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The Oppenheim Inheritance by Marksdad

CC 7 7 7 7
Cory 6 6 7 8
Davy 6 6 6 6
eRIC 8 8 8 8
Gerty 7 8 8 7
Ivan 8 8 9 9
Jay 8 8 8 8
JoeTheCrazyGamer 9 9 10 8
Jorge22 8 7 7 7
Jose 8 8 8 8
Kristina 5 6 6 6
Magnus 6 6 6 6
MichaelP 7 8 7 7
Mulf 8 6 5 6
Phil 8 8 8 8
rjb 9 8 8 8
Ryan 7 8 8 8
Treeble 8 7 8 8
Whistle 9 8 9 8
release date: 05-Nov-2006
# of downloads: 55

average rating: 7.45
review count: 19
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file size: 17.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"The atmosphere is amazing and the gameplay is really good I loved the creepy vibes to this level. I loved the timed runs and the bike ride at the end. The dogs made this extra creepy and this is one I would strongly recommend. The only issue is there is one area where you can drop down to but you cannot pull yourself back up. So I had to dock a point in gameplay. Other than that great level." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (09-Jun-2019)
"Nice city themed level, centered around the Oppenheim family. A few fun timed runs and a nice bike ride to finish. Very good fun!" - Ryan (21-Dec-2015)
"It lasts only 30 minutes but it was quite fun, and the author has managed to put all ingredients well together to create a convincing and entertaining raid. Rather atmospheric level with very good use of some enemies in the flow of the gameplay, with some fun little challenges along the way. The one with patterned tiles where you can fall through the floor was a bit enigmatic though. Good work for the looks in general too, although this level is especially recommanded for the enjoyable gameplay. Plus you get a showdown at the end , it was fun to drive upon all the enemies with the motorbike with these excellent fixed cameras." - eRIC (19-Oct-2008)
"A nice level lasting about 45 mins with some fun gameplay inside a big castle/house of the oppenhiem family. The ending slightly let the level down with you getting the bike in a nicely textured room with some enemies, i just wanted something more. In the monkey swing room i found some short-cuts which made it less exciting and as always he has left his trademark unreachable medipack. All in all, a nice level, recommended." - Cory (02-Mar-2008)
"A very short, but entertaining little level! Nicely designed with some lovely textures, colours and lighting, although it all seemed like a patchwork quilt artpiece. This is one enormous mansion, with a difference. None of your ancient crumbling masonry, resident doddering butler, or ghostly ancestors. Actually, scratch that last part, there are skellies here, spooky dogs, soldiers and a demigod guarding the enormous wealth of the Oppenheimers. Lara's route through the castle involves some object pushing, a nicely done fall-through floor setup, timed runs, dodging boulders, good jumping, climbing, and monkeyswinging, and stepping on the obvious triggers tiles. She finally grabs the motorbike and runs over any remaining opposition before escaping into the night with her stolen treasure. Gameplay is fairly straightforward with a little thinking involved." - CC (20-Mar-2007)
"The story is nice, something I haven't heard of and the gameplay simple with a nice flow. There are dogs and SAS, skeletons to deal with plus a few timed runs and a cartouche to find. It's nothing difficult but quite fun with too dogs and SAS at the end though although with the bike it was easy to run them over. There two problems unfortunately. One is that the dead body at the start moves by itself, creepy and the other is that if you drop down in the room with the tiles that have blocks or nothing underneath you are stuck and can't get up again. I found two easy secrets and overall this is a pleasant, relaxing level to pass the time so try it." - Kristina (19-Mar-2007)
"It's been a while since I last played a level by Ian, and this one reminded me what a joy to play through them they were. Don't have any sort of big expectations, other than expecting a good action packed Ian level, and you'll have a great time throughout this level. I thought the mixture of objects was a bit weird, it makes the level look like its pretty old - not necessarily bad -, but it works nevertheless. Pick up the breast plate from the treasure room and ride the bike over a hundred of rivals as you reach the end. There are many things to do in this level, I can't remember them all due to my faulty memory, but I did go nuts in the room with deadly red water. I suppose if the author had marked it as climbable it would have been too obvious, but since it's used sparsely and only in that room, I don't feel it's something that remarkable. The timed door in the beginning also had me going for a while, those skellies truly were a distraction. All in all, good fun and worth your time. 25 minutes, 1 secret. 02/07" - Treeble (04-Feb-2007)
"Game play was good with just the right amount of"struggle" to find things without becoming boring or frustrating, and you get to run over plenty of SAS at the end when you get the bike. Plenty to do with jump sequences and enemies such as dogs, SAS and a demigod to splat and skeletons to avoid as there is little opportunity to blast them over the edge of somewhere. Puzzles appear as well with a variation of the block puzzle, a dangerous floor to work out and a rather nifty movable slope to judge when to take a leap of faith. Graphics and textures good with a good use of light and dark patches, creating an atmosphere. Sound seemed standard and unobtrusive unlike some levels played recently which give you"in your ears musak" and drive you potty. Definitely a level to play" - Whistle (01-Feb-2007)
