least one of my fellow reviewers, I was fooled by the vase of oil and had to go searching for it. Afraid I had to refer to the walkthrough to discover that it wasn't just another vase. :-D On the whole, though, this is a great level - now, Peter, get working on your next one. I don't want to have wait so long for your next offering." - Staticon (27-Nov-2006)
"Another winner in the Baptism of Fire releases. I think this was my favorite of the lot, as it had more to offer in gameplay (nearly 50 minutes), innovations and atmosphere. More than several of those 50 minutes were spent trying to toss that torch out of the crawlspace. But the torch was key to a nice concluding room that had some perilous jumps through a gauntlet of flame emitters. There's also a nice timed sequence and an easy pushpiece puzzle to get you there. Pleasant surroundings and not so dark as to be distracting. Recommended." - Phil (20-Nov-2006)
"As most of my fellow reviewers I enjoyed this BoF level the most. It is a little more involved then the other two and presents itself as a very well rounded 30 minute adventure with some clear highlights (mirror room and burner room), genrally fast progression despite a few maze like elements, solid use of enemies (demigod, skeletons, wraith), a small timed run, use of the torch and four relatively easy to find Golden Skull secrets. I ran into the savebug with the oil and had to replay a bit here, but made it to the scroll and the nice final flyby after all. Recommended and... more please!" - MichaelP (10-Nov-2006)
"The third and final of the Baptism of Fire levels (or second or possibly first, depending on which order you played the levels in) is quite entertaining, and probably my favourite of the three. Gameplay progresses nicely and never gets too challenging, without being too easy. Except for right at the start when you can choose which order to keep to pieces of an object in, the entire level is rather linear, so you don't need to worry about getting stuck (unless you miss the pot in one of the final rooms - it would have been helpful if it hadn't been camouflaged as just another pot). The traps and puzzles are varied, though a bit simple - I'm especially thinking of the mirror puzzle, which could have been made more complicated and entertaining. The texturing is quite nice, but with some stretched or misplaced textures in places. Some rooms feel a bit uninspired, though, and it's a shame that the most impressive room is right at the start. Most of the flybys feel rather unnecessary, especially the last one, which just shows the room you've already seen everything of. They're quite nicely made, but a bit slow in places. With a net gaming time of twenty minutes, this is the longest level in the Baptism of Fire project, which is a good thing, as the other two levels were a bit on the short side. They're all nice levels, and it'll be fun to see what the authors can come up with in the future." - Magnus (08-Nov-2006)
"I think for me was the best of the three "baptisms"; only few things to comment. It's not good to put a hard enemie like a demigod at the very beginning when Lara only have her pistols. Generally there's few enemies in all level, and the sight or the shotgun have a poor use; I liked a lot the female enemies, but only found two. Not difficult tasks, but enjoyable, you'll not need to go back a long way if you miss something. Perhaps I missed some more musics, but ambience is good. It's a pain that this builder doesn't began to make levels before. Good work." - Jose (08-Nov-2006)
"The only thing I did not like was the level was short. But everything else I loved. Bedazzled did an amazing job on it, and I'm looking forward to seeing more levels/ level series from him. Great Job!!!" - dantheraider (02-Nov-2006)
"The last of the trio in this series (I played them in title page order because I am one of life's natural born picture straighteners) and my personal favourite. Again, very solidly built and I liked the general atmosphere. Not a long level, but there's plenty packed into it - demigods, skellies, fire wraith, fun (not tight) timed run, mirror and torch puzzles - just nice, well paced gameplay culminating in an enjoyable (but again not difficult) spot of jumping around in an impressive lava filled room to obtain the scroll of the title. I really hope we see a lot more levels from these three new builders, especially Bedazzled." - Jay (02-Nov-2006)
"Very nice short adventure by Bedazzled. Good lighting, good textures, puzzles and plenty of action plus some nice surprise effects (the warrior statue with the secret that makes you think it's coming to life). Not really complicated but clearly the most interesting among the Baptism of Fire trio. Not much more to say. Just play it and I'm sure you'll have a good time." - Jorge22 (14-Oct-2006)
"It may have been the shortest of the three only taking 25 mins but i think it was the best, great waterfall, great place for demigods, well hidden pushable objects, lovely mirrors onto the sphere and amazing flybys, it had them all. If it was 20 mins longer and still had the tempo it would have been a 10, baddies were not really included but thats how i like my levels, more puzzles, less shooting. The music with the last flyby was nice and i liked how the level ended but if the last flyby was shorter i might have given a 9 because you didn't really need it. I liked the vases and pouring the oil onto the thing then lighting it. Starting of with 1 medi made it hard but doable, i saw three secrets, got 2 but i didnt know where the last was. I look forward very much to the next level and truly reccomend this and the trilogy to other players, well done Bedazzled :D" - Cory (07-Oct-2006)
"If the other two Baptism of Fire adventures were perhaps a little easy to accomplish,this definately redresses the balance.The Gameplay is very fine,constantly challenging,fast-moving (sometimes spectacular) and occasionally requires a little thought. The 'reflecting mirrors' sequence was most impressive,while the final flame room was suitably majestic and tricky to negotiate. I was a little disapointed with the Finale (the camera flies around the very room you've spent the past ten minutes circumnavigating,only to activate the 'end-of-level trigger' before Lara actually has the chance to make her exit) and the adventure wasn't quite as visually appealing as the other two,but it definately wins over them in terms of the challenge presented to the player. I would sum this level up (as I would the other two),quite simply,as "first-class"." - Orbit Dream (06-Oct-2006)