"Not a very hospitable mansion this, but good enough for a quick raid—and fun it was, especially when I remember how I had called it a day at some point when I last had a go at one of Marksdad's concoctions. In addition to casually explicating at last the true reasons for the occurrence of the Black Thursday of 1929, this level has the advantage of being comparatively low on Marksdad's personal fiendishness scale and being entertaining at the same time. The challenges are of a rather physical nature, and however short the level may be (I went through in about 45 minutes at a leisurely pace), its dramaturgy follows a veritable storyline—as Aristotle would say, it has a beginning, a middle and an end. You make your way from the front gate past some gargoyles looming overhead and establishing a gothic gloom that the rest of the level doesn't quite live up to; as you progress, the mansion dissolves into a linear sequence of scares (as Max Payne might have called it), until you end up in a treasury, pick up the rather randomly selected object of your quest and leave through the exit for a short joyride across and through a band of military personnel which ends this shortish but lively joyraid. As in Marksdad's earlier levels, atmosphere is rather hinted at than actually implemented; wad and textures, while customized to some degree and for the most part used reasonably and effectively, tend to look thrown together rather haphazardly, thus causing some technical issues like the demigod shooting dummy objects and corrupted sprites. However, it is an open secret that Marksdad has never been aiming at immersing the player in an atmosphere of gloom or otherwise, but rather for the fun and for the heck of it. And provided he manages to temporarily sedate his imp of the perverse (as he does in this level), there are few within this league that succeed as effectively in achieving this goal." - Mulf (07-Jan-2007)
"Indeed a nice surprise from Ian (short but nice nevertheless) as I was getting ready for some nasty timed runs and boulder dropping. Well some boulders did drop and there were timed runs but doable even if it took a couple of tries at least they weren't frustrating hard. I loved the textured that were used overall in this level. Also some of the details like the mice that scurry away when Lara approaches. And of course there was that unattainable medipack, not a trap this time, just unattainable. There are more tricks that Ian uses like being shot in the back, especially when Lara can't do anything about it. The use of the shifting blocks, not one my favourite jumps, I can tell you that but even that I mastered. Still hate the skeletons that one cannot do anything with and if that is not enough Ian always throws more than one enemy at Lara when she least can use it." - Gerty (08-Dec-2006)
"An interesting lineal level with good puzzles. There are timed runs, escapes with the rolling balls behind, tricky jumps over sloped surfaces,... but not too much difficult. There is only one detail I didn't like: in the room with the red deadly water there's a climbable surface with a brown brick wall texture, but when you're over the small triangle on the central structure you can drop and grab the edges in some sides and the same brick wall texture is not climbable, so you can get confused and stucked ruminating much time the way to get out of there. Could be some more musics and weapons/ammo too. A good level anyway." - Jose (28-Nov-2006)
"This whets the appetite nicely from the start with a short, but tightish timed run that leaves pursuing skeletons locked outside the building. Nice one. Shame about the ones inside. There are more timed runs, puzzles and super agility tests to entertain, as well as plenty of jackals, guards and skellies. Not a long level, but it's crammed full of juicy raiding goodness and I had a really good time. It was especially nice, after having been pursued by so many enemies, to get the motor bike for a bit of revenge killing at the end. I just found the whole level really exhilarating. Don't miss it." - Jay (16-Nov-2006)
"This is a pleasant and mildly challenging romp through a rather large building in search of a treasure trove from which you'll take a little momento at the end. Along the way are various traps and enemies, and the ones involving the spike balls took a little extra thought and effort. Other than that, the adventure is fairly straightforward, and when I reached the end I didn't have the feeling that I'd been short-changed on the gameplay. Anyone dashing through this level in 10 minutes, assuming for the sake of argument that this is even possible, couldn't have enjoyed it very much. Part of the fun playing this level (or for that matter, any level) is sitting back for a decent interval to bask in the glory of having conquered an especially sneaky trap. You'll come across more than one of those here. Dark in spots but not oppressively so. Recommended." - Phil (13-Nov-2006)
"Its a very good level, but i think at firs it like intro, but too short :(. Excellent job from mister Marsdad and very good night atmosphere with not too hard puzzles. Few timerun sequences and little faster run and all is okay. Maybe little more enemies but for longer playing is okay, why not ;). Maybe little more expected inside of castle and little more traps and little more for longer playing. For one relaxing about half and little more hour recommend." - Ivan (12-Nov-2006)
"I almost didn't start this level because of its 'dark' story-line and I almost stopped it after a few minutes because of the prevailing (actual) darkness at the beginning. I'm very glad that I persevered, though, as I have now finished my favourite Marksdad level (of the 4 or 5 played). I found several of the puzzles - all different from each other - almost 'exhilarating'. We could see what we were meant to achieve very early on in most of them but not how to do so. How to shuffle those moveable pillars? How to evade that rather speedy boulder? How to reach that monkey swing and avoid both lava and gunman? How to reach that opening without being deadified by the carefully placed enemy? After several attempts at each of these, another piece of the jigsaw would fall into place, such that the puzzle took on a yet more intriguing aspect, and then (as I venture to suggest is the case with many of the best puzzles) the solution would present itself as being an elegant one, including an aspect of: "Oh yes, of course," that the builder had cleverly concealed from us when we'd first tackled the puzzle. I was pleased that after that first section of darkness, we reached a number of attractive, thoughtfully decorated rooms. (For me, that makes the TR experience that much better.) And I liked the loading screen picture, with its promise of a bright treasure room to come - somewhere - that was an additional incentive as we progressed. (Little did we know the opposition we would find in it!) There were one or two negative niggles: if we slid back down the end ramp without our motor-bike, having made it to the top, we would have been terminally stuck (the 'house façade' at the end was not the same as the initial one, so we were prevented from 'going round again'); the guardian was shooting 'Lara feet' at us rather than true energy bolts; and there was a section of monkey swing and some pillars in one room that we couldn't reach - well, I couldn't, and we didn't seem to need to - that seemed an odd red herring. But these were really very minor over the whole level (well, I was surprised to see the 'Lara feet' for such an experienced builder) and I haven't scored the game any lower because of them. (Nor can I remember any other glitches/bugs in the game.) Picking up all items, including both secrets (but not the trademark LMP that we cannot capture!) but not killing all enemies, I managed a (fast as possible) computer time of just over 9 minutes, so I was surprised to see how short the game proved to be - and wished it had been longer, with this quality of puzzle. But again, no reduced scores for that reason, as I have played many far longer games that have not entertained nearly so much. (I also managed to escape without needing a medipack.) So, to repeat, though the game was surprisingly short, I found it a very enjoyable one." - rjb (08-Nov-2006)
"A very nice short level packed up with action. Lara must find the Oppenheim treasure before she can escape their abandoned (well, not so abandoned if you take into account the skeletons, jackals, soldiers and even a demigod) mansion in a small motorbike ride where she has the pleasure of running over an army of pesky soldiers. The action is straightforward but not always that obvious and there's a cartouche piece in between that's not easily findable. Great for a moment of "relaxation" between some bigger and more complex adventures." - Jorge22 (07-Nov-2006)
"Say what you want about this level, but Marston Hall sure must have been an interesting place to live in. While mansion levels generally have some semblance of realism to them, builders of castle levels are free to do whatever they want. Except for the initial outdoor area and the staircase in the main hall, this really doesn't resemble a castle at all. Rather, it's a level where almost every room presents its own challenge in the form of a trap or a puzzle. These are all rather easy, but luckily very varied. Unfortunately, a lot of them feel quite uninspired, with the room with lots of water holes being the most pointless. There are also a few timed runs, but they are all rather easy a short. The whole level suffers from being on the short side, and my net gaming time was ten minutes, with my actual playing time being somewhere between fifteen and twenty minutes. Whether or not the length of the level is a minus is up to personal preference, though. Texturing is decent, even if there were times when the mishmash of completely unrelated textures bugged me. The lighting feels a bit flat in some areas, but it works and the level isn't too dark. I felt like I was playing a level from the early days of the Level Editor when I played this one. That's not criticism or praise, by the way - just a statement of fact." - Magnus (07-Nov-2006)
"If you want to have some fun, but you don't have enough time for a complete adventure, play this Level! This is an extremly short Level with a begining and an end, it will give you just an hour of simple... divertissment! Remember: the only interesting thing about this level is that it's short... the rest it's quite ok..." - Davy (06-Nov-2006)
"You really can't go wrong with a Marksdad level - it will reliably offer you a relatively short and crisp raid with some fun action mixed with a few devious moments and the same holds true for this adventure. It lasts just over 30 minutes, has a nice storyline, smooth progression that keeps you on your toes and is set in and around the Oppenheim mansion in which are bound to find the family treasure once you made it past the many dogs, avoided the pesky skeletons and ignored the demigod they left rotting in the treasure room. Found the secret right away in the pitch black room, but really took a while to stumble over the more important cartouche (I did mention the devious moments, didn't I?). One to definitely try for in between all those huge level series out there." - MichaelP (06-Nov-2006)